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Web Log Summary - January-December, 2017


31-Dec-17 World View -- With ISIS collapsing, US forces will remain in Syria to restore 'normalcy': US warns Assad regime to stay west of Euphrates river... (31-Dec-2017)
30-Dec-17 World View -- Anti-government, anti-war and economic protests spread across Iran: Iran's regime begins responding to the protests... (30-Dec-2017)
29-Dec-17 World View -- Uzbekistan's Shavkat Mirziyoyev promises to end atrocities of previous leader Islam Karimov: Who's going to pick the cotton in Uzbekistan?... (29-Dec-2017)
28-Dec-17 World View -- China funds unauthorized anti-Japan comfort woman statue in Manila, Philippines: South Korea calls for renegotiating 2015 deal with Japan on comfort women... (28-Dec-2017)
27-Dec-17 World View -- Christians celebrate Christmas in Pakistan under tight security: India kills 3 Pakistani soldiers in Kashmir in revenge attack... (27-Dec-2017)
26-Dec-17 World View -- Israel and Iran-backed Hezbollah heading for a military confrontation in Syria: Combined Syrian and Iranian forces taking control of enclave on Israel's border... (26-Dec-2017)
25-Dec-17 World View -- Remembering the 1914 World War I Christmas Truce: The 'anti-war movement' in World War I... (25-Dec-2017)
24-Dec-17 World View -- US sending anti-tank missiles to Ukraine as East Ukraine violence surges: Violence surges in East Ukraine as Russia withdraws its monitors... (24-Dec-2017)
23-Dec-17 World View -- Tanzania and China pass new laws to send government critics to jail: How to confront a Chinese troll... (23-Dec-2017)
22-Dec-17 World View -- General Assembly Jerusalem vote: Low 'yes' count humiliates Palestinians: Palestinians in Jerusalem fail to get excited by UN vote... (22-Dec-2017)
21-Dec-17 World View -- Burma (Myanmar) blocks UN Rohingya investigator, as genocide charges are raised: Burma officials, including Aung San Suu Kyi, may face genocide charges... (21-Dec-2017)
20-Dec-17 World View -- Thousands of Kurds in violent protests against Kurdistan government in northern Iraq: Iraq's Baghdad government splits over role of Iran-backed Shia militias... (20-Dec-2017)
19-Dec-17 World View -- China resumes military buildup in Bhutan's Doklam Plateau: China's media predict nuclear war in North Korea by March... (19-Dec-2017)
18-Dec-17 World View -- Communists score major election wins in Nepal, possibly moving country towards China: Nepal reacts to India's bungled meddling over the new constitution... (18-Dec-2017)
17-Dec-17 World View -- Chinese experts warn China to prepare for nuclear war in North Korea: Concerns grow over the threat of a North Korean nuclear reactor disaster... (17-Dec-2017)
16-Dec-17 World View -- China-Australia relations plummet over China's illegal militarization of South China Sea: Trump to target China's unfair trade policies in National Security Strategy... (16-Dec-2017)
15-Dec-17 World View -- Despite growing migration crises, European Union bitterly divided over policy: European Union continues to face crises regarding migration... (15-Dec-2017)
14-Dec-17 World View -- Organization of Islamic Cooperation throws a temper tantrum over Jerusalem: Palestinians disappointed by final communiqué of OIC Summit... (14-Dec-2017)
13-Dec-17 World View -- China's warplanes conduct 'encirclement' patrols around Taiwan's and Japan's islands: China unification continues to lose support among the people of Taiwan... (13-Dec-2017)
12-Dec-17 World View -- Pakistan overwhelmed and China alarmed over the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC): Pakistan alarmed about a Chinese 'debt trap'... (12-Dec-2017)
11-Dec-17 World View -- China takes control of strategic Hambantota seaport in Sri Lanka, raising concerns in India: India's alarm grows over spread of China's 'Maritime Silk Road'... (11-Dec-2017)
10-Dec-17 World View -- Protests fizzle 3 days after Trump's Jerusalem announcement was universally condemned: Trump's proclamation hardens splits among Arab countries... (10-Dec-2017)
9-Dec-17 World View -- United Nations stunned as peacekeepers are massacred in DR Congo: Violence continues to spread in countries across Africa... (9-Dec-2017)
8-Dec-17 World View -- Turkey's president Erdogan visits Greece with a list of contentious demands: Greece furious at Germany over intense airport inspections... (8-Dec-2017)
7-Dec-17 World View -- International #MeToo movement generates backlash against women from 'Mike Pence rule': Time Magazine makes international #MeToo movement 'person of the year'... (7-Dec-2017)
6-Dec-17 World View -- Syria and Russia repeat Aleppo war crimes in massive destruction of Eastern Ghouta: Syria regime walks out of UN-sponsored Geneva peace talks... (6-Dec-2017)
5-Dec-17 World View -- Three crises accelerate: Yemen's Saleh killed, Brexit collapses and North Korea war looms: US officials plan for military strike on North Korea... (5-Dec-2017)
4-Dec-17 World View -- Cameroon's English-speaking provinces on the verge of full-scale violence: Cameroon and Paul Biya behave typically following a generational crisis civil war... (4-Dec-2017)
3-Dec-17 World View -- Yemen war changes direction with collapse of Iran-backed Houthi coalition: The Houthi-Saleh 'alliance of convenience' crumbles into violence... (3-Dec-2017)
2-Dec-17 World View -- UN asks for 2018 increase in humanitarian aid despite compassion fatigue: Humanitarian crises continue to grow year after year... (2-Dec-2017)
1-Dec-17 World View -- European-African summit calls for end to slavery auctions in Libya: China drives thousands of Beijing migrants out into the winter cold... (1-Dec-2017)
30-Nov-17 World View -- TV audience shocked watching dramatic suicide of Croat commander convicted of war crimes in Bosnian war: Croat commanders committed war crimes while trying to create a 'Greater Croatia'... (30-Nov-2017)
29-Nov-17 World View -- Pakistan government totally capitulates to hardline Islamist TLYRAP Barelvi sect mob: North Korea ballistic missiles threaten 'everywhere in the world'... (29-Nov-2017)
28-Nov-17 World View -- The issue of Ireland's border threatens to collapse EU-UK Brexit negotiations.: Ireland's government faces vote of no confidence on Wednesday... (28-Nov-2017)
27-Nov-17 World View -- Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin hug and declare the end of war in Syria: Syrian regime and Russia launch brutal attack on rebel-held areas in East Ghouta... (27-Nov-2017)
26-Nov-17 World View -- Widespread riots in Pakistan triggered by phony blasphemy charges: Pakistan releases Hafiz Saeed, mastermind of the horrific 2008 Mumbai massacre... (26-Nov-2017)
25-Nov-17 World View -- Egypt's worst terrorist attack in modern history kills 235 people in Sufi mosque: Friday's attack is a major escalation in north Sinai terrorism... (25-Nov-2017)
24-Nov-17 World View -- India and China support Burma (Myanmar) on Rohingya ethnic cleansing for business reasons: China proposes farcical three-point solution to Rohingya crisis... (24-Nov-2017)
23-Nov-17 World View -- Thanksgiving euphoria in Zimbabwe as Emmerson Mnangagwa replaces Robert Mugabe: Observers fear a new Zimbabwe dictatorship under Emmerson Mnangagwa... (23-Nov-2017)
22-Nov-17 World View -- Italy is blamed for shocking increase in slave trade in Libya: Italy defends its role in Libya's slave trade... (22-Nov-2017)
21-Nov-17 World View -- China's envoy to North Korea fails to end nuclear crisis: Speculation grows of North Korea's Kim Jong-un illness as his weight soars... (21-Nov-2017)
20-Nov-17 World View -- Robert Mugabe stuns Zimbabwe by refusing to step down: Plans go ahead to impeach Mugabe... (20-Nov-2017)
19-Nov-17 World View -- Ecstatic throngs in Harare Zimbabwe demand that Robert Mugabe step down: The events in Zimbabwe show how history unfolds and disasters occur... (19-Nov-2017)
18-Nov-17 World View -- African leaders once again furious that they won't get a climate change bonanza: The flaws in the climate change story... (18-Nov-2017)
17-Nov-17 World View -- Cambodia dissolves the opposition political party so that Hun Sen can be reelected unopposed: Comparing Awakening Eras in Cambodia, Syria, Zimbabwe and other countries... (17-Nov-2017)
