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Web Log Summary - January-December, 2015


31-Dec-15 World View -- Puerto Rico avoids default with partial bond repayment: Central Africa Republic votes for new president and legislature... (31-Dec-2015)
30-Dec-15 World View -- Central Americans reach agreement on letting Cuban migrants reach the US: ISIS may be linked to massive suicide bombing in northwest Pakistan... (30-Dec-2015)
29-Dec-15 World View -- Artificial Intelligence breakthroughs in 2015, the Singularity by 2030: Artificial Intelligence and Climate Change... (29-Dec-2015)
28-Dec-15 World View -- Japan says that armed Chinese ship infiltrates its territorial waters: Japan aggressively expands its military defense of the Senkaku Islands ... (28-Dec-2015)
27-Dec-15 World View -- Reader comments on 'The Big Short' and the financial crisis: 'The Big Short' today versus 'The Three-Penny Opera' in pre-Hitler Germany... (27-Dec-2015)
26-Dec-15 World View -- 'The Big Short' - an infuriating movie about the financial crisis: Criminality in Washington... (26-Dec-2015)
25-Dec-15 World View -- Israel and Hezbollah may be close to war again: Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, Belated Happy Hanukkah, Ramadan, Winter Solstice!... (25-Dec-2015)
24-Dec-15 World View -- Paralyzed Lebanon decides to export its garbage to Europe: Syrian refugees in Lebanon increasingly face starvation... (24-Dec-2015)
23-Dec-15 World View -- UK bitterly sends troops back Afghanistan's Helmand province: Number of migrants entering Europe this year passes the one million mark... (23-Dec-2015)
22-Dec-15 World View -- Russia's Syria airstrikes kill many innocent civilians, but otherwise appear futile: Azerbaijan's currency devalues 32%, following Russia and Kazakhstan... (22-Dec-2015)
21-Dec-15 World View -- Taliban victories in Helmand put Obama's Afghan withdrawal policy in doubt: Obama's 30,000 troop Afghan 'surge' strategy now in seventh year... (21-Dec-2015)
20-Dec-15 World View -- Puerto Rico negotiates restructuring after Congress fails to allow Chapter 9 bankruptcy: Delusional claims made during the Democratic debate... (20-Dec-2015)
19-Dec-15 World View -- Taiwan may reverse South China Sea policy and oppose China: Burundi calls planned African Union peacekeeping force 'an attack'... (19-Dec-2015)
18-Dec-15 World View -- Another Putin lie: America wanted Turkey to shoot down Russia's plane: Turkey announces plans to build a military base in Qatar... (18-Dec-2015)
17-Dec-15 World View -- Despite China's disapproval, US will sell $1.83 billion in weapons to Taiwan: Russia and Ukraine escalate mutual trade sanctions over occupied Crimea... (17-Dec-2015)
16-Dec-15 World View -- China and Ukraine develop closer ties, as Russia looks on: Japan and South Korea leaders attempt to rewrite history textbooks... (16-Dec-2015)
15-Dec-15 World View -- BBC reporter confronts China's military in South China Sea: Egyptian scholar: The original al-Aqsa mosque may not have been in Jerusalem... (15-Dec-2015)
14-Dec-15 World View -- Russian Duma goes after Protestant churches as 'sects and cults': Central African Republic elections may worsen Muslim-Christian violence... (14-Dec-2015)
13-Dec-15 World View -- India, China, U.S. react to China's S. China Sea military expansion: Worst violence in months in Burundi's capital city Bujumbura... (13-Dec-2015)
12-Dec-15 World View -- Russia and Turkey try to 'blackmail' Armenia into their conflict: The mirror images: Donald Trump and Barack Obama... (12-Dec-2015)
11-Dec-15 World View -- Decaying stadiums from 2004 Athens Olympics have new lives housing migrants: Greece transports migrants from Macedonian border back to Athens... (11-Dec-2015)
10-Dec-15 World View -- Burundi's Nkurunziza continues down Mugabe - Assad path of genocide: EU-Burundi peace talks collapse amid worries of new Hutu-Tutsi genocide... (10-Dec-2015)
9-Dec-15 World View -- Number of foreign fighters joining ISIS in Syria doubles to 31,000: About 700 women from Tunisia are thought to have joined ISIS... (9-Dec-2015)
8-Dec-15 World View -- Oil prices crash and OPEC collapses over Iran-Saudi rivalry: Kazakhstan may be forced to choose between Russia and Turkey... (8-Dec-2015)
7-Dec-15 World View -- Azerbaijan faces rising radical Shia Islamist insurgency: Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh surges again... (7-Dec-2015)
6-Dec-15 World View -- Israel bombs targets in Syria with Russia's tacit cooperation: NY Times Page One calls for laws to confiscate some gun owners' guns... (6-Dec-2015)
5-Dec-15 World View -- Violence feared in Venezuela after probable Socialist loss on Sunday: Venezuela likely to end 16 years of Socialist government... (5-Dec-2015)
4-Dec-15 World View -- Russia and Turkey increasingly on a war footing: Russia cancels Turkey gas pipeline, prepares for Bosporus closure... (4-Dec-2015)
3-Dec-15 World View -- HRW: Bahrain's Sunni government continues abusing and torturing Shia majority: NATO formally invites Montenegro to join the alliance... (3-Dec-2015)
2-Dec-15 World View -- In major new escalation, US special forces will conduct combat in Iraq and Syria: Germany may deploy 1200 soldiers to Syria to fight ISIS... (2-Dec-2015)
1-Dec-15 World View -- Putin's Syria intervention hobbled by weak Russian economy: France demands that Russia target only ISIS in Syria... (1-Dec-2015)
30-Nov-15 World View -- Nepal's fuel deal with China collapses, as India border blockade worsens: Communist Maoists block all India vehicles from entering Nepal... (30-Nov-2015)
29-Nov-15 World View -- Russia's military buildup a game-changer in Syria: Turkey's Erdogan 'saddened' by downing of Russia's warplane... (29-Nov-2015)
28-Nov-15 World View -- Pope Francis to visit Central African Republic in middle of civil war: Pope Francis blames starvation and poverty on a new form of colonialism... (28-Nov-2015)
27-Nov-15 World View -- Turkey-Russia crisis continues to escalate: European Union to end visa restrictions on Turkey's citizens... (27-Nov-2015)
26-Nov-15 World View -- Russia and Turkey move closer to the brink of war: Turkish analysis of downing of Russian warplane... (26-Nov-2015)
25-Nov-15 World View -- Turkey shoots down Russian warplane, evoking memories of many Crimean wars: Turkmen in Syria versus Russians in occupied Crimea... (25-Nov-2015)
24-Nov-15 World View -- Ukraine suspends all commercial trade with occupied Crimea: Migrants blocked at Macedonian border sew their mouths shut... (24-Nov-2015)
23-Nov-15 World View -- ASEAN leaders harshly criticize China over South China Sea actions: Occupied Crimea declares state of emergency after electricity is cut... (23-Nov-2015)
22-Nov-15 World View -- European Union considers gun control after Paris attack: Brussels Belgium on lockdown in search for Paris bomber... (22-Nov-2015)
21-Nov-15 World View -- Mali hotel terror attack highlights al-Qaeda's strength in Africa: Terror groups compete for credit for Mali hotel attack... (21-Nov-2015)
20-Nov-15 World View -- Obamacare in death spiral as UnitedHealth announces pullout: New York Times: Obamacare's high deductibles make insurance all but useless... (20-Nov-2015)
19-Nov-15 World View -- Rwanda's president Kagame becomes another leader refusing to leave office: Turkey soccer fans boo during moment of silence for Paris attack... (19-Nov-2015)
18-Nov-15 World View -- Brussels, Belgium, has become the center for European terror: Hong Kong 'boos' China with paper signs at soccer match... (18-Nov-2015)
17-Nov-15 World View -- Anti-Muslim xenophobia surges in Europe and America: Paris attack significantly worsens Europe refugee crisis... (17-Nov-2015)
