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Web Log Summary - January-December, 2017


30-Apr-17 World View -- European Union lays out demands for Britain over Brexit negotiations: Sharp disagreements ahead over the 60 billion euro Brexit 'divorce settlement'... (30-Apr-2017)
29-Apr-17 World View -- Protesters storm Macedonia's parliament fearing calls for 'Greater Albania': Brief generational history of Macedonia... (29-Apr-2017)
28-Apr-17 World View -- Israel's warplanes strike weapons depot inside Syria near Damascus: Israeli analyst: A new war with Hezbollah might involve all of Lebanon... (28-Apr-2017)
27-Apr-17 World View -- Philippines President Duterte seeks to appease China at ASEAN meeting: The phrase 'Code of Conduct' is the new code word for appeasement... (27-Apr-2017)
26-Apr-17 World View -- Turkey's warplanes strike Kurdish militias fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq: US State Dept. says that it's 'deeply concerned' about the Turkish airstrikes... (26-Apr-2017)
25-Apr-17 World View -- In Pakistan, you may murder anyone with impunity by accusing him of blasphemy first: Even Pakistan is shocked by three blasphemy murders in 11 days... (25-Apr-2017)
24-Apr-17 World View -- Kenya's herders attack well-known conservationist, stoking tribal tensions: Battle between Kenya's farmers and herders morphs into tribal conflict... (24-Apr-2017)
23-Apr-17 World View -- Scientists worldwide hold an international March for Money on 'Earth Day': Rural America and Working Class America... (23-Apr-2017)
22-Apr-17 World View -- Kashmiri students at two Indian colleges harassed and beaten: Indians seek solutions and blame intervention from Pakistan and China... (22-Apr-2017)
21-Apr-17 World View -- Cameroon's president finally caves in, restores internet to English speakers: With violence in Venezuela's streets continuing, Maduro confiscates GM factories... (21-Apr-2017)
20-Apr-17 World View -- EU officials increasingly fear a Marine Le Pen upset victory in France's elections: The threat to the 'European project'... (20-Apr-2017)
19-Apr-17 World View -- UN says lengthy Mosul operation leading to major humanitarian disaster: Iraq says that ISIS and al-Qaeda are in talks to join forces... (19-Apr-2017)
18-Apr-17 World View -- Worries grow that India is 'losing Kashmir,' as violence increases: Video of Kashmir man tied to jeep further inflames anti-India violence... (18-Apr-2017)
17-Apr-17 World View -- Sharply divided Turkey approves referendum giving Erdogan near-dictatorial powers: Turkey's referendum results will be closely scrutinized by Europe... (17-Apr-2017)
16-Apr-17 World View -- Deadly explosion in Syria targets buses carrying 5,000 al-Assad supporters: Evidence of Bashar al-Assad's war crimes and atrocities continues to grow... (16-Apr-2017)
15-Apr-17 World View -- US sends dozens of troops to Somalia, first time since Black Hawk Down: Somalia's civil war and the Black Hawk Down incident... (15-Apr-2017)
14-Apr-17 World View -- North Korea's neighbors tense as the 'Day of the Sun' approaches on Saturday: China's tripwires for invading North Korea... (14-Apr-2017)
13-Apr-17 World View -- Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad defies Supreme Leader and runs for president: Ahmadinejad waits for the appearance of the Mahdi... (13-Apr-2017)
12-Apr-17 World View -- Migrant camp in northern France housing 1,600 people burnt to the ground: The Le Touquet treaty, which moves Britain's border into France, will be reconsidered... (12-Apr-2017)
11-Apr-17 World View -- India forced to delay Kashmir elections after large surge in violence: Why is a US carrier group strike force going to the Korean peninsula?... (11-Apr-2017)
10-Apr-17 World View -- US aircraft carrier strike force heads for Korean peninsula: Egypt in 3-month state of emergency after Coptic church bombings... (10-Apr-2017)
9-Apr-17 World View -- Russia's policies thrown into confusion as US resumes its 'world policeman' role: Shock and euphoria follow the missile strike on Syria... (9-Apr-2017)
8-Apr-17 World View -- Japan to repopulate 148 remote islands, as confrontation with China looms: Taiwan and Japan try to settle their disputes peacefully... (8-Apr-2017)
7-Apr-17 World View -- Philippines president Duterte orders military to occupy South China Sea islands: President Trump orders missile strikes on Bashar al-Assad's Syria... (7-Apr-2017)
