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Generational Dynamics Web Log for 21-Jan-08
Subprime mortgage executive kills wife and jumps off bridge to his death

Web Log - January, 2008

Subprime mortgage executive kills wife and jumps off bridge to his death

There's a lot more to this story than the papers are telling.

This is a sign of things to come, as the crash comes and people become more desperate.

In his 1940 book, Since Yesterday, Frederick Lewis Allen recounts some jokes that were making the rounds in 1930:

"Did you hear about the fellow who engaged a hotel room and the clerk asked him whether he wanted it for sleeping or jumping?"

"No -- but I heard there were two men who jumped hand-in-hand because they'd held a joint account!"

As the stock market crashes, and the economic situation becomes more desperate, we can expect to see more suicides and murder-suicides.

Here's the story, as it appeared on Saturday morning:

"A senior officer of a failed subprime mortgage company apparently jumped from the Delaware Memorial Bridge yesterday, less than an hour after police discovered his wife dead in their [home]. ...

Buczynski's home, situated along a cul-de-sac dotted with well-spaced homes <font face=Arial size=-2>(Source:</font>
Buczynski's home, situated along a cul-de-sac dotted with well-spaced homes (Source:

Walter Buczynski, 59, was executive vice president of Fieldstone Mortgage Co., which until 2006 was one of the biggest subprime lenders in the nation.

Marcie Buczynski, 37, was found at noon in the bedroom of the couple's home on Atlanta Drive after a man called Evesham police. ...

Twenty minutes later, police received a 911 call reporting that a man had stopped his blue Acura SUV on the bridge and leaped into the icy Delaware River. ...

A motive for the apparent murder-suicide was unclear, Bernardi said. ...

Residents along Atlanta Drive, a cul-de-sac dotted with well-spaced homes, expressed shock on learning both Buczynskis had died.

"They were great, friendly people who invited everybody to their home for wonderful Halloween parties," said a next-door neighbor who asked not to be identified by name. "Their two boys played in my yard all the time."

A former Fieldstone official said Walter Buczynski was devoted to his wife and children, and commuted four hours each day to the company's headquarters near Baltimore so his family would not have to move.

"He was a very sweet man, well regarded in the mortgage world, and an accomplished helicopter pilot, too," said Robert G. Partlow, Fieldstone's former chief financial officer.

Fieldstone once employed more than 1,000 people and made $5.5 billion in adjustable rate mortgage loans. The company collapsed into bankruptcy last year after large numbers of borrowers defaulted, according to the Baltimore Sun. The company laid off most of its workers in August and now has fewer than 20.

On Tuesday, the company filed a petition in bankruptcy court to pay $1 million in bonuses to Buczynski, two other senior officers, and Fieldstone's remaining workers so that the company could wind down its affairs and shutter the business."

Now, I read this story, seemingly about a desperate man facing financial disaster in the subprime mortgage business, and I knew immediately what was going on, and that it had little to do with subprime mortgages.

This was a Boomer man married to a Generation-X woman. In another article I've written, accompanying this one, I describe the fury and hatred that Gen-Xers feel for Boomers in general, and the "Lenscap Stupidity" that Boomers exhibit. That's also true in these kinds of marriages, where nihilistic Gen-X women marry Boomer men with no intention other than to get pregnant, to get as much money as possible, and to get divorced with lucrative child support payments.

The Boomer husbands exhibit "Lenscap Stupidity" by ignoring all the signs, starting with the one that he tells himself, "She may not love me now, but she'll come to love me in time." The clue to this comes from the story: "A former Fieldstone official said Walter Buczynski was devoted to his wife and children, and commuted four hours each day to the company's headquarters near Baltimore so his family would not have to move." It was obvious that this man was in a state of complete denial about and panic over what his wife was obviously planning to do.

It's not only Gen-X/Boomer marriages, though. Here's another story of another murder-suicide that occurred in nearby Pittsburgh on the SAME DAY as Buczynski's:

"State police were investigating a murder-suicide in a small Butler County borough yesterday.

Police said 50-year-old Thomas Raimondi III shot his wife, Deborah Raimondi, 48, before shooting himself in their East Butler home. ...

The Raimondis had been estranged for a short period prior to the incident, according to state police. KDKA-TV reported that Mrs. Raimondi had obtained a protection-from-abuse order against her husband in December.

