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Generational Dynamics is a historical methodology that analyzes historical events through the flow of generations, and uses the analysis to forecast future events by comparing today's generational attitudes to those of the past.
This site provides analysis and forecasts of international news, politics, culture and finance. We apply the Generational Dynamics methodology ruthlessly, without any biases: We take no sides in any political battles (such as Republicans vs Democrats) or in any international conflicts (such as Israelis vs Palestinians), and we don't use any religious interpretations. If we have any bias at all, it's that we're pro-American.

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Since 2002, we've been using generational analysis to make specific, hard predictions about worldwide events, politics, culture, technology, economics and international finance, and with much better accuracy than private analyst firms. If you're paying big money for high-priced newsletters from private analyst firms, and all you're getting is vague "that might be a problem" forecasts, then check this website regularly to get really useful, accurate forecasts -- FOR FREE.

Obamacare's -- The greatest software development disaster in history : Corruption, fraud and criminality in and Obamacare (23-Aug-2015)
Dysfunction, subversion, sabotage and fraud in software development projects : Information for academic researchers and software development managers. (23-Aug-2015)
New Pentagon report outlines China's military buildup : China is preparing for war over Taiwan. ( 28-Aug-2011 )
Financial Crisis Inquiry hearings provide 'smoking gun' evidence of widespread criminal fraud : What bankers claimed to have done is mathematically impossible. ( 14-Apr-2010 )
Report from TARP Inspector: We're driving off a cliff in a faster car : We're headed for an even larger financial crisis. ( 1-Feb-2010 )
"Shadow inventory" of unsold homes continues to grow : Housing prices still have very far to fall. (21-Dec-2009)
Generational Dynamics forecasting methodology : The methodology and tools used in generational theory to produce forecasts and predictions (3-May-2009)
"Maybe we'll get it right this time" by Tom Mazanec : In this science fiction story, a time traveler tries to prevent the world war predicted by Generational Dynamics. (9-Mar-2009)
The economic outlook for 2009 : How we got to where we are today, who's to blame, and where we're going in 2009. (5-Jan-2009)
The gathering storm in the Caucasus : The world is looking more and more like the prelude to World War I. (17-Aug-2008)
How Boomers and Generation-Xers brought about the dumbing down of Information Technology (IT) : Software development has adopted a Java cookbook approach that leads to project failures. Also: How Digimarc Corp. self-destructed with management's cookbook programming mentality. (1-Jul-2008)
Basics of Generational Dynamics : Generational eras, archetypes, and other elements of generational theory (22-Jun-2008)
Chinese embarrassment and anger grows over Tibet and Olympics : Some notes on the growing mutual xenophobia and paranoia between China and the West. (12-Apr-2008)
List of major Generational Dynamics predictions : These are the major predictions posted on this web site since 2003, using the generational forecasting methodology. (27-Mar-2008)
Cities and towns need to start helping themselves. : Wracked by foreclosures and by the collapsing muncipal bond market, cities and towns should start planning immediately. (2-Mar-2008)
A primer on financial engineering and structured finance : How financial engineers made a fortune creating worthless mortgage-based securities. (23-Jan-2008)
The Bubble that Broke the World : How a book written in 1931-32 tells us what's going to happen in 2008-2009. (9-Oct-2007)
How to compute the "real value" of the stock market. : And some additional speculations about stock market crashes. (20-Aug-2007)
Iraqi Sunnis are turning against al-Qaeda in Iraq : This is exactly the kind of thing that generational theory predicts. (1-Apr-2007)
System Dynamics and the Failure of Macroeconomics Theory : Mainstream macroeconomic theory, invented by Maynard Keynes in the 1930s, has failed to predict or explain anything that's happened since the bubble started, including the bubble itself. We need a new "Dynamic Macroeconomics" theory. (25-Oct-2006)
President George Bush talks about a "Third Awakening," but he has his history wrong : It was America's 1960s Awakening that united Protestants, Catholics and Jews, and cemented our support for Israel. (19-Sep-2006)
Washington becomes hysterical again over an Iraqi 'civil war' : A civil war in Iraq is impossible, as I've said many times, because only one generation has passed since the Iran/Iraq war of the 1980s. Here's some additional historical information. (7-Aug-2006)
Israel's war against Hizbollah and Lebanon forces Muslims to choose sides : The war is part of a larger Shi'ite-Sunni struggle, and a stopgap ceasefire will create a worsening environment leading to a much more chaotic situation within a few months (25-Jul-2006)
A beautiful mind? The world is paralyzed into a "Nash equilibrium" : Today, 61 years after the end of World War II, the countries of the world are struggling to maintain a status quo that can't last too much longer. (17-Jul-2006)
Why aren't college students protesting against the Iraq war? : Young students are criticized for being indifferent to politics, while "Grannies Against the War" is truly bizarre. (1-Jun-2006)
Speculations about a stock market panic and crash : Will there be a stock market panic next week, next month, or next year, and will it lead to a crash? We speculate on some possibilities. (31-May-2006)
Ariel Sharon's political "earthquake" in Israel signals change in direction for entire Mideast : His aggressive program that began with the barrier and the Gaza pullout is now likely to founder. (29-Nov-2005)
Ben S. Bernanke: The man without agony : Bernanke and Greenspan are as different as night and day, despite what the pundits say. (29-Oct-2005)
Japanese and Chinese relations are deteriorating sharply : Between China's search for oil and Koizumi's shrine visit, the level of anger and suspicion is rising fast. (23-Oct-2005)
Robert Pape's "Dying to Win" sheds light on suicide bombers. : Robert Pape's database of every suicide bombing and attack around the world from 1980-2003 -- 315 attacks in all -- provides valuable insight into the causes of suicide terrorism, and confirms the Generational Dynamics' conclusions about crisis wars. (18-Jul-2005)
The 11% Solution: An article in Barron's says the stock market is very overvalued : New research by analyst Adam Barth finds that average earnings over any 20-year period are surprisingly constant. (11-Jul-2005)
The Great Depression and Dow Jones Industrial Average : Scrolling through the DJIA through the Great Depression and later gives a feeling as to what was happening, and how it compares to what's happening today. Updated 24-Nov-2015 (24-Nov-2015)
French rejection of EU Constitution signals decline of entire European Union project : Exit polls from Sunday's French EU Constitution vote show a clear generational split that analysts aren't noticing. (1-Jun-2005)
Increasing Muslim violence in Uzbekistan raises fears of destabilizing Asia : After pro-Russian leaders have been replaced by Western-leaning ones in Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, the Kremlin is watching the violence in Uzbekistan nervously, and Washington is watching the Kremlin. (14-May-2005)
Press Release: Mathematician solves problem puzzling historians for centuries : Does history repeat itself? Historians have tried and failed to find provable patterns in history, but a mathematician has now solved the problem that's stumped the historians for centuries. (22-Apr-2005)
Fed and Alan Greenspan signal aggressive plans to increase interest rates : This means trouble for people in debt and for the stock market, but it also hints that the Fed plans to keep the dollar strong through crisis periods (24-Mar-2005)
North Korea continues mobilization for nuclear war : Blaming "hostile" U.S. policies, North Korea pulls out of nuclear non-proliferation talks, claiming that it already has nuclear weapons. This is a classic sequence of events that precedes a pre-emptive war. (10-Feb-2005)
Alan Greenspan warns that global economic dangers are without historical precedent : In a speech on Friday, Greenspan buried a major change of position in a speech admitting that his assumptions about the economy for the last decade were wrong. (6-Feb-2005)
China appears to be approaching a major civil war : Unrest is spreading, and economic disparities make China a textbook case for a massive civil war in the making (16-Jan-2005)
A generational interpretation of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" : Written in 1843, this classic novel depicts a clear generational struggle (5-Dec-2004)
Ukraine headed for a confrontation with Putin : Ukraine is headed for trouble as it moves to reverse the 20-Nov Presidential election. (28-Nov-2004)
The six most dangerous regions in the world today.: There are six regions that could lead the world into a new world war. NOTE: This article also contains a lengthy summary of the Generational Dynamics theory and Forecasting Methodology. (20-Nov-2004)
Election results show a major cultural and political restructuring in the making.: In the long run, George Bush's victory is less important than the reasons why people voted for him. (3-Nov-2004)
Unrealistic expectations worldwide about the American election are setting the stage for hostile reactions next year: Will "something big" happen to America in 2005? (24-Oct-2004)
Ten-nation survey says that non-Americans worldwide overwhelmingly favor Kerry over Bush: However, Russia and Israel support Bush; so do Iran's mullahs (23-Oct-2004)
Can we withdraw from Iraq in 2005?: Suddenly the Washington buzz is that whoever wins - Bush or Kerry - will begin to withdraw American troops from Iraq. We look at two historical examples to predict scenarios. (16-Oct-2004)
Yield curves are flattening as Federal Reserve raises short term interest rates significantly: Long-term interest rates are falling while short-term interest rates are rising, a sign of possible trouble ahead. (21-Sep-2004)
On September 11, terrorism around the world is increasing significantly: Infuriated and anxious people around the world are demanding military actions to halt or even avenge terrorism (11-Sep-2004)
Does history favor George Bush or John Kerry?: Long-term historical trends favor Bush, but Kerry may win anyway because Bush is in danger of being 'Hooverized' (24-Aug-2004)
Southeast Asian nations are forced to pick sides in the conflict between China and Taiwan: Singapore will support China and Australia will support Taiwan in a conflict between China and Taiwan. (23-Aug-2004)
Today's slow-motion genocide in Darfur recalls the lightning quick genocide in Rwanda in 1994: Why do these things always seem to happen in Africa? Understanding Africa's geography explains why. (22-Aug-2004)
Oil prices spiking on supply fears: There is increasing concern that Saudi Arabia's oil production is peaking, and that prices will rise significantly farther. (3-Aug-2004)
Arab views worldwide are becoming increasingly hostile to America: Arab view of America is down to about 10% favorable, 90% unfavorable. (26-Jul-2004)
Kerry establishes an electoral lead going into the Democratic convention.: He's tuned his message to what I suggested last year. Do you suppose he read my web site? (25-Jul-2004)
Generational crisis for Arafat as thousands take to streets in revolt in Gaza: Arafat's offices burned down, as he seeks a way to prevent civil war among Palestinian factions (19-Jul-2004)
"I, Robot" is science fiction, but intelligent computers will soon be science fact.: When will it dawn on the politicians and the general public that this changes everything? (9-Jul-2004)
Alan Greenspan's Mixed Emotions: More and more top analysts are getting concerned about extremely high debt levels and stock valuations. (6-Jul-2004)
Operation Summer Pulse 04: Taiwan is moving inexorably towards independence, and America is supporting it, while China is freaking out over it. Will this lead to an inevitable war over Taiwan? (6-Jul-2004)
Green Revolution vs Malthus Effect: Despite the "Green Revolution," world population continues to grow faster than food production. This is one of the fundamental reasons why wars occur. (28-Jun-2004)
Beheadings part of increasing conflict level throughout Mideast: The level of conflict is increasing throughout the Mideast, from Gaza to Pakistan, from Saudi Arabia to Uzbekistan. (23-Jun-2004)
Stock market increasingly volatile: Sharp plunges in international stock markets portend periods of increasingly high volatility. (17-May-04)
Iraq Today vs 1960s America (Revised): They have much in common: Bombings, assassinations, student demonstrations, violent riots, calls for insurrection and civil war and harsh rhetoric. That's much more than a coincidence. (8-May-2004)
Taiwan's Wild Election Battle: Taiwan's election battle is even wilder and more raucous than the Bush-Gore election battle in 2000. Its uncertain outcome is causing massive protests. (11-Apr-04)
What Iraqi Civil War?: Early in 2003, I predicted that there would be no popular uprising against the Americans, and that there would be no civil war. After the overthrow of Saddam, I said that an Iraqi civil war was impossible. Despite the constant near-hysteria of the politicians, journalists and high-priced analysts, I've been right so far. Here's why. (09-Apr-04)
Palestinian Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, spiritual leader of the Hamas militia group, killed in Israeli air strike: Generational Dynamics says that this brings Mideast much closer to all-out war (21-Mar-04)
Madrid terrorist bombings are having unexpected significance: The 3/11 bombings may have the same effect on Europeans that the 9/11 attacks had on Americans. (15-Mar-04)
Haiti: Heading for possible rebellion and anarchy: A historical analysis of a potential crisis. (4-Mar-04)
Anti-Shi'ite Terror Attacks in Iraq, Pakistan: So far, Sunni and Shi'ite leaders in Iraq aren't taking the bait. (2-Mar-04)
The New Sexual Revolution: The pendulum is swinging back. (27-Feb-04)
Alan Greenspan's Mea Culpa: Alan Greenspan has put his legacy into serious danger (08-Jan-04)
Georgia (Asia) on the brink of civil war: Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze says that the country is on the verge of civil war. This could be the next war in the "clash of civilizations" between Islam and Christianity. (15-Nov-03)
"Ping-Pong Terrorism" in Mideast leading inevitably to major regional war: Even non-violent acts are seen as terrorism by the other side, and the intensity of the mutual attacks is constantly increasing. (10-Oct-03)
Schwarzenegger's victory could spell trouble for Bush: It also signals the end of the societal culture / gender wars. (8-Oct-03)
What if Al Gore were President?: Both Republicans and Democrats are making important strategic errors in the battle for the White House in 2004. Here's what they SHOULD be saying. (26-Sep-03)
Is China unraveling?: Should you invest in the world's fastest growing economy? Analysts say yes, but there are ominous generational signs of financial and social instability in China. (10-Sep-03)
Hamas Announces End of Cease-Fire: Can Ariel Sharon and Yasser Arafat once more fend off a large regional war? (21-Aug-03)
Terrorist suicide bombings in Iraq may backfire against terrorists: During an awakening period, terrorist acts cause masses of people to shrink from more violence. (19-Aug-03)
Riots in Iran: Will there be a violent overthrow of the Iranian Mullahs? Generational Dynamics says 'No.' (25-Jun-03)
Dow Passes 9000 / Mideast Peace Plan Takes Off: This is a big test for Generational Dynamics, which predicts that the good news won't last. (04-Jun-03)
"Mideast Roadmap" - Will it bring peace?: Generational Dynamics predicts something quite different for the Mideast. (01-May-03)
France and Germany: Why are they becoming anti-American? (15-Feb-03)
The Anti-War Movement: Will it gain traction? (15-Feb-03)
North and South Korea: Will the North Koreans start a nuclear war? (22-Jan-03)
Turkey: Turkey has been rebuffing America. What are they up to? (24-Mar-03)
Japan: Is Japan's economy finally near collapse? (26-Mar-03)

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Will stocks rise or fall in 2004? (1-Jan-04)
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Web Log: Informal comments on current news and trends.

