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Generational Dynamics Web Log for 12-Jan-2021
12-Jan-21 World View -- America and the standard Genocide Playbook

Web Log - January, 2021

12-Jan-21 World View -- America and the standard Genocide Playbook

The January 6 attack on the Capitol building by Trump supporters

by John J. Xenakis

This morning's key headlines from

What is the standard Genocide Playbook pattern?

Jan 9 announcement by John Matze, CEO of, of a coordinated attack by Twitter, Google and Amazon
Jan 9 announcement by John Matze, CEO of, of a coordinated attack by Twitter, Google and Amazon

As regular readers know, everything I write is, as much as possible, from a historical perspective. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. As King Solomon said, there's nothing new under the sun.

So before describing how America is in the early stages of the Genocide Playbook, I have to describe what the Genocide Playbook is, and how common it is.

I want to emphasize that this is nothing rare. This is going on in multiple countries today. As regular readers know, I've written thousands of articles describing current and historical events in hundreds of countries, and the Genocide Playbook is a pattern that is not only not rare, but is actually very common, and is the rule.

Here's an outline of how the pattern works:

I will repeat several times: This pattern is not rare. It is common. It is the rule.

Let's look at some examples where the Genocide Playbook is in use today in its later stages:

I wanted to give examples of genocide taking place today to show that the Genocide Playbook isn't some science fiction concept, but is commonly used in many countries.

Of course it was also used in Nazi Germany, when Hitler used the burning down of the Reichstag to attack all communists, and then used minor terrorist acts by Jews to claim that all Jews were terrorists, leading to the Holocaust.

Democrats' attitude to Tea Partiers during Obama administration

I never thought I'd see the Genocide Playbook pattern being used in America. This is the darkest time for America in my memory.

As I've said many times, the Democrats' vitriolic hatred for Trump has nothing to do with Trump. They used to love Trump when he was a TV star. They only began to hate him when they transferred their vitriolic hatred of Tea Partiers to him.

And the vitriolic hatred of Tea Partiers was enormous during the Obama administration. Obama and Joe Biden both referred to Tea Partiers and Republicans in general as terrorists, racists and teabaggers. The word "teabaggers" is an especially vile epithet, as bad as the n-word. Can you imagine someone saying that all Democrats are the n-word? That would be extremely vile and hateful, and that shows how vile and hateful the Democrats were to Tea Partiers and Republicans.

And why were Obama and Biden calling them racists, terrorists and teabaggers? It's because they opposed Obama policies -- Obama's budget, Obamacare, or gun control for example. No matter what the policy, if Tea Partiers opposed it, it's not because the policies were bad (which they were). It's because the Tea Partiers were racists, terrorists and teabaggers.

The Democrats' hatred went even beyond that, saying that had some kind of neurological disorder that turned them into violent racists. This is similar to the kinds of things that Hitler said about the Jews.

The following are excerpts from a article from 2009 that I saved from my archives. As far as I know, this article is no longer online.

"Garofalo: Tea Party Goers Are Racists Who Hate Black President

By Noel Sheppard | April 16, 2009 | 23:56

During last year's election campaign, liberal media members treated Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin with a hatred most Americans had never witnessed from the press.

On Thursday's "Countdown," MSNBC's Keith Olbermann and his guest Janeane Garofalo defamed fellow citizens who attended the prior day's Tea Parties with the same vitriolic contempt.

Garofalo actually called Party-goers "a bunch of teabagging rednecks," adding "this is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism straight up."

But that's just the beginning, for what Olbermann and Garofalo engaged in Thursday evening is amongst the most vile, hate-filled attacks on average American citizens ever conveyed on national television by so-called journalists.

KEITH OLBERMANN, HOST: Well, the teabagging is all over, except for the cleanup. And that will be my last intentional double entendre on this one at least until the end of this segment. Our number two story tonight, the sad reality behind the corporate sponsored Tea Parties, visual proof that this is not about spending, deficits, or taxes, but about some Americans getting riled up by the people who caused these things, and finally about some Americans who just hate the president of the United States. ...

