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Web Log Summary - January-December, 2016


31-Dec-16 World View -- Hacking of Democratic National Committee computers - I blame the victim: It's almost always the victim's fault when computer networks are hacked... (31-Dec-2016)
30-Dec-16 World View -- Russia and Turkey announce a new ceasefire in Syria: Damascus Syria is without water after reservoirs were poisoned... (30-Dec-2016)
29-Dec-16 World View -- China punishes Mongolia for Dalai Lama visit during financial crisis: Mongolia's herders faces a 'dzud' weather catastrophe... (29-Dec-2016)
28-Dec-16 World View -- Bank run worsens Italy's banking crisis: Following the money, Sao Tome and Principe switches allegiance from Taiwan to China... (28-Dec-2016)
27-Dec-16 World View -- Furious Israel retaliates against UN for condemning West Bank settlements: Palestinians declare a defeat for the forces of darkness... (27-Dec-2016)
26-Dec-16 World View -- Greece calls its European lenders 'Ebenezer Scrooge' from A Christmas Carol: European lenders relent and unblock the frozen bailout loan... (26-Dec-2016)
25-Dec-16 World View -- Tunisia fears more terrorism after Berlin attack by Tunisian national: Bartella Iraq celebrates Christmas after liberation from ISIS... (25-Dec-2016)
24-Dec-16 World View -- South Sudan increasingly parallels Syria in genocidal violence: UN Security Council fails to impose arms embargo on South Sudan... (24-Dec-2016)
23-Dec-16 World View -- Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin both call for nuclear weapons increase: Germany criticized for too few CCTV cameras, and Britain for too many... (23-Dec-2016)
22-Dec-16 World View -- Italy announces bank bailout that will 'bail in' ordinary depositors: European officials refuse to unblock the next bailout loan to Greece... (22-Dec-2016)
21-Dec-16 World View -- Russia, Turkey scramble to mend relations by blaming US for assassination: Turkey and Russia blame Fethullah Gulen and the US for the assassination... (21-Dec-2016)
20-Dec-16 World View -- Terror in Berlin and Ankara as Russia's ambassador to Turkey shot dead: Large truck kills 12 driving into a crowded Berlin market... (20-Dec-2016)
19-Dec-16 World View -- Chinese bombers circling Taiwan raise talk of war during Trump's first term: China says it will back down over US military drone seizure in South China Sea... (19-Dec-2016)
18-Dec-16 World View -- Syria and Russia see 'the light at the end of the tunnel' after Aleppo victory: Syria's civil war shows similarities to America's Vietnam war... (18-Dec-2016)
17-Dec-16 World View -- Former UN leader Ban Ki-moon may run for president of South Korea: Russia and Japan fail to agree on ending World War II... (17-Dec-2016)
16-Dec-16 World View -- India-Pakistan tensions rise as India celebrates 1971 victory over Pakistan: World Bank declines to mediate Pakistan-India water dispute... (16-Dec-2016)
15-Dec-16 World View -- Greece financial crisis threatened after Tsipras announces new spending program: IMF says that Greece's budget must be 'more growth-friendly'... (15-Dec-2016)
14-Dec-16 World View -- US's Samantha Power makes excoriating attack on Syria's al-Assad, Russia, Iran: Human Rights Watch reveals more ethnic cleansing imagery from Burma (Myanmar)... (14-Dec-2016)
13-Dec-16 World View -- Italy's bank crisis seems likely to cost thousands of people their savings: Egypt's Christians demand revenge after Sunday's church bombing... (13-Dec-2016)
12-Dec-16 World View -- Terror bombing of Coptic Christian church in Cairo Egypt kills 25: Furious Turkey vows revenge, as PKK/TAK takes credit for Istanbul bombing... (12-Dec-2016)
11-Dec-16 World View -- Erdogan says some Greek islands should really belong to Turkey: Greece-Turkey relations deteriorate as Greece delays extraditing suspected coup plotters... (11-Dec-2016)
10-Dec-16 World View -- EU agrees to grant visa-free travel to people of Ukraine and Georgia: Ukraine war: fighting just to carry on fighting... (10-Dec-2016)
9-Dec-16 World View -- China says its South China Sea military buildup is a boon to the world: Vietnam and Australia reject China's claims, while Philippines submits... (9-Dec-2016)
8-Dec-16 World View -- Venezuela's currency becomes worthless, as Zimbabwe introduces new currency: Venezuela to print 20,000 Bolivar note as currency... (8-Dec-2016)
