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Web Log Summary - January-December, 2014


31-Dec-14 World View -- Hamas struggles to find a direction after the Gaza war: UN Security Council rejects Palestinian Authority resolution, without US veto... (31-Dec-2014)
30-Dec-14 World View -- Cameroon's air force bombs Boko Haram positions, forcing retreat: Greece's stocks plunge as government collapses... (30-Dec-2014)
29-Dec-14 World View -- Do news organizations ignore jihadist attacks on Christians?: ISIS kills almost 2000 in Syria in six months... (29-Dec-2014)
28-Dec-14 World View -- Darfur on verge of return to full-scale civil war: America and North Korea accuse each other of internet hacking... (28-Dec-2014)
27-Dec-14 World View -- China's missile tests may signal end of nuclear no-first-use policy: China debates banning Christmas celebrations... (27-Dec-2014)
26-Dec-14 World View -- 'Barbaric' ethnic massacre in Assam province shocks Indians: Jordan may exchange prisoners with ISIS... (26-Dec-2014)
25-Dec-14 World View -- Christmas pageantry brings a little cheer to Bethlehem: Christmas is subdued in much of the world... (25-Dec-2014)
24-Dec-14 World View -- Ukraine abandons unaligned status, with intention to join Nato: France is on high alert after a string of 'isolated' attacks... (24-Dec-2014)
23-Dec-14 World View -- Furor in India over Muslim/Christian conversions to Hindu: UN Security Council discusses North Korean human rights crimes... (23-Dec-2014)
22-Dec-14 World View -- Israel-Palestine struggle moves to the United Nations: Reader comments say that Vietnam can defend against China... (22-Dec-2014)
21-Dec-14 World View -- After 'Pakistan's 9/11', war is declared on the Taliban: For the first time, US, Afghanistan and Pakistan will cooperate against Taliban... (21-Dec-2014)
20-Dec-14 World View -- Philippines and Vietnam launch military and legal buildup to confront China: China's Achilles' Heel -- the law of the sea... (20-Dec-2014)
19-Dec-14 World View -- Floating weapons armories present new terrorist threats: Stock market continues parabolic climb with high volatility... (19-Dec-2014)
18-Dec-14 World View -- Cuba's shift is similar to E. Germany, Hungary, Poland, others: US officials say that North Korea is responsible for Sony hack... (18-Dec-2014)
17-Dec-14 World View -- Pakistan Taliban crosses a red line with mass slaughter of army children: Russia's crisis deepens as ruble falls another 11%... (17-Dec-2014)
16-Dec-14 World View -- Desperate Russia raises interest rates to 17%, as ruble and oil prices collapse: China: 300 Chinese citizens join ISIS in Iraq and Syria... (16-Dec-2014)
15-Dec-14 World View -- Lynchings of 43 students revive the Mexican Revolution fault lines: Oil production to increase despite, or because of, crashing prices... (15-Dec-2014)
14-Dec-14 World View -- The GCC honeymoon: Arab countries reach a 'historic' agreement: Pragmatic attitudes towards Israel and Iran... (14-Dec-2014)
13-Dec-14 World View -- Stocks plunge again, as economy spirals into deflation: Russia may pause military hostilities in Ukraine for the winter... (13-Dec-2014)
12-Dec-14 World View -- Palestinians threaten to halt security coordination with Israel: Palestinian Authority decides on actions following death of Ziad Abu Ain... (12-Dec-2014)
11-Dec-14 World View -- UN says nations should make saving migrants' lives the highest priority: Wall Street sell-off deepens as oil prices plummet... (11-Dec-2014)
9-Dec-14 World View -- State of Palestine joins the International Criminal Court: Canada and Britain close their Cairo Egypt embassies over security concerns... (9-Dec-2014)
8-Dec-14 World View -- Bank of International Settlements warns of 'fragile' and 'sensitive' markets: Israel's warplanes strike Syria, in areas near Damascus... (8-Dec-2014)
7-Dec-14 World View -- Obama orders 1000 more troops for Afghanistan: Britain will open a new military base in Bahrain... (7-Dec-2014)
6-Dec-14 World View -- Sony suffers catastrophic breach, possibly from North Korean hackers: Mahmoud Abbas blames Gaza war on lies by Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood... (6-Dec-2014)
5-Dec-14 World View -- AQAP in Yemen bombs Iranian ambassador's house, killing six: AQAP in Yemen threatens to kill journalist not saved by failed US rescue attempt... (5-Dec-2014)
4-Dec-14 World View -- Nigeria mobilizing thousands of vigilantes to fight Boko Haram: Iran strongly denies it's targeting ISIS with airstrikes, despite video... (4-Dec-2014)
3-Dec-14 World View -- Wife and son of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi captured in Lebanon: Kenya's government in crisis after al-Shabaab kills 36 Christians... (3-Dec-2014)
2-Dec-14 World View -- World Food Program terminates aid to 1.7 million Syrian refugees: Syrian refugees increasingly threaten regional stability... (2-Dec-2014)
1-Dec-14 World View -- Arab League agrees on plan to 'end Israeli occupation' of Palestine: Hong Kong police clash with protesters, worst violence in weeks... (1-Dec-2014)
30-Nov-14 World View -- Taiwan voters choose independence from China: Sunflowers and Umbrellas... (30-Nov-2014)
29-Nov-14 World View -- Britain's David Cameron draws a red line on immigration: David Cameron accused of 'blackmail' on immigration demands... (29-Nov-2014)
28-Nov-14 World View -- Oil prices crash after OPEC meeting ends in discord: Russia and Venezuela on their knees with oil prices plunging... (28-Nov-2014)
27-Nov-14 World View -- Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland forming alliance to confront Russia: Two British brothers jailed for training at Syria terror camp... (27-Nov-2014)
26-Nov-14 World View -- Pope Francis calls Mediterranean a 'vast cemetery' for migrants: E-Cigarettes can infect your computer with malware... (26-Nov-2014)
25-Nov-14 World View -- After swallowing Crimea, Russia goes after Abkhazia and South Ossetia: Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel fired by President Obama... (25-Nov-2014)
24-Nov-14 World View -- China's military strength and poor civilian control alarm neighbors: The disappearance of the 'Long March' generation... (24-Nov-2014)
23-Nov-14 World View -- Somalia's Al-Shabaab claims responsibility for religion-based Kenya attack: Obama expands the U.S. mission in Afghanistan for 2015... (23-Nov-2014)
22-Nov-14 World View -- Britain in nationalistic surge as anti-EU UKIP party gains ground: Arab workers in Israel being fired in backlash from synagogue attack... (22-Nov-2014)
21-Nov-14 World View -- Gulf nations paper over their differences for GCC Summit in December: Egypt may be considering release of al-Jazeera reporters... (21-Nov-2014)
20-Nov-14 World View -- Jerusalem becomes a city of fear, in a torrent of mutual hostility: Israel approves construction of 78 new homes in Jerusalem... (20-Nov-2014)
19-Nov-14 World View -- Jerusalem synagogue attack raises Arab-Israeli violence to new levels: Obama could order combat troops into Iraq and Syria... (19-Nov-2014)
18-Nov-14 World View -- More Pakistan jihadist groups swear allegiance to ISIS: Japan in shock as economy plunges into recession... (18-Nov-2014)
17-Nov-14 World View -- Turkey's Erdogan says Muslims, not Christopher Columbus, discovered America: Merger of ISIS and al-Nusra seen unlikely, despite reports... (17-Nov-2014)
