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Web Log Summary - January-December, 2010


31-Dec-10 News -- North and South Korea update their military strategies: Cambodia arrests seven 'yellow shirt' nationalists from Thailand border... (31-Dec-2010)
30-Dec-10 News -- A precarious Estonia joins the troubled euro zone: U.S. revokes visa of Venezuelan ambassadador to Washington... (30-Dec-2010)
29-Dec-10 News -- The real estate market is still crashing: Russians are outraged over international reaction to Khodorkovsky conviction... (29-Dec-2010)
28-Dec-10 News -- Russia's Putin exacts grim revenge against wealthy political opponent: Israel won't apologize for Turkish deaths in flotilla raid... (28-Dec-2010)
27-Dec-10 News -- IBM vs Jeopardy! brings robotic warfare and the Singularity closer: Jeopardy! broadcast is scheduled for February 14-16... (27-Dec-2010)
26-Dec-10 News -- Female suicide bomber kills 43 people in Pakistan: North Korean soldiers give bizarre TV interview... (26-Dec-2010)
Remembering the 1914 Christmas Truce: An almost-forgotten event in an almost-forgotten war.... (25-Dec-2010)
24-Dec-10 News -- North Korea threatens 'sacred war based on nuclear deterrent': Racist violence threatens Russia's world cup plans... (24-Dec-2010)
23-Dec-10 News -- Thailand lifts state of emergency, but clamps down in other ways: South Koreans' sentiments toward North Korea changing... (23-Dec-2010)
22-Dec-10 News -- Post-election violence threatens to destabilize Belarus: South Korea to hold large live-fire drills on Thursday... (22-Dec-2010)
21-Dec-10 News -- China seals friendship with Pakistan, but stresses problems with India: North Korea backs down from threats of retaliation... (21-Dec-2010)
20-Dec-10 News -- All forces on high alert on Korean peninsula: Mahmoud Abbas hosts meeting with Israeli politicians... (20-Dec-2010)
19-Dec-10 News -- China/S. Korean naval confrontation kills Chinese fishermen as Korea tension escalates: It's time to update the Conflict Risk Graphic... (19-Dec-2010)
18-Dec-10 News -- North Korea threatens new artillery strikes on Yeonpyeong Island: Moody's cuts Ireland's credit ratings by 5 notches... (18-Dec-2010)
17-Dec-10 News -- Insider trading charges target 'expert networks': South Korea plans artillery exercises in waters near Yeonpyeong island... (17-Dec-2010)
16-Dec-10 News -- Moscow police arrest hundreds to head off ethnic violence: Violent unions shut down Greece... (16-Dec-2010)
15-Dec-10 News -- Ideological axis: S. Korea + Japan vs N. Korea + China: Moscow is braced for new ultra-nationalist race riots... (15-Dec-2010)
14-Dec-10 News -- Medvedev warns that nationalist pogroms are destabilizing Russia: Russia expresses 'deep concern' over North Korea's nuclear development... (14-Dec-2010)
13-Dec-10 News -- Suicide bomber in Stockholm, Sweden, fails to kill anyone but himself: Japan rebuilding military to focus on China and North Korea... (13-Dec-2010)
12-Dec-10 News -- Climate talks end with standing ovations: Bolivia nationalizes pension funds, lowers retirement age to 58... (12-Dec-2010)
11-Dec-10 News -- Violence continues for fourth day in Haiti: Al-Qaeda changes strategy in Yemen... (11-Dec-2010)
10-Dec-10 News -- Personal conflicts poison Europe as euro-crisis grows: Israel and Turkey hashing out final details of Israel's apology... (10-Dec-2010)
9-Dec-10 News -- Violence and cholera spread in Haiti: Palestinians seek an 'end game,' after Mideast peace process collapses... (9-Dec-2010)
8-Dec-10 News -- Obama administration ends effort to pressure Israel on settlements: A bitter, angry Obama turns away from nihilism... (8-Dec-2010)
7-Dec-10 News -- US and Japan condemn North Korea: Will China bail out Europe?... (7-Dec-2010)
6-Dec-10 News -- Mongol invasion of China in 1206 has impact today: North Korea makes hysterical war threat... (6-Dec-2010)
5-Dec-10 News -- Abbas renews threat to dissolve Palestinian Authority: Tajikistan cracks down on Muslim political parties... (5-Dec-2010)
4-Dec-10 News -- South Korea threatens military action against North Korea: Jobs shock fails to dampen investors' bubbly holiday spirit... (4-Dec-2010)
3-Dec-10 News -- Iran/Arab relations roiled by Wikileaks memos: Americans are oblivious to foreign policy issues... (3-Dec-2010)
2-Dec-10 News -- Europe tries to save itself with massive new bailout program: South Koreans puzzled why investors don't worry about war... (2-Dec-2010)
1-Dec-10 News -- Europe's financial crisis spreads to Italy and Belgium: The euro and the League of Nations... (1-Dec-2010)
30-Nov-10 News -- Europe's financial crisis worsens after Ireland bailout: Iran's nuclear facilities under terrorist attack... (30-Nov-2010)
28-Nov-10 News -- North Korea fires missiles as war games begin: Europe rushes to bail out Ireland by Sunday evening... (28-Nov-2010)
27-Nov-10 News -- Europe is torn apart as financial crisis hits Spain: North Korea threatens imminent war with South Korea... (27-Nov-2010)
26-Nov-10 News -- South Korea in chaos over North's attack: Yields on bonds issued by Spain and Portugal still at crisis levels... (26-Nov-2010)
25-Nov-10 News -- Have a very merry fractal Thanksgiving!: Today's world isn't so different from the 1600s... (25-Nov-2010)
24-Nov-10 News -- South Korean civilians shelled by North Koreans: Euro in crisis as countries seem to be falling like dominoes... (24-Nov-2010)
23-Nov-10 News -- Ireland in chaos as euro crisis grows: Saudi Arabia facing a possible succession crisis... (23-Nov-2010)
22-Nov-10 News -- Sunni Muslim population growth exacerbates food crisis: Ireland requests $130 billion bailout from EU... (22-Nov-2010)
21-Nov-10 News -- Food prices skyrocket to 2008 crisis levels: North Korea building vast new nuclear facility... (21-Nov-2010)
20-Nov-10 News -- Muslim / Russia xenophobia grows with Caucasus terrorism: A combination of realism, hysteria, paranoia, and pathological hatred.... (20-Nov-2010)
19-Nov-10 News -- China accused of hijacking internet data: Obama's offer to Israel may have been a hoax... (19-Nov-2010)
18-Nov-10 News -- Lessons learned from from financial crisis so far: The worst is yet to come... (18-Nov-2010)