16-Nov-17 World View -- Zimbabwe coup splits ruling Zanu-pf party along generational lines: More on the evacuation of ISIS militants from Raqqa, Syria... (16-Nov-2017)
15-Nov-17 World View -- BBC reports hoax by US-led coalition about ISIS evacuation from Raqqa Syria: Apparent coup is in progress in Zimbabwe against 93-year-old Robert Mugabe... (15-Nov-2017)
14-Nov-17 World View -- Severe drought in Kenya increases violence among herders, farmers and police: Tensions rise between Kenya and Tanzania over chicks and cattle... (14-Nov-2017)
13-Nov-17 World View -- Poland's Independence Day march hijacked by right-wing 'White Nationalists': Recalling President Trump's July 6 speech in Warsaw Poland... (13-Nov-2017)
12-Nov-17 World View -- Deadly violence increases in English-speaking regions of Cameroon: Cameroon's 84-year-old president Paul Biya exhibits same violence as other African leaders... (12-Nov-2017)
11-Nov-17 World View -- European Union Brexit negotiator gives Britain a two-week ultimatum: Can the Brexit decision be reversed? The author of the rule says it can.... (11-Nov-2017)
10-Nov-17 World View -- Saudi Arabia blockades Yemen, threatening millions to die in famine: All Saudis ordered to leave Lebanon, as Hariri's fate is unknown... (10-Nov-2017)
9-Nov-17 World View -- Donald Trump in Seoul issues stern warning to North Korea -- and to China: Trump's speech targeted at China... (9-Nov-2017)
8-Nov-17 World View -- US expands military counter terrorism efforts in Africa after death of soldiers in Niger: US and Niger dispute the facts about the four soldiers' deaths... (8-Nov-2017)
7-Nov-17 World View -- Democratic Republic of Congo issues farcical call for elections in December 2018: Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe sacks the VP so that his wife can succeed him... (7-Nov-2017)
6-Nov-17 World View -- Saudi Arabia and Lebanon face increasing instability as crises multiply: Yemen's Houthi missile attack on Riyadh called a 'dangerous escalation'... (6-Nov-2017)
5-Nov-17 World View -- Saad Hariri shocks Lebanon by resigning as PM while in Saudi Arabia: Lebanon enters the Sunni/Shia front line between Iran and Saudi Arabia... (5-Nov-2017)
4-Nov-17 World View -- Socialist Venezuela may or may not have declared bankruptcy on Thursday: Socialist Venezuela may have reached the end of its economic road... (4-Nov-2017)
3-Nov-17 World View -- Violence in Nigeria grows over clashes between herders and farmers: Oklahoma! - The farmer and the cowboy should be friends... (3-Nov-2017)
2-Nov-17 World View -- Israel and Saudi Arabia prepare for war with Hezbollah, as Syria war winds down: Saudi Arabian minister calls for 'toppling Hezbollah'... (2-Nov-2017)
1-Nov-17 World View -- Chinese geologists warn of looming nuclear disaster from North Korean tests: China and South Korea reach an agreement on THAAD missile defense system... (1-Nov-2017)
31-Oct-17 World View -- A 'powderkeg' as Australia closes refugee camp and refugees refuse to leave: Australia and Papua New Guinea unable to agree on the future of the refugees... (31-Oct-2017)
30-Oct-17 World View -- India begins shipping wheat to Afghanistan through Iran's Chabahar port: In retaliation, Afghanistan bans entry of Pakistan trucks... (30-Oct-2017)
29-Oct-17 World View -- New Somalia terror bombings again raise question of US military strategy in Africa: Dozens killed in Mogadishu, Somalia, bombings, two weeks after hundreds killed... (29-Oct-2017)
28-Oct-17 World View -- Burundi's Hutu government leaves International Criminal Court to avoid crimes against humanity charges: Burundi's government to amend constitution to let Nkurunziza hold power until 2034... (28-Oct-2017)
27-Oct-17 World View -- US sends three aircraft carrier strike groups to waters around North Korea: North Korea renews threat of massive hydrogen bomb test over Pacific... (27-Oct-2017)
26-Oct-17 World View -- UN Secretary-General in Central African Republic begs for more funding: Bangassou becomes the most dangerous town in Central African Republic... (26-Oct-2017)
25-Oct-17 World View -- Kenya closes border with Madagascar as Black Plague epidemic spreads: Pneumonic plague (Black plague) spreads rapidly in Madagascar... (25-Oct-2017)
24-Oct-17 World View -- Xi Jinping's 'Socialism with Chinese characteristics' is identical to Hitler's National Socialism: Xi Jinping presents 'Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era'... (24-Oct-2017)
23-Oct-17 World View -- Big election win for Japan's Shinzo Abe may mean end of pacifism: Japan's Shinzo Abe wins a 'super-majority' in Japan's lower house... (23-Oct-2017)
22-Oct-17 World View -- Egyptian police ambushed and killed by Muslim Brotherhood linked Hasm Movement: Dozens of Egyptian police massacred in ambush by jihadists... (22-Oct-2017)
21-Oct-17 World View -- Zimbabwe bans food imports as new 'bond note' currency crashes: Zimbabwe's people fear further starvation after food imports are banned... (21-Oct-2017)
20-Oct-17 World View -- Economists baffled on 30th anniversary of 1987 stock market panic: Examples of the 58 Year Hypothesis: Swine Flu, Iraq War, Israel-Hezbollah war... (20-Oct-2017)
19-Oct-17 World View -- Italy's deals with Libya's warlords substantially reduce flow of refugees: Italy accused of turning a blind eye to atrocities received by refugees in detention centers... (19-Oct-2017)
18-Oct-17 World View -- North Korea crisis: Would the United States sacrifice Los Angeles for Seoul?: North Korea nuclear missile crisis close to reaching a tipping point... (18-Oct-2017)
17-Oct-17 World View -- Devastating defeat to Iraq in Kirkuk exposes major splits between Kurdish factions: Kurds flee Kirkuk after Iraq army defeats them in complete rout... (17-Oct-2017)
16-Oct-17 World View -- Bitcoin super-bubble surges through $5,000 and blasts even higher: Stock market continues its huge bubble... (16-Oct-2017)
15-Oct-17 World View -- Armies and militias fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria increasingly turn on each other: Syria demands 'immediately' pullout of Turkey's forces from Idlib province... (15-Oct-2017)
14-Oct-17 World View -- Thousands of Haitians living in Miami scheduled for deportation in January: The last UN peacekeepers leave Haiti after 14 years... (14-Oct-2017)
13-Oct-17 World View -- Turkey's tanks and troops cross border into Syria's Idlib: Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas announce unity agreement... (13-Oct-2017)
12-Oct-17 World View -- Palestinian reconciliation talks ignore Hamas commitment to destroy Israel: Palestinian unity talks face disagreement on Hamas's 'resistance weapons'... (12-Oct-2017)
11-Oct-17 World View -- Tensions between Turks and Iraqi Kurds grow as another ISIS stronghold falls: Hundreds of ISIS fighters surrender as Iraqi town of Hawija falls... (11-Oct-2017)
10-Oct-17 World View -- UAE official says Arab blockade was engineered to prevent Qatar hosting 2022 World Cup: Numerous controversies surround FIFA's award of World Cup 2022 to Qatar... (10-Oct-2017)
9-Oct-17 World View -- Turkey announces major military operation in Syria's Idlib province: Turkey's success in Idlib is far from certain... (9-Oct-2017)
8-Oct-17 World View -- Islamic State in Greater Sahara (ISGS) blamed for deaths of US troops in Niger: Jihadist ambush in Niger forces a review of military operations in Africa... (8-Oct-2017)
7-Oct-17 World View -- Burma's Rohingya crisis merges with the Kashmir crisis, inflaming the entire region: Bangladesh builds huge refugee camp for 800,000 displaced Rohingyas from Burma (Myanmar)... (7-Oct-2017)
6-Oct-17 World View -- Syria's war resumes in full, as 'de-escalation' agreements unravel: International Red Cross: Fighting in Syria worst since Aleppo... (6-Oct-2017)
5-Oct-17 World View -- Russia considers taking on a huge financial burden - Venezuela: Maduro has 'plans A, B and C' if US imposes further sanctions... (5-Oct-2017)
4-Oct-17 World View -- Jihadist attacks in Mali surge with rise of al-Qaeda linked JNIM: JNIM (Group for Support of Islam and Muslims) takes credit for attacks... (4-Oct-2017)
3-Oct-17 World View -- Kirkuk becomes the flash point after the Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum: Significant differences in the three recent independence movements... (3-Oct-2017)