16-Nov-14 World View -- Obamacare and the 'stupidity of the American voter': Vladimir Putin eats lunch alone at G20 meeting... (16-Nov-2014)
15-Nov-14 World View -- Ebola cluster growing in Mali, hundreds possibly exposed: U.S. scaling back troop presence in Liberia... (15-Nov-2014)
14-Nov-14 World View -- Russia and Ukraine prepare for war in east Ukraine: Russia provides advanced weapons to Russians in east Ukraine... (14-Nov-2014)
13-Nov-14 World View -- Russian combat troops, tanks and artillery pour into Ukraine: Turkey's warships near Cyprus threaten Egypt and Israel... (13-Nov-2014)
12-Nov-14 World View -- European high court clamps down on 'benefit tourism': African football (soccer) federation expels Morocco over Ebola fears... (12-Nov-2014)
11-Nov-14 World View -- Palestinian violence increases around Jerusalem: 'Kiss of Love' demonstrations challenge Hindu nationalism in India... (11-Nov-2014)
10-Nov-14 World View -- Israel raises alert level as protests surge: Jerusalem becomes epicenter of new protests... (10-Nov-2014)
9-Nov-14 World View -- Gorbachev warns of new cold war as Germany commemorates fall of Berlin Wall: The reunification of Germany... (9-Nov-2014)
8-Nov-14 World View -- Obama sharply escalates U.S. involvement in Iraq war: Chechnya refugees now fighting the Russians in Ukraine... (8-Nov-2014)
7-Nov-14 World View -- Russia's troubles rise as the ruble and oil prices fall: France adopts new law to stop young people from going to Syria to be jihadists... (7-Nov-2014)
6-Nov-14 World View -- Pakistan mob lynches Christian couple over alleged blasphemy charge: Jordan recalls Israeli envoy as violence increases in Jerusalem... (6-Nov-2014)
5-Nov-14 World View -- Russian troops approach Ukraine's border, threaten port city Mariupol: Hezbollah leader brags about Syria war despite spillover into Lebanon... (5-Nov-2014)
4-Nov-14 World View -- Germany threatens Britain with EU expulsion over the migrant issue: Mystery drones fly over France's nuclear sites... (4-Nov-2014)
3-Nov-14 World View -- Multiple Taliban groups claim credit for suicide bombing in Pakistan: Journalist finds young Iranians very friendly to America... (3-Nov-2014)
2-Nov-14 World View -- Boko Haram ridicules Nigeria's government, says abducted girls are married: Wall Street posts hyperbolic five day surge... (2-Nov-2014)
1-Nov-14 World View -- Burkina Faso, critical U.S. ally, in government meltdown: U.N. report says that jihadists are flooding into Syria... (1-Nov-2014)
31-Oct-14 World View -- Palestinians accuse Israel of 'declaration of war' as tensions mount in Jerusalem: U.S. foreign policy in further chaos as Israel's Netanyahu is slammed... (31-Oct-2014)
30-Oct-14 World View -- World Health Organization says Ebola outbreak is 'in decline': Unanswered questions about the spread of Ebola... (30-Oct-2014)
29-Oct-14 World View -- Egypt begins evacuating Sinai residents on Gaza border: Turkey explains why they won't send troops into Kobani... (29-Oct-2014)
28-Oct-14 World View -- Poland to move thousands of troops east in reaction to Russian threat: Israel announces plans for 1000 new settlements in East Jerusalem... (28-Oct-2014)
27-Oct-14 World View -- Sunni vs Shia sectarian clashes grow in northern Lebanon: One banker jumps to his death, another hangs himself this week... (27-Oct-2014)
26-Oct-14 World View -- Egypt in state of emergency after terrorist attack in Sinai: Sinai attack signals the end of Gaza peace agreement terms... (26-Oct-2014)
25-Oct-14 World View -- Two-year-old baby in Mali dies after spreading Ebola: World Health Organization declares a global polio outbreak... (25-Oct-2014)
24-Oct-14 World View -- Plane crash killing France's Total SA president jeopardizes Russia's oil contracts: Indonesia's president calls for a 'global maritime axis'... (24-Oct-2014)
23-Oct-14 World View -- Canada in shock over Ottawa shootings: Turkey's military options in Syria are restricted by limited capability... (23-Oct-2014)
22-Oct-14 World View -- Hong Kong leader suggests that the poor shouldn't be allowed to vote: Violent rioting breaks out in Sierra Leone town over Ebola case... (22-Oct-2014)
21-Oct-14 World View -- Tensions grow with China over Indonesia's Natuna Islands: Reversing policies, Turkey and U.S. escalate involvement in Kobani... (21-Oct-2014)
20-Oct-14 World View -- Vladimir Putin: Global economy will collapse with oil at $80 per barrel: China blames Hong Kong protests on 'external forces'... (20-Oct-2014)
19-Oct-14 World View -- Forecasting the Ebola endgame and Global Risk: Ebola and the Clash of Civilizations world war... (19-Oct-2014)
18-Oct-14 World View -- Nigerians skeptical of deal with Boko Haram to release abducted schoolgirls: Investors cheer as Wall Street gains 263 points on Friday... (18-Oct-2014)
17-Oct-14 World View -- In humiliation, Turkey loses Security Council seat over Syria policy: Venezuela scores anti-U.S. coup by winning Security Council seat... (17-Oct-2014)
16-Oct-14 World View -- Stocks plunge in Greece as its financial crisis is renewed: Wild stock market swings could signal coming Wall St plunge... (16-Oct-2014)
15-Oct-14 World View -- NY Times reveals Saddam Hussein had large quantities of WMDs: Turkey-France meeting signals new confusion in Turkey's Syria policy... (15-Oct-2014)
14-Oct-14 World View -- Australia's PM Tony Abbott promises to 'shirt-front' Vladimir Putin when they meet: WHO: Ebola threatens the 'very survival' of countries... (14-Oct-2014)
13-Oct-14 World View -- Al-Qaeda and ISIS struggle for global jihadi terrorist leadership: Large Mideast stock market bubbles appear to be crashing... (13-Oct-2014)
12-Oct-14 World View -- Disappearance of North Korea's Kim Jong-un looks more and more serious: Concerns grow that terrorists might use Ebola as biological weapon... (12-Oct-2014)
11-Oct-14 World View -- Renewed violence in Central African Republic despite peacekeepers: The daily needs of a single Ebola patient... (11-Oct-2014)
10-Oct-14 World View -- Turkey and America play a game of 'chicken' over ISIS and Kobani: Iran blames Pakistan for terrorist attacks... (10-Oct-2014)
9-Oct-14 World View -- Kurdish riots continue as Turkey deals with the Kobani conundrum: Why do so many Chinese expect war?... (9-Oct-2014)
8-Oct-14 World View -- Kurds protest violently in cities across Turkey over ISIS attack on Kobani: Biden makes a third apology, this time to Saudi Arabia... (8-Oct-2014)
7-Oct-14 World View -- U.S. military expands war in Iraq with Apache Helicopters: Ebola expected to reach France and Britain within three weeks... (7-Oct-2014)
6-Oct-14 World View -- ISIS influence spreads in Asia, as Pakistan Taliban pledges support: Biden continues apologizing, this time to UAE... (6-Oct-2014)
5-Oct-14 World View -- Hong Kong protesters fear more violence by China's 'Triad' gangs: Joe Biden apologizes to Turkey's president Erdogan for ISIS remarks... (5-Oct-2014)
4-Oct-14 World View -- Iran's Supreme Leader condemns 'American Islam': Sweden to be first EU country to recognize State of Palestine... (4-Oct-2014)
3-Oct-14 World View -- Five new Ebola patients become infected every hour in Sierra Leone: Turkey's parliament approves military operations in Syria and Iraq... (3-Oct-2014)
2-Oct-14 World View -- Turkey will vote Thursday on military action in Syria: Hong Kong protesters raise their demands... (2-Oct-2014)