And then there were the protest messages, seething with hate. [Neil] Cavuto calling that hate bipartisan. "They hate Republicans who waste money, they hate Democrats who waste money." ...

OLBERMANN: Congratulations, Pensacola teabaggers. You got spunked. And despite the hatred on display, a few of you actually violated the penal code. But teabagging is now petered out, taint what it used to be. ... On a more serious note, we're now joined by actor, activist Janeane Garofalo. Good to see you.

JANEANE GAROFALO: Thank you. You know, there's nothing more interesting than seeing a bunch of racists become confused and angry at a speech they're not quite certain what he's saying. It sounds right and then it doesn't make sense. Which, let's be very honest about what this is about. It's not about bashing Democrats, it's not about taxes, they have no idea what the Boston tea party was about, they don't know their history at all. This is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism straight up. That is nothing but a bunch of teabagging rednecks. And there is no way around that. And you know, you can tell these type of right wingers anything and they'll believe it, except the truth. You tell them the truth and they become -- it's like showing Frankenstein's monster fire. They become confused, and angry and highly volatile. That guy, causing them feelings they don't know, because their limbic brain, we've discussed this before, the limbic brain inside a right-winger or Republican or conservative or your average white power activist, the limbic brain is much larger in their head space than in a reasonable person, and it's pushing against the frontal lobe. So their synapses are misfiring. Is Bernie Goldberg listening? ...

GAROFALO: Because Bernie might not have heard this when I said this the first time. So, Bernie, this is for you. It is a neurological problem we're dealing with. ...

GAROFALO: I don't think you do, for most of them. This is a -- it's almost pathological or elevated to a philosophy or lifestyle. And again, this is about racism. It could be any issue, any port in the storm. These guys hate that a black guy is in the White House. But they immigrant bash, they pretend taxes and tea bags, and like I said, most of them probably couldn't tell you thing one about taxation without representation, the Boston tea party, the British imperialism, whatever the history lesson has to be. But these people, all white for the most part, unless there's some people with Stockholm syndrome there.

OLBERMANN: And, I didn't see them, the fact that they weren't near the cameras which is bad strategy on the part of the people that were staging this at Fox.

GAROFALO: True, and Fox News loves to foment this anti-intellectualism because that's their bread and butter. If you have a cerebral electorate, Fox news goes down the toilet, very, very fast. But it is sick and sad to see Neil Cavuto doing that. They've been doing it for years, that's why Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch started this venture, is to disinform and to coarsen and dumb down a certain segment of the electorate. But what is really, I didn't know there were so many racists left. I didn't know that. I -- you know, because as I've said, the Republican hype and the conservative movement has now crystallized into the white power movement.

OLBERMANN: Is that not a bad, long-term political strategy because even though your point is terrifying that there are that many racists left, the flip side of it is there aren't that many racists left.

GAROFALO: They're the minority, but literally tens of people showed up to this thing across the country.

OLBERMANN: But if you spear your television network or your political party towards a bunch of guys looking who are just looking for a reason to yell at the black president, eventually you will marginalize yourself out of business, won't you?

GAROFALO: Here's what the right-wing has in, there's no shortage of the natural resources of ignorance, apathy, hate, fear. As long as those things are in the collective conscious and unconscious, the Republicans will have some votes. Fox News will have some viewers. But what else have they got? If they didn't do that, who is going to watch -- you know what I mean? They have tackled that elusive clam -- you know, the clam, the 18 to 35 clam -- klan. Klan. With a k demo. But, you know, who else is Fox talking to? I mean, what is it urban older white guys? And the girlfriend, and, you know, the women who suffer from Stockholm syndrome gain. There's a lot of Stockholm syndrome, is what I'm saying ultimately. What else do you want to know?

OLBERMANN: What happens if somebody who's at one of these things hurt somebody?