17-Nov-10 News -- Anger at Germany boils over: Revulsion of the bubble... (17-Nov-2010)
16-Nov-10 News -- Europe speeds toward new financial crisis: Cholera epidemic in Haiti triggers anti-UN violence... (16-Nov-2010)
15-Nov-10 News -- Mideast peace talks take on a comic flavor: Violence continues across cities in Bangladesh... (15-Nov-2010)
14-Nov-10 News -- EU Ministers are thinking about a bailout of Ireland: Mideast negotiators are thinking about a new peace proposal... (14-Nov-2010)
13-Nov-10 News -- G-20 economic summit accomplishes nothing: Burma's opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi released after 21 years... (13-Nov-2010)
12-Nov-10 News -- Panic appears to be growing over Ireland's debt: Huge terrorist bomb attacks Pakistan's 'jugular' in Karachi... (12-Nov-2010)
11-Nov-10 News -- After sham election, Burma's junta scrambles to prevent unrest: Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi may be released after 27 years... (11-Nov-2010)
10-Nov-10 News -- Europe and Asia bash quantitative easing as G-20 meeting approaches: South Africa's Boer farmers are headed for Georgia... (10-Nov-2010)
9-Nov-10 News -- Investors shrug off Ireland's growing debt problem: Israel moving ahead with plans for 1,300 new apartments... (9-Nov-2010)
8-Nov-10 News -- India worries about war with the 'ChiPak threat': China's corn crop fails to keep up with demand... (8-Nov-2010)
American xenophobia on the Left and on the Right: Both the loony left and the loony right are damaging America... (7-Nov-2010)
6-Nov-10 News -- International fury at U.S. quantitative easing: Revival of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU)... (6-Nov-2010)
5-Nov-10 News -- Burma's sham election and the 88 Generation: Ireland's bond yields continue to rise in crisis levels... (5-Nov-2010)
4-Nov-10 News -- Fed announces $600 billion quantitative easing: Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke defends the decision... (4-Nov-2010)
3-Nov-10 News -- The political realignment continues: Chaos in Europe: Will Turkeys vote for Christmas?... (3-Nov-2010)
2-Nov-10 News -- Russia losing control of the Caucasus: Following up: Framingham debate and David Kotok... (2-Nov-2010)
1-Nov-10 News -- Al-Qaeda shifts to 'more realistic' terrorism: Suicide bombing in Istanbul, Turkey... (1-Nov-2010)
31-Oct-10 News -- Bomb plot shows al-Qaeda shift from Pakistan to Yemen: Joint Russian/U.S. drug operation in Afghanistan criticized by Karzai... (31-Oct-2010)
30-Oct-10 News -- Caucasus terrorism / politics becomes embroiled in 2014 Olympics: Obama administration is discussing new arms sales to China... (30-Oct-2010)
29-Oct-10 News -- EU appears near another financial crisis point: Russia may be drawn back into the war with Afghanistan... (29-Oct-2010)
28-Oct-10 News -- Rare earth minerals controversy creates new alliances: France is braced for a new strike on Thursday... (28-Oct-2010)
27-Oct-10 News -- Rare earths controversy polarizes China's relations: Obama administration is becoming more confrontational with China... (27-Oct-2010)
26-Oct-10 News -- Xenophobia in Framingham, Massachusetts: U.S. Treasury sells bonds with negative yield for first time in history... (26-Oct-2010)
25-Oct-10 News -- Observers breathe sigh of relief at Bahrain election: H1N1 swine flu virus mutates in Australia... (25-Oct-2010)
24-Oct-10 News -- The mysterious case of David Kotok: Palestinians will give the peace process more time... (24-Oct-2010)
23-Oct-10 News -- Foreclosure crisis will cost $10 trillion: William Black: Despite massive fraud by bankers, no one is being charged... (23-Oct-2010)
22-Oct-10 News -- Foreclosure mess turns into a major crisis: Citibank appears to be lying about foreclosure process... (22-Oct-2010)
21-Oct-10 News -- Chechnya warlord blamed for attack on Parliament: UK adopts a 'slash and burn' austerity budget... (21-Oct-2010)
20-Oct-10 News -- 'North Caucasus Emirate' attacks Chechnya's parliament building: China halting 'rare earth mineral' exports... (20-Oct-2010)
19-Oct-10 News -- Analyst John Mauldin is turned by the foreclosure issue : The geography of the recession... (19-Oct-2010)
18-Oct-10 News -- Mass dueling riots in China and Japan: Barbara Billingsley, mom in 'Leave it to Beaver' dies... (18-Oct-2010)
17-Oct-10 News -- Merkel to immigrants: Speak German or leave!: Germany's multicultural society is an 'utter failure'... (17-Oct-2010)
16-Oct-10 News -- Demands for reform in China: France's labor unions sabotage fuel pipeline to Paris... (16-Oct-2010)
15-Oct-10 News -- Red sludge and anti-Semitism spread in Hungary: Some people say that Budapest is returning to the days of the Nazis... (15-Oct-2010)
14-Oct-10 News -- Millions of strikers shut down France: Some observations on the growth of xenophobia... (14-Oct-2010)
13-Oct-10 News -- Xenophobia grows in Germany towards Turks, Arabs and Jews: A German politician wants to ban Turkish and Arab immigrants... (13-Oct-2010)
12-Oct-10 News -- Chinese army's view of America differs by generation: Mahmoud Abbas demands permanent cessation of settlement building... (12-Oct-2010)
11-Oct-10 News -- Resignation of Abbas would trigger big changes in Mideast: Alarmed Lebanese citizens fear a new civil war... (11-Oct-2010)
10-Oct-10 News -- Mahmoud Abbas threatens to dissolve the Palestinian Authority: Climate change talks in Tianjin, China, collapse in acrimony... (10-Oct-2010)
9-Oct-10 News -- Nobel Peace Prize awarded to China dissident: Mideast peace talks may or may not have ended... (9-Oct-2010)
8-Oct-10 News -- Fears of international 'currency wars' grow, as dollar weakens: This weekend's IMF meeting is expected to be contentious.... (8-Oct-2010)
7-Oct-10 News -- Mideast peace talk decision postponed until Friday: Protectionism growing around the world... (7-Oct-2010)
6-Oct-10 News -- Scapegoats found for financial crisis, while bankers continue to lie: France, on high alert for terror, arrests 12 people... (6-Oct-2010)
5-Oct-10 News -- Goldman Sachs's Cohen gives price/earnings fantasy: US drone strike kills German militants in Pakistan, amid travel warnings... (5-Oct-2010)
4-Oct-10 News -- Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC) presents award for Generational Dynamics: Any international organization can gain from using this methodology.... (4-Oct-2010)