2-Oct-17 World View -- Cameroon police shoot and kill English-speaking protesters on Sunday: Catalonia's leader says the region has 'won the right to statehood' from Spain... (2-Oct-2017)
1-Oct-17 World View -- Catalonia referendum poised to go ahead despite Spain's harsh repressive measures: Hundreds of Catalan families occupy school buildings in defiance of police... (1-Oct-2017)
30-Sep-17 World View -- Steve Bannon and Henry Kissinger form project to sound alarm on China: Taiwan's prime minister says that Taiwan is an 'independent sovereign state'... (30-Sep-2017)
29-Sep-17 World View -- Burma's (Myanmar's) leaders may be inspired by Pol Pot's Cambodian 'Killing Fields' genocide: Burma's ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims passes a major milestone... (29-Sep-2017)
28-Sep-17 World View -- Uganda lawmakers throw fists and chairs at each other over Museveni's power grab: Thailand's Yingluck Shinawatra sentenced in absentia to five years in jail... (28-Sep-2017)
27-Sep-17 World View -- Israel may be the only country recognizing the Iraq Kurdistan referendum: Iraqi Kurds' independence referendum appears headed for big approval... (27-Sep-2017)
26-Sep-17 World View -- US adopts strategic response to North Korea's threats to shoot down US warplanes: Is there a strategic explanation for Trump's statements and tweets?... (26-Sep-2017)
25-Sep-17 World View -- Rise of far-right AfD party in Germany raises international alarm bells: Angela Merkel scores weak win in German national elections... (25-Sep-2017)
24-Sep-17 World View -- Analysts draw lessons from the China vs India Doklam border standoff: Chinese and Indian behavior a study in contrasts during Doklam crisis... (24-Sep-2017)
23-Sep-17 World View -- The 1930s Spanish Civil War fault lines explode again over Catalonia independence referendum: Spain's government mounts massive crackdown to prevent Catalonia independence referendum... (23-Sep-2017)
22-Sep-17 World View -- Trump's North Korea sanctions stop short of military blockade: North Korea threatens a 'Pacific Ocean nuclear test'... (22-Sep-2017)
21-Sep-17 World View -- With Trump's sanctions in place, Venezuela expected to go bankrupt soon: Maduro tells Venezuelans to breed and eat rabbits... (21-Sep-2017)
20-Sep-17 World View -- Kenya's government in chaos as it faces a new election delay: Russia's 'telephone terror' forces evacuation of over 200,000 people... (20-Sep-2017)
19-Sep-17 World View -- Turkey removing evolution from textbooks, adding more on jihad: Stanislav Petrov, 'The man who saved the world,' dies at age 77... (19-Sep-2017)
18-Sep-17 World View -- Hamas announces it will reconcile with the Fatah and Palestinian Authority: Egypt forces Hamas to capitulate to Fatah and reconcile... (18-Sep-2017)
17-Sep-17 World View -- Global food price increases affecting world political stability: UN identifies three causes of increase in world hunger... (17-Sep-2017)
16-Sep-17 World View -- What you should do about the huge Equifax data breach: Equifax and the rise of Generation-X... (16-Sep-2017)
15-Sep-17 World View -- Burma's (Myanmar's) ethnic cleansing of Rohingyas leading to humanitarian catastrophe: Rohingya genocide forces India to choose between Burma and Bangladesh... (15-Sep-2017)
14-Sep-17 World View -- Kidnapping and sham trial of Lee Ming-che brings China-Taiwan relations to another low: China kidnaps and tortures Taiwanese activist Lee Ming-che for sham confession... (14-Sep-2017)
13-Sep-17 World View -- Qatar and Saudi Arabia have vitriolic exchange at Arab League meeting: Donald Trump promises to solve the Gulf crisis 'fairly easily'... (13-Sep-2017)
12-Sep-17 World View -- Pakistan alarmed as highly educated students become terrorists: Pakistan says that there is 'no terrorist wing at Karachi University'... (12-Sep-2017)
11-Sep-17 World View -- The colorful Mikhail Saakashvili 'invades' Ukraine from Poland and threatens revolution: Saakashvili to 'march on Kiev' and challenge Poroshenko government... (11-Sep-2017)
10-Sep-17 World View -- China demands that Indonesia end plans to rename its own territorial waters: Indonesia blocks China's repeated attempts to annex Indonesia's Natuna Islands... (10-Sep-2017)
9-Sep-17 World View -- Burma's ethnic cleansing of Rohingyas witnessed by BBC reporter: Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi under fire for allowing Rohingya ethnic cleansing... (9-Sep-2017)
8-Sep-17 World View -- Israeli warplanes strike Syrian weapons site, as UN confirms al-Assad's Sarin use: UN report confirms al-Assad's massive Sarin gas attack on April 4... (8-Sep-2017)
7-Sep-17 World View -- UN: Burundi's Hutu government attacks on Tutsis are crimes against humanity: Violence by the Imbonerakure, Burundi government's 'visionary' youth wing... (7-Sep-2017)
6-Sep-17 World View -- North Korea and Russia continue to incite a new Korean War: North Korea threatens the United States with 'gift packages'... (6-Sep-2017)
5-Sep-17 World View -- America's UN ambassador Nikki Haley says North Korea is 'begging for war': Trump approves more powerful weapons sales to South Korea... (5-Sep-2017)
4-Sep-17 World View -- Will we have to accept a world in which North Korea is a nuclear power?: Will the United States take some military action against North Korea?... (4-Sep-2017)
3-Sep-17 World View -- Floods in South Asia kill 1,400 people in four countries: Burmese Buddhist attacks on Muslim Rohingyas in Myanmar becoming full-scale genocide... (3-Sep-2017)
2-Sep-17 World View -- Kenya's Supreme Court issues 'historic' ruling, overturning presidential election: John Kerry and other election observers come under harsh criticism... (2-Sep-2017)
1-Sep-17 World View -- As other Asian nations back down, India and Vietnam become allies confronting China: Vietnam protests China's military drills near the Gulf of Tonkin in South China Sea... (1-Sep-2017)
31-Aug-17 World View -- Cameroon's army to force English-speaking children to attend school: Violence grows as Cameroon cracks down on Anglophone activists... (31-Aug-2017)
30-Aug-17 World View -- Britain's Labor party makes dramatic U-turn on Brexit policy proposals: Ireland calls Theresa May's Irish border proposal 'delusional'... (30-Aug-2017)
29-Aug-17 World View -- China and India pull back from Doklam, while North Korea sharply escalates missile crisis: North Korea launches ballistic missile into Japan's airspace... (29-Aug-2017)
28-Aug-17 World View -- Violence between Buddhists and Muslims in Myanmar/Burma escalates dramatically: Rise of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) militant insurgency... (28-Aug-2017)
27-Aug-17 World View -- As Hajj approaches, Iran and Qatar remain in dispute with Saudi Arabia: UAE reacts furiously to Qatar's restoring diplomatic relations with Iran... (27-Aug-2017)
26-Aug-17 World View -- Thailand's former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra flees to Dubai: Brief generational history of Thailand... (26-Aug-2017)
25-Aug-17 World View -- France's Emmanuel Macron accuses EU countries of 'social and fiscal dumping': Britain sees a big fall in net migration since Brexit vote... (25-Aug-2017)
24-Aug-17 World View -- Afghan and Eritrean migrants clash at site of 'Jungle' in Calais France: Authorities fear that a new 'Jungle' is forming in Calais France... (24-Aug-2017)
23-Aug-17 World View -- Trump promises victory in Afghanistan by redefining 'victory': An Afghanistan policy guided by generational theory... (23-Aug-2017)
22-Aug-17 World View -- Hong Kong cracks down on illegal immigrants after death of foreign worker from Philippines: Demand for Filipina maids creates thriving black market in China... (22-Aug-2017)
21-Aug-17 World View -- Turkey warns of sectarian war as Iraq ejects ISIS from Tal Afar: President Trump to announce US strategy in Afghanistan... (21-Aug-2017)
20-Aug-17 World View -- Chinese vessels massing near Philippines island in South China Sea: Official warns may be necessary to invoke US-Philippines mutual defense treaty... (20-Aug-2017)
19-Aug-17 World View -- Germany accuses Turkey's Erdogan of jailing Germans as hostages: Erdogan tells Turks living in Germany not to vote for Angela Merkel... (19-Aug-2017)
