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Web Log Summary - January-December, 2009


In Iran's largest and most violent protests yet, nephew of opposition leader is killed: Iranian police fired on protesters on Sunday,... (28-Dec-2009)
Yemen wars escalate rapidly, as US provides military support: The Yemen connection to the attempted airplane bombing has thrust Yemen into the news.... (27-Dec-2009)
At the end of a dark year, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all: It's been an incredible year, hasn't it?... (25-Dec-2009)
CalculatedRisk: Expect a big drop in existing home sales in December: New home sales fell unexpectedly in November, ... (24-Dec-2009)
Skyrocketing real estate prices in China alarm officials: Chinese home prices rose 5.7% in November from a year earlier,... (22-Dec-2009)
Study: Men think their dancing improves with age: This study is oblivious to generational issues.... (20-Dec-2009)
Climate change: A "meaningful and unprecedented" breakthrough agreement in Copenhagen: Here's the text of the agreement, ... (19-Dec-2009)
Climate change conference winds down with search for villains: After eight years of blaming Bush, the world may blame China this time.... (18-Dec-2009)
Climate Change conference in Copenhagen is all about getting green -- money: The banks are not the only pigs at the trough.... (14-Dec-2009)
Obama's Nobel Prize speech defends a "just war" in Afghanistan: This is President Obama's most significant speech since the election.... (12-Dec-2009)
Iran fails to smash student protests, as the Dubai crisis batters its economy: Huge peaceful student protests in cities across Iran were met with violence... (9-Dec-2009)
People are shocked! shocked! at Obama's war plan in Afghanistan.: Too bad they didn't listen to Obama's campaign speeches.... (6-Dec-2009)
Goldman Sachs employees, doing "God's work," are acquiring handguns: Worries about a "populist uprising against the bank."... (3-Dec-2009)
Switzerland shocks itself by passing a ban on minarets.: The UN is heavily criticizing the ban as "anti-foreigner scaremongering" and "clearly discriminatory,"... (2-Dec-2009)
With Dubai threatening default, Greece enters the spotlight: Greece will receive a European Union reprimand this week... (30-Nov-2009)
World markets plunge 3-5% as Dubai bombshell sinks in: The most extravagant real estate project since the ancient Pyramids is finally faltering.... (27-Nov-2009)
How Priceline, Orbitz, FTD, 1-800-Flowers, Pizza Hut, and Continental Airlines are scamming you online: If you're seeing "mysterious" $10-20 credit card charges, here's why.... (24-Nov-2009)
UK honors the journalist who documented Stalin's man-made 1932-33 famine in Ukraine: Known as the "Holodomor," millions of Ukrainians starved to death.... (22-Nov-2009)
In a slap at Washington, Israel announces 900 settlements in East Jerusalem: The Obama administration sharply rebuked the Israeli decision... (18-Nov-2009)
Lebanon agrees on a unity government with Hizbollah: Meanwhile, tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran is increasing.... (17-Nov-2009)
Politicians are gloomy about reaching climate deal in Copenhagen. Awwwwwwwwww!: It seems that this money and power grab is down for another year.... (12-Nov-2009)
Europe celebrates the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989: If East and West Germany were reunited, then why not North and South Korea?... (11-Nov-2009)
Theological split in Iran widens as opposition protests continue: The Islamic Republic of Iran versus the Persian Republic of Iran.... (9-Nov-2009)
Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas says he'll step down following Hillary Clinton's statement on settlements: Is it a tactical manoeuver or the end of an era?... (7-Nov-2009)
Islamist Uzbeks lead terrorists in Pakistan and Afghanistan: They're the largest group of foreign militants, and they're "fanatical."... (2-Nov-2009)
Nouriel Roubini apparently is predicting a global market crash: Many others are experiencing a "sense of foreboding,"... (27-Oct-2009)
Iran plays a grand game in international nuclear weapons talks: Will she or won't she?... (26-Oct-2009)
Pakistan, in a "state of war," shuts schools and universities nationwide.: Following two suicide bombings at Islamabad's International Islamic University,... (23-Oct-2009)
Furious Iran blames Pakistan, US and Britain for Sunday's terrorist attacks: Iran's Revolutionary Guards vow revenge.... (22-Oct-2009)
