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Generational Dynamics is a historical methodology that analyzes historical events through the flow of generations, and uses the analysis to forecast future events by comparing today's generational attitudes to those of the past.
This site provides analysis and forecasts of international news, politics, culture and finance. We apply the Generational Dynamics methodology ruthlessly, without any biases: We take no sides in any political battles (such as Republicans vs Democrats) or in any international conflicts (such as Israelis vs Palestinians), and we don't use any religious interpretations. If we have any bias at all, it's that we're pro-American.

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Since 2002, we've been using generational analysis to make specific, hard predictions about worldwide events, politics, culture, technology, economics and international finance, and with much better accuracy than private analyst firms. If you're paying big money for high-priced newsletters from private analyst firms, and all you're getting is vague "that might be a problem" forecasts, then check this website regularly to get really useful, accurate forecasts -- FOR FREE.

Artificial Intelligence and the Singularity by 2030 : How AI is rapidly changing our lives ( 28-Dec-2015 )
Obamacare's -- The greatest software development disaster in history : Corruption, fraud and criminality in and Obamacare (23-Aug-2015)
Dysfunction, subversion, sabotage and fraud in software development projects : Information for academic researchers and software development managers. (23-Aug-2015)
New Pentagon report outlines China's military buildup : China is preparing for war over Taiwan. ( 28-Aug-2011 )
Financial Crisis Inquiry hearings provide 'smoking gun' evidence of widespread criminal fraud : What bankers claimed to have done is mathematically impossible. ( 14-Apr-2010 )
Report from TARP Inspector: We're driving off a cliff in a faster car : We're headed for an even larger financial crisis. ( 1-Feb-2010 )
"Shadow inventory" of unsold homes continues to grow : Housing prices still have very far to fall. (21-Dec-2009)
Generational Dynamics forecasting methodology : The methodology and tools used in generational theory to produce forecasts and predictions (3-May-2009)
"Maybe we'll get it right this time" by Tom Mazanec : In this science fiction story, a time traveler tries to prevent the world war predicted by Generational Dynamics. (9-Mar-2009)
The economic outlook for 2009 : How we got to where we are today, who's to blame, and where we're going in 2009. (5-Jan-2009)
The gathering storm in the Caucasus : The world is looking more and more like the prelude to World War I. (17-Aug-2008)
How Boomers and Generation-Xers brought about the dumbing down of Information Technology (IT) : Software development has adopted a Java cookbook approach that leads to project failures. Also: How Digimarc Corp. self-destructed with management's cookbook programming mentality. (1-Jul-2008)
Basics of Generational Dynamics : Generational eras, archetypes, and other elements of generational theory (22-Jun-2008)
Chinese embarrassment and anger grows over Tibet and Olympics : Some notes on the growing mutual xenophobia and paranoia between China and the West. (12-Apr-2008)
List of major Generational Dynamics predictions : These are the major predictions posted on this web site since 2003, using the generational forecasting methodology. (27-Mar-2008)
Cities and towns need to start helping themselves. : Wracked by foreclosures and by the collapsing muncipal bond market, cities and towns should start planning immediately. (2-Mar-2008)
A primer on financial engineering and structured finance : How financial engineers made a fortune creating worthless mortgage-based securities. (23-Jan-2008)
The Bubble that Broke the World : How a book written in 1931-32 tells us what's going to happen in 2008-2009. (9-Oct-2007)
How to compute the "real value" of the stock market. : And some additional speculations about stock market crashes. (20-Aug-2007)
Iraqi Sunnis are turning against al-Qaeda in Iraq : This is exactly the kind of thing that generational theory predicts. (1-Apr-2007)
System Dynamics and the Failure of Macroeconomics Theory : Mainstream macroeconomic theory, invented by Maynard Keynes in the 1930s, has failed to predict or explain anything that's happened since the bubble started, including the bubble itself. We need a new "Dynamic Macroeconomics" theory. (25-Oct-2006)
President George Bush talks about a "Third Awakening," but he has his history wrong : It was America's 1960s Awakening that united Protestants, Catholics and Jews, and cemented our support for Israel. (19-Sep-2006)
Washington becomes hysterical again over an Iraqi 'civil war' : A civil war in Iraq is impossible, as I've said many times, because only one generation has passed since the Iran/Iraq war of the 1980s. Here's some additional historical information. (7-Aug-2006)
Israel's war against Hizbollah and Lebanon forces Muslims to choose sides : The war is part of a larger Shi'ite-Sunni struggle, and a stopgap ceasefire will create a worsening environment leading to a much more chaotic situation within a few months (25-Jul-2006)
A beautiful mind? The world is paralyzed into a "Nash equilibrium" : Today, 61 years after the end of World War II, the countries of the world are struggling to maintain a status quo that can't last too much longer. (17-Jul-2006)
Why aren't college students protesting against the Iraq war? : Young students are criticized for being indifferent to politics, while "Grannies Against the War" is truly bizarre. (1-Jun-2006)
