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This web site started in 2003. Since then, almost 6,000 articles have been posted, containing thousands of Generational Dynamics predictions and analyses, all of which have come true or are trending true. None has been proven wrong. No web site, analyst, journalist, or politician has come even close to the analytical and forecasting success of Generational Dynamics is a truly amazing, historic development.
The foundational work for generational theory appeared in the 1996 book, The Fourth Turning, by Neil Howe and William Strauss. That work was brilliant, but applied only to English and American history since the 1400s, and today is badly out of date. In 2003, Generational Dynamics took over development of generational theory, correcting the errors and extending it to all places and times in history, leading to this, the most successful and accurate analytical forecasting web site in the world.
To get started, read the Web Log, or read the award-winning 2009 paper (PDF):
"International business forecasting using System Dynamics with generational flows."

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Since 2002, we've been using generational analysis to make specific, hard predictions about worldwide events, politics, culture, technology, economics and international finance, and with much better accuracy than private analyst firms. If you're paying big money for high-priced newsletters from private analyst firms, and all you're getting is vague "that might be a problem" forecasts, then check this website regularly to get really useful, accurate forecasts -- FOR FREE.

Artificial Intelligence and the Singularity by 2030 : How AI is rapidly changing our lives ( 28-Dec-2015 )
Obamacare's -- The greatest software development disaster in history : Corruption, fraud and criminality in and Obamacare (23-Aug-2015)
Dysfunction, subversion, sabotage and fraud in software development projects : Information for academic researchers and software development managers. (23-Aug-2015)
New Pentagon report outlines China's military buildup : China is preparing for war over Taiwan. ( 28-Aug-2011 )
Financial Crisis Inquiry hearings provide 'smoking gun' evidence of widespread criminal fraud : What bankers claimed to have done is mathematically impossible. ( 14-Apr-2010 )
Report from TARP Inspector: We're driving off a cliff in a faster car : We're headed for an even larger financial crisis. ( 1-Feb-2010 )
"Shadow inventory" of unsold homes continues to grow : Housing prices still have very far to fall. (21-Dec-2009)
Generational Dynamics forecasting methodology : The methodology and tools used in generational theory to produce forecasts and predictions (3-May-2009)
"Maybe we'll get it right this time" by Tom Mazanec : In this science fiction story, a time traveler tries to prevent the world war predicted by Generational Dynamics. (9-Mar-2009)
The economic outlook for 2009 : How we got to where we are today, who's to blame, and where we're going in 2009. (5-Jan-2009)
The gathering storm in the Caucasus : The world is looking more and more like the prelude to World War I. (17-Aug-2008)
How Boomers and Generation-Xers brought about the dumbing down of Information Technology (IT) : Software development has adopted a Java cookbook approach that leads to project failures. Also: How Digimarc Corp. self-destructed with management's cookbook programming mentality. (1-Jul-2008)
Basics of Generational Dynamics : Generational eras, archetypes, and other elements of generational theory (22-Jun-2008)
Chinese embarrassment and anger grows over Tibet and Olympics : Some notes on the growing mutual xenophobia and paranoia between China and the West. (12-Apr-2008)
List of major Generational Dynamics predictions : These are the major predictions posted on this web site since 2003, using the generational forecasting methodology. (27-Mar-2008)
Cities and towns need to start helping themselves. : Wracked by foreclosures and by the collapsing muncipal bond market, cities and towns should start planning immediately. (2-Mar-2008)
A primer on financial engineering and structured finance : How financial engineers made a fortune creating worthless mortgage-based securities. (23-Jan-2008)
The Bubble that Broke the World : How a book written in 1931-32 tells us what's going to happen in 2008-2009. (9-Oct-2007)
How to compute the "real value" of the stock market. : And some additional speculations about stock market crashes. (20-Aug-2007)
Iraqi Sunnis are turning against al-Qaeda in Iraq : This is exactly the kind of thing that generational theory predicts. (1-Apr-2007)
System Dynamics and the Failure of Macroeconomics Theory : Mainstream macroeconomic theory, invented by Maynard Keynes in the 1930s, has failed to predict or explain anything that's happened since the bubble started, including the bubble itself. We need a new "Dynamic Macroeconomics" theory. (25-Oct-2006)
President George Bush talks about a "Third Awakening," but he has his history wrong : It was America's 1960s Awakening that united Protestants, Catholics and Jews, and cemented our support for Israel. (19-Sep-2006)
Washington becomes hysterical again over an Iraqi 'civil war' : A civil war in Iraq is impossible, as I've said many times, because only one generation has passed since the Iran/Iraq war of the 1980s. Here's some additional historical information. (7-Aug-2006)
Israel's war against Hizbollah and Lebanon forces Muslims to choose sides : The war is part of a larger Shi'ite-Sunni struggle, and a stopgap ceasefire will create a worsening environment leading to a much more chaotic situation within a few months (25-Jul-2006)
A beautiful mind? The world is paralyzed into a "Nash equilibrium" : Today, 61 years after the end of World War II, the countries of the world are struggling to maintain a status quo that can't last too much longer. (17-Jul-2006)
Why aren't college students protesting against the Iraq war? : Young students are criticized for being indifferent to politics, while "Grannies Against the War" is truly bizarre. (1-Jun-2006)
Speculations about a stock market panic and crash : Will there be a stock market panic next week, next month, or next year, and will it lead to a crash? We speculate on some possibilities. (31-May-2006)
Ariel Sharon's political "earthquake" in Israel signals change in direction for entire Mideast : His aggressive program that began with the barrier and the Gaza pullout is now likely to founder. (29-Nov-2005)
Ben S. Bernanke: The man without agony : Bernanke and Greenspan are as different as night and day, despite what the pundits say. (29-Oct-2005)
Japanese and Chinese relations are deteriorating sharply : Between China's search for oil and Koizumi's shrine visit, the level of anger and suspicion is rising fast. (23-Oct-2005)
Robert Pape's "Dying to Win" sheds light on suicide bombers. : Robert Pape's database of every suicide bombing and attack around the world from 1980-2003 -- 315 attacks in all -- provides valuable insight into the causes of suicide terrorism, and confirms the Generational Dynamics' conclusions about crisis wars. (18-Jul-2005)
The 11% Solution: An article in Barron's says the stock market is very overvalued : New research by analyst Adam Barth finds that average earnings over any 20-year period are surprisingly constant. (11-Jul-2005)
The Great Depression and Dow Jones Industrial Average : Scrolling through the DJIA through the Great Depression and later gives a feeling as to what was happening, and how it compares to what's happening today. Updated 20-Aug-2018 (20-Aug-2018)
French rejection of EU Constitution signals decline of entire European Union project : Exit polls from Sunday's French EU Constitution vote show a clear generational split that analysts aren't noticing. (1-Jun-2005)
Increasing Muslim violence in Uzbekistan raises fears of destabilizing Asia : After pro-Russian leaders have been replaced by Western-leaning ones in Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, the Kremlin is watching the violence in Uzbekistan nervously, and Washington is watching the Kremlin. (14-May-2005)
Press Release: Mathematician solves problem puzzling historians for centuries : Does history repeat itself? Historians have tried and failed to find provable patterns in history, but a mathematician has now solved the problem that's stumped the historians for centuries. (22-Apr-2005)
Fed and Alan Greenspan signal aggressive plans to increase interest rates : This means trouble for people in debt and for the stock market, but it also hints that the Fed plans to keep the dollar strong through crisis periods (24-Mar-2005)
North Korea continues mobilization for nuclear war : Blaming "hostile" U.S. policies, North Korea pulls out of nuclear non-proliferation talks, claiming that it already has nuclear weapons. This is a classic sequence of events that precedes a pre-emptive war. (10-Feb-2005)
Alan Greenspan warns that global economic dangers are without historical precedent : In a speech on Friday, Greenspan buried a major change of position in a speech admitting that his assumptions about the economy for the last decade were wrong. (6-Feb-2005)
China appears to be approaching a major civil war : Unrest is spreading, and economic disparities make China a textbook case for a massive civil war in the making (16-Jan-2005)
A generational interpretation of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" : Written in 1843, this classic novel depicts a clear generational struggle (5-Dec-2004)
Ukraine headed for a confrontation with Putin : Ukraine is headed for trouble as it moves to reverse the 20-Nov Presidential election. (28-Nov-2004)