1-Oct-14 World View -- Russia's ruble currency drops to record low against the dollar: Taiwan officials split on reaction to Hong Kong protests... (1-Oct-2014)
30-Sep-14 World View -- Kobani crisis causes Turkey to reverse policy on Syria: Hong Kong police back off as demonstrations continue... (30-Sep-2014)
29-Sep-14 World View -- India's rock star PM Narendra Modi draws mobs at Madison Square Garden: Pro-democracy protests bring Hong Kong to a standstill... (29-Sep-2014)
28-Sep-14 World View -- Central African Republican government asks UN to lift arms embargo: Saudis prepare for MERS and Ebola at Hajj... (28-Sep-2014)
27-Sep-14 World View -- WHO must respond to 'unprecedented scale of humanitarian emergencies': Britain votes joins countries at war against ISIS... (27-Sep-2014)
26-Sep-14 World View -- Russia holds massive Vostok 2014 military exercises amid anti-US hysteria: Russia's desperate relationship with China... (26-Sep-2014)
25-Sep-14 World View -- Nigeria's army sees a turning point as Boko Haram fighters surrender: Nato reports a 'significant' Russian troop pullback from Ukraine... (25-Sep-2014)
24-Sep-14 World View -- Iran brags that Sanaa Yemen is the fourth Arab capital they control: CDC warns of possibly 1.4 million Ebola infections in West Africa... (24-Sep-2014)
23-Sep-14 World View -- Turkey braces for expected flood of hundreds of thousands more refugees: Yazidis, Mosul Christians hold Obama responsible for ISIS... (23-Sep-2014)
22-Sep-14 World View -- Israeli-Hamas peace talks to resume in Cairo on Tuesday: New climate change circus in progress... (22-Sep-2014)
21-Sep-14 World View -- Turkey admits 66,000 refugee Kurds from Syria as Mideast realignment continues: India launches 'Project Mausam' to counter China's 'Maritime Silk Road'... (21-Sep-2014)
20-Sep-14 World View -- Yemen violence may be proxy between Iran and Muslim Brotherhood: China's Alibaba IPO causes lightheaded investors to pop champagne corks... (20-Sep-2014)
19-Sep-14 World View -- BBC reporters attacked by Russian thugs after finding evidence of new Ukraine invasion: Thailand's PM suggests that only ugly people are safe in bikinis... (19-Sep-2014)
18-Sep-14 World View -- Will Ebola become a worldwide pandemic?: John Kerry's testimony before the Senate: 1971 and Today... (18-Sep-2014)
17-Sep-14 World View -- Russia, India to sell supersonic cruise missile to Vietnam: U.S. to send 3,000 troops to Liberia to fight Ebola... (17-Sep-2014)
16-Sep-14 World View -- Saudis push to avoid MERS outbreak as Hajj approaches: The center of international piracy moves from Somalia to Singapore... (16-Sep-2014)
15-Sep-14 World View -- US surveillance aircraft may have access to Malaysian air bases: ISIS recruiting women from America and Britain... (15-Sep-2014)
14-Sep-14 World View -- ISIS execution of Britain's David Haines may change US/UK military dynamics: Russian Orthodox fanatic considers Vladimir Putin to be united with God... (14-Sep-2014)
13-Sep-14 World View -- Palestinians divided over taking Israel to International Criminal Court: Little visible support for American coalition to fight ISIS... (13-Sep-2014)
12-Sep-14 World View -- President George W. Obama pledges to 'degrade, destroy' ISIS: CIA increases estimate: ISIS has 20,000 to 31,500 fighters... (12-Sep-2014)
11-Sep-14 World View -- Scotland's independence referendum is encouraging Catalonia's separatists: China's Uighur migrants attempt to reach Turkey... (11-Sep-2014)
10-Sep-14 World View -- Yemen faces both Shia Houthi protesters and Sunni AQAP jihadists: Protests in Sanaa are tied to gasoline subsidies... (10-Sep-2014)
9-Sep-14 World View -- Ukraine conflict and rise of ISIS put Russia's Caucasus at risk: France's scapegoat 'Rogue trader' Jerome Kerviel is freed from prison... (9-Sep-2014)
8-Sep-14 World View -- Mahmoud Abbas threatens to end the 'Palestinian unity' government: Russia threatens Nato with a new nuclear military doctrine... (8-Sep-2014)
7-Sep-14 World View -- Israel preparing for 'very violent' war with Hezbollah: Ebola pandemic may mean the end of the 'Africa Rising' dream... (7-Sep-2014)
6-Sep-14 World View -- Debka: ISIS is targeting the Euphrates and Tigris river basins in Iraq: India to release 250,000 prisoners awaiting trial... (6-Sep-2014)
5-Sep-14 World View -- ISIS and al-Qaeda in a generational struggle for India: China to increase harassment of U.S. surveillance planes... (5-Sep-2014)
4-Sep-14 World View -- ISIS and Saudi Arabia in the Mideast realignment: ISIS and the resurgence of Saudi Wahhabism... (4-Sep-2014)
3-Sep-14 World View -- Mideast realignment continues following the Gaza war: Doctors Without Borders: We're losing the battle against Ebola... (3-Sep-2014)
2-Sep-14 World View -- India, Japan leaders meet to counter rise of China: Russian lawyers: 'Stealth invasion' of Ukraine is legal... (2-Sep-2014)
1-Sep-14 World View -- Israel infuriates Palestinians by claiming West Bank land for settlements: Pakistan's army issues a veiled threat to politicians... (1-Sep-2014)
31-Aug-14 World View -- Coup possible in Pakistan after night of violence: Russian troops threaten Ukraine's entire coastline... (31-Aug-2014)
30-Aug-14 World View -- Al-Shabaab wants jihadists from UK, Germany and Minnesota: UK raises terror threat level, citing British citizen terrorists... (30-Aug-2014)
29-Aug-14 World View -- Russia widens its invasion of Ukraine: Canada's Nato delegation provides geography lesson to Russia... (29-Aug-2014)
28-Aug-14 World View -- Europe tries to deal with increasing flood of migrants from Africa: United Nations accuses Syria of continuing use of chemical weapons... (28-Aug-2014)
27-Aug-14 World View -- Israel and Hamas agree to 'long-term' truce in Gaza war: Egypt denies militarily intervening in Libya... (27-Aug-2014)
26-Aug-14 World View -- Egypt and United Arab Emirates (UAE) enter the war in Libya: Frightened Syrian leadership asks for American help with ISIS... (26-Aug-2014)
25-Aug-14 World View -- AQAP announces support for ISIS: Violence flares on India/Pakistan border in Kashmir... (25-Aug-2014)
24-Aug-14 World View -- Narendra Modi and rise of Hindutva (Hindu nationalism) in India: Philippines to defy China by offering South China Sea sightseeing cruise tours... (24-Aug-2014)
23-Aug-14 World View -- Who's to blame for the rise of ISIS?: In major escalation, Russia moves trucks, troops, artillery into Ukraine... (23-Aug-2014)
22-Aug-14 World View -- Hamas says it didn't intend to start the Gaza War: Tunisia and Egypt cancel passenger flights to Libya... (22-Aug-2014)
21-Aug-14 World View -- Australian MP Clive Palmer shocks country with anti-China rant: Invasion of Libya feared following mysterious bombing of Tripoli... (21-Aug-2014)
20-Aug-14 World View -- Pakistan's army called to quell massive anti-government protest: 34 people killed in Central African Republic... (20-Aug-2014)
19-Aug-14 World View -- Israel, Hamas extend Gaza truce another 24 hours to negotiate deal: Kenya will block West African passengers from entering country... (19-Aug-2014)
18-Aug-14 World View -- Activists call for U.S. and Britain to partner with al-Assad against ISIS: Attack on Ebola clinic in Liberia raises fears of out of control spread... (18-Aug-2014)
17-Aug-14 World View -- Erdogan turns Turkey even more against Israel and Egypt: Turkey allies with Hamas, Qatar and ISIS... (17-Aug-2014)
