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Web Log Summary - January-December, 2018


31-Dec-18 World View -- Burundi's president Nkurunziza says Rwanda is no longer a partner but an enemy: Fears grow of a new Hutu-Tutsi war... (31-Dec-2018)
30-Dec-18 World View -- Xi Jinping's speech on 'the humiliation of the Chinese nation for centuries': China's history since the May Fourth Movement... (30-Dec-2018)
29-Dec-18 World View -- DR Congo in election chaos, as Ebola continues to spread: DRC anti-government protesters attack Ebola clinic in Beni... (29-Dec-2018)
28-Dec-18 World View -- UAE reopens embassy in Syria to counter influence from Iran: Arabs scramble to regain influence in Syria... (28-Dec-2018)
27-Dec-18 World View -- Socialist Venezuela's oil output plummets as refugee outflow surges: UN prepares Venezuelan refugee crisis, the largest in modern Latin American history... (27-Dec-2018)
26-Dec-18 World View -- Sudan police crack down violently against anti-government protesters : Recent generational history of Sudan... (26-Dec-2018)
25-Dec-18 World View -- Christmas in Bethlehem is the biggest in years: DJIA falls 650 points on Monday... (25-Dec-2018)
24-Dec-18 World View -- Generational Dynamics analysis of the troop withdrawal from Syria: The future of Generational Dynamics... (24-Dec-2018)
23-Dec-18 World View -- Al-Shabaab double bombing kills 16 people in Mogadishu, Somalia: Somalia's 'Black Hawk Down' event affects US policy today... (23-Dec-2018)
22-Dec-18 World View -- China's CPEC project in Pakistan turns military, marginalizing Balochistan: NY Times: CPEC in Pakistan will build military jets and weaponry for China... (22-Dec-2018)
21-Dec-18 World View -- China hackers collect data on hundreds of millions of Americans and Westerners: Steve Bannon: Chinese engineers working on American weapons systems... (21-Dec-2018)
20-Dec-18 World View -- DR Congo's Kabila manipulates election to stay in power as Ebola spreads: Ebola outbreak in DR Congo worsens... (20-Dec-2018)
19-Dec-18 World View -- Ceasefire in Hodeidah seaport in Yemen war holds on the first day: The Jamal Khashoggi murder continues to affect the Yemen war... (19-Dec-2018)
18-Dec-18 World View -- Kashmir locked down after Indian security forces kill seven civilians: India's 'Operation all-out' to continue as more young Kashmiris become militants... (18-Dec-2018)
17-Dec-18 World View -- North Korea threatens US with 'exchanges of fire' over new human rights sanctions: Japan-Korea relations worsen over 'comfort women' issue... (17-Dec-2018)
16-Dec-18 World View -- Cambodia denies major China-funded seaport project is a military base: Cambodia is becoming increasingly Chinese and military... (16-Dec-2018)
15-Dec-18 World View -- Russian Orthodox Church asks world leaders to protect it from Ukrainian persecution: Military tensions between Ukraine and Russia are increasing... (15-Dec-2018)
14-Dec-18 World View -- Cuba eases economic restrictions, continuing on path from Socialism to free markets: The unraveling of Cuba's Socialist economy... (14-Dec-2018)
13-Dec-18 World View -- China recklessly arrests a second Canadian without justification: Google CEO Sundar Pichai evades questions about helping China's military... (13-Dec-2018)
12-Dec-18 World View -- China jails Canadian journalist Michael Kovrig in apparent retaliation for Canada arrest of Meng Wanzhou: Canada releases Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou on bail... (12-Dec-2018)
11-Dec-18 World View -- Ebola in DR Congo spreads southward to large cities: Uganda and South Sudan vaccinate health workers against Ebola... (11-Dec-2018)
10-Dec-18 World View -- Japan invites hundreds of thousands of foreigners to work in Japan: Analyzing the generational history of an insular Japan... (10-Dec-2018)
9-Dec-18 World View -- Latest South Sudan peace agreement appears close to collapse: Brief generational history of South Sudan and Dinka-Nuer clashes... (9-Dec-2018)
8-Dec-18 World View -- Arrest of Meng Wanzhou of China's Huawei has increasingly serious implications: The story of Stern Hu, an employee of Australian mining company Rio Tinto... (8-Dec-2018)
7-Dec-18 World View -- Canada arrests the chief financial officer of China powerhouse Huawei: English-speaking 'Five Eyes' countries are banning Huawei products... (7-Dec-2018)
6-Dec-18 World View -- New head of US Central Command says Afghanistan war is unsustainable: DJIA plunges 800 points on Tuesday... (6-Dec-2018)
5-Dec-18 World View -- Ukraine and Turkey develop closer relationship amid Russia's aggression: Russia 'partially unblocks' Ukraine's ports... (5-Dec-2018)
4-Dec-18 World View -- Qatar withdraws from Saudi Arabia-led OPEC: The split deepens between Saudi Arabia and Qatar... (4-Dec-2018)
3-Dec-18 World View -- Measles outbreaks in New York, Israel blamed on 'anti-vax' movement: Dozens of reported measles cases in Israel, New York and New Jersey, as disease spreads... (3-Dec-2018)
2-Dec-18 World View -- Donald Trump and Xi Jinping agree to a 90 day moratorium in trade war: G-20 Summit meeting in Buenos Aires ends with multiple compromises... (2-Dec-2018)
1-Dec-18 World View -- Evidence grows of Assad's 'final solution', extermination of Arab Sunnis in Syria: Al-Assad issues citizenship cards to Iranian and Hezbollah Shias... (1-Dec-2018)
30-Nov-18 World View -- Pakistan and India agree to support Sikhs, as separatist violence surges in Kashmir: India and Pakistan approve the Kartarpur Corridor, connecting Sikh shrines... (30-Nov-2018)
29-Nov-18 World View -- New climate change report shows countries are failing to meet commitments: China building a 'tsunami' of coal-powered plants across Asia... (29-Nov-2018)
28-Nov-18 World View -- Bitcoin bubble and China's Belt and Road bubble both appear to be crashing: Bitcoin super-bubble implodes and crashes below $4,000... (28-Nov-2018)
27-Nov-18 World View -- Pakistan fails to get agreement from IMF for a bailout: Pakistan turns to its 'friends' for aid... (27-Nov-2018)
26-Nov-18 World View -- Russia attacks Ukraine's navy and blockades Ukraine's ports at Kerch Strait: Russia confirms the attack on the Ukrainian ships... (26-Nov-2018)
25-Nov-18 World View -- Socialist Venezuela oil production in 'free fall' as infrastructure collapses: Russia rebukes Venezuela for non-payment... (25-Nov-2018)
24-Nov-18 World View -- Maldives can't determine how much money it owes to China: Constitutional crisis continues in Sri Lanka over China-India competition... (24-Nov-2018)
23-Nov-18 World View -- Zimbabwe proposes to compensate white farmers as hyperinflation returns: Hyperinflation returns to Zimbabwe... (23-Nov-2018)
22-Nov-18 World View -- Fourteen companies in France on trial over Iraq war oil-for-food corruption: Iraq War and the 58 Year Hypothesis... (22-Nov-2018)
21-Nov-18 World View -- Philippines president Duterte renews policy of China appeasement: New survey shows that Philippine people are anti-Chinese, pro-American... (21-Nov-2018)
20-Nov-18 World View -- Migrant caravans creating chaos and hostility in Mexico: People of Mexico are increasingly split between xenophobia and sympathy toward migrants... (20-Nov-2018)
19-Nov-18 World View -- APEC meeting ends in disarray after harsh US-China disagreements: Aggressive behavior of China's officials raises concerns about security... (19-Nov-2018)
18-Nov-18 World View -- Cuba to pull thousands of doctors out of Brazil after right-wing Jair Bolsonaro wins election: Jair Bolsonaro moves Brazil sharply to the right... (18-Nov-2018)
17-Nov-18 World View -- North Korea 'Charm Offensive' appears to have run its course: North Korea announces a 'Newly Developed Tactical Weapon'... (17-Nov-2018)
16-Nov-18 World View -- Fifteen countries challenge China's human rights in Xinjiang province: China's crackdown on religions continues... (16-Nov-2018)
15-Nov-18 World View -- China and Australia compete for influence at APEC meeting in Papua New Guinea (PNG): 500 US marines and other foreign troops arrive in PNG for APEC meeting... (15-Nov-2018)
14-Nov-18 World View -- Italy's Libya peace talk conference ends in drama but no resolution: Split in Libya reflects the fault line in the Arab world... (14-Nov-2018)