18-Aug-17 World View -- Barcelona attackers apparently had multiple coordinated attacks planned: White House officials appear to differ on North Korea military option... (18-Aug-2017)
17-Aug-17 World View -- China opens a new front in its border war with India: North Korea apparently backs down from the threat to attack Guam... (17-Aug-2017)
16-Aug-17 World View -- France promotes 'G5 Sahel' peacekeeping force in west Africa after jihadist attacks: Jihadists attack multiple targets in Mali and Burkina Faso... (16-Aug-2017)
15-Aug-17 World View -- Pakistan celebrates its 70th birthday, wondering what Pakistan is: Generational history of the 1947 Partition War that created Pakistan and India... (15-Aug-2017)
14-Aug-17 World View -- Kenya fears violence as opposition refuses to accept presidential election results: Kenya's opposition leader Raila Odinga promises to 'remove' the Uhuru Kenyatta government... (14-Aug-2017)
13-Aug-17 World View -- Japan will shoot down N. Korean missiles via 'collective self-defense': Japan to deploy more advanced PAC-3 Patriot Missiles to defend U.S.... (13-Aug-2017)
12-Aug-17 World View -- China and India prepare for border war at Doklam Plateau: China and India on brink of war that could spread to the Indian Ocean... (12-Aug-2017)
11-Aug-17 World View -- UN Human Rights chief warns of 'genocide' and 'ethnic cleansing' in Central African Republic: Six Red Cross workers and 30 civilians killed in Central African Republic massacre... (11-Aug-2017)
10-Aug-17 World View -- Turkey reshuffles military in preparation to attack Kurds in northern Syria: Turkey announces plans for military action against Kurds in northern Syria... (10-Aug-2017)
9-Aug-17 World View -- China threatens India, as Trump threatens North Korea: China sets apparent Aug 19 deadline for war with India... (9-Aug-2017)
8-Aug-17 World View -- Dozens of Shia Muslims in Afghanistan killed in fourth Taliban victory in 3 weeks: Trump's review of the Afghanistan war seeks solution where none exists... (8-Aug-2017)
7-Aug-17 World View -- Israel announces that it will ban al-Jazeera in Israel: BBC vs Al-Jazeera: Which is more biased?... (7-Aug-2017)
6-Aug-17 World View -- China takes control of Sri Lanka's strategically valuable Hambantota seaport: Threat of India-China border war at Doklam Plateau grows... (6-Aug-2017)
5-Aug-17 World View -- China further escalates the rhetoric threatening India over Doklam Plateau: China attempts to justify its claim to the Doklam Plateau... (5-Aug-2017)
4-Aug-17 World View -- Thousands of migrants flee to Canada, fearing deportation in the US: Seven years after earthquake, Haiti is still devastated... (4-Aug-2017)
3-Aug-17 World View -- Rex Tillerson warns China is risking 'open conflict' with the United States: Rex Tillerson promises a US 'response' to North Korea's 'unacceptable threat'... (3-Aug-2017)
2-Aug-17 World View -- Court orders France to provide water and sanitation to Calais migrants: French police accused of abusive treatment towards Calais migrants... (2-Aug-2017)
1-Aug-17 World View -- Torture and murder of election official raise fears of violence in Kenya: Widespread fears in Kenya of a repeat of the 2008 tribal violence... (1-Aug-2017)
31-Jul-17 World View -- Indian Kashmir separatists split over announcement of Zakir Musa as al-Qaeda leader: India says that Kashmir's law and order situation is improving... (31-Jul-2017)
30-Jul-17 World View -- South Korea approves new THAAD deployment after North Korean missile test: What could trigger another world war?... (30-Jul-2017)
29-Jul-17 World View -- France's Emmanuel Macron nationalizes shipyard to keep Italy out: North Korea launches another ballistic missile... (29-Jul-2017)
28-Jul-17 World View -- UK to send warships to South China Sea, as China's neighbors militarize: South China Sea countries build larger navies, preparing for war with China... (28-Jul-2017)
27-Jul-17 World View -- Israel braces for new 'day of rage' at al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem on Friday: Palestinian leaders incite protests and violence in Jerusalem and West Bank... (27-Jul-2017)
26-Jul-17 World View -- China escalates its military threats over its border dispute with India at Doklam Plateau: India says that it will remain 'firm and resolute' but 'reasonable'... (26-Jul-2017)
25-Jul-17 World View -- Massive Kabul bombing on Monday leaves US Afghan policy in tatters: Massive car bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan, targets Hazaras, kills 36... (25-Jul-2017)
24-Jul-17 World View -- DR Congo's Joseph Kabila brings the art of power and corruption to new heights: Global Witness report finds most DRC mining revenue is wasted in corruption... (24-Jul-2017)
23-Jul-17 World View -- Kuwait expels Iran's diplomats as Saudi Arabia softens Qatar demands: Saudi-led coalition replaces its 13 demands with 6 principles... (23-Jul-2017)
22-Jul-17 World View -- Palestinian 'day of rage' in Jerusalem results in six deaths, hundreds injured: Power struggle over metal detectors as Mahmoud Abbas threatens to cut ties... (22-Jul-2017)
21-Jul-17 World View -- Relations between Germany and Turkey spiral into crisis: Turkey commemorates first anniversary of attempted coup... (21-Jul-2017)
20-Jul-17 World View -- Cambodia bans all sales of sand to Singapore: The world is running out of sand... (20-Jul-2017)
19-Jul-17 World View -- Eritrean government laughably uses Christian Patriarch as show prop: The violence of generational Awakening eras... (19-Jul-2017)
18-Jul-17 World View -- China bans Winnie The Pooh because Xi Jinping looks like him: Indonesia defies China and renames part of the South China Sea... (18-Jul-2017)
17-Jul-17 World View -- Tensions at Jerusalem's al-Aqsa Mosque / Temple Mount surge again: Concerns grow of a new round of violence... (17-Jul-2017)
16-Jul-17 World View -- EU countries refuse to help Italy deal with massive refugee crisis: Italy's 'nuclear option' would force other countries to absorb refugees... (16-Jul-2017)
15-Jul-17 World View -- Paranoid China races to censor news of death of Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo: China responds with outrage at countries praising Liu Xiaobo... (15-Jul-2017)
14-Jul-17 World View -- Turkey's assault on Kurds in Afrin, Syria, may jeopardize the battle in Raqqa: Turkey threatens the Kurds in Afrin, Syria, with Operation Euphrates Sword... (14-Jul-2017)
13-Jul-17 World View -- China establishes its first foreign military base, in Djibouti: Russia, India, Japan prepare for war with China... (13-Jul-2017)
12-Jul-17 World View -- China threatens military intervention in Kashmir on the side of Pakistan: Thousands flee homes in Kashmir as Pakistan-India shelling escalates... (12-Jul-2017)
11-Jul-17 World View -- With ceasefire, American forces become more deeply involved in Syria's civil war: Israel OKs ceasefire, but expresses severe misgivings... (11-Jul-2017)
10-Jul-17 World View -- Trump administration considers promoting Iran 'regime change': Split grows between Iran's president Rouhani and hardliners... (10-Jul-2017)
9-Jul-17 World View -- Iraqi forces are just 'tens of meters' away from retaking Mosul from ISIS: Recapturing Mosul from ISIS leaves the future of Iraq in question... (9-Jul-2017)
8-Jul-17 World View -- China and India have military confrontation over Bhutan's Doklam plateau: Border tensions grow between China and India... (8-Jul-2017)
7-Jul-17 World View -- Donald Trump's speech in Warsaw Poland evokes the Clash of Civilizations: Donald Trump, Steve Bannon and Generational Dynamics... (7-Jul-2017)
6-Jul-17 World View -- Russian-led Syria peace talks collapse in Astana, Kazakhstan: Is the end of the Syrian war in sight?... (6-Jul-2017)
5-Jul-17 World View -- In dramatic development, US warplanes smash fortified wall in Raqqa, Syria: Turkey fears double-cross from US on arms for Syrian Kurds... (5-Jul-2017)
4-Jul-17 World View -- Saudi Arabia threatens further sanctions against Qatar if demands are not met: North Korea launches another ballistic missile... (4-Jul-2017)
3-Jul-17 World View -- China builds illegal surface-to-air missile sites in South China Sea: Xi Jinping threatens Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters with 'Red Line'... (3-Jul-2017)