7-Dec-16 World View -- Asian jihadists become radicalized by Burma's (Myanmar's) Rohingya slaughter: Burma's Rohingya attacks generate calls for military action in Malaysia... (7-Dec-2016)
6-Dec-16 World View -- China and Russia in military competition in Tajikistan: Russia promises Tajikistan a 'large quantity' of military aircraft... (6-Dec-2016)
5-Dec-16 World View -- No war erupted from Trump's ten minute phone call with Taiwan's Tsai Ing-wen: From the Truman Doctrine to renewed nationalism... (5-Dec-2016)
3-Dec-16 World View -- India's Narendra Modi threatens to divert water from Pakistan to India's farmers: India says that Modi's 'demonetization' program reduced Kashmir violence... (3-Dec-2016)
2-Dec-16 World View -- Sunday's referendum in Italy threatens EU's stability: Referendum vote could affect stability of Italy's troubled banks... (2-Dec-2016)
1-Dec-16 World View -- Europeans wonder if Turkey will reopen the refugee floodgates: Mediterranean migrant traffic to Italy and Greece continues, despite cold weather... (1-Dec-2016)
30-Nov-16 World View -- Mahmoud Abbas, 81, reelected leader of Fatah/Palestinian Authority: Hopes again grow for Gaza-West Bank unity government... (30-Nov-2016)
29-Nov-16 World View -- UN: Burma (Myanmar) committing 'ethnic cleansing' of Rohingyas: Tens of thousands flee from northern Burma across border to China... (29-Nov-2016)
28-Nov-16 World View -- Iraq sending Shia militias to Mosul, directly violating promise to Turkey: The chaotic operation to liberate Mosul... (28-Nov-2016)
27-Nov-16 World View -- Egypt to send troops to Syria to aid Bashar al-Assad and Russia: Egypt rejects its former benefactor, Saudi Arabia, in favor of Russia and Iran... (27-Nov-2016)
26-Nov-16 World View -- Turkey, Syria, Kurds, ISIS converge on a major military confrontation in al-Bab: Syrian airstrike on Turkish forces threatens wider war... (26-Nov-2016)
25-Nov-16 World View -- Turkey furious at EU parliament's vote to end accession talks: Terrorist car bomb in southern Turkey kills two... (25-Nov-2016)
24-Nov-16 World View -- How the First Thanksgiving led to American independence: The Pilgrims meet the Wampanoag Indians... (24-Nov-2016)
23-Nov-16 World View -- Cameroon: One person killed in English-speaking vs French-speaking civil unrest: Activists call for independence of English-speaking Cameroon... (23-Nov-2016)
22-Nov-16 World View -- China puts army on high alert along border with Burma (Myanmar): Burma's army appears to be exterminating Rakhine State Rohingyas... (22-Nov-2016)
21-Nov-16 World View -- Bizarre monkey attack triggers tribal war in Jabha in southern Libya: Tribal warfare in southern Libya could destabilize all of Libya... (21-Nov-2016)
20-Nov-16 World View -- Sri Lanka Sinhalese Buddhist monks accused of racist hate speech against Hindu Tamils: Sri Lanka says that '32 élite, well-educated Muslims' have joined ISIS in Syria... (20-Nov-2016)
19-Nov-16 World View -- Japan's troops in South Sudan become first test of new 'collective self-defense' policy: United Nations warns of mass atrocities in South Sudan... (19-Nov-2016)
18-Nov-16 World View -- After Brexit and Trump, Italy's Five-Star-Movement may be the next surprise: Italy's Monte dei Paschi di Siena floats desperate rescue plan... (18-Nov-2016)
17-Nov-16 World View -- African nations furious over possible collapse of climate change agreement: The 'science' of climate change... (17-Nov-2016)
16-Nov-16 World View -- Communal violence grows in Myanmar (Burma) between Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims: Syria and Russia resume bombings of women and children in Aleppo... (16-Nov-2016)
15-Nov-16 World View -- Bulgaria and Moldova elect pro-Russian presidents, turning away from EU: Expect tensions to increase in Poland and Romania... (15-Nov-2016)
14-Nov-16 World View -- Britain's National Health Service (NHS) forced to close emergency rooms: Syrian regime sending 'leave or die' text messages to Aleppo residents... (14-Nov-2016)
13-Nov-16 World View -- Multiple terror bombings cross Pakistan and Afghanistan: 14-year-old suicide bomber kills dozens in Sufi shrine in Pakistan... (13-Nov-2016)
12-Nov-16 World View -- India's prime minister Narendra Modi declares 500-1000 rupee notes worthless: Many wives face hardship because their 'hidden cash' is now worthless... (12-Nov-2016)