25-Nov-15 World View -- Turkey shoots down Russian warplane, evoking memories of many Crimean wars: Turkmen in Syria versus Russians in occupied Crimea... (25-Nov-2015)
24-Nov-15 World View -- Ukraine suspends all commercial trade with occupied Crimea: Migrants blocked at Macedonian border sew their mouths shut... (24-Nov-2015)
23-Nov-15 World View -- ASEAN leaders harshly criticize China over South China Sea actions: Occupied Crimea declares state of emergency after electricity is cut... (23-Nov-2015)
22-Nov-15 World View -- European Union considers gun control after Paris attack: Brussels Belgium on lockdown in search for Paris bomber... (22-Nov-2015)
21-Nov-15 World View -- Mali hotel terror attack highlights al-Qaeda's strength in Africa: Terror groups compete for credit for Mali hotel attack... (21-Nov-2015)
20-Nov-15 World View -- Obamacare in death spiral as UnitedHealth announces pullout: New York Times: Obamacare's high deductibles make insurance all but useless... (20-Nov-2015)
19-Nov-15 World View -- Rwanda's president Kagame becomes another leader refusing to leave office: Turkey soccer fans boo during moment of silence for Paris attack... (19-Nov-2015)
18-Nov-15 World View -- Brussels, Belgium, has become the center for European terror: Hong Kong 'boos' China with paper signs at soccer match... (18-Nov-2015)
17-Nov-15 World View -- Anti-Muslim xenophobia surges in Europe and America: Paris attack significantly worsens Europe refugee crisis... (17-Nov-2015)
16-Nov-15 World View -- France launches 'massive attack' on ISIS - 20 bombs: Beirut wonders why their terror bombing is less important than Paris's... (16-Nov-2015)
15-Nov-15 World View -- Paris attacks: Forces coalesce for greater Christian military intervention against ISIS: World reacts to Paris attack... (15-Nov-2015)
14-Nov-15 World View -- Paris and Beirut in shock and anger after massive terrorist attacks: Europe's Schengen zone is put at risk by Paris attack... (14-Nov-2015)
13-Nov-15 World View -- ISIS claims credit for suicide attack on Hezbollah in Beirut Lebanon: Commodities and stocks continue to plunge... (13-Nov-2015)
12-Nov-15 World View -- EU and African leaders clash amid accusations of 'Fortress Europe': Arms race grows between Serbia and Croatia... (12-Nov-2015)
11-Nov-15 World View -- Global trade plunges as China's economy becomes deflationary: Price/earnings index surges as earnings and profits contract... (11-Nov-2015)
10-Nov-15 World View -- Catalonia parliament votes to secede from Spain: Israel's Netanyahu promises Obama to implement two-state solution... (10-Nov-2015)
9-Nov-15 World View -- Political crisis in Iran grows over nuclear agreement: The coming regime change in Iran... (9-Nov-2015)
8-Nov-15 World View -- Nepal turns to China as border tensions with India increase: Six months later, Nepal earthquake survivors face winter without shelter... (8-Nov-2015)
7-Nov-15 World View -- Turkey prepares for winter war with both PKK and ISIS: Burundi follows the genocidal path of Mugabe's Zimbabwe... (7-Nov-2015)
6-Nov-15 World View -- Obamacare prices skyrocketing in 2016, as I predicted in 2009: Kentucky's new governor Matt Bevin promises to end Obamacare abuses... (6-Nov-2015)
5-Nov-15 World View -- Bombing of plane in Egypt threatens Russia's Syria strategy: US, Britain suggest ISIS bomb brought down Russian plane in Egypt... (5-Nov-2015)
4-Nov-15 World View -- Presidents of China and Taiwan to meet in Singapore on Saturday: China asserts a 'bottom line' to US in South China Sea... (4-Nov-2015)
3-Nov-15 World View -- Pakistan's Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) continues plan to exterminate Shias: History of sectarian violence in Pakistan since Partition... (3-Nov-2015)
2-Nov-15 World View -- Erdogan's party in Turkey wins landslide victory: How Turkey changed in five months... (2-Nov-2015)
1-Nov-15 World View -- Russia warns that Syria war could become a 'proxy war': Generational Dynamics and war between Palestinians and Israelis... (1-Nov-2015)
31-Oct-15 World View -- President Obama orders American special forces into Syria: Germany to deport thousands of Afghan and Balkans migrants home... (31-Oct-2015)
30-Oct-15 World View -- Israeli Arab citizens and politicians choose sides on incitement issue: Israeli Arab citizens stop rioting because of pocketbook issues... (30-Oct-2015)
29-Oct-15 World View -- Iran's government splits over implementation of nuclear deal: Iran's Rafsanjani admits to nuclear development since 1980s... (29-Oct-2015)
28-Oct-15 World View -- Russia's intervention in Syria increases Saudi-Mideast sectarian tension: Sunni jihadist suicide bomber targets Shia mosque in Saudi Arabia... (28-Oct-2015)
27-Oct-15 World View -- US Navy to challenge China in the South China Sea today: What was the purpose of Russia's Caspian Sea cruise missile attack on Syria?... (27-Oct-2015)
26-Oct-15 World View -- European Union nations in crisis agree on a migration plan for refugees: Hey kids, what time is it? In Turkey, it's Erdogan Time!... (26-Oct-2015)
25-Oct-15 World View -- More EU countries threaten border closings, as refugee crisis worsens: Illinois starts paying IOUs instead of lottery winnings... (25-Oct-2015)
24-Oct-15 World View -- Israelis line up to buy guns as Palestinian violence increases: Greece sets mortgage foreclosure 'red line' on new bailout negotiations... (24-Oct-2015)
23-Oct-15 World View -- Joint US-Kurdish operation in Iraq rescues 70 hostages from ISIS: Administration denies that combat use of American soldiers was 'mission creep'... (23-Oct-2015)
22-Oct-15 World View -- In major strategic escalation, Pakistan will use tactical nuclear weapons against India: Implications of Pakistan's nuclear strategy for Iran and Saudi Arabia... (22-Oct-2015)
21-Oct-15 World View -- India's Punjab state is 'on the boil' over violent Sikh protests: Origins and Militarization of Sikhism... (21-Oct-2015)
20-Oct-15 World View -- As winter approaches, thousands of European refugees may be trapped in the cold: A cynical Turkey rejects Europe's 'concentration camp' refugee proposal... (20-Oct-2015)
19-Oct-15 World View -- Germany's Angela Merkel begs for refugee help from Turkey: Zambia prays for divine intervention in copper prices... (19-Oct-2015)
18-Oct-15 World View -- Palestinian 'Oslo Generation' relationship with Israel extremely toxic and explosive: Colorado's largest Obamacare health insurer declares bankruptcy... (18-Oct-2015)
17-Oct-15 World View -- Refugee crisis: Turkey ridicules Europe as Hungary closes Croatia border: Russian troops may take control of Tajikistan's border with Afghanistan... (17-Oct-2015)
16-Oct-15 World View -- China and US poised for South China Sea military confrontation: President Obama reverses himself on Afghanistan troop withdrawal... (16-Oct-2015)
15-Oct-15 World View -- Myanmar (Burma) government fails to conclude nationwide peace agreement: Burma's brutal problems with the Rohingya and Kokang continue... (15-Oct-2015)
14-Oct-15 World View -- Dutch report confirms that Russian missile shot down airliner over Ukraine: Android apps: Xenakis MathGame and Professional Debt Calculator... (14-Oct-2015)
13-Oct-15 World View -- Turkey is seen as increasingly unstable after Ankara massacre: Turkey blames ISIS for Saturday's massacre as anti-government anger grows... (13-Oct-2015)
12-Oct-15 World View -- India Hindus attack Muslims as cow slaughter incidents surge: Garry Kasparov's analysis of Vladimir Putin's strategy in Syria... (12-Oct-2015)
11-Oct-15 World View -- Turkey's terror attack triggers vitriolic political finger-pointing: Attack in Ankara is called the worst in Turkey's history... (11-Oct-2015)
10-Oct-15 World View -- Politics may force Obama to 'over-react' militarily in Syria: Obama administration announces an abrupt change of policy in Syria... (10-Oct-2015)
9-Oct-15 World View -- Israeli-Palestinian violence spreads across West Bank as anger grows: Four Russian cruise missiles fall in Iran... (9-Oct-2015)
8-Oct-15 World View -- Russia dramatically escalates Syria war launching cruise missiles from Caspian Sea: IMF warns of significant danger of global financial crash... (8-Oct-2015)
7-Oct-15 World View -- Yemen's Houthis sign letter agreeing to peace plan: The sleazy world of loan sharking -- legally... (7-Oct-2015)
6-Oct-15 World View -- Turkey threatens Russia if airspace violations are repeated: Russia's incursions may be targeting Turkey's Hatay province... (6-Oct-2015)
5-Oct-15 World View -- Abbas's UN speech raises concerns about a Palestinian 'third intifada': Violence in Jerusalem increases after Abbas's UN speech... (5-Oct-2015)
4-Oct-15 World View -- Greece's Alexis Tsipras says that Greece must implement harsh reforms: Greece's neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party shows remarkable resilience... (4-Oct-2015)
3-Oct-15 World View -- Saudi Arabia under international pressure to end Yemen airstrikes: Saudi Arabia appears to have stalled in the Yemen war... (3-Oct-2015)
2-Oct-15 World View -- Violence resurges in Central African Republic crisis war: Central African Republic canceling elections and possibly Pope's visit... (2-Oct-2015)
1-Oct-15 World View -- Russia humiliates US again as it begins striking Syria: Mahmoud Abbas's United Nations 'bombshell' something of a dud ... (1-Oct-2015)
30-Sep-15 World View -- Copper's crashing prices cause devastating economic ripples around the world: New York's Obamacare Co-op collapses, the fourth so far this year... (30-Sep-2015)
29-Sep-15 World View -- Afghan Taliban capture of Kunduz has major repercussions for Central Asia: The Afghan Taliban return to Kunduz after fourteen years... (29-Sep-2015)
28-Sep-15 World View -- Palestinian leader Abbas expected to deliver ultimatum to Israel at UN: Mahmoud Abbas's resignation would trigger major Mideast changes... (28-Sep-2015)
27-Sep-15 World View -- After Hajj stampede disaster, Muslims debate the 'Will of Allah': Iran rejects Fatalism, blames Saudi officials for 'crime'... (27-Sep-2015)
26-Sep-15 World View -- China's military heads for Syria, supposedly to join Russia: Massive Russian military deployment into Syria and Iraq continues... (26-Sep-2015)
25-Sep-15 World View -- Suspicions grow that PKK doing Russia's bidding in bombing Turkey's pipelines: Japan's economy returns to deflation... (25-Sep-2015)
24-Sep-15 World View -- China's Xi Jinping congratulates himself on stopping stock market crash: Tempers flare as Europe looks for ways to reduce the volume of migrants... (24-Sep-2015)
23-Sep-15 World View -- Europe's refugee crisis revives Ottoman Empire fault lines: EU votes to distribute 120,000 refugees among countries by quota... (23-Sep-2015)
22-Sep-15 World View -- Russia pours military weapons and personnel into Syria: Russia and China show interest in the Arctic's oil and gas reserves... (22-Sep-2015)