2-Jul-17 World View -- Fed Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen says 'no financial crisis in our lifetimes': Remembering Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke as Fed Chairmen... (2-Jul-2017)
1-Jul-17 World View -- China repudiates its Hong Kong 'One Country, Two Systems' agreement with Britain: Hong Kong handover celebration marred by thuggish treatment of dissidents... (1-Jul-2017)
30-Jun-17 World View -- Italy begs for help after 12,000 migrants arrive in four days: France struggles with hundreds of migrants returning to Calais campground... (30-Jun-2017)
29-Jun-17 World View -- Thousands in cities across India protest lynchings of Muslims and Dalits by cow vigilantes: Concerns grow over communal violence between Hindus and Muslims... (29-Jun-2017)
28-Jun-17 World View -- As Narendra Modi visits Washington, China threatens India after border clash: Trump, meeting Modi in Washington, approves sale of 22 drones to India... (28-Jun-2017)
27-Jun-17 World View -- Egypt's president al-Sisi hands contested Red Sea islands over to Saudi Arabia: US troops in Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) not affected by island handover... (27-Jun-2017)
26-Jun-17 World View -- Hezbollah's Nasrallah makes delusional speech about 'foreign fighters' attacking Israel: How to do a generational analysis of the Mideast... (26-Jun-2017)
25-Jun-17 World View -- Al-Jazeera may be at the center of the Gulf crisis with Qatar: UAE threatens 'parting of the ways' unless Qatar meets 13 demands... (25-Jun-2017)
24-Jun-17 World View -- India's 'Operation All-Out' brings Kashmir closer to all-out war: Multiple terrorist attacks across Pakistan kill nearly 50... (24-Jun-2017)
23-Jun-17 World View -- Financial crisis becomes critical in Illinois and Puerto Rico: Voting for statehood will not save Puerto Rico from financial crisis... (23-Jun-2017)
22-Jun-17 World View -- Selection of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman portends further Mideast instability: Iran's ballistic missile launch on Syria said to be a flop... (22-Jun-2017)
21-Jun-17 World View -- Massive government atrocities in DR Congo's Kasai threaten regional stability: Brief generational history of DRC's Kasai region... (21-Jun-2017)
20-Jun-17 World View -- Iran scores strategic victory in Syria with land route from Tehran to Mediterranean: Russia warns US that its jets in western Syria will be treated as targets... (20-Jun-2017)
19-Jun-17 World View -- US shoots down Syrian warplane, as Iran launches missiles into Syria: Iran launches missiles at ISIS targets in Deir az-Zour in major escalation... (19-Jun-2017)
18-Jun-17 World View -- Hamas, ISIS argue over who gets credit for killing female Israeli officer: Three Palestinians shot dead after killing female Israeli officer... (18-Jun-2017)
17-Jun-17 World View -- Djibouti, Eritrea border clash looms after Qatar withdraws peacekeepers: Tiny Djibouti tries to survive, surrounded by big neighbors... (17-Jun-2017)
16-Jun-17 World View -- United Nations peacekeeping force in Darfur Sudan to be cut almost in half: Brief generational history of the Darfur civil war in Sudan... (16-Jun-2017)
15-Jun-17 World View -- Australia will pay $100K each to asylum seekers in Manus Island immigration camp: The Manus refugees' future is still undecided - except for those coming to the US... (15-Jun-2017)
14-Jun-17 World View -- In a major victory for China, Panama switches allegiance from Taiwan to China: Taiwan's harsh response signals increasing tension with China... (14-Jun-2017)
13-Jun-17 World View -- Qatar-Arab crisis is unlikely to be resolved soon: Differences between Qatar and Saudi Arabia run deep and will worsen... (13-Jun-2017)
12-Jun-17 World View -- Sri Lanka targets radical nationalist Buddhists in Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) : Brief generational history of Sri Lanka and Bodu Bala Sena (BBS)... (12-Jun-2017)
11-Jun-17 World View -- US forces join Philippines forces fighting Abu Sayyaf and Maute Islamist terrorists: History of Abu Sayyaf and Maute Group in the Philippines... (11-Jun-2017)
10-Jun-17 World View -- Execution of two of China's citizens in Pakistan raises concerns about CPEC: Execution of Chinese citizens blamed on Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ)... (10-Jun-2017)
9-Jun-17 World View -- US and Iran headed for military confrontation in Deir az-Zour in eastern Syria: US warplanes strike Iran-backed pro-Syrian forces twice on Thursday... (9-Jun-2017)
8-Jun-17 World View -- Turkey approves troop deployment to Qatar after split with Saudi Arabia: Iran says Tehran terror attack was by Iranian nationals in ISIS... (8-Jun-2017)
7-Jun-17 World View -- How to stop lone wolf attacks in London and Manchester: Qatar crisis triggered by $1 billion ransom payment to Iran and al-Qaeda... (7-Jun-2017)
6-Jun-17 World View -- Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations cut ties with Qatar in new Mideast crisis: Arab nations' split caused by Qatar's relations with Muslim Brotherhood and Iran... (6-Jun-2017)
5-Jun-17 World View -- US and Iran-backed troops head for confrontation at al-Tanf on Iraq-Syria border: Iran-backed forces massing near the al-Tanf American base... (5-Jun-2017)
4-Jun-17 World View -- Crisis in Afghanistan grows with three new suicide bombers in Kabul: Afghanistan seethes with renewed anger over the attacks... (4-Jun-2017)
3-Jun-17 World View -- Kabul bombing brings back memories of bloody 1990s Afghan civil war: Five people killed in clashes with police in anti-government rally in Kabul, Afghanistan... (3-Jun-2017)
2-Jun-17 World View -- China-built railway in Kenya raises questions about 'debt trap diplomacy': Kenya launches new China-built railway from Mombasa port to Nairobi... (2-Jun-2017)
1-Jun-17 World View -- Massive terror explosion in Kabul, Afghanistan, as US considers sending more troops: Afghans blame Pakistan and the Taliban-linked Haqqani network... (1-Jun-2017)
31-May-17 World View -- Turkey builds a northern Syria 'National Army' from Free Syrian Army militias: US begins arming YPG Kurds in northern Syria on eve of battle of Raqqa... (31-May-2017)
30-May-17 World View -- Arrest of Berber activist in Morocco raises Berber-Arab tensions: Brief generational history of Berbers and Arabs... (30-May-2017)
29-May-17 World View -- North Korea launches another ballistic missile test, as talk of war increases: The US deploys three aircraft carriers to Korean waters amid talk of war... (29-May-2017)
28-May-17 World View -- More violence in Kashmir after another militant leader is killed: India declares nationwide prohibition on sales of cattle for slaughter... (28-May-2017)
27-May-17 World View -- Egypt's warplanes attack Libya camps after terror attack kills Coptic Christians: Egypt's warplanes bomb al-Qaeda jihadist training camps in Libya... (27-May-2017)
26-May-17 World View -- Trump's Mideast visit triggers renewal of sharp split between Saudi Arabia and Qatar: Qatar claims that it was cyber-attacked after media reports supporting Iran... (26-May-2017)
25-May-17 World View -- China's flagrant snub of Singapore reflects deteriorating ties: India and Singapore launch major naval exercises in South China Sea... (25-May-2017)
24-May-17 World View -- Russian obstructionism blocks agreement on splitting up the Caspian Sea: New 'facts on the ground' may force Russia to change its mind... (24-May-2017)
23-May-17 World View -- Germany's government blocks debt relief for Greece, despite new austerity measures: Greece's parliament raises taxes, cuts pensions to satisfy lenders... (23-May-2017)
22-May-17 World View -- North Korea test-fires another ballistic missile: Socialist Venezuela again delays eliminating 100-bolivar notes despite hyperinflation... (22-May-2017)
21-May-17 World View -- Iran's younger generations propel Rouhani to decisive presidential win: Donald Trump gets royal treatment visiting Saudi Arabia... (21-May-2017)
20-May-17 World View -- France's new president Macron commits troops to Mali 'as long as necessary': A riddle... (20-May-2017)
19-May-17 World View -- US warplanes strike Syrian regime military convoy near al-Tanf base: Al-Tanf becomes a military flash point because of strategic value... (19-May-2017)
