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Web Log Summary - January-December, 2006


Coordinated bombings across Bangkok cancel New Year's Eve celebrations: New Year's celebrations are usually pretty big in Thailand,... (31-Dec-06)
Financial analysts gush at stock market's meteoric rise: Meanwhile, more sober commentators worry about credit derivatives... (30-Dec-06)
Will Saddam become a Sunni martyr?: Saturday is the Eid Al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice), the most important feast... (29-Dec-06)
Hundreds of Iraqis apply to be Saddam's hangman: Word is that Saddam will be hanged within a couple of days.... (29-Dec-06)
McKinsey's Predictions: Ten Trends of 2006: How accurate were their predictions for the past year?... (29-Dec-06)
Forgotten news stories of 2006: Some important stories have been ignored.... (27-Dec-06)
Merry Christmas!: As you gather together with your family (if you can) to celebrate the holiday,... (25-Dec-06)
Ethiopia launches air war against Somali Islamists: On Sunday, in a significant escalation of the war in Somalia,... (24-Dec-06)
Channel Tunnel is planned target of al-Qaeda terrorist attack: According to information from French and American intelligence, obtained by "The Observer,"... (24-Dec-06)
How Israel panicked in pursuing the summer war with Hizbollah: The contrast between Israel and Hizbollah couldn't be greater.... (23-Dec-06)
London braces for a new terrorist attack over the holidays: According to ABC News investigative reporter Brian Ross,... (21-Dec-06)
War begins between Somalia Islamists and Ethiopia: Let's catch up on all the wars we've been following.... (21-Dec-06)
Deadline passes with immediate war threat receding in Somalia: International officials are breathing a sigh of relief... (19-Dec-06)
Japan comes closer to renouncing its postwar pacifism: Japan stirs fears of increased militarism by upgrading its Defense Agency... (18-Dec-06)
Tehran becomes the "men's nose job center of the world.": According to a report by the BBC,... (17-Dec-06)
Likely result of the midterm elections: War in Iraq may escalate with "troop surge": Is this what you expected or voted for?... (17-Dec-06)
In desperation gamble, Mahmoud Abbas calls for new Palestinian elections: Hoping to end political deadlock and head off a Palestinian civil war,... (16-Dec-06)
Will Mohammed Dahlan trigger a Palestinian civil war?: Hamas blames the young Fatah terrorist for the near-assassination of Prime Minister Haniyeh.... (16-Dec-06)
Bird flu spread off to a slow start this year: Was last year's rapid worldwide spread a one-time incident?... (14-Dec-06)
Somalia's radical Islamists threaten Ethiopia with war within a week: They demand the withdrawal of thousands of Ethiopian troops.... (13-Dec-06)
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad holds two-day Holocaust denial conference: He says that Israel "will soon be wiped out."... (13-Dec-06)
Kofi Annan visits the Truman Library to bad-mouth America again: Ironically, President Truman would consider him a fool.... (12-Dec-06)
Political pundits are all over the map in Iraq predictions: Everyone starts from the same place: "The situation in Iraq is grave and deteriorating,"... (11-Dec-06)
Women's groups protest rape as a weapon of war in Darfur: As the civil war in Darfur continues to grow more violent,... (11-Dec-06)
China says that increasing numbers of "major mass incidents" threaten government: Lauding the Chinese Communist Party's "courage to confront realities,"... (10-Dec-06)
Interviews with young Gazans spotlight road to war: For these young fighters, attacking Israel is an end, rather than a means to a political end.... (10-Dec-06)
Can we "Flip Syria" and solve all the Mideast problems?: Even by Washington standards, Wednesday was possibly the most bizarre day on record.... (7-Dec-06)
Deep Fritz computer beats world chess champion Kramnik, 4-2.: The world champion fought hard but was clearly outplayed overall... (6-Dec-06)
Hans Redeker predicts "hard landing" recession to hit early in 2007: In the most negative mainstream media economic forecast I've seen,... (6-Dec-06)
China says that its economy is "sound and stable": But dissident newspaper "Epoch Times" says China's economy and Communist Party are crumbling.... (6-Dec-06)
A letter to CNN's "Reliable Sources": On Sunday's show, host Howard Kurtz requested e-mail comments on the "civil war" question.... (4-Dec-06)
Lebanon: Hizbollah calls for massive protests on Friday to bring down government.: Moqtada al-Sadr tries to do the same in Iraq... (1-Dec-06)
