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Web Log Summary - January-December, 2011


31-Dec-11 World View -- Armed clashes with Uighurs in China's Xinjiang province: Spain's 2011 budget deficit much worse than expected... (31-Dec-2011)
30-Dec-11 World View -- Turkey's warplanes kill 36 Kurdish civilians in Iraq by mistake: Deeply divided, Greece's new government has ground to a halt... (30-Dec-2011)
29-Dec-11 World View -- U.S. Fifth Fleet threatens Iran with retaliation in Strait of Hormuz: Israel's army chief says war with Gaza inevitable... (29-Dec-2011)
28-Dec-11 World View -- Thousands of Israelis protest ultra-Orthodox Jewish extremists: Last week's ECB euro liquidity flood is failing badly... (28-Dec-2011)
27-Dec-11 World View -- Iran's naval units begin main stage of ten-day war games: Ultra-orthodox Jews in Israel clash with police over gender issues... (27-Dec-2011)
26-Dec-11 World View -- Christmas church bombings by Boko Haram trigger clashes in Nigeria: Hope and change Pakistan candidate Imran Khan draws huge crowd in Karachi... (26-Dec-2011)
25-Dec-11 World View -- Europe spreads Christmas joy with the 'World Book of Happiness': Christians in Karachi celebrate Christmas in Pakistan's largest church... (25-Dec-2011)
24-Dec-11 World View -- Syria's regime may be responsible for suicide bombings: Turkey accuses France of genocide in Algeria... (24-Dec-2011)
23-Dec-11 World View -- Jordan helps Hamas break with Syria and Iran: Hedge funds threaten to sue over Greece haircut... (23-Dec-2011)
22-Dec-11 World View -- Defense Sec'y Panetta threatens Iran over nuclear weapons: Massive European bailout operation appears to be failing... (22-Dec-2011)
21-Dec-11 World View -- Arrest warrant for Iraq's VP plunges Iraq's government into crisis: Congress goes home for the holidays... (21-Dec-2011)
20-Dec-11 World View -- Suspicions arise over the cause of Kim Jong-il's death: Strauss-Kahn's wife is 'Woman of the Year' for standing by her man... (20-Dec-2011)
19-Dec-11 World View -- Iraq's government destabilizes after Americans' departure: Egyptians shocked by video of army beating veiled woman protester... (19-Dec-2011)
18-Dec-11 World View -- Europe's financial crisis brings accusations of xenophobia: Congress kicks the can down the road to Groundhog Day... (18-Dec-2011)
17-Dec-11 World View -- China may add the Seychelles to its 'String of Pearls': Fitch says a comprehensive euro zone deal is 'beyond reach'... (17-Dec-2011)
16-Dec-11 World View -- Unrest grows in Shanghai, China, as housing prices collapse: Turkey reviews military preparedness for war with Syria... (16-Dec-2011)
15-Dec-11 World View -- Egypt's seculars try to beat Islamists in today's voting: IMF demands that Greece break the 'taboo' of dismissing civil servants... (15-Dec-2011)
14-Dec-11 World View -- American troops said to be massing in Jordan on Syria's border: Iran threatens military maneuvers to close Strait of Hormuz... (14-Dec-2011)
13-Dec-11 World View -- Britain's 'veto' of eurozone plan causes angry recriminations: France's former PM Dominique de Villepin to run for president... (13-Dec-2011)
12-Dec-11 World View -- Huntsman: China's Fifth Generation will have 'nationalistic impulses': Proposed S. Korean towers resemble exploding World Trade Center... (12-Dec-2011)
11-Dec-11 World View -- Hamas, embarrassed by Syria's violence, may be forced to move: Taliban claims to be talking peace with Pakistan government... (11-Dec-2011)
10-Dec-11 World View -- Europe in historic split, after Britain opts out of eurozone deal: Turkey's exports reach a historic new record... (10-Dec-2011)
9-Dec-11 World View -- Sarkozy: Europe risks a new explosion: Oil pipeline in Syria explodes after terrorist attack... (9-Dec-2011)
8-Dec-11 World View -- Pressure builds on euro summit meeting on Thursday and Friday: Syria's Bashar al-Assad gives psychopathic interview to Barbara Walters... (8-Dec-2011)
7-Dec-11 World View -- Afghanistan shocked by coordinated suicide attacks targeting Shias: Sarkozy tries to halt spread of 'Germanophobia' in France... (7-Dec-2011)
6-Dec-11 World View -- Merkel and Sarkozy kick the can down the road to March: If Iran goes nuclear, Saudi Arabia will obtain nuclear weapons from Pakistan... (6-Dec-2011)
5-Dec-11 World View -- Egypt's two Islamist winners now become arch foes: New study highlights China's massive war preparations... (5-Dec-2011)
4-Dec-11 World View -- Russia elects a new Duma amid harsh ultranationalism: Egypt's ruling army council 'worries' about Islamist election win... (4-Dec-2011)
3-Dec-11 World View -- Europe recoils as Germany takes charge: Pakistan changes rules of engagement versus U.S. forces... (3-Dec-2011)
2-Dec-11 World View -- Can the euro be saved?: Russia delivers anti-ship missiles to Syria... (2-Dec-2011)
1-Dec-11 World View -- Fed and other central banks desperately try to stem euro panic: Attack on UK Embassy in Iran creates diplomatic chaos... (1-Dec-2011)
30-Nov-11 World View -- Iran relives its glorious past as students storm Tehran's British embassy: European finance ministers fail again to solve euro crisis... (30-Nov-2011)
29-Nov-11 World View -- Paralyzed with fear, the Euro Zone faces collapse 'within days': U.S. military reviews supply routes after Pakistan debacle... (29-Nov-2011)
28-Nov-11 World View -- Four major party coalitions vie for seats in Egypt: China home builders face payment delays, as real estate bubble implodes... (28-Nov-2011)
27-Nov-11 World View -- Furious Pakistan shuts Nato down after deadly border strike: Israel to assist Kenya's invasion into Somalia to attack Al-Shabaab... (27-Nov-2011)
26-Nov-11 World View -- Despite chaos, Egypt's parliamentary election will proceed on Monday: Greece to demand investors increase bond 'haircut' to 75%... (26-Nov-2011)
25-Nov-11 World View -- Massive confrontation in Egypt expected on Friday: A quick overview of economics in the Euro Zone... (25-Nov-2011)
24-Nov-11 World View -- Thanksgiving - a time to prepare as the world darkens: Germany's bond auction called a 'complete disaster' as bond panic spreads... (24-Nov-2011)
23-Nov-11 World View -- Massive protests continue in Egypt: Euro collapse now seems inevitable, as Franco-German rift grows... (23-Nov-2011)
22-Nov-11 World View -- Egypt under threat from 'Second Revolution' mass protest: The 'last days of the euro'... (22-Nov-2011)
21-Nov-11 World View -- Thousands clash with police in Tahrir Square in Cairo Egypt: Congressional 'Super Committee' to announce failure... (21-Nov-2011)
20-Nov-11 World View -- Massive violence in Egypt may be a turning point: Remote cyber attack destroys pump in Illinois public water system... (20-Nov-2011)
19-Nov-11 World View -- Financial crisis deadlocks in Berlin and Washington: China and U.S. set to face off over South China Sea... (19-Nov-2011)
18-Nov-11 World View -- MF Global bankruptcy begins to claim victims: Obama's Australia announcement considered a 'betrayal' by China... (18-Nov-2011)
17-Nov-11 World View -- As China prepares for war, U.S. increases military presence in Pacific: Russia's rapprochement with Iran openly violates US/UN sanctions... (17-Nov-2011)
16-Nov-11 World View -- Germany's economy dominates Europe, as bond rout expands: Qatar accused of arming opposition, as Syria violence escalates... (16-Nov-2011)
15-Nov-11 World View -- Mideast turmoil increases after Arab League suspends Syria: Spain appears next in line to be attacked in bond market... (15-Nov-2011)
14-Nov-11 World View -- Hope that new governments in Greece and Italy will stop EU deterioration: Russia's Circassian problem grows on approach of 2014 Sochi Olympics... (14-Nov-2011)
13-Nov-11 World View -- Clashes escalate among Libya's tribal militias near Tripoli: 17 Revolutionary Guards killed in massive explosions at munitions depot in Iran... (13-Nov-2011)
12-Nov-11 World View -- Lucas Papademos promises to keep Greece in the eurozone: Who owns the northern lights?... (12-Nov-2011)
11-Nov-11 World View -- World focuses on Mario Draghi and the European Central Bank for the 'Big Bazooka': China to Philippines: 'Prepare for the sound of cannons'... (11-Nov-2011)
10-Nov-11 World View -- Pandemonium in Europe shocks world markets: Protests in Russia unify ethnic Russians against the North Caucasus... (10-Nov-2011)
9-Nov-11 World View -- Iran nuclear report raises questions of sanctions and military action: Obama and Sarkozy say that they can't stand Israel's Netanyahu... (9-Nov-2011)
8-Nov-11 World View -- With Italy crumbling, euro crisis approaches an end game: Assad regime's fantasy virtual world of denial... (8-Nov-2011)
7-Nov-11 World View -- Congressional 'Super Committee' faces same problems as Greece and Italy : China's 'good neighbor' policy failing, as neighbors turn against China... (7-Nov-2011)