13-Nov-18 World View -- Eight people killed in botched Israeli military operation in Gaza: Palestinians demand 'revenge', but Hamas backs off from war... (13-Nov-2018)
12-Nov-18 World View -- North Korea plays hardball to get sanctions lifted: North Korea - South Korea reunification talks continue... (12-Nov-2018)
11-Nov-18 World View -- Qatar provides $15 million in aid to Gaza, will mediate electricity issues and Cyprus seaport: Israel and Qatar agree to a sea route between Gaza and Cyprus... (11-Nov-2018)
10-Nov-18 World View -- China and India compete for influence in Sri Lanka and Maldives constitutional crises: Sri Lanka constitutional crisis grows as president dissolves parliament... (10-Nov-2018)
9-Nov-18 World View -- Venezuela's refugees crisis soars, as economic disaster reaches new levels: Number of migrants leaving Venezuela reaches three million... (9-Nov-2018)
8-Nov-18 World View -- The Jamal Khashoggi murder changes the direction of the Yemen war: Yemen war violence intensifies as 30-day ceasefire deadline approaches... (8-Nov-2018)
7-Nov-18 World View -- Suspicions grow about Russia's Wagner PMC mercenary group in Central African Republic: Over 10,000 people displaced by new fighting in Central African Republic civil war... (7-Nov-2018)
6-Nov-18 World View -- Pakistan's Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) claims credit for killing CPEC workers: Questions raised about planned China military naval base in Jiwani... (6-Nov-2018)
5-Nov-18 World View -- US and South Korea resume some military marine drills, despite North's objections: Disarmament proceeds along North-South Korea border, opposed by US... (5-Nov-2018)
4-Nov-18 World View -- Pakistan government capitulates to Barelvi/TLP terrorists, doesn't free Asia Bibi: Questions about Mohammed's covenant with Christians and Christianity... (4-Nov-2018)
3-Nov-18 World View -- Australia moves migrant children from Nauru immigration camps to Australia: Officials of Nauru infuriated by the contemptuous remarks by NGOs and politicians... (3-Nov-2018)
2-Nov-18 World View -- EU splits on Iran sanctions after assassination attempt in Denmark: Trump's Iran sanctions, announced in May, scheduled for Sunday... (2-Nov-2018)
1-Nov-18 World View -- Pakistan court reaffirms Mohammed's covenant with Christianity, acquits Asia Bibi of blasphemy: Asia Bibi acquittal triggers widespread riots and terrorist threats... (1-Nov-2018)
31-Oct-18 World View -- Sri Lanka constitutional crisis represents opportunity for China: Mahinda Rajapaksa's return to power will be welcomed by China... (31-Oct-2018)
30-Oct-18 World View -- Thailand and Thaksin Shinawatra prepare for new national elections: Brief generational history of Thailand... (30-Oct-2018)
29-Oct-18 World View -- Islamic Jihad agrees to Egypt-sponsored ceasefire in Gaza after night of terror: Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) accepts the Egyptian-mediated ceasefire... (29-Oct-2018)
28-Oct-18 World View -- Syria peace summit issues delusional call for political solution in Idlib: Remembering previous Syria 'peace conferences' and 'peace plans'... (28-Oct-2018)
27-Oct-18 World View -- China, facing Trump's trade challenge, appears to mend ties with Japan: China and Japan's 'marriage of convenience' limited by bitter history... (27-Oct-2018)
26-Oct-18 World View -- Mike Pence's China 'containment' speech signals more contentious US-China relations: Post-war speeches by Churchill and Kennan defined 'containment' policy for Soviet Union... (26-Oct-2018)
25-Oct-18 World View -- Pakistan's 'desperate' Imran Khan attends Saudi investment summit amid Khashoggi crisis: Imran Khan considers the options in asking the IMF for a loan... (25-Oct-2018)
24-Oct-18 World View -- European Commission rebukes Italy, after blatant budget rules violation: Greece's elderly still face possible pension cuts in January... (24-Oct-2018)
23-Oct-18 World View -- Trump targets China by cancelling arms control treaty with Russia: China warns that the decision will 'cause many negative effects'... (23-Oct-2018)
21-Oct-18 World View -- Pro-independence rallies in Taiwan press for faster separation from China: China's deal with the Vatican stirs concerns in Taiwan... (21-Oct-2018)
20-Oct-18 World View -- Israel backs down from full-scale attack on Gaza after family escapes rocket: Israel adopts a go-slow strategy with new 'rules of the game'... (20-Oct-2018)
19-Oct-18 World View -- Brexit appears headed for worst of all possible worlds for UK: The most likely deal: 'Extend and Pretend'... (19-Oct-2018)
18-Oct-18 World View -- Ukraine counters Russia's military buildup in the Sea of Azov: Violent school massacre in occupied Crimea kills 19 people... (18-Oct-2018)
17-Oct-18 World View -- Amazon's Jeff Bezos says America must be defended, while Google repudiates its 'Do No Evil' policy: Google repudiates its 'Don't Be Evil' conduct clause, and sides with China... (17-Oct-2018)
16-Oct-18 World View -- WHO considers declaring Ebola outbreak as an international emergency: American CDC Ebola experts have been blocked from the outbreak zone in DR Congo... (16-Oct-2018)
15-Oct-18 World View -- Saudi Arabia tries to recover from Khashoggi disappearance disaster: Negotiations follow the pattern of N. Korea's 2010 torpedoing of S. Korean warship... (15-Oct-2018)
14-Oct-18 World View -- China defends million-prisoner 'reeducation camps' and Sinicization of Islam in Xinjiang: Brief history of China's religions... (14-Oct-2018)
13-Oct-18 World View -- N. Korea's Kim Jong-un met Pompeo in a new Rolls-Royce Phantom, violating sanctions: Growth of Ebola cases suddenly surges in DR Congo, threatening Uganda, Rwanda... (13-Oct-2018)
12-Oct-18 World View -- Constantinople grants Ukrainian Orthodox Church independence, causing historic split with Russia: Russia says that Constantinople's decision is 'catastrophic'... (12-Oct-2018)
11-Oct-18 World View -- Bangladesh continues plans to relocate 100,000 Rohingya refugees to Bhasan Char island: The island of Bhasan Char - 'floating island' - rose from the sea 20 years ago... (11-Oct-2018)
10-Oct-18 World View -- China aids Venezuela as inflation rate exceeds one million percent: Venezuela migration crisis continues to grow... (10-Oct-2018)
9-Oct-18 World View -- UN: We have just 12 years to prevent global warming catastrophe: Fallacies in the climate change story... (9-Oct-2018)
8-Oct-18 World View -- Suspicious disappearance of Saudi journalist in Turkey threatens to upset Mideast relations: Khashoggi incident threatens Saudi relationship with the West... (8-Oct-2018)
7-Oct-18 World View -- Zimbabweans on panic buying spree as 'bond notes' crash: Bond note currently on the path to inflation or hyperinflation... (7-Oct-2018)
6-Oct-18 World View -- China's spy chip attacks shock the computer industry: Google is repeating the mistakes that IBM made in helping the Nazis... (6-Oct-2018)
5-Oct-18 World View -- As October 25 deadline approaches, Syria's Idlib is set up for a classic Greek tragedy: The inevitable clash of the protagonists... (5-Oct-2018)
4-Oct-18 World View -- Iran diplomats and sleeper cells arrested in France and across Europe: Iran blamed on the foiled June 30 attack on anti-Iran MEK group... (4-Oct-2018)
3-Oct-18 World View -- Namibia may follow South Africa with land confiscation without compensation: Brief generational history of Namibia... (3-Oct-2018)
2-Oct-18 World View -- Cameroon's Paul Biya continues ethnic cleansing of Anglophones in Southern Cameroons: Cameroon Anglophone separatists act to block 86 yo Paul Biya's reelection... (2-Oct-2018)
1-Oct-18 World View -- UK to challenge Russia in Arctic, at time of tensions over Skripal poisoning: Russia says that UK violates its commitment to the Arctic Council... (1-Oct-2018)
30-Sep-18 World View -- University of N. Florida and Pentagon cut ties with China's Confucius Institutes: The Sayings and Aphorisms of Confucius... (30-Sep-2018)
29-Sep-18 World View -- China, Russia demand that that some North Korea sanctions be lifted: North Korea denuclearization negotiations appear headed for another crisis... (29-Sep-2018)
28-Sep-18 World View -- Number of Kashmir militants surges as India's 'Operation All-Out' fails: Clashes in Kashmir after Indian police brutally kill innocent shepherd... (28-Sep-2018)