Speculations about a stock market panic and crash : Will there be a stock market panic next week, next month, or next year, and will it lead to a crash? We speculate on some possibilities. (31-May-2006)
Ariel Sharon's political "earthquake" in Israel signals change in direction for entire Mideast : His aggressive program that began with the barrier and the Gaza pullout is now likely to founder. (29-Nov-2005)
Ben S. Bernanke: The man without agony : Bernanke and Greenspan are as different as night and day, despite what the pundits say. (29-Oct-2005)
Japanese and Chinese relations are deteriorating sharply : Between China's search for oil and Koizumi's shrine visit, the level of anger and suspicion is rising fast. (23-Oct-2005)
Robert Pape's "Dying to Win" sheds light on suicide bombers. : Robert Pape's database of every suicide bombing and attack around the world from 1980-2003 -- 315 attacks in all -- provides valuable insight into the causes of suicide terrorism, and confirms the Generational Dynamics' conclusions about crisis wars. (18-Jul-2005)
The 11% Solution: An article in Barron's says the stock market is very overvalued : New research by analyst Adam Barth finds that average earnings over any 20-year period are surprisingly constant. (11-Jul-2005)
The Great Depression and Dow Jones Industrial Average : Scrolling through the DJIA through the Great Depression and later gives a feeling as to what was happening, and how it compares to what's happening today. Updated 26-May-2016 (26-May-2016)
French rejection of EU Constitution signals decline of entire European Union project : Exit polls from Sunday's French EU Constitution vote show a clear generational split that analysts aren't noticing. (1-Jun-2005)
Increasing Muslim violence in Uzbekistan raises fears of destabilizing Asia : After pro-Russian leaders have been replaced by Western-leaning ones in Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, the Kremlin is watching the violence in Uzbekistan nervously, and Washington is watching the Kremlin. (14-May-2005)
Press Release: Mathematician solves problem puzzling historians for centuries : Does history repeat itself? Historians have tried and failed to find provable patterns in history, but a mathematician has now solved the problem that's stumped the historians for centuries. (22-Apr-2005)
Fed and Alan Greenspan signal aggressive plans to increase interest rates : This means trouble for people in debt and for the stock market, but it also hints that the Fed plans to keep the dollar strong through crisis periods (24-Mar-2005)
North Korea continues mobilization for nuclear war : Blaming "hostile" U.S. policies, North Korea pulls out of nuclear non-proliferation talks, claiming that it already has nuclear weapons. This is a classic sequence of events that precedes a pre-emptive war. (10-Feb-2005)
Alan Greenspan warns that global economic dangers are without historical precedent : In a speech on Friday, Greenspan buried a major change of position in a speech admitting that his assumptions about the economy for the last decade were wrong. (6-Feb-2005)
China appears to be approaching a major civil war : Unrest is spreading, and economic disparities make China a textbook case for a massive civil war in the making (16-Jan-2005)
A generational interpretation of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" : Written in 1843, this classic novel depicts a clear generational struggle (5-Dec-2004)
Ukraine headed for a confrontation with Putin : Ukraine is headed for trouble as it moves to reverse the 20-Nov Presidential election. (28-Nov-2004)
The six most dangerous regions in the world today.: There are six regions that could lead the world into a new world war. NOTE: This article also contains a lengthy summary of the Generational Dynamics theory and Forecasting Methodology. (20-Nov-2004)
Election results show a major cultural and political restructuring in the making.: In the long run, George Bush's victory is less important than the reasons why people voted for him. (3-Nov-2004)
Unrealistic expectations worldwide about the American election are setting the stage for hostile reactions next year: Will "something big" happen to America in 2005? (24-Oct-2004)
Ten-nation survey says that non-Americans worldwide overwhelmingly favor Kerry over Bush: However, Russia and Israel support Bush; so do Iran's mullahs (23-Oct-2004)
Can we withdraw from Iraq in 2005?: Suddenly the Washington buzz is that whoever wins - Bush or Kerry - will begin to withdraw American troops from Iraq. We look at two historical examples to predict scenarios. (16-Oct-2004)
Yield curves are flattening as Federal Reserve raises short term interest rates significantly: Long-term interest rates are falling while short-term interest rates are rising, a sign of possible trouble ahead. (21-Sep-2004)
On September 11, terrorism around the world is increasing significantly: Infuriated and anxious people around the world are demanding military actions to halt or even avenge terrorism (11-Sep-2004)
Does history favor George Bush or John Kerry?: Long-term historical trends favor Bush, but Kerry may win anyway because Bush is in danger of being 'Hooverized' (24-Aug-2004)
Southeast Asian nations are forced to pick sides in the conflict between China and Taiwan: Singapore will support China and Australia will support Taiwan in a conflict between China and Taiwan. (23-Aug-2004)
Today's slow-motion genocide in Darfur recalls the lightning quick genocide in Rwanda in 1994: Why do these things always seem to happen in Africa? Understanding Africa's geography explains why. (22-Aug-2004)