The computer is beating world chess champion 2-1 in the "last opportunity" for human being to win: With three games yet to go, the match spotlights the strengths of computers and humans.... (30-Nov-06)
News as theatre: NBC announces it will call Iraq war a "civil war": On Monday morning on the "Today Show,"... (29-Nov-06)
Jordan's King Abdullah warns of explosions in Palestine and Lebanon: Abdullah repeatedly chided the ABC News interviewer Stephanopolous, who remained completely oblivious... (26-Nov-06)
Israel and Palestinians agree to a cease-fire in Gaza Strip: Is it a ploy?... (25-Nov-06)
Americans give thanks as desperation sinks in: The Armed Forces are stretched to the limit and, as Kofi Annan says, we're "trapped in Iraq."... (23-Nov-06)
Assassination of Lebanese Minister threatens viability of Lebanon government: Independence Day celebrations were canceled on Wednesday as thousands mourned... (22-Nov-06)
South Vietnamese warmly welcome George Bush, goading the Communists in Hanoi: In contrast to muted welcome in Hanoi, and angry demonstrations in Jakarta,... (21-Nov-06)
World leaders pose for pictures in Hanoi: President Bush is attending the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation... (19-Nov-06)
Stocks, credit and risk continue their bubblicious rise: The stock market has reached a fresh record high almost every day... (19-Nov-06)
The Democrats tackle the Iraq war: Democrats and Republicans alike are hoping that Jim Baker will bail them out.... (18-Nov-06)
MI5 chief: U.K. is flooded with Islamic terrorists and sympathizers: Over 100,000 young British Muslims call the 7/7 London subway bombings "justifiable,"... (13-Nov-06)
In Flanders Fields: ... (11-Nov-06)
UN: 11 countries are pouring weapons into Somalia, as it prepares for war: Iran has provided 250 anti-aircraft missiles, while Syria, Libya, Sudan, Egypt, Eritrea, Djibouti and Saudi Arabia... (10-Nov-06)
As stock market bubble skyrockets, risk premiums are collapsing: Desperate investors appear willing to take any risk these days to get returns.... (10-Nov-06)
Donald Rumsfeld's resignation brings significant generational change to Pentagon leadership: Robert Gates will be more confrontational but less focused.... (8-Nov-06)
Liberal Boomers feel victory in their grasp in tomorrow's Congressional elections.: But there's a generational disconnect that leaves the future in doubt.... (6-Nov-06)
John Kerry and Seymour Hersh trash the armed forces.: These morons are a disgrace to the nation.... (3-Nov-06)
Hard-right politician Avigdor Lieberman joins Israeli cabinet: Like the Palestinians, the Israelis are daily becoming increasingly ungovernable.... (1-Nov-06)
Somalia and Ethiopia close to full-scale war, according to leaked UN report: Thousands of refugees are fleeing Ethiopia into Kenya to escape war... (28-Oct-06)
Alan Greenspan blames the housing bubble on the fall of the Berlin Wall: Meanwhile, the stock market keeps skyrocketing and appears unstoppable to many investors.... (25-Oct-06)
Pundits are predicting major policy changes after the Democratic election win: But no one is saying what they might be.... (23-Oct-06)
Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad threatens Europe and Israel: He also says he has a "connection with God"... (20-Oct-06)
Australian Govt. warns citizens to avoid Sri Lanka: The war between Tamil Tiger rebels and Sri Lanka government continues to escalate,... (20-Oct-06)
President Bush's reference to Vietnam War "Tet Offensive" has journalists in a tizzy: Airhead journalists have completely missed the point, and the real danger.... (20-Oct-06)
Questions and answers from readers: Iraq civil war, feeding Africa, Israel's survival, and answering user comments.... (17-Oct-06)
Extremely bitter midterm elections appear to head for overwhelming Democratic victory: It now appears likely that Democrats will control the House and may control the Senate,... (15-Oct-06)
August trade deficit reaches fresh historic high -- that's GOOD NEWS, say economists: The deficit, up 2.7% from July's historic high, exceeds even the highest of economists' estimates,... (12-Oct-06)
How to raise your son to be a terrorist: A Hamas website provides some helpful tips.... (10-Oct-06)
The "Appeasement Conundrum": What was the alternative to appeasing Hitler?: President Bush calls for an "immediate response" to North Korea's nuclear weapon test,... (10-Oct-06)
