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Generational Dynamics Web Log for 8-Dec-2008
'Liberation Hero' Robert Mugabe now destroys Zimbabwe with cholera

Web Log - December, 2008

'Liberation Hero' Robert Mugabe now destroys Zimbabwe with cholera

Adding to his record of mass torture, slaughter and economic destruction, Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has permitted the deadly bacterial disease cholera to attain epidemic proportions, and spread throughout Zimbabwe, and to several neighbor countries, Botswana, Zambia and South Africa.

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Cholera is a disease that's easily controlled and prevented with proper sanitation measures, but over 600 people have died and some 13,000 have been infected. Mugabe has so destroyed Zimbabwe's health and sanitation infrastructure that people are forced to drink unsafe water and have no access to health care. Thousands of refugees are pouring into South Africa and other neighboring countries, carrying the disease with them.

As usual, Mugabe is blaming Britain, Europe and the US for the cholera outbreak, claiming that it's all a plot to drive him from power -- as if the world could be so lucky.

This is reminiscent of South Africa's former president, Thabo Mbeki, who refused to allow distribution of AZT, a drug that inhibits HIV/Aids, and claimed that AZT actually causes Aids, and is a weapon of the Western imperialist powers to control black African nations.

The cholera epidemic is only the latest of the savage, genocidal acts of Zimbabwe's dictatorial President.

As I described earlier this year in May, Mugabe's actions are mostly based on the historical enmity of two tribes -- Mugabe's Shona tribe, and his enemies, the Ndebele tribe. Genocidal warfare occurred between these two tribes in previous generational crisis wars -- the Mfecane war that climaxed in 1828, the Matabele Wars that climaxed in 1897, and the Rhodesia civil war, climaxing in 1979. It was the last war that gave Zimbabwe independence, making Mugabe the President.

In 1983, to consolidate his hold on power, Mugbage launched "Operation Gukurahundi" (The rain that washes away the chaff before the spring rain). 20,000 people, almost all of them from the Ndebele tribe, were tortured, raped and slaughtered.

As recently as the 1999, Zimbabwe was a breadbasket of Africa, exporting up to 500,000 metric tons of surplus food. By 2003, Zimbabwe was starving. What happened during those three years was a Marxist socialist "land reform" program by Robert Mugabe that confiscated 4,500 white-owned commercial farms and redistributed the property to his own Shona ethnic group.

Since 2003, more and more Zimbabweans have been dying of starvation, because Mugabe has destroyed the farm infrastructure.

And then there's inflation. Hyperinflation, to the tune of an official rate of inflation of 231 million percent. Zimbabwe is about start printing 200 million dollar bills.

How can any person be like that?

Robert Mugabe, born in 1924, is in the Nomad generational archetype. In America today, the generation in the Nomad archetype is the Generation-Xers.

(For information about generational eras and archetypes, see "Basics of Generational Dynamics.")

Remarkably, some of the world's worst dictators are early Nomads (born 16-25 years after the end of the last crisis war), including Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Leon Trotsky, Osama bin Laden, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Pol Pot, and Shamil Basayev (the guy who masterminded 2004's Beslan school massacre, killing hundreds of children.) To this list, we can now add Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe.

On the other hand, some of the greatest heros have also been early Nomads. Franklin D. Roosevelt, who led America to victory in WW II, is an example. And President-elect Barack Obama is also an early Nomad. The country will need his pragmatism and strength to lead us through the financial collapse and world war that's coming soon.

But Mugabe is not like Roosevelt or Obama. He's more like Hitler or Stalin or Pol Pot -- a leader with an almost psychotic willingness to torture and kill people. There is evidently no limit to the amount of destruction that he's willing to inflict on the people of his own country.

And there's an unfortunate generational split among the black leaders in southern Africa, as I described in May.

The older leaders, many of whom are early Nomads, have a shared experience -- the "anti-colonial liberation struggles" of the 1950s and 1960s that led to independence of nations that were formerly European colonies. These leaders share a virulent hatred of Europe, Britain and America -- a view that has also been expressed by Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright, Obama's former pastor.

People in this older generation of southern African leaders refuse to criticize Mugabe for just that reason -- that he's a "liberation hero."

I've frequently described Gen-Xers and other Nomad generations as being nihilistic, destructive and self-destructive. Just as in the past you could see that with people like Hitler, today you can see it with the policies of Robert Mugabe. And yes, I AM comparing Mugabe to Hitler, in case you're not clear on that.

Thus, we have British and American officials calling on African nations to bring about the end of Mugabe's rule, by military force if necessary. The African leaders have always refused to do so, because Mugabe is a "liberation hero."

This situation is REALLY serious, however. With cholera spreading to other countries, it remains to be seen whether other black leaders will actually take the necessary steps to get rid of Mugable. I won't be holding my breath.

(Comments: For reader comments, questions and discussion, as well as more frequent updates on this subject, see the South Africa, Zimbabwe and southern Africa thread of the Generational Dynamics forum.) (8-Dec-2008) Permanent Link
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