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Web Log Summary - January-December, 2007


Pakistanis are increasingly joining forces with al-Qaeda: The contrast with the Iraq war and al-Qaeda in Iraq is instructive.... (30-Dec-07)
Benazir Bhutto assassination appears to be uniting Pakistan against Musharraf: There was widespread rioting and looting in major cities of Pakistan on Friday,... (29-Dec-07)
Benazir Bhutto killed by suicide bomber after election rally in Rawalpindi: Here's what to watch for in the next few hours and days.... (27-Dec-07)
As credit card defaults surge, banks become more restrictive with credit: New rules may affect the way that your FICO score is computed.... (26-Dec-07)
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my readers.: Thank you all for your support this year,... (25-Dec-07)
Wheat prices surge above $10 per bushel, sparking little concern: World food stocks dwindling rapidly, according to the UN.... (23-Dec-07)
Pakistan on high alert after massive terrorist bomb kills 50 worshippers: Al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists from Pakistan's Tribal Regions... (23-Dec-07)
Will hyper-inflation make the dollar worthless (like the Weimar republic)?: I've gotten this question several times this week from web site readers,... (21-Dec-07)
William A. Strauss, February 5, 1947 - December 18, 2007: The co-author, with Neil Howe, of foundational books on generational theory,... (19-Dec-07)
European Central Bank shocks financial community with huge cash drop: Commentators were stunned Tuesday, when the ECB offered "unlimited" funds at low interest... (19-Dec-07)
Chinese commemorate the 1937 Massacre at Nanking (Nanjing): Hundreds of thousands of civilians were raped and killed... (18-Dec-07)
As corporate earnings fall, stock prices rush to catch up: Price/earnings ratios have risen significantly in the last few weeks,... (18-Dec-07)
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will declare "fiscal emergency": After years of increased state spending, thanks to bloated tax revenues from the bubble economy,... (17-Dec-07)
UN Climate Change conference reaches a compromise agreement: The two-week conference at the Bali beach resort ended Saturday,... (16-Dec-07)
UN Climate Change conference appears to be ending in farce: After two weeks of fun on Bali beaches, participants appear to have agreed on only one thing:... (14-Dec-07)
Algeria bombings are from a new generation of young al-Qaeda terrorists: Thirty people, including 11 UN employees, were killed... (14-Dec-07)
Ben Bernanke: The man with increasing agony.: In 2005, I described Bernanke as the "The Man without Agony,"... (13-Dec-07)
Central Banks around the world announce an "unprecedented" joint plan to end the credit crunch.: There were simultaneous announcements on Wednesday by the US, Canada,... (13-Dec-07)
Investors suddenly end orgy after "miserly" Fed interest rate cut: The Dow Industrials feel 270 points in 30 minutes on Tuesday,... (12-Dec-07)
IBM develops supercomputer on a chip: Also, the Japanese are developing robots that play the violin and do other neat things.... (8-Dec-07)
Credit crunch worsens after Britain cuts interest rates: Financial pundits are wondering, this Friday morning,... (7-Dec-07)
Questions and answers about the "credit crunch": What's going on, and what you can do about it.... (6-Dec-07)
Europe is a country, isn't it?: On a recent quiz show,... (5-Dec-07)
Vladimir Putin's party wins Russian Parliamentary election by a landslide: How does Putin's "cult of personality" work?... (4-Dec-07)
Dept. of Treasury proposes national mortgage bailout as losses become more widespread: Florida state and local governments are in financial crisis this weekend,... (1-Dec-07)
Tony Blair compares the Mideast peace process to the Northern Ireland peace process: Generational Dynamics illuminates when such historical comparisons are valid and when they are not.... (30-Nov-07)
Investors in drunken orgy push the Dow up 311 points.: It was the biggest two-day Dow Industrials increase in five years,... (29-Nov-07)
Will the United Arab Emirates save the world?: Markets soar after Abu Dhabi oil sheiks give Citibank $7.6 billion, in return for a stake in the company.... (28-Nov-07)
Mideast summit in Annapolis has feel of act of desperation: No one appears to have any expectations whatsoever -- talking just to talk.... (27-Nov-07)
International credit markets are nearing "virtual panic mode": Markets in Europe, America and Asia have fallen sharply on Monday and Tuesday,... (27-Nov-07)
Political chaos increases in Lebanon as Constitution fails to provide a new President: Hizbollah is threatening to cripple Lebanon's government indefinitely,... (26-Nov-07)
Pakistan is suspended from the British Commonwealth of Nations: Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was a British Empire.... (24-Nov-07)
¿Por qué no te callas?: The King of Spain's memorable putdown of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez... (23-Nov-07)
CNBC's Steve Lieseman talks about Armageddon: In a discussion on Friday morning on CNBC,... (23-Nov-07)
On Thanksgiving, thank you to my readers.: The number of regular readers to this web site has been growing steadily... (22-Nov-07)
Markets fall as investors are increasingly unsettled by bad economic news: Hopes for quick return to "normal" bubble growth are fading.... (21-Nov-07)
Sunni/Shia violence increasing in Pakistan tribal areas as Taliban gains strength: The Pakistan army is massing for an assault against Taliban in Northwest... (19-Nov-07)
CBS's Bob Schieffer comments on the "Do Nothing" Congress: This was the only mildly amusing thing on the Sunday news talk shows.... (18-Nov-07)
Warning signs for imminent financial crisis are growing rapidly: European interest rates soared on Friday, raising fears of a new credit crunch.... (17-Nov-07)