6-Apr-17 World View -- President Trump plans military action on Syria after horrific nerve gas attack on civilians: John McCain and Lindsey Graham advocate cruise missiles and safe areas... (6-Apr-2017)
5-Apr-17 World View -- With Venezuela's Socialism spiraling into chaos, NY Times blames the mess on 'populism': Organization of American States (OAS) approves scathing condemnation of Venezuela ... (5-Apr-2017)
4-Apr-17 World View -- St. Petersburg, Russia, train explosion may be blowback from Syria military intervention: Explosion in St. Petersburg subway kills 11, injures dozens... (4-Apr-2017)
3-Apr-17 World View -- Dalai Lama to visit region of northeast India claimed by China: Dalai Lama's escape from Tibet to India in 1959 Lhasa uprising still humiliates China... (3-Apr-2017)
2-Apr-17 World View -- Paraguay wracked by worst violent riots in decades over constitutional crisis: Brief generational history of Paraguay... (2-Apr-2017)
1-Apr-17 World View -- India-Pakistan clash threatened as Kashmir violence surges again: Violence in India-controlled Kashmir takes a new turn after winter lull... (1-Apr-2017)
31-Mar-17 World View -- Brexit: The die is cast, and the EU is playing hardball: Northern Ireland considers reuniting with the Republic of Ireland... (31-Mar-2017)
30-Mar-17 World View -- With Arab world in chaos, Arab League summit displays lack of leadership and influence: Arab League plays it safe by only condemning Israel and terrorism... (30-Mar-2017)
29-Mar-17 World View -- Asians in Paris, France, riot for two nights after police kill Chinese man: French-Chinese xenophobia appears to be growing in Paris... (29-Mar-2017)
28-Mar-17 World View -- Bangladesh recovers from a four-day terror attack in Sylhet: ISIS claims credit for Sylhet Bangladesh terror attack... (28-Mar-2017)
27-Mar-17 World View -- Thousands are arrested in Russia as tens of thousands protest in cities across country: Massive protests were triggered by opposition leader Alexei Navalny's anti-corruption drive... (27-Mar-2017)
26-Mar-17 World View -- Iraq halts Mosul operation after US coalition airstrikes kill hundreds of civilians: Iraq halts the Mosul operation under international pressure... (26-Mar-2017)
25-Mar-17 World View -- US resettlement of refugees from Australia's detention centers is about to begin: Analysts skeptical of ISIS claiming responsibility for London terror attack... (25-Mar-2017)
24-Mar-17 World View -- With Egypt's contraceptive shortage, Cairo becomes the world's fastest growing city: Shortage of contraceptives and culture of large families spur Egypt's population growth... (24-Mar-2017)
23-Mar-17 World View -- Massive China-Pakistan CPEC energy project said to end energy crisis 'soon': Skeptics claim that CPEC will only benefit China, not Pakistan... (23-Mar-2017)
22-Mar-17 World View -- Concerns grow over chaos in Iraq after ISIS is defeated in Mosul: UN's humanitarian agencies overwhelmed as hundreds of thousands flee Mosul... (22-Mar-2017)
21-Mar-17 World View -- Pope Francis apologizes for Catholic Church's role in 1994 Rwanda genocide: A century of genocides... (21-Mar-2017)
20-Mar-17 World View -- Venezuela's Socialist government arrests bakers because of bread shortage: Suspicions grow that Kim Jong-nam's Malaysia assassination was not with VX nerve gas... (20-Mar-2017)
19-Mar-17 World View -- Israel and Syria have unprecedented missile clash over Jordan: Jordan has to live with increasing threats from Syria and Israel... (19-Mar-2017)
18-Mar-17 World View -- Taiwan says it must defend against increasingly threatening China: China begins construction on Philippines' Scarborough Shoal... (18-Mar-2017)
17-Mar-17 World View -- Russia denies reports of Russian special forces in eastern Libya: Russian intervention comes as fighting between Libya's militias increases... (17-Mar-2017)
16-Mar-17 World View -- Terrorist bombings in Damascus, airstrikes in Idlib, break Syria's ceasefire: Syria's Bashar al-Assad says that the Americans are invaders... (16-Mar-2017)
15-Mar-17 World View -- Bahrain postpones trial of Shia cleric after threats from Iran: Iran - Saudi Arabia relations continue to deteriorate... (15-Mar-2017)
14-Mar-17 World View -- Japan's largest warship will train with US Navy in the South China Sea: A sad picture... (14-Mar-2017)