3-Oct-10 News -- Iran arrests several 'nuclear spies' related to Stuxnet invasion: Thousands of anti-China Japanese protesters accuse China of invasion... (3-Oct-2010)
2-Oct-10 News -- Mideast peace talks appear set to fail on Wednesday: Ireland's debt crisis approaches a climax... (2-Oct-2010)
1-Oct-10 News -- McDonald's threatens end to worker health benefits: Congress passes punitive tariff bill directed at China... (1-Oct-2010)
30-Sep-10 News -- Iran denies Stuxnet delayed nuclear plant opening: Britons are being trained by al-Qaeda for terrorist attacks... (30-Sep-2010)
29-Sep-10 News -- The eclipsing of China's Hu Jintao and Wen Jiaboa: Anti-austerity sweep across Europe on Wednesday... (29-Sep-2010)
28-Sep-10 News -- China becomes more belligerent over disputed islands: Kazakhstan willl ban the export of buckwheat and oilseed... (28-Sep-2010)
27-Sep-10 News -- Iran's nuclear plant attacked by Stuxnet computer virus: Mideast peace talks extended one more week as settlement freeze expires... (27-Sep-2010)
26-Sep-10 News -- China turns the screws on a humiliated Japan: Mideast peace talks may collapse Sunday over moratorium issue... (26-Sep-2010)
25-Sep-10 News -- Japan kowtows to China over trawler captain: Sarkozy declares victory over striking labor unions... (25-Sep-2010)
24-Sep-10 News -- UN meets to discuss surging food prices: Wheat prices have risen by 60% in the last 12 months.... (24-Sep-2010)
23-Sep-10 News -- France raises alert level for al-Qaeda terrorism: China makes stronger retaliation threats to Japan for arrest of fishing captain... (23-Sep-2010)
22-Sep-10 News -- More on xenophobia in Europe: All sides prepare for collapse of Mideast peace talks... (22-Sep-2010)
21-Sep-10 News -- Sweden shocked at anti-immigrant victories: China threatens Japan over detention of fishing boat captain... (21-Sep-2010)
20-Sep-10 News -- Unrest grows in Bahrain over Shia 'terror network' arrests: Mideast peace talks may be near collapse... (20-Sep-2010)
19-Sep-10 News -- State pensions systems are in a 'death spiral': Snakebot: Robot snake climbs a real tree... (19-Sep-2010)
18-Sep-10 News -- Near-zero CPI hints at deflation: Housing foreclosures continue to hit new record levels... (18-Sep-2010)
17-Sep-10 News -- Furious Sarkozy tirade at EU meeting over Roma Gypsies: Saturday is anniversary of Japan's invasion of Manchuria on September 18, 1931... (17-Sep-2010)
16-Sep-10 News -- Cuba's seismic shift has global implications: Luxembourg furious as France strikes back over Roma Gypsy accusations... (16-Sep-2010)
15-Sep-10 News -- Europe bitterly attacks France on Roma Gypsy expulsions: Mideast peace talks start again under strong U.S. pressure... (15-Sep-2010)
14-Sep-10 News -- Kashmir protesters burn Obama in effigy: EU dithering on financial crisis is now backfiring... (14-Sep-2010)
13-Sep-10 News -- Split between Ahmadinejad and Iran's hardliners widens: Talk of an Arab alliance against Iran... (13-Sep-2010)
Works by Iannis Xenakis gain wider prominence and recognition: His opera 'Oresteia' will be performed in Los Angeles in November... (12-Sep-2010)
11-Sep-10 News -- The coming political tsunami and realignment: Glenn Beck, the Tea Party, and the next rock star... (11-Sep-2010)
10-Sep-10 News -- Venezuela moves toward food rationing: Suicide car bomber in crowded market in North Ossetia kills 17... (10-Sep-2010)
9-Sep-10 News -- Fed reports 'widespread signs of deceleration' in economy: China threatens 'further actions' after Japan arrests a Chinese fisherman... (9-Sep-2010)
8-Sep-10 News -- India political uproar over 'saffron terror': Abbas rejects Netanyahu's 'historic compromise' on Jerusalem... (8-Sep-2010)
7-Sep-10 News -- Europe's bonds return to crisis levels: Belgium is close to total dissolution... (7-Sep-2010)
6-Sep-10 News -- US proposes more military aid to Yemen: Report: Iran is paying the Taliban $1,000 for killing each US soldier... (6-Sep-2010)
5-Sep-10 News -- Thousands protest Gypsy expulsions from France: New Mideast peace talks scheduled for September 14 in Cairo... (5-Sep-2010)
4-Sep-10 News -- Food prices soar around the world, causing food riots: Why college professors lie about the economy... (4-Sep-2010)
3-Sep-10 News -- Financial expert Jeremy Siegel makes no sense at all: PIIGS countries are facing worse debt crisis, while Germany thrives... (3-Sep-2010)
2-Sep-10 News -- Mideast peace talks begin in Washington amid deep skepticism: Suicide bombers attacked Shia worshippers in Lahore, Pakistan... (2-Sep-2010)
1-Sep-10 News -- Amsterdam arrests highlight Yemen confusion: Palestinian gunmen try to sabotage upcoming Mideast peace talks... (1-Sep-2010)
30-Aug-10 News -- Generation gap splits Iran's government: Iran labels Carla Bruni as a 'prostitute'... (30-Aug-2010)
29-Aug-10 News -- Hamas issues warning about Mideast peace talks: Home prices expected to fall after disastrous GDP report... (29-Aug-2010)
28-Aug-10 News -- France is rebuked for deporting Roma Gypsies: Turkey says it's committed to good relations with Israel... (28-Aug-2010)
27-Aug-10 News -- U.S. considering escalating military role in Yemen: Japan announces 17th consecutive month of deflation... (27-Aug-2010)
26-Aug-10 News -- Suicide bombers blanket Iraq as Americans leave: World grain prices rise by up to 20% last week... (26-Aug-2010)
25-Aug-10 News -- Existing home sales plunge 27%: Suicide bomber kills 30 in Somalia, including 7 members of Parliament... (25-Aug-2010)
24-Aug-10 News -- Ariel's Bobrinskoy gives price/earnings fantasy: Italy wants to follow France in expelling Gypsies... (24-Aug-2010)
23-Aug-10 News -- China is ready for war: A new Pentagon report describes China's military capabilities and strategy... (23-Aug-2010)
22-Aug-10 News -- The global rise of xenophobia: Islamophobia in America and Europe is only a small part of the issue.... (22-Aug-2010)
21-Aug-10 News -- Mideast peace talks to begin on Sept 2: Is President Barack Obama a Muslim?... (21-Aug-2010)
20-Aug-10 News -- Bad economic news stuns investors: Arab states cut financial aid to Palestinians... (20-Aug-2010)