6-Nov-11 World View -- Boko Haram sect kills 150 people in huge terrorist attack in Nigeria: U.N. report will detail Iran's nuclear weapons development... (6-Nov-2011)
5-Nov-11 World View -- Threats grow against Iran's nuclear program: G-20 world financial summit ends in failure... (5-Nov-2011)
4-Nov-11 World View -- Greece buckles to European demands and cancels referendum: Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's press conference... (4-Nov-2011)
3-Nov-11 World View -- Fallout spreads from Greece's call for referendum: Israel is widely condemned for approving new settlements... (3-Nov-2011)
2-Nov-11 World View -- Euro in crisis again, as Greece melts down after referendum bombshell: Foreign central banks are no longer buying US Treasuries... (2-Nov-2011)
1-Nov-11 World View -- China seeks to set up military bases in Pakistan: Euro bailout deal unravels as Italy's bond yields soar ... (1-Nov-2011)
31-Oct-11 World View -- Somali-American identified as suicide bomber in Mogadishu: Former cricketer Imran Khan promises hope and change for Pakistan... (31-Oct-2011)
30-Oct-11 World View -- Tension over Syria mounts as Arab League meets on Sunday: U.S. economy tipping into recession... (30-Oct-2011)
29-Oct-11 World View -- Kenya gets mired in Somalia, and U.S. involvement rapidly expands: China's housing bubble collapses as home prices fall sharply... (29-Oct-2011)
28-Oct-11 News -- Markets explode on crazy Rube Goldberg eurozone deal: Haverford's Hank Smith lied about price/earnings ratios... (28-Oct-2011)
28-Oct-11 World View -- U.N. Security Council ends mandate for international military operations in Libya: Pakistan threatens to sue BBC over documentary on helping Taliban... (28-Oct-2011)
27-Oct-11 World View -- Financial crisis summit meeting of European leaders reaches 4 am agreement (Updated): More evidence that Pakistan's ISI supports Taliban terrorists... (27-Oct-2011)
26-Oct-11 World View -- Wednesday's much-hyped EU Finance Ministers' meeting is canceled: Thailand's PM Yingluck concedes that Bangkok will be flooded... (26-Oct-2011)
25-Oct-11 World View -- Polygamy in Libya becomes an issue in the West: U.S. withdraws ambassador to Syria after regime-sponsored threats... (25-Oct-2011)
24-Oct-11 World View -- Sarkozy tells Cameron to 'shut up' in euro clash: Libya's interim leader declares support for Sharia law... (24-Oct-2011)
23-Oct-11 World View -- U.S. warns American citizens in Kenya of imminent terrorist threat: Turkey's incursion into northern Iraq kills 49 Kurdish rebels... (23-Oct-2011)
22-Oct-11 World View -- Surprise! Greece's economy is worse than expected: Occupy Wall Street protesters very similar to Greece's protesters... (22-Oct-2011)
21-Oct-11 World View -- St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church to be rebuilt at Ground Zero: Mission Accomplished! as Muammar Gaddafi is killed in Libya... (21-Oct-2011)
20-Oct-11 World View -- Sheer desperation grows among Europeans: Turkey's army invades northern Iraq pursuing PKK... (20-Oct-2011)
19-Oct-11 World View -- Israel exchanges Gilad Shalit for 1,027 Palestinians: Greece facing nationwide general strike on Wednesday and Thursday... (19-Oct-2011)
18-Oct-11 World View -- Kenya's army prepares to fight the 'Mother of all Battles': Hopes for a euro solution next weekend fade as the hours pass... (18-Oct-2011)
17-Oct-11 World View -- Tension growing in China over self-immolation of Tibetan monks: Kenya sends troops into Somalia in major policy shift... (17-Oct-2011)
16-Oct-11 World View -- Left-wing protests surge globally, as violence strikes Rome, Italy: Germany makes 'historic decision' to sell tanks to Saudi Arabia... (16-Oct-2011)
15-Oct-11 News -- Iran's assassination plot goal: Armed clash with U.S.: Iran's leaders try to refight the 1979 Great Islamic Revolution... (15-Oct-2011)
15-Oct-11 World View -- The U.S. will send troops to central African nations: Left-wing protests continue to grow on Wall Street and in Europe... (15-Oct-2011)
14-Oct-11 World View -- Obama accuses Iran of 'dangerous and reckless behavior': Burma's ties with India deepen, as ties with China weaken... (14-Oct-2011)
13-Oct-11 World View -- Saudi Arabia says that Iran must 'pay the price' for assassination attempt: Burma (Myanmar) continues to become the 'anti-China'... (13-Oct-2011)
12-Oct-11 World View -- Criticism of Egypt's armed forces intensifies after 'Black Sunday' Copt massacre: European 'troika' approves Greece's next bailout payment... (12-Oct-2011)
11-Oct-11 World View -- Egypt in shock over bloody massacre of Coptic Christians: Report: Merkel has concluded that Greek default is inevitable... (11-Oct-2011)
10-Oct-11 World View -- Sarkozy/Merkel announce non-plan, as Dexia bank breaks up: 23 dead in clash between Coptic Christians and Egyptian security... (10-Oct-2011)
9-Oct-11 World View -- North Korea threatens South Korea with military action: Arab and Christian graves vandalized in Arab section of Jaffa, Israel... (9-Oct-2011)
8-Oct-11 World View -- Paramilitaries may be joining drug wars in Mexico: Greenspan: All econometric models have failed... (8-Oct-2011)
7-Oct-11 World View -- Left-wing and anarchist protests increase in Europe and America: Senior US officials meet with Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt... (7-Oct-2011)
6-Oct-11 World View -- Turkey prepares to invade Iraq, targeting PKK Kurds: Bad news for Dexia is good news for investors... (6-Oct-2011)
5-Oct-11 World View -- Euro / Greek financial crisis heads for dénouement: Italy government bonds downgraded by Moody's... (5-Oct-2011)
4-Oct-11 World View -- Belgium's Dexia bank may be near collapse: Administration lobbies Congress to restore Palestinian aid... (4-Oct-2011)
3-Oct-11 News -- Burma (Myanmar) suspends dam project in major break with China: Burma's generational Unraveling era brings big changes... (3-Oct-2011)
3-Oct-11 World View -- Greece misses requirements for next bailout payment: Terrorist groups in Pakistan are splintering into smaller groups... (3-Oct-2011)
2-Oct-11 World View -- Al-Awlaki killing solidifies Obama strategy on targeting terrorists: World stocks post the worst quarter in years... (2-Oct-2011)
1-Oct-11 World View -- U.S. Congress blocks $200 million in aid to Palestinians: American al-Qaeda terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki killed by drone strike... (1-Oct-2011)
30-Sep-11 World View -- Syrian regime supporters attack American ambassador: Germany approves the expanded bailout fund... (30-Sep-2011)
29-Sep-11 World View -- Gaddafi suspected to be under protection of Tuareg tribe: European Commission's Barroso proposes tax on financial transactions... (29-Sep-2011)
28-Sep-11 World View -- Pakistan lauds China's birth as a brilliant miracle: Israel's Netanyahu approves peace talks while new settlements are announced... (28-Sep-2011)
27-Sep-11 World View -- European leaders float a fantasy bailout plan: U.N. Security Council considers Palestinian state application... (27-Sep-2011)
26-Sep-11 World View -- Libya's Gaddafi may be launching a counterattack with Tuareg tribe: IMF meeting fails to produce any results beyond words... (26-Sep-2011)
25-Sep-11 World View -- Ahmadinejad takes revenge against Iran's supreme leader: Putin and Medvedev agree to switch jobs in Russia... (25-Sep-2011)
24-Sep-11 World View -- Abbas asks U.N. to admit Palestine as a full member: Mullen's accusations send U.S.-Pakistan relations down unpredictable path... (24-Sep-2011)
23-Sep-11 World View -- Admiral Mullen accuses Pakistan of terrorism in Afghanistan: World Bank warns of spreading financial crisis... (23-Sep-2011)
22-Sep-11 World View -- Obama delivers 'warmest pro-Israel speech ever' to UN: Greece announces new austerity measures... (22-Sep-2011)
21-Sep-11 World View -- Suicide bomb threatens Afghan 'peace process': Another day of disastrous financial news for Greece and Europe... (21-Sep-2011)
20-Sep-11 World View -- Chaos in Europe as deadline for Greece draws near: Pressure increases on Abbas to skip UN statehood bid... (20-Sep-2011)
19-Sep-11 World View -- China warns of severe consequences from arms sale to Taiwan: Merkel's 'euro-skepticism' defeated in German election... (19-Sep-2011)
18-Sep-11 World View -- Turkey's Erdogan receives rock-star treatment in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya: Russia prepares justification for military intervention in former Soviet states... (18-Sep-2011)
17-Sep-11 World View -- Turkey on collision course with Greece, Israel in Mediterranean: Child mortality falls, amount of cannon fodder grows... (17-Sep-2011)
16-Sep-11 World View -- Fed bails out Europeans with dollars: Cameron and Sarkozy, in Libya, promise to keep on fighting... (16-Sep-2011)