11-Nov-16 World View -- Hundreds of Australian migrants to be resettled in the United States: As winter approaches, Syria's east Aleppo faces mass starvation... (11-Nov-2016)
10-Nov-16 World View -- Donald Trump: The honeymoon calm before the storm: Is this the Apocalypse?... (10-Nov-2016)
9-Nov-16 World View -- EU's expected scathing report on Turkey may scuttle refugee deal: Austria says EU must prepare for collapse of Turkey migrant deal... (9-Nov-2016)
8-Nov-16 World View -- China orders Hong Kong to disqualify anyone not taking 'sincere' loyalty oath to China: Advice on traveling to China... (8-Nov-2016)
7-Nov-16 World View -- US-backed Kurdish militias in Syria make surprise announcement of Raqqa operation: Is Syria's Bashar al-Assad a 'necessary evil'?... (7-Nov-2016)
6-Nov-16 World View -- Turkey's Erdogan eliminates more opposition in quest for power: Erdogan continues his war against Turkey's media... (6-Nov-2016)
5-Nov-16 World View -- Egypt fears more social unrest after sharp devaluation of currency: Egypt's government says that 'the luxury of delay is not available'... (5-Nov-2016)
4-Nov-16 World View -- Britain's Brexit plans in disarray after court requires parliamentary approval: Italy's Monte dei Paschi di Siena, the world's oldest bank, appears close to collapse... (4-Nov-2016)
3-Nov-16 World View -- Hong Kong legislature in chaos, under threat of intervention by mainland China: Sudan follows Uganda, Namibia in cutting ties with North Korea... (3-Nov-2016)
2-Nov-16 World View -- Protests across Morocco after horrific death of fishmonger in garbage truck: Wife of North Korea's child dictator Kim Jong-un has disappeared... (2-Nov-2016)
1-Nov-16 World View -- France pulls out of Central African Republic as sectarian violence grows: Widespread dissatisfaction with UN peacekeeping force MINUSCA... (1-Nov-2016)
31-Oct-16 World View -- Clinton e-mail media storm shows sudden change in public mood: Australia proposes lifetime settlement ban on illegal immigrants... (31-Oct-2016)
30-Oct-16 World View -- Confusion and chaos in Iraq mark the operation to free Mosul from ISIS: ISIS using tens of thousands of men, women and children as human shields in Mosul... (30-Oct-2016)
29-Oct-16 World View -- China's president Xi Jinping given dictatorial powers: China permits Philippines to fish in Scarborough Shoal... (29-Oct-2016)
28-Oct-16 World View -- Thousands of refugees hide from French police as Calais 'Jungle' refugee camp is demolished: Destruction of Calais camp called 'really dangerous' for children... (28-Oct-2016)
27-Oct-16 World View -- Spain blocks Russia fleet refueling stop over planned bombing in Aleppo Syria: The Gambia follows Burundi and S. Africa in leaving the International Criminal Court... (27-Oct-2016)
26-Oct-16 World View -- Pakistan reels after 60 young police cadets killed in terror attack in Balochistan: Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) may be getting revenge for police attack on leader... (26-Oct-2016)
25-Oct-16 World View -- Turkey's military intervention grows in Syria and Iraq: In Syria, Turkey attacks both Kurds and ISIS near Aleppo and Mosul... (25-Oct-2016)
24-Oct-16 World View -- South Africa's withdrawal throws future of International Criminal Court into doubt: The fallacy of prosecuting war crimes... (24-Oct-2016)
23-Oct-16 World View -- Philippines leader Rodrigo Duterte in comic dance with China: Philippines president Duterte apparently cedes Scarborough Shoal to China... (23-Oct-2016)
22-Oct-16 World View -- France to demolish 'The Jungle' migrant camp in Calais: Italy struggles with the 'mini-Calais' refugee camp in Ventimiglia... (22-Oct-2016)
21-Oct-16 World View -- Aleppo bombings in 'humanitarian pause' as residents await Russia's death blow: Russia's warship fleet sails through English Channel to Syria... (21-Oct-2016)
20-Oct-16 World View -- Unrealistic expectations surround the battle to recapture Mosul from ISIS : Turkey views Iraq and Syria through the lens of World War I and the Ottoman Empire... (20-Oct-2016)
19-Oct-16 World View -- Egypt turns to Iran for oil after Saudi relationship deteriorates over Syria: Egypt votes for two contradictory UN Security Council proposals on Syria... (19-Oct-2016)
18-Oct-16 World View -- Turkey and Iraq in dispute over Turkish participation in Mosul operation: ISIS may be given a chance to escape to Syria... (18-Oct-2016)