16-Nov-15 World View -- France launches 'massive attack' on ISIS - 20 bombs: Beirut wonders why their terror bombing is less important than Paris's... (16-Nov-2015)
15-Nov-15 World View -- Paris attacks: Forces coalesce for greater Christian military intervention against ISIS: World reacts to Paris attack... (15-Nov-2015)
14-Nov-15 World View -- Paris and Beirut in shock and anger after massive terrorist attacks: Europe's Schengen zone is put at risk by Paris attack... (14-Nov-2015)
13-Nov-15 World View -- ISIS claims credit for suicide attack on Hezbollah in Beirut Lebanon: Commodities and stocks continue to plunge... (13-Nov-2015)
12-Nov-15 World View -- EU and African leaders clash amid accusations of 'Fortress Europe': Arms race grows between Serbia and Croatia... (12-Nov-2015)
11-Nov-15 World View -- Global trade plunges as China's economy becomes deflationary: Price/earnings index surges as earnings and profits contract... (11-Nov-2015)
10-Nov-15 World View -- Catalonia parliament votes to secede from Spain: Israel's Netanyahu promises Obama to implement two-state solution... (10-Nov-2015)
9-Nov-15 World View -- Political crisis in Iran grows over nuclear agreement: The coming regime change in Iran... (9-Nov-2015)
8-Nov-15 World View -- Nepal turns to China as border tensions with India increase: Six months later, Nepal earthquake survivors face winter without shelter... (8-Nov-2015)
7-Nov-15 World View -- Turkey prepares for winter war with both PKK and ISIS: Burundi follows the genocidal path of Mugabe's Zimbabwe... (7-Nov-2015)
6-Nov-15 World View -- Obamacare prices skyrocketing in 2016, as I predicted in 2009: Kentucky's new governor Matt Bevin promises to end Obamacare abuses... (6-Nov-2015)
5-Nov-15 World View -- Bombing of plane in Egypt threatens Russia's Syria strategy: US, Britain suggest ISIS bomb brought down Russian plane in Egypt... (5-Nov-2015)
4-Nov-15 World View -- Presidents of China and Taiwan to meet in Singapore on Saturday: China asserts a 'bottom line' to US in South China Sea... (4-Nov-2015)
3-Nov-15 World View -- Pakistan's Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) continues plan to exterminate Shias: History of sectarian violence in Pakistan since Partition... (3-Nov-2015)
2-Nov-15 World View -- Erdogan's party in Turkey wins landslide victory: How Turkey changed in five months... (2-Nov-2015)
1-Nov-15 World View -- Russia warns that Syria war could become a 'proxy war': Generational Dynamics and war between Palestinians and Israelis... (1-Nov-2015)
31-Oct-15 World View -- President Obama orders American special forces into Syria: Germany to deport thousands of Afghan and Balkans migrants home... (31-Oct-2015)
30-Oct-15 World View -- Israeli Arab citizens and politicians choose sides on incitement issue: Israeli Arab citizens stop rioting because of pocketbook issues... (30-Oct-2015)
29-Oct-15 World View -- Iran's government splits over implementation of nuclear deal: Iran's Rafsanjani admits to nuclear development since 1980s... (29-Oct-2015)
28-Oct-15 World View -- Russia's intervention in Syria increases Saudi-Mideast sectarian tension: Sunni jihadist suicide bomber targets Shia mosque in Saudi Arabia... (28-Oct-2015)
27-Oct-15 World View -- US Navy to challenge China in the South China Sea today: What was the purpose of Russia's Caspian Sea cruise missile attack on Syria?... (27-Oct-2015)
26-Oct-15 World View -- European Union nations in crisis agree on a migration plan for refugees: Hey kids, what time is it? In Turkey, it's Erdogan Time!... (26-Oct-2015)
25-Oct-15 World View -- More EU countries threaten border closings, as refugee crisis worsens: Illinois starts paying IOUs instead of lottery winnings... (25-Oct-2015)
24-Oct-15 World View -- Israelis line up to buy guns as Palestinian violence increases: Greece sets mortgage foreclosure 'red line' on new bailout negotiations... (24-Oct-2015)
23-Oct-15 World View -- Joint US-Kurdish operation in Iraq rescues 70 hostages from ISIS: Administration denies that combat use of American soldiers was 'mission creep'... (23-Oct-2015)
22-Oct-15 World View -- In major strategic escalation, Pakistan will use tactical nuclear weapons against India: Implications of Pakistan's nuclear strategy for Iran and Saudi Arabia... (22-Oct-2015)
21-Oct-15 World View -- India's Punjab state is 'on the boil' over violent Sikh protests: Origins and Militarization of Sikhism... (21-Oct-2015)
20-Oct-15 World View -- As winter approaches, thousands of European refugees may be trapped in the cold: A cynical Turkey rejects Europe's 'concentration camp' refugee proposal... (20-Oct-2015)
19-Oct-15 World View -- Germany's Angela Merkel begs for refugee help from Turkey: Zambia prays for divine intervention in copper prices... (19-Oct-2015)
18-Oct-15 World View -- Palestinian 'Oslo Generation' relationship with Israel extremely toxic and explosive: Colorado's largest Obamacare health insurer declares bankruptcy... (18-Oct-2015)
17-Oct-15 World View -- Refugee crisis: Turkey ridicules Europe as Hungary closes Croatia border: Russian troops may take control of Tajikistan's border with Afghanistan... (17-Oct-2015)
16-Oct-15 World View -- China and US poised for South China Sea military confrontation: President Obama reverses himself on Afghanistan troop withdrawal... (16-Oct-2015)
15-Oct-15 World View -- Myanmar (Burma) government fails to conclude nationwide peace agreement: Burma's brutal problems with the Rohingya and Kokang continue... (15-Oct-2015)
14-Oct-15 World View -- Dutch report confirms that Russian missile shot down airliner over Ukraine: Android apps: Xenakis MathGame and Professional Debt Calculator... (14-Oct-2015)
13-Oct-15 World View -- Turkey is seen as increasingly unstable after Ankara massacre: Turkey blames ISIS for Saturday's massacre as anti-government anger grows... (13-Oct-2015)
12-Oct-15 World View -- India Hindus attack Muslims as cow slaughter incidents surge: Garry Kasparov's analysis of Vladimir Putin's strategy in Syria... (12-Oct-2015)
11-Oct-15 World View -- Turkey's terror attack triggers vitriolic political finger-pointing: Attack in Ankara is called the worst in Turkey's history... (11-Oct-2015)
10-Oct-15 World View -- Politics may force Obama to 'over-react' militarily in Syria: Obama administration announces an abrupt change of policy in Syria... (10-Oct-2015)
9-Oct-15 World View -- Israeli-Palestinian violence spreads across West Bank as anger grows: Four Russian cruise missiles fall in Iran... (9-Oct-2015)
8-Oct-15 World View -- Russia dramatically escalates Syria war launching cruise missiles from Caspian Sea: IMF warns of significant danger of global financial crash... (8-Oct-2015)
7-Oct-15 World View -- Yemen's Houthis sign letter agreeing to peace plan: The sleazy world of loan sharking -- legally... (7-Oct-2015)
6-Oct-15 World View -- Turkey threatens Russia if airspace violations are repeated: Russia's incursions may be targeting Turkey's Hatay province... (6-Oct-2015)
5-Oct-15 World View -- Abbas's UN speech raises concerns about a Palestinian 'third intifada': Violence in Jerusalem increases after Abbas's UN speech... (5-Oct-2015)
4-Oct-15 World View -- Greece's Alexis Tsipras says that Greece must implement harsh reforms: Greece's neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party shows remarkable resilience... (4-Oct-2015)
3-Oct-15 World View -- Saudi Arabia under international pressure to end Yemen airstrikes: Saudi Arabia appears to have stalled in the Yemen war... (3-Oct-2015)