Third quarter corporate earnings are substantially below expectations: Stocks have been falling pretty steadily since the October 9... (16-Nov-07)
Hamas fires on civilian Palestinian crowd commemorating Yasser Arafat: Eight people were killed when Hamas gunmen fired into the crowd.... (13-Nov-07)
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown loves America too.: We now have two European leaders competing for our affections.... (13-Nov-07)
Tense Pakistani president Musharaff calls for elections by January 9: After the embarassingly small turnout by Benazir Bhutto supporters on Friday,... (12-Nov-07)
Markets fall as torrents of CDO exposures bolster fears of new credit crunch: British investors panicked on Friday on a rumor that Barclays... (11-Nov-07)
Nicolas Sarkozy gives stirring speech to joint session of Congress: Years of French/American hostility seemed to melt away on Wednesday,... (8-Nov-07)
Benazir Bhutto to make a power play against Musharraf on Friday: Bhutto has called for thousands of her supporters to demonstrations... (8-Nov-07)
Chief of MI5 says that al-Qaeda is recruiting British teenagers: Describing "the most immediate and acute peacetime threat in the 98-year history" of MI5,... (7-Nov-07)
UN expert calls biofuels a "crime against humanity": Separately, Oxfam says that biofuels won't work, and they "trample" poor people.... (7-Nov-07)
Risk of Pakistan meltdown increases as Musharaff clamps down: We're raising the "conflict risk index" for Kashmir from 2 (medium risk) to 3 (high risk).... (6-Nov-07)
Citibank announces additional $8-11 billion losses in mortgage meltdown: And there may be a lot more to come.... (5-Nov-07)
MarketPsych investor fear index forecasts sharply increased market turbulence.: With investor anxiety increasing, the index forecasts a return to the "mini-panic" level of August.... (3-Nov-07)
Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf declares martial law and a state of emergency.: In a highly dramatic televised speech to the nation and the world,... (3-Nov-07)
Investors appear to be sobered by latest Fed interest decrease.: Investors acted drunk and giddy after the September 18 interest reduction,... (2-Nov-07)
Wednesday's Fed announcement is the most watched in a long time: As the continuing rapid collapse of the ABX indexes signals a time of great danger,... (31-Oct-07)
Casualties are down sharply in Iraq.: This issue has been a spectacular validation of Generational Dynamics theory.... (31-Oct-07)
Another way to obtain the "real value" of the stock market: Many people claim that you can't tell if you're in a bubble until it's over.... (30-Oct-07)
As Turkey prepares to invade northern Iraq, it's isolating itself internationally: A new "Young Turks revolution" is reestablishing strong Turkish nationalism.... (29-Oct-07)
Near total collapse of ABX index shows that mortgage problems continue to grow: On a day when the Bank of England warned investors that the stock market is "particularly vulnerable,"... (26-Oct-07)
What did Merrill know, and when did they know it?: Merrill Lynch writes down $8.4 billion in bad security holdings,... (25-Oct-07)
Investor anxiety is palpably increasing on housing and earnings news: As credit crunch returns, will the Fed save the world again next week?... (24-Oct-07)
Anti-immigrant Swiss People's Party makes large gains in election: Following a pattern of xenophobia that's growing around the world,... (22-Oct-07)
Benazir Bhutto narrowly escapes death from suicide bombers: Pakistan is adrift and at a crossroads today, as its people wonder where to go next.... (21-Oct-07)
WSJ: "When crash means 'buy'": How mainstream financial media are cheerleaders for the Principle of Maximum Ruin.... (19-Oct-07)
Investors commemorate the False Panic of Monday, October 19, 1987: The Dow Industrials fell 22% in a single day, the largest one-day drop in history.... (19-Oct-07)
Review of recent international stories: France, Turkey and Pakistan in the news... (18-Oct-07)
Wall Street Journal wonders if Shanghai stocks are in a bubble: But it's OK if they are, because stock market crashes are GOOD for you!... (17-Oct-07)
Washington Post says that al-Qaeda in Iraq is "crippled": Meanwhile, Iraqi citizens' political opposition to America is growing.... (16-Oct-07)
Big banks discuss mind-boggling "M-LEC" superfund to bail themselves out.: Citigroup, JPMorgan and Bank of America, with US Treasury help, prolong the coverup.... (15-Oct-07)
How do you compute the "fair value" of a security?: FASB Statement 157 doesn't help much because it ignores history.... (14-Oct-07)
Financial firms increasingly hide losses through deceptive or fraudulent practices: According to an article in Friday's Wall Street Journal,... (14-Oct-07)
Madonna switches record labels, accelerating a return to a new Big Band Era: Madonna is leaving Warner Music, her long time record label, for Live Nation,... (12-Oct-07)
American Prospect's Robert Kuttner compares 2007 to 1929: His comparison is clearly generational, but he fails to notice it.... (11-Oct-07)
IMF sharply cuts US economic growth estimate: But all that matters to investors is that the Fed is less concerned than before about inflation.... (9-Oct-07)
Students at Tehran University risk protest against Ahmadinejad: When Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke at Columbia University... (8-Oct-07)
President Jimmy Carter has near-altercation in Darfur: Generationally, Darfur is ten years ahead of Burma.... (5-Oct-07)
The effects of the Fed's August 17 discount rate cut: Without the interest rate cut, things might be very different today.... (3-Oct-07)
Bad news is good news again, as Dow hits a new high: Here's how the pundits explain it.... (2-Oct-07)
Burma (Myanmar) demonstrations fizzle after violent government response: Thousands of troops are exerting a massive stranglehold on the streets of Rangoon... (2-Oct-07)
