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Generational Dynamics Web Log for 15-Sep-2014
15-Sep-14 World View -- US surveillance aircraft may have access to Malaysian air bases

Web Log - September, 2014

15-Sep-14 World View -- US surveillance aircraft may have access to Malaysian air bases

ISIS recruiting women from America and Britain

This morning's key headlines from

US surveillance aircraft may have access to Malaysian air bases

Photo taken by surveillance plane of Chinese J-11 fighter jet dangerously harassing the surveillance plane last month(DOD)
Photo taken by surveillance plane of Chinese J-11 fighter jet dangerously harassing the surveillance plane last month(DOD)

The US and Malaysia are in discussions to permit US surveillance flights in the South China Sea to fly out of East Malaysian air bases, on the southern rim of the South China Sea. This is certain to further infuriate the Chinese, who blame the US for being "troublemakers," as China annexes other countries' territories in the same way that the Nazis annexed territories in Europe.

China has been pursuing a military "salami slicing strategy" to annex South China Sea territories belonging to other countries. China has annexed several islands and shoals in the South China Sea belonging to Vietnam and the Philippines, and is threatening to annex other territories belonging to Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Japan.

Because of China's annexations, China's relations with Vietnam and the Philippines have become increasingly hostile. China's relations with Malaysia have remained friendly, mainly because the Malaysians don't want to get the Chinese angry, even as China is preparing to annex Malaysian territory. (See "29-Jan-14 World View -- China's military moves to seize Malaysia's James Shoal")

Speaking on September 8, Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) ADM Jonathan W. Greenert said:

"[R]ecently, the Malaysians have offered us to fly detachments of P-8s out of East Malaysia. You can see the closeness to the South China Sea. So we have opportunities and we ought to continue to nurture them."

According to Greenert, the offer is made in appreciation for American help during the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 (MH370) that disappeared on March 8, and has never been found. A staging site in East Malaysia would enable the Navy’s maritime patrol aircraft easier access for operating over the South China Sea and shipping lanes such as the Strait of Malacca and the Sunda Strait, through which much of the world’s commerce passes.

Malaysia's defense minister denies that any such permission has been granted, but apparently the discussions have been going on for some time.

This comes at a time when China is increasingly harassing US surveillance planes flying over international waters in the South China Sea. Recently, a Chinese jet fighter made several passes as close as 30 feet to a U.S. surveillance plane in international waters. The incident is reminiscent of an April 2001 encounter, when a Chinese F-8 interceptor crashed into a U.S. surveillance aircraft off the southern China coast. The Chinese aircraft crashed into the sea, and its crew was killed. The U.S. plane made an emergency landing on China's Hainan Island, and its 24 crew members were imprisoned for 10 days. Sea Power Magazine and Malaysia Chronicle

African jihadist group pledges loyalty to ISIS

A new African jihadist group has broken off from Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and pledged loyalty to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State / of Iraq and Syria (IS or ISIS).

The splinter group is called 'Soldiers of the Caliphate in Algeria', and AQIM central region commander Khaled Abu Suleimane, whose real name is Gouri Abdelmalek, claimed leadership of the new group, and said in a statement:

"You have in the Islamic Maghreb men if you order them they will obey you. The Maghreb has deviated from the true path."

This is the latest blow to al-Qaeda in the rise of ISIS at the expense of al-Qaeda, thanks to a generational split between the two organizations, pitting the drawing power of old geezers like Ayman al-Zawahiri running al-Qaeda versus the youthful al-Baghdadi running ISIS. Even worse for al-Qaeda, the organization hasn't been able to pull off anything anywhere near as spectacular as the 9/11/2001 attacks. But ISIS has been spectacular in a different way, taking over large areas in Syria and Iraq and decapitating Western journalists, the things that create erotic fantasies in would-be jihadists and their jihadist-girlfriends. Reuters and Al Jazeera

ISIS recruiting women from America and Britain

The Minneapolis-St. Paul area, with its large community of immigrants from Somalia, has been a source of several dozen recruits for the al-Qaeda linked Somalia terrorist group al-Shabaab. In particular, Minneapolis jihadists were involved in the horrific three-day attack on the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi Kenya, in September of last year.

Now US law enforcement is investigating what may be a new trend -- teenage girls from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area who are flying to Syria to join the Islamic State / of Iraq and Syria (IS or ISIS). They may join ISIS with dreams of marrying a big, strong jihadist, but monitoring of extremists' social media accounts and other writings shows that male jihadis regard women counterparts as little more than mating partners. According to one analyst, "ISIS is recruiting these women in order to be baby factories. They are seeing the establishment of an Islamic state and now they need to populate the state."

ISIS is also recruiting Muslim girls and women in Europe, particularly from Britain and France. Researchers are discovering that many of them are being used to run "brothels" to hold Iraqi girls captured by the ISIS militias, to be used by the ISIS militia terrorists as they please. Reuters and Huffington Post

(Comments: For reader comments, questions and discussion, see the 15-Sep-14 World View -- US surveillance aircraft may have access to Malaysian air bases thread of the Generational Dynamics forum. Comments may be posted anonymously.) (15-Sep-2014) Permanent Link
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