15-Sep-11 World View -- Will China bail out a deteriorating Europe?: Criticism mounts for Turkey's Erdogan for 'dangerous macho posturing'... (15-Sep-2011)
14-Sep-11 World View -- Turkey again escalates military threat to Israel: Abbas will apply for full U.N. membership for Palestinian state... (14-Sep-2011)
13-Sep-11 World View -- Investors bet that Greece's default is now certain: After winning at 'Jeopardy!', IBM's Watson will become a doctor's assistant... (13-Sep-2011)
12-Sep-11 World View -- Egypt reacts to storming of Cairo's Israeli embassy: Russia claimed fall of Gaddafi was a hoax in an al-Jazeera TV studio... (12-Sep-2011)
11-Sep-11 News -- Ten years after 9/11, Muslims and Westerners are far apart: Al-Qaeda linked terrorists threaten both Muslims and non-Muslims... (11-Sep-2011)
11-Sep-11 World View -- Political crises in Turkey, Egypt and Israel: Egypt's government in crisis after storming of Israel's embassy... (11-Sep-2011)
10-Sep-11 World View -- Turkey's Erdogan harshly escalates the military threats against Israel: Union longshoremen in Washington heed James Hoffa's call for violence... (10-Sep-2011)
9-Sep-11 World View -- One, Two, Three ... Infinity - Revisited: Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad criticizes slaughter in Syria... (9-Sep-2011)
8-Sep-11 World View -- Thousands of surface-to-air missiles missing from Libya warehouses: Germany's constitutional court approves bailouts... (8-Sep-2011)
7-Sep-11 World View -- Turkey threatens military confrontation with Israel in Mediterranean: Switzerland takes the nuclear option to devalue the franc... (7-Sep-2011)
6-Sep-11 World View -- China scrambles to explain recent arms sales offers to Gaddafi: Doubts escalate about the latest bailout of Greece... (6-Sep-2011)
5-Sep-11 World View -- Israel-Turkey diplomatic crisis escalates: Opposing forces gather around Sanaa, Yemen, preparing for battle... (5-Sep-2011)
4-Sep-11 World View -- Tel Aviv has largest protest rally in Israel's history: Feds warn of small airplane terror threats... (4-Sep-2011)
3-Sep-11 World View -- Turkey expels Israel's ambassador: U.S. economy has zero jobs growth in August... (3-Sep-2011)
2-Sep-11 World View -- U.N. flotilla report raises Turkey-Israel tensions: Pakistan and India armies exchange fire in Kashmir... (2-Sep-2011)
1-Sep-11 World View -- Two Gaddafi sons contradict each other on negotiations: Jordan's king warns that Palestinian statehood would harm Palestinians' rights... (1-Sep-2011)
31-Aug-11 World View -- Israel training West Bank settlers against Palestinian uprising: Pakistan: Americans to remain in Afghanistan until 2024 as power base... (31-Aug-2011)
30-Aug-11 World View -- Bird flu pandemic concerns increase again: An excellent analysis of Libya by a web site reader... (30-Aug-2011)
29-Aug-11 World View -- China expresses 'strong dissatisfaction' with the Pentagon's report: Egypt to deploy troops, armor, helicopters in Sinai... (29-Aug-2011)
28-Aug-11 World View -- Al-Qaeda's second in command killed in Pakistan: Mexico's federal agents raid Monterrey casinos... (28-Aug-2011)
27-Aug-11 World View -- Mexico blames U.S. for Monterrey terror attack: Dozens killed in suicide bombing of U.N. building in Nigeria... (27-Aug-2011)
26-Aug-11 News -- Fears of tribal violence in Libya grow: Muammar and Leezza, sittin' in a tree ...... (26-Aug-2011)
26-Aug-11 World View -- Egyptian activists plan 'million man protest': Greece has yet to describe debt swap plan for bailout... (26-Aug-2011)
25-Aug-11 World View -- Euro crisis regains the spotlight: Glenn Beck rally in Jerusalem stirs controversy... (25-Aug-2011)
24-Aug-11 World View -- Gaddafi vows 'Martyrdom or Victory' in Libya: China's looming debt disaster... (24-Aug-2011)
23-Aug-11 World View -- Libya's Saif al-Islam Gaddafi shows up: Israel's government votes for self-restraint in Gaza... (23-Aug-2011)
22-Aug-11 World View -- Libyan rebels take control of central Tripoli, and have a party: Hamas and Gaza militant groups agree to ceasefire with Israel... (22-Aug-2011)
21-Aug-11 World View -- Israel apologizes to save relationship with Egypt: Libya's rebels claim that victory over Gaddafi is near... (21-Aug-2011)
20-Aug-11 World View -- Gaza-Israel violence escalates again: Europe's bailout of Greece, announced with fanfare, is unraveling... (20-Aug-2011)
19-Aug-11 World View -- Global markets plunge on bad economic news: Israel strikes Gaza targets, after terrorist attack on southern Israel... (19-Aug-2011)
18-Aug-11 World View -- Turkey backs off on threat to Syria: Syria threatens family members of Syrian-Americans... (18-Aug-2011)
17-Aug-11 News -- New GDP reports put European economy at near standstill: Sarkozy and Merkel reject euro bonds... (17-Aug-2011)
17-Aug-11 World View -- Libya's rebels predict victory 'within the month': China's new aircraft carrier vulnerable to attack in South China Sea... (17-Aug-2011)
16-Aug-11 News -- Turkey threatens Syria, as military attacks Palestinian refugee camp: Turkey issues very harsh, strongly worded implied threat to Syria... (16-Aug-2011)
16-Aug-11 World View -- Korea criticizes Japan on Liberation Day: Euro crisis continues as 'euro bond' proposal stirs debate... (16-Aug-2011)
15-Aug-11 World View -- Libya's rebel forces deliver crucial blow to Gaddafi's regime: Merkel and Sarkozy to meet Monday for make-or-break euro crisis talks... (15-Aug-2011)
14-Aug-11 World View -- Syria's Assad asks for 15 more days to slaughter civilians: Desperate Swiss try to devalue the Swiss franc... (14-Aug-2011)
13-Aug-11 World View -- Turkish army forces on high alert near the Syrian border: Europeans commemorate the building of the Berlin Wall, 50 years ago... (13-Aug-2011)
12-Aug-11 World View -- Female suicide bombers kill 7 in Pakistan: Wall Street prices surge again as turmoil continues... (12-Aug-2011)
11-Aug-11 News -- Stock panic resumes on concerns over Europe's solvency: The euro is quickly unraveling... (11-Aug-2011)
11-Aug-11 World View -- Taiwan exhibits anti-Chinese ship missile: North and South Korea exchange fire near their maritime border... (11-Aug-2011)
10-Aug-11 World View -- Wall Street crashes upward: China and the anticipated commodities collapse... (10-Aug-2011)
9-Aug-11 News -- World stock markets continue their dramatic slide: Repeating October 21, 1929... (9-Aug-2011)
9-Aug-11 World View -- Riots and looting spread across Britain: More Arab states recall envoys from Syria... (9-Aug-2011)
8-Aug-11 World View -- Threats to Syria grow from all sides: Desperate European Central Bank fires a bazooka... (8-Aug-2011)
7-Aug-11 News -- Bitter recriminations fly over U.S. debt downgrade: China issues a bitter, acerbic statement... (7-Aug-2011)
7-Aug-11 World View -- Turkey's patience runs out over Syria: Navy SEAL team killed in helicopter crash in Afghanistan... (7-Aug-2011)
6-Aug-11 News -- U.S. State Dept. urges U.S. citizens to leave Syria immediately: Hizbollah's dilemma on Syria uprising... (6-Aug-2011)
6-Aug-11 World View -- S&P downgrades U.S. debt: Jobs report contains some ugly truths... (6-Aug-2011)
5-Aug-11 News -- Markets plunge 5% on Thursday over bad economic news: N. Korea demands food, cement in response to S. Korea's flood aid offer... (5-Aug-2011)
5-Aug-11 World View -- Another horrific day of slaughter in Hama, Syria: Peace in Our Time Dept.: China criticizes Japan... (5-Aug-2011)
4-Aug-11 World View -- UN Security Council condemns Syria's regime: Europeans are 'astonished' at growing euro financial crisis... (4-Aug-2011)
3-Aug-11 News -- Possible bond panic is in process, after can-kicking debt ceiling deal: Bond panic in Europe... (3-Aug-2011)
3-Aug-11 World View -- Ethnic and political violence in Karachi, Pakistan: Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) expands to international terror... (3-Aug-2011)
2-Aug-11 World View -- China could defeat U.S. in war over Taiwan: Worldwide manufacturing growth stalls in July... (2-Aug-2011)
1-Aug-11 World View -- Syria's regime massacres hundreds: Mexico arrests killer of 1500, including U.S. Consulate employee... (1-Aug-2011)
31-Jul-11 World View -- Major social change in Turkey: Egypt's salafists dominate Friday's rally in Tahrir Square... (31-Jul-2011)
30-Jul-11 News -- Economists in shock over GDP report: Europe's economy continues to deteriorate... (30-Jul-2011)
30-Jul-11 World View -- Turkey's military commanders resign en masse: China confronts its weakness in anti-submarine warfare... (30-Jul-2011)
29-Jul-11 News -- Europeans losing patience with Washington gridlock: Are there any adults in the room?... (29-Jul-2011)
29-Jul-11 World View -- Libyan rebel military command killed: Chinese officials shocked by public anger at train accident... (29-Jul-2011)