International Monetary Fund (IMF) questions the globe's continuing financial stability: Saying that the "global financial system is enduring an important test,"... (1-Oct-07)
Sunday news shows: What would we do if we captured Osama bin Laden?: And the Democrats refuse to commit to end Iraq war even by 2013.... (30-Sep-07)
Alan Greenspan admits that macroeconomic forecasting is a failure: Saying that it's no better today than it was 50 years ago,... (27-Sep-07)
Burma: Growing demonstrations by the "88 Generation" raise fears of new slaughter: At the UN, President Bush announced new sanctions on Burma (Myanmar),... (26-Sep-07)
Japan's leadership under Yasuo Fukuda reverts to an older generation: After a year of governmental near-paralysis under 53 year old Prime Minister Shinzo Abe,... (24-Sep-07)
Stock markets again are approaching a new all time-high: I've received some criticism for being a bit too negative.... (23-Sep-07)
Review of recent international stories: France, Pakistan and Israel in the news... (21-Sep-07)
US and British central banks shock investors with large monetary loosening: Wall Street markets surge 2.5-3%, the biggest increases since October 15, 2002,... (19-Sep-07)
More on the Marketpsych "Fear Index": By this measure, investor fear has clearly been growing since February.... (18-Sep-07)
Panic appears to be spreading in Britain, as depositors mob Northern Rock: US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson arrives in London to meet... (16-Sep-07)
Alan Greenspan blames the Republicans for the financial crisis: Saying that the Republicans drove the country into ever deeper deficits,... (16-Sep-07)
London Times says "There's no need to panic.": UK's Northern Rock Bank is drawing worldwide attention on Friday,... (14-Sep-07)
By one measure, investors are getting increasingly anxious and worried: Even though everything seems very calm right now,... (13-Sep-07)
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe steps down amid decreasing popularity: Scandals, incompetence, and Japan's schizophrenic attitudes toward fighting terrorism... (12-Sep-07)
Pressure is building in Israel for a new invasion of Gaza: Surprisingly, many Palestinians are allying with Israel against Hamas.... (12-Sep-07)
Understanding deflation: Why there's less money in the world today than a month ago.: As the markets continue to fall, the Fed is increasingly in a big bind.... (10-Sep-07)
Alan Greenspan predicts the panic and crash of 2007: He's said this kind of thing before, but this time it's resonating.... (08-Sep-07)
United Nations warns of social unrest as food prices continue meteoric climb: With world wheat prices now up 60% since January, countries are panicking... (08-Sep-07)
Algerian suicide bomber kills 16 and injures 75: President Abdelaziz Bouteflika escaped injury on Thursday... (07-Sep-07)
Germany foils a "massive" terrorist attack on US facilities: The suspects had amassed 1500 pounds of hydrogen peroxide -- the same chemical... (06-Sep-07)
Investors grow more anxious, as markets continue their fall: Wednesday's comments were by far the gloomiest I've seen.... (05-Sep-07)
Who's most to blame for the problems in the credit market?: A Wall Street Journal poll provides the wrong choices.... (04-Sep-07)
Financial firms worry about more credit turmoil after Labor Day: The Fed's discount rate actions appear to have been a failure,... (04-Sep-07)
Courts reject Bear Stearns hedge funds' bankruptcy claims: And a Former American Home Mortgage branch manager is off to jail.... (02-Sep-07)
Donations are now being accepted by the Generational Dynamics web site.: A couple of very generous web site readers... (02-Sep-07)
Mysterious investor bets $900 million on crash by September 21: Several readers have notified me about this event that has Wall Street buzzing.... (31-Aug-07)
Wall St. markets fall over 2% -- just because the Fed publishes some meeting minutes: Returning to anxious, panicky behavior for the first time in ten days,... (29-Aug-07)
Bernanke's historic experiment takes center stage: An assessment of where we are and where we're going.... (27-Aug-07)
World wheat prices up 30% since May on panic buying: Wheat prices hit an all-time record high, as stocks are low, and poor weather... (25-Aug-07)
Antiwar Democrats are freaking out over Bush's Vietnam - Iraq war comparison.: The same people who have been comparing Iraq to Vietnam for years... (24-Aug-07)
Friday's Fed move turns Wall Street from panic back to giddiness: Investors seem to have regained their old giggly confidence on Wednesday,... (23-Aug-07)
Is your bank deposit protected by the FDIC?: It turns out that the FDIC doesn't really have much money.... (23-Aug-07)
If you lose your house through foreclosure, you may face a big tax bill: The idea of "walking away" from your home, if you're going to be unable to pay the mortgage payments,... (23-Aug-07)
A NY Times article discusses historical price/earnings ratio.: This is an extraordinary and historic event in economic journalism.... (23-Aug-07)
Deutsche Bank's CEO says that German banks are in trouble: Meanwhile, Wall Street breathed a sigh of relief on Tuesday as "nothing happened"... (22-Aug-07)
Sentinel Management files for bankruptcy: Following its announcement last week that it's clients would not be able to get their money out,... (20-Aug-07)
Anxious investors mob Countrywide Bank to withdraw their deposits.: Panic is spreading, as people wonder whether their money is safe ANYWHERE.... (19-Aug-07)
Ben Bernanke's Great Historic Experiment: Bernanke doesn't believe that bubbles exist. His Fed policy will now test his core beliefs.... (18-Aug-07)
The nightmare is finally beginning.: After Thursday's events, there can be little doubt: A generational panic and stock market crash has begun.... (17-Aug-07)