The six most dangerous regions in the world today.: There are six regions that could lead the world into a new world war. NOTE: This article also contains a lengthy summary of the Generational Dynamics theory and Forecasting Methodology. (20-Nov-2004)
Election results show a major cultural and political restructuring in the making.: In the long run, George Bush's victory is less important than the reasons why people voted for him. (3-Nov-2004)
Unrealistic expectations worldwide about the American election are setting the stage for hostile reactions next year: Will "something big" happen to America in 2005? (24-Oct-2004)
Ten-nation survey says that non-Americans worldwide overwhelmingly favor Kerry over Bush: However, Russia and Israel support Bush; so do Iran's mullahs (23-Oct-2004)
Can we withdraw from Iraq in 2005?: Suddenly the Washington buzz is that whoever wins - Bush or Kerry - will begin to withdraw American troops from Iraq. We look at two historical examples to predict scenarios. (16-Oct-2004)
Yield curves are flattening as Federal Reserve raises short term interest rates significantly: Long-term interest rates are falling while short-term interest rates are rising, a sign of possible trouble ahead. (21-Sep-2004)
On September 11, terrorism around the world is increasing significantly: Infuriated and anxious people around the world are demanding military actions to halt or even avenge terrorism (11-Sep-2004)
Does history favor George Bush or John Kerry?: Long-term historical trends favor Bush, but Kerry may win anyway because Bush is in danger of being 'Hooverized' (24-Aug-2004)
Southeast Asian nations are forced to pick sides in the conflict between China and Taiwan: Singapore will support China and Australia will support Taiwan in a conflict between China and Taiwan. (23-Aug-2004)
Today's slow-motion genocide in Darfur recalls the lightning quick genocide in Rwanda in 1994: Why do these things always seem to happen in Africa? Understanding Africa's geography explains why. (22-Aug-2004)
Oil prices spiking on supply fears: There is increasing concern that Saudi Arabia's oil production is peaking, and that prices will rise significantly farther. (3-Aug-2004)
Arab views worldwide are becoming increasingly hostile to America: Arab view of America is down to about 10% favorable, 90% unfavorable. (26-Jul-2004)
Kerry establishes an electoral lead going into the Democratic convention.: He's tuned his message to what I suggested last year. Do you suppose he read my web site? (25-Jul-2004)
Generational crisis for Arafat as thousands take to streets in revolt in Gaza: Arafat's offices burned down, as he seeks a way to prevent civil war among Palestinian factions (19-Jul-2004)
"I, Robot" is science fiction, but intelligent computers will soon be science fact.: When will it dawn on the politicians and the general public that this changes everything? (9-Jul-2004)
Alan Greenspan's Mixed Emotions: More and more top analysts are getting concerned about extremely high debt levels and stock valuations. (6-Jul-2004)
Operation Summer Pulse 04: Taiwan is moving inexorably towards independence, and America is supporting it, while China is freaking out over it. Will this lead to an inevitable war over Taiwan? (6-Jul-2004)
Green Revolution vs Malthus Effect: Despite the "Green Revolution," world population continues to grow faster than food production. This is one of the fundamental reasons why wars occur. (28-Jun-2004)
Beheadings part of increasing conflict level throughout Mideast: The level of conflict is increasing throughout the Mideast, from Gaza to Pakistan, from Saudi Arabia to Uzbekistan. (23-Jun-2004)
Stock market increasingly volatile: Sharp plunges in international stock markets portend periods of increasingly high volatility. (17-May-04)
Iraq Today vs 1960s America (Revised): They have much in common: Bombings, assassinations, student demonstrations, violent riots, calls for insurrection and civil war and harsh rhetoric. That's much more than a coincidence. (8-May-2004)
Taiwan's Wild Election Battle: Taiwan's election battle is even wilder and more raucous than the Bush-Gore election battle in 2000. Its uncertain outcome is causing massive protests. (11-Apr-04)
What Iraqi Civil War?: Early in 2003, I predicted that there would be no popular uprising against the Americans, and that there would be no civil war. After the overthrow of Saddam, I said that an Iraqi civil war was impossible. Despite the constant near-hysteria of the politicians, journalists and high-priced analysts, I've been right so far. Here's why. (09-Apr-04)
Palestinian Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, spiritual leader of the Hamas militia group, killed in Israeli air strike: Generational Dynamics says that this brings Mideast much closer to all-out war (21-Mar-04)
Madrid terrorist bombings are having unexpected significance: The 3/11 bombings may have the same effect on Europeans that the 9/11 attacks had on Americans. (15-Mar-04)
Haiti: Heading for possible rebellion and anarchy: A historical analysis of a potential crisis. (4-Mar-04)
Anti-Shi'ite Terror Attacks in Iraq, Pakistan: So far, Sunni and Shi'ite leaders in Iraq aren't taking the bait. (2-Mar-04)
The New Sexual Revolution: The pendulum is swinging back. (27-Feb-04)
Alan Greenspan's Mea Culpa: Alan Greenspan has put his legacy into serious danger (08-Jan-04)
Georgia (Asia) on the brink of civil war: Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze says that the country is on the verge of civil war. This could be the next war in the "clash of civilizations" between Islam and Christianity. (15-Nov-03)
"Ping-Pong Terrorism" in Mideast leading inevitably to major regional war: Even non-violent acts are seen as terrorism by the other side, and the intensity of the mutual attacks is constantly increasing. (10-Oct-03)
Schwarzenegger's victory could spell trouble for Bush: It also signals the end of the societal culture / gender wars. (8-Oct-03)
What if Al Gore were President?: Both Republicans and Democrats are making important strategic errors in the battle for the White House in 2004. Here's what they SHOULD be saying. (26-Sep-03)
Is China unraveling?: Should you invest in the world's fastest growing economy? Analysts say yes, but there are ominous generational signs of financial and social instability in China. (10-Sep-03)
Hamas Announces End of Cease-Fire: Can Ariel Sharon and Yasser Arafat once more fend off a large regional war? (21-Aug-03)
Terrorist suicide bombings in Iraq may backfire against terrorists: During an awakening period, terrorist acts cause masses of people to shrink from more violence. (19-Aug-03)
Riots in Iran: Will there be a violent overthrow of the Iranian Mullahs? Generational Dynamics says 'No.' (25-Jun-03)
Dow Passes 9000 / Mideast Peace Plan Takes Off: This is a big test for Generational Dynamics, which predicts that the good news won't last. (04-Jun-03)
"Mideast Roadmap" - Will it bring peace?: Generational Dynamics predicts something quite different for the Mideast. (01-May-03)
France and Germany: Why are they becoming anti-American? (15-Feb-03)
The Anti-War Movement: Will it gain traction? (15-Feb-03)
North and South Korea: Will the North Koreans start a nuclear war? (22-Jan-03)
Turkey: Turkey has been rebuffing America. What are they up to? (24-Mar-03)
Japan: Is Japan's economy finally near collapse? (26-Mar-03)

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Will stocks rise or fall in 2004? (1-Jan-04)
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Web Log: Informal comments on current news and trends.

21-Aug-18 World View -- ISIS claims credit for coordinated attacks across Russia's Chechnya region: Brief generational history of Chechnya... (21-Aug-2018)
20-Aug-18 World View -- Afghanistan's president Ghani announces ceasefire with Taliban: Taliban says no peace in Afghanistan until foreign 'occupation' withdraws... (20-Aug-2018)
19-Aug-18 World View -- Socialist Venezuela introduces new fantasy currency and new Socialist changes: Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says that capitalism has not always existed... (19-Aug-2018)
18-Aug-18 World View -- New Pentagon military assessment details China's preparations for war: The growing military threat from China... (18-Aug-2018)
17-Aug-18 World View -- US imposes new North Korea sanctions on Chinese and Russian shipping companies: Profound connection between the sanctions on Turkey and North Korea... (17-Aug-2018)
16-Aug-18 World View -- China-Cambodia grow closer militarily, as Hun Sen steals parliamentary election: China's military aid and infrastructure investments bring debt trap to Cambodia... (16-Aug-2018)
15-Aug-18 World View -- Chinese workers in Pakistan injured in terrorist bombing: War of words grows over IMF funding for Pakistan's debt... (15-Aug-2018)
14-Aug-18 World View -- Taliban attack on Ghazni brings America's Afghanistan strategy into question: Afghan army, backed by US, struggles to regain Ghazni after four days... (14-Aug-2018)
13-Aug-18 World View -- A 'historic' Caspian Sea agreement leaves major issues unresolved: Major issues about commercial exploitation remain unresolved... (13-Aug-2018)
12-Aug-18 World View -- Colombia's president Ivan Duque takes office amidst accusations from Venezuela: Brief generational history of Colombia... (12-Aug-2018)
11-Aug-18 World View -- Turkey's lira currency crumbles as Trump turns the screws after Erdogan double-cross: How Erdogan apparently double-crossed Trump... (11-Aug-2018)
10-Aug-18 World View -- Discontent with China's president Xi Jinping continues during 'trade war': China uses increasing violence to suppress criticism... (10-Aug-2018)