North Korea announces a nuclear weapon test.: Has Pyongyang passed the point of no return?... (9-Oct-06)
Learning-disabled journalists and politicians continue to predict Iraq civil war: Occasionally journalists take a break from their heavy-breathing over Congressional pages,... (8-Oct-06)
Russian President Putin continues to turn the screws on Georgia: Russia closes the border, forbids money transfers, and evacuates Russians from Tbilisi.... (6-Oct-06)
Care International says that aid money to Africa is being wasted: Although the amount of aid has tripled, it hasn't improved things,... (4-Oct-06)
Russia's harsh sanctions on Georgia raise tensions in Caucasus: Russia is preventing millions of Georgians working in Russia from sending money back to their families.... (4-Oct-06)
India claims Pakistan government agency perpetrated the Mumbai railroad bombings: India has promised to show potentially explosive evidence to Pakistan.... (1-Oct-06)
Bob Woodward says that Iraq insurgency will get worse in 2007: It should be no surprise to readers of this web site that it's Woodward who's in a "State of Denial"... (30-Sep-06)
New Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe represents "hawkish" generational change: He's sure to infuriate the Chinese and Koreans.... (27-Sep-06)
Level of loathing between Israelis and Palestinians increases: According to an online correspondent with contacts in the Israeli government,... (27-Sep-06)
Following the real estate bubble, the commodity bubble appears to be deflating: As real estate prices collapse, prices of oil, copper, sugar and other commodities reverse four years of record price increases.... (23-Sep-06)
General John Abizaid says there'll be no troop cutbacks in Iraq: This is hardly a surprise to me, though not for the reasons most people give.... (19-Sep-06)
How to control terrorism: Legalize prostitution!: According to Igor Shpektor, the mayor of Vorkuta, Russia,... (16-Sep-06)
Algerian terrorist group GSPC joins al-Qaeda and threatens France: They consider themselves "one stone in building the coming Islamic nation,"... (15-Sep-06)
Kofi Annan makes strongest statement yet on Darfur: The current world's only generational crisis war may be close to an explosive climax.... (12-Sep-06)
Tony Blair commits the rest of his term to solving the Mideast problem: Meanwhile, the Palestinians announce a unity government -- with a condition.... (12-Sep-06)
The day that changed the world: The events of five years ago today spawned two wars and redefined relations between Muslim and Western civilizations... (11-Sep-06)
Israel re-occupies Gaza and abandons West Bank "convergence": Lawlessness has gotten so bad in Gaza that even Hamas apologized... (8-Sep-06)
Aftermath of Lebanese war: The winners and losers: Everyone seemed to follow his generational archetype, as if hypnotized to do so.... (6-Sep-06)
George Bush gives a generational political speech: His reference to "Fascists" and "Nazis" appeals to Boomers and Silents.... (1-Sep-06)
Corporate profit growth slowed substantially in second quarter: This may be the start of the long-term "mean reversion" cycle that readjusts corporate earnings substantially downward.... (31-Aug-06)
UN: Darfur became much worse "while we were watching Lebanon and Israel": Amnesty International reports that Sudan's new military buildup is precursor to a "catastrophe"... (29-Aug-06)
Iran test fires submarine to surface missile in the massive "Blow of Zolfaqar" military games: Iran (like China) continues rapid militarization, while confrontation over nuclear development looms.... (28-Aug-06)
Housing market is collapsing faster than economists expected: Both existing home and new home are falling much more sharply... (25-Aug-06)
A temporary online meeting place has been set up while the Fourth Turning forums are down: The Fourth Turning forums are often used to discuss generational issues,... (25-Aug-06)
Debate over civil war in Iraq rages over semantics: An actual crisis civil war in Iraq is impossible, but it's now embroiled in the November elections,... (23-Aug-06)
Iran and Ahmadinejad are waiting for the Mahdi: Most people know about the belief by Christian fundamentalists about the Second Coming of Christ,... (22-Aug-06)
Furious Chinese ambassador harshly threatens U.S. over Taiwan: BBC anchor Carrie Gracie must have really pissed off Sha Zukang,... (18-Aug-06)
Jackie Chan selected by UNICEF to warn the world of bird flu: The movie star and martial arts expert will star in a public service announcement... (17-Aug-06)