Redemptions of money market funds now fully in doubt: Wednesday is the deadline for 3Q redemption of many hedge fund shares.... (15-Aug-07)
Fed pours money into Wall Street, avoiding a total rout: Every time the market fell on Friday, the Fed would "inject" more money.... (11-Aug-07)
US and European central banks inject billions in cash to stanch market meltdown: We're beginning to see real signs of a generational panic.... (10-Aug-07)
China puts on spectacular 2008 Olympics party rehearsal - a year in advance.: It carries all the hopes and anxieties of a Sweet Sixteen coming out ball.... (9-Aug-07)
China threatens the economic "nuclear weapon" against the United States: As xenophobia grows in Congress, China discusses retaliation.... (9-Aug-07)
Alan Greenspan defends his Fed policies, as people blame him for the subprime crisis: Greenspan never ceases to amaze, and he did so again on Monday.... (8-Aug-07)
Nouriel Roubini says: "Worry about systemic risk." Whoo hoo!: His arguments show what's wrong with mainstream macroeconomics.... (6-Aug-07)
CNBC's Jim Cramer becomes hysterical, blaming Ben Bernanke: In an interview that followed Friday's market meltdown,... (5-Aug-07)
Stock markets continue fall as subprime "contagion" spreads: The Dow Industrials fell almost 300 points on Friday on a steady stream of bad news.... (4-Aug-07)
Still tilting at windmills, the UN will send "peacekeepers" to Darfur: What "peace" is there to keep in this massive crisis civil war?... (3-Aug-07)
Bear Stearns announces that another of its hedge funds is in danger: American Home Mortgage fell 90%, leading Tuesday's market bloodbath.... (1-Aug-07)
Nouriel Roubini brags that he predicted a housing recession a year ago. Whoo hoo.: As people scramble to cover their asses, the Principle of Maximum Ruin tightens its grip.... (30-Jul-07)
Japan: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe suffers major election defeat on Sunday: Abe appears unable to govern, like Boomer politicians in America.... (30-Jul-07)
Cars banned from Baghdad as Iraq wins historic victory in soccer: Both the BBC and CNN International are expressing thrilled excitement... (29-Jul-07)
Dow plummets 311 points as shaken investors sell out: European, North American and Asian stock markets generally fell 2-3% on Thursday and overnight Friday,... (27-Jul-07)
E-mail system down - please use alternate gmail address.: (Interland) is getting worse and worse. Does anyone have any suggestions?... (26-Jul-07)
Iraq: Suicide bombers interrupt celebrations in Baghdad over soccer win: Iraq's stunning 4-3 soccer victory over South Korea in the Asia Cup semi-final... (26-Jul-07)
Deals are collapsing as financial managers can no longer "make money": New York stocks fell 1.5-2% on Tuesday, as "Mean Reversion" stunts earnings growth.... (25-Jul-07)
Researchers solve the game of checkers (draughts): We now know: With perfect play on both sides, the game is a draw.... (23-Jul-07)
Level of conflict growing between Americans and Pakistanis: Foreign minister Khurshid Kasuri says that Pakistanis are getting "angry" and "upset,"... (23-Jul-07)
Pakistan's High Court hands President Musharraf a humiliating defeat: Musharraf's government is in question at a time when al-Qaeda violence in surging in Pakistan.... (21-Jul-07)
China's economy and trade surplus surge even more explosively: Once again, mainstream macroeconomics failed to predict or explain what's going on.... (20-Jul-07)
Bear Stearns announces that its hedge funds are almost worthless.: And that was AFTER all 15 ABX indexes had already collapsed to new lows.... (18-Jul-07)
The global warming fad is becoming the enemy of food production.: Food prices are continuing to increase sharply around the world.... (16-Jul-07)
North Korea shuts down nuclear reactor.: North Korea's Yongbyon nuclear facility was closed on Saturday,... (16-Jul-07)
The sexual revolution is on in Vietnam.: In a city that the residents still call Saigon, as well as in Hanoi,... (16-Jul-07)
Pakistan violence from al-Qaeda and Taliban is increasing: Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants on Afghan border are seeking revenge for Red Mosque attack.... (16-Jul-07)
Wall Street stocks hit fresh record highs again: All it took was some more bad economic news.... (14-Jul-07)
Wall Street stocks smash records to score new highs: All it took was some news that "wasn't bad,"... (13-Jul-07)
Pakistan: Over 106 dead in spectacular assault on radical mosque in Islamabad: Radical students hoped to spark an Islamic revolution against Musharraf.... (12-Jul-07)
Moody's joins S&P in downgrading mortgage-based securities: Stocks fell sharply in Europe, North America and Asia,... (11-Jul-07)
Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke delivers incredibly bizarre speech on inflation: While the rest of the financial world is trying to deal with the subprime mortgage meltdown,... (11-Jul-07)
ABX index collapses on Tuesday after S&P downgrades mortgage-based securities: This is a multiple-alarm warning.... (10-Jul-07)
Pope approves return to traditional Catholic masses in Latin: Expressing surprise that even young generations found the Latin mass "suited to them,"... (9-Jul-07)
As global economy continues to deteriorate, most people are oblivious: There is increasing evidence that major financial organizations are purposely covering up... (8-Jul-07)
Britain's terrorist doctor crisis may be increasing American xenophobia: I just listened to famous political pundit Dick Morris explain... (6-Jul-07)
Britain shocked by terrorist bombing plot by doctors in National Health Service: Britain reduced its terrorist threat level from 'critical' to 'severe'... (5-Jul-07)
Iran's President Ahmadinejad facing a growing "generation gap": Gas rationing and restrictions on women are infuriating the college-age generation.... (2-Jul-07)
Britain simultaneously pummeled by terrorist bomb attacks and nationwide floods: England and Scotland are facing multiple threats this weekend.... (30-Jun-07)
