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Web Log Summary - January-December, 2008


Israel declares "war to the bitter end" and "all-out war" against Hamas in Gaza: The rhetoric indicates an extremely dangerous situation.... (30-Dec-2008)
Is the world unraveling?: Some people believe that the world is better off every day.... (28-Dec-2008)
Israel's rocket attack on Gaza opens continues a week of sharp escalation: Hundreds of Palestinians were killed or injured Saturday,... (27-Dec-2008)
Sri Lanka crisis war appears close to a genocidal climax.: There are two crisis wars in the world today: Darfur and Sri Lanka.... (27-Dec-2008)
Have yourself a merry little Christmas.: Some music from World War II.... (25-Dec-2008)
The effects of massive fiscal stimulus.: A study comparing Japan's deflationary spiral with ours shows the way.... (24-Dec-2008)
Growing Sunni-Shia cyberwar in Mideast defeats Ahmadinejad's agenda: Sunni scholar Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradawi is leading the anti-Shia, anti-Iran drive... (22-Dec-2008)
Ten "outrageous" predictions for 2009 from Saxo Bank: How many will come true?... (19-Dec-2008)
Fed's desperation move may be prompted by $50 billion Madoff swindle: On Tuesday, the Fed lowered interest rates to 0% and promised a flood of money... (17-Dec-2008)
World wide transportation and trade sink farther into deep freeze: Chinese officials were shocked this week to learn... (15-Dec-2008)
Nouriel Roubini predicts recession will end in 2009: The magic elixer: President Obama's economic stimulus package... (13-Dec-2008)
Neil Howe calls Early Gen-Xers the "dumbest generation": I disagree - Boomers are the dumbest generation.... (10-Dec-2008)
'Liberation Hero' Robert Mugabe now destroys Zimbabwe with cholera: Adding to his record of mass torture, slaughter and economic destruction,... (8-Dec-2008)
Disastrous employment figures cast a pall, but spur huge stock rally: In one of the worst job reports in history, 533,000 jobs disappeared... (6-Dec-2008)
UBS AG analyst predicts a huge 53% stock surge in 2009: This 'analysis' is breathtaking in its sheer stupidity.... (4-Dec-2008)
Thailand government collapses, ending crippling riots from class war: Bangkok's airports will open for the first time in a week on Friday,... (3-Dec-2008)
After Mumbai's "26/11" nightmare finally ends, India - Pakistan relations face crisis: Enraged Mumbaikers are demanding action and change today,... (30-Nov-2008)
Rapid Chinese economic collapse spurs desperation measures: A new World Bank report shows rapid deterioration.... (28-Nov-2008)
Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba suspected in terrorist attack on Mumbai (Bombay), India: It's a "War on Mumbai" by an attack from the sea.... (27-Nov-2008)
One, Two, Three ... Infinity: Watching the world spin out of control.... (25-Nov-2008)
Generational split among Tibetans increases chances of conflict with China.: Tibet's government in exile ended negotiations with China on Saturday.... (23-Nov-2008)
Detroit auto makers are asked to produce survival plans, with markets in free fall: Generational theory asks the question: When will we see a panic?... (21-Nov-2008)
Unrest grows in China as unemployment situation becomes "grim": Labor unrest is becoming a "top concern" for China's government,... (20-Nov-2008)
Markets fall to new lows as deflation tightens its grip: Fears grow of a Detroit auto maker bankruptcy.... (20-Nov-2008)
Bailout fever seems to be petering out as Paulson reiterates his claims of victory: With no immediate crises going on, politicians just settle for rhetoric.... (19-Nov-2008)
A generational view of China's growing melamine food disaster: On Thursday, the FDA issued a nationwide alert, banning Chinese dairy products... (17-Nov-2008)
Rumors abound in Russia of a palace coup by Vladimir Putin: A new constitutional amendment leaves people wondering what he's planning.... (15-Nov-2008)
Treasury Secretary Paulson declares victory, then reverses direction.: Wall Street stock prices plummeted 5% on Wednesday,... (13-Nov-2008)
In Flanders Fields: ... (11-Nov-2008)
Panicked China announces gargantuan stimulus package, as AIG bailout is almost doubled: This was another hugely historic day, though few people paid attention.... (11-Nov-2008)
The spectre of deflation forces a historic change in economic theory: Economists are shocked that the fight against inflation is over.... (8-Nov-2008)
"Hindutva" terrorist violence against Muslims shocks Indians: A terrorist network linked to the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi... (6-Nov-2008)
What to expect from a Barack Obama presidency: A landslide victory on Tuesday now seems all but certain.... (4-Nov-2008)
Markets enter another turbulent week, as effects of bailout are questioned: Investors seemed very optimistic for the first time in weeks... (3-Nov-2008)
China's economy slowing down significantly: Chinese society is at risk of increasing instability,... (2-Nov-2008)
Dalai Lama hints at significant change of strategy for Tibet vs China: A special strategy meeting for Tibetan exiles will occur in mid-November.... (31-Oct-2008)
Stocks soar worldwide as corporate earnings plummet: Panic buying pushes indexes up 10-11%.... (29-Oct-2008)