2-Oct-15 World View -- Violence resurges in Central African Republic crisis war: Central African Republic canceling elections and possibly Pope's visit... (2-Oct-2015)
1-Oct-15 World View -- Russia humiliates US again as it begins striking Syria: Mahmoud Abbas's United Nations 'bombshell' something of a dud ... (1-Oct-2015)
30-Sep-15 World View -- Copper's crashing prices cause devastating economic ripples around the world: New York's Obamacare Co-op collapses, the fourth so far this year... (30-Sep-2015)
29-Sep-15 World View -- Afghan Taliban capture of Kunduz has major repercussions for Central Asia: The Afghan Taliban return to Kunduz after fourteen years... (29-Sep-2015)
28-Sep-15 World View -- Palestinian leader Abbas expected to deliver ultimatum to Israel at UN: Mahmoud Abbas's resignation would trigger major Mideast changes... (28-Sep-2015)
27-Sep-15 World View -- After Hajj stampede disaster, Muslims debate the 'Will of Allah': Iran rejects Fatalism, blames Saudi officials for 'crime'... (27-Sep-2015)
26-Sep-15 World View -- China's military heads for Syria, supposedly to join Russia: Massive Russian military deployment into Syria and Iraq continues... (26-Sep-2015)
25-Sep-15 World View -- Suspicions grow that PKK doing Russia's bidding in bombing Turkey's pipelines: Japan's economy returns to deflation... (25-Sep-2015)
24-Sep-15 World View -- China's Xi Jinping congratulates himself on stopping stock market crash: Tempers flare as Europe looks for ways to reduce the volume of migrants... (24-Sep-2015)
23-Sep-15 World View -- Europe's refugee crisis revives Ottoman Empire fault lines: EU votes to distribute 120,000 refugees among countries by quota... (23-Sep-2015)
22-Sep-15 World View -- Russia pours military weapons and personnel into Syria: Russia and China show interest in the Arctic's oil and gas reserves... (22-Sep-2015)
21-Sep-15 World View -- Ben Carson's statement about Muslim President revives JFK Catholic controversy: Syriza wins election in Greece, on eve of drastic new reforms... (21-Sep-2015)
20-Sep-15 World View -- European countries in near-chaos take turns dumping migrants: Russian 'refusenik' soldiers resist deployment in Syria... (20-Sep-2015)
19-Sep-15 World View -- Japan finally adopts 'collective defense' laws, departing from pacifism: The question of Obama as a Muslim arises in politics again... (19-Sep-2015)
18-Sep-15 World View -- Europe's migrant crisis worsens as Hungary defends 'Christian culture': With Hungary blocked to migrants, Croatia becomes overwhelmed... (18-Sep-2015)
17-Sep-15 World View -- Japan and Vietnam boost military ties to counter China: China continues rapid military deployment in South China Sea... (17-Sep-2015)
16-Sep-15 World View -- Russia's economic slowdown means financial disaster for Central Asia: Russia's Vladimir Putin tightens grip on Tajikistan at CSTO meeting... (16-Sep-2015)
15-Sep-15 World View -- European Union's Schengen agreement for borderless travel unravels: Egypt mistakenly kills Mexican tourists, Mexico demands explanation... (15-Sep-2015)
14-Sep-15 World View -- S. Korea's President Park basks in the afterglow of successful visit to China: A coup for China, S. Korea, a taunt for N. Korea... (14-Sep-2015)
13-Sep-15 World View -- Russia opens a dangerous new chapter in Syria and the Mideast: How is Vladimir Putin different from Ronald Reagan?... (13-Sep-2015)
12-Sep-15 World View -- Saudi Arabia's Grand Mosque, site of huge construction accident, has links to 9/11: 1979 takeover of Grand Mosque led to al-Qaeda and 9/11... (12-Sep-2015)
11-Sep-15 World View -- Russia, Iran sending troops to Syria as chemical weapons use grows: Assad regime and ISIS are apparently BOTH now using chemical weapons in Syria... (11-Sep-2015)
10-Sep-15 World View -- Israel reopens its embassy in Cairo Egypt after four years: Four more Arab countries join war in Yemen with ground troops... (10-Sep-2015)
9-Sep-15 World View -- Turkey slips into chaos as violence spreads across the country: Egypt's army starts 'The Martyr's Right' operation in North Sinai... (9-Sep-2015)
8-Sep-15 World View -- In major Yemen war escalation, Qatar is deploying 1,000 ground troops: Britain's RAF drones target and kill British nationals in Syria... (8-Sep-2015)
7-Sep-15 World View -- As expected, Austria follows Hungary in saying 'No more migrants': Migrant workers in Maine being replaced by blueberry-picking machines... (7-Sep-2015)
6-Sep-15 World View -- Russia may be building a new military base in Syria: The cost of repudiating the Truman Doctrine... (6-Sep-2015)
5-Sep-15 World View -- After weeks of chaos, Hungary appears to be giving in to the flood of migrants: Austria agrees to allow migrants to pass through Austria... (5-Sep-2015)
4-Sep-15 World View -- China displays belligerence, militarism in WW II victory parade: China sends warships to Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska... (4-Sep-2015)
3-Sep-15 World View -- Turkish nationals and Chinese Uighurs suspected in Thailand bombing: Thailand seeks to stop illegal Uighur migration flows... (3-Sep-2015)
2-Sep-15 World View -- China leads a worldwide stock selloff: Oil volatility illustrates exogenous factors affecting Wall Street... (2-Sep-2015)
1-Sep-15 World View -- Kiev violence triggered by proposal to give east Ukraine more autonomy: Troops from Chechnya fighting on both sides in Ukraine... (1-Sep-2015)
31-Aug-15 World View -- Colombia and Venezuela withdraw ambassadors over border dispute: European officials demand forced fingerprinting of migrants... (31-Aug-2015)
30-Aug-15 World View -- Egypt inflames tensions with Qatar with al-Jazeera reporter verdicts: Al-Jazeera journalists used as pawns by Egypt and Qatar... (30-Aug-2015)
29-Aug-15 World View -- Iran calls for Yemen ceasefire as Saudi-backed troops threaten Sanaa: Deadly MERS virus cases surge in Saudi Arabia as Hajj approaches... (29-Aug-2015)
28-Aug-15 World View -- Explanation of Price/Earnings ratio and Stock Valuations: Discovery of decomposing corpses worsens Europe's migrant crisis... (28-Aug-2015)
27-Aug-15 World View -- Pakistan's army continues 'Karachi operation' to eliminate terrorists and criminal mafias: Wall Street on Wednesday goes from boom to super-boom in final hour... (27-Aug-2015)
26-Aug-15 World View -- Europe increasingly overwhelmed by tsunami of migrants: Wall Street turns around on Tuesday, goes from boom to bust in one hour... (26-Aug-2015)
25-Aug-15 World View -- What to expect after Monday's global stock selloff: North Korea 'expresses regret', defusing war threat with South Korea... (25-Aug-2015)
24-Aug-15 World View -- Asian stock markets in freefall, with China in full-scale panic: North and South Korea negotiate as both sides prepare for war... (24-Aug-2015)
23-Aug-15 World View -- Fraud and subversion in - the greatest IT disaster in history: A report on Obamacare and the Obamacare web sites... (23-Aug-2015)
22-Aug-15 World View -- Macedonia declares state of emergency along border with Greece: Wall Street stocks in free fall on Friday... (22-Aug-2015)
21-Aug-15 World View -- Kazakhstan joins the 'currency wars' as global stocks plummet: Global stock markets plummet over currency devaluations... (21-Aug-2015)
20-Aug-15 World View -- China's yuan devaluation causes currency chaos in Asia: Slovakia will accept 200 migrants -- but only if they're Christian... (20-Aug-2015)
19-Aug-15 World View -- A train station in Macedonia becomes the new European migrant choke point: Chinese fear thunderstorms will bring new explosions and death in Tianjin... (19-Aug-2015)
18-Aug-15 World View -- Report: Comprehensive Hamas - Israel peace agreement is 'imminent': Perpetrator unknown for bombing in downtown Bangkok Thailand... (18-Aug-2015)