Oil prices spiking on supply fears: There is increasing concern that Saudi Arabia's oil production is peaking, and that prices will rise significantly farther. (3-Aug-2004)
Arab views worldwide are becoming increasingly hostile to America: Arab view of America is down to about 10% favorable, 90% unfavorable. (26-Jul-2004)
Kerry establishes an electoral lead going into the Democratic convention.: He's tuned his message to what I suggested last year. Do you suppose he read my web site? (25-Jul-2004)
Generational crisis for Arafat as thousands take to streets in revolt in Gaza: Arafat's offices burned down, as he seeks a way to prevent civil war among Palestinian factions (19-Jul-2004)
"I, Robot" is science fiction, but intelligent computers will soon be science fact.: When will it dawn on the politicians and the general public that this changes everything? (9-Jul-2004)
Alan Greenspan's Mixed Emotions: More and more top analysts are getting concerned about extremely high debt levels and stock valuations. (6-Jul-2004)
Operation Summer Pulse 04: Taiwan is moving inexorably towards independence, and America is supporting it, while China is freaking out over it. Will this lead to an inevitable war over Taiwan? (6-Jul-2004)
Green Revolution vs Malthus Effect: Despite the "Green Revolution," world population continues to grow faster than food production. This is one of the fundamental reasons why wars occur. (28-Jun-2004)
Beheadings part of increasing conflict level throughout Mideast: The level of conflict is increasing throughout the Mideast, from Gaza to Pakistan, from Saudi Arabia to Uzbekistan. (23-Jun-2004)
Stock market increasingly volatile: Sharp plunges in international stock markets portend periods of increasingly high volatility. (17-May-04)
Iraq Today vs 1960s America (Revised): They have much in common: Bombings, assassinations, student demonstrations, violent riots, calls for insurrection and civil war and harsh rhetoric. That's much more than a coincidence. (8-May-2004)
Taiwan's Wild Election Battle: Taiwan's election battle is even wilder and more raucous than the Bush-Gore election battle in 2000. Its uncertain outcome is causing massive protests. (11-Apr-04)
What Iraqi Civil War?: Early in 2003, I predicted that there would be no popular uprising against the Americans, and that there would be no civil war. After the overthrow of Saddam, I said that an Iraqi civil war was impossible. Despite the constant near-hysteria of the politicians, journalists and high-priced analysts, I've been right so far. Here's why. (09-Apr-04)
Palestinian Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, spiritual leader of the Hamas militia group, killed in Israeli air strike: Generational Dynamics says that this brings Mideast much closer to all-out war (21-Mar-04)
Madrid terrorist bombings are having unexpected significance: The 3/11 bombings may have the same effect on Europeans that the 9/11 attacks had on Americans. (15-Mar-04)
Haiti: Heading for possible rebellion and anarchy: A historical analysis of a potential crisis. (4-Mar-04)
Anti-Shi'ite Terror Attacks in Iraq, Pakistan: So far, Sunni and Shi'ite leaders in Iraq aren't taking the bait. (2-Mar-04)
The New Sexual Revolution: The pendulum is swinging back. (27-Feb-04)
Alan Greenspan's Mea Culpa: Alan Greenspan has put his legacy into serious danger (08-Jan-04)
Georgia (Asia) on the brink of civil war: Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze says that the country is on the verge of civil war. This could be the next war in the "clash of civilizations" between Islam and Christianity. (15-Nov-03)
"Ping-Pong Terrorism" in Mideast leading inevitably to major regional war: Even non-violent acts are seen as terrorism by the other side, and the intensity of the mutual attacks is constantly increasing. (10-Oct-03)
Schwarzenegger's victory could spell trouble for Bush: It also signals the end of the societal culture / gender wars. (8-Oct-03)
What if Al Gore were President?: Both Republicans and Democrats are making important strategic errors in the battle for the White House in 2004. Here's what they SHOULD be saying. (26-Sep-03)
Is China unraveling?: Should you invest in the world's fastest growing economy? Analysts say yes, but there are ominous generational signs of financial and social instability in China. (10-Sep-03)
Hamas Announces End of Cease-Fire: Can Ariel Sharon and Yasser Arafat once more fend off a large regional war? (21-Aug-03)
Terrorist suicide bombings in Iraq may backfire against terrorists: During an awakening period, terrorist acts cause masses of people to shrink from more violence. (19-Aug-03)
Riots in Iran: Will there be a violent overthrow of the Iranian Mullahs? Generational Dynamics says 'No.' (25-Jun-03)
Dow Passes 9000 / Mideast Peace Plan Takes Off: This is a big test for Generational Dynamics, which predicts that the good news won't last. (04-Jun-03)
"Mideast Roadmap" - Will it bring peace?: Generational Dynamics predicts something quite different for the Mideast. (01-May-03)
France and Germany: Why are they becoming anti-American? (15-Feb-03)
The Anti-War Movement: Will it gain traction? (15-Feb-03)
North and South Korea: Will the North Koreans start a nuclear war? (22-Jan-03)
Turkey: Turkey has been rebuffing America. What are they up to? (24-Mar-03)
Japan: Is Japan's economy finally near collapse? (26-Mar-03)

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Will stocks rise or fall in 2004? (1-Jan-04)
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Web Log: Informal comments on current news and trends.