What's coming next: Understanding the deflationary spiral: Why are the dollar and the yen getting stronger, while the euro is getting weaker?... (27-Oct-2008)
Wall Street index futures frozen at "Limit Down" at 7 am Friday: Stock markets in Asia and Europe are in free fall this morning,... (24-Oct-2008)
Roubini: The situation is "sheer panic," as hundreds of hedge funds are going bust: Policy makers may need to close markets for one or two weeks.... (24-Oct-2008)
Pakistan nears bankruptcy, as China refuses aid: Pakistan will forced to seek unpleasant help from the IMF,... (20-Oct-2008)
A BBC interview with with another clueless economist: The questions were penetrating, but NYU economist Mark Gertler evaded them all.... (19-Oct-2008)
Warren Buffett joins the kool-aid crowd: In his dotage, he seems determined to bankrupt himself.... (18-Oct-2008)
Stock markets in Iraq and Iran are surging.: Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says "it is the end of capitalism."... (17-Oct-2008)
Market selloff resumes savagely, as markets collapse around the world: Commentary on Wednesday has been the most negative I've ever heard,... (16-Oct-2008)
Corporate earnings continue to plummet: Price/earnings ratio (P/E10 only) falls below average for first time in 13 years.... (15-Oct-2008)
We're all Icelanders now, as markets rocket 10% around the world: The world is a much more dangerous place today than yesterday.... (14-Oct-2008)
European leaders race the clock, while G-7 leaders make reassuring pronouncements: Once again, officials are attempting to take action before Asian markets open... (12-Oct-2008)
There's never before been a day like this on Wall Street.: Possible exception: One of the days just before or after the 1929 crash.... (11-Oct-2008)
Stock market is in free fall, as forced selling accelerates: A worldwide full scale panic may be in progress.... (10-Oct-2008)
Desperate international intervention fails to calm markets.: The remaining hope: The news is so bad that it must be over.... (9-Oct-2008)
More convulsions on Wall street, as financial crisis spreads around the world: The country of Iceland is bankrupt (or almost bankrupt)... (8-Oct-2008)
Markets plummet deeply around the world.: But Wall Street investors are giggling with glee.... (7-Oct-2008)
European integration is collapsing as banking crisis spreads rapidly: In the so-called "European Union," it's every country for itself now.... (6-Oct-2008)
The origins of the hare-brained "capitulation" fallacy: It's based on a complete misreading of what happened in 1987.... (5-Oct-2008)
The $700 billion bailout bill becomes law. Now what happens?: We can learn some lessons from China.... (4-Oct-2008)
Are your 401K funds safe?: I received the following question from a web site reader.... (3-Oct-2008)
The nutty bailout bill discussion: As I listen to politicians on both sides of the $700 billion Bailout of the World (BOTW) plan,... (3-Oct-2008)
Pundits are all smiles, as they await a "panic crash" or "retail capitulation": Panic selling on Monday became panic buying on Tuesday,... (1-Oct-2008)
Far-right victory in Austria stuns Europe and Israel: Anyone who has seen "The Sound of Music"... (29-Sep-2008)
Markets plummet 7-9% after unexpected rejection of bailout plan by Congress: Banks in America and Europe are falling like dominoes, as credit constructor tightens its grip.... (29-Sep-2008)
Washington officials to spend Sunday evening watching Asian markets: The details of the $700 billion Bailout of the World (BOTW) plan... (28-Sep-2008)
North Korea resumes nuclear weapon development amidst generational succession struggle: South Korea is considering retaliatory economic action,... (27-Sep-2008)
Credit markets "crash" as bank lending is frozen.: Officials are bitterly divided over the $700 billion Bailout of the World (BOTW) plan,... (26-Sep-2008)
Ben Bernanke's Great Historic Experiment is at the brink: Desperation sets in as credit markets continue to seize up.... (25-Sep-2008)
Bickering Congressmen may delay the $800 B financial Bailout of The World (BOTW): And we have some expert advice on preserving your savings.... (24-Sep-2008)
Islamabad Pakistan: Massive Taliban/al-Qaeda terrorist bombing: "Pakistan's 9/11" has left the country in a state of shock,... (22-Sep-2008)
Visit the new Generational Dynamics forum!!: Discuss world events and generational theory.... (21-Sep-2008)
Officials working to prevent "a complete meltdown of the financial systems": Congress and administration officials are working through another weekend... (20-Sep-2008)
Government promises to buy bad debt to end the credit crisis: Stock markets stage huge comeback as giddy investors pile in.... (19-Sep-2008)
Stories from all over about the Muslim world.: The man with 86 wives, and a fatwa against Mickey Mouse.... (18-Sep-2008)
Web site readers express sadness, anxiety and anger: It's beginning to sink in.... (18-Sep-2008)
Panic selling may be close, as money market fund "breaks the buck": Ordinary people with 401Ks will start losing their investments.... (18-Sep-2008)
The Fed will loan American International Group (AIG) an $85 billion bridge loan: In a stunning turn of events that is widely recognized as desperate,... (17-Sep-2008)
Markets in total chaos on historic day.: The pictures tell the story.... (16-Sep-2008)