27-Sep-18 World View -- Bill and Melinda Gates take Pollyannaish view of Rwanda and rest of world: Today's major news from Europe: Meghan Markle closes a car door... (27-Sep-2018)
26-Sep-18 World View -- World Health Organization fears 'perfect storm' could spread Ebola rapidly in DR Congo: Violence escalates in North Kivu, DRC, along with Ebola... (26-Sep-2018)
25-Sep-18 World View -- Russia will supply S-300 systems to Syria, and jam Israeli communications: Russia blames Israel when Syria shoots down Russian plan... (25-Sep-2018)
24-Sep-18 World View -- Maldives in crisis as China-backed incumbent president Yameen loses election: Yameen's defeat is also a defeat for China's 'debt trap diplomacy'... (24-Sep-2018)
23-Sep-18 World View -- Gunmen massacre IRGC soldiers and their families during military parade in Ahvaz, Iran: Attack blamed on a local Arab terrorist group, al-Ahvazi separatist movement... (23-Sep-2018)
22-Sep-18 World View -- China threatens multiple Western nations militarily over South China Sea: China's claims to the South China Sea are amazingly vacuous... (22-Sep-2018)
21-Sep-18 World View -- Myanmar signs 'debt trap' agreement with China in response to Rohingya genocide censure: Myanmar (Burma) and China agree to build China-Myanmar Economic Corridor (CMEC)... (21-Sep-2018)
20-Sep-18 World View -- Is Christine Blasey Ford accusing the wrong person?: The international #MeToo movement continues to harm women... (20-Sep-2018)
Book Announcement: World View: Iran's Struggle for Supremacy: Tehran's Obsession to Redraw the Map of the Middle East... (19-Sep-2018)
18-Sep-18 World View -- Turkey scores diplomatic victory, as Russia backs down from Idlib assault in Syria: The delusional terms of the Turkey-Russian Idlib agreement... (18-Sep-2018)
17-Sep-18 World View -- Kurdish protesters attack Iran's embassy in Paris: Kurds' anti-Iran Komala party denies involvement with Paris attack... (17-Sep-2018)
16-Sep-18 World View -- Russian Orthodox Church in historic split with Constantinople over Ukraine issue: Consequences of an independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church... (16-Sep-2018)
15-Sep-18 World View -- Zambia denies defaulting on infrastructure loans from China: Zambia faces long term corruption concerns... (15-Sep-2018)
14-Sep-18 World View -- Saudis in Yemen cut the supply routes from Hodeidah seaport to Sanaa: Turkey, desperate to stop Syrian Idlib offensive, is supplying weapons to rebels... (14-Sep-2018)
13-Sep-18 World View -- EU Parliament censures Hungary for breaching 'core EU values': EU proposes a new free trade agreement with Africa... (13-Sep-2018)
12-Sep-18 World View -- Russia's 'strategic alliance' with China evokes memories of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact: Russia's Vostok-2018 war games send a message to China... (12-Sep-2018)
11-Sep-18 World View -- Tensions grow in Philippines as Duterte turns against China in South China Sea: Zambia becomes the next nation to fall victim to China's 'debt trap'... (11-Sep-2018)
10-Sep-18 World View -- In major escalation, Iran's missiles strike Kurdish targets in northern Iraq: Iran's missile attack displays the rising power of the IRGC in Iran... (10-Sep-2018)
9-Sep-18 World View -- Riots in Iraq's Basra evoke fault lines of 1980s Iran-Iraq war: Dozens killed in five days of riots in southern Iraq's Basra... (9-Sep-2018)
8-Sep-18 World View -- Turkey fails to prevent Russia and Iran from mass slaughter in Idlib, Syria: The Greek Tragedy in Syria... (8-Sep-2018)
7-Sep-18 World View -- Britain 'provokes' China by sending warship into South China Sea: China's 'nine-dash line map' makes absurd claims to South China Sea... (7-Sep-2018)
6-Sep-18 World View -- Latin American countries open their borders to migrants from Socialist Venezuela: Venezuela's Socialist president Maduro refuses humanitarian aid... (6-Sep-2018)
5-Sep-18 World View -- Syria and Russia prepare to inflict massive bloodbath on Idlib: Syria and Russian forces prepare to 'clean out' the 'terrorists' in Idlib... (5-Sep-2018)
4-Sep-18 World View -- China courts African nations as charges of 'neo-colonialism' grow: Why China's mothers are refusing to have a second child... (4-Sep-2018)
3-Sep-18 World View -- Libya declares state of emergency, closes Tripoli airport: The deterioration of Libya since the 2011 'Arab Spring'... (3-Sep-2018)
2-Sep-18 World View -- Worldwide alarm as the US ends aid to UNRWA Palestinian refugee agency: US military cancels $300 million in aid to Pakistan... (2-Sep-2018)
1-Sep-18 World View -- Alexander Zakharchenko, leader of Russian forces in eastern Ukraine, is assassinated: Alexander Zakharchenko was increasingly annoying to his masters in Moscow... (1-Sep-2018)
31-Aug-18 World View -- US court seizes Venezuela's Citgo, as Argentina's peso crashes: Argentina's peso collapses after central bank raises interest rate to 60%... (31-Aug-2018)
30-Aug-18 World View -- Diplomats fear that proposed Serbia-Kosovo peace deal will lead to Balkans war: Former Balkan diplomats say that land swap proposal ignores 1,000 years of bloodshed... (30-Aug-2018)
29-Aug-18 World View -- China ends two-child policy, but considers a 'wacky' three-child policy: China evaluates the failure of the two-child policy... (29-Aug-2018)
28-Aug-18 World View -- Saudis target women and children in Yemen to make them 'shiver' for generations: US Military under pressure to end support of Saudis in Yemen... (28-Aug-2018)
27-Aug-18 World View -- Genocide of Rohingyas in Burma (Myanmar) appears to be almost complete: Syria, Cameroon, Sudan Darfur genocides follow the same pattern... (27-Aug-2018)
26-Aug-18 World View -- China, North and South Korea confounded by cancellation of Kim Jong-un meeting: Trump pursues risky strategy, trying to avoid a greater risk... (26-Aug-2018)
25-Aug-18 World View -- In dreaded scenario, Ebola spreads to densely populated war zone in Congo: The dreaded tribal war zone scenario... (25-Aug-2018)
24-Aug-18 World View -- South Africa politics roiled by Trump tweet on killing white farmers: Cyril Ramaphosa defends land expropriation policy... (24-Aug-2018)
23-Aug-18 World View -- Russia demands that US and EU pay to rebuild Syria: Bolton says that Iran must withdraw from Syria... (23-Aug-2018)
22-Aug-18 World View -- Taiwan says that China is 'out of control' after El Salvador switches allegiance: El Salvador receives harsh criticism for switching allegiance from Taiwan to China... (22-Aug-2018)
21-Aug-18 World View -- ISIS claims credit for coordinated attacks across Russia's Chechnya region: Brief generational history of Chechnya... (21-Aug-2018)
20-Aug-18 World View -- Afghanistan's president Ghani announces ceasefire with Taliban: Taliban says no peace in Afghanistan until foreign 'occupation' withdraws... (20-Aug-2018)
19-Aug-18 World View -- Socialist Venezuela introduces new fantasy currency and new Socialist changes: Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says that capitalism has not always existed... (19-Aug-2018)
18-Aug-18 World View -- New Pentagon military assessment details China's preparations for war: The growing military threat from China... (18-Aug-2018)
17-Aug-18 World View -- US imposes new North Korea sanctions on Chinese and Russian shipping companies: Profound connection between the sanctions on Turkey and North Korea... (17-Aug-2018)
16-Aug-18 World View -- China-Cambodia grow closer militarily, as Hun Sen steals parliamentary election: China's military aid and infrastructure investments bring debt trap to Cambodia... (16-Aug-2018)
15-Aug-18 World View -- Chinese workers in Pakistan injured in terrorist bombing: War of words grows over IMF funding for Pakistan's debt... (15-Aug-2018)
14-Aug-18 World View -- Taliban attack on Ghazni brings America's Afghanistan strategy into question: Afghan army, backed by US, struggles to regain Ghazni after four days... (14-Aug-2018)
13-Aug-18 World View -- A 'historic' Caspian Sea agreement leaves major issues unresolved: Major issues about commercial exploitation remain unresolved... (13-Aug-2018)
12-Aug-18 World View -- Colombia's president Ivan Duque takes office amidst accusations from Venezuela: Brief generational history of Colombia... (12-Aug-2018)
