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Web Log Summary - January-December, 2005


North Korea exporting women into slavery: 10,000 to 15,000 North Koreans, mostly women, are working as slaves... (30-Dec-05)
Tom Brokaw says that he's stocking food, water and medicines for a possible bird flu pandemic: Emphasizing the seriousness of the threat, Sunday's Meet the Press... (27-Dec-05)
A year after tsunami, children survivors still feel traumatized: And yet, on this Christmas day, the tsunami aftermath tells a story of hopefulness and renewal.... (25-Dec-05)
U.S. says threat of Christmas terror attacks in Indonesia is high: Maps and explosives obtained in a police raid on a terrorist's hideout last month... (25-Dec-05)
Japanese minister calls Chinese a considerable military threat: Relations between China and Japan continue to increase in anger and hostility,... (22-Dec-05)
Ariel Sharon in hospital apparently with minor stroke: In a single moment, the fragility of the entire Mideast peace process is exposed.... (18-Dec-05)
Tony Blair caves, and the EU reaches a budget agreement: "A big cloud has been lifted from Europe," says Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel,... (17-Dec-05)
Sudden generational shift puts Palestinian "Young Guard" threatening "Old Guard": Younger generations in control in Palestine and Israel bring war closer.... (16-Dec-05)
Once again, October trade deficit hits fresh monthly record high: Economists were surprised again... (15-Dec-05)
European Union "make or break" summit begins today: It ought to be a great show in Brussels as anti-Blair acrimony continues unabated.... (15-Dec-05)
Over 5,000 whites riot against Muslims on Sydney beach: Australia joins many other countries that fought in WW II in becoming xenophobic.... (12-Dec-05)
Chinese killing of Dongzhou protesters revives memories of Tiananmen Square massacre: Chinese armed security forces fired on villagers protesting land confiscation, killing many peasants... (11-Dec-05)
Wall Street Journal's page one article on Bernanke contains the usual errors and omissions: Let me try and explain this a different way.... (8-Dec-05)
Blair's EU 2007 budget proposal leaves Europe is poised for new bruising battle in Brussels on Dec 16-17: Will the European Union survive into 2007? That's the question that may be answered... (6-Dec-05)
Alan Greenspan gives another harsh doom and gloom speech: Saying that "the consequences for the U.S. economy of doing nothing could be severe,"... (4-Dec-05)
Indian MP says that bird flu is a 'scam' to sell 'Tamil-flu': This sounds like a joke, but unfortunately it isn't.... (3-Dec-05)
Belgians shocked to learn that suicide bomber is Belgian woman: Her parents try to make sense of the life of their daughter,... (2-Dec-05)
New Spielberg movie Memoirs of a Geisha infuriates both China and Japan: As if Japan-China relations aren't bad enough (see previous item below),... (1-Dec-05)
Slowing China economy may become deflationary due to overcapacity: Economic problems are growing against the backdrop of continually deteriorating relations with Japan... (1-Dec-05)
President Bush's speech lays out plan for disengagement from Iraq war: Both sides showed little understanding of what's going on in Iraq... (1-Dec-05)
Press reports say that Tony Blair ready to cave on EU budget: Under intense pressure from the European Union and other member states,... (30-Nov-05)
Canada announces that bird flu findings are not pathenogenic: After many weeks of delay, Canada has finally responded to conspiracy buffs.... (29-Nov-05)
Vitriolic Iraq war politics erupts in Washington: But the basics of the Iraq war haven't changed a bit.... (21-Nov-05)
George Bush lectures China on being more like Taiwan: It's incredible that President Bush told China to be more open and democratic,... (17-Nov-05)
The bizarre November 9 bombings in Amman, Jordan: After four days, what happened is still unclear.... (15-Nov-05)
Hong Kong fears bird flu cases may "explode" in spring: Meanwhile, people are wondering whether Canada is stonewalling.... (13-Nov-05)
US trade deficit hits new monthly record high: Once again, economists' hopeful predictions of a fall in the trade deficit continue to be thwarted.... (11-Nov-05)