"Lipstick on a pig" continues to obscure critical issues.: As McCain and Obama converge on the Iraq issue, Afghanistan is rarely mentioned.... (14-Sep-2008)
Investors are having another nail-biting weekend as Lehman heads off the cliff: The nominal deadline: 7 pm ET Sunday, when the Asian stock markets open.... (13-Sep-2008)
Is the lipstick debate a sign of the times?: All the talk about lipstick in the Presidential campaign debate... (11-Sep-2008)
Two days after Fannie/Freddie crisis, another crisis looms at Lehman: Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. share prices fell a record 45 percent on Thursday,... (10-Sep-2008)
Another stunning and historic bailout: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Giddy investors are popping the champagne corks.... (9-Sep-2008)
Asif Ali Zardari, widower of Benazir Bhutto, wins Pakistan presidency: The backdrop is Pakistan's fury over US armed forces assault into Pakistan's tribal areas... (8-Sep-2008)
On "60 Minutes," Bob Woodward makes ridiculous claims about Iraq.: He says the surge succeeded because of some magic new military technique.... (7-Sep-2008)
Long-term negative market trends asserting themselves strongly: Stock and commodities prices plummet as worldwide foreclosures and recessions worsen.... (5-Sep-2008)
Japanese government paralysis continues as Yasuo Fukuda steps down: This was the third Prime Minister to step down in three years.... (4-Sep-2008)
Consequences of Russia/Georgia conflict spread to southern Caucasus: Will "football diplomacy" save the day?... (3-Sep-2008)
"Terminator" style robot reassembles itself after being kicked into pieces: This is hilarious to watch.... (1-Sep-2008)
Presidential election debate continues to focus on 1960s issues: 21st century issues are being totally ignored, so far.... (31-Aug-2008)
China rebuffs Russia over Georgia invasion.: What could the Russians possibly have been thinking?... (29-Aug-2008)
Moscow Times: "Russia Adds 2 New Countries to Its Map": Relations between Russia and the West became colder on Tuesday,... (27-Aug-2008)
Pakistan's government coalition dissolves following dispute over Taliban: As fighting rages in Pakistan's tribal areas,... (26-Aug-2008)
Money supply contracts dramatically, as credit markets continue to seize up.: Former IMF chief: Worst of global financial crisis is yet to come.... (24-Aug-2008)
Pakistan government crisis deepens, following Musharraf's resignation: The government is completely rudderless as suicide bombers shock the country.... (23-Aug-2008)
Price/earnings ratios continue to surge as corporate earnings plummet: Second quarter earnings were disastrous.... (19-Aug-2008)
A possible new alignment in Europe and Central Asia: Russian language blogs provide a complex and threatening picture.... (18-Aug-2008)
"The deal is done" for Pakistan's President Musharraf to resign: Pakistan looks into the abyss.... (15-Aug-2008)
Questions from readers on the conflict in Georgia: Some technical issues about generational theory and the Caucasus.... (15-Aug-2008)
Russia continues to tighten its grip on a humiliated Georgia: It's still not known what Russia's final objectives are, though there's no doubt in my mind.... (14-Aug-2008)
Russian invasion of Georgia continues, objective is not known: I'm raising the "Conflict Risk Index" for the Caucasus from 2 (medium risk) to 3 (high risk).... (12-Aug-2008)
Georgia capitulates in South Ossetia as Russia expands war: Russia's overreaction may lead to wider war.... (11-Aug-2008)
As commodities plummet worldwide, the meaning is unclear.: We speculate on some possibilities.... (11-Aug-2008)
Iraq's Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr turns from arms to "culture": This follows several Sunni "Tribal Awakenings" to expel al-Qaeda.... (10-Aug-2008)
Russia and Georgia are in a "state of war": Russia pours tanks and soldiers into South Ossetia, as planes bomb Georgia military targets.... (9-Aug-2008)
Pakistan government combines chaos with paralysis as Musharraf is threatened with impeachment.: The army may have to step in.... (8-Aug-2008)
Wall Street stock prices soar amid terrible earnings news: A year after the global credit crisis began, investors are convinced that it has to be over.... (6-Aug-2008)
Hindu vs Sunni Muslim violence increases sharply in Kashmir and Jammu: The army in Indian Kashmir opened fire at hundreds of stone-throwing Hindu protestors... (6-Aug-2008)
CIA accuses Pakistan's ISI of aiding in Indian embassy bombing in Kabul: The level of Afghanistan - Pakistan - India tension has substantially increased... (3-Aug-2008)
Alan Greenspan calls this a "once in a century" liquidity crisis.: Says that the "big surprise" is the "impressive" American economy... (3-Aug-2008)
CNBC's Jim Cramer announces that the market has hit bottom.: Pushing toy stuffed bears through a meat slicer,... (1-Aug-2008)
Depression-era chic: in fashions, what's old is new again.: Even in a depression, women still want interesting clothing.... (1-Aug-2008)
Oppenheimer's Meredith Whitney predicts imminent meltdown of over 25 financial institutions: The new Merrill Lynch asset writedowns are triggering a race to the bottom.... (31-Jul-2008)
India is on high alert as synchronized bombs strike two cities: Relations between India and Pakistan are coming under increased strain... (30-Jul-2008)