11-Aug-18 World View -- Turkey's lira currency crumbles as Trump turns the screws after Erdogan double-cross: How Erdogan apparently double-crossed Trump... (11-Aug-2018)
10-Aug-18 World View -- Discontent with China's president Xi Jinping continues during 'trade war': China uses increasing violence to suppress criticism... (10-Aug-2018)
9-Aug-18 World View -- Italy threatens EU with immigration fight to get budget concessions: Spain becomes the major destination for migrants from Africa... (9-Aug-2018)
8-Aug-18 World View -- Iran's protesters blame bad economy on Supreme Leader, not on US sanctions: The international demand for regime change in Iran... (8-Aug-2018)
7-Aug-18 World View -- Pakistan faces imminent financial crisis threatening China's CPEC: Pakistan elects anti-American far right religious Imran Khan to be prime minister... (7-Aug-2018)
6-Aug-18 World View -- John Bolton and Marco Rubio describe North Korea strategy, as sanctions are violated: UN report: North Korea nuclear and missile development continues... (6-Aug-2018)
5-Aug-18 World View -- China mocks America's 'Indo-Pacific' strategy at ASEAN meeting: Concerns grow over China's debt strategy for Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)... (5-Aug-2018)
4-Aug-18 World View -- South Africa announces plans for unpaid confiscation of white-owned farms: Zimbabwe's post-election violence raises concerns about economy... (4-Aug-2018)
3-Aug-18 World View -- DR Congo has new outbreak of Ebola just as the previous outbreak ends: Reasons for quick containment of last Ebola outbreak... (3-Aug-2018)
2-Aug-18 World View -- Report: EU and UK ready to accept 'fudge' to get through Brexit: Opposition grows to the 'fudge' proposal... (2-Aug-2018)
1-Aug-18 World View -- Iran's anti-government protests expand as rial currency plummets: The Grand Bazaar and the prospects for regime change... (1-Aug-2018)
31-Jul-18 World View -- Attacks on Saudi tankers expose twin Iran military threats to international oil shipments: US considers military options for Hormuz and Bab al-Mandeb... (31-Jul-2018)
30-Jul-18 World View -- Operation Gukurahundi genocide becomes major Zimbabwe election issue: Robert Mugabe endorses the opposition candidate... (30-Jul-2018)
29-Jul-18 World View -- Cambodia's China-backed dictator Hun Sen expected to win fraudulent election on Sunday: Brief generational history of Cambodia... (29-Jul-2018)
28-Jul-18 World View -- Saudi Arabia suspends Red Sea oil shipments after Yemen Houthi missile strikes tanker: Saudis renew airstrikes on Houthis in Yemen's Hodeidah seaport... (28-Jul-2018)
27-Jul-18 World View -- ISIS terror attack kills hundreds of Druze in southern Syria: History of the Druze religion... (27-Jul-2018)
26-Jul-18 World View -- North Korea appears to dismantle its Sohae satellite launch site: North Korea's denuclearization timeline seems to be extending out indefinitely... (26-Jul-2018)
25-Jul-18 World View -- Defector in Kazakhstan reveals explosive information about China's 'reeducation centers': The explosive testimony: thousands of Kazakhs in China's reeducation camps... (25-Jul-2018)
24-Jul-18 World View -- Australia sends refugees to Taiwan hospitals to keep them from Australian soil: Once secret refugee deal sends refugees to Taiwan's hospital... (24-Jul-2018)
23-Jul-18 World View -- ISIS-K bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan, targets returning vice president Abdul Rashid Dostum: ISIS-K claims credit for bomb targeting Uzbek warlord General Dostum... (23-Jul-2018)
22-Jul-18 World View -- Bashar al-Assad declares victory in southern Syria as opponents are bused out: Fears grow that Bashar al-Assad will attack 2.5 million people in Idlib... (22-Jul-2018)
21-Jul-18 World View -- The Trump-Putin private meeting was almost certainly about China: Donald Trump threatens to impose tariffs on everything imported from China... (21-Jul-2018)
20-Jul-18 World View -- Ireland hiring 1,000 new customs and veterinary inspectors for hard Brexit: Britain's government in chaos as no-deal 'hard Brexit' looms... (20-Jul-2018)
19-Jul-18 World View -- Trump administration signals that trade war with China will escalate sharply: The growing conflict with China... (19-Jul-2018)
18-Jul-18 World View -- Fighting between Taliban and ISIS-K escalates in Afghanistan: ISIS-K claims credit for killing 15 Taliban, including commander... (18-Jul-2018)
17-Jul-18 World View -- Pakistan terrorism grows as July 25 election approaches: 'Ghazi Force' takes credit for attack on 11th anniversary of Red Mosque siege... (17-Jul-2018)
16-Jul-18 World View -- Socialist Cuba moves to Capitalism, while Socialist Venezuela moves to self-destruction: Private property ownership allowed under Cuba's new constitution... (16-Jul-2018)
15-Jul-18 World View -- Israel prepares for war on two fronts, Gaza and Syria: Egypt mediates Israel-Gaza ceasefire in biggest escalation since 2014 war... (15-Jul-2018)
14-Jul-18 World View -- China's railway contractor in Kenya accused of 'neo-colonialism, racism and blatant discrimination': Kenya may lose its Mombasa seaport to China because of 'Debt Book Diplomacy'... (14-Jul-2018)
13-Jul-18 World View -- Viral video shows Francophone Cameroon soldiers killing women and children: Cameroon continues on path to full-scale civil war... (13-Jul-2018)
12-Jul-18 World View -- Haiti blames IMF for fuel price increases triggering riots: Haiti people riot after announcement of fuel price rises during World Cup match... (12-Jul-2018)
11-Jul-18 World View -- Concerns grow that Azerbaijan plans Armenia invasion from Nakhchivan enclave: Tensions grow between Armenia and Azerbaijan in Nakhchivan enclave... (11-Jul-2018)
10-Jul-18 World View -- Israel will close crossing point to Gaza in retaliation for incendiary kites: The incendiary kite attacks began with 'The Great March for Return'... (10-Jul-2018)
9-Jul-18 World View -- India's Kashmir locked down after 3 civilians killed by police: Violence sparked by death of Burhan Wani continues to grow... (9-Jul-2018)
8-Jul-18 World View -- North Korea issues vitriolic anti-US rant, collapsing denuclearization talks: The North Korean demands: total American withdrawal from South Korea... (8-Jul-2018)
7-Jul-18 World View -- Russia's actions in Sea of Azov raise fears of another invasion of Ukraine: Ukraine's Donbas war continues, as US supplies Javelin anti-tank missiles... (7-Jul-2018)
6-Jul-18 World View -- Sec of State Pompeo visits North Korea amid reports that sanctions will be softened: Commentary: The US imposes tariffs on Chinese imports... (6-Jul-2018)
5-Jul-18 World View -- Al-Assad's attacks on Daraa threaten clashes with Israel and Jordan on Syria's border: Jordan and Israel concerned about infiltration from Iran and Hezbollah... (5-Jul-2018)
4-Jul-18 World View -- German leaders agree to migrant refugee camps on border with Austria: Egypt refuses to build refugee camps for migrants deported from Europe... (4-Jul-2018)
3-Jul-18 World View -- Mexico elects far left president amid skyrocketing murders, crime and corruption: Generational explanation for the violence in Mexico... (3-Jul-2018)
2-Jul-18 World View -- Generational explanation of today's vitriolic divisiveness in America: Leon Festinger and Cognitive Dissonance... (2-Jul-2018)
1-Jul-18 World View -- Syria and Russia create humanitarian catastrophe in Daraa: Number displaced by Syrian and Russian bombing in Daara triples to 160,000... (1-Jul-2018)
30-Jun-18 World View -- EU leaders agree on fantasy migration plan after all-night meeting: Italy backs down from threat to veto the agreement over Dublin regulation... (30-Jun-2018)
29-Jun-18 World View -- Australia passes foreign influence laws, targeting China: China activists accuse Australia of anti-China racism... (29-Jun-2018)
28-Jun-18 World View -- Zimbabwe president Mnangagwa blames Grace Mugabe for bomb blast at rally: Zimbabwe elections overshadowed by the country's dark past... (28-Jun-2018)
27-Jun-18 World View -- Tens of thousands fleeing Syrian bombs trapped at closed Jordan border: Israeli missiles strike Iranian cargo plane near Damascus... (27-Jun-2018)