The Paris riots and Hurricane Katrina: After 13 days, the Paris riots are subsiding, but not after enormously embarassing France.... (10-Nov-05)
China mobilizes its army to fight bird flu: Does this move have greater significance?... (5-Nov-05)
Some bird flu notes from all over: A Dutch politician was asked what advice he'd give to people traveling to Turkey,... (4-Nov-05)
Paris riots continue for seventh night: Historically, Paris is well known for its riots and rebellions.... (3-Nov-05)
France's Nicolas Sarkozy says "Let them eat cake!": There's been violent racial rioting in Paris's Muslim ghetto suburbs every night since Thursday,... (2-Nov-05)
Canada announces discovery of bird flu in migratory ducks in Quebec and Manitoba: Officials emphasize that there's no danger yet to human health,... (31-Oct-05)
Coordinated terrorist bomb blasts across New Delhi kill 60+: An Islamist Kashmiri separatist group has claimed credit.... (31-Oct-05)
Storks fall out of the sky in Lebanon: 500 million birds are migrating from Asia to Africa this week and next,... (28-Oct-05)
Donald Rumsfeld visits China and cordially raises concerns: Laying the groundwork for a November visit to China by President Bush,... (24-Oct-05)
Will there be a stock market crash before the end of October?: The "Principle of Maximum Ruin" says that it won't happen.... (23-Oct-05)
Refco declares bankruptcy as regulators work to contain more widespread damage: Fast intervention by regulators has prevented a panic or a chain reaction,... (20-Oct-05)
Shamil Basayev gains in stature and power as pan-Caucasus terror leader: He claims credit for leading Nalchik attack, but blames a traitor for leaking advance information.... (19-Oct-05)
Condoleezza Rice says goodbye after visiting Moscow: ... (18-Oct-05)
Friday evening collapse of brokerage firm Refco sends regulators scrambling to prevent market meltdown: It took only four days for the world's largest commodities and futures dealer... (15-Oct-05)
Chechnya terrorists attack Russian town (Nalchik) massively: Coordinated attack by 300 Chechen gunmen raises Caucusus violence to new level.... (14-Oct-05)
Violent beating of democratic activist in China illustrates country's increasing instablity: Government authorities are thought to be responsible for the attack on Lu Banglie,... (11-Oct-05)
Bird flu spreads to Europe: Romania and Turkey: Suddenly bird flu is a very hot media topic, as President Bush raises the possibility... (09-Oct-05)
After 3 days of sharp losses on the stock market, the "Octoberphobia" mood is increasingly gloomy.: Is this a panic? Just what IS a panic, anyway?... (06-Oct-05)
Terror grips Southeast Asia from Thailand to Australia: Weekend Bali bombing targeted Australians, who are warned of further attacks.... (05-Oct-05)
Bird flu situation in Indonesia remains clouded, as virus spreads: Meanwhile, the Dutch breathe sigh of relief as spread towards Europe appears to stall.... (30-Sep-05)
In a new bizarre move, North Korea demands an end to U.N. food aid: The famine-stricken country officially told the UN World Food Program... (26-Sep-05)
Gaza violence spiking up as Israel launches "crushing response" to rocket attacks: Hamas promised to stop attacking Israel from Gaza, to prevent spiraling out of control.... (26-Sep-05)
Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan says that the deficit is out of control: France's Finance Minister Thierry Breton quoted Greenspan... (25-Sep-05)
Indonesia nearing panic as bird flu spreads: There's mass confusion in Jakarta over possible human to human contamination.... (23-Sep-05)
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is very dangerous, but he's looking increasingly pathetic: It was just two weeks ago when he claimed credit for the weather,... (22-Sep-05)
North Korea plays a little joke on the world: North Korea's "no more nuclear" pledge startled the world, but now they say, "Ha, ha, fooled ya."... (21-Sep-05)
Tony Blair and Bill Clinton blast BBC's anti-American coverage of Katrina: Blair described the BBC coverage as "gloating" and "full of hatred for America,"... (19-Sep-05)