National Australia Bank marks its CDOs down 90%: Saying that soaring US mortgage defaults require preparing for a "worst case scenario,"... (28-Jul-2008)
Obama continues to damage his candidacy with his Iraq policy.: Obama is hurting himself by bobbing and weaving on the success of the "surge."... (27-Jul-2008)
Barack Obama in Berlin calls for greater European militarism: Obama enthralls huge German audience with a history-making speech.... (25-Jul-2008)
Accused Bosnian war criminal Radovan Karadzic captured: Hiding in plain sight, he grew a beard and posed as a new age guru with a mistress.... (24-Jul-2008)
Bad news: Continually falling earnings keep price/earnings ratios stratospheric: Good news: Disastrously low financial services earnings are still "better than we feared"... (23-Jul-2008)
Bad news: America is failing. Good news: America is too big to fail.: Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. is arduously pushing his bailout plan... (23-Jul-2008)
Barack Obama endorses growing American troop force in Afghanistan: The loony left ironically forces Obama to change from "anti-war" to "pro-war."... (21-Jul-2008)
More questions from readers on finance and investing: Anxious readers wonder what's going on, what to do next.... (18-Jul-2008)
SEC blames stock market problems on "false rumors" and "naked short selling": Meanwhile, disappointed pundits bemoan Wednesday's market rally.... (16-Jul-2008)
The Top Ten signs that you have a bad bank.: Some advice from late night talk show host David Letterman.... (15-Jul-2008)
South Korea recalls its Ambassador to Japan over island dispute: The Korean government warned it would "sternly deal" with any Japanese claim... (15-Jul-2008)
Investor and public anxiety levels are sky-high following weekend twin bailouts: 300 more banks are thought likely to be facing failure,... (14-Jul-2008)
Economic turmoil increases as California's IndyMac Bank collapses: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are "insolvent"... (12-Jul-2008)'s 'Depression Comparisons Misguided' shows that a depression is imminent: Guest article by Paul Lamont, President of Lamont Trading Advisors, Inc.... (10-Jul-2008)
Pundits and analysts are baffled by the market's performance: They have some interesting fantasies, as well.... (10-Jul-2008)
Obama "refines" his Iraq position, reflecting major change: Expect a lot more "refinements" to come... (8-Jul-2008)
France/EU President Sarkozy is turning the screws on Ireland: It's beginning to look like a bad situation comedy.... (6-Jul-2008)
The Dow Industrials in euros: If Americans have it bad, pity the Europeans.... (5-Jul-2008)
Nicolas Sarkozy becomes EU president as Lisbon Treaty appears near collapse: A new French/British acrimonious shouting match begins over the same old issues.... (4-Jul-2008)
Stock markets continue downward trend as earnings fall further: Price/earnings ratios have only begun to fall from stratosphere.... (3-Jul-2008)
Wall Street Journal describes Iran's generational Awakening era: Young Iranians turn away from the Quran and go for self-help and New Age.... (1-Jul-2008)
Blogger Watch: Michael "Mish" Shedlock comes over to the dark side: Referring to 1929, Shedlock now says, "History is about to repeat."... (1-Jul-2008)
Pakistan is paralyzed as Tehrik-e-Taliban advances in NorthWest: Pakistan army abandons negotiations for war to prevent imminent takeover of Peshawar... (29-Jun-2008)
Wall Street markets plunge 3% on Thursday as corporate earnings show continued weakness: Traders are hoping for a "mini-panic." Be careful what you wish for.... (27-Jun-2008)
Boston area, Thur, June 26: "Generational Issues in Managing IT Projects": ***** CORRECTION: JUNE 26 (THURSDAY THIS WEEK). Invitation to attend a talk on GenX and Boomers in software development projects... (24-Jun-2008)
Questions from readers on finance and investing: On fraud, the FDIC, China, and other subjects.... (23-Jun-2008)
Israel conducts mock attack on Iran: The rumor mill is predicting a real attack.... (21-Jun-2008)
'Operation Malicious Mortgage' indicts 406 people including Bear Stearns execs: All kinds of fraud by all kinds of people.... (20-Jun-2008)
Royal Bank of Scotland issues global stock crash alert: "A very nasty period is soon to be upon us - be prepared,"... (18-Jun-2008)
Chad and Sudan may be close to a declaration of war: The peace agreement signed in March seems to be falling apart.... (18-Jun-2008)
Europe in 'chaos' as Ireland rejects Lisbon Treaty: The Europeans don't seem to have a clue about what's going on.... (16-Jun-2008)
Shanghai China stock market and Baltic Dry Index are crashing sharply: Developing country economies all appear to be collapsing.... (13-Jun-2008)
Retail sales surge in May: Americans are still spending every penny they can get hold of.... (13-Jun-2008)
South Korea's government in crisis over beef imports from U.S.: Hundreds of thousands of Koreans held candlelight demonstrations in Seoul... (12-Jun-2008)
Ben Bernanke is still the "Man without Agony": What was he thinking?... (11-Jun-2008)
Lehman Brothers shocks Wall Street with more unexpected asset writedowns: And there may be a smoking gun showing that UBS AG committed fraud.... (10-Jun-2008)
Stock markets plunge on unemployment and historic oil price spike: Are we near some kind of tipping point?... (8-Jun-2008)