13-Mar-17 World View -- Al-Nusra descendant claims credit for massive terror attack in Damascus, Syria: Al-Nusra becomes Levant Liberation Committee (LLC) and gains at expense of ISIS... (13-Mar-2017)
12-Mar-17 World View -- Netherlands provokes growing crisis with Turkey by blocking ministers' entry: The escalating crisis once again throws EU-Turkey migrant deal into doubt... (12-Mar-2017)
11-Mar-17 World View -- US military commitments grow in Afghanistan and Syria: Report: Trump administration shuts out Russia and Turkey in Syria... (11-Mar-2017)
10-Mar-17 World View -- As more American troops are deployed to Syria, the endgame is more uncertain: Hundreds of American troops deployed to Syria in support of local forces... (10-Mar-2017)
9-Mar-17 World View -- Thousands flee from Myanmar into China to escape army clashes with ethnic militias: Myanmar faces an investigation for ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims... (9-Mar-2017)
8-Mar-17 World View -- Tensions grow on Korean peninsula over THAAD and N. Norea-Malaysia relations: China promises retaliation over surprise deployment of THAAD in South Korea... (8-Mar-2017)
7-Mar-17 World View -- Herders invade ranches in Kenya, ambush and kill British ranch owner: The ranchers (farmers) versus the pastoralists (herders)... (7-Mar-2017)
6-Mar-17 World View -- China's South China Sea policy related to food security in times of war: Vietnam protests China's fishing ban in the South China Sea... (6-Mar-2017)
5-Mar-17 World View -- Malaysia expels North Korean ambassador as relations deteriorate: Kim Han-sol, son of Kim Jong-nam, under guard to prevent North Korean assassination... (5-Mar-2017)
4-Mar-17 World View -- Champagne corks pop as a 'Trump rally' sends Wall Street stocks parabolic: The velocity of money keeps plummeting, indicating no economic growth... (4-Mar-2017)
3-Mar-17 World View -- Australia pays refugees cash to return home, as U.S. resettlement deal falters: Australia and Germany paying asylum seekers cash to return home... (3-Mar-2017)
2-Mar-17 World View -- European leaders debate how the European Union can survive after Brexit: European nations split on the future of Europe... (2-Mar-2017)
1-Mar-17 World View -- Central African Republic war morphs from religious to ethnic war: United Nations peacekeeping force MINUSCA uses airstrikes to stop bloodbath in Bambari... (1-Mar-2017)
28-Feb-17 World View -- ISIS forces hundreds of Christians to flee Egypt's North Sinai: ISIS-linked Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis in Sinai continues to confound Egypt's army... (28-Feb-2017)
27-Feb-17 World View -- Xenophobic violence against migrants returns to South Africa: South Africa threatens to crack down on businesses hiring illegal immigrants... (27-Feb-2017)
26-Feb-17 World View -- Syria's so-called ceasefire collapses after terrorist bombings in Homs: Terrorist bombings in Homs Syria trigger retaliation by al-Assad regime... (26-Feb-2017)
25-Feb-17 World View -- Border Adjustment Tax versus the 1930 Smoot-Hawley Law: Washington tax reform plans may include a 'Border Adjustment Tax'... (25-Feb-2017)
24-Feb-17 World View -- Malaysia - N. Korea relations turn toxic over assassination of Kim Jong-un's half brother: BBC reporter Mike Embley is completely full of crap... (24-Feb-2017)
23-Feb-17 World View -- China preparing to install long-range missiles in South China Sea: China's ASEAN neighbors express increasing anxiety over China's illegal militarization... (23-Feb-2017)
22-Feb-17 World View -- China clamps down on Uighurs in Xinjiang province: China commands Xinjiang Uighurs to install tracking devices in all cars... (22-Feb-2017)
21-Feb-17 World View -- Pakistan artillery pounds terrorist 'safe havens' in Afghanistan: Pakistan blames Afghanistan after a week of multiple terror attacks... (21-Feb-2017)
20-Feb-17 World View -- US-backed Iraqi army launches major new offensive in western Mosul: US aircraft carrier renews challenge to China in the South China Sea... (20-Feb-2017)
19-Feb-17 World View -- China announces it will block imports of North Korea's coal: Assassination of Kim Jong-un's half-brother in Malaysia threatens relations with China and North Korea... (19-Feb-2017)