Pimco's Bill Gross recommends selling all, buying only short-term Treasuries: Meanwhile, Morgan Stanley's Stephen Roach says, "The world as we know it must come to an end."... (18-Sep-05)
Is TWO MILLION DOLLARS per family enough Katrina aid?: That's how much the federal government plans to spend.... (16-Sep-05)
President Bush promises gargantuan aid program to Katrina victims: Those who hoped that the economy would "self-correct" are now demonstrably wrong.... (16-Sep-05)
Gaza strip descending into further chaos and lawlessness following Israeli withdrawal: Black market prices for weapons have been falling sharply in Gaza,... (14-Sep-05)
Pentagon proposes permitting preemptive use of nuclear weapons: The plan specifies several scenarios... (13-Sep-05)
The world is shocked at America's bureaucratic fumbling over Hurricane Katrina: It's hard to get past the feeling that this disaster will turn out to be a blessing in disguise... (13-Sep-05)
Department of Defense increasingly sees China as a military foe: A front page article in today's Wall Street Journal... (8-Sep-05)
Al-Qaeda claims credit for hurricane Katrina: "Congratulations to the Islamic nation ... for the destruction of America, which is at the forefront of evil,"... (8-Sep-05)
With Israelis almost gone, Gaza is becoming increasingly violent and unstable: Especially ominous is the planned intervention by Egypt as border guards.... (8-Sep-05)
Stock market spikes upward in huge rally as oil prices ease: Volatility appears to be increasing as investors return from summer vacations.... (7-Sep-05)
Britons shocked by London subway suicide bomber video: "We are at war and I am a soldier," says Mohammad Sidique Khan in a clear Yorkshire accent.... (4-Sep-05)
Katrina / New Orleans disaster is first real test for new Department of Homeland Security: Resembling a theatre of war, a million desperate refugees have been evacuating New Orleans... (2-Sep-05)
Iran will set up a "love fund": Iran's new president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, plans a billion dollar fund... (31-Aug-05)
Lech Walesa claims credit for European Union and unification of Germany: Saying that he had been "well prepared and decisive" 25 years ago,... (31-Aug-05)
U.S. building quarantine stations in airports around the country: With the threatened spread of bird flu, polio and tuberculosis,... (31-Aug-05)
Departing Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan sings schizophrenic swan song: Is the economy strong or is it in danger? Greenspan played both sides... (30-Aug-05)
BBC warns that bird flu pandemic can cause 1930s style Great Depression: Developed countries will suffer the most,... (25-Aug-05)
Violence increases throughout Mexico as illegals pour across U.S. border: It's been 85 years since the end of the Mexican Revolution,... (25-Aug-05)
Europe scrambles for cover as bird flu speeds past Asia: Holland and Germany order farmers to keep all birds indoors,... (24-Aug-05)
Spectacular Islamist terrorist attack in Bangladesh throws country into panic: On Wednesday at 11-11:30 am, hundreds of bombs exploded almost simultaneously in major cities across the country.... (20-Aug-05)
Pundits claim that antiwar movement is gaining steam with Cindy Sheehan: Oh really? That's news to me. Ummmmm, where are the college students?... (19-Aug-05)
Australia seeking hairdressers and doctors: Australia is seeking 20,000 skilled immigrants to fill job vacancies... (17-Aug-05)
Israel withdraws from Gaza amid hopes for peace and fears of instability: Here's what you should watch for in the weeks ahead.... (16-Aug-05)
Feminism flourishes in Iran, as the international crisis on nuclear weapons intensifies: Iran's new president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, named a hardline Islamist cabinet on Sunday,... (15-Aug-05)
I have moved to a new address.: Please click on the "About" link at the top of this web page for the new address.... (14-Aug-05)
A new mystery: Why is the P/E ratio remaining constant?: If you look at the bottom of this web site's home page,... (11-Aug-05)
U.N. predicts severe North Korea famine this fall: This could be a reason why North Korea is close to preemptive war.... (10-Aug-05)