American aid ships are ordered to leave Burma's (Myanmar's) waters: Military junta is using cyclone devastation as cover for violent campaign against Karen minority.... (5-Jun-2008)
Questions for readers: Managing Boomers vs Generation-X in the workplace.: Also an ethics question: When do you tell the boss that the project is crashing and burning?... (5-Jun-2008)
A clearer explanation of credit default swaps.: How credit default swaps (CDSs) present a systemic risk to the global financial system... (4-Jun-2008)
Ireland may block Lisbon treaty for new European Union in June 12 vote: Those opposed to ratification appear to be gaining ground,... (2-Jun-2008)
"Lost tribe" found in Amazon forest on border of Peru and Brazil: Aerial photos show them aiming bows and arrows at small plane taking the photos.... (1-Jun-2008)
South Africa will create "temporary shelters" for migrants, not "refugee camps": Tribal differences are reasserting themselves and destabilizing the country.... (31-May-2008)
Taiwan / China relations thaw in wake of election and earthquake: Taiwan's new President reiterated the "three noes" in his inauguration speech... (28-May-2008)
Decoration Day: Go forth ye brave and gallant men ...... (26-May-2008)
Teen "emo subculture" creating violent fault line in Mexico City: The depressive 'emotive' music style is also being blamed for suicides in Europe.... (25-May-2008)
Software development projects for Moody's, Digimarc, Y2K, DEC further illuminate Gen-X nihilism: As Boomers and Gen-Xers have taken charge, software development standards have suffered.... (23-May-2008)
Moody's blames "the computer" for possible ratings fraud: A formerly undisclosed software bug is responsible for awarding AAA ratings to worthless securities,... (23-May-2008)
Loan delinquency rates rose sharply in the first quarter: This applies to residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, and credit cards... (22-May-2008)
Oil prices are increasing by the minute: On Thursday, oil went from $129 per barrel to $135 per barrel.... (22-May-2008)
Now it's South Africa's turn: ethnic violence spreads through Johannesburg: Mobs of mostly Zulu South Africans have attacked, raped and slaughtered mostly Zimbabweans... (21-May-2008)
Price/earnings stock index continues to surge higher and higher: I can hardly believe my eyes:... (19-May-2008)
WSJ's page one story on Bernanke's Princeton "Bubble Laboratory" is almost incoherent: So is Thursday's speech on bubbles by Fed Governor Frederic S. Mishkin.... (18-May-2008)
How inflammatory was President Bush's speech to Israel's Knesset?: The speech may have touched some nerves among the Palestinians, and changed American policy.... (16-May-2008)
Sichuan earthquake devastation opens a period of good will with China, in contrast to Burma: China's sudden openness draws friendship and sympathy from Taiwan, Japan and elsewhere.... (16-May-2008)
Sudan's Darfur war expands as Khartoum comes under attack by rebels: What were they thinking? everyone's asking. But it DOES make sense.... (14-May-2008)
China requests foreign assistance for earthquake relief - cash only: It's likely that tens of thousands of people were killed on Monday... (12-May-2008)
Burma (Myanmar) junta is turning a natural disaster into a criminal catastrophe: Could it affect the Beijing summer Olympics?... (11-May-2008)
Hizbollah appears to be staging a coup in Lebanon: As street gunfights spread, observers fear total civil war - which is impossible.... (9-May-2008)
Georgia: "Very close" to war with Russia: EU and American officials are expressing alarm at the escalating tensions in the Caucasus region.... (8-May-2008)
Cyclone Nargis could trigger violence in Burma (Myanmar): Burmese generals are placing obstacles in the way of international aid.... (8-May-2008)
Price/earnings ratios continue to surge on lower corporate earnings: The dramatic trend that began last month gathers strength.... (6-May-2008)
Annual progress report on the Generational Dynamics web site.: Generational Dynamics web site traffic is growing.... (6-May-2008)
Bird flu spreading rapidly through birds in South Korea: Despite the culling (killing) of over 5 million birds last month,... (5-May-08)
Zimbabwe's "Liberation Hero" president Robert Mugabe continues to destroy his country: With a 150000% inflation rate, torture, and destruction of property,... (4-May-08)
Bank of England says that the financial crisis is over: According to the Bank's new "Financial Stability Report,"... (1-May-08)
Home prices fall by the most on record: The housing news continues to get worse and worse.... (30-Apr-08)
Food crisis suddenly becomes a top media issue: Is Al Gore planning a new movie, perhaps "An Inconvenient Famine"?... (30-Apr-08)
Yasser Arafat in 2002: "We used to call Jews our cousins": In an interview replayed on CNN on Sunday,... (29-Apr-08)
Brilliant Nobel Prize winners in Economics blame credit bubble on "the news": Meanwhile, the deflationary spiral is in progress, but hyperinflation is not.... (27-Apr-08)
Reverend Jeremiah Wright defends his anti-Americanism.: Appearing on PBS on "Bill Moyers' Journal,"... (27-Apr-08)
More e-mail troubles - please use alternate gmail address.: (Interland) is bouncing e-mail messages again.... (25-Apr-08)