18-May-17 World View -- Turkey's Erdogan leaves empty-handed as his security forces attack protesters in Washington: Washington shocked as Turkey's security forces attack peaceful protesters... (18-May-2017)
17-May-17 World View -- Central African Republic violence threatens new spread of Ebola from Congo: CAR refugees threaten to spread Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo... (17-May-2017)
16-May-17 World View -- Final push to expel ISIS from Raqqa, Syria, to begin in June: Syria's Bashar al-Assad accused of burning thousands of political opponents in crematorium... (16-May-2017)
15-May-17 World View -- North Korea sends a message with a medium range ballistic missile test: North Korean missile launch sends a message to everyone... (15-May-2017)
14-May-17 World View -- China launches 'One Belt One Road', raising objections and violent protests: Laborers on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) shot dead on Saturday... (14-May-2017)
13-May-17 World View -- Canada receives record numbers of Mexican asylum seekers after Trudeau's welcome tweet: MSF: Central American refugees entering Mexico are regularly beaten and tortured... (13-May-2017)
12-May-17 World View -- Obamacare continues total meltdown as Aetna pulls out completely: Britain's NHS patients wait for months just to get bowel cancer tests... (12-May-2017)
11-May-17 World View -- US will 'quickly' arm Kurdish militias in Syria, despite Turkey's opposition: Turkish officials furious at plans to arm the Kurds... (11-May-2017)
10-May-17 World View -- Trump considers new troop surge and strategy change in Afghanistan war: Generational analysis: Afghanistan war versus Iraq war... (10-May-2017)
9-May-17 World View -- Russia, Iran and Turkey announce yet another farcical new Syria peace plan: Syria refuses to permit foreign monitors... (9-May-2017)
8-May-17 World View -- Ancient tensions flare between China and North Korea: China's relations deteriorate with both South and North Korea... (8-May-2017)
7-May-17 World View -- European officials worry that Macedonia's chaos could destabilize the Balkans: Macedonia comments reveal acrimonious divisions in the Western Balkans... (7-May-2017)
6-May-17 World View -- Kashmir violence surges as India launches massive house-to-house sweep: Narendra Modi's 'demonetization' program results in more Kashmir bank robberies... (6-May-2017)
5-May-17 World View -- Italy prepares for possible Mediterranean refugee crisis this summer: Europeans blame China and 'the freeway effect' for the migrant crisis... (5-May-2017)
4-May-17 World View -- Channeling Sisyphus, Trump and Abbas say Mideast peace not as hard as it looks: Donald Trump and Mahmoud Abbas commit to work for historic Mideast peace deal... (4-May-2017)
3-May-17 World View -- US military moves to protect Syrian Kurds from Turkey's military: Kurdish forces in Syria take Tabqa city en route to Raqqa... (3-May-2017)
2-May-17 World View -- Japan's largest warship, the JS Izumo, will escort and defend a US supply ship: Japan moves from 'self-defense' to 'collective self-defense'... (2-May-2017)
1-May-17 World View -- France's Eurosceptic Marine Le Pen starts to backtrack on euro policy: France's presidential election in doubt because of abstainers... (1-May-2017)
30-Apr-17 World View -- European Union lays out demands for Britain over Brexit negotiations: Sharp disagreements ahead over the 60 billion euro Brexit 'divorce settlement'... (30-Apr-2017)
29-Apr-17 World View -- Protesters storm Macedonia's parliament fearing calls for 'Greater Albania': Brief generational history of Macedonia... (29-Apr-2017)
28-Apr-17 World View -- Israel's warplanes strike weapons depot inside Syria near Damascus: Israeli analyst: A new war with Hezbollah might involve all of Lebanon... (28-Apr-2017)
27-Apr-17 World View -- Philippines President Duterte seeks to appease China at ASEAN meeting: The phrase 'Code of Conduct' is the new code word for appeasement... (27-Apr-2017)
26-Apr-17 World View -- Turkey's warplanes strike Kurdish militias fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq: US State Dept. says that it's 'deeply concerned' about the Turkish airstrikes... (26-Apr-2017)
25-Apr-17 World View -- In Pakistan, you may murder anyone with impunity by accusing him of blasphemy first: Even Pakistan is shocked by three blasphemy murders in 11 days... (25-Apr-2017)
24-Apr-17 World View -- Kenya's herders attack well-known conservationist, stoking tribal tensions: Battle between Kenya's farmers and herders morphs into tribal conflict... (24-Apr-2017)
23-Apr-17 World View -- Scientists worldwide hold an international March for Money on 'Earth Day': Rural America and Working Class America... (23-Apr-2017)
22-Apr-17 World View -- Kashmiri students at two Indian colleges harassed and beaten: Indians seek solutions and blame intervention from Pakistan and China... (22-Apr-2017)
21-Apr-17 World View -- Cameroon's president finally caves in, restores internet to English speakers: With violence in Venezuela's streets continuing, Maduro confiscates GM factories... (21-Apr-2017)
20-Apr-17 World View -- EU officials increasingly fear a Marine Le Pen upset victory in France's elections: The threat to the 'European project'... (20-Apr-2017)
19-Apr-17 World View -- UN says lengthy Mosul operation leading to major humanitarian disaster: Iraq says that ISIS and al-Qaeda are in talks to join forces... (19-Apr-2017)
18-Apr-17 World View -- Worries grow that India is 'losing Kashmir,' as violence increases: Video of Kashmir man tied to jeep further inflames anti-India violence... (18-Apr-2017)
17-Apr-17 World View -- Sharply divided Turkey approves referendum giving Erdogan near-dictatorial powers: Turkey's referendum results will be closely scrutinized by Europe... (17-Apr-2017)
16-Apr-17 World View -- Deadly explosion in Syria targets buses carrying 5,000 al-Assad supporters: Evidence of Bashar al-Assad's war crimes and atrocities continues to grow... (16-Apr-2017)
15-Apr-17 World View -- US sends dozens of troops to Somalia, first time since Black Hawk Down: Somalia's civil war and the Black Hawk Down incident... (15-Apr-2017)
14-Apr-17 World View -- North Korea's neighbors tense as the 'Day of the Sun' approaches on Saturday: China's tripwires for invading North Korea... (14-Apr-2017)
13-Apr-17 World View -- Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad defies Supreme Leader and runs for president: Ahmadinejad waits for the appearance of the Mahdi... (13-Apr-2017)
12-Apr-17 World View -- Migrant camp in northern France housing 1,600 people burnt to the ground: The Le Touquet treaty, which moves Britain's border into France, will be reconsidered... (12-Apr-2017)
11-Apr-17 World View -- India forced to delay Kashmir elections after large surge in violence: Why is a US carrier group strike force going to the Korean peninsula?... (11-Apr-2017)
10-Apr-17 World View -- US aircraft carrier strike force heads for Korean peninsula: Egypt in 3-month state of emergency after Coptic church bombings... (10-Apr-2017)
9-Apr-17 World View -- Russia's policies thrown into confusion as US resumes its 'world policeman' role: Shock and euphoria follow the missile strike on Syria... (9-Apr-2017)
8-Apr-17 World View -- Japan to repopulate 148 remote islands, as confrontation with China looms: Taiwan and Japan try to settle their disputes peacefully... (8-Apr-2017)
7-Apr-17 World View -- Philippines president Duterte orders military to occupy South China Sea islands: President Trump orders missile strikes on Bashar al-Assad's Syria... (7-Apr-2017)
6-Apr-17 World View -- President Trump plans military action on Syria after horrific nerve gas attack on civilians: John McCain and Lindsey Graham advocate cruise missiles and safe areas... (6-Apr-2017)
5-Apr-17 World View -- With Venezuela's Socialism spiraling into chaos, NY Times blames the mess on 'populism': Organization of American States (OAS) approves scathing condemnation of Venezuela ... (5-Apr-2017)
4-Apr-17 World View -- St. Petersburg, Russia, train explosion may be blowback from Syria military intervention: Explosion in St. Petersburg subway kills 11, injures dozens... (4-Apr-2017)
3-Apr-17 World View -- Dalai Lama to visit region of northeast India claimed by China: Dalai Lama's escape from Tibet to India in 1959 Lhasa uprising still humiliates China... (3-Apr-2017)