16-Aug-14 World View -- West Africa at significant economic risk as Ebola panic intensifies: Ukraine says it partially destroyed Russian military convoy crossing border... (16-Aug-2014)
15-Aug-14 World View -- Russia threatens to invade Ukraine from East and West: China's bank lending falls 64% in July... (15-Aug-2014)
14-Aug-14 World View -- Western countries struggle with whether to send troops to Iraq: Iraq is repeating the events of the 1930s... (14-Aug-2014)
13-Aug-14 World View -- Mammoth Russian truck convoy heads for confrontation at Ukraine border: U.S. sends 130 more troops to Iraq as advisors... (13-Aug-2014)
12-Aug-14 World View -- Russia to send 'non-military' aid truck convoy into eastern Ukraine: U.S. sending weapons directly to Kurds in Iraq... (12-Aug-2014)
11-Aug-14 World View -- Iraq's PM al-Maliki orders troops and tanks into Baghdad: Belarus to be the big winner in Russia's food import ban... (11-Aug-2014)
10-Aug-14 World View -- New Delhi TV accidentally gets video of Hamas rocket launch in Gaza: 'Salami slicing tactics' by Russia and China risk wider war... (10-Aug-2014)
9-Aug-14 World View -- Hamas is at war with Egypt more than Israel: Obama is dragged kicking and screaming back towards the Truman Doctrine... (9-Aug-2014)
8-Aug-14 World View -- U.S. military returns to Iraq, almost three years after withdrawing: Concerns grow over possible Russian invasion of Ukraine... (8-Aug-2014)
7-Aug-14 World View -- Russia appears poised to invade Ukraine, threatening war: Panic over Ebola grows as Nigeria declares state of emergency... (7-Aug-2014)
6-Aug-14 World View -- Cyclic anti-Semitism surges in Europe: The Jews and the Spanish Inquisition... (6-Aug-2014)
5-Aug-14 World View -- Syria war spills into Lebanon, as ISIS attacks town of Arsal: China reasserts its sovereignty over the South China Sea... (5-Aug-2014)
4-Aug-14 World View -- Iran trapped in a quagmire supporting both Syria and Iraq: Israel faces harsh international criticism over shelling of UN shelter... (4-Aug-2014)
3-Aug-14 World View -- Congress reacts to photos of Assad's torture victims in Syria: Israel confirms the death of the abducted soldier... (3-Aug-2014)
2-Aug-14 World View -- Gaza ceasefire collapses with 'game changer' abduction: Tunisia closes border to foreigners fleeing Libya... (2-Aug-2014)
1-Aug-14 World View -- The Gaza ceasefire: Things to watch for: The Rafah crossing becomes a major issue in the Gaza war... (1-Aug-2014)
31-Jul-14 World View -- The Gaza war becomes existential for both sides: Russia replaces America's influence in Central Asia... (31-Jul-2014)
30-Jul-14 World View -- Uighurs launch massive knife-wielding terrorist attack in China: China's secret weapon in the South China Sea: 50,000 fishing boats... (30-Jul-2014)
29-Jul-14 World View -- Huge fuel depot fire threatens Tripoli Libya with explosion: Kerry shuts Egypt and Palestinian Authority out of Gaza 'peace plan'... (29-Jul-2014)
28-Jul-14 World View -- Embassies in Tripoli evacuated, as Libya sinks into tribal war: United Arab Emirates to launch a space program to reach Mars... (28-Jul-2014)
27-Jul-14 World View -- Iran's Supreme Leader wants to annihilate Israel, but not Jews: Israel extends the Gaza ceasefire by 24 hours, but Hamas does not... (27-Jul-2014)
26-Jul-14 World View -- Israel rejects 7-day ceasefire, agrees to 12-hour ceasefire: Ebola victim escapes from hospital, putting Freetown at risk... (26-Jul-2014)
25-Jul-14 World View -- Can Hamas survive the Gaza war?: UN official says that Mideast will be 'shocked' into peace... (25-Jul-2014)
24-Jul-14 World View -- Palestinians harden demands for agreement to a Gaza cease-fire: Gunmen kill 21 Egyptian border guards on border with Libya... (24-Jul-2014)
23-Jul-14 World View -- Al-Jazeera attacked by gunfire in Gaza: Report: Israeli warplanes strike weapons arsenal in Sudan... (23-Jul-2014)
22-Jul-14 World View -- Gaza war splits Arab states into competing alliances: Ukraine's pro-Russian separatists grudgingly give up 'black boxes'... (22-Jul-2014)
21-Jul-14 World View -- Israel's war with the Gaza tunnels moves into population centers: ISIS evicts Christians and Kurds from Mosul Iraq as new bomb blasts hit Baghdad... (21-Jul-2014)
20-Jul-14 World View -- Netherlands leads international outrage against Russia for airliner shootdown: Why do Arabs have so many children?... (20-Jul-2014)
19-Jul-14 World View -- Russia blows off US accusation of complicity in shooting down airliner: Israel warns of 'significantly widening' the ground operation in Gaza... (19-Jul-2014)
18-Jul-14 World View -- Will Russia get away with it again?: Multiple simultaneous crises signal deteriorating geopolitics... (18-Jul-2014)
17-Jul-14 World View -- Sectarian violence continues to grow in Central African Republic: Gaza conflicts open old wounds in the Arab world... (17-Jul-2014)
16-Jul-14 World View -- Hamas furious at Egypt's cease-fire proposal, as violence escalates: Turkey's prime minister Erdogan makes vitriolic attack on Israel... (16-Jul-2014)
15-Jul-14 World View -- Ukraine accuses Russia of shooting down military transport plane: Rise of ISIS spawns new jihadist groups in Indonesia... (15-Jul-2014)
14-Jul-14 World View -- Terrorist attacks in Egypt's Sinai raise fears of ISIS links: Why the U.S. can't offer effective help to Nigeria... (14-Jul-2014)
13-Jul-14 World View -- Will Israel win the next war between Arabs and Jews?: Israeli special forces appear to be fighting in Gaza... (13-Jul-2014)
12-Jul-14 World View -- Gaza tunnels make Israeli ground offensive dangerous but necessary: Health workers flee from West Africa as Ebola epidemic spreads... (12-Jul-2014)
11-Jul-14 World View -- Australia joins Japan, Vietnam, Philippines in opposing China: A humiliated Russia considers next steps in east Ukraine... (11-Jul-2014)
10-Jul-14 World View -- Israel and Hamas accuse each other of war crimes: Measles spreading rapidly in China... (10-Jul-2014)
9-Jul-14 World View -- Mideast war or peace? It all depends on what Hamas wants.: Hamas says that all Israelis are now targets... (9-Jul-2014)
8-Jul-14 World View -- Young Jewish males confess to lynching, as Israel and Gaza prepare for war: Russia's Vladimir Putin appears to be the loser in Ukraine... (8-Jul-2014)
7-Jul-14 World View -- Israeli police hold six suspects in the murder of Palestinian teen: Pakistan's military attack on Taliban produces little besides chaos... (7-Jul-2014)
6-Jul-14 World View -- Palestinian violence spreads after new atrocities are revealed: Ukraine's Poroshenko claims a major victory against pro-Russian separatists... (6-Jul-2014)
5-Jul-14 World View -- Activists demand restoration of the Kingdom of Hawaii: East Ukraine fighting gets bloodier as new peace talks are scheduled... (5-Jul-2014)
4-Jul-14 World View -- Israel masses troops on Gaza border and violence escalates in Jerusalem: China reaffirms plans to annex India's Arunachal Pradesh province... (4-Jul-2014)
3-Jul-14 World View -- Airport security to increase as Yemen bomb makers join with Syrian jihadists: China bans Ramadan fasting for Uighurs in Xinjiang province... (3-Jul-2014)
2-Jul-14 World View -- Ukraine's forces assault pro-Russian separatists as cease-fire ends: In face of China's increased aggression, Japan reinterprets its constitution... (2-Jul-2014)
1-Jul-14 World View -- ISIS makes laughable 'Caliphate' claim: Pentagon announces additional 300 troop deployment to Iraq... (1-Jul-2014)
