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Web Log Summary - January-December, 2019


31-Dec-19 World View -- American airstrikes on Iraq's Kataib Hezbollah provoke international fury: Iran may have purposely baited the Americans to make the airstrikes... (31-Dec-2019)
29-Dec-19 World View -- Turkey to send Syrian anti-Assad rebels to Libya: The genocide and ethnic cleansing continue in Idlib, Syria... (29-Dec-2019)
26-Dec-19 World View -- Turkey, Russia and Greece face off in Syria, Libya and the eastern Mediterranean: Turkey's Erdogan threatens Greece and Europe with Idlib refugees... (26-Dec-2019)
22-Dec-19 World View -- Syria, Russia veto humanitarian aid to Idlib as civilian massacre escalates: ... (22-Dec-2019)
21-Dec-19 World View -- War in Libya escalates as Tripoli receives military aid from Turkey: Turkey-Libya maritime agreement threatens Egypt, Greece, Cyprus... (21-Dec-2019)
19-Dec-19 World View -- Escalated bombing by Syria, Russia in Idlib sends tens of thousands to Turkey border: The complex ménage à trois relationship - Syria, Russia, Turkey - under stress... (19-Dec-2019)
17-Dec-19 World View -- India's Citizenship Bill riots evoke memories of the 1947 Partition War: Riots spread across India along Hindu-Muslim fault line... (17-Dec-2019)
16-Dec-19 World View -- Why we can never prevail in Afghanistan: 'Afghan Papers' reveal we sent 175,000 soldiers into Afghanistan without 'foggiest notion' what we were doing... (16-Dec-2019)
15-Dec-19 World View -- US envoy visits S. Korea to prepare for North Korea 12/31 threat: China's confused response to the North Korean threat... (15-Dec-2019)
9-Dec-19 World View -- Hong Kong holds massive peaceful pro-democracy demonstration: Protesters renew their 'five demands, not one less' chants... (9-Dec-2019)
2-Dec-19 World View -- Massive measles epidemic joins Ebola as health crises in DR Congo: Civilians attack UN peacekeeping missions in DR Congo for failure to protect them... (2-Dec-2019)
29-Nov-19 World View -- Spiraling bloodbath in Iraq, as anti-Iran and anti-government riots spread: Protesters demand restructuring Iraq's 'confessional' government... (29-Nov-2019)
25-Nov-19 World View -- Historic Hong Kong elections throw relations with China mainland into disarray: Taiwan's separatists boosted by Hong Kong election... (25-Nov-2019)
18-Nov-19 World View -- Trove of leaked China documents detail jailing of Xinjiang's Muslim Uighurs: Uighurs after 're-education': prison, death or enslavement?... (18-Nov-2019)
15-Nov-19 World View -- Ouster of Bolivia's president Evo Morales evokes memories of Ché Guevara: Racial division in Latin America... (15-Nov-2019)
3-Nov-19 World View -- Anti-Iran, anti-government protests spread across Iraq: Confessional governments in Lebanon and Iraq... (3-Nov-2019)
26-Oct-19 World View -- Mike Pence harshly criticizes China as US bans Chinese surveillance equipment: Backlash grows against Chinese surveillance and AI equipment... (26-Oct-2019)
21-Oct-19 World View -- Massive anti-government street protests paralyze Lebanon: Brief generational history of Lebanon... (21-Oct-2019)
18-Oct-19 World View -- Generational analysis of Turkey-Syria war and ceasefire agreement: Will there be a war between Turkey and Russia?... (18-Oct-2019)
13-Oct-19 World View -- Ecuador's president Moreno imposes curfew after 10 days of violent protests: China deploys mass surveillance spy system in Ecuador... (13-Oct-2019)
11-Oct-19 World View -- Turkey defends Syria invasion, despite almost universal condemnation: Turkey's Erdogan responds to European Union's threat with his own threat... (11-Oct-2019)
8-Oct-19 World View -- Turkey poised to invade Syria to set up 'safe zone': Donald Trump announces troop withdrawal from Syria... (8-Oct-2019)