26-Jun-18 World View -- Massive Tehran riots strike deep into Iran government's legitimacy: Brief generational history of Iran's protests... (26-Jun-2018)
25-Jun-18 World View -- Concerns grow in Israel over Syrian and Russian assaults on Daraa and Quneitra provinces: Jordan says it can't host a new wave of refugees from Syria... (25-Jun-2018)
24-Jun-18 World View -- Ethiopia's prime minister Abiy Ahmediat escapes grenade attack at massive rally: New Ethiopia reforms face opposition by hardliners... (24-Jun-2018)
23-Jun-18 World View -- Desperate European Union considers 'Disembarkation Platforms' for migrants: European Union very badly split on migration as Sunday's summit approaches... (23-Jun-2018)
22-Jun-18 World View -- Thousands of Syrians flee into Jordan to escape bombing in Daraa: Fears grow of Syrian army advance into Quneitra province... (22-Jun-2018)
21-Jun-18 World View -- Europe and North America overwhelmed by growing migration crisis: The increasing threat of 'unspeakable' violence from MS-13... (21-Jun-2018)
20-Jun-18 World View -- Saudi coalition claims to have captured airport in Yemen's Hodeidah: United Nations renews its peace plan proposal... (20-Jun-2018)
19-Jun-18 World View -- Russia-Israel alliance grows, while Russia-Iran alliance frays in Syria: Israeli airstrike on Syria-Iraq border kills dozens of Shia militia fighters... (19-Jun-2018)
18-Jun-18 World View -- India cancels ceasefire in Kashmir after one month: Controversial one-sided UN report on Kashmir condemns India ... (18-Jun-2018)
17-Jun-18 World View -- Italy's migration policy opens up battle lines within the EU: As Aquarius migrants head for Spain, Spain rescues 900 more migrants from Mediterranean... (17-Jun-2018)
16-Jun-18 World View -- Cameroon condemns scathing Amnesty report on government atrocities: Amnesty report documents increasing violence on both sides... (16-Jun-2018)
15-Jun-18 World View -- Saudi Arabia and UAE launch a 'catastrophic' assault on Port Hodeidah in Yemen: Houthis increase missile attacks on Saudi cities... (15-Jun-2018)
14-Jun-18 World View -- After the Kim-Trump summit, US and N. Korea plan denuclearization details: After the summit, North Korea must make the next move... (14-Jun-2018)
13-Jun-18 World View -- Vietnam government surprised by widespread anti-China and anti-government protests: Anti-government protests grow in Vietnam along with anti-China protests... (13-Jun-2018)
12-Jun-18 World View -- Spain's offer to take in Aquarius migrants is rejected as dangerous to migrants: Italy cries victory, portending a growing EU migrant crisis this summer... (12-Jun-2018)
11-Jun-18 World View -- EU faces new crisis as Italy demands that Malta accept African migrants: Malta refuses to accept migrants, says it 'adheres to all obligations'... (11-Jun-2018)
10-Jun-18 World View -- Afghan Taliban launches multiple terror attacks, then declares farcical ceasefire: Special Inspector General issues scathing report on US military in Afghanistan... (10-Jun-2018)
9-Jun-18 World View -- Argentina faces major financial crisis as IMF loans it $50 billion: Protests grow against new IMF deal in Argentina... (9-Jun-2018)
8-Jun-18 World View -- Macedonia name issue triggers more huge protests in northern Greece: Protesters in Greece demand that Macedonia's new name be 'erga omnes'... (8-Jun-2018)
7-Jun-18 World View -- Turkey and Greece tensions rise with warplane dogfights over Aegean Sea: Deep millennia-old issues separate Turkey and Greece... (7-Jun-2018)
6-Jun-18 World View -- In a surprise, Ethiopia accepts peace deal with Eritrea: Ethiopia's new PM lifts state of emergency two months early... (6-Jun-2018)
5-Jun-18 World View -- Jordan's government in chaos as PM resigns in face of anti-government protests: Fears grow that Jordan will be the next victim of the 'Arab Spring'... (5-Jun-2018)
4-Jun-18 World View -- Violence between herders and farmers surges in Nigeria: Nigeria's amnesty program in Niger Delta under fire... (4-Jun-2018)
3-Jun-18 World View -- Europe faces challenges with new governments in Italy, Spain and Catalonia: Italy's markets stabilize as new 'populist' government takes office... (3-Jun-2018)
2-Jun-18 World View -- Israel makes deal with Russia as Syria's al-Assad makes anti-US rant: Israel and Russia reach agreement to keep Iran out of Syria's south... (2-Jun-2018)
1-Jun-18 World View -- Israel hopeful that Egypt's mediation has ended Gaza violence - for now: Egypt mediates a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas... (1-Jun-2018)
31-May-18 World View -- Malaysia shocked when 92-year-old Mahathir Mohamad becomes prime minister: Mahathir promises to reduce Malaysia's debt and China's influence... (31-May-2018)
30-May-18 World View -- Philippine President Duterte reverses position, says he would go to war with China over South China Sea: China raises 'combat readiness' as US-China relations become increasingly hostile... (30-May-2018)
29-May-18 World View -- Italy's 'populist' government collapses, threatening eurozone exit: Italy's president Mattarella selects a 'technocrat' as prime minister... (29-May-2018)
28-May-18 World View -- Dozens killed in English-speaking Cameroon region by French-speaking government police: US Ambassador Peter Barlerin accuses Cameroon government of 'targeted killings'... (28-May-2018)
27-May-18 World View -- U.S. threatens 'firm measures' against al-Assad's military action in Deraa, Syria: Syria passes new 'Law #10' to block refugees from returning home after the war... (27-May-2018)
26-May-18 World View -- Russia gains foothold in Central African Republic, displacing France: The rise of Russia's military contractor Wagner Private Military Company (Wagner PMC)... (26-May-2018)
25-May-18 World View -- North Korea suffers diplomatic defeat as Trump cancels summit: China prepares to station thousands of troops in South China Sea... (25-May-2018)
24-May-18 World View -- Australia-China relations in crisis after revelation of Chinese bribery scandal: China blames Australia and threatens retaliation... (24-May-2018)
23-May-18 World View -- European markets in turmoil over Italy's unbridled spending proposals: Key proposals from Italy's M5S-League coalition... (23-May-2018)
22-May-18 World View -- China will end 'one-child policy' and all limits on births: China's gender imbalance caused by one-child policy has been disastrous... (22-May-2018)
21-May-18 World View -- Stage is set for a new humanitarian catastrophe in Syria's Idlib province: Turkey warns Syria's Bashar al-Assad not to attack Idlib province... (21-May-2018)
20-May-18 World View -- China escalates militarization of South China Sea, preparing for war: China prepares for war on multiple fronts... (20-May-2018)
19-May-18 World View -- Two protesters killed in southern Iran in latest violent clashes with police: Iranian police clash with marginalized Qashqai tribe in southern Iran... (19-May-2018)
18-May-18 World View -- New Ebola outbreak in major DR Congo city is called potentially 'explosive': Applying lessons learned, WHO and MSF move quickly to contain Ebola outbreak... (18-May-2018)
17-May-18 World View -- China says that its military exercises are intended to threaten Taiwan: Taiwan, in cooperation with the U.S., strengthens defenses against China... (17-May-2018)
16-May-18 World View -- Taliban launches major military operation in Farah province in Afghanistan: Afghan government continues to lose control to the Taliban... (16-May-2018)
15-May-18 World View -- Gaza violence surges in Palestinian 'Great March for Return' into Israel: Opening of US embassy in Jerusalem stirs strong reactions... (15-May-2018)
14-May-18 World View -- ISIS linked family of six bombs three churches in Indonesia: Growth of Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD) in Indonesia... (14-May-2018)
13-May-18 World View -- Likely outcome of Trump-Kim North Korea summit: Mutual recriminations and accusations: North Korea schedules dismantling of nuclear test site as TV ceremony... (13-May-2018)
12-May-18 World View -- Climate change conference collapses as China backs down from emission commitments: Climate change activists struggle to replace US climate change money... (12-May-2018)