2-Apr-17 World View -- Paraguay wracked by worst violent riots in decades over constitutional crisis: Brief generational history of Paraguay... (2-Apr-2017)
1-Apr-17 World View -- India-Pakistan clash threatened as Kashmir violence surges again: Violence in India-controlled Kashmir takes a new turn after winter lull... (1-Apr-2017)
31-Mar-17 World View -- Brexit: The die is cast, and the EU is playing hardball: Northern Ireland considers reuniting with the Republic of Ireland... (31-Mar-2017)
30-Mar-17 World View -- With Arab world in chaos, Arab League summit displays lack of leadership and influence: Arab League plays it safe by only condemning Israel and terrorism... (30-Mar-2017)
29-Mar-17 World View -- Asians in Paris, France, riot for two nights after police kill Chinese man: French-Chinese xenophobia appears to be growing in Paris... (29-Mar-2017)
28-Mar-17 World View -- Bangladesh recovers from a four-day terror attack in Sylhet: ISIS claims credit for Sylhet Bangladesh terror attack... (28-Mar-2017)
27-Mar-17 World View -- Thousands are arrested in Russia as tens of thousands protest in cities across country: Massive protests were triggered by opposition leader Alexei Navalny's anti-corruption drive... (27-Mar-2017)
26-Mar-17 World View -- Iraq halts Mosul operation after US coalition airstrikes kill hundreds of civilians: Iraq halts the Mosul operation under international pressure... (26-Mar-2017)
25-Mar-17 World View -- US resettlement of refugees from Australia's detention centers is about to begin: Analysts skeptical of ISIS claiming responsibility for London terror attack... (25-Mar-2017)
24-Mar-17 World View -- With Egypt's contraceptive shortage, Cairo becomes the world's fastest growing city: Shortage of contraceptives and culture of large families spur Egypt's population growth... (24-Mar-2017)
23-Mar-17 World View -- Massive China-Pakistan CPEC energy project said to end energy crisis 'soon': Skeptics claim that CPEC will only benefit China, not Pakistan... (23-Mar-2017)
22-Mar-17 World View -- Concerns grow over chaos in Iraq after ISIS is defeated in Mosul: UN's humanitarian agencies overwhelmed as hundreds of thousands flee Mosul... (22-Mar-2017)
21-Mar-17 World View -- Pope Francis apologizes for Catholic Church's role in 1994 Rwanda genocide: A century of genocides... (21-Mar-2017)
20-Mar-17 World View -- Venezuela's Socialist government arrests bakers because of bread shortage: Suspicions grow that Kim Jong-nam's Malaysia assassination was not with VX nerve gas... (20-Mar-2017)
19-Mar-17 World View -- Israel and Syria have unprecedented missile clash over Jordan: Jordan has to live with increasing threats from Syria and Israel... (19-Mar-2017)
18-Mar-17 World View -- Taiwan says it must defend against increasingly threatening China: China begins construction on Philippines' Scarborough Shoal... (18-Mar-2017)
17-Mar-17 World View -- Russia denies reports of Russian special forces in eastern Libya: Russian intervention comes as fighting between Libya's militias increases... (17-Mar-2017)
16-Mar-17 World View -- Terrorist bombings in Damascus, airstrikes in Idlib, break Syria's ceasefire: Syria's Bashar al-Assad says that the Americans are invaders... (16-Mar-2017)
15-Mar-17 World View -- Bahrain postpones trial of Shia cleric after threats from Iran: Iran - Saudi Arabia relations continue to deteriorate... (15-Mar-2017)
14-Mar-17 World View -- Japan's largest warship will train with US Navy in the South China Sea: A sad picture... (14-Mar-2017)
13-Mar-17 World View -- Al-Nusra descendant claims credit for massive terror attack in Damascus, Syria: Al-Nusra becomes Levant Liberation Committee (LLC) and gains at expense of ISIS... (13-Mar-2017)
12-Mar-17 World View -- Netherlands provokes growing crisis with Turkey by blocking ministers' entry: The escalating crisis once again throws EU-Turkey migrant deal into doubt... (12-Mar-2017)
11-Mar-17 World View -- US military commitments grow in Afghanistan and Syria: Report: Trump administration shuts out Russia and Turkey in Syria... (11-Mar-2017)
10-Mar-17 World View -- As more American troops are deployed to Syria, the endgame is more uncertain: Hundreds of American troops deployed to Syria in support of local forces... (10-Mar-2017)
9-Mar-17 World View -- Thousands flee from Myanmar into China to escape army clashes with ethnic militias: Myanmar faces an investigation for ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims... (9-Mar-2017)
8-Mar-17 World View -- Tensions grow on Korean peninsula over THAAD and N. Norea-Malaysia relations: China promises retaliation over surprise deployment of THAAD in South Korea... (8-Mar-2017)
7-Mar-17 World View -- Herders invade ranches in Kenya, ambush and kill British ranch owner: The ranchers (farmers) versus the pastoralists (herders)... (7-Mar-2017)
6-Mar-17 World View -- China's South China Sea policy related to food security in times of war: Vietnam protests China's fishing ban in the South China Sea... (6-Mar-2017)
5-Mar-17 World View -- Malaysia expels North Korean ambassador as relations deteriorate: Kim Han-sol, son of Kim Jong-nam, under guard to prevent North Korean assassination... (5-Mar-2017)
4-Mar-17 World View -- Champagne corks pop as a 'Trump rally' sends Wall Street stocks parabolic: The velocity of money keeps plummeting, indicating no economic growth... (4-Mar-2017)
3-Mar-17 World View -- Australia pays refugees cash to return home, as U.S. resettlement deal falters: Australia and Germany paying asylum seekers cash to return home... (3-Mar-2017)
2-Mar-17 World View -- European leaders debate how the European Union can survive after Brexit: European nations split on the future of Europe... (2-Mar-2017)
1-Mar-17 World View -- Central African Republic war morphs from religious to ethnic war: United Nations peacekeeping force MINUSCA uses airstrikes to stop bloodbath in Bambari... (1-Mar-2017)
28-Feb-17 World View -- ISIS forces hundreds of Christians to flee Egypt's North Sinai: ISIS-linked Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis in Sinai continues to confound Egypt's army... (28-Feb-2017)
27-Feb-17 World View -- Xenophobic violence against migrants returns to South Africa: South Africa threatens to crack down on businesses hiring illegal immigrants... (27-Feb-2017)
26-Feb-17 World View -- Syria's so-called ceasefire collapses after terrorist bombings in Homs: Terrorist bombings in Homs Syria trigger retaliation by al-Assad regime... (26-Feb-2017)
25-Feb-17 World View -- Border Adjustment Tax versus the 1930 Smoot-Hawley Law: Washington tax reform plans may include a 'Border Adjustment Tax'... (25-Feb-2017)
24-Feb-17 World View -- Malaysia - N. Korea relations turn toxic over assassination of Kim Jong-un's half brother: BBC reporter Mike Embley is completely full of crap... (24-Feb-2017)
23-Feb-17 World View -- China preparing to install long-range missiles in South China Sea: China's ASEAN neighbors express increasing anxiety over China's illegal militarization... (23-Feb-2017)
22-Feb-17 World View -- China clamps down on Uighurs in Xinjiang province: China commands Xinjiang Uighurs to install tracking devices in all cars... (22-Feb-2017)
21-Feb-17 World View -- Pakistan artillery pounds terrorist 'safe havens' in Afghanistan: Pakistan blames Afghanistan after a week of multiple terror attacks... (21-Feb-2017)
20-Feb-17 World View -- US-backed Iraqi army launches major new offensive in western Mosul: US aircraft carrier renews challenge to China in the South China Sea... (20-Feb-2017)
19-Feb-17 World View -- China announces it will block imports of North Korea's coal: Assassination of Kim Jong-un's half-brother in Malaysia threatens relations with China and North Korea... (19-Feb-2017)
18-Feb-17 World View -- Britain's Tony Blair calls for the people 'to rise up' and reverse Brexit: Ireland demands a 'soft border,' while Scotland contemplates independence... (18-Feb-2017)
17-Feb-17 World View -- Pakistan promises to avenge 'each drop of blood' after multiple terror attacks: Pakistan again in shock as Sufi shrine bombing is fifth terror attack in a week... (17-Feb-2017)