9-Aug-18 World View -- Italy threatens EU with immigration fight to get budget concessions: Spain becomes the major destination for migrants from Africa... (9-Aug-2018)
8-Aug-18 World View -- Iran's protesters blame bad economy on Supreme Leader, not on US sanctions: The international demand for regime change in Iran... (8-Aug-2018)
7-Aug-18 World View -- Pakistan faces imminent financial crisis threatening China's CPEC: Pakistan elects anti-American far right religious Imran Khan to be prime minister... (7-Aug-2018)
6-Aug-18 World View -- John Bolton and Marco Rubio describe North Korea strategy, as sanctions are violated: UN report: North Korea nuclear and missile development continues... (6-Aug-2018)
5-Aug-18 World View -- China mocks America's 'Indo-Pacific' strategy at ASEAN meeting: Concerns grow over China's debt strategy for Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)... (5-Aug-2018)
4-Aug-18 World View -- South Africa announces plans for unpaid confiscation of white-owned farms: Zimbabwe's post-election violence raises concerns about economy... (4-Aug-2018)
3-Aug-18 World View -- DR Congo has new outbreak of Ebola just as the previous outbreak ends: Reasons for quick containment of last Ebola outbreak... (3-Aug-2018)
2-Aug-18 World View -- Report: EU and UK ready to accept 'fudge' to get through Brexit: Opposition grows to the 'fudge' proposal... (2-Aug-2018)
1-Aug-18 World View -- Iran's anti-government protests expand as rial currency plummets: The Grand Bazaar and the prospects for regime change... (1-Aug-2018)
31-Jul-18 World View -- Attacks on Saudi tankers expose twin Iran military threats to international oil shipments: US considers military options for Hormuz and Bab al-Mandeb... (31-Jul-2018)
30-Jul-18 World View -- Operation Gukurahundi genocide becomes major Zimbabwe election issue: Robert Mugabe endorses the opposition candidate... (30-Jul-2018)
29-Jul-18 World View -- Cambodia's China-backed dictator Hun Sen expected to win fraudulent election on Sunday: Brief generational history of Cambodia... (29-Jul-2018)
28-Jul-18 World View -- Saudi Arabia suspends Red Sea oil shipments after Yemen Houthi missile strikes tanker: Saudis renew airstrikes on Houthis in Yemen's Hodeidah seaport... (28-Jul-2018)
27-Jul-18 World View -- ISIS terror attack kills hundreds of Druze in southern Syria: History of the Druze religion... (27-Jul-2018)
26-Jul-18 World View -- North Korea appears to dismantle its Sohae satellite launch site: North Korea's denuclearization timeline seems to be extending out indefinitely... (26-Jul-2018)
25-Jul-18 World View -- Defector in Kazakhstan reveals explosive information about China's 'reeducation centers': The explosive testimony: thousands of Kazakhs in China's reeducation camps... (25-Jul-2018)
24-Jul-18 World View -- Australia sends refugees to Taiwan hospitals to keep them from Australian soil: Once secret refugee deal sends refugees to Taiwan's hospital... (24-Jul-2018)
23-Jul-18 World View -- ISIS-K bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan, targets returning vice president Abdul Rashid Dostum: ISIS-K claims credit for bomb targeting Uzbek warlord General Dostum... (23-Jul-2018)
22-Jul-18 World View -- Bashar al-Assad declares victory in southern Syria as opponents are bused out: Fears grow that Bashar al-Assad will attack 2.5 million people in Idlib... (22-Jul-2018)
21-Jul-18 World View -- The Trump-Putin private meeting was almost certainly about China: Donald Trump threatens to impose tariffs on everything imported from China... (21-Jul-2018)
20-Jul-18 World View -- Ireland hiring 1,000 new customs and veterinary inspectors for hard Brexit: Britain's government in chaos as no-deal 'hard Brexit' looms... (20-Jul-2018)
19-Jul-18 World View -- Trump administration signals that trade war with China will escalate sharply: The growing conflict with China... (19-Jul-2018)
18-Jul-18 World View -- Fighting between Taliban and ISIS-K escalates in Afghanistan: ISIS-K claims credit for killing 15 Taliban, including commander... (18-Jul-2018)
17-Jul-18 World View -- Pakistan terrorism grows as July 25 election approaches: 'Ghazi Force' takes credit for attack on 11th anniversary of Red Mosque siege... (17-Jul-2018)
16-Jul-18 World View -- Socialist Cuba moves to Capitalism, while Socialist Venezuela moves to self-destruction: Private property ownership allowed under Cuba's new constitution... (16-Jul-2018)
15-Jul-18 World View -- Israel prepares for war on two fronts, Gaza and Syria: Egypt mediates Israel-Gaza ceasefire in biggest escalation since 2014 war... (15-Jul-2018)
14-Jul-18 World View -- China's railway contractor in Kenya accused of 'neo-colonialism, racism and blatant discrimination': Kenya may lose its Mombasa seaport to China because of 'Debt Book Diplomacy'... (14-Jul-2018)
13-Jul-18 World View -- Viral video shows Francophone Cameroon soldiers killing women and children: Cameroon continues on path to full-scale civil war... (13-Jul-2018)
12-Jul-18 World View -- Haiti blames IMF for fuel price increases triggering riots: Haiti people riot after announcement of fuel price rises during World Cup match... (12-Jul-2018)
11-Jul-18 World View -- Concerns grow that Azerbaijan plans Armenia invasion from Nakhchivan enclave: Tensions grow between Armenia and Azerbaijan in Nakhchivan enclave... (11-Jul-2018)
10-Jul-18 World View -- Israel will close crossing point to Gaza in retaliation for incendiary kites: The incendiary kite attacks began with 'The Great March for Return'... (10-Jul-2018)
9-Jul-18 World View -- India's Kashmir locked down after 3 civilians killed by police: Violence sparked by death of Burhan Wani continues to grow... (9-Jul-2018)
8-Jul-18 World View -- North Korea issues vitriolic anti-US rant, collapsing denuclearization talks: The North Korean demands: total American withdrawal from South Korea... (8-Jul-2018)
7-Jul-18 World View -- Russia's actions in Sea of Azov raise fears of another invasion of Ukraine: Ukraine's Donbas war continues, as US supplies Javelin anti-tank missiles... (7-Jul-2018)
6-Jul-18 World View -- Sec of State Pompeo visits North Korea amid reports that sanctions will be softened: Commentary: The US imposes tariffs on Chinese imports... (6-Jul-2018)
5-Jul-18 World View -- Al-Assad's attacks on Daraa threaten clashes with Israel and Jordan on Syria's border: Jordan and Israel concerned about infiltration from Iran and Hezbollah... (5-Jul-2018)
4-Jul-18 World View -- German leaders agree to migrant refugee camps on border with Austria: Egypt refuses to build refugee camps for migrants deported from Europe... (4-Jul-2018)
3-Jul-18 World View -- Mexico elects far left president amid skyrocketing murders, crime and corruption: Generational explanation for the violence in Mexico... (3-Jul-2018)
2-Jul-18 World View -- Generational explanation of today's vitriolic divisiveness in America: Leon Festinger and Cognitive Dissonance... (2-Jul-2018)
1-Jul-18 World View -- Syria and Russia create humanitarian catastrophe in Daraa: Number displaced by Syrian and Russian bombing in Daara triples to 160,000... (1-Jul-2018)
30-Jun-18 World View -- EU leaders agree on fantasy migration plan after all-night meeting: Italy backs down from threat to veto the agreement over Dublin regulation... (30-Jun-2018)
29-Jun-18 World View -- Australia passes foreign influence laws, targeting China: China activists accuse Australia of anti-China racism... (29-Jun-2018)
28-Jun-18 World View -- Zimbabwe president Mnangagwa blames Grace Mugabe for bomb blast at rally: Zimbabwe elections overshadowed by the country's dark past... (28-Jun-2018)
27-Jun-18 World View -- Tens of thousands fleeing Syrian bombs trapped at closed Jordan border: Israeli missiles strike Iranian cargo plane near Damascus... (27-Jun-2018)
26-Jun-18 World View -- Massive Tehran riots strike deep into Iran government's legitimacy: Brief generational history of Iran's protests... (26-Jun-2018)
25-Jun-18 World View -- Concerns grow in Israel over Syrian and Russian assaults on Daraa and Quneitra provinces: Jordan says it can't host a new wave of refugees from Syria... (25-Jun-2018)
24-Jun-18 World View -- Ethiopia's prime minister Abiy Ahmediat escapes grenade attack at massive rally: New Ethiopia reforms face opposition by hardliners... (24-Jun-2018)
23-Jun-18 World View -- Desperate European Union considers 'Disembarkation Platforms' for migrants: European Union very badly split on migration as Sunday's summit approaches... (23-Jun-2018)
22-Jun-18 World View -- Thousands of Syrians flee into Jordan to escape bombing in Daraa: Fears grow of Syrian army advance into Quneitra province... (22-Jun-2018)
21-Jun-18 World View -- Europe and North America overwhelmed by growing migration crisis: The increasing threat of 'unspeakable' violence from MS-13... (21-Jun-2018)
20-Jun-18 World View -- Saudi coalition claims to have captured airport in Yemen's Hodeidah: United Nations renews its peace plan proposal... (20-Jun-2018)
19-Jun-18 World View -- Russia-Israel alliance grows, while Russia-Iran alliance frays in Syria: Israeli airstrike on Syria-Iraq border kills dozens of Shia militia fighters... (19-Jun-2018)
18-Jun-18 World View -- India cancels ceasefire in Kashmir after one month: Controversial one-sided UN report on Kashmir condemns India ... (18-Jun-2018)
17-Jun-18 World View -- Italy's migration policy opens up battle lines within the EU: As Aquarius migrants head for Spain, Spain rescues 900 more migrants from Mediterranean... (17-Jun-2018)
16-Jun-18 World View -- Cameroon condemns scathing Amnesty report on government atrocities: Amnesty report documents increasing violence on both sides... (16-Jun-2018)
15-Jun-18 World View -- Saudi Arabia and UAE launch a 'catastrophic' assault on Port Hodeidah in Yemen: Houthis increase missile attacks on Saudi cities... (15-Jun-2018)