19-Aug-10 News -- France orders expulsion of Gypsies: The Mosque at Ground Zero... (19-Aug-2010)
18-Aug-10 News -- The collapse of the Gaza tunnel economy: Pakistan's government is snubbing flood aid from India... (18-Aug-2010)
17-Aug-10 News -- Iran announces new uranium enrichment centers: 'Hindenburg Omen' predicts stock market crash... (17-Aug-2010)
16-Aug-10 News -- U.S. and S. Korea begin massive military exercises: Boomers threaten the U.S. economy... (16-Aug-2010)
15-Aug-10 News -- Talk of a coup in Pakistan: Bond yields for Greece, Spain and Ireland once again at crisis levels... (15-Aug-2010)
14-Aug-10 News -- Germans selling submarines to Greece and Portugal: German prosecutors are investigating corruption... (14-Aug-2010)
13-Aug-10 News -- Greece's economy goes deeper into recession: Worldwide heat prices surge after USDA lowers forecast... (13-Aug-2010)
12-Aug-10 News -- Wall Street turns pessimistic: World Health Organization says that swine flu pandemic is over... (12-Aug-2010)
11-Aug-10 News -- US and Vietnam conduct naval exercises in South China Sea: Nobody wants to use the U.S. one dollar coin... (11-Aug-2010)
10-Aug-10 News -- North Korea fires artillery shells into Yellow Sea: A generational analysis of Kashmir... (10-Aug-2010)
9-Aug-10 News -- N. Korea seizes S. Korean fishing boat: Wildfires in Russia are infuriating the public... (9-Aug-2010)
8-Aug-10 News -- Pakistan appeals for international help with floods: Pakistan's president faces scandal over his absence during floods... (8-Aug-2010)
7-Aug-10 News -- Financial experts freaked on jobs report: Devastating Pakistan floods worsen with new rains... (7-Aug-2010)
6-Aug-10 News -- Wheat prices climb after Russia announces export ban: Many Americans in the UK are renouncing US citizenship... (6-Aug-2010)
5-Aug-10 News -- Multiple crises overwhelm Pakistan: In Turkey, a confrontation between the government and the army is building... (5-Aug-2010)
4-Aug-10 News -- Kashmir violence spirals upward: China's real estate bubble appears to be bursting... (4-Aug-2010)
Updating the 'real value' of the stock market: Why we're headed for a financial crash.... (3-Aug-2010)
2-Aug-10 News -- The rise of political and journalistic acrimony: US military has a plan to attack Iran, if necessary... (2-Aug-2010)
1-Aug-10 News -- Pakistan cancels intelligence sharing mission with UK: Violence in Kashmir is escalating... (1-Aug-2010)
31-Jul-10 News -- GDP figures show economy is slowing: Israel bombs Hamas sites in Gaza... (31-Jul-2010)
30-Jul-10 News -- Cameron's accusations roil Pakistan: Wikileaks editor Julian Assange loves 'crushing bastards'... (30-Jul-2010)
29-Jul-10 News -- British PM sides with India against Pakistan: Mideast Peace talks face Sept. 26 deadline when settlement freeze ends... (29-Jul-2010)
28-Jul-10 News -- Britain's PM sides with Turkey against Israel: Turkey abandons Armenia for Azerbaijan... (28-Jul-2010)
27-Jul-10 News -- Kashmir protests erupt again: EU will provide 10 million euros to Yemen... (27-Jul-2010)
26-Jul-10 News -- Markets shrug off flawed European stress tests: The 'rule of 20' - another away to cheat on stock valuations... (26-Jul-2010)
25-Jul-10 News -- Fighting continues in Darfur: Sudan's president Bashir thumbs his node at Darfur genocide charges... (25-Jul-2010)
24-Jul-10 News -- US confronts China on South China Sea claims: North Korea promises a 'sacred war'... (24-Jul-2010)
23-Jul-10 News -- Fighting in Yemen flares again: Venezuela's Hugo Chavez severs diplomatic ties with Colombia... (23-Jul-2010)
22-Jul-10 News -- US/S.Korean naval exercises begin Sunday: Korean Air Lines terrorist bomber visits Tokyo... (22-Jul-2010)
21-Jul-10 News -- Liberal journalists conspired on racism charges: PIIGS to the slaughter... (21-Jul-2010)
20-Jul-10 News -- Hungary and Ireland face new financial problems: Stress tests for Europe's banks to be released on Friday... (20-Jul-2010)
19-Jul-10 News -- The NAACP versus the Tea Party movement: Egypt pressures Abbas to agree to direct talks with Israel... (19-Jul-2010)
18-Jul-10 News -- Turkey and Syria team up against the Kurds: Scandal in Turkey as pilots may be siding with PKK terrorists... (18-Jul-2010)
17-Jul-10 News -- India-Pakistan peace talks collapse in acrimony: Iran blames U.S. for Jundullah's terrorist attack, says Hillary sheds 'crocodile tears'... (17-Jul-2010)
16-Jul-10 News -- Health care plan damages the economy: Congress passes sweeping financial restructuring... (16-Jul-2010)
15-Jul-10 News -- British shocked at Afghan war killings: Mexico's Ciudad Juarez becomes the murder capital of the world... (15-Jul-2010)
14-Jul-10 News -- Somalia's Al-Shabab blamed for Uganda bombings: Iran cracks down on un-Islamic haircuts... (14-Jul-2010)
13-Jul-10 News -- Iran's government weakens under international pressure: China's financial ratings agency downgrades Western debt... (13-Jul-2010)
12-Jul-10 News -- Israel's navy on high alert over Libyan ship: Pakistan will continue to serve as China's 'force-multipler'... (12-Jul-2010)
11-Jul-10 News -- Sri Lanka's bitter disagreement with the United Nations: Europe commemorates the 15'th anniversary of the massacre at Srebrenica... (11-Jul-2010)
10-Jul-10 News -- Pakistan shocked again by terrorist attack: The 'Ghazi Force' is thought responsible for earlier Lahore bombing.... (10-Jul-2010)
9-Jul-10 News -- Banks use 'Extend and Pretend' with commercial property: US Navy deploys submarine super-weapon near Chinese waters... (9-Jul-2010)
8-Jul-10 News -- Thailand chooses the path to civil war: United Arab Emirates ambassador advocates military strike on Iran... (8-Jul-2010)
7-Jul-10 News -- Rogoff: China's property market near 'collapse': Why is the Gulf cleanup taking so long?... (7-Jul-2010)
6-Jul-10 News -- Turkey-Israeli relations continue to deteriorate: Iran complains that some airports are refusing to refuel Iran's planes... (6-Jul-2010)
5-Jul-10 News -- Kyrgyzstan is supposedly 'back to normal': Michael Steele versus the Democratic National Committee... (5-Jul-2010)
4-Jul-10 News -- From which country did the U.S. win independence?: United Nations warns of increased tension between Hizbollah and Israel... (4-Jul-2010)
