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Generational Dynamics Web Log for 19-Mar-07
Donald Trump goes on a hysterical rant on CNN

Web Log - March, 2007

Donald Trump goes on a hysterical rant on CNN

This guy and Rosie really deserve each other.

As I described in the previous web log item, CNN and other mainstream media outlets appear to have totally committed themselves to do everything they can to support our enemies in Iraq.

I've mentioned before that CNN has really gone over to the dark side. Their reporters speak contemptuously of anyone who doesn't agree with them. Michael Ware and their other Iraq reporters simply take video of car bombers and describe in gritty detail how people were blown up. Pundit Jack Cafferty is always yelling and absolutely seething with hatred, scorn and venom for anyone who disagrees with him, especially the President. Before last November's election, CNN turned the entire network over for several lengthy specials by Jack Cafferty, who read Democratic party talking points out loud, and then spewed loathing for everyone else.

I've been watching CNN since it began in 1980, and it's sickening to me to see what a piece of garbage it's turned into now.

MSNBC is the same, incidentally, and seems to be moving even farther to the left, if that's possible. We saw that vividly in January, when NBC reporter Chris Matthews was screaming hysterically at the top of his lungs, lambasting George Bush.

The funny thing is that they're getting their comeuppance, because Fox News Channel is kicking their ass. They all loathe Bill O'Reilly, but Bill O'Reilly's ratings are greater than CNN's and MSNBC's combined. You can say that Fox leans to the political right, but Fox really is much more fair and balanced than either CNN or MSNBC, both of which have fallen over sideways to the left.

The most disturbing thing of all is that the Democrats are completely committed to losing in Iraq. They've staked their political lives on it.

From the point of view of Generational Dynamics, this kind of thing has happened before, in previous Crisis periods.

Abraham Lincoln was bitterly criticized during the Civil War in the 1860s. The early battles were "disasters" and "quagmires" for the North. The most vicious criticisms came from the "Copperheads" - Peace Democrats who despised Lincoln and argued that the civil war was his fault. The 1864 Democratic Party Platform called for peace negotiations with the South, to end the war as quickly as possible, "after four years of failure to restore the Union by the experiment of war, during which, under the pretence of military necessity, ... the Constitution itself has been disregarded in every part, and public liberty and private right alike trodden down."

As for Franklin Roosevelt, the Republicans were able to accuse the President of one scandal after another. Just google the words "fdr scandal" to get a sense of how those scandals are still remembered today.

Even so, it's extremely upsetting to me to see how committed the Democrats and the journalists are to our failure in Iraq. I can't forget Senator Ted Kennedy loudly screaming a month ago, "We on this side are interested in protecting American servicemen from the crossfire of a civil war. Some on the other side are more interested in protecting the President from a rebuke."

So, all of the above serves as an introduction to Donald Trump's lengthy rants on CNN. He was on all day on Friday, they replayed pieces of it on Saturday, and then repeated the whole thing on Sunday.

They could spend what was probably over an hour of airtime on Trump's rant, but they couldn't spare even a minute of airtime to describe a poll and some news that things were getting better in Iraq. CNN is so committed to losing that they don't even want to face the possibility that Iraq might get better.

Donald Trump interviewed by CNN's Wolf Blitzer <font size=-2>(Source: CNN)</font>
Donald Trump interviewed by CNN's Wolf Blitzer (Source: CNN)

So they couldn't have made a better choice than Donald Trump. Here are some excerpts from the transcript.

First, Trump seems to really like Saddam Hussein:

"The war is a total disaster. It's a catastrophe, nothing less. It is such a shame that this took place. ...

And Saddam Hussein, whether they like him or didn't like him, he hated terrorists. He'd shoot and kill terrorists. When terrorists came into his country, which he did control and he did dominate, he would kill terrorists. Now, it's a breeding ground for terrorists.

So look, the war is a total catastrophe and they have a civil war going on.

You can really see Trump going bonkers here. First off, he forgets that Saddam was paying $25,000 to any Palestinian family whose son became a suicide bomber that blew up Israeli civilians.

And yes, Saddam would shoot and kill terrorists, but he'd shoot and kill anyone. Or he'd use WMDs on them, or feed them into a meat grinder. Anything to make a point.

He continues:

"I don't know what's going on. I just know that they got us into a mess, the likes of which this country has probably never seen. It's one of the great catastrophes of all time.

And perhaps even worse, the rest of the world hates us. You go throughout Europe -- I travel, do deals all over the world. The Europeans hate us. You go to Germany, you go to England, you go to places that, you know, we didn't have problems with, they all hate the Americans because of what's happened.

We had a chance after September 11 to be the most popular, for the first time ever to be the most popular nation on earth, and we blew it."

This is really a laugh. Trump forgets that most of the Muslim world approved of 9/11, and Palestinians were dancing in the streets.

Hmmm. I wonder if Trump thinks we should have gone into Afghanistan? Maybe he thinks we should just have let al-Qaeda terrorists keep flying planes into our buildings, and we shouldn't try to stop it. That's what Osama bin Laden thought would happen. Trump is a man after OBL's own heart.

Now here's something really funny. Donald Trump is "friends" with Senator John Kerry and with John Edwards, but he dislikes both of them now because they lost the 2004 election to George Bush. I've never heard anything like this. Can you believe this guy? Here's what he said, when asked first about John Edwards and then about John Kerry:

"Well, I think that [Edwards' run for VP was] a huge negative, because that was a shame that that race was lost, because look what we have right now. It's a disaster. So, you know, I would probably be inclined not to like him on the basis that he lost an election that should have been won. That election should have been won.

[Do you blame him or John Kerry?]

Well, I guess you'd have to say it's a combination of both. Now, obviously, the second man on the ticket doesn't have too much of an impact as -- in comparison to the first. But -- and I like John Kerry a lot. He's a wonderful guy, he's somebody I know and I have -- he's a friend of mine. But I'm so upset that he blew it.

[You're upset because you dislike the current president?]

Well, I think Bush is probably the worst president in the history of the United States. And I just don't understand how they could have lost that election."

I always thought the Donald Trump was strange, but I never realized until now how much of a total fruitcake he is.

But once again, the more important issue here is not Donald Trump, but CNN. They played and replayed these rants over and over for three days, but they couldn't report the poll results I talked about.

Like MSNBC, CNN has become a disgrace to the nation, and it makes me happy that Fox News Channel is making fools out of them. (19-Mar-07) Permanent Link
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