17-Aug-15 World View -- Suicide attack in Pakistan means no politician is safe: Tianjin explosion poses new threats to China's government... (17-Aug-2015)
16-Aug-15 World View -- Germany ends its Patriot missile deployment in Turkey: Russian women increasingly marrying Chinese men... (16-Aug-2015)
15-Aug-15 World View -- Japan's Shinzo Abe blames WW II on the Smoot-Hawley Tariff act: Brief generational history of Japan... (15-Aug-2015)
14-Aug-15 World View -- With rise of ISIS, violence flares in Central Asia's Fergana Valley: Brief generational history of Uzbekistan... (14-Aug-2015)
13-Aug-15 World View -- Massive explosion in Tianjin highlights China's dismal industrial safety record: Greece's island Kos moves to center of Europe's migrant crisis... (13-Aug-2015)
12-Aug-15 World View -- China's yuan devaluation a humiliating setback for 'China dream': China shocks the world with 2% currency devaluation... (12-Aug-2015)
11-Aug-15 World View -- Vladimir Putin increasingly trapped as Russia's GDP plunges 4.6%: Europe's bond yields go negative... (11-Aug-2015)
10-Aug-15 World View -- Japan's Shinzo Abe 'insults' Korea in plans for commemorating end of WW II: Palestinians promise to continue efforts to pursue Israeli 'criminals'... (10-Aug-2015)
9-Aug-15 World View -- Haiti's parliamentary elections promise little besides chaos: Mulattos versus Noirs in Haiti... (9-Aug-2015)
8-Aug-15 World View -- UNHCR: Greece's islands Kos, Chios, Lesbos are in 'total chaos' over migrants: Hungary speeds up construction of anti-migrant border fence... (8-Aug-2015)
7-Aug-15 World View -- As Iran rises in the Mideast, Kurds benefit in Iraq and Syria: Puerto Rico default triggers selloff in municipal bond funds... (7-Aug-2015)
6-Aug-15 World View -- U.S. program to train Syrian rebels appears near collapse: Hundreds of migrant deaths in Mediterranean highlight Libya-Calais relationship... (6-Aug-2015)
5-Aug-15 World View -- Britain's National Health Service (NHS) faces existential financial crisis: Criminality and fraud in Veterans Administration and Obamacare... (5-Aug-2015)
4-Aug-15 World View -- US in major weapons sale to Saudis to compensate for Iran nuclear deal: Russia isolates itself further by vetoing MH17 investigation... (4-Aug-2015)
3-Aug-15 World View -- Turkey returns to war with the Kurdish PKK: Venezuela's collapsing economy receives $5 billion from China... (3-Aug-2015)
2-Aug-15 World View -- Taiwan student commits suicide over 'fine-tuning' textbook controversy: Afghan Taliban in crisis over successor to Mullah Omar... (2-Aug-2015)
1-Aug-15 World View -- Tensions with Palestinians soar after brutal Israeli settler 'price tag' attack: Five 'Hilltop Youth' extremists charged with 'price tag' Church arson... (1-Aug-2015)
31-Jul-15 World View -- 'Swarm' of migrants causing crisis at Eurotunnel from France to Britain: Kent, England, under financial pressure from lone children seeking asylum... (31-Jul-2015)
30-Jul-15 World View -- Bizarre Mullah Omar death announcement seals fate of Afghan peace talks: Lashkar-e-Jhangvi leader Malik Ishaq killed in gunfight in Pakistan... (30-Jul-2015)
29-Jul-15 World View -- Iran blamed for terrorist bombing in Bahrain: Puerto Rico expected to default on Saturday... (29-Jul-2015)
28-Jul-15 World View -- China faces nightmare political scenario with stock market plunge: Turkey-US 'ISIS-free zone' in Syria becomes increasingly controversial... (28-Jul-2015)
27-Jul-15 World View -- Turkey invokes Nato article 4 with 'territorial integrity and security' threatened: Syria's Bashar al-Assad admits that regime army is in decline... (27-Jul-2015)
26-Jul-15 World View -- Turkey bombs ISIS targets in northern Syria to set up 'safe zone': Turkey - PKK 'peace process' threatened by new Turkish war policy... (26-Jul-2015)
25-Jul-15 World View -- Commodities and world trade volume plunge as China pumps stock market: Turkey's warplanes bomb ISIS and PKK strongholds in Syria... (25-Jul-2015)
24-Jul-15 World View -- In major reversal, Turkey will let US use Incirlik to fight ISIS in Syria: Turkey's politics become vitriolic after Suruš massacre... (24-Jul-2015)
23-Jul-15 World View -- Syria's war comes to Turkey after Monday's terror attack on Suruc: Greece's parliament approves European lender reform demands... (23-Jul-2015)
22-Jul-15 World View -- Greece's Tsipras lashes out at his own party as new vote approaches: Burundi's president Nkurunziza continues to provoke Hutu-Tutsi tensions... (22-Jul-2015)
21-Jul-15 World View -- Philippines reinforces grounded ship to challenge China in South China Sea: Kurds blame Erdogan for ISIS terrorist attack in southeastern Turkey... (21-Jul-2015)
20-Jul-15 World View -- Possible rapprochement in the works between Hamas and Saudi Arabia: Greece's banks to reopen at start of another stormy week... (20-Jul-2015)
19-Jul-15 World View -- Behind the scenes in the Iran nuclear deal: The Arab world is disintegrating into war... (19-Jul-2015)
18-Jul-15 World View -- China reacts harshly to Japan's plans for 'collective self-defense': European officials prepare to negotiate Greece's next bailout... (18-Jul-2015)
17-Jul-15 World View -- ISIS-linked terrorists sink Egyptian navy ship amid Suez Canal expansion: Both Greece and Germany in political disarray after IMF bailout statement... (17-Jul-2015)
16-Jul-15 World View -- Mexico's first 'historic' attempt to re-privatize oil industry flops: Japan's Shinzo Abe pushes 'collective defense' bill for vote... (16-Jul-2015)
15-Jul-15 World View -- Arab views of Iran nuclear deal: Generational Dynamics view of Iran nuclear deal... (15-Jul-2015)
14-Jul-15 World View -- China cracks down on 'peizi' or 'fund-matching' stock market businesses: Emotions running high over Eurogroup ultimatum to Greece... (14-Jul-2015)
13-Jul-15 World View -- France-Germany split over 3-day ultimatum to Greece leads to flared tempers: China police crack down ahead of another volatile week in stocks... (13-Jul-2015)
12-Jul-15 World View -- Pope Francis in Paraguay alludes to 1860s War of the Triple Alliance: Distrust of Greece dominates indecisive Eurogroup meeting on Saturday... (12-Jul-2015)
11-Jul-15 World View -- China's stock market looks increasingly like America in 1929: Worldwide concerns are growing about China's stock market crash... (11-Jul-2015)
10-Jul-15 World View -- Both Greece and European leaders seem poised to compromise: UK advises all Britons to leave Tunisia... (10-Jul-2015)
9-Jul-15 World View -- Greece's Alexis Tsipras compares himself to the tragic Antigone: Tunisia to build a wall and a moat along the border with Libya... (9-Jul-2015)
8-Jul-15 World View -- China halts trading on 1,000 companies as stock bloodbath continues: Report on Obama's plans for the Mideast strategy into total fantasy... (8-Jul-2015)
7-Jul-15 World View -- Surge in Boko Haram attacks raises questions about new president of Nigeria: Greece's crisis deepens as German position hardens... (7-Jul-2015)
6-Jul-15 World View -- China announces 'Market Stabilization Fund' to stem stock market panic: Europe enters a dangerous period after Greece's Tsipras wins overwhelming victory... (6-Jul-2015)
5-Jul-15 World View -- Greece's referendum revives memories of a bloody civil war: Tunisia declares a 'state of war' as Mideast meltdown continues... (5-Jul-2015)
4-Jul-15 World View -- Greece heads for further chaos with referendum on Sunday: China hunts for 'stock manipulators' as market crashes... (4-Jul-2015)