11-May-18 World View -- Israel-Iran attacks in Syria take a pause, as Turkey tightens control over Afrin: Turkey tightens grip on Syria's Afrin, and continues to threaten Manbij... (11-May-2018)
10-May-18 World View -- Killing of two priests escalates farmer-herder conflict in Benue State, Nigeria: Israel, Iran and Syria exchange fire in first direct military confrontation... (10-May-2018)
9-May-18 News -- European politicians have a lot to learn from North and South Korean leaders, by Loretta Napoleoni: Brexit and other European fiascos in diplomacy... (9-May-2018)
9-May-18 World View -- Brexit negotiations in crisis as deadlines approach with no agreements: Theresa May's two delusional proposals - Customs Partnership and Maximum Facilitation... (9-May-2018)
8-May-18 World View -- Cambodia's dictatorial Hun Sen forces sale of independent Phnom Penh Post: Phnom Penh Post had a combative relationship with Hun Sen... (8-May-2018)
7-May-18 World View -- Pakistan's interior minister shot by member of loony anti-blasphemy Barelvi sect: Barelvi sect and Tehreek-e-Labaik political party surge in popularity... (7-May-2018)
6-May-18 World View -- Muslim vs Catholic violence surges again in Central African Republic: Angry protesters bring corpses to MINUSCA headquarters in Bangui... (6-May-2018)
5-May-18 World View -- UAE troops and tanks deployed to Yemen's Socotra island in dispute with Saudi Arabia: Rift grows between Saudi Arabia and UAE in Yemen... (5-May-2018)
4-May-18 World View -- China deploys cruise and surface-to-air missiles in South China Sea: China's military attacks US pilots in Djibouti with high-grade blinding lasers... (4-May-2018)
3-May-18 World View -- Israel reveals intelligence coup on Iran's nuclear weapons program: Importance of 2003 Iraq War revealed by the Iranian intelligence coup... (3-May-2018)
2-May-18 World View -- Russia confounded by the chaotic popular uprising in Armenia: Armenia in a generational Awakening era... (2-May-2018)
1-May-18 World View -- Nine journalists killed by suicide bombers in Kabul Afghanistan: Analysts guess at why Afghanistan's security situation keeps deteriorating... (1-May-2018)
30-Apr-18 World View -- Pakistan's anti-American 'hope and change' candidate Imran Khan runs again: Imran Khan threatens an anti-American and pro-Chinese agenda... (30-Apr-2018)
29-Apr-18 World View -- Thousands of ethnic Kachins flee from violence by Burma (Myanmar) army: Burma (Myanmar) appears to be entering a full-scale crisis civil war... (29-Apr-2018)
28-Apr-18 World View -- Kazakhstan to permit America to use Caspian ports to supply military in Afghanistan: Russia moves to increase dominance over Caspian Sea... (28-Apr-2018)
27-Apr-18 World View -- North Korea's negotiating position collapses, along with Mount Mantap: North-South Korea summit begins... (27-Apr-2018)
26-Apr-18 World View -- Armenia's protesters continue protesting after forcing resignation of prime minister: Fears grow that Armenia's instability will spill over into Russia... (26-Apr-2018)
25-Apr-18 World View -- Congo's Kabila and Burundi's Nkurunziza use violence and corruption to stay in power: DR Congo's Joseph Kabila attacks Catholic Church opposition violently... (25-Apr-2018)
24-Apr-18 World View -- Number of Israeli 'price tag' hate crime attacks by radical Jewish settlers surges: Hilltop youth from Yitzhar settlement considered the epicenter of 'price tag' attacks... (24-Apr-2018)
23-Apr-18 World View -- ISIS-K suicide bomber kills over 50 in Kabul, Afghanistan, registering to vote: ISIS Khorasan (ISIS-K) becomes more prominent in South Asia... (23-Apr-2018)
22-Apr-18 World View -- North Korea suspends all nuclear, missile tests, shuts down nuclear test site: North Korea promised to denuclearize in 2008, and proved its sincerity... (22-Apr-2018)
21-Apr-18 World View -- Socialist Venezuela's state-owned PDVSA oil company near total collapse: Will China or Russia save Venezuela?... (21-Apr-2018)
20-Apr-18 World View -- Cuba's new president Miguel Díaz-Canel makes delusional promise to continue Socialist revolution: Cuba's faltering economy and the dual currency problem... (20-Apr-2018)
19-Apr-18 World View -- Thousands of Mali refugees flee into Burkina Faso to escape ethnic violence: Canada debates whether there's any point to a peacekeeping force... (19-Apr-2018)
18-Apr-18 World View -- Leader of Armenia's 'non-violent velvet revolution' threatens to paralyze the country: Brief generational history of Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan... (18-Apr-2018)
17-Apr-18 World View -- As Syria's al-Assad attacks Idlib, he may consider chemical weapons essential: Russia ties itself in knots diplomatically over Syria gas attack... (17-Apr-2018)
16-Apr-18 World View -- Israel's top court orders 207 African migrants to be released from jail: Uganda first agrees to accept Israel's African migrants, then backs down... (16-Apr-2018)
15-Apr-18 World View -- Iran, Hezbollah and Syria threaten retaliation against Israel: American, British, French attack on Syria signals sharp change in Western policy... (15-Apr-2018)
14-Apr-18 World View -- DR Congo boycotts its own international humanitarian conference for DR Congo: U.S., France, Britain launch Syria attack in retaliation for al-Assad's use of chemical weapons... (14-Apr-2018)
13-Apr-18 World View -- Japan finds 'semi-infinite supply' of rare earth minerals in its territorial waters: Japan's rare earths discovery represents a defeat for China... (13-Apr-2018)
12-Apr-18 World View -- The world awaits Trump's promised retaliation for al-Assad's chemical weapons attack: Israel braces for attack from Iran in retaliation for Sunday's airstrike... (12-Apr-2018)
11-Apr-18 World View -- Major multi-national military operation planned for Syria after Sarin gas use: Russia's Andrey Klimov: Sarin gas attack is just a Hollywood movie... (11-Apr-2018)
10-Apr-18 World View -- Viktor Orbán's Fidesz party victory in Hungary signals strong European move to the right: Viktor Orbán's Fidesz anti-migrant party wins overwhelming victory in Hungary... (10-Apr-2018)
9-Apr-18 World View -- Trump threatens 'big price to pay' after Assad's chemical weapons attack in Syria: Syria reports that it's under missile attack, 'likely' by the US... (9-Apr-2018)
8-Apr-18 World View -- US will sell submarine technology to Taiwan, as Japan launches first marine brigade since end of WW II: Taiwan and Japan respond to China's militarization... (8-Apr-2018)
7-Apr-18 World View -- Gaza Palestinians burn tires to hide protests from Israel's army: Hamas and Fatah/PLO criticized for contradictory strategies... (7-Apr-2018)
6-Apr-18 World View -- Ukraine seizes Russian ship in Sea of Azov in retaliation for Kerch Strait blockade: Russia builds bridge over Kerch Strait to Crimea, blocking commercial traffic to Ukraine... (6-Apr-2018)
5-Apr-18 World View -- China on path to repeat Japan's experience after Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930: China's tariff retaliation plan would devastate China's economy... (5-Apr-2018)
4-Apr-18 World View -- Russia accelerates delivery of S-400 anti-aircraft missiles to Turkey: Mainstream media emphasize the love-fest between Turkey and Russia... (4-Apr-2018)
3-Apr-18 World View -- Israel's government in turmoil over failure to deport African migrants: Netanyahu: We fell into a 'trap' with failed deportation plan... (3-Apr-2018)
2-Apr-18 World View -- Massive new anti-India violence in Kashmir leads to 20 deaths: Uprising in Kashmir continues to grow into war between India and Pakistan... (2-Apr-2018)
1-Apr-18 World View -- Gaza Palestinian 'Land Day' demonstrations lead to violence with Israel's army: Fears grow of resumption of 2014 Gaza war... (1-Apr-2018)
31-Mar-18 World View -- Russia's Far East, Siberia and Vladivostok under threat from China: Russians increasingly fear losing Lake Baikal to China - and to garbage... (31-Mar-2018)
30-Mar-18 World View -- Ethiopia chooses an Oromo leader, as Kenya has farcical confrontation with the courts: Ethiopia chooses Oromo leader, Abiy Ahmed, hoping to reduce violence... (30-Mar-2018)
29-Mar-18 World View -- Russia-China strategy to use the UN to control Western foreign policy has stopped working: China 'prepares for war' with massive naval/air force drills in South China Sea... (29-Mar-2018)