17-Oct-16 World View -- Iraq begins battle to recapture Mosul from ISIS: Sectarian violence may interfere with recapture of Mosul... (17-Oct-2016)
16-Oct-16 World View -- Pakistan and India in farcical dispute over 'surgical strikes' in Kashmir: Farce continues, as Pakistan involves the German embassy... (16-Oct-2016)
15-Oct-16 World View -- Scotland considers separation from England as 'Hard Brexit' looms: EU president Donald Tusk tells Britain: 'Hard Brexit or No Brexit'... (15-Oct-2016)
14-Oct-16 World View -- Thailand mourns as Massachusetts-born King Bhumibol Adulyadej dies: Today's musical entertainment: The March of the Siamese Children... (14-Oct-2016)
13-Oct-16 World View -- Burundi's Pierre Nkurunziza follows Syria's Bashar al-Assad on path to genocide: Burundi lawmakers vote to leave the International Criminal Court (ICC)... (13-Oct-2016)
12-Oct-16 World View -- Militants linked to Myanmar's Rohingyas kill border guards in revenge attack: Fears grow of new wave of Buddhist vs Rohingya communal violence... (12-Oct-2016)
11-Oct-16 World View -- Turkey's Erdogan and Russia's Putin sign TurkStream gas pipeline deal: Turkey-Russia TurkStream deal based on pragmatism rather than reconciliation... (11-Oct-2016)
10-Oct-16 World View -- Ethiopia declares extraordinary six-month state of emergency: Manufacture of Ivanka Trump's shoes will move from China to Ethiopia... (10-Oct-2016)
9-Oct-16 World View -- New Anti-India violence erupts in Kashmir after police kill 12-year-old boy: Indian media increasingly accepts the 'indigenous' nature of the Kashmir protests... (9-Oct-2016)
8-Oct-16 World View -- Reader comments and questions on Syria, Russia, and Russian trolls: The future of the Mideast... (8-Oct-2016)
7-Oct-16 World View -- UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura predicts total destruction of Aleppo by Christmas: UN envoy Staffan de mistura asks al-Nusra fighters to leave Aleppo... (7-Oct-2016)
6-Oct-16 World View -- Russia continues large air defense military buildup in Syria: Concerns about possible US-Russia military conflict continue to grow... (6-Oct-2016)
5-Oct-16 World View -- Mongolia in economic crisis asks the IMF for a bailout: Mongolia signs new mining deal with Rio Tinto for future growth... (5-Oct-2016)
4-Oct-16 World View -- US cuts off talks with Russia, signaling turning point in Syria: Russia accuses US of sabotaging ceasefire and 'allying with terror'... (4-Oct-2016)
3-Oct-16 World View -- India and Pakistan threaten war over Indus River water rights: Terrorists attack another Indian army base in Kashmir... (3-Oct-2016)
2-Oct-16 World View -- Concerns growing of a military showdown between US and Russia in Syria: Leaked John Kerry audio reveals bitter Obama administration disagreements... (2-Oct-2016)
1-Oct-16 World View -- Iraq, ISIS and the West prepare for the Great Battle for Mosul to begin soon: UN says Mosul could be 'largest man-made disaster in many years'... (1-Oct-2016)
30-Sep-16 World View -- Pakistan expected to retaliate after India invades Pakistani soil in Kashmir: China threatens Japan, South Korea and U.S. all in one day... (30-Sep-2016)
29-Sep-16 World View -- Wells Fargo receives laughable 'punishment' for massive criminal fraud: Reasons given why no criminal prosecutions of bankers for criminal fraud... (29-Sep-2016)
28-Sep-16 World View -- As ISIS loses territory, it turns increasingly to terrorism: Pyrrhic victory over ISIS could create a 'terrorist diaspora'... (28-Sep-2016)
27-Sep-16 World View -- US, UK, UN officials accuse Syria and Russia of barbarism and war crimes: Comparisons of Syria civil war to Sri Lanka civil war... (27-Sep-2016)
26-Sep-16 World View -- Murder of Jordan writer exposes fault line between secularists and Muslim Brotherhood: Writer Nahed Hattar, accused of blasphemy, gunned down in Amman, Jordan... (26-Sep-2016)
25-Sep-16 World View -- US will deport tens of thousands of Haitian immigrants surging toward California: Illinois Rep Luis V. Gutiérrez demands special status for Ecuadorians... (25-Sep-2016)
24-Sep-16 World View -- Syria's al-Assad goes for the kill, turning Aleppo and civilians to bloody rubble: Responses to reader comments... (24-Sep-2016)
23-Sep-16 World View -- US and Turkey headed for collision in Syria: A major new flood of refugees starting to flee from Mosul in Iraq... (23-Sep-2016)