28-Jul-11 News -- Washington follows Brussels in fraud and extortion: A warning about gold... (28-Jul-2011)
28-Jul-11 World View -- Britain expels Libya's ambassador: India swoons over Pakistan's hot new Foreign Minister... (28-Jul-2011)
27-Jul-11 World View -- China's jets pursue U.S. reconnaissance plane: Spain, Italy bond panic resumes, as bailout euphoria fades... (27-Jul-2011)
26-Jul-11 World View -- New concerns on bailout of Greece: Israel considers revoking the 1993 Oslo accords... (26-Jul-2011)
25-Jul-11 World View -- Asian stocks fail to crash: China public furious at government incompetence in train disaster... (25-Jul-2011)
24-Jul-11 News -- Norway in shock over 'blond on blond' terrorist violence: Who's to blame for right-wing violence?... (24-Jul-2011)
24-Jul-11 World View -- Mauldin: Greece's bond 'haircuts' are at 75-80%: High-speed bullet train falls off bridge in China, killing 22... (24-Jul-2011)
23-Jul-11 World View -- Norway terrorist attack kills 17: Fitch gives Greece's bond a temporary 'selective default' rating... (23-Jul-2011)
22-Jul-11 World View -- Europeans announce bailout plan allowing Greece to default: East Africa famine - a catastrophe in the making... (22-Jul-2011)
21-Jul-11 World View -- Merkel and Sarkozy agree on plan for Greece: Bitter Turkey/Greece divide over Cyprus threatens Turkey-EU relations... (21-Jul-2011)
20-Jul-11 News -- Rupert Murdoch hearings show generational split: The media industry is not much different from the banking industry... (20-Jul-2011)
20-Jul-11 World View -- Crucial Brussels meeting on Greece approaches: China's aggressive naval buildup threatens conflict... (20-Jul-2011)
19-Jul-11 News -- Europe unravels in panic, as Fed considers a European bailout: Cliffhanger: Will Greece default on its debt this week?... (19-Jul-2011)
19-Jul-11 World View -- U.S. - Gaddafi representatives meet in Libya: Russia asks U.S. to cancel Cold War anti-Communism law... (19-Jul-2011)
18-Jul-11 World View -- US/Vietnam naval exercises: Thursday's European summit meeting a 'Moment of Destiny'... (18-Jul-2011)
17-Jul-11 News -- Syrian opposition movement falters even as protests grow: Syria increasing arms shipments to Hizbollah in Lebanon... (17-Jul-2011)
17-Jul-11 World View -- Mumbai terrorist attacks a business deal: Construction boom in Gaza since fall of Mubarak regime... (17-Jul-2011)
16-Jul-11 World View -- EU prepares for emergency financial summit: Defense Dept. victimized by massive cyber attack... (16-Jul-2011)
15-Jul-11 World View -- War in Libya may be near an end: S&P may downgrade U.S. debt even if a debt ceiling agreement is reached... (15-Jul-2011)
14-Jul-11 News -- Pakistan turns to China as US-Pakistan relations collapse: China contributes to arming Pakistan... (14-Jul-2011)
14-Jul-11 World View -- New terrorist attack in Mumbai, India: Greece moving towards default... (14-Jul-2011)
13-Jul-11 News -- EU attacks ratings agencies, and moves towards 'selective defaults': EU approves 'Selective Default' for Greece... (13-Jul-2011)
13-Jul-11 World View -- Afghan president's brother assassinated: UN Security Council condemns Syria for embassy attacks... (13-Jul-2011)
12-Jul-11 News -- Syrian protesters attack US and French embassies in Damascus: Tensions rise between Syria and America... (12-Jul-2011)
12-Jul-11 World View -- In Brussels and Washington, dysfunction over debt issues: China criticizes South China Sea drills in Mike Mullen's visit... (12-Jul-2011)
11-Jul-11 News -- Bosnia still bitterly divided as Srebrenica massacre is commemorated: Dutch court rules that Netherlands is responsible for Srebrenica deaths... (11-Jul-2011)
11-Jul-11 World View -- Euro crisis reaches Italy: Gen-Xers become the 'divorce generation' against their will... (11-Jul-2011)
10-Jul-11 News -- Iran and Turkey struggle over future of Syria: Iran and Turkey have conflicting objectives... (10-Jul-2011)
10-Jul-11 World View -- Karachi Pakistan crawls back to life: Greece receives 3.2 billion euros from IMF... (10-Jul-2011)
9-Jul-11 News -- Economists in shock at seminal jobs report for June: Generational crisis era transitions... (9-Jul-2011)
9-Jul-11 World View -- U.S.-Pak relations worsen again: Last space shuttle takes off... (9-Jul-2011)
8-Jul-11 News -- World food prices, euro bond yields and xenophobia increase, leading to a world heart attack: Brazil's halts corn exports after frost cuts harvest... (8-Jul-2011)
8-Jul-11 World View -- Iran increases arms shipments to Iraq: Israel's airport gears up for 'Welcome to Palestine' activists... (8-Jul-2011)
7-Jul-11 News -- Meltdown in US-Pakistan relations forces Afghan war changes: Protests in Karachi, Pakistan, over US gay rights event... (7-Jul-2011)
7-Jul-11 World View -- Eurozone sharply split over Greece's debt crisis: Distrust between China and India growing at an alarming rate... (7-Jul-2011)
6-Jul-11 News -- Denmark's border controls called a 'European crisis': Anti-immigrant xenophobia growing around the world... (6-Jul-2011)
6-Jul-11 World View -- Moody's cuts Portugal's debt rating to junk status: Iran's Bahrain defeat is a seminal event in Sunni/Shia relations... (6-Jul-2011)
5-Jul-11 News -- EU bailout plan for Greece collapses, as fraud and extortion continue: An immovable object meets an irresistible force... (5-Jul-2011)
5-Jul-11 World View -- Hugo Chavez makes triumphant return to Venezuela: China postpones sea trial of new aircraft carrier... (5-Jul-2011)
4-Jul-11 News -- Independence Day, 2021: America and the World in Recovery... (4-Jul-2011)
4-Jul-11 World View -- Thailand's Yingluck Shinawatra wins decisively: EU threatens to 'massively limit' Greece's sovereignty... (4-Jul-2011)
3-Jul-11 News -- From Cuba to China, people worry about demise of Venezuela's Chavez: Leading the struggle for socialism... (3-Jul-2011)
3-Jul-11 World View -- Israel, Greece and Turkey stall Gaza flotilla: Kim Jong-il's brother under house arrest in North Korea... (3-Jul-2011)
2-Jul-11 News -- France's politics in turmoil from collapse of Strauss-Kahn rape case: The sad case of Susan Estrich... (2-Jul-2011)
2-Jul-11 World View -- Hundreds of thousands of Syrians protest: Netherlands predicts problems if Libyan action not over by September... (2-Jul-2011)
1-Jul-11 News -- Thailand's Yingluck promises to use 'femininity' to resolve disputes: The Royal Thai Army claims that it is neutral in Sunday's election... (1-Jul-2011)
1-Jul-11 World View -- U.S. and Pakistan in tit-for-tat retaliation: Greece finds no buyers in 'fire sale' of national assets... (1-Jul-2011)
30-Jun-11 News -- Terrorist bombing of Kabul hotel shows power of Haqqani network: Contrasting the Iraq and Afghanistan wars... (30-Jun-2011)
30-Jun-11 World View -- Violence escalates in Athens after austerity approval: Britain: Iran is carrying out secret nuclear missile tests... (30-Jun-2011)
29-Jun-11 News -- China promises EU bailout, as officials discuss the 'French Model': The austerity debate in the United States... (29-Jun-2011)
29-Jun-11 World View -- Iran fires test missiles able to reach Israel: Gaza Freedom Flotilla II may be delayed until next week... (29-Jun-2011)
28-Jun-11 News -- German support for bailout of Greece falls sharply: The people versus their political representatives... (28-Jun-2011)
28-Jun-11 World View -- Genocide charges against Gaddafi: New book reveals secret meanings of neo-Nazi codes... (28-Jun-2011)
27-Jun-11 World View -- Burn-scarred Yemen president to make TV appearance: Israel's Navy prepares for confrontation with 'Freedom Flotilla II'... (27-Jun-2011)
26-Jun-11 News -- S. Korea thanks America over Korean War, and warns N. Korea: China will not support a new North Korean military provocation... (26-Jun-2011)
26-Jun-11 World View -- Turkey and Syria edge closer to war as border tension increases: China's Catholic Church will ordain bishops without Vatican approval... (26-Jun-2011)
25-Jun-11 News -- G20 aims to lower food prices by government edict: Unintended consequences of health care law... (25-Jun-2011)
25-Jun-11 World View -- Claim: Iran is actively helping Syria against protesters: Turkey throws support behind recognition of Palestinian state... (25-Jun-2011)
24-Jun-11 News -- Bernanke's Great Historic Experiment approaches judgment day: Why you can't kick the can down the road forever... (24-Jun-2011)
24-Jun-11 World View -- Syrian troops advance to Turkey's border in new escalation: Paralysis in Washington and Greece over austerity... (24-Jun-2011)
23-Jun-11 News -- Sectarian violence in Northern Ireland grows again: Echos of the Plantation of Ulster... (23-Jun-2011)
23-Jun-11 World View -- State Dept. issues travel warning for Gaza: Uncharacteristic silence of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez... (23-Jun-2011)