Food prices continue to increase dramatically around the world: Hunger, poverty and starvation are spreading to increasing masses of people around the world,... (10-Aug-05)
Bird flu spreads throughout Asia, heads for Europe: A new vaccine is announced, but its effectiveness is questioned.... (8-Aug-05)
Iran's plan to develop nuclear fuel is "irreversible": France calls it a "major international crisis"... (3-Aug-05)
Russia is barring ABC News reporters from working in Russia: Still infuriated over ABC Nightline's airing of interview with Chechen terrorist warlord Shamil Basayev,... (2-Aug-05)
China heading for deflation as manufacturing index shows weakness: There are signs that China's bubble economy may be bursting... (2-Aug-05)
Should America have dropped the A-Bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki?: On the 60th anniversary, the debate still continues.... (2-Aug-05)
The Somalia connection -- The 7/21 London subway bombers were from east Africa: All four suspects are now in custody after an international manhunt... (1-Aug-05)
Vatican and Israel exchange angry words on terrorism: Some Jews are pointedly recalling that the new Pope used to be in the Hitler youth.... (30-Jul-05)
Russia infuriated over ABC "Nightline" interview of Shamil Basayev: "How many more bombs must hit New York before the American media learns... (29-Jul-05)
Historic labor split will mean near-extinction of AFL-CIO and rise of service unions: As General Motors and Ford themselves approach near-extinction,... (27-Jul-05)
Passenger train bombed in Dagestan, following Putin's visit: This is the 70'th terrorist attach this year in Dagestan,... (25-Jul-05)
Massive bomb blasts in Egypt vacation resort: This follows new blasts in London and Chechnya.... (23-Jul-05)
Tony Blair calls for calm after another round of subway bombings.: New York City will inspect bags and backpacks, starting today.... (22-Jul-05)
Tensions build as Pakistan cracks down on extremists after London bombings: In Kashmir, a car bomb that kills and wounds dozens, including children,... (21-Jul-05)
China and Japan head for military confrontation over disputed islands.: Meanwhile, a Chinese general threatens America with nuclear war over Taiwan.... (16-Jul-05)
Israel strikes at Hamas in Gaza, after Hamas launches massive rocket attack against Israel: The Palestinian Authority declared a state of emergency in Gaza on Friday,... (15-Jul-05)
Defiant Britons join people around the world in two minutes of silence: The revelation that the subway suicide bombers were young native-born Britons has thrown Western Europe into alarm... (15-Jul-05)
Kofi Annan tells UN General Assembly to "calm down": In a very heated debate over expanding the UN Security Council,... (12-Jul-05)
Survivors commemorate the genocidal 1995 Srebrenica massacre: After Rwanda, Srebrenica and Darfur, United Nations says "Never again" - again.... (12-Jul-05)
S&P 500 stock index nears four-year high: Unfortunately, that's not good news.... (11-Jul-05)
North Korea agrees to resume nuclear non-proliferation talks: The six-party talks will start the week of July 25, thirteen months after the last round,... (9-Jul-05)
British political parties uniting around Prime Minister as death toll mounts: Proposed laws to require identity cards and allow detention without trial are given new impetus,... (7-Jul-05)
G-8 leaders react to "particularly barbaric" London subway bomb blasts: England and France are unified once more -- against terrorism.... (7-Jul-05)
Bird flu poised to spread to birds world wide: Migratory geese are now infected and spreading bird flu, and thousands have died.... (7-Jul-05)
The mysterious Baltic Dry Index reveals a great deal about the Chinese economy: China is causing wild volatility and turmoil in shipping, iron ore and steel prices,... (5-Jul-05)
Paul McCartney and a Pink Floyd reunion at Live 8! London's the place to be today.: Meanwhile, tens of thousands march in Scotland, to end poverty in Africa.... (2-Jul-05)
Sandra Day O'Connor steps down from Supreme Court: It's a crisis moment that could ignite a "political civil war"... (2-Jul-05)
After President Bush's speech: What next for Iraq?: With growing insurgency violence and flagging public support, what's America's "end strategy" in Iraq?... (1-Jul-05)