22-Sep-16 World View -- Pakistan-India tensions again surge as Pakistan demands independence for Kashmir: Pakistan ejects Indian journalist from New York press conference... (22-Sep-2016)
21-Sep-16 World View -- US increasingly expresses total disgust with Syria regime for Bashar al-Assad's atrocities: Warplanes target and bomb humanitarian aid convoy near Aleppo in Syria... (21-Sep-2016)
20-Sep-16 World View -- Germany's Angela Merkel expresses regret after election loss in Berlin: Summit in Bratislava shows an EU in disarray... (20-Sep-2016)
19-Sep-16 World View -- New terrorist attack in Kashmir threatens India-Pakistan retaliation: Russia accuses US of intentionally striking Syria's army to support ISIS... (19-Sep-2016)
18-Sep-16 World View -- India and Pakistan in vitriolic accusations at the UN over Kashmir and Balochistan: Violence in India-controlled Kashmir grows as thousands defy curfew... (18-Sep-2016)
17-Sep-16 World View -- Concerns grow about Tunisia's stability as economic protests escalate: Tunisia remains the #1 source of foreign fighters for ISIS... (17-Sep-2016)
16-Sep-16 World View -- Syria blocks humanitarian aid to Aleppo: Report: Turkey will build 'residential cities' in Syria buffer zone... (16-Sep-2016)
15-Sep-16 World View -- UK politicians debate the 2011 Libya intervention: Libya and Syria illustrate the intervention dilemma for policy makers... (15-Sep-2016)
14-Sep-16 World View -- Monday's EU summit to show that Europe 'not detached from reality' over migrants: Luxembourg Foreign Minister calls for Hungary's expulsion from EU over migrant issue... (14-Sep-2016)
13-Sep-16 World View -- As Syria ceasefire begins, Bashar al-Assad quickly rejects it: Confusion grows over role of al-Nusra Front in US-Russia peace plan... (13-Sep-2016)
12-Sep-16 World View -- South Korea announces 'Massive Punishment and Retaliation' and decapitation for N. Korea: After North Korea's 5th nuclear test on Friday, a 6th may be imminent... (12-Sep-2016)
11-Sep-16 World View -- Syria's civilians fear worse violence from US-Russia 'ceasefire' agreement: Kyrgyzstan's World Nomad Games commemorate lifestyle of Genghis Khan... (11-Sep-2016)
10-Sep-16 World View -- Turkey plans assault on Syria's Kurds, as US-Russia announce another peace deal: Turkey presses to establish a 'no-fly zone' in northern Syria... (10-Sep-2016)
9-Sep-16 World View -- Saudi Arabia makes a dangerous accusation - that Iranians are 'not Muslims': Obama warns China not to ignore the Hague tribunal ruling on South China Sea... (9-Sep-2016)
8-Sep-16 World View -- Darfur in Sudan facing new genocide as refugees are expelled from camps: Generational history of the Darfur war... (8-Sep-2016)
7-Sep-16 World View -- From 2013: The history of how Syria's Bashar al-Assad created ISIS: Syrian regime drops chlorine-laded barrel bomb on Aleppo market... (7-Sep-2016)
6-Sep-16 World View -- Sharply polarized Hong Kong electorate hands Beijing a stinging setback: China's relations with Hong Kong and Taiwan set to become more tense... (6-Sep-2016)
5-Sep-16 World View -- Anti-immigrant party in Germany hands Angela Merkel a stinging defeat: Migrants from Libya to Italy surge in the Mediterranean... (5-Sep-2016)
4-Sep-16 World View -- Bashar al-Assad's Syrian army once again close to collapse: Turkey sends more tanks into Syria in 'New Phase' of military action... (4-Sep-2016)
3-Sep-16 World View -- Japan and Russia may settle post-World War II Kuril Islands dispute: Reading between the lines: Russia, Japan, China, India and border disputes... (3-Sep-2016)
2-Sep-16 World View -- UK's 'junior doctors' call a devastating 5-day strike against the National Health Service: Obamacare in severe death spiral, as insurers bleed billions... (2-Sep-2016)
1-Sep-16 World View -- Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China sign economic and military agreements: U.S. and India sign a landmark defense agreement... (1-Sep-2016)
31-Aug-16 World View -- Uzbekistan's dictator president Karimov suffers stroke, threatening Central Asia stability: Brief generational history of Uzbekistan... (31-Aug-2016)
30-Aug-16 World View -- China's 'thuggery' transforms Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement into independence movement: Hong Kong police prepare for election day riots from pro-independence activists... (30-Aug-2016)
29-Aug-16 World View -- US forced to choose between two close allies, as Turks bomb Kurds in Syria: America may be forced to choose between Turkey and Kurds... (29-Aug-2016)