Food rationing comes to the United States: After years of price rises, mainstream media is finally recognizing there's a problem.... (24-Apr-08)
Putin angrily denies divorce rumors and shuts down newspaper reporting them: He denies the 'erotic fantasy' reports of an affair with Alina Kabaeva... (23-Apr-08)
China and Taiwan: Understanding two different war paradigms: None of Obama, Clinton or McCain have any idea of this.... (23-Apr-08)
Investors back in full bubble mode, after concluding that the crisis is over: However, the fundamentals haven't changed.... (22-Apr-08)
Generational Dynamics Country Studies -- "beta" version is now online: Useful information for 267 different countries is now available.... (20-Apr-08)
Vladimir Putin finds a way to retain power in Russia.: In a major power shift within the Russian government,... (18-Apr-08)
Chinese call for a "people's army" to protect Olympics torch in Australia: Call is to protect torch from "splittists", "scum" and "running dogs"... (16-Apr-08)
Price/earnings ratios spike upward dramatically, portending stock market correction: First quarter corporate earnings estimates fell again, driving up P/E ratios.... (15-Apr-08)
Blogger watch: Hellasious at SuddenDebt gets it right: Roubini and the others just play around with alphabet soup.... (13-Apr-08)
Food panics and riots spread around the world: The unending sharp price wheat, corn and rice prices are destabilizing nations.... (9-Apr-08)
Investors have gone beyond "Bad news is good news.": Now it's, "The news is so disastrous, the worst must be over."... (8-Apr-08)
Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke defends his Great Historic Experiment before Congress: The Fed-led rescue of Bear Stearns last week was closely questioned... (7-Apr-08)
Pakistan's tribal areas have become the world nerve center for al-Qaeda terrorism: Al-Qaeda now has "free reign" and "safe haven" in this region.... (6-Apr-08)
China "betrays" Iran, as internal problems in both countries mount: Diplomats say that China has provided Iran's nuclear weapons plans to the UN.... (5-Apr-08)
The new Iraqi "civil war" fizzles out, as expected: Radical Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr called for a cease-fire on Sunday,... (1-Apr-08)
Country of Iceland may be close to financial default: In an emergency move, Iceland's central bank raised interest rates to 15%.... (31-Mar-08)
Investment bank UBS is now "writing down" clients' auction rate securities: From individual investors to tech firms, people are losing their money.... (29-Mar-08)
Meredith Whitney lays out the template for financial crisis: The Oppenheimer analyst says to expect reduced earnings expectations next week.... (28-Mar-08)
Many investors believe that the subprime crisis worst is over: The reasoning is incredibly shallow.... (25-Mar-08)
Sarkozy government becomes paralyzed after defeat in municipal elections: Socialists gain power across France, leaving economic reforms in doubt.... (24-Mar-08)
Palestinian opinion shifts toward greater confrontation with Israel: A Khalil Shikaki poll shows increasing acceptance of violence against Israel... (24-Mar-08)
Nationalist Party (KMT) candidate Ma Ying-jeou overwhelmingly wins Taiwan presidency: In a major change of political direction,... (23-Mar-08)
China's crackdown on Tibet is swaying the Taiwan presidential election: Ugly memories of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre are being revived.... (21-Mar-08)
Commodities prices fall as stock market experiences wild swings: Remember ages ago (i.e., last week) when things looked "normal"?... (20-Mar-08)
Treasury Bills are now hardly worth the trouble: After the Fed's Tuesday action, lowering the Fed Funds rate... (19-Mar-08)
E-mail unavailable on Tuesday: I was bombed with thousands of spam messages on Tuesday,... (19-Mar-08)
China's problems mount, as Tibet violence is linked to summer Olympics: Violence has spread well beyond the borders of Tibet itself.... (18-Mar-08)
What should you do with your retirement fund now?: According to Suze Orman, most people are too scared to do anything.... (18-Mar-08)
Investors fear a "chain reaction" in stock market.: After Bear Stearns collapses in three days, who will be next?... (17-Mar-08)
Fed approves desperation measures to deter worldwide bank failures: Near-bankrupt Bear Stearns has been sold off to JP Morgan ... (17-Mar-08)
China crushes protests by Buddhist monks in Tibet: The Dalai Lama, exiled in India since 1959, called for calm.... (16-Mar-08)
A Hippie Fashion Guide: For those who think that today's kids are not different from 1960s kids,... (15-Mar-08)
A historic day in Ben Bernanke's Great Historic Experiment: In its biggest move yet, the Fed bails out a collapsing Bear Stearns.... (15-Mar-08)
Los Angeles Tent City keeps growing, despite attempts to limit it: A Tent City for 20 people that was formed last summer in Ontario, California,... (14-Mar-08)
NY Governor Elliot Spitzer: A Generation-Xer gets his comeuppance: Rarely has someone's fall from grace been met with so much glee.... (12-Mar-08)
Fed makes massive move to shore up mortgage market: Markets around the world surged 3-4%, following Tuesday's announcement... (12-Mar-08)
Malaysia government in crisis after 'Sons of the Soil' turn against their leader: Malaysia's stock market fell 10% on Monday on panic selling,... (11-Mar-08)