How generational changes affect Japan and China: A page one article in today's Wall Street Journal... (28-Jun-05)
Ultraconservative Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wins Iran Presidential election: I try to find humor wherever I can for this serious web site, and with this guy it's easy.... (25-Jun-05)
Tony Blair: "We need jobs, not subsidies for cows": Lots of vitriol led up to Blair's speech on Thursday... (24-Jun-05)
Iran holding chaotic runoff election on Friday: Iran and Iraq are generational twins, and their elections show it.... (23-Jun-05)
Ariel Sharon and Mahmoud Abbas meet as Mideast cease-fire unravels: Like Britain vs France, Israel vs Palestinian Authority meetings are becoming increasingly confrontational.... (22-Jun-05)
Acrimonious European Union summit ends in crisis: Chirac and Blair exchanged bitter recriminations, with most of Europe blaming Blair... (18-Jun-05)
The worldwide household bubble is still expanding: Thanks to a worldwide collapse in mortgage interest rates,... (17-Jun-05)
European "Union" descends further and further into chaos: At EU summit today, there may be blood on the floor,... (16-Jun-05)
Worldwide shipping is slowing down, indicating a softening of world economic growth: Have you ever heard of the 'Baltic Dry Index'? It's been falling sharply.... (14-Jun-05)
"Wealthy nations" agree to cancel Africa's debts at G-8 meeting: Can Africa be saved? Will more money do it?... (12-Jun-05)
North Korea is blocking all international communications: Continuing its war mobilization that began early last year,... (10-Jun-05)
Alan Greenspan predicts major losses by hedge funds: But still says he doesn't have a clue why 10-year Treasury bond interest rates are falling.... (8-Jun-05)
Abbas is increasingly losing control of Gaza and the West Bank: Palestinian militants are infuriated by Abbas' unilateral cancellation of parliamentary elections.... (6-Jun-05)
Howard Dean says Republicans "never made honest living": History tells us that both Republicans and Democrats will be using more and more of this bilious language.... (6-Jun-05)
Rumsfeld expresses alarm over militarization of China and North Korea: Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld spoke in Singapore on Saturday... (4-Jun-05)
Fourth Turning forums web site will be up again soon: The Fourth Turning forums are often used to discuss generational issues,... (3-Jun-05)
Manufacturing index falls more than expected after falling for 24 months: In another sign that the economy is slowing down,... (2-Jun-05)
Political earthquake continues, as French decisively reject European Constitution: European nationalism continues to grow as "Preserving national identity" trumps "Europe built around peace"... (30-May-05)
The Conflict Risk Index: Depicting the current State of the World: I've been looking for a simple graphic that where we (the world) stand... (30-May-05)
Pope Benedict XIV pledges to end rift with Orthodox Christians: The whole concept is misguided, and besides, my grandmother would never have stood for it.... (29-May-05)
PlayStation 5 will be as powerful as the human brain: British Telecom Futurologist Ian Pearson looks ahead ten years.... (27-May-05)
German election signals major European political realignment: The unexpected landslide victory of a woman known as Germany's Margaret Thatcher... (25-May-05)
Iraqi Sunni and Shi'ite clerics call for restraint: Analysts, pundits and journalists are still predicting civil war, and they're still getting it wrong.... (23-May-05)
South Korea signals that it might stop purchasing US Treasury bonds: Meanwhile, Financial Times speculates about "a larger market meltdown."... (19-May-05)
Bird flu virus evolving into form more likely to cause human pandemic: New mutations of the virus appear to permit human to human infection,... (18-May-05)
Stock market frenzy follows Washington yuan-bashing: In an almost meaningless gesture, the Bush administration harshly warned China... (18-May-05)
Norway sells half its U.S. Treasury bond holdings: Foreign central banks were net sellers of US securities in March... (17-May-05)
"Koran in toilet" rumor is uniting Muslims around the world: From Gaza to Indonesia, Muslims are shouting "Death to America."... (15-May-05)