3-Jul-10 News -- Lahore bombing leaves Pakistanis confused: Orders to US factories declined in May more than forecast... (3-Jul-2010)
2-Jul-10 News -- New terrorist attack in Lahore, Pakistan: Deflationary spiral spreads across Asia... (2-Jul-2010)
1-Jul-10 News -- World economy increasingly in deflationary spiral: European banks and bond markets are back in crisis mode... (1-Jul-2010)
30-Jun-10 News -- Riots spread across India's Kashmir region: Protestors march through Athens, Greece, during 24 hour strike... (30-Jun-2010)
29-Jun-10 News -- Speech recognition brings Singularity closer: Paul Krugman predicts 'The Third Depression'... (29-Jun-2010)
28-Jun-10 News -- Military tensions increase in South China Sea: After McChrystal firing, gloomy assessments pile up in Afghanistan war... (28-Jun-2010)
Generational Dynamics podcasts by Pete Ferron of 'Shrugging Out': The three podcasts are based on two hours of interviews with me.... (27-Jun-2010)
27-Jun-10 News -- G-8 meeting ends with empty promises: Fears that Sunday referendum in Kyrgyzstan may lead to new violence... (27-Jun-2010)
26-Jun-10 News -- Speculation about an Israeli strike on Iran: A financial executive posts a kind of confessional in the NakedCapitalism blog... (26-Jun-2010)
25-Jun-10 News -- Greece's debt again reaches crisis levels: A naval arms race is growing on the Caspian Sea... (25-Jun-2010)
24-Jun-10 News -- May new home sales plunge to lowest level on record: PKK terrorists in Turkey may have taken advantage of Gaza flotilla incident... (24-Jun-2010)
23-Jun-10 News -- Kurdish terrorists bomb bus in Istanbul, Turkey: US budget deficit continues its climb to infinity... (23-Jun-2010)
22-Jun-10 News -- Turkey masses troops on Iraq border: Violence flares again in Kyrgyzstan... (22-Jun-2010)
21-Jun-10 News -- Israel eases the Gaza naval blockade: The strange case of Helen Thomas... (21-Jun-2010)
20-Jun-10 News -- UN reports 'alarming' rise in Afghan violence: Turkey's PM Erdogan vows to 'annihilate' the PKK terrorists after attack... (20-Jun-2010)
19-Jun-10 News -- Omigod! NakedCapitalism and ZeroHedge discover mean regression!: As Kyrgyzstan violence slows, officials worry about humanitarian 'catastrophe'... (19-Jun-2010)
18-Jun-10 News -- IBM's Watson computer will be a Jeopardy contestant: EU officials are worried that European countries could become military dictatorships... (18-Jun-2010)
17-Jun-10 News -- Fannie / Freddie delisted by NY Stock Exchange: Some 'good news': More workers are quitting their jobs... (17-Jun-2010)
16-Jun-10 News -- Obama gives Oval Office speech on oil spill: Europe's financial crisis deepens... (16-Jun-2010)
15-Jun-10 News -- Uzbekistan closes border to refugees from Kyrgyzstan: The NY Times writes about the Singularity... (15-Jun-2010)
14-Jun-10 News -- Kyrgyzstan civil war expands into genocide: Flemish separatists score big gains in Belgium election... (14-Jun-2010)
13-Jun-10 News -- Kyrgyzstan gives 'shoot to kill' order to army: U.S. and U.K. tie in soccer at World Cup... (13-Jun-2010)
12-Jun-10 News -- Ethnic civil war spreads in Kyrgyzstan: Heavy security in Tehran, Iran, stifles anniversary demonstrations... (12-Jun-2010)
Week of June 7 - Hiatus: Until then, a special thread for comments and postings... (8-Jun-2010)
7-Jun-10 News -- Globally, May was a month of ominous events: More on Generational Dynamics predictions... (7-Jun-2010)
6-Jun-10 News -- Anger at Israel grows over Gaza blockade: Egypt to strip citizenship from men married to Israeli women... (6-Jun-2010)
5-Jun-10 News -- Markets fall on jobs and Hungary news: A new humanitarian aid ship is approaching Gaza... (5-Jun-2010)
4-Jun-10 News -- North Korea: 'War may break out at any moment': Europe's sovereign debt crisis is as bad as ever... (4-Jun-2010)
3-Jun-10 News -- S. Korea's ruling party suffers big losses: Record numbers of candidates are running in midterm elections this year... (3-Jun-2010)
2-Jun-10 News -- Turkey: Gaza incident is 'turning point in history': Japan's Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama resigns... (2-Jun-2010)
1-Jun-10 News -- Wide condemnation of Israel over Gaza flotilla: Thailand red shirt protestors' 'Men in Black' are revealed... (1-Jun-2010)
31-May-10 News -- Louisiana versus the United States: South Korea cancels planned propaganda campaign against the North... (31-May-2010)
The rise of left-wing violence around the world: Left-wing violence is surging far ahead of right-wing violence... (30-May-2010)
29-May-10 News -- Terrorist attacks create carnage in Pakistan and India: China signals that it will side with South Korea on the warship sinking... (29-May-2010)
28-May-10 News -- Tempers flare on Korean peninsula: Terrorists bomb a concert crowd in southern Russia... (28-May-2010)
27-May-10 News -- Iran clashes with Russia over nuclear sanctions: Interbank lending is slowing again, raising concerns of new credit crisis... (27-May-2010)
26-May-10 News -- Is North Korea preparing for war?: Austerity programs in countries across Europe threaten the economy... (26-May-2010)
25-May-10 News -- Belligerent words between North and South Korea: Britain is moving 'from an age of plenty to an age of austerity'... (25-May-2010)
24-May-10 News -- Les Miserables of Thailand at a turning point: S. Korean president gives harsh speech severing commercial ties with North... (24-May-2010)
23-May-10 News -- Some humor that isn't really very funny: Major offensive in Kandahar may be turning point in Afghanistan war... (23-May-2010)
22-May-10 News -- Germany approves its share of the euro bailout: Tempers flare in North and South Korea... (22-May-2010)
21-May-10 News -- S. Korea accuses N. Korea of sinking warship: Market selloff confuses financial analysts.... (21-May-2010)
20-May-10 News -- Angela Merkel roils markets with demands: Massive anti-austerity protests in Romania... (20-May-2010)
19-May-10 News -- Maoist terrorism puts India on high alert: Euro currency at lowest value in four years... (19-May-2010)
18-May-10 News -- Korean tensions grow prior to Cheonan announcement: Iran may have snookered the West in its nuclear deal with Turkey and Brazil... (18-May-2010)