21-Sep-15 World View -- Ben Carson's statement about Muslim President revives JFK Catholic controversy: Syriza wins election in Greece, on eve of drastic new reforms... (21-Sep-2015)
20-Sep-15 World View -- European countries in near-chaos take turns dumping migrants: Russian 'refusenik' soldiers resist deployment in Syria... (20-Sep-2015)
19-Sep-15 World View -- Japan finally adopts 'collective defense' laws, departing from pacifism: The question of Obama as a Muslim arises in politics again... (19-Sep-2015)
18-Sep-15 World View -- Europe's migrant crisis worsens as Hungary defends 'Christian culture': With Hungary blocked to migrants, Croatia becomes overwhelmed... (18-Sep-2015)
17-Sep-15 World View -- Japan and Vietnam boost military ties to counter China: China continues rapid military deployment in South China Sea... (17-Sep-2015)
16-Sep-15 World View -- Russia's economic slowdown means financial disaster for Central Asia: Russia's Vladimir Putin tightens grip on Tajikistan at CSTO meeting... (16-Sep-2015)
15-Sep-15 World View -- European Union's Schengen agreement for borderless travel unravels: Egypt mistakenly kills Mexican tourists, Mexico demands explanation... (15-Sep-2015)
14-Sep-15 World View -- S. Korea's President Park basks in the afterglow of successful visit to China: A coup for China, S. Korea, a taunt for N. Korea... (14-Sep-2015)
13-Sep-15 World View -- Russia opens a dangerous new chapter in Syria and the Mideast: How is Vladimir Putin different from Ronald Reagan?... (13-Sep-2015)
12-Sep-15 World View -- Saudi Arabia's Grand Mosque, site of huge construction accident, has links to 9/11: 1979 takeover of Grand Mosque led to al-Qaeda and 9/11... (12-Sep-2015)
11-Sep-15 World View -- Russia, Iran sending troops to Syria as chemical weapons use grows: Assad regime and ISIS are apparently BOTH now using chemical weapons in Syria... (11-Sep-2015)
10-Sep-15 World View -- Israel reopens its embassy in Cairo Egypt after four years: Four more Arab countries join war in Yemen with ground troops... (10-Sep-2015)
9-Sep-15 World View -- Turkey slips into chaos as violence spreads across the country: Egypt's army starts 'The Martyr's Right' operation in North Sinai... (9-Sep-2015)
8-Sep-15 World View -- In major Yemen war escalation, Qatar is deploying 1,000 ground troops: Britain's RAF drones target and kill British nationals in Syria... (8-Sep-2015)
7-Sep-15 World View -- As expected, Austria follows Hungary in saying 'No more migrants': Migrant workers in Maine being replaced by blueberry-picking machines... (7-Sep-2015)
6-Sep-15 World View -- Russia may be building a new military base in Syria: The cost of repudiating the Truman Doctrine... (6-Sep-2015)
5-Sep-15 World View -- After weeks of chaos, Hungary appears to be giving in to the flood of migrants: Austria agrees to allow migrants to pass through Austria... (5-Sep-2015)
4-Sep-15 World View -- China displays belligerence, militarism in WW II victory parade: China sends warships to Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska... (4-Sep-2015)
3-Sep-15 World View -- Turkish nationals and Chinese Uighurs suspected in Thailand bombing: Thailand seeks to stop illegal Uighur migration flows... (3-Sep-2015)
2-Sep-15 World View -- China leads a worldwide stock selloff: Oil volatility illustrates exogenous factors affecting Wall Street... (2-Sep-2015)
1-Sep-15 World View -- Kiev violence triggered by proposal to give east Ukraine more autonomy: Troops from Chechnya fighting on both sides in Ukraine... (1-Sep-2015)
31-Aug-15 World View -- Colombia and Venezuela withdraw ambassadors over border dispute: European officials demand forced fingerprinting of migrants... (31-Aug-2015)
30-Aug-15 World View -- Egypt inflames tensions with Qatar with al-Jazeera reporter verdicts: Al-Jazeera journalists used as pawns by Egypt and Qatar... (30-Aug-2015)
29-Aug-15 World View -- Iran calls for Yemen ceasefire as Saudi-backed troops threaten Sanaa: Deadly MERS virus cases surge in Saudi Arabia as Hajj approaches... (29-Aug-2015)
28-Aug-15 World View -- Explanation of Price/Earnings ratio and Stock Valuations: Discovery of decomposing corpses worsens Europe's migrant crisis... (28-Aug-2015)
27-Aug-15 World View -- Pakistan's army continues 'Karachi operation' to eliminate terrorists and criminal mafias: Wall Street on Wednesday goes from boom to super-boom in final hour... (27-Aug-2015)
26-Aug-15 World View -- Europe increasingly overwhelmed by tsunami of migrants: Wall Street turns around on Tuesday, goes from boom to bust in one hour... (26-Aug-2015)
25-Aug-15 World View -- What to expect after Monday's global stock selloff: North Korea 'expresses regret', defusing war threat with South Korea... (25-Aug-2015)
24-Aug-15 World View -- Asian stock markets in freefall, with China in full-scale panic: North and South Korea negotiate as both sides prepare for war... (24-Aug-2015)
23-Aug-15 World View -- Fraud and subversion in - the greatest IT disaster in history: A report on Obamacare and the Obamacare web sites... (23-Aug-2015)
22-Aug-15 World View -- Macedonia declares state of emergency along border with Greece: Wall Street stocks in free fall on Friday... (22-Aug-2015)
21-Aug-15 World View -- Kazakhstan joins the 'currency wars' as global stocks plummet: Global stock markets plummet over currency devaluations... (21-Aug-2015)
20-Aug-15 World View -- China's yuan devaluation causes currency chaos in Asia: Slovakia will accept 200 migrants -- but only if they're Christian... (20-Aug-2015)
19-Aug-15 World View -- A train station in Macedonia becomes the new European migrant choke point: Chinese fear thunderstorms will bring new explosions and death in Tianjin... (19-Aug-2015)
18-Aug-15 World View -- Report: Comprehensive Hamas - Israel peace agreement is 'imminent': Perpetrator unknown for bombing in downtown Bangkok Thailand... (18-Aug-2015)
17-Aug-15 World View -- Suicide attack in Pakistan means no politician is safe: Tianjin explosion poses new threats to China's government... (17-Aug-2015)
16-Aug-15 World View -- Germany ends its Patriot missile deployment in Turkey: Russian women increasingly marrying Chinese men... (16-Aug-2015)
15-Aug-15 World View -- Japan's Shinzo Abe blames WW II on the Smoot-Hawley Tariff act: Brief generational history of Japan... (15-Aug-2015)
14-Aug-15 World View -- With rise of ISIS, violence flares in Central Asia's Fergana Valley: Brief generational history of Uzbekistan... (14-Aug-2015)
13-Aug-15 World View -- Massive explosion in Tianjin highlights China's dismal industrial safety record: Greece's island Kos moves to center of Europe's migrant crisis... (13-Aug-2015)
12-Aug-15 World View -- China's yuan devaluation a humiliating setback for 'China dream': China shocks the world with 2% currency devaluation... (12-Aug-2015)
11-Aug-15 World View -- Vladimir Putin increasingly trapped as Russia's GDP plunges 4.6%: Europe's bond yields go negative... (11-Aug-2015)
10-Aug-15 World View -- Japan's Shinzo Abe 'insults' Korea in plans for commemorating end of WW II: Palestinians promise to continue efforts to pursue Israeli 'criminals'... (10-Aug-2015)
9-Aug-15 World View -- Haiti's parliamentary elections promise little besides chaos: Mulattos versus Noirs in Haiti... (9-Aug-2015)
8-Aug-15 World View -- UNHCR: Greece's islands Kos, Chios, Lesbos are in 'total chaos' over migrants: Hungary speeds up construction of anti-migrant border fence... (8-Aug-2015)
7-Aug-15 World View -- As Iran rises in the Mideast, Kurds benefit in Iraq and Syria: Puerto Rico default triggers selloff in municipal bond funds... (7-Aug-2015)
6-Aug-15 World View -- U.S. program to train Syrian rebels appears near collapse: Hundreds of migrant deaths in Mediterranean highlight Libya-Calais relationship... (6-Aug-2015)
5-Aug-15 World View -- Britain's National Health Service (NHS) faces existential financial crisis: Criminality and fraud in Veterans Administration and Obamacare... (5-Aug-2015)
4-Aug-15 World View -- US in major weapons sale to Saudis to compensate for Iran nuclear deal: Russia isolates itself further by vetoing MH17 investigation... (4-Aug-2015)
3-Aug-15 World View -- Turkey returns to war with the Kurdish PKK: Venezuela's collapsing economy receives $5 billion from China... (3-Aug-2015)
2-Aug-15 World View -- Taiwan student commits suicide over 'fine-tuning' textbook controversy: Afghan Taliban in crisis over successor to Mullah Omar... (2-Aug-2015)
1-Aug-15 World View -- Tensions with Palestinians soar after brutal Israeli settler 'price tag' attack: Five 'Hilltop Youth' extremists charged with 'price tag' Church arson... (1-Aug-2015)
31-Jul-15 World View -- 'Swarm' of migrants causing crisis at Eurotunnel from France to Britain: Kent, England, under financial pressure from lone children seeking asylum... (31-Jul-2015)
30-Jul-15 World View -- Bizarre Mullah Omar death announcement seals fate of Afghan peace talks: Lashkar-e-Jhangvi leader Malik Ishaq killed in gunfight in Pakistan... (30-Jul-2015)
29-Jul-15 World View -- Iran blamed for terrorist bombing in Bahrain: Puerto Rico expected to default on Saturday... (29-Jul-2015)
28-Jul-15 World View -- China faces nightmare political scenario with stock market plunge: Turkey-US 'ISIS-free zone' in Syria becomes increasingly controversial... (28-Jul-2015)
27-Jul-15 World View -- Turkey invokes Nato article 4 with 'territorial integrity and security' threatened: Syria's Bashar al-Assad admits that regime army is in decline... (27-Jul-2015)
26-Jul-15 World View -- Turkey bombs ISIS targets in northern Syria to set up 'safe zone': Turkey - PKK 'peace process' threatened by new Turkish war policy... (26-Jul-2015)
25-Jul-15 World View -- Commodities and world trade volume plunge as China pumps stock market: Turkey's warplanes bomb ISIS and PKK strongholds in Syria... (25-Jul-2015)
24-Jul-15 World View -- In major reversal, Turkey will let US use Incirlik to fight ISIS in Syria: Turkey's politics become vitriolic after Suruç massacre... (24-Jul-2015)
23-Jul-15 World View -- Syria's war comes to Turkey after Monday's terror attack on Suruc: Greece's parliament approves European lender reform demands... (23-Jul-2015)
22-Jul-15 World View -- Greece's Tsipras lashes out at his own party as new vote approaches: Burundi's president Nkurunziza continues to provoke Hutu-Tutsi tensions... (22-Jul-2015)
21-Jul-15 World View -- Philippines reinforces grounded ship to challenge China in South China Sea: Kurds blame Erdogan for ISIS terrorist attack in southeastern Turkey... (21-Jul-2015)
20-Jul-15 World View -- Possible rapprochement in the works between Hamas and Saudi Arabia: Greece's banks to reopen at start of another stormy week... (20-Jul-2015)
19-Jul-15 World View -- Behind the scenes in the Iran nuclear deal: The Arab world is disintegrating into war... (19-Jul-2015)