First quarter corporate earnings growth estimates start falling: It's time to place your bets, ladies and gentlemen:... (9-Mar-08)
Fed expands liquidity injections as bond market becomes "utterly unhinged": With foreclosures surging and jobs disappearing, anxiety is increasing.... (8-Mar-08)
China continues massive military expansion as it announces 18% military budget increases: This comes as a new Pentagon report documents China's military buildup.... (6-Mar-08)
Regulators attempt to formulate new laws to prevent the subprime crisis.: This is truly closing the barn door after the horses have escaped.... (4-Mar-08)
Your money market funds may be frozen without you knowing it: Many people don't know that they've invested in auction-rate securities.... (3-Mar-08)
Violence in Gaza escalates significantly as Israel contemplates an invasion: American warships are off the Lebanon coast to promote "regional stability."... (1-Mar-08)
Victoria's Secret changes from "too sexy" to "ultra-feminine": Yes, this story DOES have a generational angle.... (29-Feb-08)
In Kenya, Kofi Annan's mediation talks collapse: Condoleezza Rice promises to take action, but exactly what is she threatening?... (27-Feb-08)
UN World Food Program to institute food rationing: Surging food prices are causing food riots around the world.... (26-Feb-08)
Investors euphoric as bond insurers' AAA ratings are re-affirmed: You could've knocked me over with a feather.... (26-Feb-08)
Der Spiegel: Germany's public banks are near collapse: The "subprime virus" is spreading rapidly through Europe now.... (25-Feb-08)
ABC's Cokie Roberts conveys the frustration of feminists over Barack Obama: Obama himself is an empty vessel waiting to be filled.... (25-Feb-08)
Anti-western violence grows in Serbia over Kosovo independence: Russia hints at using force on the side of Serbia.... (23-Feb-08)
China walks Olympics / Darfur tightrope after Steven Spielberg resigns: Steven Spielberg's resignation earlier this week as artistic adviser to the 2008 Olympics... (23-Feb-08)
The BBC zings America for not sending troops to Darfur: Which do they want - intervention or non-intervention?... (23-Feb-08)
Turkey invades PKK Kurd region of northern Iraq: Iraq is unfazed, and al-Sadr extends his cease-fire for six months.... (23-Feb-08)
Merrill Lynch: Home prices to fall by 25% through 2009.: According to a statement read on CNBC on Friday morning,... (22-Feb-08)
"Subprime virus" spreading rapidly to corporate bonds: Investors are increasingly aware that they have no idea what's going to hit them.... (22-Feb-08)
Wealthy investors in auction rate securities can't get their money out: Closed end funds seem to be like a roach motel: You can check in, but you can't check out... (21-Feb-08)
Review of recent international stories: Pakistan, Kosovo and Cuba in the news... (20-Feb-08)
Arson, vandalism and riots sweep across Denmark as Mohammed cartoon controversy is revived: Muslim governments around the world are condemning Danish officials,... (18-Feb-08)
Pundits are now referring to a spreading "subprime virus": Each week, the virus spreads to more banks and investors around the world.... (18-Feb-08)
The Iraq war may be related to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.: On the first anniversary of the successful "surge" strategy,... (17-Feb-08)
'Credit crunch' domino effect is now affecting student loans.: College-bound students may have problems in the fall.... (14-Feb-08)
Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson: "The worst is just beginning - we all know that": Who is this guy, and what have they done with Hank?... (13-Feb-08)
An invitation to contribute to this web site: If you "get" this web site, and would like to write an article for it,... (13-Feb-08)
AIG announcement puts money market funds at risk: American International Group disclosed that inadequate internal controls,... (11-Feb-08)
Wheat price rises blocked by commodities market price increase limits: American wheat stockpiles are lowest since just after World War II.... (9-Feb-08)
Bond insurer 'bailout' appears near crisis point: Federal and New York state regulators feud over who'll get credit for "saving the market,"... (8-Feb-08)
Both consumer and commercial credit is disappearing as deflationary spiral accelerates: Wall Street markets plummet 3% on Tuesday, as service sector contracts sharply.... (6-Feb-08)
Moody's and other rating agencies made big money overrating CDOs: No direct evidence of negligence or fraud yet, but a huge conflict of interest,... (5-Feb-08)
Suicide bombing in Israel blamed on the Gaza border opening: Although Egypt finally closed the border on Sunday,... (5-Feb-08)
Blogger watch: Mish Shedlock goes gloomy, while John Mauldin gets muddled.: The word "Depression" is creeping into mainstream media.... (4-Feb-08)
Readers comment: Gold prices and where you should put your money.: What do you do if you're afraid that your 401K isn't safe?... (3-Feb-08)
Catastrophic snow storm could potentially destabilize Chinese government: Xinhua: People are "dark, cold and hungry in dead cities,"... (2-Feb-08)
Feds open criminal fraud investigation against investment bank UBS AG: The allegation: UBS "mismarked" CDOs to defraud investors... (2-Feb-08)