After a week of terrorist carnage across Pakistan, the army declares war on militants: Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and Punjabi terrorists appear to be linking up.... (20-Oct-2009)
The current stock market bubble correlates with bailouts and stimulus: This is another refutation of Richard Koo's stimulus theories.... (14-Oct-2009)
The global housing bubble began in the mid-1990s.: This completely explodes the myth that Alan Greenspan caused the housing bubble.... (12-Oct-2009)
Latvia may be near financial collapse, as GDP falls 18% this year: October 23 will be a crucial day for Latvia and for Europe.... (11-Oct-2009)
Budget deficit triples (yes, triples!) in 2009: One of the major causes is falling tax revenues.... (8-Oct-2009)
Communist China celebrates its 60th anniversary with bizarre military parade: Twin messages from the government: Enemies are both inside and outside China.... (8-Oct-2009)
Confusion and the Principle of Maximum Ruin reign in the stock markets: Is the bear market rally finally over?... (5-Oct-2009)
An amazing video of Ukrainian sand artist, Kseniya Simonova: The winner of Ukraine's Got Talent competition brings people to tears.... (29-Sep-2009)
After a week of foreign policy disasters, President Obama's entire program is adrift: Obama's first term is indistinguishable from Bush's "third term."... (28-Sep-2009)
American army general warns of imminent defeat in Afghanistan war: General Stanley McChrystal says more troops are needed immediately.... (26-Sep-2009)
Big Iran street protests greet Ahmadinejad's fiery denunciations of Israel: Iran's political crisis continues to grow, as the college year begins.... (19-Sep-2009)
Stock market goes dangerously parabolic, as day traders bid prices up: Wall Street markets shot up 1-1.5% on Wednesday, 48% above the March lows.... (17-Sep-2009)
Escalating civil war in Yemen threatens to pull in Iran, Saudi Arabia and U.S.: Last week, President Obama said we would help Yemen in its "fight against terrorism,"... (13-Sep-2009)
The housing bubble began in 1995.: This means that the housing crisis will last for almost another decade.... (8-Sep-2009)
Laughable SEC report on Madoff absolves SEC management of blame: "Confusion" and "inexperience" of young SEC staff members are blamed.... (6-Sep-2009)
Wartime entertainer Vera Lynn returns to pop music charts in UK: The romantic escapist music of the the 1930s and 1940s is returning.... (1-Sep-2009)
Political earthquake in Japan as opposition wins in landslide: Issue: 20 Years after Tokyo's stock market crash, the economy is as bad off as ever.... (31-Aug-2009)
U.N. commander claims that the Darfur war is over: The war has turned into "very low intensity" clashes and banditry,... (30-Aug-2009)
Typhoon Morakot triggers a Dalai Lama visit to Taiwan: Beijing "resolutely opposes" the proposed visit of the Dalai Lama... (28-Aug-2009)
Stock markets reflect increasingly delusional Wall Street: The Dow Industrials reached a 2009 high on Friday,... (24-Aug-2009)
Iceland's former prime minister was caught completely by surprise: How in the hell is that possible?... (19-Aug-2009)
Iceland begs for mercy as Europe turns the screws: This could be telling us the future of China and the U.S.... (15-Aug-2009)
The Revenge of the Boomers: The opposition to the health care plan is being led by "angry old folks,"... (11-Aug-2009)
As new stock bubble expands, the Principle of Maximum Ruin looms larger: Stock prices exploded 1-1.5% upward on Friday, following the jobs report,... (8-Aug-2009)
US tax revenues fall sharply, the most since 1932: This has significant national and global implications.... (4-Aug-2009)
China's bubble economy becomes increasingly unstable.: The Shanghai stock market fell sharply on Wednesday,... (30-Jul-2009)
Obama's health plan, a proposal of economic insanity, appears to be losing support: The tv drama, "The education of Barack Obama," continues.... (25-Jul-2009)
Investors pop the champagne corks as stock markets return to 1998 levels: The current rally has been continuing for four months.... (24-Jul-2009)
Boomers celebrate themselves on the death of Walter Cronkite: Boomers never really celebrate other people - just themselves.... (21-Jul-2009)
Tens of thousands protest in Tehran after Rafsanjani says Iran is "in crisis ": It was just yesterday that I heard that the protests were all finished.... (18-Jul-2009)