18-Jul-15 World View -- China reacts harshly to Japan's plans for 'collective self-defense': European officials prepare to negotiate Greece's next bailout... (18-Jul-2015)
17-Jul-15 World View -- ISIS-linked terrorists sink Egyptian navy ship amid Suez Canal expansion: Both Greece and Germany in political disarray after IMF bailout statement... (17-Jul-2015)
16-Jul-15 World View -- Mexico's first 'historic' attempt to re-privatize oil industry flops: Japan's Shinzo Abe pushes 'collective defense' bill for vote... (16-Jul-2015)
15-Jul-15 World View -- Arab views of Iran nuclear deal: Generational Dynamics view of Iran nuclear deal... (15-Jul-2015)
14-Jul-15 World View -- China cracks down on 'peizi' or 'fund-matching' stock market businesses: Emotions running high over Eurogroup ultimatum to Greece... (14-Jul-2015)
13-Jul-15 World View -- France-Germany split over 3-day ultimatum to Greece leads to flared tempers: China police crack down ahead of another volatile week in stocks... (13-Jul-2015)
12-Jul-15 World View -- Pope Francis in Paraguay alludes to 1860s War of the Triple Alliance: Distrust of Greece dominates indecisive Eurogroup meeting on Saturday... (12-Jul-2015)
11-Jul-15 World View -- China's stock market looks increasingly like America in 1929: Worldwide concerns are growing about China's stock market crash... (11-Jul-2015)
10-Jul-15 World View -- Both Greece and European leaders seem poised to compromise: UK advises all Britons to leave Tunisia... (10-Jul-2015)
9-Jul-15 World View -- Greece's Alexis Tsipras compares himself to the tragic Antigone: Tunisia to build a wall and a moat along the border with Libya... (9-Jul-2015)
8-Jul-15 World View -- China halts trading on 1,000 companies as stock bloodbath continues: Report on Obama's plans for the Mideast strategy into total fantasy... (8-Jul-2015)
7-Jul-15 World View -- Surge in Boko Haram attacks raises questions about new president of Nigeria: Greece's crisis deepens as German position hardens... (7-Jul-2015)
6-Jul-15 World View -- China announces 'Market Stabilization Fund' to stem stock market panic: Europe enters a dangerous period after Greece's Tsipras wins overwhelming victory... (6-Jul-2015)
5-Jul-15 World View -- Greece's referendum revives memories of a bloody civil war: Tunisia declares a 'state of war' as Mideast meltdown continues... (5-Jul-2015)
4-Jul-15 World View -- Greece heads for further chaos with referendum on Sunday: China hunts for 'stock manipulators' as market crashes... (4-Jul-2015)
3-Jul-15 World View -- Egypt's military brings the Sinai '100 pct under control' in 2nd day of fighting: Possible panic in China's stock markets... (3-Jul-2015)
2-Jul-15 World View -- Egypt in a 'state of war' in northern Sinai: Kuwait in 'state of war' with ISIS, will require nationwide DNA testing... (2-Jul-2015)
1-Jul-15 World View -- France reverses policy, will sell advanced defense weapons to Georgia: What were you doing last night at 23:59:60?... (1-Jul-2015)
30-Jun-15 World View -- Turkey and Jordan separately plan invasions of Syria: Greece's chaos continues as banks are closed... (30-Jun-2015)
29-Jun-15 World View -- Global financial crisis -- Greece, China, Puerto Rico: How complex systems fail... (29-Jun-2015)
28-Jun-15 World View -- Greece's Tsipras rejects 'extortionate ultimatum' and ends bailout negotiations: Tunisia will close 80 mosques that are 'spreading venom'... (28-Jun-2015)
27-Jun-15 World View -- Terror attacks in Kuwait, France, Somalia and Tunisia highlight growing sectarian war: China's stock markets continue their free-fall... (27-Jun-2015)
26-Jun-15 World View -- Turkey denies responsibility for ISIS massacre on Kurds in Kobani: European leaders prepare for Greece to default... (26-Jun-2015)
25-Jun-15 World View -- Hungary and Austria in disagreement over migrants: Palestinians to submit war crimes charges against Israel to ICC... (25-Jun-2015)
24-Jun-15 World View -- US aligns with Kurds and Shias in Syria and Iraq, angering Turks and Saudis: Syrian Kurd militias deal a heavy blow to ISIS... (24-Jun-2015)
23-Jun-15 World View -- Afghan Taliban score major victories as US and Nato withdraw forces: Report: Greece's debt crisis being kicked down the road... (23-Jun-2015)
22-Jun-15 World View -- China's bubble stock market plunges 13% in one week: Tick-tock tick-tock, Greece's clock is running down... (22-Jun-2015)
21-Jun-15 World View -- Russia makes a controversial deal to lease Siberia land to China: Russia's concerns about China's 'invasion' of the Far East continue... (21-Jun-2015)
20-Jun-15 World View -- The Gathering Storm: The accelerating surge in refugees, slaves and terrorists: Human slavery at the highest level in human history... (20-Jun-2015)
19-Jun-15 World View -- Emergency Eurogroup summit called for Monday to deal with likely Greece default: Fistfight breaks out at Yemen peace talks in Geneva... (19-Jun-2015)
18-Jun-15 World View -- Russia's 'saber-rattling' nuclear threat may be directed at China, not Europe: Hamas and Israel discuss a 5-year ceasefire... (18-Jun-2015)
17-Jun-15 World View -- China tests hypersonic missile designed to defeat American missile defenses: Greece's bitter PM Tsipras hurls ultimatums and insults at IMF... (17-Jun-2015)
16-Jun-15 World View -- France, Italy have bitter feud over migrants as quota system collapses: South Africa defies International Criminal Court, al-Bashir flies free... (16-Jun-2015)
15-Jun-15 World View -- Darfur genocide overshadows women's empowerment summit in South Africa: Everyone prepares for the worst, as Greece bailout talks collapse again... (15-Jun-2015)
14-Jun-15 World View -- Jihadist Attack on Druze population could bring Israel into Syria war: Druze community split on Syria war after al-Nusra attack... (14-Jun-2015)
13-Jun-15 World View -- Australia accused of paying people smugglers to take migrants to Indonesia: France's Dominique Strauss-Kahn acquitted of 'aggravated pimping'... (13-Jun-2015)
12-Jun-15 World View -- IMF and ECB walk out of negotiations with Greece: Zimbabwe offers 5 US dollars for 175 quadrillion Zim dollars... (12-Jun-2015)
11-Jun-15 World View -- Pakistan reacts as Indian forces cross border and strike militants in Myanmar: Reports of breakthrough in Greece's debt crisis... (11-Jun-2015)
10-Jun-15 World View -- Obama planning additional troop deployment to Iraq in new escalation: US-supported rebels capture key Assad regime army base in Syria... (10-Jun-2015)
9-Jun-15 World View -- Iran demands a nuclear agreement 'snapback' provision of its own: South Korea fears that MERS virus will break out into general population... (9-Jun-2015)
8-Jun-15 World View -- In major election setback, Turkey's Erdogan loses support as Kurds gain seats: Israeli residents near Gaza border expect war soon... (8-Jun-2015)
7-Jun-15 World View -- Saudi Arabia shoots down Scud missile from Houthis in Yemen: Europeans rescue 3,000 migrants on Saturday, fear hundreds of thousands more... (7-Jun-2015)
6-Jun-15 World View -- Speculation grows about China's purpose in giant government hacking breach: Tsipras gives bitter, defiant speech to Greece's parliament... (6-Jun-2015)
5-Jun-15 World View -- With Syria's army nearing collapse, Iran plans massive troop deployment: Greece and Europeans fail once again to reach an agreement... (5-Jun-2015)
4-Jun-15 World View -- FBI investigating awarding of 2018 and 2022 World Soccer Cups: Philippines president Aquino compares China to Nazis... (4-Jun-2015)
3-Jun-15 World View -- Greece will NOT go bankrupt on Friday: Greece's Alexis Tsipras faces a government mutiny from the far left... (3-Jun-2015)
2-Jun-15 World View -- Hamas and ISIS turn on each other in the Gaza Strip: Clashes following the ISIS invasion of the Yarmouk refugee camp... (2-Jun-2015)
1-Jun-15 World View -- Report: Russia may end support for Syria's Bashar al-Assad: Greece faces new financial crisis with no solution in sight... (1-Jun-2015)
31-May-15 World View -- EU rescues 4300 migrants in one day as country quotas are enacted: US-China tensions in South China Sea take another step upward... (31-May-2015)
30-May-15 World View -- ISIS suicide bombers strike Shia mosques in Saudi Arabia and Baghdad: ISIS continues to gain supporters throughout the Mideast... (30-May-2015)
29-May-15 World View -- As Russia's economy worsens, withdrawal from Ukraine may be necessary: US-China military tensions get rapidly inflamed over South China Sea... (29-May-2015)
28-May-15 World View -- ISIS stokes sectarian Sunni-Shia clashes across the Mideast and Asia: Sunni Arabs are being forced to choose between ISIS and Shias... (28-May-2015)
27-May-15 World View -- Major terror attack in Kabul underscores dire Afghan travel warning: Hackers obtain IRS tax filings for 104,000 taxpayers... (27-May-2015)
26-May-15 World View -- China says war with US in South China Sea is inevitable: China's military using jamming against US drones in South China Sea... (26-May-2015)
25-May-15 World View -- Scathing Iraq remarks by Ash Carter suggest imminent policy change: Some reports suggest intentional loss of Ramadi by Iraq's government... (25-May-2015)
24-May-15 World View -- Burma (Myanmar) approves birth control law targeting Rohingya Muslims: Lessons learned from Ireland's vote on gay marriage... (24-May-2015)
23-May-15 World View -- After ISIS terrorist attack, Saudis face conflict between stability and reforms: ISIS claims responsibility for attack on Shia mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia... (23-May-2015)
22-May-15 World View -- Indonesia and Malaysia back down and accept stranded Rohingya migrants: Iran backs down and allows inspection of aid ship to Yemen... (22-May-2015)
21-May-15 World View -- China's military confronts US surveillance plane in South China Sea: Claims of ISIS activities in Pakistan doubted by officials... (21-May-2015)
20-May-15 World View -- Iranian, American, Saudi military head for confrontation off Yemen: Report: Saudi Arabia seeking nuclear weapons from Pakistan... (20-May-2015)
19-May-15 World View -- European Union approves military action against migrant smugglers: ISIS seizure of Ramadi Iraq raises concerns of Sunni-Shia war... (19-May-2015)
18-May-15 World View -- Iraq's Shia militias ordered to fight ISIS after major loss in Ramadi: Memories of atrocities committed by Shia militias in Tikrit... (18-May-2015)
17-May-15 World View -- Outrage grows over sting video of Lebanon MP planning terrorism: Stock market bubble accelerates explosion as economy falters... (17-May-2015)
16-May-15 World View -- Thousands of Bangladeshi and Burma Rohingya migrants stranded at sea in southeast Asia: EU proposes refugee shelters in Niger to house illegal migrants headed for Europe... (16-May-2015)
15-May-15 World View -- Obama repudiates the Carter doctrine at bizarre GCC meeting: Iran fires at Singapore-flagged ship in Persian Gulf... (15-May-2015)