28-Mar-18 World View -- Tense Turkey-EU summit in Bulgaria once again ends in failure: Other unresolved issues from the EU-Turkey summit meeting... (28-Mar-2018)
27-Mar-18 World View -- Al-Houthi missile attack on Saudi cities sharply escalates the Yemen war: Yemen's Iran-backed al-Houthi rebels launch barrage of missile attacks on Saudi cities... (27-Mar-2018)
26-Mar-18 World View -- Spain's arrests of Catalonia secessionist leaders revive memories of Franco's brutal atrocities: Violent clashes with police in Spain's Catalonia follow arrest of Puigdemont in Germany... (26-Mar-2018)
25-Mar-18 World View -- The Pivotal Generation (Generation Z) marches for gun control, tilting at windmills: Defining the generations -- Silent, Boomer, Generation-X, Millennial, Pivotal... (25-Mar-2018)
24-Mar-18 World View -- Report that Russia is helping the Taliban in Afghanistan contains delusional aspects: US warship sails near China's illegal artificial island in the South China Sea... (24-Mar-2018)
23-Mar-18 World View -- Turkey's government takes control of last remaining independent news source: South Africans furious at Australia for condemning white farmer land confiscation... (23-Mar-2018)
22-Mar-18 World View -- How China would lose a war with the United States: ISIS-linked terrorists in Afghanistan kill 32 in bombing of Shia Shrine in Kabul... (22-Mar-2018)
21-Mar-18 World View -- Xi Jinping invokes the 1840s Opium Wars to justify military action for China's 'rejuvenation': Xi Jinping stokes China's nationalism with harsh threats to Taiwan and Hong Kong... (21-Mar-2018)
20-Mar-18 World View -- Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board overwhelmed by migrants crossing border from US: Turkey achieves victory in Afrin, Syria, but Kurds threaten guerilla war... (20-Mar-2018)
19-Mar-18 World View -- Burundi's Hutu 'eternal supreme guide' Nkurunziza to remain in power eternally: Finland is the happiest country in the world, Burundi the unhappiest... (19-Mar-2018)
18-Mar-18 World View -- Human rights protests of Cambodia and Myanmar (Burma) overshadow Australia ASEAN summit meeting: Cambodia's Hun Sen threatens violence at protesters at ASEAN meeting... (18-Mar-2018)
17-Mar-18 World View -- Ireland border issue continues to confound Brexit negotiations: Despite warnings from China, Trump signs the Taiwan Travel Act... (17-Mar-2018)
16-Mar-18 World View -- Concerns grow of humanitarian disaster in Afrin, Syria, as Turkey's forces enter: Silence from North Korea puts Kim-Trump summit in doubt... (16-Mar-2018)
15-Mar-18 World View -- Thousands of Ethiopian Oromos flee into Kenya, threatening regional stability: Fears grow that Ethiopia's ethnic clashes will destabilize the region... (15-Mar-2018)
14-Mar-18 World View -- Trump blocks Broadcom acquisition of Qualcomm over national security: Government urges not doing business with China's Huawei and ZTE... (14-Mar-2018)
13-Mar-18 World View -- Britain threatens Russia with retaliation over nerve gas poisoning of Skripal: Skripal was attacked with Novichok, a military-grade nerve agent developed by Russia... (13-Mar-2018)
12-Mar-18 World View -- Socialists and feminists to act as 'human shields' protecting Kurds from Turkey in Afrin Syria: US cuts back operations in Incirlik as Turkey-NATO relations sour... (12-Mar-2018)
11-Mar-18 World View -- General warns of US security danger if China acquires Djibouti seaport: China continues influence through 'debt trap' policies... (11-Mar-2018)
10-Mar-18 World View -- The Donald Trump - Kim Jong-un meeting hinges on a decision that Kim has already made: Kenya's bitter rivals, Kenyatta and Odinga, become 'brothers' as Tillerson arrives... (10-Mar-2018)
9-Mar-18 World View -- Portions of Indian-governed Kashmir shut down after deadly clashes: Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) becomes leading jihadist group in Kashmir... (9-Mar-2018)
8-Mar-18 World View -- US-backed Kurds stop fighting ISIS in order to fight Turkey in Afrin: Mahmoud Abbas may step down as Palestinian Authority president... (8-Mar-2018)
7-Mar-18 World View -- Sri Lanka declares state of emergency after Buddhist-Muslim violence: North Korea says it will denuclearize if the regime is 'secure'... (7-Mar-2018)
6-Mar-18 World View -- The Ghouta 'ceasefire' turns into a Syrian army scam to steal humanitarian aid: Syria says close to defeating Jaysh al-Islam in Eastern Ghouta... (6-Mar-2018)
5-Mar-18 World View -- India and Vietnam sign security agreements for the South China Sea: India's relationship with Southeast Asian nations overshadowed by China... (5-Mar-2018)
4-Mar-18 World View -- China pushes to invest heavily in Iraq's energy infrastructure: African Cédric Bakambu joins China's Sinobo Guoan Football (Soccer) Club... (4-Mar-2018)
3-Mar-18 World View -- Turkey suffers military setback in 'Operation Olive Branch' in Afrin Syria: Turkey doubles down on Afrin-Manbij operation, despite US opposition... (3-Mar-2018)
2-Mar-18 World View -- Bangladesh formally protests Burma's (Myanmar's) troop buildup near border: April monsoon rains will have disastrous impact on Rohingya camps in Bangladesh... (2-Mar-2018)
1-Mar-18 World View -- Moving sharply left, South Africa calls for potentially disastrous land reform : Julius Malema and the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) movement... (1-Mar-2018)
28-Feb-18 World View -- Russia's 'humanitarian pause' in Syria turns into farce on first day: Report: North Korea is selling chemical weapons supplies to Syria... (28-Feb-2018)
27-Feb-18 World View -- Saudi Arabia sacks its top tier of military commanders as Yemen war drags on: From missile strikes and bombings to cholera, war-torn Yemen deteriorates... (27-Feb-2018)
26-Feb-18 World View -- New book documents extensive Chinese infiltration into Australia's organizations : New Zealand investigates attacks on author of report on China's infiltration into New Zealand... (26-Feb-2018)
25-Feb-18 World View -- China angrily demands that the US retract the new North Korea sanctions: As North Korea's 'charm offensive' fades, decision time for military action approaches... (25-Feb-2018)
24-Feb-18 World View -- US embassy to Jerusalem will commemorate Israel's founding -- Palestinian 'Naqba Day': Already furious Palestinians condemn embassy move on 'Naqba Day' -- 'Catastrophe Day'... (24-Feb-2018)
23-Feb-18 World View -- Syria, Russia, Iran conduct full-on mass extermination of civilians in Eastern Ghouta: North Korea insults South Korea with selection of Kim Yong-chol head of Olympics closing ceremony... (23-Feb-2018)
22-Feb-18 World View -- Cobalt for Apple iPhones means more money and weapons for DR Congo's corrupt leader Joseph Kabila: Thousands of children work as cobalt miners in DR Congo... (22-Feb-2018)
21-Feb-18 World View -- US considers military options as North Korea continues nuclear weapons development during Olympics: American politicians debate a 'bloody nose attack' on North Korea... (21-Feb-2018)
20-Feb-18 World View -- Turkey gets bogged down with military 'Operation Olive Branch' in Afrin, Syria: Syria says it will send its 'popular forces' to support the YPG against Turkey in Afrin... (20-Feb-2018)
19-Feb-18 World View -- Special prosecutor Robert Mueller issues farcical indictment of Russian trolls: Comparing Russian trolls to Chinese hackers... (19-Feb-2018)
18-Feb-18 World View -- Iran gives operational control of its Chabahar seaport to India: Comparing Iran's Chabahar seaport vs Pakistan's Gwadar seaport... (18-Feb-2018)
17-Feb-18 World View -- Ethiopia declares state of emergency after shock resignation of prime minister: Generational analysis of Ethiopia's protests and state of emergency... (17-Feb-2018)
16-Feb-18 World View -- Concerns grow over China's covert infiltration into New Zealand's government: Anne-Marie Brady's report, 'Magic Weapons', documents China's global influence strategy... (16-Feb-2018)
15-Feb-18 World View -- Netherlands expels Eritrean diplomat over coercive 'diaspora tax' collections: Eritrea's Patriarch Abune Antonios has not been seen in months... (15-Feb-2018)
14-Feb-18 World View -- Colombia and Brazil close borders with Venezuela amid talk of possible military intervention: Parents send kids to orphanages as Venezuela's oil production collapse... (14-Feb-2018)