18-Feb-17 World View -- Britain's Tony Blair calls for the people 'to rise up' and reverse Brexit: Ireland demands a 'soft border,' while Scotland contemplates independence... (18-Feb-2017)
17-Feb-17 World View -- Pakistan promises to avenge 'each drop of blood' after multiple terror attacks: Pakistan again in shock as Sufi shrine bombing is fifth terror attack in a week... (17-Feb-2017)
16-Feb-17 World View -- Obamacare and Britain's NHS continue in financial 'death spiral': Obamacare follows Nixon's wage-price controls in financial 'death spiral'... (16-Feb-2017)
15-Feb-17 World View -- Cameroon shuts down internet for English-speakers protesting French-speakers: Brief generational history of Cameroon... (15-Feb-2017)
14-Feb-17 World View -- America's likely response to N. Korean test: THAAD, Aegis missile defense systems: China's foreign policy becomes complicated by North Korean test... (14-Feb-2017)
13-Feb-17 World View -- After Syria's so-called ceasefire, tensions grow over the future of Bashar al-Assad: Hezbollah keeps on fighting, but says it will honor Syria ceasefire... (13-Feb-2017)
12-Feb-17 World View -- Iraq: Supporters of al-Sadr and al-Maliki turn again to violence in Baghdad: Iraq's army poised to begin Battle of Mosul in the west... (12-Feb-2017)
11-Feb-17 World View -- Grexit risk: Greece may refuse a new round of austerity: Greece will evacuate 75,000 people in Thessaloniki to defuse WW II bomb... (11-Feb-2017)
10-Feb-17 World View -- Kenya's High Court blocks attempt to close Dadaab refugee camp: Closure of Dadaab demanded after 2015 Garissa University attack in Kenya... (10-Feb-2017)
9-Feb-17 World View -- Mainstream media frets over Steve Bannon, the Fourth Turning, and Donald Trump: China-Philippines détente unravels over Scarborough Shoal... (9-Feb-2017)
8-Feb-17 World View -- Investigation reveals depraved new atrocities by Syria's Bashar al-Assad: Epicenter of Syrian conflict moves from Aleppo to Idlib and al-Bab... (8-Feb-2017)
7-Feb-17 World View -- Tensions rise between China and Trump administration: China sails warships near Japan's Senkaku Islands... (7-Feb-2017)
6-Feb-17 World View -- Trump will honor Australia refugee deal, despite calling it 'worst deal ever': Australian politics in turmoil over refugee deal... (6-Feb-2017)
5-Feb-17 World View -- Egypt accused of 'dirty deal' to sabotage an Ethiopian dam project: Egypt's air force accused of bombing rebel targets in South Sudan... (5-Feb-2017)
4-Feb-17 World View -- Devastating UN report on Burma shows scale of ghastly atrocities by Buddhists targeting Muslim Rohingyas: Generational Dynamics interpretation of Burma (Myanmar) atrocities... (4-Feb-2017)
3-Feb-17 World View -- Hundreds of thousands of people protest left-wing corruption in Romania: Massive Romanian protests linked to 1989 ouster of violent dictator... (3-Feb-2017)
2-Feb-17 World View -- Israel expels residents of Amona West Bank settlement, testing rule of law in Israel: Israel approves large settlement -- first new settlement in West Bank in decades... (2-Feb-2017)
1-Feb-17 World View -- New fighting between Ukraine and Russia flares up in eastern Ukraine: Thousands of US troops in Poland conduct joint drills with Polish troops... (1-Feb-2017)
31-Jan-17 World View -- US will upgrade Philippines military bases, despite Duterte's threats: Philippines war on drugs in chaos after murder of S. Korean businessman... (31-Jan-2017)
30-Jan-17 World View -- Ethnic cleansing of Myanmar's Rohingyas threatens regional stability: Trying to keep up in a world in a state of hysteria... (30-Jan-2017)
29-Jan-17 World View -- Protests grow over Trump's executive order to restrict immigration: Iran promises retaliation against Americans... (29-Jan-2017)
28-Jan-17 World View -- Furious Turkey threatens migrant deal over Greece's failure to extradite: Desperate EU officials still try to shut down Mediterranean migration route... (28-Jan-2017)
27-Jan-17 World View -- China places missiles on Russia's border -- to gain respect and attack America: Centuries-old Russia-China border dispute could lead to another war... (27-Jan-2017)
26-Jan-17 World View -- Dow surges past 20,000, further expanding dangerous Wall Street bubble: China desperately imposes controls on capital outflows... (26-Jan-2017)
25-Jan-17 World View -- Russia, Iran, Turkey sign farcical Syria peace agreement: Syria peace conference sees a return to 'proximity talks'... (25-Jan-2017)