Bloomberg news accuses S&P, Moody's and Fitch of purposely "masking losses": This is "the pot calling the kettle black,"... (30-Jun-07)
Market for credit derivatives may be collapsing: The SEC is opening multiple investigations into the abuse of CDO investments,... (28-Jun-07)
Sorry that the web site was down last night.: This was appalling customer service by Interland (, the web service provider.... (28-Jun-07)
Bank of International Settlements foresees possible new 1930s style Depression: Saying that "our understanding of economic processes may be less today"... (25-Jun-07)
The real estate market crisis is worsening and spreading significantly: The Bear Stearns debacle is just the "tip of the iceberg."... (24-Jun-07)
Bear Stearns bails out defaulting hedge funds, preventing broad market meltdown: At the end of a dramatic week described by pundits as a "bloodbath,"... (24-Jun-07)
1946 Intelligence Report: Islam - A Threat to World Stability: This report clarifies a lot of today's world.... (23-Jun-07)
Hamas' stunning Gaza victory shocks entire Mideast: A major realignment of unknown proportions is occurring throughout the Mideast.... (22-Jun-07)
Generational composition of Congress: Why can't Congress govern?... (20-Jun-07)
Ban Ki Moon blames Darfur genocide on global warming: Damn! He's blaming the Darfur crisis civil war on America!!... (19-Jun-07)
Congressional xenophobia risking confrontation and retaliation from China: Senators are promising a tough "veto-proof" law targeting China's alleged currency manipulation.... (18-Jun-07)
Abbas dissolves the Palestinian Authority as Hamas overpowers Fatah in Gaza: There are now effectively two Palestinian Authorities,... (15-Jun-07)
The al-Askariya Shrine in Samarra, Iraq, is bombed again: Last year's bombing triggered months of vicious sectarian violence in Baghdad,... (14-Jun-07)
Another Lebanese anti-Syrian politician killed in Beirut blast: The seventh assassination of anti-Syrian politicians in Lebanon... (14-Jun-07)
Hamas presses for control in Gaza, Fatah gets revenge in West Bank: The U.N. is considering deployment of a multinational force in Gaza,... (14-Jun-07)
Palestinian road to civil war escalates another step: Gunfights escalated to larger military actions in northern Gaza... (13-Jun-07)
Boomers commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love.: In many ways, 1967 was the cultural peak of America's Awakening era.... (12-Jun-07)
Congress fails to pass "no confidence vote" against Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.: After failing to pass any kind of immigration bill... (12-Jun-07)
Immigration Bill collapses in Congress: Trent Lott asks, "Can this Congress do ANYTHING?"... (9-Jun-07)
Morgan Stanley in Europe signals a "Full House" sell signal on stocks.: Saying that stocks could fall by 14% in the next few months,... (8-Jun-07)
Chinese officials alarmed with fear of stock market panic: Sharp falls in Shanghai and other Chinese stock markets... (6-Jun-07)
Book review review: Christopher Hitchens: "God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything" (II): Part II: The role of religion in Generational Dynamics theory.... (3-Jun-07)
Book review review: Christopher Hitchens: "God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything" (I): Part I: Is religion really the root of all evil?... (3-Jun-07)
Chavez threatens further harsh reprisals against the "fascist assault" by the media: In Venezuela, the student anti-government demonstrations appear to headed for a violent climax,... (31-May-07)
Students riot against Hugo Chavez in Venezuela: Finally we can see what America in the sixties was like.... (30-May-07)
Some thoughts on Memorial Day: Today is a good day to... (28-May-07)
The "Anbar Awakening" may be good news in Iraq.: But you would never know it from the Sunday morning news talk shows.... (28-May-07)
China confirms that a soldier has contracted bird flu: Leaders of China's Central Committee are "highly concerned"... (27-May-07)
Chinese peasants use fertility drugs to get around "one-child" policy: How did this family get four kids?... (26-May-07)
Congress votes to fund Iraq war without deadlines: The result shows conflicting anxieties during America's Crisis era.... (24-May-07)
Multiple bubbles bursting in China as peasants riot over "one child" policy: Government officials are expressing increasing concern over China's stock market bubble,... (23-May-07)
Jordan's King Abdullah renews stark warnings about Palestinian problem: Both Israelis and Palestinians are becoming increasingly furious at each other,... (22-May-07)
New al-Qaeda linked terrorist group provokes heavy gun battle in northern Lebanon: Islamist militants in Fatah al-Islam, led by Shakir al-Abssi, battled Lebanese troops on Sunday,... (21-May-07)
Sarkozy begins term as activist President of France: The pundits' comparison of Sarkozy to Margaret Thatcher is a dangerous one.... (19-May-07)
Russian Orthodox Church reunites 80 years after Bolshevik Revolution: In a historic ceremony in Moscow on Thursday, televised around the world,... (17-May-07)
Gaza close to state of emergency as Israel tries to avoid getting pulled in: The streets of Gaza are clear except for gunmen today,... (16-May-07)
Palestinian Interior Minister resigns as escalated Gaza violence threatens civil war: Six people were killed and dozens wounded over the weekend... (15-May-07)
More than a million secularists rally in Turkey: The army may intervene in an approaching major confrontation between secularists and Islamists,... (14-May-07)
Riots in Karachi, Pakistan, threaten Musharraf's presidency: Thirty people were killed and hundreds were injured on Saturday... (13-May-07)
China's skyrocketing trade surplus causing compulsive xenophobia in Congress: China's February trade surplus soared nearly tenfold compared to the same month last year, ... (13-May-07)