Credit market derivatives fall sharply, sparking big stock market losses: A Wall Street Journal web site article appearing on Tuesday afternoon... (11-May-05)
World becoming panicky over North Korean nuclear test threat: UN nuclear chief calls it "disastrous"; US lawmaker calls it a "cataclysmic" event.... (10-May-05)
Stock market swings wildly following a quirky Fed error: The Fed raised interest rates a quarter point yesterday, triggering an investor buy/sell frenzy... (04-May-05)
UK election follows same pattern as American and Australian elections: The Iraq issue is causing bitter divisiveness, but not enough to affect Blair's lead.... (02-May-05)
Another ominous day for the American economy: Stocks fell 1.3% on Thursday as volatility continues, growth slows, and other indicators are lower.... (29-Apr-05)
Taiwan opposition leader's trip to Beijing is high theatre: Taiwan's generational split is on display today, amid cheers and cries of "traitor."... (27-Apr-05)
Russian President Vladimir Putin bares his teeth as unrest spreads in Russia: Putin threatened to crack down heavily on any attempts to instigate a popular revolution... (26-Apr-05)
China makes five demands of Japan: After Japanese leader apologized at length for Japan's history,... (25-Apr-05)
Giddy, ebullient investors push stocks to highest gain in years: Wild turbulence continues as stocks close 2% higher after week's 7% fall.... (22-Apr-05)
Increasingly volatile stock market falls to six-month lows: Investors are becoming increasingly risk-averse, indicating a major correction may be in store.... (21-Apr-05)
Neither China nor Japan backing off from increasing confrontation: As conflict increases, America's Pacific strategy is coming apart at the seams.... (20-Apr-05)
Chinese rage at Japan grows, as does fear of uncontrolled rioting: Chinese Internet boards are calling for renewed anti-Japanese riots this weekend.... (16-Apr-05)
US trade deficit hits new monthly record high: Meanwhile, former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker is predicting a financial crisis... (13-Apr-05)
Jane Fonda's half-hearted selective apology: This puts John Kerry in the spotlight.... (11-Apr-05)
Thousands of Chinese protesters hurl bottles at Japan Embassy in Beijing: Anti-Japanese feelings in China and Korea have been erupting for weeks.... (09-Apr-05)
Jewish extremists attempt to provoke Palestinian extremists to violence: Israeli and Palestinian security forces are out in force this weekend... (09-Apr-05)
World Bank warns that global economy recovery has "peaked": Saying that global economic growth is at a "turning point,"... (07-Apr-05)
Analysts: Worldwide economy is getting weaker: After Greenspan's January warning that the global economic dangers are "without historical precedent,"... (06-Apr-05)
UK Prime Minister Tony Blair schedules a new election for May 5: But pundits are saying that Iraq is not an issue. Could that be true?... (05-Apr-05)
French scandal over teaching "La Marseillaise" in school.: Why is the French national anthem so much bloodier than the Star Spangled Banner?... (01-Apr-05)
Why is BBC so blantantly anti-American?: Did you know that there's a BBC News joke of the day?... (31-Mar-05)
Now it's "moral values" in Russia: Anti-religious art is now banned in Russia, as exhibitor is convicted of "religious hatred" against Orthodox church.... (30-Mar-05)
Massive Taiwan public demonstrations, the largest in history, protest China's Anti-Secession Law: Tensions between Taiwan and China skyrocketed on Saturday... (27-Mar-05)
Motley Fool provides a bizarre analysis of price/earnings ratios: I've been relentlessly critical of analysts, journalists and pundits who are brain-dead about price/earnings ratios.... (25-Mar-05)
The ghoulish news coverage of Terri Schiavo: It reminds me of another ghoulish story -- Chandra Levy and Gary Condit.... (24-Mar-05)
Condi Rice hints at sanctioning North Korea: She demands that North Korea return to the nuclear non-proliferation talks.... (22-Mar-05)
Stephen Roach says we've past the economic "tipping point": Early in 1929, even the most astute analyst could not have predicted the precise day of the big crash,... (18-Mar-05)