14-Jun-18 World View -- After the Kim-Trump summit, US and N. Korea plan denuclearization details: After the summit, North Korea must make the next move... (14-Jun-2018)
13-Jun-18 World View -- Vietnam government surprised by widespread anti-China and anti-government protests: Anti-government protests grow in Vietnam along with anti-China protests... (13-Jun-2018)
12-Jun-18 World View -- Spain's offer to take in Aquarius migrants is rejected as dangerous to migrants: Italy cries victory, portending a growing EU migrant crisis this summer... (12-Jun-2018)
11-Jun-18 World View -- EU faces new crisis as Italy demands that Malta accept African migrants: Malta refuses to accept migrants, says it 'adheres to all obligations'... (11-Jun-2018)
10-Jun-18 World View -- Afghan Taliban launches multiple terror attacks, then declares farcical ceasefire: Special Inspector General issues scathing report on US military in Afghanistan... (10-Jun-2018)
9-Jun-18 World View -- Argentina faces major financial crisis as IMF loans it $50 billion: Protests grow against new IMF deal in Argentina... (9-Jun-2018)
8-Jun-18 World View -- Macedonia name issue triggers more huge protests in northern Greece: Protesters in Greece demand that Macedonia's new name be 'erga omnes'... (8-Jun-2018)
7-Jun-18 World View -- Turkey and Greece tensions rise with warplane dogfights over Aegean Sea: Deep millennia-old issues separate Turkey and Greece... (7-Jun-2018)
6-Jun-18 World View -- In a surprise, Ethiopia accepts peace deal with Eritrea: Ethiopia's new PM lifts state of emergency two months early... (6-Jun-2018)
5-Jun-18 World View -- Jordan's government in chaos as PM resigns in face of anti-government protests: Fears grow that Jordan will be the next victim of the 'Arab Spring'... (5-Jun-2018)
4-Jun-18 World View -- Violence between herders and farmers surges in Nigeria: Nigeria's amnesty program in Niger Delta under fire... (4-Jun-2018)
3-Jun-18 World View -- Europe faces challenges with new governments in Italy, Spain and Catalonia: Italy's markets stabilize as new 'populist' government takes office... (3-Jun-2018)
2-Jun-18 World View -- Israel makes deal with Russia as Syria's al-Assad makes anti-US rant: Israel and Russia reach agreement to keep Iran out of Syria's south... (2-Jun-2018)
1-Jun-18 World View -- Israel hopeful that Egypt's mediation has ended Gaza violence - for now: Egypt mediates a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas... (1-Jun-2018)
31-May-18 World View -- Malaysia shocked when 92-year-old Mahathir Mohamad becomes prime minister: Mahathir promises to reduce Malaysia's debt and China's influence... (31-May-2018)
30-May-18 World View -- Philippine President Duterte reverses position, says he would go to war with China over South China Sea: China raises 'combat readiness' as US-China relations become increasingly hostile... (30-May-2018)
29-May-18 World View -- Italy's 'populist' government collapses, threatening eurozone exit: Italy's president Mattarella selects a 'technocrat' as prime minister... (29-May-2018)
28-May-18 World View -- Dozens killed in English-speaking Cameroon region by French-speaking government police: US Ambassador Peter Barlerin accuses Cameroon government of 'targeted killings'... (28-May-2018)
27-May-18 World View -- U.S. threatens 'firm measures' against al-Assad's military action in Deraa, Syria: Syria passes new 'Law #10' to block refugees from returning home after the war... (27-May-2018)
26-May-18 World View -- Russia gains foothold in Central African Republic, displacing France: The rise of Russia's military contractor Wagner Private Military Company (Wagner PMC)... (26-May-2018)
25-May-18 World View -- North Korea suffers diplomatic defeat as Trump cancels summit: China prepares to station thousands of troops in South China Sea... (25-May-2018)
24-May-18 World View -- Australia-China relations in crisis after revelation of Chinese bribery scandal: China blames Australia and threatens retaliation... (24-May-2018)
23-May-18 World View -- European markets in turmoil over Italy's unbridled spending proposals: Key proposals from Italy's M5S-League coalition... (23-May-2018)
22-May-18 World View -- China will end 'one-child policy' and all limits on births: China's gender imbalance caused by one-child policy has been disastrous... (22-May-2018)
21-May-18 World View -- Stage is set for a new humanitarian catastrophe in Syria's Idlib province: Turkey warns Syria's Bashar al-Assad not to attack Idlib province... (21-May-2018)
20-May-18 World View -- China escalates militarization of South China Sea, preparing for war: China prepares for war on multiple fronts... (20-May-2018)
19-May-18 World View -- Two protesters killed in southern Iran in latest violent clashes with police: Iranian police clash with marginalized Qashqai tribe in southern Iran... (19-May-2018)
18-May-18 World View -- New Ebola outbreak in major DR Congo city is called potentially 'explosive': Applying lessons learned, WHO and MSF move quickly to contain Ebola outbreak... (18-May-2018)
17-May-18 World View -- China says that its military exercises are intended to threaten Taiwan: Taiwan, in cooperation with the U.S., strengthens defenses against China... (17-May-2018)
16-May-18 World View -- Taliban launches major military operation in Farah province in Afghanistan: Afghan government continues to lose control to the Taliban... (16-May-2018)
15-May-18 World View -- Gaza violence surges in Palestinian 'Great March for Return' into Israel: Opening of US embassy in Jerusalem stirs strong reactions... (15-May-2018)
14-May-18 World View -- ISIS linked family of six bombs three churches in Indonesia: Growth of Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD) in Indonesia... (14-May-2018)
13-May-18 World View -- Likely outcome of Trump-Kim North Korea summit: Mutual recriminations and accusations: North Korea schedules dismantling of nuclear test site as TV ceremony... (13-May-2018)
12-May-18 World View -- Climate change conference collapses as China backs down from emission commitments: Climate change activists struggle to replace US climate change money... (12-May-2018)
11-May-18 World View -- Israel-Iran attacks in Syria take a pause, as Turkey tightens control over Afrin: Turkey tightens grip on Syria's Afrin, and continues to threaten Manbij... (11-May-2018)
10-May-18 World View -- Killing of two priests escalates farmer-herder conflict in Benue State, Nigeria: Israel, Iran and Syria exchange fire in first direct military confrontation... (10-May-2018)
9-May-18 News -- European politicians have a lot to learn from North and South Korean leaders, by Loretta Napoleoni: Brexit and other European fiascos in diplomacy... (9-May-2018)
9-May-18 World View -- Brexit negotiations in crisis as deadlines approach with no agreements: Theresa May's two delusional proposals - Customs Partnership and Maximum Facilitation... (9-May-2018)
8-May-18 World View -- Cambodia's dictatorial Hun Sen forces sale of independent Phnom Penh Post: Phnom Penh Post had a combative relationship with Hun Sen... (8-May-2018)
7-May-18 World View -- Pakistan's interior minister shot by member of loony anti-blasphemy Barelvi sect: Barelvi sect and Tehreek-e-Labaik political party surge in popularity... (7-May-2018)
6-May-18 World View -- Muslim vs Catholic violence surges again in Central African Republic: Angry protesters bring corpses to MINUSCA headquarters in Bangui... (6-May-2018)
5-May-18 World View -- UAE troops and tanks deployed to Yemen's Socotra island in dispute with Saudi Arabia: Rift grows between Saudi Arabia and UAE in Yemen... (5-May-2018)
4-May-18 World View -- China deploys cruise and surface-to-air missiles in South China Sea: China's military attacks US pilots in Djibouti with high-grade blinding lasers... (4-May-2018)
3-May-18 World View -- Israel reveals intelligence coup on Iran's nuclear weapons program: Importance of 2003 Iraq War revealed by the Iranian intelligence coup... (3-May-2018)
2-May-18 World View -- Russia confounded by the chaotic popular uprising in Armenia: Armenia in a generational Awakening era... (2-May-2018)
1-May-18 World View -- Nine journalists killed by suicide bombers in Kabul Afghanistan: Analysts guess at why Afghanistan's security situation keeps deteriorating... (1-May-2018)
30-Apr-18 World View -- Pakistan's anti-American 'hope and change' candidate Imran Khan runs again: Imran Khan threatens an anti-American and pro-Chinese agenda... (30-Apr-2018)
29-Apr-18 World View -- Thousands of ethnic Kachins flee from violence by Burma (Myanmar) army: Burma (Myanmar) appears to be entering a full-scale crisis civil war... (29-Apr-2018)
28-Apr-18 World View -- Kazakhstan to permit America to use Caspian ports to supply military in Afghanistan: Russia moves to increase dominance over Caspian Sea... (28-Apr-2018)
27-Apr-18 World View -- North Korea's negotiating position collapses, along with Mount Mantap: North-South Korea summit begins... (27-Apr-2018)
26-Apr-18 World View -- Armenia's protesters continue protesting after forcing resignation of prime minister: Fears grow that Armenia's instability will spill over into Russia... (26-Apr-2018)
25-Apr-18 World View -- Congo's Kabila and Burundi's Nkurunziza use violence and corruption to stay in power: DR Congo's Joseph Kabila attacks Catholic Church opposition violently... (25-Apr-2018)
24-Apr-18 World View -- Number of Israeli 'price tag' hate crime attacks by radical Jewish settlers surges: Hilltop youth from Yitzhar settlement considered the epicenter of 'price tag' attacks... (24-Apr-2018)
23-Apr-18 World View -- ISIS-K suicide bomber kills over 50 in Kabul, Afghanistan, registering to vote: ISIS Khorasan (ISIS-K) becomes more prominent in South Asia... (23-Apr-2018)