Here you can see a typical situation: The wife got a "protection from abuse" order against her husband. The order was almost certainly fraudulent. Everybody makes huge amounts of money on these restraining orders. The lawyer representing the wife immediately encourages her to lie and claim abuse, even though there was none, because he makes a couple of thousand dollars from that one act alone -- filing it with the court, the court appearance, and so on. If the husband contests it, he makes thousands more. Phony restraining orders are a hugely lucrative business, and not just for the lawyers.

If you go into a divorce court, you'll see a bunch of people there. Of these people, the only one who actually does productive work is the husband. Nobody else does anything productive. They're all there to get as much of the husband's money as possible. The wife makes false allegations, the wife's lawyer puts on a fictional soap opera drama. The judge knows perfectly well that the wife is lying, but he gets a great deal of money indirectly: Here in Massachusetts, for example, the child support payments go to the DSS, which kicks back a fat portion to the judge's budget, who uses it to dispense favors and demand favors in return. A slew of feminist "professionals" get involved, all demanding fat fees themselves, either from the husband or from the extremely lucrative "violence against women" laws. It's total fraud by the sleaziest and most crooked bunch of people you can imagine, and they've turned the divorce system into a complete sewer. At the top of the sewer is the extremely corrupt Emily's List, by far the wealthiest political organization in the country, which uses its wealth and power to extort favors from politicians at every level. I described all this at length last year in my article on the Duke rape case.

Most men don't have any idea what's going on, and can't believe that they're being charged with things that never occurred. For many men, the reaction is to commit suicide, and quite honestly I think they're better off that way, if they choose to do it. But people who commit suicide should not harm other people in doing so.

But unfortunately some men become extremely depressed and are driven to sociopathy by the court system, and they kill their wives first, out of vengeance. Some go even further and kill their children, reasoning that they're better off dead than growing up knowing that their father killed their mother and then killed himself. This is really evil stuff, and I attribute it directly to feminist policies since the 1970s.

And so, getting back to Buczynski, when I read that story on Saturday morning, I immediately knew exactly what had happened. Gen-Xer Marcie had never really liked Buczynski, but stayed with him while he was making so much money. When it was clear that she could make more money by divorcing him, she undoubtedly told him she was going to divorce him, and unless he left their home immediately, she was going to charge him with domestic violence. That may not be the exact sequence of events, but you can be certain that those kinds of events were all part of it.

And so, I wasn't surprised the least little bit, when another news story came out, late on Saturday evening:

"Personal problems led an executive of a collapsed subprime mortgage lender to kill his wife inside their home and then jump to his death from a bridge, authorities said Saturday.

Walter Buczynski, 59, left a note inside his car, indicating that his wife would be found at their home, that he had jumped off the bridge and that the couple's two sons were safe, prosecutors said.

Prosecutor Robert Bernardi said the note also revealed that the motive for the slaying was "based upon the personal relationship of the couple," not the family's economic situation. Bernardi declined further comment."

I hope the prosecutor wasn't surprised by this turn of events, because I sure wasn't. Incidentally, a news story appearing on Sunday said that he killed her by bashing her head in, and that they hadn't yet found his body in the icy waters of the Delaware.

But this is all typical stuff that I've seen many times in my research on gender issues.

Let's now turn to the REAL irony of this story, and repeat one paragraph from the story above:

"On Tuesday, the company filed a petition in bankruptcy court to pay $1 million in bonuses to Buczynski, two other senior officers, and Fieldstone's remaining workers so that the company could wind down its affairs and shutter the business."

Can you believe this? As cynical as I am about almost everything, this paragraph just makes me shake my head in utter astonishment.

If this company, Fieldstone Mortgage Co., was a typical subprime mortgage broker, then they had made huge sums of money by defrauding thousands of people by talking them into lying on their mortgage applications, and had defrauded the lenders through these falsehoods. The company is now going bankrupt, as they deserve.

So what's happening to the left over money? Is it going to the defrauded homeowners? Is it going to the defrauded lenders or investors?

No. It's going into the pockets of the perpetrators, including Buczynski, in the form of bonuses!!!! Incredible!!!!

And so, the murder-suicide really was not motivated by financial desperation. Marcie must have figured out that the gravy train was over, and she should get as much of that year-end bonus as she could, by divorcing and lying about violence. And Buczynski, who had lost his job and his source of income, and might possibly even have felt a little remorse over the large number of people that he had screwed, was now faced with losing his wife, his kids, his home, and every penny he had saved. Furthermore, he would be ordered by a crooked divorce judge to make child support payments that would probably exceed any income he could possible hope to make, leaving him literally with less than nothing.

You know what happened next. (21-Jan-08) Permanent Link
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