GAROFALO: That is an unfortunate byproduct since the dawn of time of a volatile group like this of the limbic brain. Violence unfortunately may or may not ensue. It always, it's like a, the Republican Party now depends upon immigrant bashing and hating the black guy in the White House. Will people act on that? It's not new. But, you know, Fox doesn't mind fomenting it. Michelle Bachmann doesn't mine fomenting it. Glenn Beck doesn't mind fomenting it.


GAROFALO: Lou Dobbs. Oh, man he sure doesn't mind. But this is, this their, what have they got if they don't have this? You know what I mean? It's like an identity politics of the worst kind. ...

OLBERMANN: Janeane Garofalo, number five, comedian, actress, political activist, and the expert on the limbic brain, great thanks as always.

GAROFALO: Very much thanks to you."

The reference to "Bernie" is Bernard Goldberg, a hated conservative commentator, whose web site is still online at The hatemongers also mention Lou Dobbs and Neil Cavuto, who still have shows on Fox Business Network.

So those 60 million Tea Partiers have become 75 million Trump supporters, and the Democrats have the same vitriolic hatred for them.

Once again, I have to emphasize that this isn't rare. This kind of hatred is common. It's the Chinese hatred of Uighurs. It's the Burmese Buddhist hatred of Rohingyans. It's the Syrian Alawite hatred of Arab Sunnis. It's the Rwandan Hutu hatred of Tutsis. It's the Nazi hatred of Jews.

I wish I understood this kind of hatred. In the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln and the Republicans freed the slaves. The Democrats bitterly opposed ending slavery, and after they lost the Civil War, they formed the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) militia, which the Democrats used for the next century to lynch, torture, rape and execute blacks. If today you're a Democrat who hates Trump supporters, then a century ago you would have been a Democrat in the KKK, cheering the lynching, torture, rape and killing of blacks. I don't know why that kind of thing is in the DNA of the Democrats, or why it's in the DNA of the Chinese or Burmese Buddhists or Nazis or the other groups I mentioned. Like the Genocide Playbook, it's not rare. It is very common. It is the rule.

The January 6 attack on the Capitol building by Trump supporters

At the beginning of this article I described the Genocide Playbook, and these were the last two items: "Sooner or later there is some kind of violent incident by a few people in the target group. This incident might occur organically, or it might be a setup by the élites. The élites use this incident to justify complete censorship, violence, abuse and control towards the target group and, in the extreme, commits genocide and ethnic cleansing."

In the current situation, the violent incident was the January 6 attack on the Capitol building by Trump supporters.

This resulted from Donald Trump's disastrous decision to hold a rally with hundreds of thousands of supporters, and then tell them to march to the Capitol building to pressure the politicians to do their jobs and object to the electors in six states. He's been accused of purposely inciting violence, which was clearly the opposite of his intention. He may be accused of stupid blunders and reckless actions, but it was clearly not his intention to incite violence, even if that was the unintended consequence.

The violent Capitol building incident is the culmination of the Genocide Playbook strategy towards Tea Partiers and Trump supporters that the Democrats have been using since the Obama administration. It's what they've been hoping for to crush the Trump supporters once and for all. The Democrats made vile attacks on Tea Partiers during the Obama administration, as we've described, calling them terrorists, racists and teabaggers, just for opposing Obama's policies. Conservatives on college campuses and in businesses could lose their jobs for saying something as simple as "Marriage is between a man and a woman."

The Democrats have gotten away with phony and illegal anti-Trump investigations and impeachments, encouraging antifa-blm fascists to riot and burn down small businesses, using pandemic lockdowns to shut down millions of small businesses, censoring any news that criticizes Biden or exposes Hunter Biden's criminality, and flooding the country with millions of unsolicited ballots and using the the resulting chaos to rig the election with voting fraud and steal the election from Trump -- all with total impunity. The Democrats are gloating that they can get away with anything, and they are escalating their threats.

During the last year, antifa-blm fascists, encouraged by Democrats, tore down statues and burned down not only businesses, but also police stations, courthouses, and even St John's Episcopal Church, near the White House. These are clearly terrorist acts, but the Democrats not only didn't condemn them, but encouraged them and censored them in the media. That's why these acts by the Democrats are analogous to the Nazi Kristallnacht.