28-Aug-16 World View -- Increasing anger in Turkey threatens the EU-Turkey migrant deal: Greece makes contingency plans for 180,000 more migrants... (28-Aug-2016)
27-Aug-16 World View -- After 50 days of violence, unrest in India-controlled Kashmir is unabated: Turkey's PM declares 'all-out war' after new PKK truck bomb attack... (27-Aug-2016)
26-Aug-16 World View -- Turkey's 'Operation Euphrates Shield' turns into full-scale invasion of Syria: US turns on Syrian Kurds as they're attacked by Turkey... (26-Aug-2016)
25-Aug-16 World View -- North Korea lays land mines to prevent soldiers from defecting: US VP Biden snubbed by Turkey's angry president Erdogan... (25-Aug-2016)
24-Aug-16 World View -- Turkey prepares an army of 1,500 Syrian rebels to fight ISIS and Kurds in Syria: Battles are taking place in two border towns in Syria: Hasaka and Jarablus... (24-Aug-2016)
23-Aug-16 World View -- Turkey begins to fully enter the war in Syria militarily: In an embarrassing turnaround, Russia removes its bombers from Iran... (23-Aug-2016)
22-Aug-16 World View -- Turkey's Erdogan announces a complete U-turn on Syria policy: Turkey's downward spiral continues with massive wedding terror attack... (22-Aug-2016)
21-Aug-16 World View -- US cuts military advisers to Saudis in Yemen as peace talks collapse: Generational history of Shia Houthis in Yemen... (21-Aug-2016)
20-Aug-16 World View -- Zimbabwe launching a Soviet style command agriculture program: Zimbabwe police violently disperse protests over new 'bond note' currency... (20-Aug-2016)
19-Aug-16 World View -- Furious UN envoy Staffan de Mistura excoriates Syria's Bashar al-Assad: Stephen K. Bannon is named chairman of Donald Trump's campaign... (19-Aug-2016)
18-Aug-16 World View -- Number of migrants reaching Greece surges since Turkey's attempted coup: Fears grow that the EU-Turkey migrant deal will collapse... (18-Aug-2016)
17-Aug-16 World View -- Russia-Iran airbase agreement further isolates Saudi Arabia: Generational alignments of the world's religions - hypothesis... (17-Aug-2016)
16-Aug-16 World View -- Turkey threatens EU migrant deal, saying EU is humiliating Turkey, not helping: Turkey's failed coup raises concerns about nuclear weapons at Incirlik Air Base... (16-Aug-2016)
15-Aug-16 World View -- India, Pakistan celebrate independence day with vitriolic accusations about Kashmir: Militants hoist Pakistani flags in Kashmir on Sunday... (15-Aug-2016)
14-Aug-16 World View -- Wild celebrations in Manbij Syria, after major defeat for ISIS: Manbij was known as 'Little London' because of British jihadists... (14-Aug-2016)
13-Aug-16 World View -- Thailand shocked by 13 bombings in five southern provinces: Any of Thailand's three major ethnic groups could be the perpetrators... (13-Aug-2016)
12-Aug-16 World View -- Fears grow that a new Russian invasion of Ukraine is imminent: US forces in Libya may declare victory over ISIS this week... (12-Aug-2016)
11-Aug-16 World View -- Vietnam deploys rocket launchers in South China Sea to confront China: Japan-China relations 'deteriorate significantly' after repeated Chinese provocations... (11-Aug-2016)
10-Aug-16 World View -- China's fury grows over South Korea's plan to deploy THAAD anti-missile system: Russia massing tanks and troops in Ukraine on northern border of Crimea... (10-Aug-2016)
9-Aug-16 World View -- Quetta Pakistan terror attack kills 75, while unrest grows in Kashmir: The debate in Pakistan: Good terrorists vs Bad terrorists... (9-Aug-2016)
8-Aug-16 World View -- Syrian regime apparently suffers major setback in Aleppo: People of Aleppo burn tires to create a smoky 'no-fly zone'... (8-Aug-2016)
7-Aug-16 World View -- India's Narendra Modi finally hits out at Cow Protectors ('Gau Rakshaks'): Generational history of cow protection in India and Hinduism... (7-Aug-2016)
6-Aug-16 World View -- Venezuela's economic crisis is hitting Cuba hard: Egypt claims that it killed leaders of ISIS branch in Sinai... (6-Aug-2016)
5-Aug-16 World View -- Bank of England uses 'sledgehammer' stimulus to fight Brexit slowdown: China overtaking both Russia and US in influence in Central Asia... (5-Aug-2016)
4-Aug-16 World View -- North Korean missile strikes sea close to Japan, threatening radar base: N. Korean officials reportedly alarmed at Kim Jong-un's drinking and massive weight gain... (4-Aug-2016)