22-Apr-18 World View -- North Korea suspends all nuclear, missile tests, shuts down nuclear test site: North Korea promised to denuclearize in 2008, and proved its sincerity... (22-Apr-2018)
21-Apr-18 World View -- Socialist Venezuela's state-owned PDVSA oil company near total collapse: Will China or Russia save Venezuela?... (21-Apr-2018)
20-Apr-18 World View -- Cuba's new president Miguel Díaz-Canel makes delusional promise to continue Socialist revolution: Cuba's faltering economy and the dual currency problem... (20-Apr-2018)
19-Apr-18 World View -- Thousands of Mali refugees flee into Burkina Faso to escape ethnic violence: Canada debates whether there's any point to a peacekeeping force... (19-Apr-2018)
18-Apr-18 World View -- Leader of Armenia's 'non-violent velvet revolution' threatens to paralyze the country: Brief generational history of Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan... (18-Apr-2018)
17-Apr-18 World View -- As Syria's al-Assad attacks Idlib, he may consider chemical weapons essential: Russia ties itself in knots diplomatically over Syria gas attack... (17-Apr-2018)
16-Apr-18 World View -- Israel's top court orders 207 African migrants to be released from jail: Uganda first agrees to accept Israel's African migrants, then backs down... (16-Apr-2018)
15-Apr-18 World View -- Iran, Hezbollah and Syria threaten retaliation against Israel: American, British, French attack on Syria signals sharp change in Western policy... (15-Apr-2018)
14-Apr-18 World View -- DR Congo boycotts its own international humanitarian conference for DR Congo: U.S., France, Britain launch Syria attack in retaliation for al-Assad's use of chemical weapons... (14-Apr-2018)
13-Apr-18 World View -- Japan finds 'semi-infinite supply' of rare earth minerals in its territorial waters: Japan's rare earths discovery represents a defeat for China... (13-Apr-2018)
12-Apr-18 World View -- The world awaits Trump's promised retaliation for al-Assad's chemical weapons attack: Israel braces for attack from Iran in retaliation for Sunday's airstrike... (12-Apr-2018)
11-Apr-18 World View -- Major multi-national military operation planned for Syria after Sarin gas use: Russia's Andrey Klimov: Sarin gas attack is just a Hollywood movie... (11-Apr-2018)
10-Apr-18 World View -- Viktor Orbán's Fidesz party victory in Hungary signals strong European move to the right: Viktor Orbán's Fidesz anti-migrant party wins overwhelming victory in Hungary... (10-Apr-2018)
9-Apr-18 World View -- Trump threatens 'big price to pay' after Assad's chemical weapons attack in Syria: Syria reports that it's under missile attack, 'likely' by the US... (9-Apr-2018)
8-Apr-18 World View -- US will sell submarine technology to Taiwan, as Japan launches first marine brigade since end of WW II: Taiwan and Japan respond to China's militarization... (8-Apr-2018)
7-Apr-18 World View -- Gaza Palestinians burn tires to hide protests from Israel's army: Hamas and Fatah/PLO criticized for contradictory strategies... (7-Apr-2018)
6-Apr-18 World View -- Ukraine seizes Russian ship in Sea of Azov in retaliation for Kerch Strait blockade: Russia builds bridge over Kerch Strait to Crimea, blocking commercial traffic to Ukraine... (6-Apr-2018)
5-Apr-18 World View -- China on path to repeat Japan's experience after Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930: China's tariff retaliation plan would devastate China's economy... (5-Apr-2018)
4-Apr-18 World View -- Russia accelerates delivery of S-400 anti-aircraft missiles to Turkey: Mainstream media emphasize the love-fest between Turkey and Russia... (4-Apr-2018)
3-Apr-18 World View -- Israel's government in turmoil over failure to deport African migrants: Netanyahu: We fell into a 'trap' with failed deportation plan... (3-Apr-2018)
2-Apr-18 World View -- Massive new anti-India violence in Kashmir leads to 20 deaths: Uprising in Kashmir continues to grow into war between India and Pakistan... (2-Apr-2018)
1-Apr-18 World View -- Gaza Palestinian 'Land Day' demonstrations lead to violence with Israel's army: Fears grow of resumption of 2014 Gaza war... (1-Apr-2018)
31-Mar-18 World View -- Russia's Far East, Siberia and Vladivostok under threat from China: Russians increasingly fear losing Lake Baikal to China - and to garbage... (31-Mar-2018)
30-Mar-18 World View -- Ethiopia chooses an Oromo leader, as Kenya has farcical confrontation with the courts: Ethiopia chooses Oromo leader, Abiy Ahmed, hoping to reduce violence... (30-Mar-2018)
29-Mar-18 World View -- Russia-China strategy to use the UN to control Western foreign policy has stopped working: China 'prepares for war' with massive naval/air force drills in South China Sea... (29-Mar-2018)
28-Mar-18 World View -- Tense Turkey-EU summit in Bulgaria once again ends in failure: Other unresolved issues from the EU-Turkey summit meeting... (28-Mar-2018)
27-Mar-18 World View -- Al-Houthi missile attack on Saudi cities sharply escalates the Yemen war: Yemen's Iran-backed al-Houthi rebels launch barrage of missile attacks on Saudi cities... (27-Mar-2018)
26-Mar-18 World View -- Spain's arrests of Catalonia secessionist leaders revive memories of Franco's brutal atrocities: Violent clashes with police in Spain's Catalonia follow arrest of Puigdemont in Germany... (26-Mar-2018)
25-Mar-18 World View -- The Pivotal Generation (Generation Z) marches for gun control, tilting at windmills: Defining the generations -- Silent, Boomer, Generation-X, Millennial, Pivotal... (25-Mar-2018)
24-Mar-18 World View -- Report that Russia is helping the Taliban in Afghanistan contains delusional aspects: US warship sails near China's illegal artificial island in the South China Sea... (24-Mar-2018)
23-Mar-18 World View -- Turkey's government takes control of last remaining independent news source: South Africans furious at Australia for condemning white farmer land confiscation... (23-Mar-2018)
22-Mar-18 World View -- How China would lose a war with the United States: ISIS-linked terrorists in Afghanistan kill 32 in bombing of Shia Shrine in Kabul... (22-Mar-2018)
21-Mar-18 World View -- Xi Jinping invokes the 1840s Opium Wars to justify military action for China's 'rejuvenation': Xi Jinping stokes China's nationalism with harsh threats to Taiwan and Hong Kong... (21-Mar-2018)
20-Mar-18 World View -- Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board overwhelmed by migrants crossing border from US: Turkey achieves victory in Afrin, Syria, but Kurds threaten guerilla war... (20-Mar-2018)
19-Mar-18 World View -- Burundi's Hutu 'eternal supreme guide' Nkurunziza to remain in power eternally: Finland is the happiest country in the world, Burundi the unhappiest... (19-Mar-2018)
18-Mar-18 World View -- Human rights protests of Cambodia and Myanmar (Burma) overshadow Australia ASEAN summit meeting: Cambodia's Hun Sen threatens violence at protesters at ASEAN meeting... (18-Mar-2018)
17-Mar-18 World View -- Ireland border issue continues to confound Brexit negotiations: Despite warnings from China, Trump signs the Taiwan Travel Act... (17-Mar-2018)
16-Mar-18 World View -- Concerns grow of humanitarian disaster in Afrin, Syria, as Turkey's forces enter: Silence from North Korea puts Kim-Trump summit in doubt... (16-Mar-2018)
15-Mar-18 World View -- Thousands of Ethiopian Oromos flee into Kenya, threatening regional stability: Fears grow that Ethiopia's ethnic clashes will destabilize the region... (15-Mar-2018)
14-Mar-18 World View -- Trump blocks Broadcom acquisition of Qualcomm over national security: Government urges not doing business with China's Huawei and ZTE... (14-Mar-2018)
13-Mar-18 World View -- Britain threatens Russia with retaliation over nerve gas poisoning of Skripal: Skripal was attacked with Novichok, a military-grade nerve agent developed by Russia... (13-Mar-2018)
12-Mar-18 World View -- Socialists and feminists to act as 'human shields' protecting Kurds from Turkey in Afrin Syria: US cuts back operations in Incirlik as Turkey-NATO relations sour... (12-Mar-2018)
11-Mar-18 World View -- General warns of US security danger if China acquires Djibouti seaport: China continues influence through 'debt trap' policies... (11-Mar-2018)
10-Mar-18 World View -- The Donald Trump - Kim Jong-un meeting hinges on a decision that Kim has already made: Kenya's bitter rivals, Kenyatta and Odinga, become 'brothers' as Tillerson arrives... (10-Mar-2018)
9-Mar-18 World View -- Portions of Indian-governed Kashmir shut down after deadly clashes: Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) becomes leading jihadist group in Kashmir... (9-Mar-2018)
8-Mar-18 World View -- US-backed Kurds stop fighting ISIS in order to fight Turkey in Afrin: Mahmoud Abbas may step down as Palestinian Authority president... (8-Mar-2018)
7-Mar-18 World View -- Sri Lanka declares state of emergency after Buddhist-Muslim violence: North Korea says it will denuclearize if the regime is 'secure'... (7-Mar-2018)
6-Mar-18 World View -- The Ghouta 'ceasefire' turns into a Syrian army scam to steal humanitarian aid: Syria says close to defeating Jaysh al-Islam in Eastern Ghouta... (6-Mar-2018)
5-Mar-18 World View -- India and Vietnam sign security agreements for the South China Sea: India's relationship with Southeast Asian nations overshadowed by China... (5-Mar-2018)
4-Mar-18 World View -- China pushes to invest heavily in Iraq's energy infrastructure: African Cédric Bakambu joins China's Sinobo Guoan Football (Soccer) Club... (4-Mar-2018)
3-Mar-18 World View -- Turkey suffers military setback in 'Operation Olive Branch' in Afrin Syria: Turkey doubles down on Afrin-Manbij operation, despite US opposition... (3-Mar-2018)