22-Jun-11 News -- Greece's Papandreou wins anti-climactic vote of confidence: Greece's bankruptcy threatens Greece and Europe... (22-Jun-2011)
22-Jun-11 World View -- Support for Afghan war collapses: New flotilla aims to break Israel's sea blockade of Gaza... (22-Jun-2011)
21-Jun-11 News -- Palestinian unity announcement canceled over Hamas-Fatah split: PA president Abbas says that, given options, he won't go to UN... (21-Jun-2011)
21-Jun-11 World View -- U.S. and Pakistan close to total divorce: Tension on Syria / Turkey border continues to grow... (21-Jun-2011)
20-Jun-11 News -- Turkey and Syria move closer to military clash: Turkey considers sending troops into Syria... (20-Jun-2011)
20-Jun-11 World View -- Eurogroup unexpectedly fails to approve Greece bailout: Nato admits it probably killed civilians in Tripoli, Libya... (20-Jun-2011)
19-Jun-11 News -- Violence by ethnic Kachins threatens Burma/China relationship: It's too early for a new crisis civil war in Burma... (19-Jun-2011)
19-Jun-11 World View -- Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood on a charm offensive: Union members march through Athens and protest austerity measures... (19-Jun-2011)
18-Jun-11 News -- Europeans devise a 'voluntary' bailout of Greece: Greece's Papandreou faces a vote of confidence... (18-Jun-2011)
18-Jun-11 World View -- Taiwan sides with U.S. against China in Sea: Israeli navy practices boarding ships in readiness for Gaza flotilla... (18-Jun-2011)
17-Jun-11 News -- Rise of Gulf Cooperation Council raises concerns in Mideast: The GCC versus the Arab League... (17-Jun-2011)
17-Jun-11 World View -- Short-term bailout of Greece is now expected: Turkey debating invasion of Syria, with support from U.S.... (17-Jun-2011)
16-Jun-11 News -- Greece's government nears collapse as euro crisis spreads through Europe: Interest rates on Greece's 2-year bonds exceed 28%... (16-Jun-2011)
16-Jun-11 World View -- Thailand heads for a major election crisis: Senator Graham: Relations with Pakistan near breaking point... (16-Jun-2011)
15-Jun-11 News -- Syria pursues scorched earth policy, amid rumors of U.S. military intervention: US naval movements lead to rumors of intervention... (15-Jun-2011)
15-Jun-11 World View -- Moody's puts France's banks on review over Greece: Anti-government protesters flood Yemen's cities... (15-Jun-2011)
14-Jun-11 News -- Revisiting the 'Principle of Maximum Ruin': Economics of the Maginot Line... (14-Jun-2011)
14-Jun-11 World View -- Vietnam escalates South China Sea dispute with China: Va. Senator Jim Webb urges U.S. action in South China Sea dispute... (14-Jun-2011)
13-Jun-11 News -- Bahrain's Grand Prix race postponed, despite thousands rallying: Morals versus commercial interests... (13-Jun-2011)
13-Jun-11 World View -- Pro-Assad crowd attacks Turkey's embassy in Damascus: Recep Erdogan wins by a landslide in Turkey... (13-Jun-2011)
12-Jun-11 News -- U.N. move to recognize Palestinian state may be in doubt: Everyone's greatest fear is an uprising on the West Bank... (12-Jun-2011)
12-Jun-11 World View -- Military assault on north Syrian town begins: China threatens Vietnam with 'firmer actions'... (12-Jun-2011)
11-Jun-11 News -- Defense Sec'y Robert Gates repudiates the Truman Doctrine: The Obama Doctrine... (11-Jun-2011)
11-Jun-11 World View -- Turkey may send troops into Syria: Bitter EU disputes escalate over Greece bailout... (11-Jun-2011)
10-Jun-11 News -- Vietnam protests Chinese attack on Vietnamese survey ships: China accuses Vietnam of escalating sea tensions... (10-Jun-2011)
10-Jun-11 World View -- Nato will now directly target Libya's Gaddafi: America's 'covert war' in Yemen expands... (10-Jun-2011)
9-Jun-11 News -- Syrians flee to Turkey as thousands of Assad's troops approach: Pressure builds for international response... (9-Jun-2011)
9-Jun-11 World View -- Gates calls for more countries to joint Libya campaign: Senator Kerry turns against Obama's Afghanistan policy... (9-Jun-2011)
8-Jun-11 News -- Sunni versus Shia divide splitting Kuwait: Tension between Kuwait and Iran... (8-Jun-2011)
8-Jun-11 World View -- Gaddafi will stay, dead or alive: Bitter privatization battles coming in Greece... (8-Jun-2011)
7-Jun-11 News -- BIS report shows high US exposure to European defaults: U.S. Bank Guarantees to European Banks... (7-Jun-2011)
7-Jun-11 World View -- Syria implicated in 'Naksa day' deaths: Syria says that 120 security officers were killed in ambush... (7-Jun-2011)
6-Jun-11 News -- Portugal throws out Socrates, hoping to avoid Greece's fate: Greece's new bailout will be much more expensive than predicted... (6-Jun-2011)
6-Jun-11 World View -- Israeli kills protesters on Golan Heights: IRS is delaying income tax refunds for adoption tax credit... (6-Jun-2011)
5-Jun-11 News -- Yemen's VP takes power, as President Saleh is evacuated to Saudi Arabia: Collapse of GCC Mediation Efforts... (5-Jun-2011)
5-Jun-11 World View -- Terrorist Ilyas Kashmiri killed: Generational Dynamics briefing at Fort Devens... (5-Jun-2011)
4-Jun-11 News -- China's economy slowing, with possible worldwide consequences: It's beginning to look like 2008 all over again... (4-Jun-2011)
4-Jun-11 World View -- Yemen's President Saleh wounded: European officials announce hopes for new bailout for Greece... (4-Jun-2011)
3-Jun-11 News -- Manhattan prosecutor subpoenas Goldman Sachs' records (Updated 11 am ET): Greece to unveil new austerity measures... (3-Jun-2011)
3-Jun-11 World View -- Palestinian 'Right of Return' dominant issue: Moody's threatens to put U.S. government's rating under review... (3-Jun-2011)
2-Jun-11 News -- Fighting continues in Libya, amid chaotic international politics: Defense Secretary Robert Gates disagreed with Obama on Libya... (2-Jun-2011)
2-Jun-11 World View -- Europeans close to deal on Greece: Bad economic data hits stock market... (2-Jun-2011)
1-Jun-11 News -- Mutilated teenage boy becomes symbol for Syria's revolution: Hillary Clinton says this signals 'total collapse' of Syrian regime... (1-Jun-2011)
1-Jun-11 World View -- Ratko Mladic visits his daughter's grave: Israel faces new aid flotilla from Turkey to Gaza... (1-Jun-2011)
31-May-11 News -- Yemen's president hangs on to power as clashes spread to other towns: Violence escalates cross Yemen... (31-May-2011)
31-May-11 World View -- Germans cave in on Greece bailout: Pakistan to launch a major military offensive in North Waziristan... (31-May-2011)
30-May-11 News -- Decoration Day 2011: Crisis civil wars -- the worst of the worst wars... (30-May-2011)
30-May-11 World View -- Library of Congress opens the National Jukebox: Qatar and Algeria face off in Libya... (30-May-2011)
29-May-11 News -- Israel and Saudi Arabia form an 'alliance of necessity' against Iran: Reasons for a strategic Israeli-Saudi alliance... (29-May-2011)
29-May-11 World View -- New Fatah-Hamas crisis: Greece's hopes of averting default dim further... (29-May-2011)
28-May-11 News -- G8 promises aid to Tunisia, Egypt, but fails on Greece's June 29 deadline: Canadian PM Harper causes a controversy at the G8 meeting... (28-May-2011)
28-May-11 World View -- Pending US existing home sales drop 12%: U.S. State Department offers reward for Doku Umarov... (28-May-2011)
27-May-11 News -- Europe cheers the capture of Ratko Mladic, the butcher of Srebrenica: The politics of European Union membership for Serbia... (27-May-2011)
27-May-11 World View -- Pakistan shuts down intelligence sharing: Egypt will permanently reopen Gaza border crossing... (27-May-2011)
26-May-11 News -- Thailand election portends more ethnic clashes: Thaksin Shinawatra's sister may become prime minister... (26-May-2011)
26-May-11 World View -- Greece deepens Europe's financial crisis: Tribal violence in Yemen spreads outside the capital Sanaa... (26-May-2011)
25-May-11 News -- Palestinians slam Netanyahu's speech to Congress: Netanyanu receives warm reception in Congress... (25-May-2011)
25-May-11 World View -- China: 'Any attack on Pakistan is an attack on China': Tribal warfare in Yemen enters second day... (25-May-2011)
24-May-11 News -- Multiple financial crises in Europe affecting stock prices: Tobin's Q and Shiller's CAPE show market overvalued by 60-75%... (24-May-2011)
24-May-11 World View -- Violence grows in Yemen: Pakistan in shock again over attack on Karachi naval base... (24-May-2011)
23-May-11 News -- Obama's new speech backs off on Thursday's Mideast policy announcement: The survival of Israel in a generational Crisis era... (23-May-2011)
23-May-11 World View -- Major terrorist attack in Karachi: Italy joins other PIIGS countries with ratings downgrades... (23-May-2011)
22-May-11 News -- New 'Spanish Revolution' signals electoral change on Sunday: EU official proposes forcing Greece to privatize... (22-May-2011)
22-May-11 World View -- Greece commemorates Battle of Crete: China-Pakistan alliance enhanced by 'Shaheen-1' war game... (22-May-2011)
