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Generational Dynamics Web Log for 25-Aug-06
Housing market is collapsing faster than economists expected

Web Log - August, 2006

Housing market is collapsing faster than economists expected

Both existing home and new home are falling much more sharply than pundits and analysts have predicted.

On Wednesday, the Realtor's trade group announced that July sales of previously-owned homes were down 4.1% from June and down 11.2% from July of last year. The fall from June to July was about 5 times as great as economists had predicted.

On Thursday, the Commerce Dept. announced (PDF) that July new home sales fell 4.3% from June, about 20% greater than economists had predicted, and down 22% from the same time last year.

As I've discussed a couple of times in the past, the "housing bubble" appears to have burst in October 2005. The housing market has been generally down since then.

Existing home sales and prices, seasonally adjusted, January 2003 to July 2006, showing effects of October 2005 bubble bursting. The "inventory" value is shown on the bottom graphs, both in numbers of units and in number of months backlog at current sales pace.
Existing home sales and prices, seasonally adjusted, January 2003 to July 2006, showing effects of October 2005 bubble bursting. The "inventory" value is shown on the bottom graphs, both in numbers of units and in number of months backlog at current sales pace.

The above four graphs show the performance of existing home sales since 2003. You can see how the real estate bubble grew from the increasing sales of homes and the increasing prices of homes. In the lower graphs, you can see that sales were so brisk at the beginning of 2005 that inventory was way down; that's when price increases started accelerating.

The bubble appears to have burst in October 2005, when the housing inventory really shot up and sales went down. However, prices have NOT fallen substantially, indicating that sellers are still in a state of denial, and are hoping that the market will come back.

As the inventory continues to build up, the situation is right for a full-scale real-estate panic.

Here are the similar graphs for new home sales:

New home sales and prices, seasonally adjusted, January 2000 to July 2006, showing effects of October 2005 bubble bursting. The "inventory" value is shown on the bottom graphs, both in numbers of units and in number of months backlog at current sales pace.
New home sales and prices, seasonally adjusted, January 2000 to July 2006, showing effects of October 2005 bubble bursting. The "inventory" value is shown on the bottom graphs, both in numbers of units and in number of months backlog at current sales pace.

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Generally speaking, new home sales are a more accurate indicator than existing home sales, because new home sales are recorded when a contract is signed, while purchases of existing homes are calculated when the sale is closed, usually a month or two later.

Inventories of new homes have been going up, just like existing homes, but there's a difference in pricing: New home prices have been falling, because new homes are sold by construction firms that have a smaller emotional attachment to the homes they're selling.

Generational Dynamics has been predicting since 2002 that we're entering a new 1930s style Great Depression, most likely by the 2006-2007 time frame.

There is one essential item that's still missing: a good ol' fashioned stock market panic. As I described in my May 30 essay, "Speculations about a stock market panic and crash," we're overdue for a panic, and there's a 50-50 chance that one will occur this year, in the next few months. There are many things today that might trigger a panic, and one of those things is the rapidly increasing levels of new and existing home inventories.

Few people today have any idea what a panic is. The last panic occurred in America in 1987, but as I've described, this was a "false panic," since stocks were actually underpriced at that time.

The previous panic occurred in October 1929, when stocks were overpriced by a factor of more than 200% -- same as today.

If you have no idea what a panic is, I can only say that you'll know it when you see it. We've had a couple of close calls this year, but when a real panic occurs, you'll see a worldwide collapse of confidence in the markets, and a rapid increase in unemployment, homelessness, bankruptcies, and worldwide social instability. (25-Aug-06) Permanent Link
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