14-May-15 World View -- US escalates tensions with plans for patrols, aircraft in South China Sea: Nusra Front vows to eradicate ISIS in Qalamoun on Syria/Lebanon border... (14-May-2015)
13-May-15 World View -- Iran forces Afghans to fight in Syrian regime's collapsing army: Greece makes debt payment as even leftists lose sympathy... (13-May-2015)
12-May-15 World View -- EU seeks approval of military action in Libya against migrant traffickers: Saudis and Houthis escalate Yemen war further, prior to 'ceasefire'... (12-May-2015)
11-May-15 World View -- 22 die in Macedonian police gun battles with Albanian militants: Former Libya leader Muammar Gaddafi's son offers to make me rich... (11-May-2015)
10-May-15 World View -- Yemen war sharply intensifies, as 'truce' is offered.: Rohingya 'death camps' and 'slave camps' found in southern Thailand... (10-May-2015)
9-May-15 World View -- Britain's surprise election and Chaos Theory: Trends in American politics... (9-May-2015)
8-May-15 World View -- Fears grow in Central Asia of an ISIS-Taliban alliance in Afghanistan: Misplaced concerns that Burundi is on brink of civil war... (8-May-2015)
7-May-15 World View -- Greece tries to avoid bankruptcy, as Europe stands firm, for now: Jean-Claude Jüncker warns of Anglo-Saxon threat to eurozone... (7-May-2015)
6-May-15 World View -- In a surprise, Senegal joins a beleaguered Saudi coalition in Yemen: 'Saudi troops' landing in Aden were really Yemeni troops... (6-May-2015)
5-May-15 World View -- China builds Navy designed to overwhelm the US Navy: Philippine fishermen harassed by China's 'cabbage strategy'... (5-May-2015)
4-May-15 World View -- Saudi Arabia denies reports of Saudi ground troops in Yemen: Jimmy Carter blames Netanyahu for failure of Mideast peace negotiations... (4-May-2015)
3-May-15 World View -- War in Syria turns more and more against al-Assad: Economy falters, surprising economists, while stock market bubble explodes... (3-May-2015)
2-May-15 World View -- Russia and Vietnam agree to mutual defense cooperation pact to counter China: US requests access to Philippines military bases... (2-May-2015)
1-May-15 World View -- US Navy will escort US-flagged ships through Strait of Hormuz: Iran's ship seizure may be a message to Saudi Arabia... (1-May-2015)
30-Apr-15 World View -- 20,000 refugees flee violence in Burundi, fearing Hutu-Tutsi war: Generational history of Hutu and Tutsi tribes... (30-Apr-2015)
29-Apr-15 World View -- Iran seizes cargo vessel in the Strait of Hormuz: Greece's PM Tsipras desperately seeks financial crisis solution... (29-Apr-2015)
28-Apr-15 World View -- US reaffirms defense of Japan's Senkaku Islands: Japan-U.S. military guidelines will include 'collective self-defense'... (28-Apr-2015)
27-Apr-15 World View -- China extends its military buildup with Pakistan: Air strikes, naval shelling and ground fighting escalate in Yemen... (27-Apr-2015)
26-Apr-15 World View -- Greece's government will confiscate cash reserves from all public institutions: Vietnam and the Philippines establish a strategic military partnership to counter China... (26-Apr-2015)
25-Apr-15 World View -- Turkey, Armenia hold dueling WW1 centennials over genocide and Gallipoli: The politics of genocide and rape -- in Turkey and elsewhere... (25-Apr-2015)
24-Apr-15 World View -- Europe pledges to solve the unsolvable migrant problem: The flood of farmer suicides continues to grow in India... (24-Apr-2015)
23-Apr-15 World View -- Palestinian factions 'unity' talks in crisis, near collapse: ISIS and Yemen force yet another realignment of the Mideast... (23-Apr-2015)
22-Apr-15 World View -- Patriotism and nationalism surge in Saudi Arabia, but not in Iran: Saudi Arabia declares that it's met its military objectives in Yemen... (22-Apr-2015)
21-Apr-15 World View -- US sends warships to Yemen as Saudis face a quagmire: ECB examines a possible 'second currency' for Greece - government IOUs... (21-Apr-2015)
20-Apr-15 World View -- Europe considers military action in Libya as migrant drownings accelerate: Debate over whether rescuing migrants just encourages more migrants... (20-Apr-2015)
19-Apr-15 World View -- ISIS terror in Afghanistan highlights government chaos: Greece scrapes the bottom of the barrel as bankruptcy talk increases... (19-Apr-2015)
18-Apr-15 World View -- Russia's Chechnya becomes biggest contributor of jihadists to ISIS: Chechen youth from Georgia's Pansiki Gorge joining ISIS in droves... (18-Apr-2015)
17-Apr-15 World View -- South African xenophobic violence echoes 1820s Mfecane Zulu massacre: Thousands of immigrants flee xenophobic attacks in South Africa... (17-Apr-2015)
16-Apr-15 World View -- Saudis to Hezbollah: Yemen is none of your business: United Nations is 'deeply shocked' at Europe's failure to save migrants... (16-Apr-2015)
15-Apr-15 World View -- U.S.-China diplomacy over South China Sea turns vitriolic: Illegal immigration falls for US, but surges for Europe... (15-Apr-2015)
14-Apr-15 World View -- Gaza and Israel prepare for war with each other: Greece denies reports that it's preparing for a default... (14-Apr-2015)
13-Apr-15 World View -- Desperate Kenya demands closure of refugee camp after Garissa school attack: Pakistan hits back at UAE over Yemen war military support issue... (13-Apr-2015)
12-Apr-15 World View -- Repercussions start for Pakistan's and Turkey's neutrality in Yemen: Holy Fire from Jerusalem's Easter celebration arrives in Athens... (12-Apr-2015)
11-Apr-15 World View -- Pakistan reneges on promise to prosecute 26/11 Mumbai attack mastermind: Obama to meet with Cuban leader Raul Castro... (11-Apr-2015)
10-Apr-15 World View -- Syria's Yarmouk refugee camp descends into the 'deepest circle of Hell': Europe demands list of reforms from Greece after numerous delays... (10-Apr-2015)
9-Apr-15 World View -- Fears of tribal and ethnic violence in Kenya continue: U.S. begins daily aerial refueling for Saudi warplanes in Yemen... (9-Apr-2015)
8-Apr-15 World View -- Bashar al-Assad's Syria army showing signs of collapse: US speeds up weapons deliveries to militias in Yemen... (8-Apr-2015)
7-Apr-15 World View -- Greece confirms that it will pay the IMF on Thursday and avoid bankruptcy: Pakistan parliament debates sending troops to Yemen to support Saudi Arabia... (7-Apr-2015)
6-Apr-15 World View -- Many countries, but not US, are evacuating their citizens from Yemen: Saudi Arabia razing villages near the border with Yemen... (6-Apr-2015)
5-Apr-15 World View -- Texts of Iran nuclear deal differ in English and Farsi versions: Kenya's president: terrorists are 'deeply embedded' in Kenya... (5-Apr-2015)
4-Apr-15 World View -- China to sell eight advanced submarines to Pakistan, encircling India: Greece turns to Russia and China, amid reports of imminent default... (4-Apr-2015)
3-Apr-15 World View -- Al-Shabaab kills 147 mostly Christian students in Kenya school: Bill O'Reilly's 'Killing Jesus' and 1960s-style activism... (3-Apr-2015)
2-Apr-15 World View -- ISIS captures Yarmouk refugee camp, closes in on collapsing al-Assad: Turkmenistan fears jihadist invasion from Afghanistan... (2-Apr-2015)
1-Apr-15 World View -- As Yemen war intensifies, Pakistan seems close to sending troops: The Mideast and the world continue to head for a major new war... (1-Apr-2015)
31-Mar-15 World View -- President Obama to update George Bush's 'Roadmap to Mideast Peace': Desperate John Kerry looks for a nuclear deal with Iran on Tuesday... (31-Mar-2015)
30-Mar-15 World View -- Arab League meeting ends with promise for joint Arab military force: Top Iranian journalist defects, criticizes US nuclear negotiators... (30-Mar-2015)
29-Mar-15 World View -- Syria's al-Assad regime suffers major military setback in Idlib: Arab League positions harden against Houthis and Iran... (29-Mar-2015)
28-Mar-15 World View -- Mideast chaos worsens as countries line up for and against Saudi intervention in Yemen: Puerto Rico bankruptcy may be imminent, potentially a 'seminal event'... (28-Mar-2015)
27-Mar-15 World View -- Iran threatens retaliation against Saudi Arabia for Yemen strikes: Shia militias sidelined for Iraq's assault on Tikrit, with US help... (27-Mar-2015)
26-Mar-15 World View -- US announces military operations: with Iran in Iraq, with Saudis in Yemen: Obama administration continues to hail Yemen as a counterterrorism model... (26-Mar-2015)
25-Mar-15 World View -- Almost all mosques have been destroyed in Central African Republic: Russia finally begins to grasp the danger posed by ISIS... (25-Mar-2015)
24-Mar-15 World View -- Iraq's battle for Tikrit reaches a standstill, humiliating Iran: Greece's Tsipras visits Germany's Merkel and demands reparations... (24-Mar-2015)
23-Mar-15 World View -- Yemen's Houthis capture Taiz, advance south to fight Hadi's forces in Aden: France's center-right party edges out far-right National Front in elections... (23-Mar-2015)
22-Mar-15 World View -- Yemen calls for general military mobilization, as US forces withdraw: Computer geek activists demonstrate against robots at SXSW... (22-Mar-2015)
21-Mar-15 World View -- Benjamin Netanyahu's 'no Palestinian state' scandal exposes political fantasies: Yemen suicide bombings bring sectarian civil war closer... (21-Mar-2015)
20-Mar-15 World View -- Houthi airstrikes bomb Aden as Yemen war widens: Greece's Alexis Tsipras threatens Europe with 'jihadists and terrorists'... (20-Mar-2015)
19-Mar-15 World View -- Beneath the surface, Tunisia is a terrorist breeding ground: Tunisia in shock after terror attack on museum in Tunis... (19-Mar-2015)
18-Mar-15 World View -- India and China battle for strategic influence in the Indian Ocean: Questions continue to swirl in Russia over assassination of Putin's opponent Nemtsov... (18-Mar-2015)
17-Mar-15 World View -- Putin's return leaves more questions than answers for Russia: The talking points of the Russian and Chinese internet trolls... (17-Mar-2015)
16-Mar-15 World View -- Violent Christian riots follow bombing of two churches in Lahore, Pakistan: Rumors abound in Russia on the disappearance of Vladimir Putin... (16-Mar-2015)
15-Mar-15 World View -- Report: Iran's Supreme Leader has already vetoed any nuclear deal: Fighting heats up on Myanmar (Burma) border with China... (15-Mar-2015)
14-Mar-15 World View -- Putin's disappearance may be part of a major Moscow political crisis: Fears grow of violence between Kadyrov's security forces and Putin's FSB... (14-Mar-2015)
13-Mar-15 World View -- Karachi Pakistan fears 'nuclear nightmare' over planned nuclear reactors: South Ossetia discourages trips to Georgia for medical care... (13-Mar-2015)
12-Mar-15 World View -- Fears grow of Shia revenge killings in Iraq: Russia plans military development, including nuclear weapons, in Crimea... (12-Mar-2015)
11-Mar-15 World View -- Europe, America, China economies all continue in deflationary spiral: Iran elects hardliner to head Assembly of Experts... (11-Mar-2015)