21-May-11 News -- Saudi Arabia advances Gulf Cooperation Council, further cuts U.S. ties: The rise of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)... (21-May-2011)
21-May-11 World View -- Greece: Bailout or default nears: If you're reading this, then the world hasn't ended yet... (21-May-2011)
20-May-11 News -- Obama and Netanyahu in sharp disagreement after speech: Confrontation will continue when Netanyahu speaks to Congress... (20-May-2011)
20-May-11 World View -- Spain: huge amounts of hidden debt: Iraq and Kuwait in potential row over new deep water port... (20-May-2011)
19-May-11 News -- India's Naxalite (Maoist) terrorists turn urban: Growing Naxalite group is India's 'greatest internal security challenge'... (19-May-2011)
19-May-11 World View -- Obama to promise aid to Egypt and Tunisia: President Obama announces sanctions on Syria's president... (19-May-2011)
18-May-11 News -- Pakistan military demands 'flag meeting' over US incursion: Germany limits information exchange with U.S. intelligence... (18-May-2011)
18-May-11 World View -- EU proposes Greek 'soft' default: France's first lady, Carla Bruni Sarkozy, is pregnant... (18-May-2011)
17-May-11 News -- Greece headed for harsh new austerity measures, possible default: Euro group backs a bailout for Portugal... (17-May-2011)
17-May-11 World View -- Israel releases Palestinian tax funds: U.S. borrowing exceeds the debt limit... (17-May-2011)
16-May-11 News -- Israeli army fires on unarmed protesters crossing three borders: Israel's panicked response is reminiscent of 2006... (16-May-2011)
16-May-11 World View -- IMF chief charged with rape: Protesters rally outside the Israeli embassy in Cairo, Egypt... (16-May-2011)
15-May-11 News -- Mideast envoy George Mitchell resigns, ending one more grand peace process: Mitchell is just the latest of envoys to fail... (15-May-2011)
15-May-11 World View -- Syria refugees flee to Lebanon: Pakistan reportedly drops intelligence sharing with the CIA... (15-May-2011)
14-May-11 News -- Syria, Libya and Iraq aggravate the Turkey-Iran axis: Erdogan and Ahmadinejad have very different Mideast strategies... (14-May-2011)
14-May-11 World View -- No more 'Zombie Consumers': 85% of international investors say that Greece will default... (14-May-2011)
13-May-11 News -- Europe's immigration crisis strikes at heart of European Union: Thousands of African migrants head for Italy... (13-May-2011)
13-May-11 World View -- U.S. was prepared to fight Pakistani forces: Egypt's Muslims may donate money instead of going to Mecca... (13-May-2011)
12-May-11 News -- Raj Rajaratnam conviction raises hopes of Pecora Commission revival: Regulators are as guilty as banksters... (12-May-2011)
12-May-11 World View -- Austerity riots in Greece: Egypt faces starvation as economy collapses... (12-May-2011)
11-May-11 News -- Syrian regime shooting at anything that moves: EU imposes sanctions on Libyans, but not on the president... (11-May-2011)
11-May-11 World View -- Independence day versus al-Naqba: Iran's 'Morality Police' will be working overtime this summer... (11-May-2011)
10-May-11 News -- US housing price fall accelerates, while Greece's euro debt crisis widens: The return of toxic synthetic securities... (10-May-2011)
10-May-11 World View -- Syria's uprising violence spreads to Damascus: As Arab uprisings continue, Turkey loses credibility and Iran becomes alarmed... (10-May-2011)
9-May-11 News -- World food price index holds steady at historic highs: Unrest over food prices is growing... (9-May-2011)
9-May-11 World View -- Iran's Ahmadinejad acquiesces to Khamenei: Hamas security forces break up pro-bin Laden rally in Gaza... (9-May-2011)
8-May-11 News -- Libya forces breach no-fly zone and destroy Misrata's fuel depots: Russia objects to the 'Libya Contact Group'... (8-May-2011)
8-May-11 World View -- EU moves forward with Greece debt default: Muslim-Christian clashes in Cairo kill 10... (8-May-2011)
7-May-11 News -- Resignation of Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may be imminent: A major theological dispute is splitting the government... (7-May-2011)
7-May-11 World View -- Greece denies the rumors that it's leaving euroland: Protesters defy Syrian army by moving to another town... (7-May-2011)
6-May-11 News -- Crash of silver prices may signal further market plunge: Contagion may spread from silver to commodities to stocks... (6-May-2011)
6-May-11 World View -- Turkey braces for Syrian refugees: Republican terrorists in Northern Ireland raising money in U.S.... (6-May-2011)
5-May-11 News -- Palestinians celebrate Fatah-Hamas reconciliation ceremony in Cairo: Israeli prime minister expresses grave concern... (5-May-2011)
5-May-11 World View -- Syrians head off Friday's protests: Portugal is promised a 78 billion euro bailout... (5-May-2011)
4-May-11 News -- U.S. sues Deutsche Bank for $1 billion, as the EU investigates antitrust violations: Deutsche Bank's actions make you want to vomit... (4-May-2011)
4-May-11 World View -- Greece's bond yields at 25%: Syria arrests hundreds, charging 'degrading the state'... (4-May-2011)
3-May-11 News -- Pakistan has embarrassed, schizophrenic reaction to bin Laden killing: Waterboarding led to killing of bin Laden... (3-May-2011)
3-May-11 World View -- Drifting mines near Misrata: Marrakesh, Morocco, bombing was not suicide bombing... (3-May-2011)
2-May-11 News -- Libya war controversy rages after missile strike on Gaddafi compound: Senator Lindsey Graham thanks Nato... (2-May-2011)
2-May-11 World View -- Osama bin Laden is dead: Syria's security forces arrest hundreds, shell Daraa... (2-May-2011)
1-May-11 News -- Yemen's president Saleh reneges on agreement to step down: The move may be political theatre... (1-May-2011)
1-May-11 World View -- Saif al-Arab Gaddafi killed by Nato strike: Is Iran's president Ahmadinejad about to resign?... (1-May-2011)
30-Apr-11 News -- Libyan war spreads briefly into Tunisia: Russia says that a ground war is near... (30-Apr-2011)
30-Apr-11 World View -- Sanctions on Syria: Iran seeks to renew diplomatic relations with Egypt... (30-Apr-2011)
29-Apr-11 News -- Hamas declares Quartet 'obsolete', while West mulls aid cutoff to Palestinians: Skepticism over Fatah-Hamas reconciliation... (29-Apr-2011)
29-Apr-11 World View -- Explosion in Marrakesh, Morocco: U.S. GDP growth falls sharply in Q1... (29-Apr-2011)
28-Apr-11 News -- Palestinian factions announce surprise 'reconciliation' on path to statehood: U.S. may end relations with Palestinians if unity government includes Hamas... (28-Apr-2011)
28-Apr-11 World View -- Egypt and peace with Israel: Syria's uprising causes Iran to lose credibility in the region... (28-Apr-2011)
27-Apr-11 News -- US housing crash accelerates, while China's housing bubble continues to grow: US housing prices will continue to fall for years... (27-Apr-2011)
27-Apr-11 World View -- Eurozone debt worsens: Russia offers 'mediation services' in the Libya Crisis... (27-Apr-2011)
26-Apr-11 News -- Jimmy Carter's 'Elders' visit N. Korea, as S. Korea deploys multiple rocket launcher systems: North Koreans may be preparing new provocation... (26-Apr-2011)
26-Apr-11 World View -- Kandahar prison escape 'disaster': Kandahar prison escape a 'disaster' for Afghanistan war plans... (26-Apr-2011)
25-Apr-11 News -- Skyrocketing food and fuel prices spur inflation fears: The inflation versus deflation debate... (25-Apr-2011)
25-Apr-11 World View -- Northern Ireland Bombmaking: Sen. Lindsey Graham recommends strong U.S. military action in Libya... (25-Apr-2011)
24-Apr-11 News -- In Easter TV Q&A, Pope asks Iraqi Christians not to emigrate: Iraqi history is full of migrations.... (24-Apr-2011)
24-Apr-11 World View -- Reenacting Jesus' crucifixion: Both sides in Libya conflict are being supplied with weapons... (24-Apr-2011)
23-Apr-11 News -- Sri Lanka has deep split with U.N. on war crimes report: The Sri Lanka civil war was similar to other crisis wars... (23-Apr-2011)
23-Apr-11 World View -- Explosive protests in Syria: John McCain calls for more American involvement in Libya war... (23-Apr-2011)
22-Apr-11 News -- Russia seeks to cripple Nato through Libya United Nations politics: Russia says that Europeans are violating the UN Security Council resolution... (22-Apr-2011)
22-Apr-11 World View -- Muslims out of Russian military: European nations are considering unilateral recognition of Palestinian state... (22-Apr-2011)
21-Apr-11 News -- Admiral Mullen accuses Pakistan of aiding militants who kill Americans: Mullen targets the Haqqani network of Taliban militia fighters... (21-Apr-2011)
21-Apr-11 World View -- Greek bond yields to 22%: Israel intellectuals and artists back Palestinian state... (21-Apr-2011)