17-May-10 News -- Markets open Monday amid high tension: Palestinian vs Israeli 'proximity talks' resume for a 'final agreement'... (17-May-2010)
16-May-10 News -- Thailand's Prime Minister says "no turning back": China continues its aggressive plans for a Pacific naval war... (16-May-2010)
15-May-10 News -- European financial instability returns: Bangkok, Thailand, has turned into a battlefield.... (15-May-2010)
14-May-10 News -- Thailand's army assaults Bangkok protestors: Euroland countries talk about ceding control to Brussels.... (14-May-2010)
13-May-10 News -- Thailand's government retracts peace offer: U.S budget deficit quadruples in April... (13-May-2010)
12-May-10 News -- David Cameron becomes Britain's Prime Minister: Faisal Shahzad, the Times Square bomber, complicates US relations with Pakistan... (12-May-2010)
11-May-10 News -- Europe's super-nuclear bailout: Incumbent Republican senator Robert Bennett defeated by Tea Party activists... (11-May-2010)
10-May-10 News -- Europeans approve trillion dollar aid package: Angela Merkel's governing coalition suffers big election losses... (10-May-2010)
9-May-10 News -- Europeans to make historic announcement to stop global panic: Palestinians agree to begin 'proximity talks' with the Israelis.... (9-May-2010)
8-May-10 News -- World markets continue to deteriorate: Tensions worsen between North and South Korea over warship sinking... (8-May-2010)
7-May-10 News -- Euro and stocks get hammered as ECB rejects 'nuclear option': Greece approves austerity package, amid somber protests... (7-May-2010)
6-May-10 News -- Deadly riots in Athens shock the world: European officials search desperately for a way to stop the approaching meltdown... (6-May-2010)
5-May-10 News -- Financial markets volatile as Europe considers the 'nuclear option': Shadow inventory indicates there'll be another leg down in housing prices... (5-May-2010)
4-May-10 News -- S. Korea considers military options against N. Korea: Thailand's 'red shirt' protestors consider a compromise proposal.... (4-May-2010)
3-May-10 News -- EU announces another non-bailout bailout of Greece: Tra-la, it's May, the lusty month of May... (3-May-2010)
2-May-10 News -- Israelis and Palestinians to resume indirect talks: Westerners in New Delhi warned of possibly 'imminent' terrorist attack... (2-May-2010)
1-May-10 News -- China's intentions are questioned as Kim Jong-il ages: As EU officials meet, Greece's austerity requirements are revealed... (1-May-2010)
30-Apr-10 News -- Politicians assign blame as euro crisis deepens: Greek public sectors unions plan big May Day demonstrations on Saturday.... (30-Apr-2010)
29-Apr-10 News -- Desperate Europeans try to stave off euro currency collapse: Continuing 'Red Shirt' protests in Thailand lead to violence... (29-Apr-2010)
28-Apr-10 News -- Greece melts down, as bond rating lowered to 'junk' status: There's been a 'quiet freeze' on new Jewish settlements in east Jerusalem.... (28-Apr-2010)
27-Apr-10 News -- Greece's bonds are hammered, with yields at 13%: Talk of Greek default, and dire consequences for euroland, is becoming more widespread.... (27-Apr-2010)
26-Apr-10 News -- Nato prepares for attack on Kandahar, Afghanistan: South Korea's defense minister blames warship sinking on torpedo... (26-Apr-2010)
25-Apr-10 News -- N. Korea's 'human torpedoes' may have sunk S. Korea's warship: Thailand's prime minister rejects protestors demands.... (25-Apr-2010)
The politics of the 'Tea Party' movement: 'Generation Zero's Steve Bannon gives blowout speech at NYC Tea Party... (25-Apr-2010)
24-Apr-10 News -- Greece, near bankruptcy, makes formal request for aid: Arizona governor signs tough immigration law called 'misguided' by Obama... (24-Apr-2010)
23-Apr-10 News -- Torrents of bad financial news for Greece and Europe: Grenades explode in Bangkok, Thailand, with dozens of casualties.... (23-Apr-2010)
22-Apr-10 News -- Controversy over Arizona immigration law: Greece's financial problems are spreading around Europe... (22-Apr-2010)
21-Apr-10 News -- Ethnic violence grows in Kyrgyzstan: IMF issues a warning on sovereign debt.... (21-Apr-2010)
20-Apr-10 News -- South Korea may retaliate over sinking of warship: Greece hurtles toward financial default.... (20-Apr-2010)
19-Apr-10 News -- Threats of summer war in the Mideast: Israelis fear Scud missiles in Lebanon, and Iran's nuclear development.... (19-Apr-2010)
18-Apr-10 News -- North Korea denies sinking South Korean warship: China vows to stop the 'last madness' of the real estate bubble.... (18-Apr-2010)
17-Apr-10 News -- Goldman Sachs is accused of subprime securities fraud: Backlash is spreading against Greece bailout aid package... (17-Apr-2010)
16-Apr-10 News -- Greece capitulates, asks for aid: South Korea may be close to military action against North Korea... (16-Apr-2010)
15-Apr-10 News -- Six nations discuss sanctions targeting Iran: A European confrontation over Greece appears increasingly likely, and soon.... (15-Apr-2010)
14-Apr-10 News -- Alarm over Hungary's sharp right turn: Did Alcoa make money or lose money?... (14-Apr-2010)
13-Apr-10 News -- Backlash over European deal on Greece: Ousted Kyrgyzstan president rallies supporters... (13-Apr-2010)
12-Apr-10 News -- EU announces aid package for Greece: What would happen if Nato and the U.S. withdrew from Afghanistan?... (12-Apr-2010)
11-Apr-10 News -- Plane crash kills Poland's president: Thailand's army shoots on crowd of young 'red shirt' demonstrators, killing 20.... (11-Apr-2010)
10-Apr-10 News -- Rumor of Greece bailout this weekend: Violence simmers down in Kyrgyzstan as US and Russia compete for influence... (10-Apr-2010)
9-Apr-10 News -- Greece crisis worsens -- again: Kyrgyzstan's president goes into hiding, plans counter-coup... (9-Apr-2010)
8-Apr-10 News -- Greece is tottering on the brink: Chaos throughout Asia: Kyrgyzstan, India and Thailand are all in crisis... (8-Apr-2010)
7-Apr-10 News -- Greece's financial crisis worsens: 'Maoist' terrorists ambush security forces in India, risking civil war... (7-Apr-2010)
6-Apr-10 News - US Consulate attacked in Peshawar, Pakistan: US delays report declaring that China is a 'currency manipulator'... (6-Apr-2010)