16-Feb-17 World View -- Obamacare and Britain's NHS continue in financial 'death spiral': Obamacare follows Nixon's wage-price controls in financial 'death spiral'... (16-Feb-2017)
15-Feb-17 World View -- Cameroon shuts down internet for English-speakers protesting French-speakers: Brief generational history of Cameroon... (15-Feb-2017)
14-Feb-17 World View -- America's likely response to N. Korean test: THAAD, Aegis missile defense systems: China's foreign policy becomes complicated by North Korean test... (14-Feb-2017)
13-Feb-17 World View -- After Syria's so-called ceasefire, tensions grow over the future of Bashar al-Assad: Hezbollah keeps on fighting, but says it will honor Syria ceasefire... (13-Feb-2017)
12-Feb-17 World View -- Iraq: Supporters of al-Sadr and al-Maliki turn again to violence in Baghdad: Iraq's army poised to begin Battle of Mosul in the west... (12-Feb-2017)
11-Feb-17 World View -- Grexit risk: Greece may refuse a new round of austerity: Greece will evacuate 75,000 people in Thessaloniki to defuse WW II bomb... (11-Feb-2017)
10-Feb-17 World View -- Kenya's High Court blocks attempt to close Dadaab refugee camp: Closure of Dadaab demanded after 2015 Garissa University attack in Kenya... (10-Feb-2017)
9-Feb-17 World View -- Mainstream media frets over Steve Bannon, the Fourth Turning, and Donald Trump: China-Philippines détente unravels over Scarborough Shoal... (9-Feb-2017)
8-Feb-17 World View -- Investigation reveals depraved new atrocities by Syria's Bashar al-Assad: Epicenter of Syrian conflict moves from Aleppo to Idlib and al-Bab... (8-Feb-2017)
7-Feb-17 World View -- Tensions rise between China and Trump administration: China sails warships near Japan's Senkaku Islands... (7-Feb-2017)
6-Feb-17 World View -- Trump will honor Australia refugee deal, despite calling it 'worst deal ever': Australian politics in turmoil over refugee deal... (6-Feb-2017)
5-Feb-17 World View -- Egypt accused of 'dirty deal' to sabotage an Ethiopian dam project: Egypt's air force accused of bombing rebel targets in South Sudan... (5-Feb-2017)
4-Feb-17 World View -- Devastating UN report on Burma shows scale of ghastly atrocities by Buddhists targeting Muslim Rohingyas: Generational Dynamics interpretation of Burma (Myanmar) atrocities... (4-Feb-2017)
3-Feb-17 World View -- Hundreds of thousands of people protest left-wing corruption in Romania: Massive Romanian protests linked to 1989 ouster of violent dictator... (3-Feb-2017)
2-Feb-17 World View -- Israel expels residents of Amona West Bank settlement, testing rule of law in Israel: Israel approves large settlement -- first new settlement in West Bank in decades... (2-Feb-2017)
1-Feb-17 World View -- New fighting between Ukraine and Russia flares up in eastern Ukraine: Thousands of US troops in Poland conduct joint drills with Polish troops... (1-Feb-2017)
31-Jan-17 World View -- US will upgrade Philippines military bases, despite Duterte's threats: Philippines war on drugs in chaos after murder of S. Korean businessman... (31-Jan-2017)
30-Jan-17 World View -- Ethnic cleansing of Myanmar's Rohingyas threatens regional stability: Trying to keep up in a world in a state of hysteria... (30-Jan-2017)
29-Jan-17 World View -- Protests grow over Trump's executive order to restrict immigration: Iran promises retaliation against Americans... (29-Jan-2017)
28-Jan-17 World View -- Furious Turkey threatens migrant deal over Greece's failure to extradite: Desperate EU officials still try to shut down Mediterranean migration route... (28-Jan-2017)
27-Jan-17 World View -- China places missiles on Russia's border -- to gain respect and attack America: Centuries-old Russia-China border dispute could lead to another war... (27-Jan-2017)
26-Jan-17 World View -- Dow surges past 20,000, further expanding dangerous Wall Street bubble: China desperately imposes controls on capital outflows... (26-Jan-2017)
25-Jan-17 World View -- Russia, Iran, Turkey sign farcical Syria peace agreement: Syria peace conference sees a return to 'proximity talks'... (25-Jan-2017)
24-Jan-17 World View -- Russia will build major naval base in Tartus Syria: Trump may permit US military cooperation with Russia in Syria... (24-Jan-2017)
23-Jan-17 World View -- Explosive Israeli policy decisions reportedly put on hold at Trump's request: Israel prepares for the Palestinian 'Oslo Generation'... (23-Jan-2017)
22-Jan-17 World View -- India begins deploying its 'Cold Start' military strategy against Pakistan: Russia and India declare their love for each other... (22-Jan-2017)
21-Jan-17 World View -- President Trump's inauguration speech links today's America to the 1930s: The Gambia's leader steps down, after his army chief deserts him... (21-Jan-2017)
20-Jan-17 World View -- Senegal's troops enter The Gambia to force the ruler to step down: Why you have to say 'The Gambia', rather than just 'Gambia'... (20-Jan-2017)
19-Jan-17 World View -- European anger and British self-delusion follow Brexit plan speech: Brexit becomes more real after Theresa May's speech... (19-Jan-2017)
18-Jan-17 World View -- The Gambia's leader, refusing to step down, declares state of emergency: Burundi's leader, refusing to step down, withdraws peacekeeping troops fighting al-Shabaab in Somalia... (18-Jan-2017)
17-Jan-17 World View -- European leaders shocked and surprised at Trump's foreign policy comments: China threatens to 'take off the gloves' with Donald Trump... (17-Jan-2017)
16-Jan-17 World View -- With Libya in chaos, migrant deal with Italy collapses: Over 100 migrants drown in Mediterranean after their dinghy sinks... (16-Jan-2017)
15-Jan-17 World View -- Poland welcomes biggest deployment of American tanks and troops in decades: US troop deployment in Poland angers Russia... (15-Jan-2017)
14-Jan-17 World View -- Syria says that Israel bombed al-Mazzeh military airport near Damascus: Israel's motive was probably to prevent weapons from reaching Hezbollah... (14-Jan-2017)
13-Jan-17 World View -- Peace conference to reunite Cyprus adjourns without a deal: History of Cyprus suggests that there is little hope for permanent reunification... (13-Jan-2017)
12-Jan-17 World View -- Pakistan: Four secular anti-military activists vanish over the weekend: Pakistan's army accused of dumping over 1,000 bodies in Balochistan... (12-Jan-2017)
11-Jan-17 World View -- China threatens Trump with 'revenge' over one-China policy: Taiwan president Tsai Ing-Wen meets with Senator Cruz in Texas... (11-Jan-2017)
10-Jan-17 World View -- Thousands of migrants trapped in deep freeze temperatures in Greece and Balkans: European Commission resettlement plan appears to be a disaster... (10-Jan-2017)
9-Jan-17 World View -- Iran's 'moderate pragmatist' Hashemi Rafsanjani dies at age 82: Is Rafsanjani's death a victory for Iran's hardliners?... (9-Jan-2017)
8-Jan-17 World View -- Violent protests in Sri Lanka over China's takeover of Hambantota seaport: Britain's hospitals run out of beds as Red Cross declares NHS in 'humanitarian crisis'... (8-Jan-2017)
7-Jan-17 World View -- The Gambia's president prepares for war with Senegal on January 19: Congo's president Joseph Kabila refuses to step down after losing election... (7-Jan-2017)
6-Jan-17 World View -- New armed militia emerges in Central African Republic: Return, Reclamation, Rehabilitation (3R): Central African Republic crisis war continues to spin out of control... (6-Jan-2017)
5-Jan-17 World View -- Israel polarized over conviction of soldier for manslaughter: Comparison to Pakistan murder of Salman Taseer... (5-Jan-2017)
4-Jan-17 World View -- Pakistan's bizarre blasphemy laws lead to death threats for son of slain governor: Pakistan's Imran Khan forced to apologize after being accused of blasphemy... (4-Jan-2017)
3-Jan-17 World View -- Syrian opposition groups suspend negotiations of peace talks: Video emerges from Burma (Myanmar) showing police beating Rohingya Muslims... (3-Jan-2017)
2-Jan-17 World View -- Istanbul Turkey New Year's terror attack compared to Paris and Orlando attacks: Terror attacks expose deep divisions in Turkey's society... (2-Jan-2017)
1-Jan-17 World View -- Taiwan's president responds to military threats from China: Did Taiwan's president say that Taiwan is 'an independent, sovereign country'?... (1-Jan-2017)

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