Biden's vitriolic comments towards Trump supporters at his press conference last week not only expressed his personal hatred of Tea Partiers and Trump supporters, but also incited further violence. Biden even compared Republican Senators to Nazis. I'm tempted to say that these remarks prove that Biden is the one with the neurological disorder, not the hated Tea Partiers. Biden even was an admirer of Robert Byrd, a Great Kleagle (or something like that) in the Ku Klux Klan that lynched and tortured blacks.

There's increasing evidence that the Democrats provoked the attack on the Capitol building by providing only a bare skeleton security force to protect the building, even though it was known for many days that an attack was imminent.

Obama's Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta criticized the Capitol Police for being completely unprepared, even though "everyone knew that there would be people ... creating havoc":

"What the hell was law enforcement on Capitol Hill thinking by not having secured the Capitol today? ...

Everybody knew that there would be a disturbance. Everybody knew that there would be people who were interested in doing nothing else but creating havoc in the Capitol. And very frankly, it was the responsibility of law enforcement and the Capitol Hill police to secure the Capitol, and I'm not sure what happened that allowed this event."

It is now reported that the FBI and the NYPD both warned the Capitol police that there were groups planning violent attacks, but the Capitol police only provided a skeleton force to block them, in effect indirectly provoking those attacks.

These facts may come out in the investigation. But whether the Democrats purposely provoked the attack, or whether it was simply incompetence by the police, it is clearly the violent incident that the Democrats hoped for and are using as part of their strategy to completely destroy the Republican Party and Trump's supporters.

As I've said repeatedly, these kinds of actions are not rare. They're common, and they're occurring today in many countries in various stages. Still, it is almost beyond belief to me that four companies -- Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook and Amazon -- have successfully colluded to completely shut down, a successful and growing online service with millions of users -- for purely political reasons as part of the Democrats' Genocide Playbook strategy. This is the kind of thing that occurs in Russia and China and Cuba and North Korea and Venezuela and totalitarian countries. It was never supposed to happen in America.

Even though this is very common, I never never thought I'd see the Genocide Playbook being used in America. This is the darkest time for America in my memory.

How will this end?

Will the Democrats' use of the Genocide Playbook lead to actual genocide and ethnic cleansing? No. For that they would at least need backing from the army, which obviously they don't have.

In fact, what the Democrats are doing is so completely bizarre and outrageous, so destructive and self-destructive, and so un-American, that it can't possibly last long.

Still, how is this going to end?

First, Donald Trump and his 75 million supporters are not dead and buried. Every Trump voter I've seen interviewed on TV says the same thing: That Trump actually speaks to them, and the others in Washington ignore them. That's why they're loyal to Trump. Trump says that he has some major announcement coming. We'll see what he says.

Second, is not dead and buried. The Democrats have gotten Parler offline for now, but Parler has enough support to build its own datacenter and cloud to replace Amazon's AWS, and it will be online again.

In fact, if I were a business using Amazon's AWS cloud service, then I would look at this situation in horror, knowing that Amazon could shut me down at any time for any foolish reason. No one believes that shutting down Parler had anything to do with violence. It had everything to do with isolating 75 million Trump supporters and with eliminating a competitor to twitter. If Amazon can come after Parler, they can come after anyone.

Furthermore, Twitter, Google and Facebook made huge amounts of money because of Trump in the last few years because of Trump. With Trump gone, and with their contemptuous treatment of Trump supporters, they're going to lose a lot of money. But, no worry, the execs will be ok. Many of them are taking jobs in the Biden administration.

It's quite possible that Parler will come back with a vengeance and become a major business threat to Twitter. If not Parler, then another service. This is what always happens.

In fact, another conservative social media service,, has signed up millions of new users in the last few days. If you access the site, the reason that it's slow is because it's being overwhelmed by new users.

Third, and this is how it will really end.

As I've been saying for years, there will be a global financial crisis and third world war with China, and this will unify the country, and end all political divisiveness. That will be the end of silliness and political correctness, and the beginning of a real existential crisis.


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