27-May-16 World View -- Increasingly hostile Iran-Saudi relations affect this year's Hajj: Far-left anti-government riots spread across France... (27-May-2016)
26-May-16 World View -- China demands new Taiwan leader explicitly affirm that Taiwan is part of China: IMF balks at new European bailout plan for Greece... (26-May-2016)
25-May-16 World View -- Iran-India sign 'historic' Chabahar port deal to counter Pakistan-China: Iran, India and the classic fables of Kalileh-wa-Dimneh, Jataka and Panchatantra... (25-May-2016)
24-May-16 World View -- Massive explosions in Syria target Bashar al-Assad's heartland: Death of Afghan Taliban leader complicates America's relationship with Pakistan... (24-May-2016)
23-May-16 World View -- Austria deeply split between far-right and left-liberal candidates: Austria's election part of a world-wide move to the right with deep polarization... (23-May-2016)
22-May-16 World View -- Afghan Taliban leader reportedly killed by US drone strike in Pakistan: Kazakhstan farmers riot over fears of encroachment from China... (22-May-2016)
21-May-16 World View -- A dark shadow looms over EU-Turkey refugee deal, as Turkey passes harsh anti-Kurdish law: Downed EgyptAir flight an economic disaster for Egypt... (21-May-2016)
20-May-16 World View -- Netanyahu's selection of Avigdor Lieberman criticized in and out of Israel: Lieberman's lack of experience compared to Amir Peretz... (20-May-2016)
19-May-16 World View -- Chinese official slams Hong Kong independence during 'inspection visit': Hong Kong's history and culture make it very different from China... (19-May-2016)
18-May-16 World View -- Venezuela's Maduro accuses US of planning an imminent invasion: Syria peace talks in Vienna collapse in farce - again... (18-May-2016)
17-May-16 World View -- Western nations agree to lift arms embargo on Libya to fight ISIS: ISIS continues to grow in Libya in size and effectiveness... (17-May-2016)
16-May-16 World View -- China says Pentagon report on China military 'severely damages' relations: Pentagon documents massive China buildup, but omits 'Maritime Militia'... (16-May-2016)
15-May-16 World View -- Venezuela economy close to collapse as Maduro orders jailing of factory owners: Maduro recalls Brazil ambassador over Dilma Rousseff 'coup'... (15-May-2016)
14-May-16 World View -- Syria's Aleppo campaign falters after disastrous Iranian loss at Khan Tuman: Hezbollah suffers blow in death of top commander Mustafa Amine Badreddine... (14-May-2016)
13-May-16 World View -- EU-Turkey migrant deal unravels over brinksmanship on both sides: Italy rescues 800 migrants from Mediterranean Sea, many of them from Syria... (13-May-2016)
12-May-16 World View -- England threatened with IRA terrorists from Northern Ireland: The 'New IRA' recalls the 1916 Easter Rising against British rule... (12-May-2016)
11-May-16 World View -- Azerbaijan and Dagestan celebrate culture as Islamist insurgencies grow: Nagorno-Karabakh issue still simmers ... (11-May-2016)
10-May-16 World View -- Arab countries seek to overturn the century old Sykes-Picot agreement: For Palestine, Sykes-Picot and Balfour Declaration left a 'savage legacy'... (10-May-2016)
9-May-16 World View -- Workers riot as Greece braces for new austerity measures: Bolivia accuses Chile of setting up military base near border... (9-May-2016)
8-May-16 World View -- Far right and far left clash in Europe over government policies: Hooded anarchists in Italy turn violent on Austrian border... (8-May-2016)
7-May-16 World View -- Turkey's Erdogan threatens EU: 'We'll go our own way, you go yours!': London elects Sadiq Khan as mayor, the first Muslim mayor of a major Western city... (7-May-2016)
6-May-16 World View -- Syria and Russia continue 'Grozny Model,' killing women and children in Aleppo refugee camp: With Turkey already in chaos, Erdogan forces PM Davutoglu to resign... (6-May-2016)
5-May-16 World View -- Many in Asia oppose an Obama apology for 1945 nuking of Hiroshima: European Commission threatens to fine countries that won't accept migrants... (5-May-2016)
4-May-16 World View -- European Commission expected to recommend visa-free travel for citizens of Turkey: Reader question on Iran and Iraq's Muqtada al-Sadr... (4-May-2016)
3-May-16 World View -- Laos sides with China in South China Sea dispute: Report: Hamas, Israel and Egypt in alliance fighting ISIS... (3-May-2016)
2-May-16 World View -- Iraq government faces climatic Awakening era political crisis: Muqtada al-Sadr and Iraq's Awakening era... (2-May-2016)
1-May-16 World View -- China makes four demands of Japan to improve relations: Kenya's huge ivory burning event may endanger elephants further... (1-May-2016)
30-Apr-16 World View -- Papua New Guinea Supreme Court bombshell throws Australia's refugee policy into chaos: North Korea nuclear test expected after three botched missile tests... (30-Apr-2016)
29-Apr-16 World View -- Syria's air force deliberately targets hospital in Aleppo, killing dozens: Bank of Japan shocks investors with no stimulus, leading to global stock selloff... (29-Apr-2016)