CIT Group bank nears bankruptcy, as Nouriel Roubini declares the worst is over: CIT Group provides credit to almost a million small and medium sized businesses.... (17-Jul-2009)
Israeli soldiers accuse Israel's army of genocide in Gaza war: Soldiers gave about 50 anonymous testimonies to Breaking the Silence,... (16-Jul-2009)
Will the market's direction be clarified by Friday of this week?: Long-time market veteran Art Cashin says that it will.... (15-Jul-2009)
Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan accuses China of genocide in Xinjiang: Emphasizing Turkic ethnic identity over Muslim religious identity.... (13-Jul-2009)
New Iran demonstrations commemorate the student protests of July 9, 1999: Hardline Iranian mullahs had thought that they had crushed the demonstrations ... (10-Jul-2009)
China's Xinjiang province is scene of violent anti-government protests: Xinhua reports that 156 people have been killed... (7-Jul-2009)
The Bubble Algorithm - How computers and herd behavior are inflating the stock market bubble: But Thursday's jobs report is changing attitudes quickly.... (6-Jul-2009)
Feminist alert: Millionaires' mistresses and wives are biggest victims of financial crisis: Abusive, controlling husbands are forcing wives to do their own cooking and cleaning.... (5-Jul-2009)
The influence of computerized trading programs: It may be that computer software is already in charge of our futures.... (2-Jul-2009)
Brookings Institution does a full reversal on Iraq war: As Americans withdraw from cities, Brookings admits there's no civil war.... (1-Jul-2009)
Ayatollah Ali Khamanei relives his childhood, as Iran arrests UK Embassy employees: Following a week of massacres, protestors have taken to the rooftops,... (28-Jun-2009)
Iran's Khamenei appears desperate, as reports of Tehran massacres grow: An amazing generational battle is proceeding in Iran.... (26-Jun-2009)
A generational explanation of Iran's political crisis: What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?... (23-Jun-2009)
Iran's government panics, as Supreme Leader hints at violence against protesters: Friday's speech by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was a significant escalation... (20-Jun-2009)
Wall Street Journal sharply revises its fantasy price/earnings computations: Do you suppose they read this web site?... (15-Jun-2009)
Iran: Violent street demonstrations follow Ahmadinejad's landslide election victory: Opposition supporters are claiming massive election fraud,... (14-Jun-2009)
WHO declares a worldwide H1N1 "mild" swine flu pandemic: The big question is: What's going to happen in the fall?... (13-Jun-2009)
World Bank forecast for global economy turns sharply worse: The world economy will contract by 3% this year, far more... (12-Jun-2009)
Angry Ahmadinejad accuses opponents of "Hitler's methods" in raucus presidential election: Under-30 voters may propel Mir-Hossein Mousavi to victory.... (11-Jun-2009)
BlogWatch: Yves Smith at "Naked Capitalism" adopts generational model of financial crisis: She says that middle-level (Gen-X) managers extorted executive (Boomer) management.... (7-Jun-2009)
SEC charges former Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo with fraud.: It's a perfect example of how Generation-Xers worked with Boomers to destroy the global financial system.... (7-Jun-2009)
Some reader questions on the bear market rally.: People want to know whether the market has finally bottomed.... (5-Jun-2009)
China's people commemorate the Tiananmen Square massacre, June 4, 1989: The paranoid Beijing government has been panicking as June 4 approaches.... (4-Jun-2009)
Massive refugee population swells as Pakistan claims Taliban near defeat: Doubts are being raised over Pakistan government claims that... (31-May-2009)
Tamil Tigers renounce violence, to join Sri Lanka political process: New photos show "genocidal fury" at climax of civil war.... (25-May-2009)
The inane style over substance debate over closing Guantanamo prison: We're seeing a new tv drama, "The education of Barack Obama."... (25-May-2009)
Laszlo Birinyi provides insight on his fantasy price/earnings computations: These are the figures published by the Wall Street Journal.... (22-May-2009)
Jubilant Sri Lanka celebrates, as President reaches out to the Tamils: But President Rajapaksa will need to follow words with actions.... (20-May-2009)
Tamil Tigers surrender, ending the Sri Lanka crisis civil war: "We have decided to silence our guns. Our only regrets are... (17-May-2009)