20-Apr-11 News -- Bahrain riots raise tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia: Iran's government splits over how to take advantage of Arab uprisings... (20-Apr-2011)
20-Apr-11 World View -- Increased concern over riots in Yemen: Britain and France sending military advisers to Libya... (20-Apr-2011)
19-Apr-11 News -- Deflationary spiral approaches crisis levels in U.S. and Europe: Standard & Poor's puts U.S. government debt on negative watch... (19-Apr-2011)
19-Apr-11 World View -- 'Boots on the ground' in Libya: Chinese organized crime grows substantially in Russia... (19-Apr-2011)
18-Apr-11 News -- Russia's Muslims vs Christians on the National Emblem and on polygamy: A sign of increasing Muslim-Orthodox xenophobia... (18-Apr-2011)
18-Apr-11 World View -- Pak-India release fishermen: Cuba's Bay of Pigs Generation Celebrates 50 Years... (18-Apr-2011)
17-Apr-11 News -- Syria's president Assad adopts conciliatory tone to nation: Activists are demanding that Assad step down completely... (17-Apr-2011)
17-Apr-11 World View -- Nato running out of bombs: Yemen women complain president is degrading them... (17-Apr-2011)
16-Apr-11 News -- Killing of Italian activist exposes splits among Gaza militants: Terrorist acts put Hamas-Fatah reconciliation in danger... (16-Apr-2011)
16-Apr-11 World View - Gaddafi's cluster bombs: Saudis sign nuclear cooperation pact with China... (16-Apr-2011)
15-Apr-11 News -- Euro crisis grows as Greece approaches debt restructuring: A Greek default could have serious consequences.... (15-Apr-2011)
14-Apr-11 News -- Hillary Clinton acts to kill unilateral endorsement of Palestinian state: Air strikes by U.S. fighter jets continue in Libya... (14-Apr-2011)
13-Apr-11 News -- White House report on terror strains US-Pakistan relations to breaking point: Tony Blair to endorse a Palestinian state... (13-Apr-2011)
12-Apr-11 News -- Italy fights EU over Tunisian migrants: Libya's rebels reject African Union cease fire plan... (12-Apr-2011)
11-Apr-11 News -- Tiny Iceland rejects demands of the European Union bullies: Europe's financial crisis grows... (11-Apr-2011)
10-Apr-11 News -- In dramatic reversal, Germany agrees to supply ground troops to Libya: Pakistani military mercenaries aiding Bahrain government... (10-Apr-2011)
9-Apr-11 News -- Gaza violence escalates after anti-tank missile strikes school bus: Debka: Breach between U.S. and Saudi Arabia deepens... (9-Apr-2011)
8-Apr-11 News -- Egypt poll: Arab League's Amr Moussa in lead for presidency: IMF says that Palestinians are ready for statehood... (8-Apr-2011)
7-Apr-11 News -- Portugal requests bailout after disastrous bond auction: Spain will be the new target of 'the markets'... (7-Apr-2011)
6-Apr-11 News -- Bahrain protest movement appears to have been crushed: State Dept. 'deeply concerned' about Jewish settlement plans... (6-Apr-2011)
5-Apr-11 News -- Yemen's government appears near collapse, as Obama administration turns its back: France's troops and aircraft enter Ivory Coast conflict... (5-Apr-2011)
4-Apr-11 News -- Egypt's 'Save the Revolution' movement splits Muslim Brotherhood: Over 100,000 protesters returned to Tahrir Square on Friday... (4-Apr-2011)
3-Apr-11 News -- Russia's army crippled by alcoholism and grim census results: Is Russia still preparing to fight World War II?... (3-Apr-2011)
2-Apr-11 News -- US pulls its planes and missiles, as Libya war appears stalemated: Gaddafi rejects call for cease fire... (2-Apr-2011)
1-Apr-11 News -- Portugal's and Ireland's bond yields soar, but VIX remains low: Oblivious investors continue to push stock prices up... (1-Apr-2011)
31-Mar-11 News -- US deepens involvement in Libya, as rebels suffer decisive reversal: Obama orders CIA deployment in Libya... (31-Mar-2011)
30-Mar-11 News -- A Palestinian state in the United Nations by September?: Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas consider reconciliation... (30-Mar-2011)
29-Mar-11 News -- Yemen weapons factory explosion raises fears of al-Qaeda rise: This 'catastrophe' will affect the uprising in the capital, Sanaa... (29-Mar-2011)
28-Mar-11 News -- Libya's rebels sweep towards Tripoli, as Nato reaches some mysterious agreement: China's food imports keep rising, while exports fall... (28-Mar-2011)
27-Mar-11 News -- South Korea commemorates Cheonan warship attack, while North starves: South Korea still demands an apology from the North... (27-Mar-2011)
26-Mar-11 News -- Syrian troops shoot to kill as tens of thousands protest across Syria: Protesters try to topple statue of president Assad's father... (26-Mar-2011)
25-Mar-11 News -- Syria's desperate president Assad tries concessions to appease protesters: Circus continues as Nato takes command of Libya No-Fly Zone... (25-Mar-2011)
24-Mar-11 News -- Jerusalem bombing comes as Gaza/Israel border war may escalate: Europe's bonds, Cairo's stocks, and America's homes show worsening financial trends... (24-Mar-2011)
23-Mar-11 News -- After massive disarray, Sarkozy announces Nato agreement for Libya: Border war between Gaza and Israel is escalating... (23-Mar-2011)
22-Mar-11 News -- Russian offer of Japanese resettlement in Siberia raises xenophobic tensions: Vladimir Putin says Libya intervention is a 'crusade'... (22-Mar-2011)
21-Mar-11 News -- March 15 reconciliation movement triggers Hamas attacks on Israel: Arab League support for attack on Libya is fraying... (21-Mar-2011)
20-Mar-11 News -- U.S. launches operation 'Odyssey Dawn' against Libyan targets: Hamas resumes mortar attacks on southern Israel... (20-Mar-2011)
19-Mar-11 News -- Obama takes international leadership for Libya military action: Bloody Friday spreads to Yemen and Syria... (19-Mar-2011)
18-Mar-11 News -- UN declares war after Gaddafi threatens 'moment of truth': Residents of Benghazi cheer the UN Security Council resolution... (18-Mar-2011)
17-Mar-11 News -- Saif Gaddafi says his forces will win within 48 hours: China buying cropland in Latin America... (17-Mar-2011)
16-Mar-11 News -- Yemen fighting escalates after Saturday's attack on protesters: Bahrain declares three month state of emergency and martial law... (16-Mar-2011)
15-Mar-11 News -- Bahrain uprising becomes explosive as Saudi troops arrive: Israel's army on high alert over Palestinian unity demonstrations... (15-Mar-2011)
14-Mar-11 News -- Mideast turmoil raises concerns in China over oil: Tensions grow in the South China Sea and East China Sea... (14-Mar-2011)
13-Mar-11 News -- Arab League unanimously requests a no-fly zone over Libya: Government payouts make up more than a third of US wages... (13-Mar-2011)
12-Mar-11 News -- Europeans split on recommending a military no-fly zone over Libya: Left-wing violence spreads to Wisconsin... (12-Mar-2011)
11-Mar-11 News -- Saif Gaddafi declares all out war on Libya opposition: Widespread Arab protests expected on Friday... (11-Mar-2011)
10-Mar-11 News -- The U.S. and Nato stumble toward military intervention in Libya: Demand for 'synthetic' financial securities is growing... (10-Mar-2011)
9-Mar-11 News -- New violence makes Ivory Coast increasingly unstable: Muslims and Coptic Christians clash in Cairo... (9-Mar-2011)
8-Mar-11 News -- Moody's downgrades Greece's debt, triggering chain reaction: With the 'peace process' a joke, Palestinians try to reorganize... (8-Mar-2011)
7-Mar-11 News -- Escalating violence in Ivory Coast leads to enlarged U.N. peacekeeping force: Police fire on hundreds of women protesters in Abidjan... (7-Mar-2011)
6-Mar-11 News -- Saudi Arabia locks down in advance of Friday's 'Day of Rage': Senior commander in Iran's Revolutionary Guards warns of violence... (6-Mar-2011)
5-Mar-11 News -- Russia unleashes 'Black Hawk' vigilantes against Caucasus terrorists: The 'Black Hawks' say they'll target the families of suspected terrorists... (5-Mar-2011)
4-Mar-11 News -- Food prices surge again in February: Arab League says that it may impose its own 'no fly zone' in Libya... (4-Mar-2011)
3-Mar-11 News -- Instability in Russia puts 2014 Olympics at Sochi in doubt: Saudi Arabia 'Day of rage' threats lead to 11% stock market crash... (3-Mar-2011)
2-Mar-11 News -- Massive refugee crisis in Libya increases international calls for intervention: Cairo Stock Exchange reopening postponed till next week... (2-Mar-2011)
1-Mar-11 News -- Mideast riots and violence spreads to Oman: Government changes by Sultan Qaboos fails to satisfy demonstrators... (1-Mar-2011)
28-Feb-11 News -- Peripheral stock markets continue to plunge, pressuring the center: Turkish businessmen experience xenophobia in Morocco... (28-Feb-2011)
27-Feb-11 News -- China cracks down ahead of planned 'Jasmine' protests on Sunday: US Ambassador to China Jon Meade Huntsman Jr. becomes involved in Beijing rallies... (27-Feb-2011)
