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Generational Dynamics Web Log for 22-Sep-2019
22-Sep-19 World View -- Kids protest worldwide in new Children's Crusade against climate change

Web Log - September, 2019

22-Sep-19 World View -- Kids protest worldwide in new Children's Crusade against climate change

Earth Day, 1970 -- déjà vu all over again

by John J. Xenakis

This morning's key headlines from

Kids protest worldwide in new Children's Crusade against climate change

Protesters on Friday in Brussels (top) and Hamburg (bottom) (CNN)
Protesters on Friday in Brussels (top) and Hamburg (bottom) (CNN)

There's a new Children's Crusade going on, as kids in cities around the world took part in a general strike from school on Friday, and held protests with hundreds of thousands of kids in cities around the world.

On Saturday, hundreds of kids attended a Youth Climate Summit, sponsored by the United Nations. The kids demanded an end to climate change, and many said they've decided not to have children, rather than bring children into a world destroyed by climate change. They said they wanted an end to use of fossil fuels, and parroted the claim that the world come to an end if carbon emissions didn't stop by 2030.

As usual, it's really only about money. Activists demanded money for a fund to help poorer nations adapt to a warming world. The whole purpose of the Paris Climate Treaty was to extract money from the West, particularly the United States, to give to the pet projects of the activists. As far as the US is concerned, Donald Trump has already withdrawn the country from the Paris treaty, so the activists have no hope of getting American money for their pet projects.

One of the facts that the kids won't be talking about at the climate change protests is that, of all the major countries that signed the Paris treaty, there's only one that's actually reducing carbon emissions -- the United States. America's power plants will emit 2.3% less carbon dioxide this year compared to 2018. That's because of fracking and abundant supplies of natural gas.

One other thing that won't be mentioned is that China already has largest number of coal-fired power plants in the world, and that China has just announced plans for a massive number of new coal-fired power plants. You can be sure the leftist climate activists will never mention this, or anything else that criticizes their beloved Communist country.

Earth Day, 1970 -- déjà vu all over again

A recent article quoted some of the predictions that climate scientists were making in 1970, in celebration of "Earth Day."

Here are some examples:

Today we can see how ridiculous these 1970 predictions by population scientists turned out to be. Below we'll show how today's predictions by climate scientists are equally ridiculous, but for now I want to make the point that these 1970 scientists were incredibly stupid.

It's a fair question: If they're scientists, then how come they were so disastrously wrong? And why would anyone think that today's scientists would be any less disastrously wrong?

To show how stupid these scientists were, look particularly at the last of the predictions referenced above. Let's assume that their prediction that came true that there wouldn't be enough food to feed the world. Then would widespread famine have occurred -- 1975 in India, all of Asia by 1990, South and Central America by 2000, the rest of the world after that? Is that guy a total idiot?

There's no way the people of India would just sit there and starve to death. And there's no way that the rest of the world would let them. The same with the other countries.

So people like Paul Ehrlich. George Wald and Peter Gunter are really stupid. It's hard to believe anyone, let alone a scientist, could be stupid enough to believe that the people in India, Asia, Africa, and so forth, would just sit there are starve to death.

So what would happen? There would be riots, demonstrations, and international conferences, but if things got really bad, there would be war. But nobody would just sit there and die of starvation, and these "scientists" are total idiots to believe so.

The stupidity of today's climate scientists

I will show that today's climate scientists are just as stupid as the one that predicted disaster after 1970 Earth Day.

But first, let's make note that climate scientists have been wrong, time after time. Al Gore quoted climate scientists as saying that the Arctic ice cap would disappear completely by 2013, and so those climate scientists were wrong.

And then there's the biggest prediction of them all: That the world will end unless carbon emissions end by 2030. What does that even mean? If the temperature of the earth increases by 1 degree or so, then does everyone burn to death? That's ridiculous. Maybe some polar ice caps will melt and some islands and beach fronts will disappear, but that won't be the end of the earth.

So what will really happen? Once again, the climate scientists are too stupid to understand that even if their predictions about global warming are true, it will mean war.

In fact, there will be one or two world wars in this century with or without climate change. In the last century, there were two world wars, and massive additional wars in Asia and Africa. In every century for millennia, there were massive wars on every continent and every region. So it's 100% certain to happen in this century.

You can already see the signs of it. There are millions of refugees in Asia, Syria, Africa and Latin America traveling in large groups to other countries, including America, Europe and Indonesia. There are sky-high military tensions in China and the Mideast. All that's needed is for some small event to flare up into a regional war, and then a larger war.

And what of the Paris treaty and climate change? That's just a silly fantasy anyway. The only country reducing carbon emissions is the United States, and all the other major countries are increasing their carbon emissions. In particular, China is aggressively planning a massive number of new coal-fired power plans. China needs these as it prepares to launch a world war, and will not stop building them under any circumstances.

Getting back to those kids who are protesting climate change in cities around the world, some of them have said that they won't have kids, because how can you bring kids into a world to be destroyed by climate change?

Well, with world war coming, now they have another reason not to have kids.

John Xenakis is author of: "World View: War Between China and Japan: Why America Must Be Prepared" (Generational Theory Book Series, Book 2), June 2019, Paperback: 331 pages, with over 200 source references, $13.99


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