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Generational Dynamics Web Log for 6-Jul-2014
6-Jul-14 World View -- Palestinian violence spreads after new atrocities are revealed

Web Log - July, 2014

6-Jul-14 World View -- Palestinian violence spreads after new atrocities are revealed

Ukraine's Poroshenko claims a major victory against pro-Russian separatists

This morning's key headlines from

Palestinian violence spreads after new atrocities are revealed

Screen grab of video showing Israeli police holding down and beating 15-year-old Tarek Khdeir
Screen grab of video showing Israeli police holding down and beating 15-year-old Tarek Khdeir

The autopsy of Abu Khdeir, the Palestinian teen who was abducted, burnt and killed on Wednesday, found soot in his respiratory canal, indicating that he was burnt alive.

A youtube video that's gone viral shows Israeli police beating a 15 year old Palestinian boy on Thursday evening, and then arresting him. The boy turns out to be a US citizen, Tarek Khdeir, the cousin of the teen who was burnt alive, visiting Jerusalem from Florida to attend his cousin's funeral.

The news of these two atrocities has triggered widespread violence, not only in the West Bank, but also by Arab citizens of Israel. The police beating of 15-year-old Tarek is particularly causing international outrage and disgust.

It is widely believed, though not proven, that Abu Khdeir was lynched and burned alive by far-right Israeli settlers, in a "price tag" attack seeking revenge for the abduction and killing of three Israeli Jewish teens on June 10. The attack on his cousin, as shown in a youtube video, has added to the Palestinian fury.

Israeli fury at the Palestinians has been growing as well. Israeli online campaigns are calling for revenge against the Arabs. After the three Israeli teens were kidnapped, and before their dead bodies were discovered, one web site called for the killing of one Arab an hour until the teens were released. According to Israeli justice minister Tzipi Livni:

"It doesn’t need to end in murder to be shocking. It is enough to see what is written on the social networks – they have turned into a hotbed of dangerous and violent incitement. This is not the way of the state of Israel. We must not let the extremists win."

However, a Jerusalem Post editorial says that Israelis are fed up with dead Jews, though it doesn't suggest how the problem can be remedied:

"But something changed with the murder of these three innocent teens. It was not just the senselessness of the act; three defenseless teen boys killed for no reason other than that they were Jewish, for no other purpose but to indulge Palestinian hate. Rather, it was a feeling that this had happened one too many times. That there was a critical mass of dead Jews that had now been reached, beyond which the Israeli public and the world Jewish community is not prepared to mourn any more.

That we were finally fed up. That we weren’t going to take it any more. That we weren’t going to make peace any longer with the fact that Jews are born to die. That Israel doesn’t have to make do with the sight of children’s carcasses found rotting in caves. ...

And we have every right to be fed up. No nation should have to live like this. No nation should have to die like this. Something has to be done. The status quo is unacceptable. No-one quite knows how it can be remedied, but what we do know is that the option of dead Jews is no longer acceptable. We have a right to live."

AFP and Ma'an (Bethlehem) and The National (UAE) and Jerusalem Post and YouTube

Ukraine's Poroshenko claims a major victory against pro-Russian separatists

Ukraine's president Petro Poroshenko is claiming a major victory on Saturday, after government troops forced pro-Russian separatists occupying the town of Slovyansk to flee from the city, and then raised the Ukrainian flag over the city council building. According to Poroshenko:

"This is not a complete victory yet, and it is not the time for fireworks displays.

But the cleansing of Slovyansk from gangs who are armed to the teeth is of huge symbolic importance. This is the start of a turning point in the fight against the militants."

Slovyansk was the first city seized by the pro-Russian separatists after Russia had invaded and annexed the Crimean peninsula. At that time, in early April, the separatists hoped to repeat the Crimea experience by laying the groundwork for a Russian invasion into east Ukraine that would allow Ukraine's south and east to be annexed to Russia as well. Russia's president Vladimir Putin kept 50,000 troops on Russia's border with Ukraine for several weeks, giving the impression that Russia was about to invade. Russia also supplied the separatists with weapons, creating the impression that if they took control of as many cities as possible, then the Russian invasion would proceed. However, Russia never did invade.

But Slovyansk has remained the emotional heart of the separatist militia activities, and so its capture by Ukraine's government forces marks a significant victory.

Reports indicate that the separatists fled to Donetsk, another separatist stronghold. The separatists will undoubtedly make a major stand in Donetsk, and it remains to be seen whether the Ukrainian forces will be as successful there. CTV (Canada) and BBC

(Comments: For reader comments, questions and discussion, see the 6-Jul-14 World View -- Palestinian violence spreads after new atrocities are revealed thread of the Generational Dynamics forum. Comments may be posted anonymously.) (6-Jul-2014) Permanent Link
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