With over a million refugees, Pakistan is close to full-scale civil war.: A BBC study has found extensive Taliban control of Northwest Frontier Province.... (16-May-2009)
Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Gaza are all following the same path.: But the end is in sight for Sri Lanka.... (11-May-2009)
Stock market rally raises cautious, anxious hope among investors.: The question is: Why is it happening, and how long will it last?... (9-May-2009)
Hundreds of thousands of refugees flee as Pakistan's civil war expands: The army is massing for a bloody battle in Swat Valley.... (6-May-2009)
Summary of articles on generational theory: Including a new article on Generational Dynamics forecasting methodology.... (5-May-2009)
Rapid worldwide H1N1 swine flu spread is raising big concerns for the Fall.: People need to focus on they should do individually to prepare.... (2-May-2009)
Peace deal with Taliban collapses as Pakistan comes a step closer to civil war.: The Taliban promise revenge, as army helicopter gunships and artillery target militant hideout.... (30-Apr-2009)
In a fragile world, a swine flu pandemic would have geopolitical consequences: Also: The big economic impact may trigger new financial crises.... (27-Apr-2009)
New 'swine flu' virus is mild for most, but raises pandemic concerns: Precautions are being taken around the world.... (26-Apr-2009)
Wall Street Journal and Birinyi Associates are lying about P/E ratios: Their figures don't make sense, and they differ from everyone else's.... (26-Apr-2009)
Tens of thousands of Tamil civilians flee fighting, in last days of Sri Lanka war: A "human avalanche" of refugees threatens to overwhelm internment camps.... (22-Apr-2009)
Is Pakistan's government close to total collapse?: More analysts are saying so, and predicting dire consequences.... (20-Apr-2009)
Does Susan Boyle's sudden popularity signal new direction for popular music?: The sweet, melodious music of the 1930s and 1940s may finally be returning.... (18-Apr-2009)
Vile "teabagging" jokes signal the deterioration of CNN and NBC news: "Tea party" protests are anti-Washington, anti-tax and anti-spending.... (18-Apr-2009)
Sri Lanka army ready for final assault on Tamil Tiger rebels: 1000 Tigers are trapped in a "safe zone" with 100,000 Tamil civilians.... (16-Apr-2009)
Stories of massive generational fraud and corruption continue to pour out: Long-time readers of this web site know how much my life... (14-Apr-2009)
New book, "Unhappy China," stokes Chinese nationalism and anti-Americanism.: Runaway bestseller in China worries Beijing and the west.... (12-Apr-2009)
Unrest in Moldova may have international repercussions: A new confrontation between Russia and the West may be coming.... (9-Apr-2009)
President Obama scores big diplomatic victory in a world waiting for ... what?: We might call this "The Age of Great Compromises."... (5-Apr-2009)
Fiscal stimulus programs in 1930s and today: Did Hitler really do everything right?... (1-Apr-2009)
New terrorist attack in Lahore leads Pakistanis to despair: An 8-hour attack on a residential barracks for police trainees... (31-Mar-2009)
New Pentagon report shows China continues to prepare for war with US: Rapid military buildup focuses on Taiwan, submarines, and anti-satellite weaponry.... (29-Mar-2009)
The "culture of complicity" continues with Tim Geithner's new toxic asset plan: You may recall back to last fall,... (26-Mar-2009)
President Obama casts a vote against Iran's President Ahmadinejad: Can reformist Mir-Hossein Musavi beat Ahmadinejad in the June 12 elections?... (22-Mar-2009)
Enquiring minds want to know: How long will the rally last?: Here are some "dead cat bounce" factoids... (20-Mar-2009)
The mob turns ugly as AIG bonuses come under fire: The President goes from outrage to outrage.... (19-Mar-2009)
Analysts and journalists freak out as Q4 2008 earnings turn negative.: Wrong so many times, what do they make of last week's stock market rally?... (15-Mar-2009)
Darfur war takes a major turn, as Sudan expels aid groups.: Oxfam, CARE, Save the Children, and numerous other aid groups... (11-Mar-2009)
British Foreign Minister says Pakistan is facing a "mortal threat": Still in shock after cricket team ambush, Pakistan suffers another bloody weekend.... (8-Mar-2009)
FBI will aid Bangladesh investigation of border guard officer massacre (Revised): 76 Bangladesh army officers were mutilated and killed last week... (4-Mar-2009)