3-Jul-15 World View -- Egypt's military brings the Sinai '100 pct under control' in 2nd day of fighting: Possible panic in China's stock markets... (3-Jul-2015)
2-Jul-15 World View -- Egypt in a 'state of war' in northern Sinai: Kuwait in 'state of war' with ISIS, will require nationwide DNA testing... (2-Jul-2015)
1-Jul-15 World View -- France reverses policy, will sell advanced defense weapons to Georgia: What were you doing last night at 23:59:60?... (1-Jul-2015)
30-Jun-15 World View -- Turkey and Jordan separately plan invasions of Syria: Greece's chaos continues as banks are closed... (30-Jun-2015)
29-Jun-15 World View -- Global financial crisis -- Greece, China, Puerto Rico: How complex systems fail... (29-Jun-2015)
28-Jun-15 World View -- Greece's Tsipras rejects 'extortionate ultimatum' and ends bailout negotiations: Tunisia will close 80 mosques that are 'spreading venom'... (28-Jun-2015)
27-Jun-15 World View -- Terror attacks in Kuwait, France, Somalia and Tunisia highlight growing sectarian war: China's stock markets continue their free-fall... (27-Jun-2015)
26-Jun-15 World View -- Turkey denies responsibility for ISIS massacre on Kurds in Kobani: European leaders prepare for Greece to default... (26-Jun-2015)
25-Jun-15 World View -- Hungary and Austria in disagreement over migrants: Palestinians to submit war crimes charges against Israel to ICC... (25-Jun-2015)
24-Jun-15 World View -- US aligns with Kurds and Shias in Syria and Iraq, angering Turks and Saudis: Syrian Kurd militias deal a heavy blow to ISIS... (24-Jun-2015)
23-Jun-15 World View -- Afghan Taliban score major victories as US and Nato withdraw forces: Report: Greece's debt crisis being kicked down the road... (23-Jun-2015)
22-Jun-15 World View -- China's bubble stock market plunges 13% in one week: Tick-tock tick-tock, Greece's clock is running down... (22-Jun-2015)
21-Jun-15 World View -- Russia makes a controversial deal to lease Siberia land to China: Russia's concerns about China's 'invasion' of the Far East continue... (21-Jun-2015)
20-Jun-15 World View -- The Gathering Storm: The accelerating surge in refugees, slaves and terrorists: Human slavery at the highest level in human history... (20-Jun-2015)
19-Jun-15 World View -- Emergency Eurogroup summit called for Monday to deal with likely Greece default: Fistfight breaks out at Yemen peace talks in Geneva... (19-Jun-2015)
18-Jun-15 World View -- Russia's 'saber-rattling' nuclear threat may be directed at China, not Europe: Hamas and Israel discuss a 5-year ceasefire... (18-Jun-2015)
17-Jun-15 World View -- China tests hypersonic missile designed to defeat American missile defenses: Greece's bitter PM Tsipras hurls ultimatums and insults at IMF... (17-Jun-2015)
16-Jun-15 World View -- France, Italy have bitter feud over migrants as quota system collapses: South Africa defies International Criminal Court, al-Bashir flies free... (16-Jun-2015)
15-Jun-15 World View -- Darfur genocide overshadows women's empowerment summit in South Africa: Everyone prepares for the worst, as Greece bailout talks collapse again... (15-Jun-2015)
14-Jun-15 World View -- Jihadist Attack on Druze population could bring Israel into Syria war: Druze community split on Syria war after al-Nusra attack... (14-Jun-2015)
13-Jun-15 World View -- Australia accused of paying people smugglers to take migrants to Indonesia: France's Dominique Strauss-Kahn acquitted of 'aggravated pimping'... (13-Jun-2015)
12-Jun-15 World View -- IMF and ECB walk out of negotiations with Greece: Zimbabwe offers 5 US dollars for 175 quadrillion Zim dollars... (12-Jun-2015)
11-Jun-15 World View -- Pakistan reacts as Indian forces cross border and strike militants in Myanmar: Reports of breakthrough in Greece's debt crisis... (11-Jun-2015)
10-Jun-15 World View -- Obama planning additional troop deployment to Iraq in new escalation: US-supported rebels capture key Assad regime army base in Syria... (10-Jun-2015)
9-Jun-15 World View -- Iran demands a nuclear agreement 'snapback' provision of its own: South Korea fears that MERS virus will break out into general population... (9-Jun-2015)
8-Jun-15 World View -- In major election setback, Turkey's Erdogan loses support as Kurds gain seats: Israeli residents near Gaza border expect war soon... (8-Jun-2015)
7-Jun-15 World View -- Saudi Arabia shoots down Scud missile from Houthis in Yemen: Europeans rescue 3,000 migrants on Saturday, fear hundreds of thousands more... (7-Jun-2015)
6-Jun-15 World View -- Speculation grows about China's purpose in giant government hacking breach: Tsipras gives bitter, defiant speech to Greece's parliament... (6-Jun-2015)
5-Jun-15 World View -- With Syria's army nearing collapse, Iran plans massive troop deployment: Greece and Europeans fail once again to reach an agreement... (5-Jun-2015)
4-Jun-15 World View -- FBI investigating awarding of 2018 and 2022 World Soccer Cups: Philippines president Aquino compares China to Nazis... (4-Jun-2015)
3-Jun-15 World View -- Greece will NOT go bankrupt on Friday: Greece's Alexis Tsipras faces a government mutiny from the far left... (3-Jun-2015)
2-Jun-15 World View -- Hamas and ISIS turn on each other in the Gaza Strip: Clashes following the ISIS invasion of the Yarmouk refugee camp... (2-Jun-2015)
1-Jun-15 World View -- Report: Russia may end support for Syria's Bashar al-Assad: Greece faces new financial crisis with no solution in sight... (1-Jun-2015)
31-May-15 World View -- EU rescues 4300 migrants in one day as country quotas are enacted: US-China tensions in South China Sea take another step upward... (31-May-2015)
30-May-15 World View -- ISIS suicide bombers strike Shia mosques in Saudi Arabia and Baghdad: ISIS continues to gain supporters throughout the Mideast... (30-May-2015)
29-May-15 World View -- As Russia's economy worsens, withdrawal from Ukraine may be necessary: US-China military tensions get rapidly inflamed over South China Sea... (29-May-2015)
28-May-15 World View -- ISIS stokes sectarian Sunni-Shia clashes across the Mideast and Asia: Sunni Arabs are being forced to choose between ISIS and Shias... (28-May-2015)
27-May-15 World View -- Major terror attack in Kabul underscores dire Afghan travel warning: Hackers obtain IRS tax filings for 104,000 taxpayers... (27-May-2015)
26-May-15 World View -- China says war with US in South China Sea is inevitable: China's military using jamming against US drones in South China Sea... (26-May-2015)
25-May-15 World View -- Scathing Iraq remarks by Ash Carter suggest imminent policy change: Some reports suggest intentional loss of Ramadi by Iraq's government... (25-May-2015)
24-May-15 World View -- Burma (Myanmar) approves birth control law targeting Rohingya Muslims: Lessons learned from Ireland's vote on gay marriage... (24-May-2015)
23-May-15 World View -- After ISIS terrorist attack, Saudis face conflict between stability and reforms: ISIS claims responsibility for attack on Shia mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia... (23-May-2015)
22-May-15 World View -- Indonesia and Malaysia back down and accept stranded Rohingya migrants: Iran backs down and allows inspection of aid ship to Yemen... (22-May-2015)
21-May-15 World View -- China's military confronts US surveillance plane in South China Sea: Claims of ISIS activities in Pakistan doubted by officials... (21-May-2015)
20-May-15 World View -- Iranian, American, Saudi military head for confrontation off Yemen: Report: Saudi Arabia seeking nuclear weapons from Pakistan... (20-May-2015)
19-May-15 World View -- European Union approves military action against migrant smugglers: ISIS seizure of Ramadi Iraq raises concerns of Sunni-Shia war... (19-May-2015)