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a very charismatic leader: In his 60 Minutes interview, he was witty, charming, confident and deadly.... (14-Aug-06)
UN Security Council declares Lebanon peace while war expands: Israel, Lebanon and Hizbollah have promised to end the war on Monday.... (13-Aug-06)
Sophisticated plot to blow up 9 aircraft may be related to July 7, 2005, London subway bombings: First reports indicate that suspected perpetrators are... (10-Aug-06)
Will there REALLY be French troops separating Israeli and Hizbollah forces?: Stranger things have happened, but I'll believe this only when I see it.... (5-Aug-06)
While world watches Lebanon, Sri Lanka goes to war: Tamil Tiger rebels have engaged Sri Lanka government forces in heavy fighting... (3-Aug-06)
Investors cheer at the good news: The economy's sinking.: The stock market perversely took a big jump on Friday on news that GDP growth was sharply lower.... (30-Jul-06)
International concern is growing over China's "overheating" economy: It was only supposed to grow 8%, but it grew 11.3% in the second quarter.... (28-Jul-06)
Which war came first, Korea or Vietnam?: This is the kind of question that today's journalists typically need help with,... (27-Jul-06)
Lebanon: Storm over airstrikes on UN observer post has a darker side: The presence of Chinese observers was previously unreported. What are they doing there?... (27-Jul-06)
Lebanon war escalates as UN officials are killed and Nasrallah threatens deeper strikes in Israel: Kofi Annan accused of Israel of "apparent deliberate targeting" of a lookout post... (26-Jul-06)
Some random notes on the Mideast crisis: First off, dislodging Hizbollah from the Israeli border is almost impossible.... (21-Jul-06)
Iranian representatives witnessed North Korea's July 4 missile tests: According to Assistant Secretary of State Chris Hill,... (21-Jul-06)
Online video available for June 5 TV appearance: On June 5, I appeared on Jim Pillsbury "Live", a cable local-access interview show.... (20-Jul-06)
Why did China agree to join a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning North Korea?: Henry Kissinger has one theory, but mine is quite different.... (19-Jul-06)
Mideast war now centers around Hizbollah's Hassan Nasrallah: Nasrallah splits the Arab world and draws international support for Israel... (17-Jul-06)
Israel and Hizbollah declare war: However, the Palestinians are staying out of it so far... (15-Jul-06)
July 11 coordinated railway bombings on Mumbai (Bombay) infuriate people of India: Indians wonder: Should Pakistan be blamed?... (13-Jul-06)
Israel mobilizes reserves and invades Lebanon: Calling Hizbollah capture of Israeli soldiers an 'act of war', Olmert promises "very painful and far-reaching" response.... (12-Jul-06)
Shamil Basayev is dead: The Chechen terrorist responsible for the Beslan school massacre... (11-Jul-06)
To everyone's surprise, tax receipts skyrocketed in 2005, lowering the deficit: Similar surprises occurred in 1996 and 2000... (11-Jul-06)
A year after the July 7 London subway bombing, a generational gap in North London mosques: Young radical Islamists meet in a room next door to the main mosque.... (7-Jul-06)
Fighting in Darfur has increased since a peace deal was signed in May.: Palestinians and Israelis will soon go the way of the people of Sudan and Darfur.... (7-Jul-06)
Olmert promises retaliation after missile lands in Israeli city: Another day, another escalation.... (5-Jul-06)
In an Independence Day surprise, North Korea launches multiple test missiles towards Japan: Sticking its thumb in the eye of the United Nations and the United States,... (4-Jul-06)
Whose side will Germany be on in the "Clash of Civilizations" world war?: A reader of this web site offers an opinion.... (4-Jul-06)
The European Union is "extremely concerned" about Mideast tensions: But guess what the EU politicians express "particular concern" about!... (3-Jul-06)
Politicians commemorate Battle of the Somme, July 1, 1916: "Lions led by donkeys," as the British army were slaughtered like cattle... (2-Jul-06)
Israeli Air Force buzzes Syrian President's Palace as Israeli settlers are kidnapped: As the level of brinksmanship increases, so does the risk of miscalculation.... (29-Jun-06)
Israeli armed forces mass on Gaza border after soldier's kidnapping: Egyptian mediators are attempting to head off a "large scale military offensive"... (26-Jun-06)
Are Germans now proud to be Germans?: World Cup euphoria may be making the difference.... (23-Jun-06)