28-Apr-16 World View -- Austria votes to close border with Italy to slow refugees: Female suicide bomber attacks Bursa in northwestern Turkey... (28-Apr-2016)
27-Apr-16 World View -- Puerto Rico headed for new financial default on May 1: Violence spreads across Turkey as both Turkey and PKK escalate fight... (27-Apr-2016)
26-Apr-16 World View -- Obamacare continues death spiral as Britain's NHS faces strike: Obama administration tries to find money to save Obamacare... (26-Apr-2016)
25-Apr-16 World View -- Largest protests in years planned for Cairo Egypt on Monday: Sudan and Tunisia prepare for simultaneous protests in solidarity... (25-Apr-2016)
24-Apr-16 World View -- Bangladesh in shock after university professor hacked to death: Europe goes on charm offensive with Turkey on migrant deal... (24-Apr-2016)
23-Apr-16 World View -- 175 countries sign farcical climate change agreement: S&P 500 Price/Earnings ratio rockets to highest value in years... (23-Apr-2016)
22-Apr-16 World View -- Britain debates which migrants can vote in the 'Brexit' referendum: France to launch new Israeli-Palestinian peace process on May 30... (22-Apr-2016)
21-Apr-16 World View -- Saudi King Salman snubs Obama - again - as he arrives for Saudi Arabia summit: President Obama to 'clean up leftover messes' in the Mideast... (21-Apr-2016)
20-Apr-16 World View -- Afghan Taliban launches 'Spring Fighting Season' with massive Kabul explosion: Turkey threatens to cancel migrant deal unless visa restrictions are lifted by June... (20-Apr-2016)
19-Apr-16 World View -- In a new catastrophe, hundreds of migrants drown in the Mediterranean Sea: Israel's Netanyahu vows revenge for terrorist bombing in Jerusalem... (19-Apr-2016)
18-Apr-16 World View -- Latest Syria 'peace process' collapses, as chemical weapons kill Hezbollah militias: Saudi Arabia ends oil summit negotiations as Iran fails to show up... (18-Apr-2016)
17-Apr-16 World View -- Saudi Arabia threatens economic retaliation if blamed for 9/11 attacks: Cuba's reactionary Raúl Castro tries to hold back the 'restoration of capitalism'... (17-Apr-2016)
16-Apr-16 World View -- Egypt-Saudi deal for Red Sea bridge triggers massive protests in Cairo: Czech Republic debates adopting the short name 'Czechia'... (16-Apr-2016)
15-Apr-16 World View -- Russians brag about 'aerobatic skills' of Russian pilots buzzing US ship: US Navy conducting joint patrols with Philippines in South China Sea... (15-Apr-2016)
14-Apr-16 World View -- Japanese warships visit Vietnam, as China moves warplanes into South China Sea: Russian fighter 'strafing runs' at US ship in Baltic Sea called 'showboating'... (14-Apr-2016)
13-Apr-16 World View -- EU migrant crisis moves to Italy as Austria begins closing border: EU threatens to impose travel restrictions on US/Canada visitors... (13-Apr-2016)
12-Apr-16 World View -- Troubles mount for Afghanistan government as US withdrawal looms: John Kerry instructs Afghanistan officials how to run their government... (12-Apr-2016)
11-Apr-16 World View -- Armenia-Azerbaijan ceasefire holds, despite hundreds of 'breaches': 'Horrific' scenes as Macedonian police lob teargas into Idomeni refugee camp... (11-Apr-2016)
10-Apr-16 World View -- Egypt, Saudi Arabia to build a huge bridge where Moses parted the Red Sea: Saudi Arabia will no longer provide 'free money' to Egypt... (10-Apr-2016)
9-Apr-16 World View -- Legal problems and Erdogan's threats may collapse EU-Turkey migrant deal: Turkey's Erdogan threatens to terminate the refugee deal... (9-Apr-2016)
8-Apr-16 World View -- Putin decrees new Russian National Guard that can shoot or arrest citizens on sight: 'Panama Papers' scandal may have triggered Putin's National Guard announcement... (8-Apr-2016)
7-Apr-16 World View -- In desperation, EU tries to overhaul its refugee asylum rules: As migrants turn to the Libya route, Germany warns Italy not to wave migrants through... (7-Apr-2016)
6-Apr-16 World View -- Radical Islamists finding a new home in Bosnia and Balkan states: Syrian jihadists shoot down regime warplane, capture pilot... (6-Apr-2016)
5-Apr-16 World View -- Russia declared 'Mission complete' in Syria and withdrew, but the war rages on: Bangladesh's Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT) terror group targets 'atheist bloggers'... (5-Apr-2016)
4-Apr-16 World View -- Syria's Alawites threaten to abandon Bashar al-Assad: Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict extremely dangerous, despite 'unilateral ceasefire'... (4-Apr-2016)
3-Apr-16 World View -- Armenia-Azerbaijan escalating conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh threatens the entire region: New EU-Turkey migrant crisis is developing rapidly... (3-Apr-2016)
2-Apr-16 World View -- Tensions grow in Israel and West Bank over shooting of disabled Palestinian: N. Korea's Kim Jong-un gains 70 pounds, tells citizens to 'eat roots'... (2-Apr-2016)
1-Apr-16 World View -- China close to deploying very long range DF-41 missile: China-US differences sharpen over South China Sea... (1-Apr-2016)
31-Mar-16 World View -- US military will deploy three brigades to eastern Europe to counter Russia: Libya's Government of National Accord sails into port of Tripoli... (31-Mar-2016)