18-May-15 World View -- Iraq's Shia militias ordered to fight ISIS after major loss in Ramadi: Memories of atrocities committed by Shia militias in Tikrit... (18-May-2015)
17-May-15 World View -- Outrage grows over sting video of Lebanon MP planning terrorism: Stock market bubble accelerates explosion as economy falters... (17-May-2015)
16-May-15 World View -- Thousands of Bangladeshi and Burma Rohingya migrants stranded at sea in southeast Asia: EU proposes refugee shelters in Niger to house illegal migrants headed for Europe... (16-May-2015)
15-May-15 World View -- Obama repudiates the Carter doctrine at bizarre GCC meeting: Iran fires at Singapore-flagged ship in Persian Gulf... (15-May-2015)
14-May-15 World View -- US escalates tensions with plans for patrols, aircraft in South China Sea: Nusra Front vows to eradicate ISIS in Qalamoun on Syria/Lebanon border... (14-May-2015)
13-May-15 World View -- Iran forces Afghans to fight in Syrian regime's collapsing army: Greece makes debt payment as even leftists lose sympathy... (13-May-2015)
12-May-15 World View -- EU seeks approval of military action in Libya against migrant traffickers: Saudis and Houthis escalate Yemen war further, prior to 'ceasefire'... (12-May-2015)
11-May-15 World View -- 22 die in Macedonian police gun battles with Albanian militants: Former Libya leader Muammar Gaddafi's son offers to make me rich... (11-May-2015)
10-May-15 World View -- Yemen war sharply intensifies, as 'truce' is offered.: Rohingya 'death camps' and 'slave camps' found in southern Thailand... (10-May-2015)
9-May-15 World View -- Britain's surprise election and Chaos Theory: Trends in American politics... (9-May-2015)
8-May-15 World View -- Fears grow in Central Asia of an ISIS-Taliban alliance in Afghanistan: Misplaced concerns that Burundi is on brink of civil war... (8-May-2015)
7-May-15 World View -- Greece tries to avoid bankruptcy, as Europe stands firm, for now: Jean-Claude JŘncker warns of Anglo-Saxon threat to eurozone... (7-May-2015)
6-May-15 World View -- In a surprise, Senegal joins a beleaguered Saudi coalition in Yemen: 'Saudi troops' landing in Aden were really Yemeni troops... (6-May-2015)
5-May-15 World View -- China builds Navy designed to overwhelm the US Navy: Philippine fishermen harassed by China's 'cabbage strategy'... (5-May-2015)
4-May-15 World View -- Saudi Arabia denies reports of Saudi ground troops in Yemen: Jimmy Carter blames Netanyahu for failure of Mideast peace negotiations... (4-May-2015)
3-May-15 World View -- War in Syria turns more and more against al-Assad: Economy falters, surprising economists, while stock market bubble explodes... (3-May-2015)
2-May-15 World View -- Russia and Vietnam agree to mutual defense cooperation pact to counter China: US requests access to Philippines military bases... (2-May-2015)
1-May-15 World View -- US Navy will escort US-flagged ships through Strait of Hormuz: Iran's ship seizure may be a message to Saudi Arabia... (1-May-2015)
30-Apr-15 World View -- 20,000 refugees flee violence in Burundi, fearing Hutu-Tutsi war: Generational history of Hutu and Tutsi tribes... (30-Apr-2015)
29-Apr-15 World View -- Iran seizes cargo vessel in the Strait of Hormuz: Greece's PM Tsipras desperately seeks financial crisis solution... (29-Apr-2015)
28-Apr-15 World View -- US reaffirms defense of Japan's Senkaku Islands: Japan-U.S. military guidelines will include 'collective self-defense'... (28-Apr-2015)
27-Apr-15 World View -- China extends its military buildup with Pakistan: Air strikes, naval shelling and ground fighting escalate in Yemen... (27-Apr-2015)
26-Apr-15 World View -- Greece's government will confiscate cash reserves from all public institutions: Vietnam and the Philippines establish a strategic military partnership to counter China... (26-Apr-2015)
25-Apr-15 World View -- Turkey, Armenia hold dueling WW1 centennials over genocide and Gallipoli: The politics of genocide and rape -- in Turkey and elsewhere... (25-Apr-2015)
24-Apr-15 World View -- Europe pledges to solve the unsolvable migrant problem: The flood of farmer suicides continues to grow in India... (24-Apr-2015)
23-Apr-15 World View -- Palestinian factions 'unity' talks in crisis, near collapse: ISIS and Yemen force yet another realignment of the Mideast... (23-Apr-2015)
22-Apr-15 World View -- Patriotism and nationalism surge in Saudi Arabia, but not in Iran: Saudi Arabia declares that it's met its military objectives in Yemen... (22-Apr-2015)
21-Apr-15 World View -- US sends warships to Yemen as Saudis face a quagmire: ECB examines a possible 'second currency' for Greece - government IOUs... (21-Apr-2015)
20-Apr-15 World View -- Europe considers military action in Libya as migrant drownings accelerate: Debate over whether rescuing migrants just encourages more migrants... (20-Apr-2015)
19-Apr-15 World View -- ISIS terror in Afghanistan highlights government chaos: Greece scrapes the bottom of the barrel as bankruptcy talk increases... (19-Apr-2015)
18-Apr-15 World View -- Russia's Chechnya becomes biggest contributor of jihadists to ISIS: Chechen youth from Georgia's Pansiki Gorge joining ISIS in droves... (18-Apr-2015)
17-Apr-15 World View -- South African xenophobic violence echoes 1820s Mfecane Zulu massacre: Thousands of immigrants flee xenophobic attacks in South Africa... (17-Apr-2015)
16-Apr-15 World View -- Saudis to Hezbollah: Yemen is none of your business: United Nations is 'deeply shocked' at Europe's failure to save migrants... (16-Apr-2015)
15-Apr-15 World View -- U.S.-China diplomacy over South China Sea turns vitriolic: Illegal immigration falls for US, but surges for Europe... (15-Apr-2015)
14-Apr-15 World View -- Gaza and Israel prepare for war with each other: Greece denies reports that it's preparing for a default... (14-Apr-2015)
13-Apr-15 World View -- Desperate Kenya demands closure of refugee camp after Garissa school attack: Pakistan hits back at UAE over Yemen war military support issue... (13-Apr-2015)
12-Apr-15 World View -- Repercussions start for Pakistan's and Turkey's neutrality in Yemen: Holy Fire from Jerusalem's Easter celebration arrives in Athens... (12-Apr-2015)
11-Apr-15 World View -- Pakistan reneges on promise to prosecute 26/11 Mumbai attack mastermind: Obama to meet with Cuban leader Ra˙l Castro... (11-Apr-2015)
10-Apr-15 World View -- Syria's Yarmouk refugee camp descends into the 'deepest circle of Hell': Europe demands list of reforms from Greece after numerous delays... (10-Apr-2015)
9-Apr-15 World View -- Fears of tribal and ethnic violence in Kenya continue: U.S. begins daily aerial refueling for Saudi warplanes in Yemen... (9-Apr-2015)
8-Apr-15 World View -- Bashar al-Assad's Syria army showing signs of collapse: US speeds up weapons deliveries to militias in Yemen... (8-Apr-2015)
7-Apr-15 World View -- Greece confirms that it will pay the IMF on Thursday and avoid bankruptcy: Pakistan parliament debates sending troops to Yemen to support Saudi Arabia... (7-Apr-2015)
6-Apr-15 World View -- Many countries, but not US, are evacuating their citizens from Yemen: Saudi Arabia razing villages near the border with Yemen... (6-Apr-2015)
5-Apr-15 World View -- Texts of Iran nuclear deal differ in English and Farsi versions: Kenya's president: terrorists are 'deeply embedded' in Kenya... (5-Apr-2015)
4-Apr-15 World View -- China to sell eight advanced submarines to Pakistan, encircling India: Greece turns to Russia and China, amid reports of imminent default... (4-Apr-2015)
3-Apr-15 World View -- Al-Shabaab kills 147 mostly Christian students in Kenya school: Bill O'Reilly's 'Killing Jesus' and 1960s-style activism... (3-Apr-2015)