26-Feb-11 News -- Gaddafi's bloody fanaticism makes US/Nato military action increasingly likely: Growing Palestinian population is destabilizing Jordan... (26-Feb-2011)
25-Feb-11 News -- Libya's Muammar Gaddafi uses the 'Nescafé defense': Stock market margin debt highest since 2008 financial crisis... (25-Feb-2011)
24-Feb-11 News -- Clashes in Jos, Nigeria, pit Christians against Muslims: Iran's Ahmadinejad tells Arab leaders to respect protesters... (24-Feb-2011)
23-Feb-11 News -- Libya's Muammar Gaddafi gives a psychopathic speech to his people: Germany's Merkel calls the speech 'very, very frightening'... (23-Feb-2011)
22-Feb-11 News -- Libya's Gaddafi shoots to kill protesters with massive firepower: Banks told to stress-test for 11% jobless rate... (22-Feb-2011)
21-Feb-11 News -- Libya's bloodbath spreads to Tripoli as tribal leaders turn against government: Son of Libya's leader Gaddafi gives a harsh, rambling speech on television.... (21-Feb-2011)
20-Feb-11 News -- Bloodbath in Libya, while Bahrain's government backs down: Saudi Arabia surrounded by riots in Yemen, Jordan, Iran, Bahrain and more... (20-Feb-2011)
19-Feb-11 News -- IBM's Watson supercomputer bests human champions on Jeopardy!: US vetoes UN resolution declaring Israeli settlements illegal... (19-Feb-2011)
18-Feb-11 News -- Bahrain's government chooses the massacre scenario: Britain may require elderly to pay for medical care... (18-Feb-2011)
17-Feb-11 News -- Thailand vs Cambodia border clash damages ancient Hindu temple: Both Thailand and Cambodia claim the Preah Vihear Hindu temple... (17-Feb-2011)
16-Feb-11 News -- Tunisian refugees flood into Italy: Commodity and import price increases signal lower corporate earnings... (16-Feb-2011)
15-Feb-11 News -- Tens of thousands in Iran demonstrate against government and face violence: Clinton: Iran's government shows 'hypocrisy' after applauding Egypt's demonstrations... (15-Feb-2011)
14-Feb-11 News -- Bangladesh stock market continues free fall, while Cairo's remains closed: Reader question about the Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood... (14-Feb-2011)
13-Feb-11 News -- Lead Palestinian negotiator Saed Erekat resigns over the 'Palestine Papers': 'Contagion' riots spread to Algeria and Yemen... (13-Feb-2011)
12-Feb-11 News -- As Egypt's president Mubarak resigns, tension grows in the Sinai: Updating the Conflict Risk Graphic for the Mideast... (12-Feb-2011)
11-Feb-11 News -- Egypt 'contagion' threatens stability of Saudi Arabia: Iran's opposition leader under house arrest... (11-Feb-2011)
10-Feb-11 News -- From Korea to Egypt, high food prices are driving policies: 27% of US homes are 'under water,' up sharply from previous quarter... (10-Feb-2011)
9-Feb-11 News -- Chechnya terrorist Doku Umarov takes credit for Moscow airport bombing: Putin's popularity is threatened by Umarov and by Egypt's revolution... (9-Feb-2011)
8-Feb-11 News -- Bangladesh riots over stock market crash and food inflation: Japan furious over Russian president Medvedev's visit to disputed islands... (8-Feb-2011)
7-Feb-11 News -- Cameron's attack on 'Multiculturalism' advances the theory of suicide bombers: Why do some cultures celebrate terrorism, and others don't?... (7-Feb-2011)
6-Feb-11 News -- UK Prime Minister David Cameron attacks 'Multiculturalism' in Britain: Cameron criticizes 'muddled thinking' about Islamist extremism on the left and right... (6-Feb-2011)
5-Feb-11 News -- Food prices surge +3.4% in January to fresh historic highs: Iran's Supreme Leader takes credit for 'Islamic Awakening' in Egypt and Tunisia... (5-Feb-2011)
4-Feb-11 News -- The lull before the storm in Egypt as 'Friday of Departure' approaches: Comments from readers on the Muslim Brotherhood... (4-Feb-2011)
3-Feb-11 News -- Violence between protester factions kills three in Egypt: Russia building its navy for a challenge to China... (3-Feb-2011)
2-Feb-11 News -- Disastrous health care law struck down by Florida judge: Mubarak vows to step down, to die on the soil of Egypt... (2-Feb-2011)
1-Feb-11 News -- Russia claims to have identified the Moscow airport bomber: All international airports are vulnerable to the same kind of attack... (1-Feb-2011)
31-Jan-11 News -- Rift grows between Palestinian Authority and Al-Jazeera: Millions riot in Egypt as the West fears a Muslim Brotherhood victory... (31-Jan-2011)
30-Jan-11 News -- Rioting continues in Egypt, as young demonstrators demand 'change': Global food crisis continues to grow... (30-Jan-2011)
29-Jan-11 News -- Fears of Muslim Brotherhood victory in Egypt: Will the turmoil in Egypt unleash Hamas to attack Israel?... (29-Jan-2011)
28-Jan-11 News -- Egypt stock market crashes as riots spread through Mideast: Unrest in Tunisia spreads to Yemen and Egypt... (28-Jan-2011)
27-Jan-11 News -- 'Palestine Papers' reveal major splits between Arab and Palestinian factions: Food aid to be withdrawn from Uganda... (27-Jan-2011)
26-Jan-11 News -- Anger grows over release of the 'Palestine Papers': Britain shocked by negative GDP report... (26-Jan-2011)
25-Jan-11 News -- Suicide bomber kills 35 people in Moscow airport: Tempers are flaring over the 'Palestine Papers'... (25-Jan-2011)
24-Jan-11 News -- Police join the protesters in Tunisia -- how this provides lessons for Sri Lanka: Release of secret 'Palestine Papers' will roil the so-called 'Mideast Peace Process'... (24-Jan-2011)
23-Jan-11 News -- International Iran nuclear talks collapse: Sixteen reasons why a Wall Street panic may be close... (23-Jan-2011)
22-Jan-11 News -- Congress discusses allowing states to go bankrupt: Korean Navy regains confidence by recapturing hijacked ship from pirates... (22-Jan-2011)
21-Jan-11 News -- Bangladesh stock market crashes 9% in 5 minutes: Thousands of investors riot in Dhaka as trading is halted.... (21-Jan-2011)
20-Jan-11 News -- Top Russian Orthodox priest warns women about rape by men from Caucasus: Former Haiti president Jean-Bertrand Aristide coming home... (20-Jan-2011)
19-Jan-11 News -- Haiti's former dictator returns for a visit: South Korea and U.S. discuss increasing limits on ballistic missiles... (19-Jan-2011)
18-Jan-11 News -- Municipal bonds appear to be in free fall: China to station troops in North Korea... (18-Jan-2011)
17-Jan-11 News -- Gun battles erupt in Tunisia amid fears of regional instability: IBM's supercomputer wins practice round against Jeopardy! champions... (17-Jan-2011)
16-Jan-11 News -- Effects of Tunisia uprising spread around the Arab world: NY Times: Stuxnet attack on Iran was a joint U.S.-Israeli project... (16-Jan-2011)
15-Jan-11 News -- Tunisia's president flees country after mass protests: Greece's ratings are cut to junk status... (15-Jan-2011)
14-Jan-11 News -- Israeli troops on high alert after Lebanon's government collapses: Will the U.S. military reenter Lebanon?... (14-Jan-2011)
13-Jan-11 News -- Test flight embarrasses China's Hu Jintao in front of Secretary Gates: Baltic Dry Index seems to be crashing again... (13-Jan-2011)
12-Jan-11 News -- Euro crisis grows in Portugal and Belgium: Bangladesh stock market rallies 15% in 78 minutes... (12-Jan-2011)
11-Jan-11 News -- Riots in Bangladesh as stock market appears to be crashing: Illinois may vote to increase income taxes by 75%... (11-Jan-2011)
10-Jan-11 News -- Defense Secretary Gates announces an arms race with China: Japan and South Korea unite against China and North Korea... (10-Jan-2011)
9-Jan-11 News -- Food riots kill two in Algeria: Algerians cut duties to reduce food prices... (9-Jan-2011)
8-Jan-11 News -- Bernanke emphatically rejects bailing out states and cities: First anniversary of the daily news summary... (8-Jan-2011)
7-Jan-11 News -- Food riots begin again as food prices reach historic highs: China's military developments catch Americans by surprise... (7-Jan-2011)
6-Jan-11 News -- Pakistan melts down as US/Nato forces struggle in Afghanistan: Muslims will attend Coptic Christmas mass in Egypt... (6-Jan-2011)
5-Jan-11 News -- Pakistan's crisis worsens as senior politician is assassinated: Egypt Christian church bombing blamed on Salafi terrorists... (5-Jan-2011)
4-Jan-11 News -- Republicans say they'll cut government spending: Palestinians to submit anti-settlement resolution to U.N. Security Council... (4-Jan-2011)
3-Jan-11 News -- Britain celebrates the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible: Home prices expected to fall another 30%... (3-Jan-2011)
2-Jan-11 News -- Worldwide condemnation for terrorist attack on Coptic Christian church in Alexandria, Egypt: Accusations of a pattern of attacks against Christians... (2-Jan-2011)
1-Jan-11 News -- Andrew Breitbart: Even Muslims are afraid to stand up to Islamists: Updating the home page Conflict Risk Graphic... (1-Jan-2011)

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