3-Aug-16 World View -- Iran furious at Palestinian meeting with Iran opposition group: Negative interest rates creating increased anxiety... (3-Aug-2016)
2-Aug-16 World View -- Russia uses the 'Grozny Model' to pursue mass slaughter in Aleppo Syria: US military in Libya launches airstrikes against ISIS... (2-Aug-2016)
1-Aug-16 World View -- Migrant Indian workers in Saudi Arabia face starvation: India and Saudi Arabia move to warm relations with each other... (1-Aug-2016)
31-Jul-16 World View -- Philippines president Duterte cancels 'ceasefire' with Communist Party: FBI investigates alleged Russian hacking of Democrats' servers... (31-Jul-2016)
30-Jul-16 World View -- Fearing more Brexit-like votes, EU abandons fiscal rules for Spain, Portugal, Italy: Earnings fall, but central bank liquidity floods markets, pushing up stocks... (30-Jul-2016)
29-Jul-16 World View -- Syria's Al-Nusra splits with al-Qaeda, becoming Jabhat Fateh al-Sham: Al-Nusra may have learned lessons from failures of ISIS and al-Qaeda in Iraq... (29-Jul-2016)
28-Jul-16 World View -- China, Russia vociferously object to South Korea's THAAD missile system deployment: South Korea's fears of an attack from North Korea... (28-Jul-2016)
27-Jul-16 World View -- France's François Hollande declares war on ISIS after terror attack kills priest: ASEAN and Arab League in chaos as they fail to deal with existential issues... (27-Jul-2016)
26-Jul-16 World View -- People in Germany are reeling after a week of violence: Germany's Der Spiegel asks: Is this the Apocalypse Now?... (26-Jul-2016)
25-Jul-16 World View -- Migrants trapped in Serbia march toward border with Hungary: The refugee problem continues, despite EU-Turkey deal... (25-Jul-2016)
24-Jul-16 World View -- ISIS claims responsibility for attack on Shia Hazaras in Kabul Afghanistan: Kabul attack targeted Afghanistan's repressed Hazara minority... (24-Jul-2016)
23-Jul-16 World View -- Christian pastor's '#ThisFlag' movement threatens Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe war veterans suddenly turn on Robert Mugabe... (23-Jul-2016)
22-Jul-16 World View -- Turkey's Erdogan gives himself dictatorial powers, moving Turkey away from the West: Turkey moves away from the West... (22-Jul-2016)
21-Jul-16 World View -- India-Pakistan tensions grow over Kashmir issue: Fears grow of major uprising in Indian-governed Kashmir... (21-Jul-2016)
20-Jul-16 World View -- The African Union proposes an all-African peacekeeping force for South Sudan: Uganda's president opposes arms embargo on South Sudan... (20-Jul-2016)
19-Jul-16 World View -- China's military deploys bombers and closes part of the South China Sea: China makes more delusional claims about the South China Sea... (19-Jul-2016)
18-Jul-16 World View -- Turkey's Erdogan gives four-finger 'R4BIA' salute, in signal to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood: Bahrain tensions rise as Sunni government cracks down on Shias... (18-Jul-2016)
17-Jul-16 World View -- Attempted army coup in Turkey collapses within hours: Extradition of Fethullah Gulen may be linked to reopening Incirlik air base... (17-Jul-2016)
16-Jul-16 World View -- Nice France terror attack provokes desperate search for solutions: Turkey coup; Protests and violence continue across Indian-governed Kashmir... (16-Jul-2016)
15-Jul-16 World View -- After Brexit, London's real estate bubbles are collapsing: UK commercial real estate market hard hit by 'Brexit clauses'... (15-Jul-2016)
14-Jul-16 World View -- Police clashes in India-governed Kashmir kill 36 and leave thousands injured: Jammu-Kashmir violence follows a typical generational timeline after civil war... (14-Jul-2016)
13-Jul-16 World View -- Philippines humiliates China in harsh Hague Tribunal ruling over South China Sea: Tribunal ruling eviscerates China's 'Nine-Dash Line' claims... (13-Jul-2016)
12-Jul-16 World View -- Japan's election opens the way to repeal 'pacifism' constitution clause: Increasingly angry China rams Vietnamese boat as tribunal ruling expected... (12-Jul-2016)
11-Jul-16 World View -- Fears that renewed South Sudan tribal fighting could spiral into larger war: Generational history of South Sudan and Dinka-Nuer clashes... (11-Jul-2016)
10-Jul-16 World View -- Violence resurges in Central African Republic's crisis civil war: European Union will pay Sudan's militias to block migration to Europe... (10-Jul-2016)