13-Feb-18 World View -- Thousands of DR Congo refugees pour into Uganda to escape tribal violence: Massive 1998-2003 war between Hema and Lendu tribes has continued violence today... (13-Feb-2018)
12-Feb-18 World View -- What was Kim Yo-jong thinking as she returned to North Korea from the Olympics?: Moon Jae-in faces some difficult decisions... (12-Feb-2018)
11-Feb-18 World View -- Syrian war escalates sharply, after Israel, Iran, Turkey and Russia all lose aircraft: With defeat of ISIS, war escalates, and Syria becomes more fragmented and chaotic... (11-Feb-2018)
10-Feb-18 World View -- Egypt's army announces major counter-terrorism operation in Sinai - with Israel's help: Multiple reports indicate that Egypt and Israel are cooperating in Sinai... (10-Feb-2018)
9-Feb-18 World View -- US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) clash with Syrian regime forces: International Crisis Groups asks Russia to prevent Israel-Iran war in Syria... (9-Feb-2018)
8-Feb-18 World View -- Nigeria threatens Cameroon as 40,000 refugees cross the border: Nigeria sends army to curb violence between herders and farmers... (8-Feb-2018)
7-Feb-18 World View -- Maldives crisis pits India vs China in the Indian Ocean: Maldives president arrests Supreme Court justices to get favorable court ruling... (7-Feb-2018)
6-Feb-18 World View -- Syria's Bashar al-Assad steps up use of chemical weapons on his own people: UN Security Council is worthless as Syria uses chemical weapons with impunity... (6-Feb-2018)
5-Feb-18 World View -- Hundreds of thousands in Athens Greece protest Macedonia name compromise: Officials go from optimism to pessimism over solving Macedonia issue... (5-Feb-2018)
4-Feb-18 World View -- Kenya cracks down on political opposition after mock inauguration: Fears grow of repeat of 2008 post-election violence... (4-Feb-2018)
3-Feb-18 World View -- Migrants in Calais France hospitalized after violent clashes: Calais becomes difficult choke point in Brexit negotiations... (3-Feb-2018)
2-Feb-18 World View -- Reformist criticizes Iran's Supreme Leader, as women conduct anti-hijab protests: Iran's 'Girls of Revolution Street' tear off their hijabs and headscarves... (2-Feb-2018)
1-Feb-18 World View -- New reports show that Taliban are gaining territory in Afghanistan: Losing to Taliban has been predicted for years by generational analysis... (1-Feb-2018)
31-Jan-18 World View -- Russia's Syria peace talks in Sochi dissolve into farce as Lavrov gets heckled: War continues in full force, with Syria and Turkey killing 'terrorists'... (31-Jan-2018)
30-Jan-18 World View -- NY Times publishes a generational analysis of South Korea: Brief generational history of South Korea since World War II... (30-Jan-2018)
29-Jan-18 World View -- Clashes erupt between Saudi and UAE backed forces in South Yemen's port of Aden: Brief generational history of South Yemen... (29-Jan-2018)
28-Jan-18 World View -- New massive Taliban attack in Kabul Afghanistan kills 95: Trump doubles down on war on Taliban in Afghanistan... (28-Jan-2018)
27-Jan-18 World View -- Jihadists attack UN peacekeepers in Mali just as UN demands that Mali implement peace agreement: War becomes more likely as Mali enters a generational Crisis era... (27-Jan-2018)
26-Jan-18 World View -- In major policy shift, China will demolish thousands of migrant homes in cities: Migrant workers built modern China, and are now being discarded... (26-Jan-2018)
25-Jan-18 World View -- Egypt's presidential election becomes a farce as opposition candidates are forced out: Tensions rise between Egypt and Ethiopia over Nile River dam... (25-Jan-2018)
24-Jan-18 World View -- China's Mekong River dams criticized for affecting other countries' livelihoods : In policy shift, US sides with Indonesia in South China Sea over Natuna Sea... (24-Jan-2018)
23-Jan-18 World View -- More than 100,000 Greeks hold mass protest over 'Macedonia' name change: Massive protests in Thessaloniki Greece threaten Tsipras government... (23-Jan-2018)
22-Jan-18 World View -- Multiple Afghanistan Taliban terror attacks leave 'victory' plans in tatters: Sunday's attacks throw new doubts into claims of 'victory' in Afghanistan... (22-Jan-2018)
21-Jan-18 World View -- Turkey begins invasion of Syria while China lies about 'indisputable sovereignty': Summary of major Generational Dynamics predictions... (21-Jan-2018)
20-Jan-18 World View -- Turkey's troops mass on border, preparing to invade northern Syria: The growing conflagration in northwest Syria... (20-Jan-2018)
19-Jan-18 World View -- Britain and France renew 1904 Entente Cordiale with new military agreement: Britain will pay £44.5 million to renew the Le Touquet migration agreement... (19-Jan-2018)
18-Jan-18 World View -- North Korea's Olympics publicity stunt gains widespread media adoration: US, Canada sponsor international North Korea meeting to send signal to China, Russia... (18-Jan-2018)
17-Jan-18 World View -- France's Emmanuel Macron vows no more Jungle refugee camps in Calais: Macron demands more money from Britain and to renegotiate the Le Touquet Agreement... (17-Jan-2018)
16-Jan-18 World View -- US in Syria announces a Border Security Force to prevent repeat of Iraq withdrawal blunder: Turkey, Russia and Syria infuriated by the Border Security Force announcement... (16-Jan-2018)
15-Jan-18 World View -- Cameroon Catholic Church splits over government 'barbarism' and 'growing genocide': Cameroon crisis escalates as English-speakers flee to Nigeria to escape French-speakers' violence... (15-Jan-2018)
14-Jan-18 World View -- Syria's al-Assad threatens to drive hundreds of thousands more refugees into Turkey and Europe: Al-Assad's continued chlorine attacks on civilians follow Putin's 'Grozny model'... (14-Jan-2018)
13-Jan-18 World View -- US requests Pakistan's permission to ship Afghan supplies through Gwadar seaport: US-Pakistan relations continue as before, despite US aid cutoff... (13-Jan-2018)
12-Jan-18 World View -- Tunisia anti-austerity activists call for huge protests on Friday: Tunisia protests evoke memories of the 2011 'Arab Spring'... (12-Jan-2018)
11-Jan-18 World View -- Tit-for-tat violence between Nigeria's Muslim herders and Christian farmers becomes more serious: Nigeria searches for solutions to problem of herders vs farmers... (11-Jan-2018)
10-Jan-18 World View -- Venezuela threatens to close borders with Colombia and Dutch territories: Venezuela threatens to end trade with Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire... (10-Jan-2018)
9-Jan-18 World View -- Number of asylum seekers, led by Albanians, hits record high in France: The 'Jungle' is closed in Calais France, but the migrants aren't gone... (9-Jan-2018)
8-Jan-18 World View -- Rohingya ARSA attack on Burma (Myanmar) police complicates fantasy repatriation plans: Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh continues to grow... (8-Jan-2018)
7-Jan-18 World View -- Syria's Bashar al-Assad targets civilians and hospitals in never-ending war of extermination: Russia's 'de-escalation zones' turn into total farce... (7-Jan-2018)
6-Jan-18 World View -- Iranian advisors are 'on the ground' with Houthis in Yemen, supplying weapons and intelligence: Forces realign in the Yemen war following the death of Ali Abdullah Saleh... (6-Jan-2018)
5-Jan-18 World View -- North Korea reveals major change in strategic direction: The stark choice facing the Trump administration... (5-Jan-2018)
4-Jan-18 World View -- Mongolia turns to India, as nationalism and xenophobia towards China grow: India to help construct Mongolia's first oil refinery... (4-Jan-2018)
3-Jan-18 World View -- US-Pakistan relations hit major crossroad, as US cuts aid: Ohhhhhhhh noooooo! Chocolate may be extinct by 2050!... (3-Jan-2018)
2-Jan-18 World View -- Escalating violence in Iran protests brings calls for Iran-Israel friendship: Trump and Netanyahu express solidarity with Iranian protesters... (2-Jan-2018)
1-Jan-18 World View -- Xi Jinping says that China will now have a 'say' on all international issues: North Korea says that its nuclear arsenal protects it from attacks... (1-Jan-2018)

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