Korea - Japan relations nosedive over long-disputed islands: 2005 is supposed to be "Korea-Japan Friendship Year,"... (18-Mar-05)
Mideast political turmoil becomes increasingly volatile: Think back six weeks to the euphoria following the Palestinian elections... (16-Mar-05)
Fed Governor Ben Bernanke blames America's sky-high public debt on other nations: I'm normally wary of applying specific generational archetypes to individuals, but Bernanke is acting like a Baby Boomer.... (14-Mar-05)
Tony Blair wins passage of Britain's Prevention of Terrorism Law: Despite opponents' criticisms that the new law would be like America's Patriot Act,... (12-Mar-05)
Chechnya: Russian killing of rebel leader returns world's focus back to Caucasus: Terrorist Shamil Basayev may gain, as rebels select an obscure Islamic cleric... (11-Mar-05)
US urges China to rethink passage of "anti-secession" law: Taiwan threatens mass counter-demonstrations as China reveals more of the anti-secession law,... (09-Mar-05)
Hundreds of thousands rally in Lebanon, morphing freedom movement to anti-Israeli protest: Hezbollah militia sponsors pro-Syrian rally dwarfing the previous opposition protests... (09-Mar-05)
China's new "anti-secession" law infuriates Taiwan: 15,000 protest new law which provides legal justification for Chinese invasion of Taiwan... (08-Mar-05)
Generational Dynamics for Historians -- Chapter 7 has been rewritten: The entire text of the current draft of the new book can be found online... (07-Mar-05)
A little humor: Why is there a picture of a pretty girl in Taiwanese men's rooms?... (06-Mar-05)
North Korea announces that it will resume testing missiles: North Korea continues its war mobilization begun a year ago,... (04-Mar-05)
Syria is suddenly the least popular country in the world: Even France and America are united in demanding Syria's pullout from Lebanon.... (03-Mar-05)
Japan blocks most North Korean ships from its ports: The Japanese, infuriated by North Korean abductions in the 1970s,... (01-Mar-05)
Army's "Future Combat System" calls for autonomous robot soldiers by 2014: What surprises me is that the technology is proceeding faster than I expected.... (28-Feb-05)
Draft of new book, "Generational Dynamics for Historians," can now be read online.: This book resolves the question of identifying patterns in history and extrapolating them forward.... (27-Feb-05)
Israeli police are on maximum terror alert, as West Bank handover is suspended: Following the shock of Friday's unexpected suicide bombing at a Tel Aviv nightclub,... (27-Feb-05)
Tel Aviv nightclub shows where the Mideast peace plan is going: Islamic Jihad never agreed to the Palestinian/Israeli ceasefire in the first place,... (26-Feb-05)
United Nations revises population growth projections upward: The world population will be 9.1 billion in 2050, not 8.9 billion,... (25-Feb-05)
WHO makes strongest bird flu alert so far, warning of "gravest possible danger": America and countries around the world are preparing for the worst-case scenario,... (24-Feb-05)
North Korea agrees to talk about talking: After two weeks of increasing tensions, there was a little relief yesterday... (23-Feb-05)
Increasingly militaristic China denounces US-Japan statement on Taiwan: China is militarily surpassing America in the Taiwan Straits,... (21-Feb-05)
"Mr. Bush, please don't bomb Apatzingan": This story appeared just 11 days after the 9/11 attacks,... (20-Feb-05)
Ambassador to Japan calls North Korean threat "deadly": While the Bush administration has been trying to give a muted, non-alarming response to the North Korean threat,... (18-Feb-05)
Greenspan's testimony further repudiates his earlier stock bubble reasoning: The Fed Chairman has now completely reversed his previous position on the stock market bubble... (17-Feb-05)
Massive Beirut explosion killing Rafiq Hariri puts Lebanon into state of shock: Washington recalls its ambassador to Syria, as both Lebanon and America blame Damascus... (16-Feb-05)
Neo-Nazis rally at Dresden firebombing commemoration: A wrenchingly emotional ceremony brings back battles of WW II, Vietnam and today's war on terror.... (14-Feb-05)