30-Mar-16 World View -- Europeans expect hundreds of thousands of migrants from Libya: Human traffickers sell routes through Europe for 5000 euros... (30-Mar-2016)
29-Mar-16 World View -- Pakistan's army declares war on Taliban in Punjab province: Lahore Easter attack gives army even greater control of Pakistan... (29-Mar-2016)
28-Mar-16 World View -- Pakistan Taliban branch takes credit for Easter massacre of Christians in Lahore: Thousands protest violently over execution of murderer of blasphemy reformer... (28-Mar-2016)
27-Mar-16 World View -- Iraqi army fleeing for their lives again: Loss of Palmyra in Syria highlights setbacks for ISIS... (27-Mar-2016)
26-Mar-16 World View -- Iran and Pakistan attempt to erase 40 years of sectarian hostility: Iran and Pakistan agree to open border crossings and improve trade... (26-Mar-2016)
25-Mar-16 World View -- Christianity grows in India despite anti-Christian violence from Hindu activists: Growth of Christianity in India attributed to proselytizing by missionaries... (25-Mar-2016)
24-Mar-16 World View -- China's coast guard warship rams vessel in Indonesian waters: US and Philippines agree on access to five military bases... (24-Mar-2016)
23-Mar-16 World View -- Generational view of Tuesday's terror attack in Brussels, Belgium: Gone With The Wind... (23-Mar-2016)
22-Mar-16 World View -- EU desperation continues on second day of EU-Turkey refugee deal: Humanitarian agencies condemn the EU-Turkey refugee deal... (22-Mar-2016)
21-Mar-16 World View -- Pentagon to expand a secret military firebase in Iraq after Marine killed: Whom to support for President?... (21-Mar-2016)
20-Mar-16 World View -- Istanbul terrorist attack is the latest in a string of attacks on Turkey: Israel participating in investigation of Istanbul attack... (20-Mar-2016)
19-Mar-16 World View -- Desperate European Union leaders sign refugee agreement with Turkey: EU will start returning migrants to Turkey on Sunday... (19-Mar-2016)
18-Mar-16 World View -- Saudi Arabia says it will 'end major combat operations' in Yemen: Over 100 civilians killed in Saudi airstrike in Yemen... (18-Mar-2016)
17-Mar-16 World View -- Taliban reject Pakistan pressure on Afghanistan peace process: Bomb blast in bus in Peshawar Pakistan kills 15... (17-Mar-2016)
16-Mar-16 World View -- Analysts wonder why Russia announced a partial withdrawal from Syria now: Vladimir Putin may be sick of Syria and sick of Bashar al-Assad... (16-Mar-2016)
15-Mar-16 World View -- Saudi's Prince Faisal sharply rebukes Obama's 'free riders' accusation: The World View of President Barack Hussein Obama... (15-Mar-2016)
14-Mar-16 World View -- Yet another terrorist bombing in Ankara Turkey kills 34: AQIM takes credit for armed terror attack on Ivory Coast beach resort... (14-Mar-2016)
13-Mar-16 World View -- Despite rapid growth of ISIS in Libya, West cannot agree on a strategy: Google's AlphaGo computer defeats world champion at game of Go ... (13-Mar-2016)
12-Mar-16 World View -- Arab League brands Lebanon's Hezbollah a terrorist organization: U.S. blames Iran for cyber attack on a New York dam... (12-Mar-2016)
11-Mar-16 World View -- In desperation move, European Central Bank further lowers negative interest rates: North Korea liquidates all commercial projects with South Korea... (11-Mar-2016)
10-Mar-16 World View -- Hackers steal thousands of employee W-2 tax documents from Seagate Inc.: Deep Saudi-Lebanon crisis widens the Mideast's sectarian fault line... (10-Mar-2016)
9-Mar-16 World View -- Bizarre EU-Turkey one-for-one refugee deal meets strong opposition: Europe faces two additional major crises: Grexit and Brexit... (9-Mar-2016)
8-Mar-16 World View -- Turkey and Hungary play hardball at EU-Turkey refugee summit: With summer approaching, European politicians may be close to panic... (8-Mar-2016)
7-Mar-16 World View -- EU and Turkey summit in Brussels to discuss refugees, as number of women and children surges: Death of Nancy Reagan reminds us of generational differences... (7-Mar-2016)
6-Mar-16 World View -- Turkey's 'shameful day for free press' as government seizes Zaman media: Felhullah Gülen: One of the most powerful Muslim clerics in the world... (6-Mar-2016)
5-Mar-16 World View -- A look back at Libya in 2011 as the West debates another military intervention: Police in Turkey use force to shut down opposition newspaper... (5-Mar-2016)
4-Mar-16 World View -- Australia's defense plans stress huge naval buildup targeting China: China threatens Australia with economic retaliation for criticizing it... (4-Mar-2016)
3-Mar-16 World View -- India about to deploy its first nuclear-armed submarine, in challenge to China: Mideast Sunni-Shia split grows as GCC says Hezbollah is terrorist organization... (3-Mar-2016)
2-Mar-16 World View -- Russian and Syrian war crimes are 'weaponizing' the refugee crisis for Europe: Bulldozers bury the 'Jungle' refugee camp in Calais France... (2-Mar-2016)
1-Mar-16 World View -- Pakistan unexpectedly executes murderer of liberal politician Salman Taseer: Greece turns into a huge refugee camp... (1-Mar-2016)