30-Jun-14 World View -- Nigeria's Boko Haram attacks a Church, but flees from bees and snakes: Bank of International Settlements warns of 'euphoric markets' and high debt... (30-Jun-2014)
29-Jun-14 World View -- Sarajevo Serbs unveil monument to Gavrilo Princip, who triggered World War I: West African Ebola outbreak is now the worst in history... (29-Jun-2014)
28-Jun-14 World View -- USS Bataan with 1000 marines to join six other warships in the Persian Gulf: We have Jean-Claude Juncker to kick around again.... (28-Jun-2014)
27-Jun-14 World View -- Saudi Arabia's armed forces on high alert as ISIS approaches: Thousands of Ukrainians flee east Ukraine for Russia... (27-Jun-2014)
26-Jun-14 World View -- Ukraine to sign trade deal with European Union on Friday: Stocks rise after disastrous GDP report... (26-Jun-2014)
25-Jun-14 World View -- The Iraqi catastrophe worsens as European youth join ISIS: Boko Haram in Nigeria abducts 60 more girls and 30 boys... (25-Jun-2014)
24-Jun-14 World View -- Egypt's Kangaroo Court finds Al-Jazeera journalists guilty with no evidence: Ebola virus is 'out of control' in western Africa... (24-Jun-2014)
23-Jun-14 World View -- Jordan on alert as ISIS captures more Iraq border towns : Pakistanis fear nationwide blowback from military offensive against Taliban... (23-Jun-2014)
22-Jun-14 World View -- India's PM Narendra Modi government in crisis over Iraq hostages: In strategic victory, ISIS captures Syria-Iraq border crossing... (22-Jun-2014)
21-Jun-14 World View -- With Syria destabilizing, number of refugees back to WW II levels: Financial advisors taking kickbacks in addition to commissions... (21-Jun-2014)
20-Jun-14 World View -- President Obama orders more U.S. military involvement in Iraq: Nato reports new Russian troop build-up on Ukraine's border... (20-Jun-2014)
19-Jun-14 World View -- Chinese and Vietnamese officials meet without smiling and agree on nothing: U.S. is flying F-18 surveillance missions over Iraq... (19-Jun-2014)
18-Jun-14 World View -- Generational Dynamics historical analysis of the violence in Iraq: Was the 2003 ground invasion of Iraq a mistake?... (18-Jun-2014)
17-Jun-14 World View -- U.S. sending 275 troops back into Iraq to protect embassy: Kenya suffers worst terrorist attack since Westgate Mall attack... (17-Jun-2014)
16-Jun-14 World View -- The size of the Iraq catastrophe continues to unfold: Pakistan launches major military action against Taliban... (16-Jun-2014)
15-Jun-14 World View -- Iran asks U.S. to intervene in Iraq, and offers to help: Ukraine conflict escalates sharply after plane shot down, killing 49... (15-Jun-2014)
14-Jun-14 World View -- U.S. and Iran move to help Iraq's al-Maliki stop ISIS: U.S. State Dept. confirms Russian tanks in Ukraine... (14-Jun-2014)
13-Jun-14 World View -- President Obama considers military action in Iraq: Foreign exchange price fixing will exceed libor scandal in criminality... (13-Jun-2014)
12-Jun-14 World View -- ISIS and Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi sweep across Iraq, capture Tikrit: The collapse of Iraq's army... (12-Jun-2014)
11-Jun-14 World View -- Iraq in major crisis after catastrophic fall of Mosul to ISIS: Thailand's military junta uses sexy 'army girls' to change minds... (11-Jun-2014)
10-Jun-14 World View -- Iran closes border with Pakistan after terror attack in Balochistan: Massive Taliban attack at airport in Karachi, Pakistan... (10-Jun-2014)
9-Jun-14 World View -- Egypt's al-Sisi makes laundry list of promises at inauguration: Pope Francis plants an olive tree for Mideast Peace... (9-Jun-2014)
8-Jun-14 World View -- Russia forced to change tactics after Ukraine's election: Jihadist violence across Iraq continues to grow... (8-Jun-2014)
7-Jun-14 World View -- Pentagon issues annual report on China's military: Former ambassador to Syria harshly criticizes Obama's policies... (7-Jun-2014)
6-Jun-14 World View -- Indonesia increases defense spending to combat China: Eurozone moves to negative interest rates to fight deflation... (6-Jun-2014)
5-Jun-14 World View -- History is repeating itself in China and Vietnam: Nigeria helpless as Boko Haram trashes entire villages... (5-Jun-2014)
4-Jun-14 World View -- Vietnam develops increasingly dangerous strategy to counter China: Saudi Arabia reports significantly more deaths from MERS virus... (4-Jun-2014)
3-Jun-14 World View -- Polio continues to flare in Nigeria and Pakistan: Hamas leader resigns as Palestine unity government is announced... (3-Jun-2014)
3-Jun-14 World View -- Polio continues to flare in Nigeria and Pakistan: Hamas leader resigns as Palestine unity government is announced... (3-Jun-2014)
2-Jun-14 World View -- Prisoner swap deal infuriates many Afghans, 'big victory' for Taliban: Abbas: Palestinian unity government will 'renounce violence' against Israel... (2-Jun-2014)
1-Jun-14 World View -- Hagel sets a 'red line' for China in South China Sea: Migrants from Syria and Africa flood into Italy... (1-Jun-2014)
31-May-14 World View -- Japan's Shinzo Abe asserts Asian leadership against China: Nigeria blames Cameroon for failure to defeat Boko Haram... (31-May-2014)
30-May-14 World View -- Missile attack on Ukraine helicopter portends a bigger conflict: Hamas and Fatah move to unified Palestinian government, as Israel objects... (30-May-2014)
29-May-14 World View -- Major faction defects from Pakistan Taliban, splitting it in two: Riot police dismantle migrant camps in Calais France... (29-May-2014)
28-May-14 World View -- Vietnam accuses China of ramming and sinking its fishing boat: Japan strengthens military alliances with Philippines and Vietnam... (28-May-2014)
27-May-14 World View -- Nigeria backs out of deal to recover Boko Haram's abducted schoolgirls: Jordan bluntly expels Syria's ambassador... (27-May-2014)
26-May-14 World View -- Europe has 'political earthquake' as anti-EU parties surge in elections: Pope Francis to try his hand at a Mideast 'peace process'... (26-May-2014)
25-May-14 World View -- Pope Francis visits Mideast to reconcile with Jews, Orthodox, and Muslims: Pope Francis's visit also commemorates forgiveness of Jews... (25-May-2014)
24-May-14 World View -- Washington seeks to protect Jordan and Israel from Syria militants: Britain's anti-European Union party appears headed for European Parliament... (24-May-2014)
23-May-14 World View -- Thailand's army seizes power in major victory for 'yellow shirt' elites: China shocked by major terrorist attack in Xinjiang province... (23-May-2014)
22-May-14 World View -- President invokes War Powers Act, sends troops to help Nigeria: Russia and China sign 'historic' energy deal... (22-May-2014)
21-May-14 World View -- Jihadists from New York to Uzbekistan flock to Syria to fight: 'Catastrophic' bombing in Jos Nigeria kills 118... (21-May-2014)
20-May-14 World View -- Algeria closes its borders with Libya as fighting mounts in Tripoli: China brags about it's growing military power and influence... (20-May-2014)
19-May-14 World View -- Boko Haram attacks Chinese camp as summit takes place in Paris: China imposes economic sanctions on Vietnam... (19-May-2014)
18-May-14 World View -- China evacuates 3,000 citizens from Vietnam, fearing more violence: Taiwanese businesses bear the brunt of Vietnam's riots... (18-May-2014)