Tensions reaching the boiling point among Palestinians and Israelis: So-called "pinpoint" Israeli missile strikes have killed several civilians, including children... (21-Jun-06)
US activates its missile defense system over North Korea crisis: The U.S. may try to shoot down any test missile launched by the North Korea,... (21-Jun-06)
Massacre of civilians in Sri Lanka leading the way to a crisis war: From the point of view of Generational Dynamics, the gratuitous murder of civilians in a war... (18-Jun-06)
Violence leading to Sri Lanka war is increasing: Tamil Tiger rebels are being blamed for a mine attack on a bus, killing 60 people including children.... (16-Jun-06)
Jubilation as stock markets "panic upward" around the world: Suddenly stocks are gaining sharply in synchronized markets in North America, Europe and Asia.... (15-Jun-06)
US warns North Korea on "countermeasures" over missile test: North Korea appears to be making preparations for a long-range missile test.... (14-Jun-06)
Trade deficit continued to grow in April: What passes for good news in Washington is that it grew less than expected.... (12-Jun-06)
Hamas reopens missile strikes into Israel after beach picknickers are killed: Abbas announces a July 26 referendum, bitterly opposed by Hamas, on recognizing Israel's existence.... (11-Jun-06)
"Searching for a bottom.": I'm told by a friend who does a lot of Internet-based day-trading that... (8-Jun-06)
Is Bernanke an idiot? Some investors are saying so.: As of noon Tuesday, the Dow continues to plummet, following sharp selloffs in Asia and Europe... (6-Jun-06)
Ex-CIA chief James Woolsey says Gaza pullout was "Worst result possible": Five bystanders, including a pregnant woman, were killed by Palestinian gunmen... (5-Jun-06)
Web site RSS feed is working again: Sorry for the outage last week,... (3-Jun-06)
Stock markets continue to fall worldwide: Wall Street fell 1.5-2% on Tuesday, Europe fell 2-3%, and Asia is currently falling 1.5-2%,... (31-May-06)
Germans believe "clash of civilizations" with Muslims is coming: A "spiral of conflict" is starting in Germany, according to a study... (25-May-06)
New Pentagon report details China's preparations for war: "China's leaders have yet to adequately explain the purposes... (24-May-06)
Hamas and Fatah armies gearing up for major confrontation in Gaza Strip: Egypt and Lebanon are also being increasingly threatened by the escalating violence.... (23-May-06)
As stock markets melt down, the question is: Where's all the money going?: For the first time, analysts are debating whether the stock market is crashing.... (21-May-06)
Worldwide stock market selloff partially triggered by quirky housing effect: A substantial week-long selloff in stock markets around the world is resulting from... (18-May-06)
Palestinian Authority and Hamas deploy rival armies in Gaza: In open defiance of PA president Mahmoud Abbas, Hamas mounted an illegal 3,000 man militia force... (17-May-06)
H5N1 bird flu appears to be spreading very slowly in families in Indonesia: Although human to human transmission, if confirmed, is still very inefficient,... (14-May-06)
Sri Lanka appears close to war: A naval attack by Tamil Tiger rebels and government retaliation by air may spiral into full-scale war.... (12-May-06)
Saudi and other Mideast stock markets appear to be crashing: While Wall Street is rocketing toward a historic new high,... (7-May-06)
International game of "chicken" leading to disaster in Gaza: Mideast envoy James Wolfensohn quits in disgust with all participants in the so-called "peace process."... (5-May-06)
Mainstream media suddenly notices that European governments are paralyzed: Saying that the recent Italian election means there's "a crisis of the democratic model,"... (4-May-06)
Holy cow! Stephen Roach has suddenly gone bullish!: Let's take a look at his reasons for changing his mind.... (2-May-06)
China's plans for war with America: China is openly making plans for all-out war with the United States,... (1-May-06)
Immigration: Xenophobia and paranoia growing rapidly as "Great American Boycott" approaches: In what appears to be a sea change in public attitude,... (30-Apr-06)
UN World Food Program will cut Darfur humanitarian rations in half: This continuing genocide is a very sad situation, but it can't be stopped.... (29-Apr-06)
Housing prices continue to fall: Sales volume partially recovered, indicating that you can still sell, if you lower the price enough.... (28-Apr-06)