2-Apr-15 World View -- ISIS captures Yarmouk refugee camp, closes in on collapsing al-Assad: Turkmenistan fears jihadist invasion from Afghanistan... (2-Apr-2015)
1-Apr-15 World View -- As Yemen war intensifies, Pakistan seems close to sending troops: The Mideast and the world continue to head for a major new war... (1-Apr-2015)
31-Mar-15 World View -- President Obama to update George Bush's 'Roadmap to Mideast Peace': Desperate John Kerry looks for a nuclear deal with Iran on Tuesday... (31-Mar-2015)
30-Mar-15 World View -- Arab League meeting ends with promise for joint Arab military force: Top Iranian journalist defects, criticizes US nuclear negotiators... (30-Mar-2015)
29-Mar-15 World View -- Syria's al-Assad regime suffers major military setback in Idlib: Arab League positions harden against Houthis and Iran... (29-Mar-2015)
28-Mar-15 World View -- Mideast chaos worsens as countries line up for and against Saudi intervention in Yemen: Puerto Rico bankruptcy may be imminent, potentially a 'seminal event'... (28-Mar-2015)
27-Mar-15 World View -- Iran threatens retaliation against Saudi Arabia for Yemen strikes: Shia militias sidelined for Iraq's assault on Tikrit, with US help... (27-Mar-2015)
26-Mar-15 World View -- US announces military operations: with Iran in Iraq, with Saudis in Yemen: Obama administration continues to hail Yemen as a counterterrorism model... (26-Mar-2015)
25-Mar-15 World View -- Almost all mosques have been destroyed in Central African Republic: Russia finally begins to grasp the danger posed by ISIS... (25-Mar-2015)
24-Mar-15 World View -- Iraq's battle for Tikrit reaches a standstill, humiliating Iran: Greece's Tsipras visits Germany's Merkel and demands reparations... (24-Mar-2015)
23-Mar-15 World View -- Yemen's Houthis capture Taiz, advance south to fight Hadi's forces in Aden: France's center-right party edges out far-right National Front in elections... (23-Mar-2015)
22-Mar-15 World View -- Yemen calls for general military mobilization, as US forces withdraw: Computer geek activists demonstrate against robots at SXSW... (22-Mar-2015)
21-Mar-15 World View -- Benjamin Netanyahu's 'no Palestinian state' scandal exposes political fantasies: Yemen suicide bombings bring sectarian civil war closer... (21-Mar-2015)
20-Mar-15 World View -- Houthi airstrikes bomb Aden as Yemen war widens: Greece's Alexis Tsipras threatens Europe with 'jihadists and terrorists'... (20-Mar-2015)
19-Mar-15 World View -- Beneath the surface, Tunisia is a terrorist breeding ground: Tunisia in shock after terror attack on museum in Tunis... (19-Mar-2015)
18-Mar-15 World View -- India and China battle for strategic influence in the Indian Ocean: Questions continue to swirl in Russia over assassination of Putin's opponent Nemtsov... (18-Mar-2015)
17-Mar-15 World View -- Putin's return leaves more questions than answers for Russia: The talking points of the Russian and Chinese internet trolls... (17-Mar-2015)
16-Mar-15 World View -- Violent Christian riots follow bombing of two churches in Lahore, Pakistan: Rumors abound in Russia on the disappearance of Vladimir Putin... (16-Mar-2015)
15-Mar-15 World View -- Report: Iran's Supreme Leader has already vetoed any nuclear deal: Fighting heats up on Myanmar (Burma) border with China... (15-Mar-2015)
14-Mar-15 World View -- Putin's disappearance may be part of a major Moscow political crisis: Fears grow of violence between Kadyrov's security forces and Putin's FSB... (14-Mar-2015)
13-Mar-15 World View -- Karachi Pakistan fears 'nuclear nightmare' over planned nuclear reactors: South Ossetia discourages trips to Georgia for medical care... (13-Mar-2015)
12-Mar-15 World View -- Fears grow of Shia revenge killings in Iraq: Russia plans military development, including nuclear weapons, in Crimea... (12-Mar-2015)
11-Mar-15 World View -- Europe, America, China economies all continue in deflationary spiral: Iran elects hardliner to head Assembly of Experts... (11-Mar-2015)
10-Mar-15 World View -- Vladimir Putin brags about how he lied about Russia's invasion of Crimea: Europe to Greece: Stop wasting time and get serious about reforms... (10-Mar-2015)
9-Mar-15 World View -- Mali's capital city Bamako in shock after terror attack: Are ISIS and Boko Haram 'far right' extremists?... (9-Mar-2015)
8-Mar-15 World View -- Libya's two rival governments in unity talks to fight ISIS: Boko Haram declares allegiance to ISIS... (8-Mar-2015)
7-Mar-15 World View -- Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan seek 'Sunni unity' versus Iran: After a year, experts still guessing about Malaysia Airlines 370... (7-Mar-2015)
6-Mar-15 World View -- Khamenei's illness may signal generational policy change in Iran: Palestinians vote to end security agreement with Israel... (6-Mar-2015)
5-Mar-15 World View -- Turkey and Armenia schedule conflicting WW I centennial commemorations: China continues its double-digit military spending increases... (5-Mar-2015)
4-Mar-15 World View -- Failure of Austrian bank portends major new round of euro crisis: Iran Revolutionary Guards commander leads Iraq's attack on Tikrit... (4-Mar-2015)
3-Mar-15 World View -- Why did ISIS release 19 Assyrian Christian hostages?: Iran aids Iraq's army in attack to recapture Tikrit from ISIS... (3-Mar-2015)
2-Mar-15 World View -- After almost $1 billion development costs, is still a disaster: Al-Sisi and Erdogan miss in Riyadh, signaling stormy times ahead... (2-Mar-2015)
1-Mar-15 World View -- Reports indicate Egypt, Italy, Russia planning military action in Libya: Egypt court declares Hamas to be a terrorist organization... (1-Mar-2015)
28-Feb-15 World View -- US Navy says that China now has more attack submarines than US: China's South China Sea building spree threatens neighbors... (28-Feb-2015)
27-Feb-15 World View -- Arab countries moving Yemen ambassadors from Sanaa to Aden: US CPI continues in deflation, as Europe offers negative interest bonds... (27-Feb-2015)
26-Feb-15 World View -- Cyprus gives Russia access to Cypriot ports on the Mediterranean: Greece's PM Tsipras faces opposition from EU bailout deal... (26-Feb-2015)
25-Feb-15 World View -- ISIS kidnaps around 90 Assyrian Christians in Syria: John Kerry says that Russia has repeatedly lied to his face... (25-Feb-2015)
24-Feb-15 World View -- Sectarian violence surging all across Pakistan: Greece misses deadline for submitting reforms list... (24-Feb-2015)
23-Feb-15 World View -- Egypt's al-Sisi calls for a joint Arab military force: Deadly MERS virus surging early in Saudi Arabia... (23-Feb-2015)
22-Feb-15 World View -- Yemen's president flees to Aden, calls Houthis 'illegitimate': Nigeria's army recaptures Baga, site of 2,000 deaths in Boko Haram massacres... (22-Feb-2015)
21-Feb-15 World View -- U.N. may release list of Syrian war criminals: Greece apparently caves in on bailout crisis... (21-Feb-2015)
20-Feb-15 World View -- Ethnic Chinese Kokang burst into violence in northern Burma (Myanmar): Libya chaos threatens to reopen bitter rift between Qatar and Egypt... (20-Feb-2015)
19-Feb-15 World View -- China, Russia, Syria: The 'Salami Slicing Strategy': Anthem health insurance data breach puts millions of children at risk... (19-Feb-2015)
18-Feb-15 World View -- Russians ignore Ukraine 'ceasefire' as 5,000 Ukrainian troops are trapped: New Zealand debating military help for Iraq against ISIS... (18-Feb-2015)
17-Feb-15 World View -- Egypt faces two-front war with airstrikes in Libya: Greece bailout talks collapse in acrimony... (17-Feb-2015)