17-May-14 World View -- Serious human rights problems arise in eastern Ukraine and Crimea: Terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya, causes mass evacuations... (17-May-2014)
16-May-14 World View -- China blames U.S. as anti-China violence grows in Vietnam: Palestinian commemorate founding of Israel as 'Nakba Day'... (16-May-2014)
15-May-14 World View -- Thousands of violent Vietnamese protesters torch Chinese businesses: In a new escalation, China builds airstrip on Philippines reef... (15-May-2014)
14-May-14 World View -- Muslim world split by Boko Haram abductions: Russia bans U.S. from International Space Station... (14-May-2014)
13-May-14 World View -- Mixed emotions over Narendra Modi's probable win in India: Will Ukraine's 'People's Republic of Donetsk' be absorbed into Russia?... (13-May-2014)
12-May-14 World View -- Afghan Taliban launches last spring/summer offensive against Nato: Saudi farmers kiss their camels in defiance of MERS warnings... (12-May-2014)
11-May-14 World View -- Romania demands explanation from Russia for bomber threat: Violence increasing in Ukraine ahead of referendum... (11-May-2014)
10-May-14 World View -- Ethnic tensions rise in Thailand as PM is forced to resign: MERS virus spreads more rapidly in Saudi Arabia... (10-May-2014)
9-May-14 World View -- Boko Haram abduction of schoolgirls becomes international issue: Ukraine's pro-Russian activists to go ahead with secession referendum... (9-May-2014)
8-May-14 World View -- China rams Vietnamese ships in the South China Sea: Putin 'withdraws' Russian troops, and calls off Sunday's east Ukraine referendum... (8-May-2014)
7-May-14 World View -- Iran's navy chief says he can sink an American aircraft carrier in 50 seconds: Another terrorist attack on a railway station in China... (7-May-2014)
6-May-14 World View -- Violence in Odessa Ukraine revives memories of Nazi massacre of Jews: Pakistan travel restrictions urged to stop spread of polio... (6-May-2014)
5-May-14 World View -- Japan debates 'collective self-defense' to protect America and Japan: Reinterpretation would avoid having to amend the constitution... (5-May-2014)
4-May-14 World View -- The 'Odessa Massacre' may portend Ukraine civil war: People on edge in a generational Crisis era... (4-May-2014)
3-May-14 World View -- First case of MERS coronavirus reported in U.S.: President Obama accuses Vladimir Putin of being a liar... (3-May-2014)
2-May-14 World View -- New car bombing in Nigeria, while 200 kidnapped girls are still missing: Russia resurrects Mayday parade to celebrate Ukraine annexation... (2-May-2014)
1-May-14 World View -- Uighur terrorist explosion in Chinese railway station kills three: Syria's al-Assad now freely uses chemical weapons with impunity... (1-May-2014)
30-Apr-14 World View -- Proof that Syria's Bashar al-Assad used chlorine on civilians: China's 'Maritime Silk Road' plans threaten India in Indian Ocean... (30-Apr-2014)
29-Apr-14 World View -- India's Narendra Modi says he'll deport 'Bangladeshis': John Kerry says that Israel could become 'an apartheid state'... (29-Apr-2014)
28-Apr-14 World View -- Philippines agrees to major return of U.S. military to counter China: MERS virus spreads more rapidly in the Mideast... (28-Apr-2014)
27-Apr-14 World View -- Al-Qaeda 'rubs hands with glee' at Snowden disclosures: South Korea's prime minister resigns over ferry disaster... (27-Apr-2014)
26-Apr-14 World View -- Russian jets fly over Ukraine's air space: Nigeria's government under fire over schoolgirl abduction... (26-Apr-2014)
25-Apr-14 World View -- Crimean Tatars and Ukraine seek help from Sunni Muslim countries: Israel cancels peace talks after Palestinian reconciliation... (25-Apr-2014)
24-Apr-14 World View -- Obama says U.S. will defend Japan over Senkaku Islands: Warring Palestinian factions announce a reconciliation agreement... (24-Apr-2014)
23-Apr-14 World View -- Arab countries recruit more soldiers from Pakistan: China's commodity and real estate bubbles are bursting... (23-Apr-2014)
22-Apr-14 World View -- MERS virus cases surge in Saudi Arabia, spread to Greece, Jordan: China seizes a Japanese iron ore carrier ship... (22-Apr-2014)
21-Apr-14 World View -- Palestinian president Abbas, 79, faces life after 'peace talks' collapse: Massive attack on AQAP in Yemen kills dozens of militants... (21-Apr-2014)
20-Apr-14 World View -- Orthodox Christians celebrate the Holy Fire ceremony at Easter: Japan to set up an army radar base near China ... (20-Apr-2014)
19-Apr-14 World View -- China admits that 20% of its farmland is polluted with cadmium: MERS in Malaysia raises concerns of 'super-spreader'... (19-Apr-2014)
18-Apr-14 World View -- Russia flip-flops on eastern Ukraine: Nigeria in shock from double attack by Boko Haram... (18-Apr-2014)
17-Apr-14 World View -- Iran says that the Ukraine crisis is 'a divine blessing': Ukraine's 'anti-terrorist operation' turns into a fiasco... (17-Apr-2014)
16-Apr-14 World View -- East Ukraine clashes become dangerous as Kiev strikes back: Mali separatists appeal to Russia for support on independence... (16-Apr-2014)
15-Apr-14 World View -- Major terrorist explosion in Nigeria's capital kills over 70: European Central Bank to adopt negative interest rates... (15-Apr-2014)
14-Apr-14 World View -- Russia and U.S. trade accusations as Ukraine issues ultimatum: Syrian army defector explains why Assad regime uses chlorine chemical weapons... (14-Apr-2014)
13-Apr-14 World View -- The Afghanistan elections and the Afghan-Pakistan Taliban alliance: New poison gas attack reported in Syria... (13-Apr-2014)
12-Apr-14 World View -- Indonesia upgrades military base to confront China: NATO says that Russia is preparing for an invasion of Ukraine... (12-Apr-2014)
11-Apr-14 World View -- France says Central African Republic has totally collapsed: Israel imposes sanctions on the Palestinian Authority... (11-Apr-2014)
10-Apr-14 World View -- New terrorist bombing in Pakistan, as Taliban ceasefire expires: 'Heartbleed Bug' requires all users to change their passwords... (10-Apr-2014)
9-Apr-14 World View -- Russia and U.S. exchange accusations as east Ukraine unrest escalates: Ebola continues to 'evolve rapidly' in Guinea and Liberia... (9-Apr-2014)
8-Apr-14 World View -- Narendra Modi may change India's 'no first use' nuclear policy: Taiwan's proposed trade deal opens old wounds with China... (8-Apr-2014)
7-Apr-14 World View -- President Obama declares 'Mission Accomplished!' on Obamacare: Pro-Russians riot in cities across eastern Ukraine... (7-Apr-2014)
6-Apr-14 World View -- U.S. fails to reaffirm its mutual defense treaty with Japan: U.N. leaders realizing Central African Republic genocide is unstoppable... (6-Apr-2014)
5-Apr-14 World View -- Sunni jihadists in Lebanon prepare for war with Hezbollah: John Kerry says 'It's reality check time' for Mideast talks... (5-Apr-2014)
4-Apr-14 World View -- Israel cancels the fourth prisoner release, jeopardizing 'peace talks': Chicago has coldest winter on record... (4-Apr-2014)
3-Apr-14 World View -- Russia's Vladimir Putin courts European far right and ultranationals: France's Ségolène Royal gets revenge over Hollande's last girlfriend... (3-Apr-2014)
2-Apr-14 World View -- Egypt's terror cells get training in Syria and explosives from Libya: Abbas applies to U.N. agencies as 'State of Palestine'... (2-Apr-2014)