More on the politics of the 'Generation Zero' movie: How the Republicans and Democrats worked together to create the financial crisis.... (5-Apr-2010)
4-Apr-10 News - Western and Orthodox Easters converge in Jerusalem: A North Korean torpedo may have sunk that South Korean warship.... (4-Apr-2010)
3-Apr-10 News - Russia's President Medvedev urges 'crueler' methods against terrorists: Will Russia join the West's war on terror?... (3-Apr-2010)
2-Apr-10 News - Ireland's banks in crisis: Israel carries out new military air strikes against Gaza.... (2-Apr-2010)
1-Apr-10 News - New suicide bombings in Russia's Caucasus region: Epidemic of financial and mortgage fraud is continuing as before.... (1-Apr-2010)
31-Mar-10 News - Putin vows revenge for black widow subway attacks: Greece's financial crisis deepens as new bond sale does poorly... (31-Mar-2010)
30-Mar-10 News - Russia's 'Black Widows' bring terror to Moscow subways: Destabilizing yields in bond sales from Greece and the U.S.... (30-Mar-2010)
29-Mar-10 News - Thailand's raucous red shirt protests lead to stalemate: Israel is closed to West Bank for 9 days... (29-Mar-2010)
28-Mar-10 News - Arabs contemplate failure of peace process: Palestinian / Israeli conflict escalates in Gaza.... (28-Mar-2010)
27-Mar-10 News - Further advice on how to protect your money: Military flashpoints in Gaza and near North Korea threaten wider conflict... (27-Mar-2010)
26-Mar-10 News - France and Germany compromise on Greece: Foreboding and talk of war in the Mideast... (26-Mar-2010)
25-Mar-10 News - Portugal's debt rating is downgraded: The Euro zone continues to unravel.... (25-Mar-2010)
New York City premiere of Generation Zero documentary movie: On Tuesday evening, I finally got to see the new documentary movie
23-Mar-10 News - Obama's health care reform passes: President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu meet on Mideast peace... (23-Mar-2010)
22-Mar-10 News - Germany vs Europe in Greece crisis: French president Sarkozy has major losses to far left in regional elections... (22-Mar-2010)
21-Mar-10 News - 'Day of Anger' anti-Putin protests in Russia: Financial crisis in Britain's Foreign Office... (21-Mar-2010)
20-Mar-10 News - US-China relations deteriorate: Stephen Roach wants to take a baseball bat to Paul Krugman.... (20-Mar-2010)
19-Mar-10 News - Greece delivers ultimatum to Europe: Greenspan says that he didn't cause the housing bubble.... (19-Mar-2010)
18-Mar-10 News - Euro sniping over finances: The FBI reveals a new online scam... (18-Mar-2010)
Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC) gives award for Generational Dynamics: This provides further expert validation of generational theory.... (17-Mar-2010)
16-Mar-10 News - Historic Israeli-US ties deteriorate: A bailout of Greece may or may not be near... (16-Mar-2010)
15-Mar-10 News - Georgians panic over mock TV war report: Taliban claims credits for bombings in Afghanistan and Pakistan... (15-Mar-2010)
14-Mar-10 News - Sri Lanka Tamils reject homeland: A German college student validates Generational Dynamics... (14-Mar-2010)
13-Mar-10 News - Will 'Repo 105' scam send Lehman management to jail?: Dozens killed in new terrorist attacks in Lahore, Pakistan... (13-Mar-2010)
12-Mar-10 News - Mideast peace talks collapse in humiliation: Obama Administration may be talking to Iran's Revolutionary Guards... (12-Mar-2010)
11-Mar-10 News - Haiti's president asks for earthquake food aid to end: A Chinese professor says that China's economic data is inaccurate.... (11-Mar-2010)
10-Mar-10 News - Biden in Jerusalem condemns Israeli settlements: Fitch Ratings issues stern warnings to Britain, France, Spain and Greece... (10-Mar-2010)
9-Mar-10 News - Muslims in revenge massacre against Nigeria Christians: Hackers use Facebook to penetrate corporate networks... (9-Mar-2010)
8-Mar-10 News - Iraq elects a new government: Iraq's democratic elections are contrasted with Iran's election last year... (8-Mar-2010)
7-Mar-10 News - 1985 Live-Aid concert for famine relief may have been a scam: U.S. budget defict grows again -- by $1.2 trillion.... (7-Mar-2010)
6-Mar-10 News - Iceland votes whether to give in to Britain and Holland: Greece's Prime Minister Papandreou visits German's Chancelor Angela Merkel... (6-Mar-2010)
5-Mar-10 News - Dutch elections give boost to right-wing Geert Wilders: Greece reaches new crisis point, as Greece calls EU's bluff... (5-Mar-2010)
4-Mar-10 News - 'Indirect' Israeli/Palestinian peace talks begin: South Africa's Jacob Zuma picks out a wife for his visit to the Queen.... (4-Mar-2010)
3-Mar-10 News - Greece crisis continues, as opposition to bailout remains: Japan begins its third 'lost decade.'... (3-Mar-2010)
The politics of the 'Generation Zero' documentary movie: The movie reflects a continuing political realignment.... (2-Mar-2010)
1-Mar-10 News - Real estate and Greek crises: Harvard professor Niall Ferguson and 'America, the fragile empire'... (1-Mar-2010)
28-Feb-10 News - China faces social unrest disaster: EU President is called a 'Damp rag,' and Russia blames Obama for its drug problem.... (28-Feb-2010)
27-Feb-10 News - War in Darfur may be starting again: A major explosive battle has yet to occur.... (27-Feb-2010)
26-Feb-10 News - Turkey debates Islam versus secularism: Consumer confidence plummets along with bank lending. ... (26-Feb-2010)
25-Feb-10 News - Greeks call Germans 'Nazis' as strikes shut Greece down: YouTube links for 'Generation Zero' movie special coverage on Hannity... (25-Feb-2010)
24-Feb-10 News - Iran captures Jundallah terrorist leader: 'Generation Zero' movie appears on Hannity for the full hour... (24-Feb-2010)
23-Feb-10 News - Is Burma poised for a new civil war?: 'Generation Zero' writer/director Steve Bannon will appear on Hannity on Tuesday evening.... (23-Feb-2010)
New documentary movie 'Generation Zero' brings generational theory to the public.: Written and directed by Steve Bannon, it will open nationwide on March 22.... (22-Feb-2010)
21-Feb-10 News - Dutch government collapses over Afghanistan: Fate of Holland's 1600 troops are in doubt.... (21-Feb-2010)
20-Feb-10 News - Russia 'alarmed' at Iran: Unsustainable budget deficits in US and UK.... (20-Feb-2010)