Israel's Olmert blames the army for being unprepared for Lebanon war: Released transcripts show how completely oblivious the Israeli government was... (11-May-07)
Euphoric Nicolas Sarkozy supporters celebrate victory over Ségolène Royal: First 100 days: Put France back to work, stop illegal immigration, and make France a great nation again.... (8-May-07)
A Canadian financial columnist illustrates the 'Principle of Maximum Ruin': By contrast, Warren Buffett repeated his warnings of "very unpleasant things" coming,... (7-May-07)
Scottish National Party (SNP) victory threatens divorce from England: Scotland and England were united on May 1, 1707, 300 years ago,... (6-May-07)
Israeli government in crisis after report on war with Hizbollah: Tens of thousands rallied in Tel Aviv to call for Olmert's resignation.... (4-May-07)
The Democrats are just as incompetent as the Republicans.: And now, "The New Republic" magazine says that they're stupid on purpose.... (2-May-07)
Wall Street Journal describes "fears of reckoning" over use of credit: Comparing today to 1929, even the normally oblivious WSJ is sensing danger.... (1-May-07)
Senator Joe Biden wants to move troops from Iraq to Darfur civil war: Saying on Meet the Press that we should remove troops from Iraqi "civil war,"... (29-Apr-07)
Ethnic Russians rioting in Estonia after Soviet statue was moved: Some of the harshest World War II memories are being stirred,... (28-Apr-07)
China's economy grows at 11.1%, continues to explode: And champagne corks pop once more, as the Dow tops 13,000.... (26-Apr-07)
Iranian police swoop down on women with loose headscarves: Sorry, I just can't stop laughing at this one.... (25-Apr-07)
Separatist rebels in Ethiopia attack Chinese oil facility, killing 74: To the Africans, it's the Chinese who are the "imperialists" now... (25-Apr-07)
NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman shows ignorance and evasiveness about al-Qaeda in Iraq: In an interview that appeared on CNN on Sunday,... (24-Apr-07)
South Korea gives in to North Korea demands, and supplies rice unconditionally: So far, North Korea seems to be reneging on its promises to dismantle its nuclear program.... (22-Apr-07)
France heads for chaos in Sunday's first round election for President: Nicolas Sarkozy is leading in the polls, and he may even not hate America. Mon dieu!... (22-Apr-07)
As population increases in India, agriculture becomes a crisis.: Deaths on mobbed railway trains become a daily occurrence,... (22-Apr-07)
Collapse of Duke rape case represents cultural change: False accusations against men are likely to occur less often now.... (22-Apr-07)
President Bush gives Sudan "one last chance" to end Darfur genocide: But is Steven Spielberg aiding the genocide?... (19-Apr-07)
Some thoughts about the Virginia Tech massacre: The interesting question is how it will affect the people of Korea.... (18-Apr-07)
In Turkey, May 16 election may bring Islamist President into power: More than 200,000 secularist Turks protested on Saturday... (15-Apr-07)
Northern Africa in shock after massive terrorist bombings in Algiers and Casablanca: The usual suspects claim credit: Al-Qaeda's branch in North Africa.... (13-Apr-07)
Price of food is skyrocketing in India and China: In fact, crop prices are increasing around the world,... (11-Apr-07)
BBC kills an Iraqi war story because it's "too positive": But a drama showing British troops brutalizing civilians is perfectly fine.... (11-Apr-07)
Tens of thousands of Shi'ites protest against American "occupiers": In what appeared to be a grand, party-like atmosphere,... (10-Apr-07)
Iraq's Moqtada al-Sadr tells followers to attack Americans, not each other: This could be good news.... (9-Apr-07)
The Administration and Congress plan harsh protectionist trade sanctions against China: The Chinese are "strongly dissatisfied" with a recent US decision... (9-Apr-07)
California indoor pot farming soaring, thanks to housing bubble: Marijuana seizures in upscale homes have quadrupled in just three years.... (8-Apr-07)
The financial mania continues with "CDOs Squared": And suddenly, Moody's is worrying that derivatives may be riskier than they had thought.... (6-Apr-07)
Democrats are now threatening total cutoff of funds to Iraq: CNN's Michael Ware gives a sober assessment, for a change.... (3-Apr-07)
Sentimental Iraqi pop singer wins Arab 'Idol' contest, uniting Iraqis: Shada Hassoun has an Iraqi father and a Moroccan mother,... (2-Apr-07)
Iran releases the British hostages, and ends its nuclear development program.: The New York Times and BBC congratulate George Bush and Tony Blair.... (1-Apr-07)
Iran hostage crisis grows increasingly dangerous: This is comparable to the 1962 Cuban missile crisis.... (31-Mar-07)
Generational Dynamics web site traffic is growing.: During the last year,... (31-Mar-07)
An Iranian scholar says that Tom and Jerry cartoons are a Jewish conspiracy: Professor Hasan Bolkhari is loonier than Ahmadinejad.... (29-Mar-07)
As foreclosures surge, people ask why mortgage lenders were so lax: Or, perhaps they did it on purpose, to be "predatory"... (28-Mar-07)
Tamil Tiger rebel aircraft bomb government airfields, escalating Sri Lanka civil war: Sri Lanka may soon join Darfur as another generational crisis war.... (26-Mar-07)
Angela Merkel tries to unify a fractured Europe on its 50th birthday: Using the feminine touch to keep a bunch of quarrelsome men in line,... (25-Mar-07)
Iran is using cartoons to fight decline in anti-Americanism: Anti-Americanism has been declining in Iran for ten years,... (24-Mar-07)
Premier Wen says China is "unsteady, unbalanced, uncoordinated and unsustainable": In press conference, he also scolds Taiwan over Chen's "four wants."... (22-Mar-07)
Robert Shiller compares stock market to 1929: He says the recent fall was caused by "market psychology," but is puzzled why.... (20-Mar-07)