2-Mar-18 World View -- Bangladesh formally protests Burma's (Myanmar's) troop buildup near border: April monsoon rains will have disastrous impact on Rohingya camps in Bangladesh... (2-Mar-2018)
1-Mar-18 World View -- Moving sharply left, South Africa calls for potentially disastrous land reform : Julius Malema and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) movement... (1-Mar-2018)
28-Feb-18 World View -- Russia's 'humanitarian pause' in Syria turns into farce on first day: Report: North Korea is selling chemical weapons supplies to Syria... (28-Feb-2018)
27-Feb-18 World View -- Saudi Arabia sacks its top tier of military commanders as Yemen war drags on: From missile strikes and bombings to cholera, war-torn Yemen deteriorates... (27-Feb-2018)
26-Feb-18 World View -- New book documents extensive Chinese infiltration into Australia's organizations : New Zealand investigates attacks on author of report on China's infiltration into New Zealand... (26-Feb-2018)
25-Feb-18 World View -- China angrily demands that the US retract the new North Korea sanctions: As North Korea's 'charm offensive' fades, decision time for military action approaches... (25-Feb-2018)
24-Feb-18 World View -- US embassy to Jerusalem will commemorate Israel's founding -- Palestinian 'Naqba Day': Already furious Palestinians condemn embassy move on 'Naqba Day' -- 'Catastrophe Day'... (24-Feb-2018)
23-Feb-18 World View -- Syria, Russia, Iran conduct full-on mass extermination of civilians in Eastern Ghouta: North Korea insults South Korea with selection of Kim Yong-chol head of Olympics closing ceremony... (23-Feb-2018)
22-Feb-18 World View -- Cobalt for Apple iPhones means more money and weapons for DR Congo's corrupt leader Joseph Kabila: Thousands of children work as cobalt miners in DR Congo... (22-Feb-2018)
21-Feb-18 World View -- US considers military options as North Korea continues nuclear weapons development during Olympics: American politicians debate a 'bloody nose attack' on North Korea... (21-Feb-2018)
20-Feb-18 World View -- Turkey gets bogged down with military 'Operation Olive Branch' in Afrin, Syria: Syria says it will send its 'popular forces' to support the YPG against Turkey in Afrin... (20-Feb-2018)
19-Feb-18 World View -- Special prosecutor Robert Mueller issues farcical indictment of Russian trolls: Comparing Russian trolls to Chinese hackers... (19-Feb-2018)
18-Feb-18 World View -- Iran gives operational control of its Chabahar seaport to India: Comparing Iran's Chabahar seaport vs Pakistan's Gwadar seaport... (18-Feb-2018)
17-Feb-18 World View -- Ethiopia declares state of emergency after shock resignation of prime minister: Generational analysis of Ethiopia's protests and state of emergency... (17-Feb-2018)
16-Feb-18 World View -- Concerns grow over China's covert infiltration into New Zealand's government: Anne-Marie Brady's report, 'Magic Weapons', documents China's global influence strategy... (16-Feb-2018)
15-Feb-18 World View -- Netherlands expels Eritrean diplomat over coercive 'diaspora tax' collections: Eritrea's Patriarch Abune Antonios has not been seen in months... (15-Feb-2018)
14-Feb-18 World View -- Colombia and Brazil close borders with Venezuela amid talk of possible military intervention: Parents send kids to orphanages as Venezuela's oil production collapse... (14-Feb-2018)
13-Feb-18 World View -- Thousands of DR Congo refugees pour into Uganda to escape tribal violence: Massive 1998-2003 war between Hema and Lendu tribes has continued violence today... (13-Feb-2018)
12-Feb-18 World View -- What was Kim Yo-jong thinking as she returned to North Korea from the Olympics?: Moon Jae-in faces some difficult decisions... (12-Feb-2018)
11-Feb-18 World View -- Syrian war escalates sharply, after Israel, Iran, Turkey and Russia all lose aircraft: With defeat of ISIS, war escalates, and Syria becomes more fragmented and chaotic... (11-Feb-2018)
10-Feb-18 World View -- Egypt's army announces major counter-terrorism operation in Sinai - with Israel's help: Multiple reports indicate that Egypt and Israel are cooperating in Sinai... (10-Feb-2018)
9-Feb-18 World View -- US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) clash with Syrian regime forces: International Crisis Groups asks Russia to prevent Israel-Iran war in Syria... (9-Feb-2018)
8-Feb-18 World View -- Nigeria threatens Cameroon as 40,000 refugees cross the border: Nigeria sends army to curb violence between herders and farmers... (8-Feb-2018)
7-Feb-18 World View -- Maldives crisis pits India vs China in the Indian Ocean: Maldives president arrests Supreme Court justices to get favorable court ruling... (7-Feb-2018)
6-Feb-18 World View -- Syria's Bashar al-Assad steps up use of chemical weapons on his own people: UN Security Council is worthless as Syria uses chemical weapons with impunity... (6-Feb-2018)
5-Feb-18 World View -- Hundreds of thousands in Athens Greece protest Macedonia name compromise: Officials go from optimism to pessimism over solving Macedonia issue... (5-Feb-2018)
4-Feb-18 World View -- Kenya cracks down on political opposition after mock inauguration: Fears grow of repeat of 2008 post-election violence... (4-Feb-2018)
3-Feb-18 World View -- Migrants in Calais France hospitalized after violent clashes: Calais becomes difficult choke point in Brexit negotiations... (3-Feb-2018)
2-Feb-18 World View -- Reformist criticizes Iran's Supreme Leader, as women conduct anti-hijab protests: Iran's 'Girls of Revolution Street' tear off their hijabs and headscarves... (2-Feb-2018)
1-Feb-18 World View -- New reports show that Taliban are gaining territory in Afghanistan: Losing to Taliban has been predicted for years by generational analysis... (1-Feb-2018)
31-Jan-18 World View -- Russia's Syria peace talks in Sochi dissolve into farce as Lavrov gets heckled: War continues in full force, with Syria and Turkey killing 'terrorists'... (31-Jan-2018)
30-Jan-18 World View -- NY Times publishes a generational analysis of South Korea: Brief generational history of South Korea since World War II... (30-Jan-2018)
29-Jan-18 World View -- Clashes erupt between Saudi and UAE backed forces in South Yemen's port of Aden: Brief generational history of South Yemen... (29-Jan-2018)
28-Jan-18 World View -- New massive Taliban attack in Kabul Afghanistan kills 95: Trump doubles down on war on Taliban in Afghanistan... (28-Jan-2018)
27-Jan-18 World View -- Jihadists attack UN peacekeepers in Mali just as UN demands that Mali implement peace agreement: War becomes more likely as Mali enters a generational Crisis era... (27-Jan-2018)
26-Jan-18 World View -- In major policy shift, China will demolish thousands of migrant homes in cities: Migrant workers built modern China, and are now being discarded... (26-Jan-2018)
25-Jan-18 World View -- Egypt's presidential election becomes a farce as opposition candidates are forced out: Tensions rise between Egypt and Ethiopia over Nile River dam... (25-Jan-2018)
24-Jan-18 World View -- China's Mekong River dams criticized for affecting other countries' livelihoods : In policy shift, US sides with Indonesia in South China Sea over Natuna Sea... (24-Jan-2018)
23-Jan-18 World View -- More than 100,000 Greeks hold mass protest over 'Macedonia' name change: Massive protests in Thessaloniki Greece threaten Tsipras government... (23-Jan-2018)
22-Jan-18 World View -- Multiple Afghanistan Taliban terror attacks leave 'victory' plans in tatters: Sunday's attacks throw new doubts into claims of 'victory' in Afghanistan... (22-Jan-2018)
21-Jan-18 World View -- Turkey begins invasion of Syria while China lies about 'indisputable sovereignty': Summary of major Generational Dynamics predictions... (21-Jan-2018)
20-Jan-18 World View -- Turkey's troops mass on border, preparing to invade northern Syria: The growing conflagration in northwest Syria... (20-Jan-2018)
19-Jan-18 World View -- Britain and France renew 1904 Entente Cordiale with new military agreement: Britain will pay £44.5 million to renew the Le Touquet migration agreement... (19-Jan-2018)
18-Jan-18 World View -- North Korea's Olympics publicity stunt gains widespread media adoration: US, Canada sponsor international North Korea meeting to send signal to China, Russia... (18-Jan-2018)
17-Jan-18 World View -- France's Emmanuel Macron vows no more Jungle refugee camps in Calais: Macron demands more money from Britain and to renegotiate the Le Touquet Agreement... (17-Jan-2018)
16-Jan-18 World View -- US in Syria announces a Border Security Force to prevent repeat of Iraq withdrawal blunder: Turkey, Russia and Syria infuriated by the Border Security Force announcement... (16-Jan-2018)
15-Jan-18 World View -- Cameroon Catholic Church splits over government 'barbarism' and 'growing genocide': Cameroon crisis escalates as English-speakers flee to Nigeria to escape French-speakers' violence... (15-Jan-2018)
14-Jan-18 World View -- Syria's al-Assad threatens to drive hundreds of thousands more refugees into Turkey and Europe: Al-Assad's continued chlorine attacks on civilians follow Putin's 'Grozny model'... (14-Jan-2018)
13-Jan-18 World View -- US requests Pakistan's permission to ship Afghan supplies through Gwadar seaport: US-Pakistan relations continue as before, despite US aid cutoff... (13-Jan-2018)
12-Jan-18 World View -- Tunisia anti-austerity activists call for huge protests on Friday: Tunisia protests evoke memories of the 2011 'Arab Spring'... (12-Jan-2018)
11-Jan-18 World View -- Tit-for-tat violence between Nigeria's Muslim herders and Christian farmers becomes more serious: Nigeria searches for solutions to problem of herders vs farmers... (11-Jan-2018)
10-Jan-18 World View -- Venezuela threatens to close borders with Colombia and Dutch territories: Venezuela threatens to end trade with Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire... (10-Jan-2018)