1-Apr-14 World View -- Russia demands a 'federal model' for Ukraine: U.S. desperately tries to salvage Mideast 'peace process'... (1-Apr-2014)
31-Mar-14 World View -- France's president François Hollande suffers election debacle: Michael Lewis: How the stock market is rigged... (31-Mar-2014)
30-Mar-14 World View -- U.N. promises 'response' to North Korea firing midrange missiles: Crimean Tatars vote to push for self-rule... (30-Mar-2014)
29-Mar-14 World View -- Christians versus Muslims in Central African Republic: Russia's Vladimir Putin calls Obama to discuss Ukraine... (29-Mar-2014)
28-Mar-14 World View -- Pentagon concerned that Russia is about to invade Ukraine: Obama to meet Saudi King Abdullah among significant policy differences... (28-Mar-2014)
27-Mar-14 World View -- Central African Republic peacekeepers call Christians 'enemy combatants': Iran's Supreme Leader fears Great Islamic Revolution will be forgotten... (27-Mar-2014)
26-Mar-14 World View -- Vietnam, Philippines unite to confront China in South China Sea: Ebola virus spreading from Guinea to Liberia... (26-Mar-2014)
25-Mar-14 World View -- U.S. may release Jonathan Pollard to keep Mideast peace talks going: How analysts used the Doppler Effect to locate Malaysia flight MH370... (25-Mar-2014)
24-Mar-14 World View -- Pakistan debates sending troops to Saudi Arabia: Europeans alarmed as Russian troops mass on Ukraine border... (24-Mar-2014)
23-Mar-14 World View -- Russia's Crimea annexation brings entire European Union into question: France kills 40 Islamists in Mali in recent operations... (23-Mar-2014)
22-Mar-14 World View -- The 'New Normal': Russia and China annex other countries' territories with impunity: Xi Jinping redirects China's ideology from Marxism to Nationalism... (22-Mar-2014)
21-Mar-14 World View -- Putin's approval ratings soar in Russia over Crimea annexation: Hundreds of dead pig carcasses found in China's Gan River... (21-Mar-2014)
20-Mar-14 World View -- Russia's annexation of Crimea splits the Russian Orthodox Church: Ukraine capitulates to Russia in Crimea... (20-Mar-2014)
19-Mar-14 World View -- Putin gives angry, nationalistic speech annexing Crimea to Russia: Putin's spokesman signals plans to invade eastern Ukraine... (19-Mar-2014)
18-Mar-14 World View -- Does Iran's anti-nuclear fatwa really exist, as claimed?: U.S. special forces capture pirate Libyan oil tanker in Mediterranean... (18-Mar-2014)
17-Mar-14 World View -- Russia and the West plan their next steps after Crimea referendum: Islamic Jihad gaining popularity over Hamas in Gaza... (17-Mar-2014)
16-Mar-14 World View -- Ukraine mobilizes troops to oppose Russian troops attacking gas facility: China lambastes Malaysia for withholding MH370 flight information... (16-Mar-2014)
15-Mar-14 World View -- Kerry threatens sanctions against Russia, but 'nothing personal': Germany's Angela Merkel warns of a 'catastrophe' and sanction war... (15-Mar-2014)
14-Mar-14 World View -- Russia prepares to annex Ukraine's Crimea - and more: Slovakia becomes the fourth euro zone country in deflation... (14-Mar-2014)
13-Mar-14 World View -- Malaysia accused of coverup over lost MH370 airliner: Israel votes to draft ultra-orthodox Jews into the military... (13-Mar-2014)
12-Mar-14 World View -- Accusations fly as Israeli-Palestinian 'peace process' nears deadline: Genghis Khan owes his Mongol Empire to global warming... (12-Mar-2014)
11-Mar-14 World View -- Terrorist bombings continue in Pakistan despite so-called 'cease-fire': 3D printing promises to revolutionize defense, aerospace industries... (11-Mar-2014)
10-Mar-14 World View -- Ukraine - Russia crisis presents problems for China: Libya in chaos, war threatened over North Korean tanker... (10-Mar-2014)
9-Mar-14 World View -- Growing U.S. - Iran - Hezbollah relationship alienates Israel: Russia increases its military presence in Ukraine's Crimea... (9-Mar-2014)
8-Mar-14 World View -- Venezuela breaks diplomatic relations with Panama: Russia escalates the conflict over Ukraine's Crimea region... (8-Mar-2014)
7-Mar-14 World View -- Crimea votes to secede from Ukraine, galvanizing US and EU: Henry Kissinger says that Vladimir Putin wants a way out... (7-Mar-2014)
6-Mar-14 World View -- Russia prepares invasion, and Arab states have major split: China refers to the U.S. ambassador as a 'banana'... (6-Mar-2014)
5-Mar-14 World View -- Wall Street goes parabolic on Russian troop pullback: Spam of the Day - from Ukraine, with Love and Care... (5-Mar-2014)
4-Mar-14 World View -- West discusses sanctions, as Russia prepares for war in Ukraine: Israel's Netanyahu rebukes Obama over Mideast peace process... (4-Mar-2014)
3-Mar-14 World View -- Russia declares the Autonomous Republic of Crimea: North Korea fires short-range missiles into the sea... (3-Mar-2014)
2-Mar-14 World View -- Knife-wielding mob of probable Xinjiang terrorists kill 28 in southern China: The Charge of the Light Brigade into the Valley of Death... (2-Mar-2014)
1-Mar-14 World View -- Russian troops in Ukraine raise fear of 'Abkhazia scenario': Burma accuses Doctors without Borders of bias towards Rohingyas... (1-Mar-2014)
28-Feb-14 World View -- Pakistan reverses itself, plans large-scale military attack on Taliban: Russian fighter jets patrolling the Ukraine border... (28-Feb-2014)
27-Feb-14 World View -- Russia masses troops on Ukraine border, as ethnic Russians and Tatars clash: Hezbollah vows retaliation for Israel's air strike in Lebanon... (27-Feb-2014)
26-Feb-14 World View -- Ukraine's 'separatist' talk threatens ethnic Tatars: China considers two new anti-Japanese national holidays... (26-Feb-2014)
25-Feb-14 World View -- U.S., IMF, EU facing bailout requests from Ukraine and Greece: Russia says Ukraine chaos is a 'real threat' to its interests... (25-Feb-2014)
24-Feb-14 World View -- Mass murderer Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has 90th birthday: Russia on top of the world as Sochi Olympics games end... (24-Feb-2014)
23-Feb-14 World View -- Freed Yulia Tymoshenko gives passionate speech to Ukraine's opposition crowds: President Obama draws another line, and tells Ukraine not to cross it... (23-Feb-2014)
22-Feb-14 World View -- Europeans broker a 'peace agreement' in Ukraine: Venezuela and other countries increasingly block press freedom... (22-Feb-2014)
21-Feb-14 World View -- U.S. naval intelligence chief confirms worst fears of China's military buildup: How a world war with China would unfold... (21-Feb-2014)
20-Feb-14 World View -- Ukraine's president fires the chief of the army amid protest crisis: George Soros bets that Wall Street is headed for a fall... (20-Feb-2014)
19-Feb-14 World View -- Ukraine chaos raising the worst anxieties among Russia's nationalists: Thailand police storm protest camp in Bangkok, leaving four dead... (19-Feb-2014)
18-Feb-14 World View -- Scotland faces reality as independence referendum approaches: United Nations accuses North Korea of 'unspeakable atrocities'... (18-Feb-2014)
17-Feb-14 World View -- Egypt's terrorism escalates with attack on tourist bus: The 'New Frugality' versus the 'New Criminality'... (17-Feb-2014)
16-Feb-14 World View -- Syria talks collapse, putting U.S. military action back on table: Indonesia on the alert for jihadists returning from Syria... (16-Feb-2014)
15-Feb-14 World View -- Pakistan will sell warplanes to Saudis, denies nuclear cooperation: France sending more troops to Central African Republic... (15-Feb-2014)