2-Oct-19 World View -- Teenage protester shot by policeman in Hong Kong's worst day of violence: Hong Kong violence may be reaching a boiling point... (2-Oct-2019)
27-Sep-19 World View -- The fraud of France's Jacques Chirac in the Iraq war: Jacques Chirac and Saddam Hussein's Oil-for-Food scam... (27-Sep-2019)
25-Sep-19 World View -- The Brexit comedy continues as the UK Supreme Court repudiates Boris Johnson: The default solution: No-deal Brexit... (25-Sep-2019)
22-Sep-19 World View -- Kids protest worldwide in new Children's Crusade against climate change: Earth Day, 1970 -- déjà vu all over again... (22-Sep-2019)
18-Sep-19 World View -- Asian countries concerned about oil price spike after attack on Saudi facilities: Identifying Iran as the perpetrator... (18-Sep-2019)
15-Sep-19 World View -- Mideast tensions grow over Saudi drone attack and missile attacks on Idlib, Syria: Syria regime increases bombing of hospitals in Idlib... (15-Sep-2019)
11-Sep-19 World View -- Donald Trump fires John Bolton over Afghanistan 'Peace Negotiations': End of relationship with Breitbart... (11-Sep-2019)
2-Sep-19 World View -- Israel-Hezbollah-Lebanon border clash fizzles quickly, no repeat of 2006 war: Israel's drone strike on Beirut targeted Iran's guided missile components... (2-Sep-2019)
31-Aug-19 World View -- Russia declares farcical 'ceasefire' as Syrians try to storm Turkey border post: Mainland China troops poised to crush Hong Kong protesters... (31-Aug-2019)
23-Aug-19 World View -- Syria regime wins major victory in Idilb, after attacking Turkish military convoy: Russia admits its ground troops are fighting in Idlib... (23-Aug-2019)
16-Aug-19 World View -- US-China trade war seriously disrupts world trade: Planning for the future in a chaotic world... (16-Aug-2019)
10-Aug-19 World View -- Pakistan-India relations downgraded as Kashmir is locked down: Pakistan furious at the revocation of Article 370... (10-Aug-2019)
3-Aug-19 World View -- Japan-Korea relations deteriorate quickly after surprise trade standoff: South Korea's Moon: 'We won't be defeated again' by Japan... (3-Aug-2019)
31-Jul-19 World View -- China claims Muslim Uighurs released from concentration camps: From 'Re-education' to slave labor... (31-Jul-2019)
17-Jul-19 World View -- Japan - South Korea trade dispute worsens: Roots of the Japan-Korea dispute... (17-Jul-2019)
12-Jul-19 World View -- Syria war may be fizzling, as al-Assad 'hits a wall' in Idlib: Does the Syria war have a political solution?... (12-Jul-2019)
10-Jul-19 World View -- US approves sophisticated weapons sales to Taiwan, despite China's fury: Pundits fear conflict with US-China trade talks... (10-Jul-2019)
4-Jul-19 World View -- UK-China war of words escalates sharply over Hong Kong riots: Did China set a trap for the protesters?... (4-Jul-2019)
3-Jul-19 World View -- Vietnam to gain from collapse of US-China trade talks: North vs South Vietnam... (3-Jul-2019)
30-Jun-19 World View -- MIT criticizes 'toxic atmosphere' targeting Chinese students: American attitudes towards the Chinese... (30-Jun-2019)
28-Jun-19 World View -- Book Announcement: World View: War between China and Japan - by John J. Xenakis: Why America must be prepared... (28-Jun-2019)
22-Jun-19 World View -- Hong Kong protests show historic split between northern and southern China: Comparisons with 1989 Tiananmen Square riots cause anxiety in Beijing... (22-Jun-2019)
29-Apr-19 World View -- South Korea's weapons industry boosted by end of North's 'Charm Offensive': South Korea's network of anti-missile defenses... (29-Apr-2019)
25-Apr-19 World View -- ISIS claims credit for Sri Lanka Easter Sunday bombing: Sri Lankans fear a return to the civil war... (25-Apr-2019)