10-Mar-15 World View -- Vladimir Putin brags about how he lied about Russia's invasion of Crimea: Europe to Greece: Stop wasting time and get serious about reforms... (10-Mar-2015)
9-Mar-15 World View -- Mali's capital city Bamako in shock after terror attack: Are ISIS and Boko Haram 'far right' extremists?... (9-Mar-2015)
8-Mar-15 World View -- Libya's two rival governments in unity talks to fight ISIS: Boko Haram declares allegiance to ISIS... (8-Mar-2015)
7-Mar-15 World View -- Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan seek 'Sunni unity' versus Iran: After a year, experts still guessing about Malaysia Airlines 370... (7-Mar-2015)
6-Mar-15 World View -- Khamenei's illness may signal generational policy change in Iran: Palestinians vote to end security agreement with Israel... (6-Mar-2015)
5-Mar-15 World View -- Turkey and Armenia schedule conflicting WW I centennial commemorations: China continues its double-digit military spending increases... (5-Mar-2015)
4-Mar-15 World View -- Failure of Austrian bank portends major new round of euro crisis: Iran Revolutionary Guards commander leads Iraq's attack on Tikrit... (4-Mar-2015)
3-Mar-15 World View -- Why did ISIS release 19 Assyrian Christian hostages?: Iran aids Iraq's army in attack to recapture Tikrit from ISIS... (3-Mar-2015)
2-Mar-15 World View -- After almost $1 billion development costs, is still a disaster: Al-Sisi and Erdogan miss in Riyadh, signaling stormy times ahead... (2-Mar-2015)
1-Mar-15 World View -- Reports indicate Egypt, Italy, Russia planning military action in Libya: Egypt court declares Hamas to be a terrorist organization... (1-Mar-2015)
28-Feb-15 World View -- US Navy says that China now has more attack submarines than US: China's South China Sea building spree threatens neighbors... (28-Feb-2015)
27-Feb-15 World View -- Arab countries moving Yemen ambassadors from Sanaa to Aden: US CPI continues in deflation, as Europe offers negative interest bonds... (27-Feb-2015)
26-Feb-15 World View -- Cyprus gives Russia access to Cypriot ports on the Mediterranean: Greece's PM Tsipras faces opposition from EU bailout deal... (26-Feb-2015)
25-Feb-15 World View -- ISIS kidnaps around 90 Assyrian Christians in Syria: John Kerry says that Russia has repeatedly lied to his face... (25-Feb-2015)
24-Feb-15 World View -- Sectarian violence surging all across Pakistan: Greece misses deadline for submitting reforms list... (24-Feb-2015)
23-Feb-15 World View -- Egypt's al-Sisi calls for a joint Arab military force: Deadly MERS virus surging early in Saudi Arabia... (23-Feb-2015)
22-Feb-15 World View -- Yemen's president flees to Aden, calls Houthis 'illegitimate': Nigeria's army recaptures Baga, site of 2,000 deaths in Boko Haram massacres... (22-Feb-2015)
21-Feb-15 World View -- U.N. may release list of Syrian war criminals: Greece apparently caves in on bailout crisis... (21-Feb-2015)
20-Feb-15 World View -- Ethnic Chinese Kokang burst into violence in northern Burma (Myanmar): Libya chaos threatens to reopen bitter rift between Qatar and Egypt... (20-Feb-2015)
19-Feb-15 World View -- China, Russia, Syria: The 'Salami Slicing Strategy': Anthem health insurance data breach puts millions of children at risk... (19-Feb-2015)
18-Feb-15 World View -- Russians ignore Ukraine 'ceasefire' as 5,000 Ukrainian troops are trapped: New Zealand debating military help for Iraq against ISIS... (18-Feb-2015)
17-Feb-15 World View -- Egypt faces two-front war with airstrikes in Libya: Greece bailout talks collapse in acrimony... (17-Feb-2015)
16-Feb-15 World View -- Egypt in mourning as ISIS-linked terrorists kill Coptic Christians in Libya: Yemen may form second government in Aden... (16-Feb-2015)
15-Feb-15 World View -- Obama seeks Iran's help as anti-ISIS coalition shrinks: Nigeria requests US troops to fight Boko Haram... (15-Feb-2015)
14-Feb-15 World View -- Germany commemorates the firebombing of Dresden: Generational Dynamics and prolactin... (14-Feb-2015)
13-Feb-15 World View -- Europe faces 'enormous tragedy' over Europe's Mediterranean rescue program: Confusion reigns over Ukraine ceasefire deal... (13-Feb-2015)
12-Feb-15 World View -- US closes Yemen embassy, following Somalia, Syria and Libya: Greece's negotiations with eurozone fail to reach deal... (12-Feb-2015)
11-Feb-15 World View -- Iran/Saudi relations worsen over Yemen and falling oil prices: Citigroup: Oil could plunge to $20 per barrel... (11-Feb-2015)
10-Feb-15 World View -- Bill O'Reilly's statistics on Islamic terrorism are nonsense: Nigeria and Boko Haram declare war after election postponement... (10-Feb-2015)
9-Feb-15 World View -- 30 dead in Cairo Egypt as soccer fans clash with police: Greece's Alexis Tsipras approaches Wednesday confrontation with Europe... (9-Feb-2015)
8-Feb-15 World View -- Iannis Xenakis's work 'Kottos' echoes Greece's Nazi vs Communist struggle: Greek Tragedy and Generational Dynamics... (8-Feb-2015)
7-Feb-15 World View -- Central African Republic 'peace deal' collapses instantly as slaughter continues: Houthis complete takeover coup in Yemen... (7-Feb-2015)
6-Feb-15 World View -- Mideast war widens as Jordan vows to destroy ISIS: 80 million people exposed by massive Anthem Inc. data breach... (6-Feb-2015)
5-Feb-15 World View -- Terrorists attack school, part of growing violence in Karachi Pakistan: The European Central Bank turns the screws on Greece's banks... (5-Feb-2015)
4-Feb-15 World View -- Nationalism surges in Japan and Jordan after ISIS atrocities: Analysts are puzzled by ISIS's burning alive of Jordan's pilot... (4-Feb-2015)
3-Feb-15 World View -- China builds more man-made islands in the South China Sea: Jordan returns its ambassador to Israel... (3-Feb-2015)
2-Feb-15 World View -- Washington joins the world in explosive spending splurge: The Iraq war had nothing to do with the federal deficit... (2-Feb-2015)
1-Feb-15 World View -- Egypt's al-Sisi blames foreign countries for terrorist attacks: Spain's far left Podemos party hopes to copy success of Greece's Syriza party... (1-Feb-2015)
31-Jan-15 World View -- Hezbollah backs down from war with Israel: In Denmark you are now paid to take out a mortgage... (31-Jan-2015)
30-Jan-15 World View -- ISIS-linked terrorists kill dozens in Egypt's northern Sinai: Greece forces compromise in planned new EU sanctions against Russia... (30-Jan-2015)
29-Jan-15 World View -- Greece's Alexis Tsipras escalates confrontation with Germany: Israel promises revenge after Hezbollah attack kills two soldiers... (29-Jan-2015)
28-Jan-15 World View -- S&P lowers Russia's bonds to junk status: ISIS-linked group takes credit for hotel bombing in Tripoli Libya... (28-Jan-2015)
27-Jan-15 World View -- Kurdish militias drive ISIS out of the Syrian town of Kobani: Australian backlash grows over knighthood for Queen Elizabeth's husband... (27-Jan-2015)
26-Jan-15 World View -- Alexis Tsipras' far-left Syriza party wins historic election in Greece: Is Greece's Alexis Tsipras pragmatic or delusional?... (26-Jan-2015)
25-Jan-15 World View -- Measles outbreak being blamed on the 'anti-vaccine movement': Russians re-invade Ukraine, targeting Mariupol port city... (25-Jan-2015)
24-Jan-15 World View -- Death of Saudi's King Abdullah raises concerns about policy changes: More on the political realignment of the Mideast following the Gaza war... (24-Jan-2015)
23-Jan-15 World View -- Yemen government resigns, creating power vacuum for AQAP to fill: Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah dies... (23-Jan-2015)
22-Jan-15 World View -- Yemen's president accepts Houthi demands, possibly resolving crisis: Leader of Germany's anti-Muslim Pegida movement resigns over Hitler photo... (22-Jan-2015)
21-Jan-15 World View -- U.S. prepares Yemen evacuation as Houthis apparently complete coup: Obama calls for Congressional approval of military action... (21-Jan-2015)
20-Jan-15 World View -- Israel on alert after Iran confirms its general was killed by Israel: Muslim vs Muslim war escalates in Nigeria and Yemen... (20-Jan-2015)
19-Jan-15 World View -- Lebanon on edge after Israeli air strike kills Hezbollah commanders: Miss Lebanon may lose her title over selfie with Miss Israel... (19-Jan-2015)
18-Jan-15 World View -- Thousands in Muslim countries protest cartoon depiction of Mohammed: Swiss franc revaluation panics East European currency markets... (18-Jan-2015)
17-Jan-15 World View -- International Criminal Court opens probe into Israel's war crimes: Fearing bank runs, Greece's banks make emergency aid request... (17-Jan-2015)
16-Jan-15 World View -- Belgium police raid multiple groups of returning Syrian jihadists: Lithuania asks citizens to prepare for Russian invasion... (16-Jan-2015)
15-Jan-15 World View -- Sri Lanka follows a predictable pattern after its civil war: Pope canonizes first Sri Lanka saint, calls for national unity... (15-Jan-2015)
14-Jan-15 World View -- Europe prepares for Greece's possible exit from eurozone: Paris France's Charlie Hebdo attacks provoke anti-Pegida protests in Germany... (14-Jan-2015)
13-Jan-15 World View -- Concern rising over Muslim 'no-go zones' as terror breeding grounds: France to deploy 5,000 police to protect Jewish schools... (13-Jan-2015)
12-Jan-15 World View -- Reader comments: Is Islam at war with the West?: Is PEGIDA a neo-Nazi movement, or just a grass roots protest?... (12-Jan-2015)
11-Jan-15 World View -- France officials criticized for not stopping Charlie Hebdo terror attack: 'Anonymous' declares war on terrorist web sites... (11-Jan-2015)
10-Jan-15 World View -- Up to 2000 Nigeria civilians killed in three-day Boko Haram massacre: Cameroon requests international help to fight Boko Haram... (10-Jan-2015)
9-Jan-15 World View -- Russia faces economic cliff on Monday, January 12: Qatar may be turning against Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood... (9-Jan-2015)
8-Jan-15 World View -- The historic dilemma of the West versus the Muslim jihadists: Eurozone inflation rate becomes negative, falling into deflation... (8-Jan-2015)
7-Jan-15 World View -- Bethlehem celebrates the second of its three Christmases: Hamas blasts Abbas's plan to re-submit statehood resolution to the Security Council... (7-Jan-2015)
6-Jan-15 World View -- Wall Street, European stocks, euro, oil all plunge on Monday: Surge in migrants from Cuba trying to reach the U.S. illegally... (6-Jan-2015)
5-Jan-15 World View -- War in Yemen expands as Shia al-Houthis threaten new Sunni provinces: Iran's Rouhani challenges Khamenei in speech demanding reforms... (5-Jan-2015)
4-Jan-15 World View -- Far left Greece election victory may trigger confrontation with Europe: Israel cuts payments to Palestinians in retaliation for ICC bid... (4-Jan-2015)
3-Jan-15 World View -- Sweden shocked by arson attacks on three mosques in eight days: Obama administration imposes additional sanctions on North Korea... (3-Jan-2015)