16-Feb-15 World View -- Egypt in mourning as ISIS-linked terrorists kill Coptic Christians in Libya: Yemen may form second government in Aden... (16-Feb-2015)
15-Feb-15 World View -- Obama seeks Iran's help as anti-ISIS coalition shrinks: Nigeria requests US troops to fight Boko Haram... (15-Feb-2015)
14-Feb-15 World View -- Germany commemorates the firebombing of Dresden: Generational Dynamics and prolactin... (14-Feb-2015)
13-Feb-15 World View -- Europe faces 'enormous tragedy' over Europe's Mediterranean rescue program: Confusion reigns over Ukraine ceasefire deal... (13-Feb-2015)
12-Feb-15 World View -- US closes Yemen embassy, following Somalia, Syria and Libya: Greece's negotiations with eurozone fail to reach deal... (12-Feb-2015)
11-Feb-15 World View -- Iran/Saudi relations worsen over Yemen and falling oil prices: Citigroup: Oil could plunge to $20 per barrel... (11-Feb-2015)
10-Feb-15 World View -- Bill O'Reilly's statistics on Islamic terrorism are nonsense: Nigeria and Boko Haram declare war after election postponement... (10-Feb-2015)
9-Feb-15 World View -- 30 dead in Cairo Egypt as soccer fans clash with police: Greece's Alexis Tsipras approaches Wednesday confrontation with Europe... (9-Feb-2015)
8-Feb-15 World View -- Iannis Xenakis's work 'Kottos' echoes Greece's Nazi vs Communist struggle: Greek Tragedy and Generational Dynamics... (8-Feb-2015)
7-Feb-15 World View -- Central African Republic 'peace deal' collapses instantly as slaughter continues: Houthis complete takeover coup in Yemen... (7-Feb-2015)
6-Feb-15 World View -- Mideast war widens as Jordan vows to destroy ISIS: 80 million people exposed by massive Anthem Inc. data breach... (6-Feb-2015)
5-Feb-15 World View -- Terrorists attack school, part of growing violence in Karachi Pakistan: The European Central Bank turns the screws on Greece's banks... (5-Feb-2015)
4-Feb-15 World View -- Nationalism surges in Japan and Jordan after ISIS atrocities: Analysts are puzzled by ISIS's burning alive of Jordan's pilot... (4-Feb-2015)
3-Feb-15 World View -- China builds more man-made islands in the South China Sea: Jordan returns its ambassador to Israel... (3-Feb-2015)
2-Feb-15 World View -- Washington joins the world in explosive spending splurge: The Iraq war had nothing to do with the federal deficit... (2-Feb-2015)
1-Feb-15 World View -- Egypt's al-Sisi blames foreign countries for terrorist attacks: Spain's far left Podemos party hopes to copy success of Greece's Syriza party... (1-Feb-2015)
31-Jan-15 World View -- Hezbollah backs down from war with Israel: In Denmark you are now paid to take out a mortgage... (31-Jan-2015)
30-Jan-15 World View -- ISIS-linked terrorists kill dozens in Egypt's northern Sinai: Greece forces compromise in planned new EU sanctions against Russia... (30-Jan-2015)
29-Jan-15 World View -- Greece's Alexis Tsipras escalates confrontation with Germany: Israel promises revenge after Hezbollah attack kills two soldiers... (29-Jan-2015)
28-Jan-15 World View -- S&P lowers Russia's bonds to junk status: ISIS-linked group takes credit for hotel bombing in Tripoli Libya... (28-Jan-2015)
27-Jan-15 World View -- Kurdish militias drive ISIS out of the Syrian town of Kobani: Australian backlash grows over knighthood for Queen Elizabeth's husband... (27-Jan-2015)
26-Jan-15 World View -- Alexis Tsipras' far-left Syriza party wins historic election in Greece: Is Greece's Alexis Tsipras pragmatic or delusional?... (26-Jan-2015)
25-Jan-15 World View -- Measles outbreak being blamed on the 'anti-vaccine movement': Russians re-invade Ukraine, targeting Mariupol port city... (25-Jan-2015)
24-Jan-15 World View -- Death of Saudi's King Abdullah raises concerns about policy changes: More on the political realignment of the Mideast following the Gaza war... (24-Jan-2015)
23-Jan-15 World View -- Yemen government resigns, creating power vacuum for AQAP to fill: Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah dies... (23-Jan-2015)
22-Jan-15 World View -- Yemen's president accepts Houthi demands, possibly resolving crisis: Leader of Germany's anti-Muslim Pegida movement resigns over Hitler photo... (22-Jan-2015)
21-Jan-15 World View -- U.S. prepares Yemen evacuation as Houthis apparently complete coup: Obama calls for Congressional approval of military action... (21-Jan-2015)
20-Jan-15 World View -- Israel on alert after Iran confirms its general was killed by Israel: Muslim vs Muslim war escalates in Nigeria and Yemen... (20-Jan-2015)
19-Jan-15 World View -- Lebanon on edge after Israeli air strike kills Hezbollah commanders: Miss Lebanon may lose her title over selfie with Miss Israel... (19-Jan-2015)
18-Jan-15 World View -- Thousands in Muslim countries protest cartoon depiction of Mohammed: Swiss franc revaluation panics East European currency markets... (18-Jan-2015)
17-Jan-15 World View -- International Criminal Court opens probe into Israel's war crimes: Fearing bank runs, Greece's banks make emergency aid request... (17-Jan-2015)
16-Jan-15 World View -- Belgium police raid multiple groups of returning Syrian jihadists: Lithuania asks citizens to prepare for Russian invasion... (16-Jan-2015)
15-Jan-15 World View -- Sri Lanka follows a predictable pattern after its civil war: Pope canonizes first Sri Lanka saint, calls for national unity... (15-Jan-2015)
14-Jan-15 World View -- Europe prepares for Greece's possible exit from eurozone: Paris France's Charlie Hebdo attacks provoke anti-Pegida protests in Germany... (14-Jan-2015)
13-Jan-15 World View -- Concern rising over Muslim 'no-go zones' as terror breeding grounds: France to deploy 5,000 police to protect Jewish schools... (13-Jan-2015)
12-Jan-15 World View -- Reader comments: Is Islam at war with the West?: Is PEGIDA a neo-Nazi movement, or just a grass roots protest?... (12-Jan-2015)
11-Jan-15 World View -- France officials criticized for not stopping Charlie Hebdo terror attack: 'Anonymous' declares war on terrorist web sites... (11-Jan-2015)
10-Jan-15 World View -- Up to 2000 Nigeria civilians killed in three-day Boko Haram massacre: Cameroon requests international help to fight Boko Haram... (10-Jan-2015)
9-Jan-15 World View -- Russia faces economic cliff on Monday, January 12: Qatar may be turning against Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood... (9-Jan-2015)
8-Jan-15 World View -- The historic dilemma of the West versus the Muslim jihadists: Eurozone inflation rate becomes negative, falling into deflation... (8-Jan-2015)
7-Jan-15 World View -- Bethlehem celebrates the second of its three Christmases: Hamas blasts Abbas's plan to re-submit statehood resolution to the Security Council... (7-Jan-2015)
6-Jan-15 World View -- Wall Street, European stocks, euro, oil all plunge on Monday: Surge in migrants from Cuba trying to reach the U.S. illegally... (6-Jan-2015)
5-Jan-15 World View -- War in Yemen expands as Shia al-Houthis threaten new Sunni provinces: Iran's Rouhani challenges Khamenei in speech demanding reforms... (5-Jan-2015)
4-Jan-15 World View -- Far left Greece election victory may trigger confrontation with Europe: Israel cuts payments to Palestinians in retaliation for ICC bid... (4-Jan-2015)
3-Jan-15 World View -- Sweden shocked by arson attacks on three mosques in eight days: Obama administration imposes additional sanctions on North Korea... (3-Jan-2015)
2-Jan-15 World View -- European migrant crisis escalates with crewless cargo ships: Palestine to join the International Criminal Court... (2-Jan-2015)
1-Jan-15 World View -- The three most important dangers for 2015: Iran-Saudi Arabia tensions increase further as oil prices fall... (1-Jan-2015)

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