Massachusetts sues Merrill Lynch for fraud: After Springfield, Mass., lost 91% of its $13.9 investment in near-worthless CDOs.... (2-Feb-08)
Kenya settles into low-level violence on the way to Rwanda: So far, it's "ethnic cleansing," but not genocide,... (1-Feb-08)
Another turbulent day by "investors who think that history always begins this morning.": The Fed's super-aggressive rate cutting strategy failed to satisfy investors... (31-Jan-08)
FBI joins SEC into wide-ranging investigation into mortgage-lending industry: The widespread fraud against investors and the public is getting more scrutiny.... (30-Jan-08)
Reader comments on the Nihilism of Generation-X: Who's more at fault for our problems - Gen-Xers or Boomers?... (29-Jan-08)
Fidelity Investments salesman admits that money market funds are not safe: A web site reader called Fidelity and asked.... (28-Jan-08)
European hedge funds are suspending redemptions.: This is very ominous.... (28-Jan-08)
Fourth quarter corporate earnings continue to fall as the global credit markets unravel: Stock market volatility was sky high on Wall Street last week,... (28-Jan-08)
Noose tightens on banks and rating agencies, as mortgage evaluator provides evidence of fraud: Clayton Holdings, a company that analyzed thousands of mortgage loans... (28-Jan-08)
Historic Société Générale fraud shocks world financial system: Did a "rogue trader" snooker Ben Bernanke and the Fed?... (28-Jan-08)
Egypt's failure to close the Gaza border further destabilizes the region.: Changing events brings Israelis, Palestinians and Egyptians into further confrontation and conflict.... (26-Jan-08)
Do people with brain disorders make better investors?: More bizarre claims from pundits who can't even figure out price/earnings ratios.... (25-Jan-08)
Large US banks are pressured to bail out bond insurers: The news drives an explosive 600 point (5%) spike in the Dow Industrials,... (24-Jan-08)
In dramatic scene, 60,000 Gazans pour into Egypt through holes blasted through border wall: Euphoric Gazans go shopping, bring back food, fuel and fertilizer.... (24-Jan-08)
Bird flu spreading rapidly through birds in West Bengal in eastern India: Over 2300 people have complained about symptoms of fever in the last 5 days.... (23-Jan-08)
CNBC pundits believe that the worst is over in the stock market: Tuesday was a "great day for the bulls" because... (22-Jan-08)
Israeli blockade of Gaza triggers protests against Egypt: Angry Gazans stormed the Rafah crossing into Egypt on Tuesday,... (22-Jan-08)
Fed makes emergency ¾% interest rate cut, fearing market rout: Initial market reactions appear to have been minor.... (22-Jan-08)
The nihilism and self-destructiveness of Generation X: Who's more to blame for our troubles: The Boomer generation or Generation X?... (21-Jan-08)
Subprime mortgage executive kills wife and jumps off bridge to his death: There's a lot more to this story than the papers are telling.... (21-Jan-08)
WSJ talks about stock market "panic" as earnings plummet again: Will there be a "volatility explosion" on Tuesday?... (21-Jan-08)
As economy sinks, Congress rushes to pass a fiscal stimulus package.: We're seeing the first signs of "regeneracy" of civic unity.... (19-Jan-08)
The collapse of the bond insurers, ACA, Ambac and MBIA: In a rant Thursday on CNBC, Jim Cramer accuses them of securities fraud.... (18-Jan-08)
Violence continues in Gaza as Israel kills 18 to stop rocket attacks: President Bush's new Mideast peace initiative has a zero chance of success.... (17-Jan-08)
Citibank's huge loss and sharply lower retail sales roil stock market: Investors are being hit by a double-whammy today,... (15-Jan-08)
Throwing good money after bad: Bank of America will acquire Countrywide Financial: And Saudi Arabia and China plan to invest in Citibank, as writedowns increase.... (13-Jan-08)
Earnings estimates fall sharply again this week: The falling stock market is reflecting the reality of the earnings estimates.... (12-Jan-08)
At the end, the world still remembers Hillary's remarkable climb to the top: It was 55 years ago that a beekeeper... (11-Jan-08)
Befuddled CNBC anchors admit to having no clue as to what's going on.: And these guys are supposed to be experts.... (9-Jan-08)
Iranian speedboats threaten to blow up US ships in Gulf of Hormuz: Question: Why did Iran do it?... (9-Jan-08)
Estimates of fourth quarter earnings continue to plummet: Stock prices have continued their downward trends, as price/earnings ratios rise.... (8-Jan-08)
Kenya is almost -- but not quite -- on the brink of genocidal ethnic war: There are hundreds of thousands of refugees displaced from their homes,... (8-Jan-08)
Anxious Americans become euphoric over Barack Obama: This kind of euphoria has occurred twice before recently.... (6-Jan-08)
Sri Lanka government declares all out war against Tamil Tiger rebels: Sri Lanka has said it is formally withdrawing from a 2002 ceasefire agreement... (4-Jan-08)
Post-election massacre in Kenya raises concerns of tribal war: Hundreds of people have been killed in ethnic violence since Monday,... (2-Jan-08)
Japanese Prime Minister sucks up to China in a four-day trip: However, issues of substance in the East China Sea were left unresolved.... (1-Jan-08)

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