Cricketing world in shock after attack on Sri Lanka team in Pakistan: Lashkar-e-Taiba is suspected in the brutal attack in Lahore,... (4-Mar-2009)
The economy, the stimulus plan and the budget plan all continue to unravel: Markets keep falling as world economic trends continue to plunge.... (2-Mar-2009)
Reported corporate earnings crash 44% since January: Most likely result: A further substantial stock market plunge.... (26-Feb-2009)
Desperate Pakistan government capitulates to Taliban in Swat Valley: The government agrees to impose Sharia law in exchange for "peace"... (23-Feb-2009)
Market reaches a 'crisis low' as east European banks raise widespread concern: The Dow Industrials are 47% below their peak, in a new six-year low.... (20-Feb-2009)
Germans commemorate the Allied firebombing of Dresden in 1945: Thousands of left- and right-wing protestors clash in Dresden... (17-Feb-2009)
President Obama's smashing fiscal stimulus victory contrasts with Geithner's TARP disaster: Building a sand castle while the tide is coming in.... (16-Feb-2009)
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner bombs with analysts and investors: It's obvious that Geithner has no idea what he's doing.... (11-Feb-2009)
President Obama gives a press conference to sell the $800 stimulus package.: To me, he seemed anxious and desperate. We'll see what the polls say.... (10-Feb-2009)
Israel poised to elect Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister in move to the right: Israel's historic connection to Russia plays an increasing role in Tuesday's election.... (9-Feb-2009)
Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.: Investors were cheering the state of confusion and panic in Washington,... (7-Feb-2009)
China fears major crisis, as economy continues to crash: A new study shows 8% unemployment, with 20 million migrants unemployed.... (4-Feb-2009)
International community asks Tamil Tigers to surrender in Sri Lanka civil war: In "nightmarish situation," hundreds of thousands of civilians are trapped in battle.... (3-Feb-2009)
Can a country go into default on its debt? Can the US?: Investors are increasingly betting that the answer is 'yes'.... (1-Feb-2009)
An angry President Obama strongly condemns Wall Street bonuses: One of the most interesting aspects of this growing crisis... (30-Jan-2009)
Japan's Prime Minister Taro Aso imitates Barack Obama, as Obama imitates Japan: Aso promised "bold measures" for Japan's economic crisis,... (29-Jan-2009)
Sri Lanka crisis civil war nears climax, as army captures Mullaittivu: An explosive battle among 300,000 civilians is feared.... (28-Jan-2009)
Bloody Monday: Over 71,400 jobs lost in massive layoffs by seven companies: Economic trends continue to accelerate downward.... (27-Jan-2009)
Parlez-vous Globish?: Speak with people around the world in a 1500-word version of English.... (26-Jan-2009)
Speculators around the world are storing oil in supertankers: This refutes the nonsense about oil speculators last summer.... (23-Jan-2009)
Gaza war heads toward cease-fire, while violence surges in Sri Lanka: Thousands of civilians' lives are at risk by army attacking terrorists responsible for suicide bombings.... (19-Jan-2009)
The US Trade deficit finally begins a declining trend: The deficit was "only" $40.4 billion in November, and falling.... (18-Jan-2009)
Collapse of corporate earnings portends imminent stock market plunge: Other trends indicate that the world is grinding to a halt.... (18-Jan-2009)
Blog Watch: Naked Capitalism's Yves Smith blames economists for being wrong.: Why doesn't she also criticize bloggers like herself?... (17-Jan-2009)
As his Great Historic Experiment collapses, Ben Bernanke scrambles to save his reputation: Who "lost" the economy? The finger-pointing is getting intense.... (15-Jan-2009)
The effects of massive fiscal stimulus - Part II: President-elect Barack Obama is turning apocalyptic in his speeches.... (12-Jan-2009)
India's Prime Minister Singh formally accuses Pakistan re Mumbai terrorist attacks: It's one thing when a low-level official makes an accusation,... (7-Jan-2009)
In Gaza and Sri Lanka, war slides into genocide.: Both wars are getting increasingly meaner and nastier.... (6-Jan-2009)
Israel begins ground invasion into Gaza: The region appears to be teetering on the edge of wider war... (3-Jan-2009)

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