14-Feb-19 World View -- India's Open Magazine: The West gets constantly surprised by Iran: Coming soon: World View: The Conflict between China and Japan, by John J. Xenakis... (14-Feb-2019)
27-Jan-19 World View -- George Soros speech at Davos marks significant global shift against China: Reformulation of daily World View articles... (27-Jan-2019)
20-Jan-19 World View -- Suspension of daily World View articles: South Korea vs Japan military 'radar lock' feud continues to escalate... (20-Jan-2019)
19-Jan-19 World View -- Ebola outbreak in DR Congo now spreading exponentially faster: Local DRC population giving little cooperation to health officials... (19-Jan-2019)
18-Jan-19 World View -- Zimbabwe returns to violence of Mugabe era with police beatings and abductions: It's possible that Mnangagwa is changing Zimbabwe, making it worse... (18-Jan-2019)
17-Jan-19 World View -- Cambodia's Hun Sen threatens to kill opposition politicians if EU ends preferences: Brief generational history of Cambodia... (17-Jan-2019)
16-Jan-19 World View -- Somalia terror group al-Shabaab attacks Nairobi, Kenya, hotel complex: Al-Shabaab continues to threaten eastern Africa... (16-Jan-2019)
15-Jan-19 World View -- Kenya's leaked BRI contract reveals shocking China debt trap details: Uganda's auditor warns that Uganda may be in similar China debt trap as Kenya... (15-Jan-2019)
14-Jan-19 World View -- Greece's government in crisis over Prespa Agreement to change name of Macedonia: Macedonia's parliament approves country's name change to North Macedonia... (14-Jan-2019)
13-Jan-19 World View -- India-Iran and Saudi-Pakistan alliances form and strengthen in Asia: India takes over operations at Iran's Chabahar port, despite US sanctions... (13-Jan-2019)
12-Jan-19 World View -- China's economy destabilizes as Huawei introduces cheap smartphone: Poland arrests Huawei employee on spying allegations... (12-Jan-2019)
11-Jan-19 World View -- Malta takes in 49 migrants after deal with EU that infuriates Italy: Malta - EU migrant deal splits Italy's government... (11-Jan-2019)
10-Jan-19 World View -- Trump signs Asia Reassurance Initiative Act (ARIA), focusing US military on China: China threatens retaliation if US implements ARIA in Taiwan... (10-Jan-2019)
9-Jan-19 World View -- WSJ: China used bribery, corruption and 'leverage on other nations' in Malaysia's 1MDB scandal: Malaysia's '1MDB scandal' continues to grow as biggest financial scandal in world history... (9-Jan-2019)
8-Jan-19 World View -- Gabon has failed coup attempt as US troops arrive for DR Congo mission: Brief generational history of Gabon... (8-Jan-2019)
7-Jan-19 World View -- Hamas vs Fatah relationship deteriorates sharply on Palestinian anniversary: Bomb disposal robot detonates object carried into Israel by helium balloons... (7-Jan-2019)
6-Jan-19 World View -- Trump announces that US troops will be sent to DR Congo: DR Congo delays releasing election results again... (6-Jan-2019)
5-Jan-19 World View -- Myanmar (Burma) Buddhist separatists in Arakan Army in Rakhine State kill 13 policemen: EU considers revoking Myanmar's trade preferences because of Rohingya genocide... (5-Jan-2019)
4-Jan-19 World View -- Britain may establish a military base in South China Sea after Brexit: US State Dept issues elevated travel warning for China... (4-Jan-2019)
3-Jan-19 World View -- China may seize Kenya's Mombasa Port as debt repayments triple: Kenya's debt repayments to China triple in July... (3-Jan-2019)
2-Jan-19 World View -- Brexit chaos entangles issue of Iranian migrants crossing English Channel: Brexit chaos continues as Britain heads for March 29 cliff... (2-Jan-2019)
1-Jan-19 World View -- Generational Dynamics 2019 Forecast: The Camel versus the Can: The future of Generational Dynamics... (1-Jan-2019)

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