19-Feb-10 News - IEAA: Iran developing nuclear missile: US fails test in 'Cyber Shockwave' war game simulation... (19-Feb-2010)
Kenya's political coalition may collapse and lead to tribal warfare: Kenya is still reeling from the waves of gruesome ethnic violence... (18-Feb-2010)
17-Feb-10 News - Clinton: Iran heads for military dictatorship: Questions raised about capture of Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar... (17-Feb-2010)
16-Feb-10 News - A note from al-Qaeda takes credit for Pune India bombings: Acrimony grows in Europe, as finance managers delay again a decision on Greece... (16-Feb-2010)
15-Feb-10 News - Finance Ministers meet to decide Greece's fate: How soon will Greece's disease spread to America?... (15-Feb-2010)
14-Feb-10 News - Operation Moshtarak: Nato vs the Taliban in Afghanistan: Major terrorist attack in India... (14-Feb-2010)
13-Feb-10 News - China restrains lending, as euro crisis continues: European economic growth is much smaller than previously reported.... (13-Feb-2010)
12-Feb-10 News - Destop PCs are still vulnerable to 'Aurora' Chinese hacker attacks: Loony investors surge stocks after non-bailout bailout promise by EU... (12-Feb-2010)
11-Feb-10 News - Lebanon worries about new war with Israel: Riots and demonstrations in Greece and Iran... (11-Feb-2010)
10-Feb-10 News - Iran prepares for riots, as Obama calls for harsh sanctions: Stocks surge on hopes that Europe will bail out Greece after all... (10-Feb-2010)
9-Feb-10 News - Europeans say they won't bail out Greece: The Dow falls below 10000, as Greece's problems spread to Spain and Portugal.... (9-Feb-2010)
8-Feb-10 News - There are more self-identified independents: Will the 'Tea Party' become a real party?... (8-Feb-2010)
7-Feb-10 News - Iran threatens violence against Greens as Feb 11 protests approach: International tension grows over Iran's nuclear weapons development.... (7-Feb-2010)
6-Feb-10 News - Dual terrorist bombings in Karachi, Pakistan: Government is paralyzed by vitriolic arguments... (6-Feb-2010)
5-Feb-10 News - China's nationalism and real estate bubble grow: Problems in Greece and Portugal slam stocks around the globe... (5-Feb-2010)
4-Feb-10 News - Europe plays chicken, Iran poised for bloodbath: Iran plays "cat and mouse" with nuclear politics.... (4-Feb-2010)
3-Feb-10 News - China objects to Obama's meeting with Dalai Lama: Chess champion Garry Kasparov explains how computers and humans can work together.... (3-Feb-2010)
2-Feb-10 News - Budget deficits continue to infinity: Greece faces another crunch.... (2-Feb-2010)
1-Feb-10 News - Trouble for Baltic Dry Index, Yemen ceasefire: TARP inspector reports to Congress... (1-Feb-2010)
31-Jan-10 News - US-China relations deteriorating: Japan's economy also deteriorating.... (31-Jan-2010)
30-Jan-10 News - Tony Blair faces questions about Iraq: US will sell $6 billion in arms to Taiwan, infuriating China.... (30-Jan-2010)
29-Jan-10 News - Greece financial crisis spreading: Ben Bernanke is confirmed... (29-Jan-2010)
28-Jan-10 News - US military in Yemen, investors bet against Greece: Portugal, Italy and Spain aren't far behind.... (28-Jan-2010)
27-Jan-10 News - Sri Lanka elections, and Turkey returns to its roots: Higher tensions between North and South Korea.... (27-Jan-2010)
26-Jan-10 News - Elevated terror alerts around the world: China's oil imports reach "alarming levels"... (26-Jan-2010)
Political left appear willing to drive off a cliff to prove they're right.: The same may be true of some investors.... (25-Jan-2010)
24-Jan-10 News - Arms sales to India and Pakistan, UK threat level: Theologians ask: Why did God punish the Haitians with an earthquake?... (24-Jan-2010)
23-Jan-10 News - US vs China cyberwar, and Bernanke in trouble: News summary is New! Improved! with 'Additional Links.'... (23-Jan-2010)
22-Jan-10 News - President Obama declares war on banks: And he calls the Mideast situation 'intractable.'... (22-Jan-2010)
21-Jan-10 News - Gates: Danger of India-Pakistan war: Stimulus spending on lending slows in China.... (21-Jan-2010)
20-Jan-10 News - Republican victory in Massachusetts signals political realignment.: Hundreds die in Muslim-Christian riots in Nigeria.... (20-Jan-2010)
19-Jan-10 News - Greece continues to head for default: Major Taliban attack on Kabul, Afghanistan.... (19-Jan-2010)
18-Jan-10 News - China and Taiwan compete in Haiti: US State Department will make formal protest to China over Google.... (18-Jan-2010)
Haiti, seething with ethnic violence, may require US forces for a long time: President Obama promises "months and even years" of support for Haiti.... (17-Jan-2010)
16-Jan-10 News - Greece and Portugal head for financial crisis: The 'rich nations' are not far behind.... (16-Jan-2010)
15-Jan-10 News - China uses 'Spear Phishing' to attack American corporations.: Pressure builds to send American forces to Yemen.... (15-Jan-2010)
14-Jan-10 News - Senior bankers may be headed for prison: How the Jews were driven out of Iraq.... (14-Jan-2010)
13-Jan-10 News - Greece may be near financial collapse: The UK debates the Iraq war.... (13-Jan-2010)
12-Jan-10 News - Afghan people hope for the best: While American 'Preppers' prepare for the worst.... (12-Jan-2010)
"The Diplomat" Magazine: Top events and flashpoints for Asia-Pacific region: Understanding where the world is going in the 2010s.... (11-Jan-2010)
11-Jan-10 News - US Threatens Israeli Loan Guarantees: And a US political realignment is proceeding.... (11-Jan-2010)
10-Jan-10 News - Worldwide soccer is in shock after Togo's team is attacked by terrorists: It seems like déjà vu... (10-Jan-2010)
9-Jan-10 News - Corruption is increasing in China: As financial imbalances grow around the world, say goodbye to Saab.... (9-Jan-2010)
8-Jan-10 News - Obama: "We are at war with al-Qaeda.": Al-Qaeda is jubilant, while Jordan is embarassed.... (8-Jan-2010)
7-Jan-10 News - Increased violence in the Caucasus: Also: Panic buying of kitty litter in Britain... (7-Jan-2010)
Financial guru John Hussman is wrong about "Valuations and Clarity": "Operating earnings" are passé; "Normalized earnings" are in.... (2-Jan-2010)

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