Who's responsible for the Egypt tourist resort bombings?: Monday's was the third seaside resort bombing in two years,... (26-Apr-06)
The far right anti-immigration British National Party suddenly surges in popularity: Supporters say that Britain "seems like a foreign country,"... (23-Apr-06)
India Sensex stock market reaches historic high in record time.: Startled analysts are debating whether the market is close to a crash.... (21-Apr-06)
An eerie similarity: Chinese President Hu Jintao and Donald Rumsfeld: Hu gives President Bush a copy of Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" when they meet on Thursday.... (20-Apr-06)
Hamas calls Monday's Tel Aviv bombing "justified": The Mideast slide toward all out war appears to be accelerating,... (18-Apr-06)
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld under fire: Rumsfeld is the only person in Washington, Republican or Democrat, who knows what's going on in the world... (17-Apr-06)
Allah Akbar!! Ahmadinejad announces that Iran is enriching uranium: Clearly trying to provoke an Israeli or American military attack on Iran,... (13-Apr-06)
French President Jacques Chirac caves in to the million-student street protests: In dramatic political reversal, Chirac rescinded a youth employment law on Monday,... (11-Apr-06)
Crunch time for Hamas, as American and European aid is cut off to Palestinians.: Will they "cry uncle" and recognize Israel in exchange for financial aid?... (10-Apr-06)
Maoist rebels bringing chaos to Nepal and the entire region: Nepal orders all-day curfew in Kathmandu for second day... (9-Apr-06)
Bird flu spreading at lightning speed around the globe: Expected to reach North America within weeks, the US and Canada are stepping up detection programs.... (7-Apr-06)
Israel votes to move from occupation to withdrawal: Israel's increasing bunker mentality complements the Palestinians' increasing belligerence.... (3-Apr-06)
Gold skyrockets to $588 per ounce, highest in 25 years: It's one more sign that investors are becoming increasingly risk-averse.... (2-Apr-06)
When can a Muslim lie without being immoral?: We have the answer from court testimony by Zacarias Moussaoui,... (29-Mar-06)
Mass Latino demonstrations protest proposed immigration bill: The fury between Latinos and non-Latinos has substantially increased in the last few months,... (28-Mar-06)
New home sales and prices fall dramatically four months in a row: This appears to confirm that the housing bubble burst four months ago.... (26-Mar-06)
The Congressional calendar this year is just 97 days: It's the shortest Congressional calendar in 60 years,... (22-Mar-06)
Is the Israeli election campaign too dull?: Things will get exciting again when another generational shoe drops.... (21-Mar-06)
Journalists have a 'civil war in Iraq' orgy over the weekend: It's hard to remember when news shows had so much sheer non-stop nonsense... (21-Mar-06)
China's People's National Congress paralyzed by ideology: China's top officials were unable to stop from committing a "historic error"... (17-Mar-06)
Slobodan Milosevic's death on Saturday reminds us of the relevance of World War I: Found dead in his cell during his trial for war crimes in Bosnian war,... (14-Mar-06)
Trade deficit again worse than expected, reaches a fresh historic high: Related: US Treasury bond prices fall dramatically on news from Japan... (11-Mar-06)
Terrorist bomb blasts in India's holiest city polarize Hindu-Muslim relations: Just a few days after President Bush's warm visit to India and his cold visit to Pakistan,... (10-Mar-06)
Israel is becoming increasingly dysfunctional: With Sharon in a coma, elections coming soon, and growing Hamas influence,... (7-Mar-06)
Bird flu expected in North America this spring: Implications for you and your pets... (3-Mar-06)
I just heard on CNN International: "The threat of civil war in Iraq is over.": Surprise! Surprise! The press corps was 100% wrong, and I was right.... (28-Feb-06)
Sudden collapse of Iceland krona portends bursting of "carry trade" bubble: I don't normally write about international interest rates because... (27-Feb-06)
Fear of Iraqi civil war nears hysteria: But there is NO CHANCE WHATSOEVER of a civil war.... (24-Feb-06)
Bombing of 1200 year old Shi'ite mosque inflames Iraq to the verge of massive civil war rhetoric: Shi'ites conducted over 90 revenge attacks on Sunni shrines on Wednesday,... (23-Feb-06)
Former President Jimmy Carter says that Hamas will seek peace with Israel.: In an interview on Monday on CNN,... (21-Feb-06)
