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Generational Dynamics Web Log for 6-Jul-07
Britain's terrorist doctor crisis may be increasing American xenophobia

Web Log - July, 2007

Britain's terrorist doctor crisis may be increasing American xenophobia

I just listened to famous political pundit Dick Morris explain the solution to the problem of the terrorist doctors in Britain's National Health Service (NHS).

Dick Morris, speaking on the O'Reilly Factor. <font face=Arial size=-2>(Source: Fox)</font>
Dick Morris, speaking on the O'Reilly Factor. (Source: Fox)

Ten years ago, the glib, likable Dick Morris used to be an extremely Machiavellian advisor to President Bill Clinton, and managed Clinton's 1996 re-election campaign, until he was forced to resign after a sex scandal. Since then he's turned against both Bill and Hillary Clinton, but doesn't particularly like President Bush either.

It was a month ago when the comprehensive immigration Bill collapsed in Congress, because Boomers are incapable of governing. I thought that the bill was dead for sure, but then a couple of weeks ago it was revived, thanks mainly to the arm-twisting by Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy (Mass.), working in conjunction with President Bush.

Kennedy, born in 1932, is from the Silent Generation, and understands the importance of compromise. To arrogant, narcissistic Boomers, born after WW II, the idea of giving up something to reach a compromise is a foreign concept. But Silents, like Kennedy, who lived through the utter daily horror of WW II, understand how important it is to compromise to get something done.

For a while, I actually thought that the revived Immigration bill would pass in the Senate, and passage seemed almost certain up till the final day. But there was a barrage of opposition on both sides. The "anti-immigration" side didn't like the fact that there was a pathway to citizenship. The "pro-immigration" side didn't like the onerous roadblocks put in the way of getting citizenship.

By the end, radical Boomers and Gen-Xers on both sides of the issue were able to tear the bill apart, and the Silents lost out.

Dick Morris is strongly "anti-immigration." (He would say, strongly "anti illegal immigration.")

When he spoke this evening, he expressed the virulent xenophobia that's increasing these days throughout the world.

The guest host was the incredibly hot and sexy Michelle Malkin, a conservative pundit who is at her absolute cutest when she's having a cat fight with another female pundit whom she disagrees with. Tonight, however, she was talking to Morris, and agreeing with him completely.

Here's the exchange:

"Dick Morris: [I recommend] that we ought to ban all immigration, all tourism, all business travel from countries that are listed by the State Department as "harboring terrorists" or "sponsoring terrorism." If that were the policy in the United States or in the UK, those doctors could never have gotten in. And they chose doctors because they figured that would be easy to get them into the country. And that was the reason that al-Qaeda recruited the doctors, apparently. So what happens is that they're playing our immigration laws. And if we banned immigration from these countries, we would be much safer against terrorism. ... I really hope that people get behind [that recommendation], because that is what is necessary to stop these attacks.

The hot, sexy Michelle Malkin, serving as substitute host. <font face=Arial size=-2>(Source: Fox)</font>
The hot, sexy Michelle Malkin, serving as substitute host. (Source: Fox)

Michelle Malkin: I certainly agree with you. Unfortunately, you've got bi-partisan support for basically doing nothing, when it comes down to cracking down on these people.

Dick Morris: And the reason is tuition. 12% of the revenues of the colleges and the universities in the US come from foreign students.

Michelle Malkin: And yes, we've got President Bush who has basically opened up our colleges and universities to aviation students from where? Saudi Arabia! That's right!

Dick Morris: (Laughing) But he makes taking off and landing a required course.

Michelle Malkin: (Also laughing) Well OK, then, I guess we're better off than before."

It's worthwhile tearing this conversation apart, since it's complete drivel. It's value is to show the intensity of the xenophobia exhibited by many people.

First off, the UK isn't in a position to ban wholesale any large group of foreign doctors. The UK has a doctor shortage, and 40% of its doctors nationwide are foreign-trained. Britain could not do without those doctors.

Second, Dick Morris wants us essentially to ban all kinds of contact with people listed as "harboring terrorists" by the State Dept. I'm not sure where that list is, or if it even exists, but let's focus on the countries that the terror suspects are from: Jordan, Saudi Arabia, India, other Mideast countries. Can you imagine banning tourism and business travel from all of these countries?

And what about the UK? They're harboring terrorist doctors! Should we ban Brits from coming to the US?

I've been very critical of politicians in general, because of their sheer stupidity and ignorance. This was shown by articles in the Congressional Quarterly. Washington journalists, analysts and politicians have no idea what's going on in Iraq. They don't know the differences between Sunni and Shi'ite, they don't know that al-Qaeda is operating in Iraq, and they don't know that al-Qaeda is a Sunni organization. So Biden is just one of the mob in that regard.

But now we see that Dick Morris is proposing banning all people from these countries. When he referred to countries listed by the State Dept., he must have been thinking of countries like Upper Slobovistan and Lower Slobovistan, countries where almost all the people in them are radical Islamists, and they rarely come to the UK or US anyway. He probably thinks that by banning the Slobistanians, we can make ourselves safe.

But when it comes to REAL countries, all of the countries from which the doctors came are our allies. Saudi Arabia, Jordan and India are some of our staunchest allies in Asia. Are we really going to ban all of them?

Morris says, "They're playing our immigration laws," and his solution is to shut down all immigration, and especially keep them out of our colleges. Yes, that would be a winning strategy.

Now let's turn to Malkin's remarks.

First, she said, "you've got bi-partisan support for basically doing nothing, when it comes down to cracking down on these people." This is an interesting remark, because the "bi-partisan support" is being supplied by the people in the Boomer generation and Generation-X, people who are incapable of governing. Referring to bi-partisan support for government paralysis is a clever way of stating it (though perhaps she meant something sharper).

But then she made those cute facial expressions and used that pretty little mouth of hers to say that "President Bush basically opened up our colleges and universities to aviation students from where? Saudi Arabia! That's right!"

There's an allusion here to the fact that almost all of the 9/11 hijackers had taken aviation courses, where they learned how to fly the planes, but didn't bother to learn how to takeoff and land. That explains Morris's retort about requiring them to learn takeoffs and landings.

There's absolutely no way that hijackers could succeed today the way they did on 9/11. Recall that they used box cutters as their only weapons, took over from the pilots, and cut off communications with the towers. None of that could happen today. The door to the pilots area has been strengthened. And the passengers themselves would stand for it. The only way that a plane could be brought down today is by sneaking a bomb onto it, and that doesn't require aviation lessons. So Malkin's remarks are completely irrelevant.

The whole conversation is completely irrelevant. What we're seeing is more and more xenophobia in a world that's becoming more xenophobic by the day. We see Congress on the verge of passing extremely harsh, punitive laws directed at China, laws that will only invite equally harsh retaliation. In the past we described the sudden growth in popularity of the British National Party in the UK. And Holland became increasingly nationalistic when filmmaker Theo van Gogh was murdered by a Muslim extremist.

From the point of view of Generational Dynamics, every society becomes increasingly xenophobic during generational Crisis periods. This xenophobia increases as time goes on, and eventually grows into what can be called "hatred," leading eventually to a genocidal war. For those who believe that it can't happen, you should realize that it IS happening -- in the harsh laws targeting China and the other actions I've described.

As inane as the conversation between Morris and Malkin was, it's the standard level of discourse today. And the same thing is true in countries around the world. No wonder we're headed for a Clash of Civilizations world war. (6-Jul-07) Permanent Link
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