2-Jan-15 World View -- European migrant crisis escalates with crewless cargo ships: Palestine to join the International Criminal Court... (2-Jan-2015)
1-Jan-15 World View -- The three most important dangers for 2015: Iran-Saudi Arabia tensions increase further as oil prices fall... (1-Jan-2015)
31-Dec-14 World View -- Hamas struggles to find a direction after the Gaza war: UN Security Council rejects Palestinian Authority resolution, without US veto... (31-Dec-2014)
30-Dec-14 World View -- Cameroon's air force bombs Boko Haram positions, forcing retreat: Greece's stocks plunge as government collapses... (30-Dec-2014)
29-Dec-14 World View -- Do news organizations ignore jihadist attacks on Christians?: ISIS kills almost 2000 in Syria in six months... (29-Dec-2014)
28-Dec-14 World View -- Darfur on verge of return to full-scale civil war: America and North Korea accuse each other of internet hacking... (28-Dec-2014)
27-Dec-14 World View -- China's missile tests may signal end of nuclear no-first-use policy: China debates banning Christmas celebrations... (27-Dec-2014)
26-Dec-14 World View -- 'Barbaric' ethnic massacre in Assam province shocks Indians: Jordan may exchange prisoners with ISIS... (26-Dec-2014)
25-Dec-14 World View -- Christmas pageantry brings a little cheer to Bethlehem: Christmas is subdued in much of the world... (25-Dec-2014)
24-Dec-14 World View -- Ukraine abandons unaligned status, with intention to join Nato: France is on high alert after a string of 'isolated' attacks... (24-Dec-2014)
23-Dec-14 World View -- Furor in India over Muslim/Christian conversions to Hindu: UN Security Council discusses North Korean human rights crimes... (23-Dec-2014)
22-Dec-14 World View -- Israel-Palestine struggle moves to the United Nations: Reader comments say that Vietnam can defend against China... (22-Dec-2014)
21-Dec-14 World View -- After 'Pakistan's 9/11', war is declared on the Taliban: For the first time, US, Afghanistan and Pakistan will cooperate against Taliban... (21-Dec-2014)
20-Dec-14 World View -- Philippines and Vietnam launch military and legal buildup to confront China: China's Achilles' Heel -- the law of the sea... (20-Dec-2014)
19-Dec-14 World View -- Floating weapons armories present new terrorist threats: Stock market continues parabolic climb with high volatility... (19-Dec-2014)
18-Dec-14 World View -- Cuba's shift is similar to E. Germany, Hungary, Poland, others: US officials say that North Korea is responsible for Sony hack... (18-Dec-2014)
17-Dec-14 World View -- Pakistan Taliban crosses a red line with mass slaughter of army children: Russia's crisis deepens as ruble falls another 11%... (17-Dec-2014)
16-Dec-14 World View -- Desperate Russia raises interest rates to 17%, as ruble and oil prices collapse: China: 300 Chinese citizens join ISIS in Iraq and Syria... (16-Dec-2014)
15-Dec-14 World View -- Lynchings of 43 students revive the Mexican Revolution fault lines: Oil production to increase despite, or because of, crashing prices... (15-Dec-2014)
14-Dec-14 World View -- The GCC honeymoon: Arab countries reach a 'historic' agreement: Pragmatic attitudes towards Israel and Iran... (14-Dec-2014)
13-Dec-14 World View -- Stocks plunge again, as economy spirals into deflation: Russia may pause military hostilities in Ukraine for the winter... (13-Dec-2014)
12-Dec-14 World View -- Palestinians threaten to halt security coordination with Israel: Palestinian Authority decides on actions following death of Ziad Abu Ain... (12-Dec-2014)
11-Dec-14 World View -- UN says nations should make saving migrants' lives the highest priority: Wall Street sell-off deepens as oil prices plummet... (11-Dec-2014)
9-Dec-14 World View -- State of Palestine joins the International Criminal Court: Canada and Britain close their Cairo Egypt embassies over security concerns... (9-Dec-2014)
8-Dec-14 World View -- Bank of International Settlements warns of 'fragile' and 'sensitive' markets: Israel's warplanes strike Syria, in areas near Damascus... (8-Dec-2014)
7-Dec-14 World View -- Obama orders 1000 more troops for Afghanistan: Britain will open a new military base in Bahrain... (7-Dec-2014)
6-Dec-14 World View -- Sony suffers catastrophic breach, possibly from North Korean hackers: Mahmoud Abbas blames Gaza war on lies by Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood... (6-Dec-2014)
5-Dec-14 World View -- AQAP in Yemen bombs Iranian ambassador's house, killing six: AQAP in Yemen threatens to kill journalist not saved by failed US rescue attempt... (5-Dec-2014)
4-Dec-14 World View -- Nigeria mobilizing thousands of vigilantes to fight Boko Haram: Iran strongly denies it's targeting ISIS with airstrikes, despite video... (4-Dec-2014)
3-Dec-14 World View -- Wife and son of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi captured in Lebanon: Kenya's government in crisis after al-Shabaab kills 36 Christians... (3-Dec-2014)
2-Dec-14 World View -- World Food Program terminates aid to 1.7 million Syrian refugees: Syrian refugees increasingly threaten regional stability... (2-Dec-2014)
1-Dec-14 World View -- Arab League agrees on plan to 'end Israeli occupation' of Palestine: Hong Kong police clash with protesters, worst violence in weeks... (1-Dec-2014)
30-Nov-14 World View -- Taiwan voters choose independence from China: Sunflowers and Umbrellas... (30-Nov-2014)
29-Nov-14 World View -- Britain's David Cameron draws a red line on immigration: David Cameron accused of 'blackmail' on immigration demands... (29-Nov-2014)
28-Nov-14 World View -- Oil prices crash after OPEC meeting ends in discord: Russia and Venezuela on their knees with oil prices plunging... (28-Nov-2014)
27-Nov-14 World View -- Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland forming alliance to confront Russia: Two British brothers jailed for training at Syria terror camp... (27-Nov-2014)
26-Nov-14 World View -- Pope Francis calls Mediterranean a 'vast cemetery' for migrants: E-Cigarettes can infect your computer with malware... (26-Nov-2014)
25-Nov-14 World View -- After swallowing Crimea, Russia goes after Abkhazia and South Ossetia: Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel fired by President Obama... (25-Nov-2014)
24-Nov-14 World View -- China's military strength and poor civilian control alarm neighbors: The disappearance of the 'Long March' generation... (24-Nov-2014)
23-Nov-14 World View -- Somalia's Al-Shabaab claims responsibility for religion-based Kenya attack: Obama expands the U.S. mission in Afghanistan for 2015... (23-Nov-2014)
22-Nov-14 World View -- Britain in nationalistic surge as anti-EU UKIP party gains ground: Arab workers in Israel being fired in backlash from synagogue attack... (22-Nov-2014)
21-Nov-14 World View -- Gulf nations paper over their differences for GCC Summit in December: Egypt may be considering release of al-Jazeera reporters... (21-Nov-2014)
20-Nov-14 World View -- Jerusalem becomes a city of fear, in a torrent of mutual hostility: Israel approves construction of 78 new homes in Jerusalem... (20-Nov-2014)
19-Nov-14 World View -- Jerusalem synagogue attack raises Arab-Israeli violence to new levels: Obama could order combat troops into Iraq and Syria... (19-Nov-2014)
18-Nov-14 World View -- More Pakistan jihadist groups swear allegiance to ISIS: Japan in shock as economy plunges into recession... (18-Nov-2014)
17-Nov-14 World View -- Turkey's Erdogan says Muslims, not Christopher Columbus, discovered America: Merger of ISIS and al-Nusra seen unlikely, despite reports... (17-Nov-2014)
16-Nov-14 World View -- Obamacare and the 'stupidity of the American voter': Vladimir Putin eats lunch alone at G20 meeting... (16-Nov-2014)
15-Nov-14 World View -- Ebola cluster growing in Mali, hundreds possibly exposed: U.S. scaling back troop presence in Liberia... (15-Nov-2014)
14-Nov-14 World View -- Russia and Ukraine prepare for war in east Ukraine: Russia provides advanced weapons to Russians in east Ukraine... (14-Nov-2014)
13-Nov-14 World View -- Russian combat troops, tanks and artillery pour into Ukraine: Turkey's warships near Cyprus threaten Egypt and Israel... (13-Nov-2014)
12-Nov-14 World View -- European high court clamps down on 'benefit tourism': African football (soccer) federation expels Morocco over Ebola fears... (12-Nov-2014)
11-Nov-14 World View -- Palestinian violence increases around Jerusalem: 'Kiss of Love' demonstrations challenge Hindu nationalism in India... (11-Nov-2014)
10-Nov-14 World View -- Israel raises alert level as protests surge: Jerusalem becomes epicenter of new protests... (10-Nov-2014)
9-Nov-14 World View -- Gorbachev warns of new cold war as Germany commemorates fall of Berlin Wall: The reunification of Germany... (9-Nov-2014)
8-Nov-14 World View -- Obama sharply escalates U.S. involvement in Iraq war: Chechnya refugees now fighting the Russians in Ukraine... (8-Nov-2014)
7-Nov-14 World View -- Russia's troubles rise as the ruble and oil prices fall: France adopts new law to stop young people from going to Syria to be jihadists... (7-Nov-2014)
6-Nov-14 World View -- Pakistan mob lynches Christian couple over alleged blasphemy charge: Jordan recalls Israeli envoy as violence increases in Jerusalem... (6-Nov-2014)
5-Nov-14 World View -- Russian troops approach Ukraine's border, threaten port city Mariupol: Hezbollah leader brags about Syria war despite spillover into Lebanon... (5-Nov-2014)
4-Nov-14 World View -- Germany threatens Britain with EU expulsion over the migrant issue: Mystery drones fly over France's nuclear sites... (4-Nov-2014)
3-Nov-14 World View -- Multiple Taliban groups claim credit for suicide bombing in Pakistan: Journalist finds young Iranians very friendly to America... (3-Nov-2014)
2-Nov-14 World View -- Boko Haram ridicules Nigeria's government, says abducted girls are married: Wall Street posts hyperbolic five day surge... (2-Nov-2014)
1-Nov-14 World View -- Burkina Faso, critical U.S. ally, in government meltdown: U.N. report says that jihadists are flooding into Syria... (1-Nov-2014)
31-Oct-14 World View -- Palestinians accuse Israel of 'declaration of war' as tensions mount in Jerusalem: U.S. foreign policy in further chaos as Israel's Netanyahu is slammed... (31-Oct-2014)
30-Oct-14 World View -- World Health Organization says Ebola outbreak is 'in decline': Unanswered questions about the spread of Ebola... (30-Oct-2014)
29-Oct-14 World View -- Egypt begins evacuating Sinai residents on Gaza border: Turkey explains why they won't send troops into Kobani... (29-Oct-2014)
28-Oct-14 World View -- Poland to move thousands of troops east in reaction to Russian threat: Israel announces plans for 1000 new settlements in East Jerusalem... (28-Oct-2014)
27-Oct-14 World View -- Sunni vs Shia sectarian clashes grow in northern Lebanon: One banker jumps to his death, another hangs himself this week... (27-Oct-2014)