International "identity group" formation accelerates among Muslims worldwide since cartoon controversy: From Nigeria to Indonesia, regional conflicts are turning into anti-American riots,... (20-Feb-06)
International political chaos grips Israel, Palestine, and everyone else, as Hamas takes over on Saturday: No one, not even Hamas itself, has any idea what to do next, except to let events play out as they will.... (18-Feb-06)
New Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke gives predictable upbeat testimony to Congress: Pundits are smiling today, happy that they can understand "plain-speaking" Bernanke.... (17-Feb-06)
Katrina report finds massive incompetence at all levels: This report is really depressing because it shows how far and fast we're sinking.... (14-Feb-06)
UN: Bird flu virus "only two mutations away" from global pandemic: "I wake up every morning thinking that today could be the day... (14-Feb-06)
US trade deficit continued exponential increase in 2005: The trade deficit reached the fourth record high in four consecutive years.... (13-Feb-06)
Hamas victory and cartoon controversy significantly affect chances of Mideast war: It's time to change to the world conflict risk graphic.... (10-Feb-06)
Bird flu spreading through western Africa: This week's Nigeria announcement clears up a mystery.... (9-Feb-06)
Cartoon controversy explodes into worldwide confrontations between Muslims and Westerners: Muslims around the world are electrified and outraged by the publication... (6-Feb-06)
Worker productivity plummets as corporations do more hiring: After four years of boosting earnings by not hiring,... (5-Feb-06)
Bird flu spreads through Northern Iraq, with 162 suspected human cases: After first denying that bird flu was involved, WHO now says that a teen girl died of bird flu last month.... (3-Feb-06)
State of the Union speech displays continuing misreading of Iran: It's wishful thinking to believe that an overthrow of the Mullahs is coming.... (1-Feb-06)
Muslim world boycotts Danish goods over offensive cartoons: This is a bizarre tale about how a small thing can lead to a major, real crisis.... (31-Jan-06)
Personal savings rate plummets to Great Depression levels: Ben Bernanke becomes Fed Chairman tomorrow, and faces exponentially growing debt levels... (31-Jan-06)
Bird flu: World holds breath for China and Vietnam Lunar New Year celebrations: If we get through the next month without a pandemic, we may be OK till next season.... (30-Jan-06)
Hamas victory throws Mideast 'peace process' into disarray and turmoil: What struck me most, seeing the cheering Hamas supporters on TV yesterday,... (27-Jan-06)
China reports 2005 economy still overheated at 9.9% growth: Like a railroad train careening down the track out of control,... (26-Jan-06)
China Prime Minister warns that country is becoming unstable: Blaming local governments for making a "historic error,"... (24-Jan-06)
Wall Street awaits Monday trading after Friday's "blood bath" on earnings: Investors have been getting measureably more risk-averse since October,... (22-Jan-06)
Tokyo stock exchange suspends trading to stem heavy selling of shares: The Nikkei index fell 3.94% on Wednesday, not enough to be called a "panic,"... (18-Jan-06)
Europe resigns itself to a nuclear Iran: Defiant Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad continues to lead Iran to be the regional superpower,... (16-Jan-06)
Congressman John Murtha predicts quick American withdrawal from Iraq: Speaking in a
Human bird flu becomes widespread and firmly established in Turkey: With 100+ suspected and confirmed human cases, and thousands of dead birds across the country,... (12-Jan-06)
Iran appears to be positioning itself as a post-war superpower: Iran restarts its nuclear enrichment program while calling for Israel's removal.... (11-Jan-06)
Young July 7 London subway bomber was a wealthy man: Scotland Yard was shocked to find suicide bomber Shehzad Tanweer left behind a bank account... (9-Jan-06)
Ariel Sharon nears death as his political career ends: Now both Ariel Sharon and Yasser Arafat are gone, and the Mideast descends into chaos.... (5-Jan-06)
Kyoto protocol is evidently dead as European countries fail to comply: Among the EU countries, only UK and Sweden are on target to meet requirements,... (4-Jan-06)
China and Taiwan step closer to military confrontation: Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian took the offensive on Sunday,... (3-Jan-06)

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