9-Jan-18 World View -- Number of asylum seekers, led by Albanians, hits record high in France: The 'Jungle' is closed in Calais France, but the migrants aren't gone... (9-Jan-2018)
8-Jan-18 World View -- Rohingya ARSA attack on Burma (Myanmar) police complicates fantasy repatriation plans: Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh continues to grow... (8-Jan-2018)
7-Jan-18 World View -- Syria's Bashar al-Assad targets civilians and hospitals in never-ending war of extermination: Russia's 'de-escalation zones' turn into total farce... (7-Jan-2018)
6-Jan-18 World View -- Iranian advisors are 'on the ground' with Houthis in Yemen, supplying weapons and intelligence: Forces realign in the Yemen war following the death of Ali Abdullah Saleh... (6-Jan-2018)
5-Jan-18 World View -- North Korea reveals major change in strategic direction: The stark choice facing the Trump administration... (5-Jan-2018)
4-Jan-18 World View -- Mongolia turns to India, as nationalism and xenophobia towards China grow: India to help construct Mongolia's first oil refinery... (4-Jan-2018)
3-Jan-18 World View -- US-Pakistan relations hit major crossroad, as US cuts aid: Ohhhhhhhh noooooo! Chocolate may be extinct by 2050!... (3-Jan-2018)
2-Jan-18 World View -- Escalating violence in Iran protests brings calls for Iran-Israel friendship: Trump and Netanyahu express solidarity with Iranian protesters... (2-Jan-2018)
1-Jan-18 World View -- Xi Jinping says that China will now have a 'say' on all international issues: North Korea says that its nuclear arsenal protects it from attacks... (1-Jan-2018)
31-Dec-17 World View -- With ISIS collapsing, US forces will remain in Syria to restore 'normalcy': US warns Assad regime to stay west of Euphrates river... (31-Dec-2017)
30-Dec-17 World View -- Anti-government, anti-war and economic protests spread across Iran: Iran's regime begins responding to the protests... (30-Dec-2017)
29-Dec-17 World View -- Uzbekistan's Shavkat Mirziyoyev promises to end atrocities of previous leader Islam Karimov: Who's going to pick the cotton in Uzbekistan?... (29-Dec-2017)
28-Dec-17 World View -- China funds unauthorized anti-Japan comfort woman statue in Manila, Philippines: South Korea calls for renegotiating 2015 deal with Japan on comfort women... (28-Dec-2017)
27-Dec-17 World View -- Christians celebrate Christmas in Pakistan under tight security: India kills 3 Pakistani soldiers in Kashmir in revenge attack... (27-Dec-2017)
26-Dec-17 World View -- Israel and Iran-backed Hezbollah heading for a military confrontation in Syria: Combined Syrian and Iranian forces taking control of enclave on Israel's border... (26-Dec-2017)
25-Dec-17 World View -- Remembering the 1914 World War I Christmas Truce: The 'anti-war movement' in World War I... (25-Dec-2017)
24-Dec-17 World View -- US sending anti-tank missiles to Ukraine as East Ukraine violence surges: Violence surges in East Ukraine as Russia withdraws its monitors... (24-Dec-2017)
23-Dec-17 World View -- Tanzania and China pass new laws to send government critics to jail: How to confront a Chinese troll... (23-Dec-2017)
22-Dec-17 World View -- General Assembly Jerusalem vote: Low 'yes' count humiliates Palestinians: Palestinians in Jerusalem fail to get excited by UN vote... (22-Dec-2017)
21-Dec-17 World View -- Burma (Myanmar) blocks UN Rohingya investigator, as genocide charges are raised: Burma officials, including Aung San Suu Kyi, may face genocide charges... (21-Dec-2017)
20-Dec-17 World View -- Thousands of Kurds in violent protests against Kurdistan government in northern Iraq: Iraq's Baghdad government splits over role of Iran-backed Shia militias... (20-Dec-2017)
19-Dec-17 World View -- China resumes military buildup in Bhutan's Doklam Plateau: China's media predict nuclear war in North Korea by March... (19-Dec-2017)
18-Dec-17 World View -- Communists score major election wins in Nepal, possibly moving country towards China: Nepal reacts to India's bungled meddling over the new constitution... (18-Dec-2017)
17-Dec-17 World View -- Chinese experts warn China to prepare for nuclear war in North Korea: Concerns grow over the threat of a North Korean nuclear reactor disaster... (17-Dec-2017)
16-Dec-17 World View -- China-Australia relations plummet over China's illegal militarization of South China Sea: Trump to target China's unfair trade policies in National Security Strategy... (16-Dec-2017)
15-Dec-17 World View -- Despite growing migration crises, European Union bitterly divided over policy: European Union continues to face crises regarding migration... (15-Dec-2017)
14-Dec-17 World View -- Organization of Islamic Cooperation throws a temper tantrum over Jerusalem: Palestinians disappointed by final communiqué of OIC Summit... (14-Dec-2017)
13-Dec-17 World View -- China's warplanes conduct 'encirclement' patrols around Taiwan's and Japan's islands: China unification continues to lose support among the people of Taiwan... (13-Dec-2017)
12-Dec-17 World View -- Pakistan overwhelmed and China alarmed over the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC): Pakistan alarmed about a Chinese 'debt trap'... (12-Dec-2017)
11-Dec-17 World View -- China takes control of strategic Hambantota seaport in Sri Lanka, raising concerns in India: India's alarm grows over spread of China's 'Maritime Silk Road'... (11-Dec-2017)
10-Dec-17 World View -- Protests fizzle 3 days after Trump's Jerusalem announcement was universally condemned: Trump's proclamation hardens splits among Arab countries... (10-Dec-2017)
9-Dec-17 World View -- United Nations stunned as peacekeepers are massacred in DR Congo: Violence continues to spread in countries across Africa... (9-Dec-2017)
8-Dec-17 World View -- Turkey's president Erdogan visits Greece with a list of contentious demands: Greece furious at Germany over intense airport inspections... (8-Dec-2017)
7-Dec-17 World View -- International #MeToo movement generates backlash against women from 'Mike Pence rule': Time Magazine makes international #MeToo movement 'person of the year'... (7-Dec-2017)
6-Dec-17 World View -- Syria and Russia repeat Aleppo war crimes in massive destruction of Eastern Ghouta: Syria regime walks out of UN-sponsored Geneva peace talks... (6-Dec-2017)
5-Dec-17 World View -- Three crises accelerate: Yemen's Saleh killed, Brexit collapses and North Korea war looms: US officials plan for military strike on North Korea... (5-Dec-2017)
4-Dec-17 World View -- Cameroon's English-speaking provinces on the verge of full-scale violence: Cameroon and Paul Biya behave typically following a generational crisis civil war... (4-Dec-2017)
3-Dec-17 World View -- Yemen war changes direction with collapse of Iran-backed Houthi coalition: The Houthi-Saleh 'alliance of convenience' crumbles into violence... (3-Dec-2017)
2-Dec-17 World View -- UN asks for 2018 increase in humanitarian aid despite compassion fatigue: Humanitarian crises continue to grow year after year... (2-Dec-2017)
1-Dec-17 World View -- European-African summit calls for end to slavery auctions in Libya: China drives thousands of Beijing migrants out into the winter cold... (1-Dec-2017)
30-Nov-17 World View -- TV audience shocked watching dramatic suicide of Croat commander convicted of war crimes in Bosnian war: Croat commanders committed war crimes while trying to create a 'Greater Croatia'... (30-Nov-2017)
29-Nov-17 World View -- Pakistan government totally capitulates to hardline Islamist TLYRAP Barelvi sect mob: North Korea ballistic missiles threaten 'everywhere in the world'... (29-Nov-2017)
28-Nov-17 World View -- The issue of Ireland's border threatens to collapse EU-UK Brexit negotiations.: Ireland's government faces vote of no confidence on Wednesday... (28-Nov-2017)
27-Nov-17 World View -- Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin hug and declare the end of war in Syria: Syrian regime and Russia launch brutal attack on rebel-held areas in East Ghouta... (27-Nov-2017)
26-Nov-17 World View -- Widespread riots in Pakistan triggered by phony blasphemy charges: Pakistan releases Hafiz Saeed, mastermind of the horrific 2008 Mumbai massacre... (26-Nov-2017)
25-Nov-17 World View -- Egypt's worst terrorist attack in modern history kills 235 people in Sufi mosque: Friday's attack is a major escalation in north Sinai terrorism... (25-Nov-2017)
24-Nov-17 World View -- India and China support Burma (Myanmar) on Rohingya ethnic cleansing for business reasons: China proposes farcical three-point solution to Rohingya crisis... (24-Nov-2017)
23-Nov-17 World View -- Thanksgiving euphoria in Zimbabwe as Emmerson Mnangagwa replaces Robert Mugabe: Observers fear a new Zimbabwe dictatorship under Emmerson Mnangagwa... (23-Nov-2017)
22-Nov-17 World View -- Italy is blamed for shocking increase in slave trade in Libya: Italy defends its role in Libya's slave trade... (22-Nov-2017)
21-Nov-17 World View -- China's envoy to North Korea fails to end nuclear crisis: Speculation grows of North Korea's Kim Jong-un illness as his weight soars... (21-Nov-2017)
20-Nov-17 World View -- Robert Mugabe stuns Zimbabwe by refusing to step down: Plans go ahead to impeach Mugabe... (20-Nov-2017)
19-Nov-17 World View -- Ecstatic throngs in Harare Zimbabwe demand that Robert Mugabe step down: The events in Zimbabwe show how history unfolds and disasters occur... (19-Nov-2017)
18-Nov-17 World View -- African leaders once again furious that they won't get a climate change bonanza: The flaws in the climate change story... (18-Nov-2017)
17-Nov-17 World View -- Cambodia dissolves the opposition political party so that Hun Sen can be reelected unopposed: Comparing Awakening Eras in Cambodia, Syria, Zimbabwe and other countries... (17-Nov-2017)