Donald Trump goes on a hysterical rant on CNN: This guy and Rosie really deserve each other.... (19-Mar-07)
New optimistic poll of Iraqi people barely mentioned on Sunday TV news shows: And Bob Shieffer on CBS's "Face the Nation" asked really dumb questions of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.... (19-Mar-07)
Pakistan's President Musharraf faces major crisis : The remarkable détente between India and Pakistan may go down with Musharraf. ... (18-Mar-07)
Activists accuse Fox's '24' of promoting torture.: In the end, it's just another way to bash our troops.... (18-Mar-07)
The Wall Street Journal complains about "Hashemite Hokum": And readers complain to me about oil and Iran and my Conflict Risk Graphic.... (17-Mar-07)
Iran and Russia increasingly at odds over Iran's nuclear development: Saying that Moscow "will not play anti-American games" with Iran,... (17-Mar-07)
Palestinian "unity government" leading soon to new crisis with Israel: As the young generation of Palestinians become increasingly "lost and desperate,"... (14-Mar-07)
Massachusetts issues criminal investigation subpoenas to analysts: This is the beginning of a flood. It's time to put your affairs in order.... (13-Mar-07)
New Century, country's second largest subprime mortgage lender, close to bankruptcy: Analysts with rosy predictions are getting closer to jail.... (12-Mar-07)
A conundrum: How increases in 'risk aversion' lead to higher stock prices: Maybe because the global financial markets are increasingly "accident-prone."... (12-Mar-07)
The Daylight Savings Time mess: Plan on spending time on Sunday, and again in three weeks, dealing with this.... (10-Mar-07)
Jordan's King Abdullah tells Congress that Palestinian issue is the core issue: Unfortunately few in Congress know what he's talking about.... (8-Mar-07)
Japan and China in confrontation over comfort women: Meanwhile, countries throughout region are increasingly anxious as China makes major new military announcements.... (7-Mar-07)
Pundits are suddenly talking about (gasp!) "risk aversion": Fearing full-scale panic in the mortgage loan marketplace,... (6-Mar-07)
Last week on Wall Street: Investors are disappointed that the market didn't "feel some panic."... (5-Mar-07)
Where should I put my money?: Answers to financial questions from readers.... (3-Mar-07)
Researchers say that today's college students are excessively "narcissistic" and money-oriented: I hope taxpayers didn't pay for this nonsense.... (2-Mar-07)
China's Foreign Minister replies to "China threat" to US and Japan: And China changes the official transcript to hide what he really said.... (1-Mar-07)
Investors breathe sigh of relief after "one-day blip" in stock market: Did it all happen because Alan Greenspan opened his mouth?... (1-Mar-07)
Analysts and pundits totally flummoxed by Tuesday's financial bloodbath.: The Dow fell 200 points in four minutes around 3 pm.... (27-Feb-07)
Shanghai stock market index falls 8.8%, pulling down Hong Kong and Europe: We're seeing more and more investor panic on the fringes.... (27-Feb-07)
U.N. Court blames Serbian people, but not country of Serbia, for 1995 Srebrenica genocide: This is the essence of a generational "crisis war."... (27-Feb-07)
China: Shanghai stock market bubble appears close to bursting: People have been pawning their homes and borrowing money from friends and family... (26-Feb-07)
How to interpret and price the ABX derivative table. (Corrected): As investors panic over the rapid housing bubble collapse in the subprime mortgage loan market,... (25-Feb-07)
This week's idiot of the week: Israeli defense minister Peretz: What the hell was this guy thinking?... (24-Feb-07)
Vice President Dick Cheney, in Australia, criticizes China's military buildup.: Cheney repeats Donald Rumsfeld's similar warning in Singapore in 2005.... (23-Feb-07)
CNBC reports that subprime mortgage ABX index is crashing: They worry whether the subprime mortgage problems will spread to other parts of the economy... (23-Feb-07)
Global markets skyrocket to all-time highs, while housing keeps tanking: Another mortgage lender, NovaStar, reveals that it's in trouble.... (22-Feb-07)
Generational Dynamics web site down on Tuesday evening 20-Feb - Please resend e-mail.: Ironically, web site host "" just won a reliability award.... (21-Feb-07)
Japan's real estate crash may finally end after 16 years: To see where America is going, look what happened in Japan.... (20-Feb-07)
Al-Qaeda resurging in Afghanistan and Pakistan: Al-Qaeda's greatest threat is to Britain and Europe.... (19-Feb-07)
Anger and confusion dominate the Sunday news talk shows: Democrats are agitated and enraged, nervous Republicans are crossing their fingers.... (19-Feb-07)
Bird flu spreading rapidly in Asia during New Year's celebrations: This is the most dangerous time of the year for possible pandemic mutation.... (17-Feb-07)
It's the Year of the Pig in North Korea: On Kim Jong-il's birthday, he gloats about humiliating the U.S. ... (17-Feb-07)
Stock market margin debt reaches March 2000 all-time high: The manic stupidity of investors today continues to duplicate 1929.... (16-Feb-07)
South Korean politicians are 'euphoric' over North Korea nuclear deal: The young "386 generation" that run the government may well be in over their heads.... (16-Feb-07)
Sorry, Ladies, you'll have to do without flowers on Valentine's day.: They're bad for global warming, for the environment and for you.... (14-Feb-07)
ABX Housing mortgage default loan index takes another big dive: Economists are debating how much "spillover" will occur, but "Contrary Investor" does it right.... (13-Feb-07)
This week's idiot of the week: Robert Reich: "Cognitive dissonance" is turning people from the Boomer generation into fanatics.... (12-Feb-07)
