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Generational Dynamics Web Log for 19-Sep-2014
19-Sep-14 World View -- BBC reporters attacked by Russian thugs after finding evidence of new Ukraine invasion

Web Log - September, 2014

19-Sep-14 World View -- BBC reporters attacked by Russian thugs after finding evidence of new Ukraine invasion

Thailand's PM suggests that only ugly people are safe in bikinis

This morning's key headlines from

Thailand's PM suggests that only ugly people are safe in bikinis

Murdered British tourists David Miller, 24, and Hannah Witheridge, 23
Murdered British tourists David Miller, 24, and Hannah Witheridge, 23

Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha, who heads the military junta that overthrew Thailand's elected government in a coup in May, is apologizing for suggesting that only ugly people should wear bikinis.

The bodies of two British tourists, a young, good-looking male and female, were found bludgeoned on one of Thailand's scenic beaches. Prayuth said, "Can they be safe in bikinis, unless they are not beautiful?"

In response to the subsequent uproar, Prayuth said, I apologize that I have spoken too harshly ... I didn’t mean to criticize or look down on anyone. Today I can guarantee that Thailand is still safe ... I wanted to warn [the tourists] to be careful. I’m sorry that it hurt people." AP

BBC reporters attacked by Russian thugs after finding evidence of new Ukraine invasion

BBC reporters in southern Russia were attacked by Russian security thugs after interviewing a woman whose brother, a professional Russian soldier, had been killed in action in Ukraine. The Russian thugs seriously wounded the cameraman and smashed his camera. The others were locked up while their equipment was damaged and all their reports erased. However, the reporters had already uploaded much of the material, including the interview with the dead soldier's sister before the Russian thugs attacked, so the BBC was able to air the interview after all.

In the interview, as aired on the BBC, the woman said her brother was a professional soldier who had been ordered into Ukraine, and was probably killed there. In her last phone contact with her brother, he said that he'd been ordered to go to southwest Ukraine, which presumably means that Russia is in the midst of a military buildup to attack Odessa and then annex southern Ukraine, as well as Moldova's Transnistria province.

Nato and several news organizations have shown the presence of large numbers of Russian troops in Ukraine. Russia simply claims that everyone else is lying, uses violence by thugs to intimidate reporters who collect such evidence, and uses an army of paid trolls to attack anyone on the internet who reports Russian activities.

Russia invaded Crimea, Ukraine's southern peninsula, earlier this year, and annexed it. They lied about the presence of Russian troops until the invasion and the annexation were over, and then acknowledged that they had been lying, even awarding medals to the Russian soldiers who conducted the invasion.

On Thursday, Ukraine's government reported that Russia's troops in Crimea have been massing on the Crimean border. If this story is true, and if the Russian woman's story is true that her dead brother had been ordered to southwest Ukraine, it would indicate that a new Russian invasion of Ukraine is imminent, with plans to annex southern Ukraine. BBC and AFP and BBC and Pravda (Moscow)

Dozens of Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine from Chechnya

Dozens of Russian soldiers from Chechnya are fighting the Ukrainian army in Ukraine. These Chechens have produced a large number of videos that appear on the internet showing the fighting and dying in Ukraine. Other videos show Russian officers threatening Chechens who resist being sent to Ukraine. The influx of Chechens includes entire military units normally based in Chechnya, including two Motorized Rifle Brigades. The brigades are manned exclusively by contract soldiers, 10–20 percent of which are Chechens. Jamestown and Bloomberg

China's and India's leaders smile despite military confrontation

China's president Xi Jinping and India's prime minister Narendra Modi acted like friendly old pals in their meeting in New Delhi, and promised that the two countries would help each other with new economic initiatives. China pledged to invest $20 billion in a five year plan to reduce the trade imbalance that currently favors China by a large amount.

Xi promised to combine the "world's factory" with the "world's back office" in a Wednesday editorial that he wrote for The Hindu:

"As emerging markets, each with its own strengths, we need to become closer development partners who draw upon each other’s strengths and work together for common development. With rich experience in infrastructure building and manufacturing, China is ready to contribute to India’s development in these areas. India is advanced in IT and pharmaceutical industries, and Indian companies are welcome to seek business opportunities in the Chinese market. The combination of the “world’s factory” and the “world’s back office” will produce the most competitive production base and the most attractive consumer market."

Xi also appreciatively quoted Modi's characterization that China and India are "two bodies, one spirit."

However, Modi also said that the boundary issues between China and India need to be resolved quickly:

"We need to resolve our boundary issue soon. A clarification on the LAC (Line of Actual Control) is very important. It has been pending for years, it is time to start it again.

Indeed, despite all the friendly talk between the two leaders, Chinese and Indian forces were confronting each other in the bitterly contested Kashmir/Jammu region. 600 soldiers crossed China's border into India in the early hours of Thursday morning, supported by helicopters. They were building a road that would be five km deep into Indian territory. There was no live fire between the two sides. IBNLive (India) and Times of India and The Hindu

(Comments: For reader comments, questions and discussion, see the 19-Sep-14 World View -- BBC reporters attacked by Russian thugs after finding evidence of new Ukraine invasion thread of the Generational Dynamics forum. Comments may be posted anonymously.) (19-Sep-2014) Permanent Link
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