Unlike North Korea, Iran's nuclear intentions are unclear: There are big differences in the reasons why Iran and North Korea want nuclear technology.... (11-Feb-05)
Comments and questions from readers: Palestinian peace, war in Iceland, are among the topics that readers have asked me about in the last few weeks.... (09-Feb-05)
Fewer people are working, but the unemployment rate went down anyway in January.: Unemployment fell to 5.2% from 5.4% in January,... (05-Feb-05)
Europe is stunned by dramatic rise in German unemployment: With high employment throughout euroland, the EU is making a major change in economic direction.... (03-Feb-05)
Fed expected to raise interest rates today: The Fed is saying that inflation "can be contained," but the danger is in the other direction.... (02-Feb-05)
UN declares that Darfur war was "not genocide," in the most sickeningly cynical story of the year: If mass murders and rapes and forced relocation of millions of people isn't genocide, then what is?... (01-Feb-05)
US dollar weakness and China's growing economic strength dominate World Economic Forum: There's always craziness when world political leaders talk about economics... (31-Jan-05)
The chaotic Iraq election is only two days away: The election is on Sunday, January 30, and no one has a clue what's going to happen.... (28-Jan-05)
World figures marking Auschwitz liberation overemphasize Hitler's uniqueness: The atrocities in the Holocaust were horrific almost beyond belief,... (28-Jan-05)
A change in thinking about the economy: Stocks fell again yesterday, as they have steadily since December 31.... (25-Jan-05)
Some notes on current news in Darfur, Palestine and Ukraine: It appears that the genocidal crisis war in Darfur, Sudan, may be ending.... (24-Jan-05)
After 38 deaths from bird flu, Thailand declares state of emergency: A World Health Organization (WHO) alert says that a worldwide pandemic of the bird flu "may be imminent."... (21-Jan-05)
Bush's inaugural address speaks to America's destiny: In a stirring speech, President Bush said that "The great objective of ending tyranny is the concentrated work of generations.... (21-Jan-05)
A look at President Kennedy's 1961 inaugural address: On President Bush's inauguration day, it's well to remember that life is what happens while you're making other plans.... (20-Jan-05)
Public backlash forces Putin to increase pension benefit payments: Former Putin allies are calling for a vote of no-confidence,... (19-Jan-05)
Bird flu is causing panic in Asia -- as well as in Geneva and Atlanta: Bird flu is spreading across Vietnam, forcing the culling (killing) of thousands of birds,... (18-Jan-05)
Tens of thousands protesting benefit reductions in cities across Russia: Putin may be facing a serious political crisis,... (17-Jan-05)
Sharp increase in trade deficit surprises economists: Mainstream economists had expected the trade deficit to level off,... (13-Jan-05)
Russia ejects international patrols from Russia-Georgia border: As an act of defiance, Russia has vetoed continuation of an international peacekeeping force... (12-Jan-05)
Brent Scowcroft predicts an "incipient civil war" for Iraq: Pundits are returning to wishful thinking as the January 30 election approaches... (09-Jan-05)
Morgan Stanley's chief economist Stephen Roach predicts a "sharp adjustment" ahead: In an article that's sharply critical of Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan,... (09-Jan-05)
How do unrealistically high expectations affect the world?: Hopes are sky-high as Palestinians go to the polls on Sunday... (08-Jan-05)
North Korea is mobilizing for a long, drawn-out war: On a day when the United Nations said that the nuclear weapons problem is getting worse... (06-Jan-05)
Jewish extremists clash violently with Israeli soldiers over settlements: Jewish settlers protested violently on Tuesday against soldiers... (05-Jan-05)
Israeli forces kill 8 Palestinians, and Abbas calls Israel the "Zionist enemy": Things appear quickly to be returning to "normal" in post-Arafat Palestine,... (04-Jan-05)
Pakistan "Black Day" protests fail: Continuing a worldwide trend of increased militarization and police power, President Pervez Musharraf... (02-Jan-05)

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