29-Feb-16 World View -- Surprise victory of reformists in Iran signals bloody power struggle: 70,000 refugees may be trapped in Greece within weeks... (29-Feb-2016)
28-Feb-16 World View -- Breitbart says that Fox News is taking 50% hit because of Trump: US debating military response to China's buildup in South China Sea... (28-Feb-2016)
27-Feb-16 World View -- China and Cambodia hold military exercises amid South China Sea tensions: More on China's New Silk Road through the 'Caspian Trade Corridor'... (27-Feb-2016)
26-Feb-16 World View -- Threats of retaliation abound as Europe's refugee crisis deepens: Tsipras: 'Greece will not become a warehouse for souls'... (26-Feb-2016)
25-Feb-16 World View -- Readers comment: Who would win a war between the US and China?: China sends fighter jets to South China Sea... (25-Feb-2016)
24-Feb-16 World View -- Refugee crisis puts European Union's core principles at risk: Macedonia closes borders to thousands of stranded Afghan migrants in Greece... (24-Feb-2016)
23-Feb-16 World View -- China's military buildup neutralizes America's aircraft carriers: John Kerry and Russia announce a new Syria peace plan... (23-Feb-2016)
22-Feb-16 World View -- Delhi in crisis as India sends thousands of troops to quash Jat riots: Bomb explosions strike Assad strongholds in Syria as Kerry speaks of 'provisional' peace... (22-Feb-2016)
21-Feb-16 World View -- Latest Syria peace plan officially fails: Shifting alliances across the Mideast... (21-Feb-2016)
20-Feb-16 World View -- US warplanes strike suspected ISIS training base in Libya: US warplane attack on Libya raises question of ground troops... (20-Feb-2016)
19-Feb-16 World View -- Russia's attacks on civilian hospitals in Aleppo follow the 'Grozny model': New terrorist attacks cause further splits in US-Turkey relationship... (19-Feb-2016)
18-Feb-16 World View -- Car bomb attack on military in Ankara Turkey kills 28: Erdogan slams US, UN policy, renews demand by Syria 'safe zone'... (18-Feb-2016)
17-Feb-16 World View -- China speeds rapid military buildup in South China Sea: China promises 'Peace in our time' at ASEAN conference... (17-Feb-2016)
16-Feb-16 World View -- Missile strikes on Syria's hospitals and schools called 'war crimes': China's massive lending binge: four times as much as forecast... (16-Feb-2016)
15-Feb-16 World View -- Turkey doubles down on shelling Kurds in Syria: John Kerry suggests that al-Assad and the Russians are delusional... (15-Feb-2016)
14-Feb-16 World View -- Turkey's military strikes Kurdish positions in Syria, north of Aleppo: Saudi Arabia and Turkey plan joint ground troop incursion into Syria... (14-Feb-2016)
13-Feb-16 World View -- Increasingly desperate European Union threatens Greece over refugee crisis: Nato deploys warships to Aegean sea to deter people smugglers... (13-Feb-2016)
12-Feb-16 World View -- US and Russia agree to a farcical 'cessation of hostilities' in Syria: The vitriolic hatred of Bashar al-Assad... (12-Feb-2016)
11-Feb-16 World View -- Turkey's Erdogan splits further with US, blaming it for a 'sea of blood': Pentagon deploying hundreds of troops to Helmand in Afghanistan... (11-Feb-2016)
10-Feb-16 World View -- Russia and Turkey head for clash on Syria border: Turkey border 'buffer zone' could result in clash with Syrian army... (10-Feb-2016)
9-Feb-16 World View -- Monday's stock market rout blamed on China's foreign currency selloffs: Hong Kong experiences worst violence in years... (9-Feb-2016)
8-Feb-16 World View -- Plans continue for Western military deployment into Libya: UAE says it's ready to supply ground troops to fight ISIS in Syria... (8-Feb-2016)
7-Feb-16 World View -- Iran, Syria and Russia ridicule Saudi Arabia's army: Europe sends mixed messages to Turkey about new flood of Syrian refugees... (7-Feb-2016)
6-Feb-16 World View -- As Iran's election approaches, generational conflict becomes vicious: Turkey blocks tens of thousands of Aleppo Syria residents from entering Turkey... (6-Feb-2016)
5-Feb-16 World View -- Saudi ready to send ground troops into Syria, as regime encircles Aleppo: Turkey denies Russian reports of Syria invasion... (5-Feb-2016)
4-Feb-16 World View -- Syria peace talks collapse as Russia carpet bombs opposition in Aleppo: John Kerry warns of ISIS expansion in Syria... (4-Feb-2016)
3-Feb-16 World View -- US Navy's Freedom of Navigation Ops in South China Sea to grow in scope and complexity: Jordan's King demands more refugee aid from international community... (3-Feb-2016)
2-Feb-16 World View -- France issues ultimatum to Israel as West Bank tensions grow: Israel rejects France's ultimatum to recognize state of Palestine... (2-Feb-2016)
1-Feb-16 World View -- Damascus terror attack deals a new blow to Syria 'peace talks': Dozens killed in ISIS attack on a Shia shrine in Damascus Syria... (1-Feb-2016)
31-Jan-16 World View -- Turkey threatens 'consequences' after Russia violates its airspace again: The English language becomes an issue between Turkey and Russia... (31-Jan-2016)