Palestinians rejoice over Fatah/Hamas peace as Arab/Jewish violence in Jerusalem escalates: Gazans were dancing in the street on Friday,... (10-Feb-07)
Rapid collapse of ABX index indicates that investors may be starting to panic: Reacting to news from two major banks about sharp losses from their subprime mortgage businesses,... (9-Feb-07)
In Mexico, violent crime from drug cartels increases with tortilla prices: After Acapulco incident, Canada may advise citizens not to travel to Mexico.... (8-Feb-07)
As housing collapses, subprime mortgage loan officers may be held accountable for fraud: The Realtors' economist David Lereah illustrates the Principle of Maximum Ruin.... (6-Feb-07)
Politicians are behaving increasingly anxious and desperate: Once again, there was little that made sense on the Sunday news talk shows.... (5-Feb-07)
"Palestinians don't deserve a state": Even the most optimistic Palestinians are despairing that their dream is slipping away.... (4-Feb-07)
South Korea to deploy deadly robots on border with North Korea: This is the scariest video you've ever seen.... (3-Feb-07)
Robert Gates on "civil war" in Iraq.: Following the release of the Iraq National Intelligence Estimate on Friday,... (2-Feb-07)
The U.S. vs Iran debate may be unifying the Iraqis: Iraqis don't want interference from either America or Iran.... (2-Feb-07)
Boston cartoon bomb hoax exposes Boomers to more ridicule: In a media event reminiscent of Orson Welles' 1938 "War of the Worlds" radio show,... (2-Feb-07)
Fatah storms Hamas stronghold in Gaza: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas appears to be carrying out his ultimatum to Hamas,... (1-Feb-07)
Boys, boys, boys! China is running out of girls.: A look inside a Chinese maternity ward... (1-Feb-07)
Today's Schadenfreude: The Congressional pay raise is blocked.: Congress is so paralyzed, they can't even raise their own salaries!... (31-Jan-07)
When did lending standards start changing so much?: The world was a very different place right after World War II,... (29-Jan-07)
Palestinian civil war between Hamas and Fatah now seems inevitable: Peace talks and ceasefires seem close to being over for good.... (29-Jan-07)
Journalists complain about closing of foreign bureaus: And yet, I have no difficulty reporting foreign news on this web site.... (29-Jan-07)
Computer chip speed breakthrough brings the Singularity closer: Announcements by Intel and IBM replace silicon for the first time in 40 years... (28-Jan-07)
"Antiwar" rally in Washington fails to stir passions or crowds: Thousands of aging Boomers got together Saturday to commemorate the huge 1960s rallies,... (28-Jan-07)
Iraqi soldiers show contempt for American soldiers in Baghdad: This is the other side of the question, "What's REALLY happening in Iraq."... (26-Jan-07)
Three killed in student riots at Beirut Lebanon's Arab University: However, there are signs of diminishing violence in both Lebanon and Iraq.... (26-Jan-07)
A great parody of Tuesday's State of the Union speech.: Don't miss the "Democratic response" at the end,... (25-Jan-07)
Hizbollah leader Nasrallah's latest coup attempt collapses again: A general strike against the government on Tuesday paralyzed the government for several hours,... (24-Jan-07)
Barack Obama to Boomers: Drop dead!: Most Boomers don't realize how much Gen-Xers hate us.... (23-Jan-07)
Iraq war rhetoric summary on Sunday news talk shows: Supporters of President's Iraq strategy were as scarce as hen's teeth.... (22-Jan-07)
Financial Times discovers that something's wrong with hedge funds: It looks more and more like massive fraud by hedge fund managers.... (21-Jan-07)
Mutation creates Egyptian bird flu strain resistant to Tamiflu: Egypt's 19th human case of H5N1 high potency avian influenza (HPAI) was identified on Thursday.... (19-Jan-07)
China successfully tests an anti-satellite weapon: In a military escalation clearly targeting the United States,... (19-Jan-07)
CNN: Iraqi man was forced to become suicide bomber: This helps us understand what's going on in Iraq.... (18-Jan-07)
Australian Muslim women go ga-ga over the Burkini: What do you wear on the beach if you're too modest for an ordinary swimsuit?... (18-Jan-07)
Israeli army chief of staff resignation threatens entire government: Israel is still reeling from the disastrous performance in the summer Lebanon war... (18-Jan-07)
Guess what? British politicians and journalists are just as ignorant as Americans: Gloating by Brits about dumb Americans turns out to be inappropriate.... (14-Jan-07)
NBC News reporter Chris Matthews exhibits abysmal ignorance and vitriolic partisanship: Commenting on the President's speech, Matthews was the worst of a bad bunch of ignorant journalists.... (14-Jan-07)
Senator Ted Kennedy compares Iraq war to Vietnam War.: In a speech demanding total withdrawal from Iraq,... (9-Jan-07)
Sunday news talk shows exhibit craziness and politics: Will the U.S. come as close to anarchy as Israel is?... (8-Jan-07)
Palestinians' Fatah/Hamas crisis increases as Israeli government is close to anarchy: The possibility of a Hamas vs Fatah civil war in the Palestinian territories appears to be increasing by the day.... (7-Jan-07)
Vietnam's bird flu resurgence called a "huge threat to public safety": We're now at the most dangerous time of the year.... (7-Jan-07)
Government employment report shows December surge in job growth: Confused economists, whose predictions have been up and down like a yoyo,... (5-Jan-07)
ADP Employment Report indicates abrupt fall in employment: This differs sharply from mainstream economist projections.... (4-Jan-07)
Sunnis riot and demonstrate over mocking taunts during Saddam's execution: This is probably not as bad as it sounds.... (3-Jan-07)
Ethiopians crush Islamists in Somalia, forcing retreat to Kenya: The problem is that Somalia may still not have a stable government.... (2-Jan-07)

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