26-Oct-14 World View -- Egypt in state of emergency after terrorist attack in Sinai: Sinai attack signals the end of Gaza peace agreement terms... (26-Oct-2014)
25-Oct-14 World View -- Two-year-old baby in Mali dies after spreading Ebola: World Health Organization declares a global polio outbreak... (25-Oct-2014)
24-Oct-14 World View -- Plane crash killing France's Total SA president jeopardizes Russia's oil contracts: Indonesia's president calls for a 'global maritime axis'... (24-Oct-2014)
23-Oct-14 World View -- Canada in shock over Ottawa shootings: Turkey's military options in Syria are restricted by limited capability... (23-Oct-2014)
22-Oct-14 World View -- Hong Kong leader suggests that the poor shouldn't be allowed to vote: Violent rioting breaks out in Sierra Leone town over Ebola case... (22-Oct-2014)
21-Oct-14 World View -- Tensions grow with China over Indonesia's Natuna Islands: Reversing policies, Turkey and U.S. escalate involvement in Kobani... (21-Oct-2014)
20-Oct-14 World View -- Vladimir Putin: Global economy will collapse with oil at $80 per barrel: China blames Hong Kong protests on 'external forces'... (20-Oct-2014)
19-Oct-14 World View -- Forecasting the Ebola endgame and Global Risk: Ebola and the Clash of Civilizations world war... (19-Oct-2014)
18-Oct-14 World View -- Nigerians skeptical of deal with Boko Haram to release abducted schoolgirls: Investors cheer as Wall Street gains 263 points on Friday... (18-Oct-2014)
17-Oct-14 World View -- In humiliation, Turkey loses Security Council seat over Syria policy: Venezuela scores anti-U.S. coup by winning Security Council seat... (17-Oct-2014)
16-Oct-14 World View -- Stocks plunge in Greece as its financial crisis is renewed: Wild stock market swings could signal coming Wall St plunge... (16-Oct-2014)
15-Oct-14 World View -- NY Times reveals Saddam Hussein had large quantities of WMDs: Turkey-France meeting signals new confusion in Turkey's Syria policy... (15-Oct-2014)
14-Oct-14 World View -- Australia's PM Tony Abbott promises to 'shirt-front' Vladimir Putin when they meet: WHO: Ebola threatens the 'very survival' of countries... (14-Oct-2014)
13-Oct-14 World View -- Al-Qaeda and ISIS struggle for global jihadi terrorist leadership: Large Mideast stock market bubbles appear to be crashing... (13-Oct-2014)
12-Oct-14 World View -- Disappearance of North Korea's Kim Jong-un looks more and more serious: Concerns grow that terrorists might use Ebola as biological weapon... (12-Oct-2014)
11-Oct-14 World View -- Renewed violence in Central African Republic despite peacekeepers: The daily needs of a single Ebola patient... (11-Oct-2014)
10-Oct-14 World View -- Turkey and America play a game of 'chicken' over ISIS and Kobani: Iran blames Pakistan for terrorist attacks... (10-Oct-2014)
9-Oct-14 World View -- Kurdish riots continue as Turkey deals with the Kobani conundrum: Why do so many Chinese expect war?... (9-Oct-2014)
8-Oct-14 World View -- Kurds protest violently in cities across Turkey over ISIS attack on Kobani: Biden makes a third apology, this time to Saudi Arabia... (8-Oct-2014)
7-Oct-14 World View -- U.S. military expands war in Iraq with Apache Helicopters: Ebola expected to reach France and Britain within three weeks... (7-Oct-2014)
6-Oct-14 World View -- ISIS influence spreads in Asia, as Pakistan Taliban pledges support: Biden continues apologizing, this time to UAE... (6-Oct-2014)
5-Oct-14 World View -- Hong Kong protesters fear more violence by China's 'Triad' gangs: Joe Biden apologizes to Turkey's president Erdogan for ISIS remarks... (5-Oct-2014)
4-Oct-14 World View -- Iran's Supreme Leader condemns 'American Islam': Sweden to be first EU country to recognize State of Palestine... (4-Oct-2014)
3-Oct-14 World View -- Five new Ebola patients become infected every hour in Sierra Leone: Turkey's parliament approves military operations in Syria and Iraq... (3-Oct-2014)
2-Oct-14 World View -- Turkey will vote Thursday on military action in Syria: Hong Kong protesters raise their demands... (2-Oct-2014)
1-Oct-14 World View -- Russia's ruble currency drops to record low against the dollar: Taiwan officials split on reaction to Hong Kong protests... (1-Oct-2014)
30-Sep-14 World View -- Kobani crisis causes Turkey to reverse policy on Syria: Hong Kong police back off as demonstrations continue... (30-Sep-2014)
29-Sep-14 World View -- India's rock star PM Narendra Modi draws mobs at Madison Square Garden: Pro-democracy protests bring Hong Kong to a standstill... (29-Sep-2014)
28-Sep-14 World View -- Central African Republican government asks UN to lift arms embargo: Saudis prepare for MERS and Ebola at Hajj... (28-Sep-2014)
27-Sep-14 World View -- WHO must respond to 'unprecedented scale of humanitarian emergencies': Britain votes joins countries at war against ISIS... (27-Sep-2014)
26-Sep-14 World View -- Russia holds massive Vostok 2014 military exercises amid anti-US hysteria: Russia's desperate relationship with China... (26-Sep-2014)
25-Sep-14 World View -- Nigeria's army sees a turning point as Boko Haram fighters surrender: Nato reports a 'significant' Russian troop pullback from Ukraine... (25-Sep-2014)
24-Sep-14 World View -- Iran brags that Sanaa Yemen is the fourth Arab capital they control: CDC warns of possibly 1.4 million Ebola infections in West Africa... (24-Sep-2014)
23-Sep-14 World View -- Turkey braces for expected flood of hundreds of thousands more refugees: Yazidis, Mosul Christians hold Obama responsible for ISIS... (23-Sep-2014)
22-Sep-14 World View -- Israeli-Hamas peace talks to resume in Cairo on Tuesday: New climate change circus in progress... (22-Sep-2014)
21-Sep-14 World View -- Turkey admits 66,000 refugee Kurds from Syria as Mideast realignment continues: India launches 'Project Mausam' to counter China's 'Maritime Silk Road'... (21-Sep-2014)
20-Sep-14 World View -- Yemen violence may be proxy between Iran and Muslim Brotherhood: China's Alibaba IPO causes lightheaded investors to pop champagne corks... (20-Sep-2014)
19-Sep-14 World View -- BBC reporters attacked by Russian thugs after finding evidence of new Ukraine invasion: Thailand's PM suggests that only ugly people are safe in bikinis... (19-Sep-2014)
18-Sep-14 World View -- Will Ebola become a worldwide pandemic?: John Kerry's testimony before the Senate: 1971 and Today... (18-Sep-2014)
17-Sep-14 World View -- Russia, India to sell supersonic cruise missile to Vietnam: U.S. to send 3,000 troops to Liberia to fight Ebola... (17-Sep-2014)
16-Sep-14 World View -- Saudis push to avoid MERS outbreak as Hajj approaches: The center of international piracy moves from Somalia to Singapore... (16-Sep-2014)
15-Sep-14 World View -- US surveillance aircraft may have access to Malaysian air bases: ISIS recruiting women from America and Britain... (15-Sep-2014)
14-Sep-14 World View -- ISIS execution of Britain's David Haines may change US/UK military dynamics: Russian Orthodox fanatic considers Vladimir Putin to be united with God... (14-Sep-2014)
13-Sep-14 World View -- Palestinians divided over taking Israel to International Criminal Court: Little visible support for American coalition to fight ISIS... (13-Sep-2014)
12-Sep-14 World View -- President George W. Obama pledges to 'degrade, destroy' ISIS: CIA increases estimate: ISIS has 20,000 to 31,500 fighters... (12-Sep-2014)
11-Sep-14 World View -- Scotland's independence referendum is encouraging Catalonia's separatists: China's Uighur migrants attempt to reach Turkey... (11-Sep-2014)
10-Sep-14 World View -- Yemen faces both Shia Houthi protesters and Sunni AQAP jihadists: Protests in Sanaa are tied to gasoline subsidies... (10-Sep-2014)
9-Sep-14 World View -- Ukraine conflict and rise of ISIS put Russia's Caucasus at risk: France's scapegoat 'Rogue trader' Jerome Kerviel is freed from prison... (9-Sep-2014)
8-Sep-14 World View -- Mahmoud Abbas threatens to end the 'Palestinian unity' government: Russia threatens Nato with a new nuclear military doctrine... (8-Sep-2014)
7-Sep-14 World View -- Israel preparing for 'very violent' war with Hezbollah: Ebola pandemic may mean the end of the 'Africa Rising' dream... (7-Sep-2014)
6-Sep-14 World View -- Debka: ISIS is targeting the Euphrates and Tigris river basins in Iraq: India to release 250,000 prisoners awaiting trial... (6-Sep-2014)
5-Sep-14 World View -- ISIS and al-Qaeda in a generational struggle for India: China to increase harassment of U.S. surveillance planes... (5-Sep-2014)
4-Sep-14 World View -- ISIS and Saudi Arabia in the Mideast realignment: ISIS and the resurgence of Saudi Wahhabism... (4-Sep-2014)
3-Sep-14 World View -- Mideast realignment continues following the Gaza war: Doctors Without Borders: We're losing the battle against Ebola... (3-Sep-2014)
2-Sep-14 World View -- India, Japan leaders meet to counter rise of China: Russian lawyers: 'Stealth invasion' of Ukraine is legal... (2-Sep-2014)
1-Sep-14 World View -- Israel infuriates Palestinians by claiming West Bank land for settlements: Pakistan's army issues a veiled threat to politicians... (1-Sep-2014)

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June 4, 2011, presentation: This Generational Dynamics presentation was given in 2011 at Fort Devens in Massachusetts. Click here for presentation slides
April 20, 2004, presentation: This Generational Dynamics presentation was given in 2004 at MIT in Cambridge, Mass. Click here for presentation slides
Book Reviews: Reviews of books on current events and history
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Crisis wars graphic: Graphic showing crisis war timelines for Western Europe and for Orthodox Christianity vs Muslim Civilizations
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International Investment Advisories
This is an experiment - Using the Generational Dynamics methodology to provide up-to-date information on investment opportunities around the world.
India: Hooray for Bollywood!: Investment opportunities in India range from high-tech pharmaceuticals to Spiderman. (5-Jul-03)
India: Socially beneficial profits from "Untouchable" investments: For those interested in socially beneficial investments in India, the lot of India's Dalits provides an ideal investment target -- high-risk but with the possibility of high returns because of the market size. (7-Jul-03)
Trading with Iran: Not exactly a magic carpet ride: Surprise! It turns out that being a member of the "Axis of Evil" doesn't help investors. (8-Jul-03)
Conflict Index: A special feature of the experimental International Investment Advisories, containing information not available elsewhere, is the Conflict Index, a medium-range (1-2 years) and long-range (2-10 years) forecast of the likely level of local conflict, from riots and demonstrations to all out insurrection and civil war.
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