30-Jan-16 World View -- Japan tries negative interest rates as US economy slows: Mainstream economists are oblivious to the velocity of money... (30-Jan-2016)
29-Jan-16 World View -- US, Britain, France, Italy continue plans for Libya invasion against ISIS: Russia builds military presence in Dagestan after ISIS attack... (29-Jan-2016)
28-Jan-16 World View -- China's game of Go beaten by Google's AI software, bringing the Singularity closer: Google's AI technology will soon start taking people's jobs... (28-Jan-2016)
27-Jan-16 World View -- India deploying 'submarine killer' planes to counter China's submarines: China demolishes Southern Mongolian herders' homes in mid-winter... (27-Jan-2016)
26-Jan-16 World View -- Mass protests force Moldova to choose between Europe and Russia: Moldova crisis presents opportunities and dangers for Russia... (26-Jan-2016)
25-Jan-16 World View -- Farcical Syria peace process 'proximity talks' to begin this week in Geneva: Previous attempts at Syria 'peace talks' ended in farce... (25-Jan-2016)
24-Jan-16 World View -- Migration crisis signals historic shifts in Europe and Mideast: The 2016 market meltdown raises fears of financial crisis... (24-Jan-2016)
23-Jan-16 World View -- China signs nuclear deals with Saudi Arabia and Iran: China signals support for Saudis in Yemen, and for Palestinian state... (23-Jan-2016)
22-Jan-16 World View -- Clown protesters mock Finland's xenophobic 'Soldiers of Odin': The European Central Bank saves the stock markets for another day... (22-Jan-2016)
21-Jan-16 World View -- Azerbaijan forced to choose between Russia and Turkey: Azerbaijan becomes the hub of the Caspian Trade Corridor, part of the new Silk Road... (21-Jan-2016)
20-Jan-16 World View -- Germany's Angela Merkel under pressure to restrict migrants: Puerto Rico's debt problem even worse than expected... (20-Jan-2016)
19-Jan-16 World View -- Tajikistan's bitter split with Iran tempts it to side with Saudi Arabia: Split triggered by Iran's invitation to an alleged anti-Tajik terrorist... (19-Jan-2016)
18-Jan-16 World View -- Pakistan tries to mediate between Saudi Arabia and Iran: Reader questions about Mideast country alignments... (18-Jan-2016)
17-Jan-16 World View -- Taiwan's pro-independence party wins historic presidential election: Pop star's Taiwan flag incident illustrates how tense relations are... (17-Jan-2016)
16-Jan-16 World View -- Mideast trends: Sunni-Shia countries align along predicted lines: Saudi Arabia faces increased social unrest with sudden austerity budget... (16-Jan-2016)
15-Jan-16 World View -- UN's Ban Ki-moon calls Syria's Bashar al-Assad a war criminal: Second aid convoy arrives in the starving Syrian city of Mayada... (15-Jan-2016)
14-Jan-16 World View -- Report: Sri Lankan government repeatedly torturing and raping Tamils: Iran releases American sailors as end of sanctions approaches... (14-Jan-2016)
13-Jan-16 World View -- Royal Bank of Scotland predicts sharp 2016 recession, says 'Sell everything!': Suicide bombing in Istanbul Turkey kills 10 tourists... (13-Jan-2016)
12-Jan-16 World View -- India threatens retaliation on Pakistan terrorists for air base attack: Pathankot air base incident revives memories of the '26/11' Mumbai attack in 2008... (12-Jan-2016)
11-Jan-16 World View -- Britain debates leaving European Union amid National Health Service (NHS) crisis: Hungary's PM tells Cameron: 'Hungarians in UK aren’t parasites'... (11-Jan-2016)
10-Jan-16 World View -- Arab countries deeply divided over Iran vs Saudi Arabia confrontation: Saudi Arabia and Iran accuse each other of terrorism... (10-Jan-2016)
9-Jan-16 World View -- China-North Korea tensions high after nuclear test: South Korea resumes broadcasting propaganda via loudspeakers... (9-Jan-2016)
8-Jan-16 World View -- Iran struggles to recover from its firebombing of Saudi embassy: Desperate Chinese officials remove stock market circuit breakers... (8-Jan-2016)
7-Jan-16 World View -- German 'Code of Conduct' for women shows pendulum swing on gender issues: Merry Christmas!... (7-Jan-2016)
6-Jan-16 World View -- US, Britain, France preparing new Libya military offensive early in 2016: ISIS assault in Libya giving militants control of oil fields... (6-Jan-2016)
5-Jan-16 World View -- President Obama may have to choose between Saudi Arabia and Iran: European and Wall St stocks fall sharply, following China... (5-Jan-2016)
4-Jan-16 World View -- Saudi Arabia cuts diplomatic ties with Iran as violent Shia protests spread around region: Sunni vs Shia sectarian tensions grow rapidly... (4-Jan-2016)
3-Jan-16 World View -- Mideast sectarian tensions surge as Iranians burn down Saudi embassy in Tehran: Execution of Shia cleric Nirm al-Nimr triggers mass protests in Mideast... (3-Jan-2016)
2-Jan-16 World View -- In bizarre gaffe, Erdogan compares Turkey's government to Hitler's Germany: India imposes men-only driving restrictions in Delhi to curb pollution... (2-Jan-2016)
1-Jan-16 World View -- 2016 and the 'dramatic multiplication of conflicts in the world': Angela Merkel urges Germans to see refugees as an 'opportunity'... (1-Jan-2016)

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