14-Feb-14 World View -- European Union to 'mobilize' private savings for bailouts: Welcome to the Valentine's Day edition of Generational Dynamics World view... (14-Feb-2014)
13-Feb-14 World View -- Resurgence of Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria: Turkey-Israel relations may be close to normalization... (13-Feb-2014)
12-Feb-14 World View -- Obama slams French businessmen in front of France's president: Slaughter by Syria's al-Assad and ISIL continues despite 'truce'... (12-Feb-2014)
11-Feb-14 World View -- Pakistan asked to send 30,000 troops to Saudi Arabia: Korea's demilitarized zone (DMZ) guarded by Microsoft Kinect game software... (11-Feb-2014)
10-Feb-14 World View -- Switzerland votes to impose immigration quotas, violating EU agreements: U.S. General criticizes Japan, Philippines for China-Nazi comparisons... (10-Feb-2014)
9-Feb-14 World View -- Iran's Ayatollah Khamanei rants and accuses the U.S. of lying: Peaceful protests in Bosnia turn into widespread violence... (9-Feb-2014)
8-Feb-14 World View -- Central African Republic: Christians aim to get rid of all Muslims: Reader complaints about Central African Republic and Syria... (8-Feb-2014)
7-Feb-14 World View -- Russia contemplates Ukraine military action after Sochi: Pakistan government mediators talk to Taliban mediators... (7-Feb-2014)
6-Feb-14 World View -- Another gory lynching in Central African Republic, this time by soldiers: U.S. challenges China on South China Sea claims... (6-Feb-2014)
5-Feb-14 World View -- Pakistan 'peace process' collapses on first day: Corruption in Europe matches corruption in Washington... (5-Feb-2014)
4-Feb-14 World View -- Monday's market plunge continues 'that 1929 feeling': Bitterness between U.S. and Israel increases as 'peace process' collapses... (4-Feb-2014)
3-Feb-14 World View -- Greece's neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party will adopt new name if banned: Syria's al-Assad has week of victories, including rebel infighting... (3-Feb-2014)
2-Feb-14 World View -- Torture of Ukraine dissident polarizes U.S.-Russia relations: Ukraine protests lead to further crackdown on free speech in Russia... (2-Feb-2014)
1-Feb-14 World View -- Syria 'peace talks' end in recriminations and accusations: Three bankers commit suicide in one week... (1-Feb-2014)
31-Jan-14 World View -- Diplomatic silence in North Korea raises military alarms: Syria's Bashar al-Assad (and Vladimir Putin) guilty of more war crimes... (31-Jan-2014)
30-Jan-14 World View -- Syria a 'huge magnet' for terrorists - and perhaps biological weapons: Chinese now drink more red wine than the French... (30-Jan-2014)
29-Jan-14 World View -- China's military moves to seize Malaysia's James Shoal: Syria's 'peace conference' proceeds as total farce... (29-Jan-2014)
28-Jan-14 World View -- Army strongman al-Sisi may be Egypt's next president: Israel's PM Netanyahu slammed because son Yair is dating a gentile... (28-Jan-2014)
27-Jan-14 World View -- Hungary's 'fascist' Jobbik party leader Gabor Vona speaks in London: China banks halt domestic cash transfers as fund bankruptcy looms... (27-Jan-2014)
26-Jan-14 World View -- HSBC cash withdrawal restrictions raise fears of bank runs: France's president Hollande announces end of relationship with Trierweiler... (26-Jan-2014)
25-Jan-14 World View -- That '1929 feeling' may be back on Wall Street: 'Geneva II' Syria peace conference is more political play-acting... (25-Jan-2014)
24-Jan-14 World View -- China increases military force in South China Sea: Conflicts arise between Arab and Chechnya jihadists in Syria... (24-Jan-2014)
23-Jan-14 World View -- Iran says it's not dismantling any nuclear components: China says that war with Japan is inevitable because they hate each other... (23-Jan-2014)
22-Jan-14 World View -- Western leaders sickened by Assad's 'industrial strength' torture in Syria: Suicide bombing in Hezbollah stronghold in Lebanon kills four... (22-Jan-2014)
21-Jan-14 World View -- Fears of terrorism at Sochi Russian Olympics soar: New Nato headquarters building in big financial trouble... (21-Jan-2014)
20-Jan-14 World View -- Mob rule in Central African Republic as Christians crave revenge: Egypt ponders the 98.1% 'yes' vote on new constitution referendum... (20-Jan-2014)
19-Jan-14 World View -- Egypt's constitution approved by 98.1% of referendum voters: Smog-shrouded China shows live sunrise on giant TV screens... (19-Jan-2014)
18-Jan-14 World View -- Kerry says that he won't be fooled by Syria's Assad regime: Uganda enters the war in South Sudan... (18-Jan-2014)
17-Jan-14 World View -- Aftermath of Egypt's referendum vote will affect U.S. aid: International concern over Russia's Sochi Olympics grows after Volgograd bombings... (17-Jan-2014)
16-Jan-14 World View -- China threatens military seizure of South China Sea island from Philippines: Vietnam reverses policy and become openly anti-China... (16-Jan-2014)
15-Jan-14 World View -- Israeli remarks about Kerry grow into international incident: Le scandale du jour: Who is France's 'First Lady' now?... (15-Jan-2014)
14-Jan-14 World View -- Chechen terrorist Omar Shishani leads al-Qaeda to victories in Syria: Thailand army coup feared in face of massive anti-government protests... (14-Jan-2014)
13-Jan-14 World View -- Iran will 'roll back' its nuclear program, starting January 20: Plummeting velocity of money explains deflation trend... (13-Jan-2014)
12-Jan-14 World View -- Israel's former prime minister Ariel Sharon dies: France's Francois Hollande's affair throws U.S. visit into doubt... (12-Jan-2014)
11-Jan-14 World View -- Syria's president al-Assad collaborates with al-Qaeda against Syria rebels: Christians cheer as Central African Republic president resigns... (11-Jan-2014)
10-Jan-14 World View -- Uganda and China intervene in South Sudan conflict: China demands approval of fishing in South China Sea... (10-Jan-2014)
9-Jan-14 World View -- Eurozone plummets into deflation: Measles spread feared in Central African Republic... (9-Jan-2014)
8-Jan-14 World View -- The 'Battle of Fallujah' begins in Iraq: Turkey's political crisis grows as police are reassigned... (8-Jan-2014)
7-Jan-14 World View -- Mideast 'peace talks' near collapse as Kerry leaves without deal: Tens of thousands of migrants to Israel protest in Tel Aviv... (7-Jan-2014)
6-Jan-14 World View -- Thailand's elite minority seeks to shut Bangkok down: Syria's Sunni opposition militias fight each other... (6-Jan-2014)
5-Jan-14 World View -- U.S. sends Polar Star icebreaker to free Russian ship and Chinese icebreaker: Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in control of Fallujah... (5-Jan-2014)
4-Jan-14 World View -- H1N1 swine flu spread in Michigan and Texas revive fears of pandemic: IMF working paper predicts major global financial crisis... (4-Jan-2014)
3-Jan-14 World View -- Al-Qaeda militants seize cities in Iraq's Anbar province: Car bomb explodes in Hezbollah stronghold in Beirut, Lebanon... (3-Jan-2014)
2-Jan-14 World View -- Latvia becomes 18th nation to adopt the euro currency: Palestinian ambassador to Czech Republic dies in freak explosion... (2-Jan-2014)
1-Jan-14 World View -- The Year Ahead - the 2014 World View: Policeman of the World versus Leading from Behind... (1-Jan-2014)

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