16-Nov-17 World View -- Zimbabwe coup splits ruling Zanu-pf party along generational lines: More on the evacuation of ISIS militants from Raqqa, Syria... (16-Nov-2017)
15-Nov-17 World View -- BBC reports hoax by US-led coalition about ISIS evacuation from Raqqa Syria: Apparent coup is in progress in Zimbabwe against 93-year-old Robert Mugabe... (15-Nov-2017)
14-Nov-17 World View -- Severe drought in Kenya increases violence among herders, farmers and police: Tensions rise between Kenya and Tanzania over chicks and cattle... (14-Nov-2017)
13-Nov-17 World View -- Poland's Independence Day march hijacked by right-wing 'White Nationalists': Recalling President Trump's July 6 speech in Warsaw Poland... (13-Nov-2017)
12-Nov-17 World View -- Deadly violence increases in English-speaking regions of Cameroon: Cameroon's 84-year-old president Paul Biya exhibits same violence as other African leaders... (12-Nov-2017)
11-Nov-17 World View -- European Union Brexit negotiator gives Britain a two-week ultimatum: Can the Brexit decision be reversed? The author of the rule says it can.... (11-Nov-2017)
10-Nov-17 World View -- Saudi Arabia blockades Yemen, threatening millions to die in famine: All Saudis ordered to leave Lebanon, as Hariri's fate is unknown... (10-Nov-2017)
9-Nov-17 World View -- Donald Trump in Seoul issues stern warning to North Korea -- and to China: Trump's speech targeted at China... (9-Nov-2017)
8-Nov-17 World View -- US expands military counter terrorism efforts in Africa after death of soldiers in Niger: US and Niger dispute the facts about the four soldiers' deaths... (8-Nov-2017)
7-Nov-17 World View -- Democratic Republic of Congo issues farcical call for elections in December 2018: Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe sacks the VP so that his wife can succeed him... (7-Nov-2017)
6-Nov-17 World View -- Saudi Arabia and Lebanon face increasing instability as crises multiply: Yemen's Houthi missile attack on Riyadh called a 'dangerous escalation'... (6-Nov-2017)
5-Nov-17 World View -- Saad Hariri shocks Lebanon by resigning as PM while in Saudi Arabia: Lebanon enters the Sunni/Shia front line between Iran and Saudi Arabia... (5-Nov-2017)
4-Nov-17 World View -- Socialist Venezuela may or may not have declared bankruptcy on Thursday: Socialist Venezuela may have reached the end of its economic road... (4-Nov-2017)
3-Nov-17 World View -- Violence in Nigeria grows over clashes between herders and farmers: Oklahoma! - The farmer and the cowboy should be friends... (3-Nov-2017)
2-Nov-17 World View -- Israel and Saudi Arabia prepare for war with Hezbollah, as Syria war winds down: Saudi Arabian minister calls for 'toppling Hezbollah'... (2-Nov-2017)
1-Nov-17 World View -- Chinese geologists warn of looming nuclear disaster from North Korean tests: China and South Korea reach an agreement on THAAD missile defense system... (1-Nov-2017)
31-Oct-17 World View -- A 'powderkeg' as Australia closes refugee camp and refugees refuse to leave: Australia and Papua New Guinea unable to agree on the future of the refugees... (31-Oct-2017)
30-Oct-17 World View -- India begins shipping wheat to Afghanistan through Iran's Chabahar port: In retaliation, Afghanistan bans entry of Pakistan trucks... (30-Oct-2017)
29-Oct-17 World View -- New Somalia terror bombings again raise question of US military strategy in Africa: Dozens killed in Mogadishu, Somalia, bombings, two weeks after hundreds killed... (29-Oct-2017)
28-Oct-17 World View -- Burundi's Hutu government leaves International Criminal Court to avoid crimes against humanity charges: Burundi's government to amend constitution to let Nkurunziza hold power until 2034... (28-Oct-2017)
27-Oct-17 World View -- US sends three aircraft carrier strike groups to waters around North Korea: North Korea renews threat of massive hydrogen bomb test over Pacific... (27-Oct-2017)
26-Oct-17 World View -- UN Secretary-General in Central African Republic begs for more funding: Bangassou becomes the most dangerous town in Central African Republic... (26-Oct-2017)
25-Oct-17 World View -- Kenya closes border with Madagascar as Black Plague epidemic spreads: Pneumonic plague (Black plague) spreads rapidly in Madagascar... (25-Oct-2017)
24-Oct-17 World View -- Xi Jinping's 'Socialism with Chinese characteristics' is identical to Hitler's National Socialism: Xi Jinping presents 'Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era'... (24-Oct-2017)
23-Oct-17 World View -- Big election win for Japan's Shinzo Abe may mean end of pacifism: Japan's Shinzo Abe wins a 'super-majority' in Japan's lower house... (23-Oct-2017)
22-Oct-17 World View -- Egyptian police ambushed and killed by Muslim Brotherhood linked Hasm Movement: Dozens of Egyptian police massacred in ambush by jihadists... (22-Oct-2017)
21-Oct-17 World View -- Zimbabwe bans food imports as new 'bond note' currency crashes: Zimbabwe's people fear further starvation after food imports are banned... (21-Oct-2017)
20-Oct-17 World View -- Economists baffled on 30th anniversary of 1987 stock market panic: Examples of the 58 Year Hypothesis: Swine Flu, Iraq War, Israel-Hezbollah war... (20-Oct-2017)
19-Oct-17 World View -- Italy's deals with Libya's warlords substantially reduce flow of refugees: Italy accused of turning a blind eye to atrocities received by refugees in detention centers... (19-Oct-2017)
18-Oct-17 World View -- North Korea crisis: Would the United States sacrifice Los Angeles for Seoul?: North Korea nuclear missile crisis close to reaching a tipping point... (18-Oct-2017)
17-Oct-17 World View -- Devastating defeat to Iraq in Kirkuk exposes major splits between Kurdish factions: Kurds flee Kirkuk after Iraq army defeats them in complete rout... (17-Oct-2017)
16-Oct-17 World View -- Bitcoin super-bubble surges through $5,000 and blasts even higher: Stock market continues its huge bubble... (16-Oct-2017)
15-Oct-17 World View -- Armies and militias fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria increasingly turn on each other: Syria demands 'immediately' pullout of Turkey's forces from Idlib province... (15-Oct-2017)
14-Oct-17 World View -- Thousands of Haitians living in Miami scheduled for deportation in January: The last UN peacekeepers leave Haiti after 14 years... (14-Oct-2017)
13-Oct-17 World View -- Turkey's tanks and troops cross border into Syria's Idlib: Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas announce unity agreement... (13-Oct-2017)
12-Oct-17 World View -- Palestinian reconciliation talks ignore Hamas commitment to destroy Israel: Palestinian unity talks face disagreement on Hamas's 'resistance weapons'... (12-Oct-2017)
11-Oct-17 World View -- Tensions between Turks and Iraqi Kurds grow as another ISIS stronghold falls: Hundreds of ISIS fighters surrender as Iraqi town of Hawija falls... (11-Oct-2017)
10-Oct-17 World View -- UAE official says Arab blockade was engineered to prevent Qatar hosting 2022 World Cup: Numerous controversies surround FIFA's award of World Cup 2022 to Qatar... (10-Oct-2017)
9-Oct-17 World View -- Turkey announces major military operation in Syria's Idlib province: Turkey's success in Idlib is far from certain... (9-Oct-2017)
8-Oct-17 World View -- Islamic State in Greater Sahara (ISGS) blamed for deaths of US troops in Niger: Jihadist ambush in Niger forces a review of military operations in Africa... (8-Oct-2017)
7-Oct-17 World View -- Burma's Rohingya crisis merges with the Kashmir crisis, inflaming the entire region: Bangladesh builds huge refugee camp for 800,000 displaced Rohingyas from Burma (Myanmar)... (7-Oct-2017)
6-Oct-17 World View -- Syria's war resumes in full, as 'de-escalation' agreements unravel: International Red Cross: Fighting in Syria worst since Aleppo... (6-Oct-2017)
5-Oct-17 World View -- Russia considers taking on a huge financial burden - Venezuela: Maduro has 'plans A, B and C' if US imposes further sanctions... (5-Oct-2017)
4-Oct-17 World View -- Jihadist attacks in Mali surge with rise of al-Qaeda linked JNIM: JNIM (Group for Support of Islam and Muslims) takes credit for attacks... (4-Oct-2017)
3-Oct-17 World View -- Kirkuk becomes the flash point after the Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum: Significant differences in the three recent independence movements... (3-Oct-2017)
2-Oct-17 World View -- Cameroon police shoot and kill English-speaking protesters on Sunday: Catalonia's leader says the region has 'won the right to statehood' from Spain... (2-Oct-2017)
1-Oct-17 World View -- Catalonia referendum poised to go ahead despite Spain's harsh repressive measures: Hundreds of Catalan families occupy school buildings in defiance of police... (1-Oct-2017)

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India: Hooray for Bollywood!: Investment opportunities in India range from high-tech pharmaceuticals to Spiderman. (5-Jul-03)
India: Socially beneficial profits from "Untouchable" investments: For those interested in socially beneficial investments in India, the lot of India's Dalits provides an ideal investment target -- high-risk but with the possibility of high returns because of the market size. (7-Jul-03)
Trading with Iran: Not exactly a magic carpet ride: Surprise! It turns out that being a member of the "Axis of Evil" doesn't help investors. (8-Jul-03)
Conflict Index: A special feature of the experimental International Investment Advisories, containing information not available elsewhere, is the Conflict Index, a medium-range (1-2 years) and long-range (2-10 years) forecast of the likely level of local conflict, from riots and demonstrations to all out insurrection and civil war.
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