24-Jan-17 World View -- Russia will build major naval base in Tartus Syria: Trump may permit US military cooperation with Russia in Syria... (24-Jan-2017)
23-Jan-17 World View -- Explosive Israeli policy decisions reportedly put on hold at Trump's request: Israel prepares for the Palestinian 'Oslo Generation'... (23-Jan-2017)
22-Jan-17 World View -- India begins deploying its 'Cold Start' military strategy against Pakistan: Russia and India declare their love for each other... (22-Jan-2017)
21-Jan-17 World View -- President Trump's inauguration speech links today's America to the 1930s: The Gambia's leader steps down, after his army chief deserts him... (21-Jan-2017)
20-Jan-17 World View -- Senegal's troops enter The Gambia to force the ruler to step down: Why you have to say 'The Gambia', rather than just 'Gambia'... (20-Jan-2017)
19-Jan-17 World View -- European anger and British self-delusion follow Brexit plan speech: Brexit becomes more real after Theresa May's speech... (19-Jan-2017)
18-Jan-17 World View -- The Gambia's leader, refusing to step down, declares state of emergency: Burundi's leader, refusing to step down, withdraws peacekeeping troops fighting al-Shabaab in Somalia... (18-Jan-2017)
17-Jan-17 World View -- European leaders shocked and surprised at Trump's foreign policy comments: China threatens to 'take off the gloves' with Donald Trump... (17-Jan-2017)
16-Jan-17 World View -- With Libya in chaos, migrant deal with Italy collapses: Over 100 migrants drown in Mediterranean after their dinghy sinks... (16-Jan-2017)
15-Jan-17 World View -- Poland welcomes biggest deployment of American tanks and troops in decades: US troop deployment in Poland angers Russia... (15-Jan-2017)
14-Jan-17 World View -- Syria says that Israel bombed al-Mazzeh military airport near Damascus: Israel's motive was probably to prevent weapons from reaching Hezbollah... (14-Jan-2017)
13-Jan-17 World View -- Peace conference to reunite Cyprus adjourns without a deal: History of Cyprus suggests that there is little hope for permanent reunification... (13-Jan-2017)
12-Jan-17 World View -- Pakistan: Four secular anti-military activists vanish over the weekend: Pakistan's army accused of dumping over 1,000 bodies in Balochistan... (12-Jan-2017)
11-Jan-17 World View -- China threatens Trump with 'revenge' over one-China policy: Taiwan president Tsai Ing-Wen meets with Senator Cruz in Texas... (11-Jan-2017)
10-Jan-17 World View -- Thousands of migrants trapped in deep freeze temperatures in Greece and Balkans: European Commission resettlement plan appears to be a disaster... (10-Jan-2017)
9-Jan-17 World View -- Iran's 'moderate pragmatist' Hashemi Rafsanjani dies at age 82: Is Rafsanjani's death a victory for Iran's hardliners?... (9-Jan-2017)
8-Jan-17 World View -- Violent protests in Sri Lanka over China's takeover of Hambantota seaport: Britain's hospitals run out of beds as Red Cross declares NHS in 'humanitarian crisis'... (8-Jan-2017)
7-Jan-17 World View -- The Gambia's president prepares for war with Senegal on January 19: Congo's president Joseph Kabila refuses to step down after losing election... (7-Jan-2017)
6-Jan-17 World View -- New armed militia emerges in Central African Republic: Return, Reclamation, Rehabilitation (3R): Central African Republic crisis war continues to spin out of control... (6-Jan-2017)
5-Jan-17 World View -- Israel polarized over conviction of soldier for manslaughter: Comparison to Pakistan murder of Salman Taseer... (5-Jan-2017)
4-Jan-17 World View -- Pakistan's bizarre blasphemy laws lead to death threats for son of slain governor: Pakistan's Imran Khan forced to apologize after being accused of blasphemy... (4-Jan-2017)
3-Jan-17 World View -- Syrian opposition groups suspend negotiations of peace talks: Video emerges from Burma (Myanmar) showing police beating Rohingya Muslims... (3-Jan-2017)
2-Jan-17 World View -- Istanbul Turkey New Year's terror attack compared to Paris and Orlando attacks: Terror attacks expose deep divisions in Turkey's society... (2-Jan-2017)
1-Jan-17 World View -- Taiwan's president responds to military threats from China: Did Taiwan's president say that Taiwan is 'an independent, sovereign country'?... (1-Jan-2017)

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