9-Jul-16 World View -- Nato deploying a 'tripwire' of 4,000 soldiers along Russia's border: Japan's elections put constitution's pacifism clause into question... (9-Jul-2016)
8-Jul-16 World View -- Hard issues prevent full reconciliation between Turkey and Russia: Turkey's reconciliation with Egypt appears to be unlikely... (8-Jul-2016)
7-Jul-16 World View -- South China Sea tension set to escalate after July 12 arbitration ruling: Obama flip-flops again on Afghanistan... (7-Jul-2016)
6-Jul-16 World View -- Attack on Islam's holy site in Medina caps end-of-Ramadan jihadist carnage: Bond yields continue to plummet globally into negative territory after Brexit... (6-Jul-2016)
5-Jul-16 World View -- Italy bank crisis more dangerous to EU than Brexit: EU Banking Union rules were a reaction to Greece's financial crisis... (5-Jul-2016)
4-Jul-16 World View -- Massive bombing attack Baghdad Iraq blamed on bogus bomb detectors: Former ambassador Jim Moriarty describes the dancing people of Bangladesh... (4-Jul-2016)
3-Jul-16 World View -- Bangladesh tries to recover from Dhaka terror attack, the worst in 40 years: Suspicions that Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency supported the Dhaka attack... (3-Jul-2016)
2-Jul-16 World View -- Bangladesh again shocked by major ongoing terrorist attack: The Battle of the Somme and infant mortality... (2-Jul-2016)
1-Jul-16 World View -- Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Puerto Rico - three amigos in Marxist economic destruction: After Trump's exit, Miss Teen USA dumps its swimsuit competition... (1-Jul-2016)
30-Jun-16 World View -- Egypt calls Qatar an 'enemy state': Cash stored in vaults as negative interest rates spread... (30-Jun-2016)
29-Jun-16 World View -- Bombing of Turkey's airport affects a swirl of diplomatic actions: Mutual UK-EU loathing at the European Parliament in Brussels... (29-Jun-2016)
28-Jun-16 World View -- Hezbollah defends terrorist actions by saying it gets all its money from Iran: Rating agencies downgrade Britain's AAA credit rating... (28-Jun-2016)
27-Jun-16 World View -- Israel and Turkey announcing a reconciliation agreement on Monday: Nationalistic tensions increase as UK and EU drift towards Brexit... (27-Jun-2016)
26-Jun-16 World View -- Britain's Millennials are furious at Boomers for Brexit vote: In new escalation, China cuts communications hotline with Taiwan... (26-Jun-2016)
25-Jun-16 World View -- Fallout from Brexit: Impact on geopolitics, economics, and stock markets: Global stock markets plummet after Brexit surprise... (25-Jun-2016)
24-Jun-16 World View -- South China Sea: China's list of supporters is found to be delusional: Cognitive dissonance and doubling down in China... (24-Jun-2016)
23-Jun-16 World View -- Turkey drops lifting of Gaza blockade demand for normalization with Israel: Russia improves military ties with Israel, will not veto relationship with Turkey... (23-Jun-2016)
22-Jun-16 World View -- China's 'ironclad proof' of South China Sea claims revealed as hoax: A request to readers: Protect the Generational Dynamics legacy... (22-Jun-2016)
21-Jun-16 World View -- Iran threatens coup, after Bahrain revokes citizenship of Shia cleric: Iran reacts to a series of repeated anti-Shia moves by Bahrain and Saudi Arabia... (21-Jun-2016)
20-Jun-16 World View -- Historic Orthodox Christian gathering in Crete exposes sharp divisions: History of Catholic and Orthodox Christian 'Ecumenical' Councils... (20-Jun-2016)
19-Jun-16 World View -- Pak-Afghan border crisis revives controversy over 120 year old Durand Line: Pakistan reopens border crossing with Pakistan after week of gunfights... (19-Jun-2016)
18-Jun-16 World View -- Pressure mounts on European Union to resume admitting Syrian refugees: Médecins Sans Frontières announces it will reject further European aid... (18-Jun-2016)
17-Jun-16 World View -- UAE backs out of Saudi coalition in Yemen, saying 'War is over': Saudi Arabia is condemned for Yemen's humanitarian disaster... (17-Jun-2016)
16-Jun-16 World View -- ASEAN makes humiliating South China Sea reversal under pressure from China: Obama administration reevaluates plans for Afghanistan troop withdrawal... (16-Jun-2016)
15-Jun-16 World View -- German 10 year bund yield goes negative, as deflationary spiral continues: Brexit: The polls versus the bookies... (15-Jun-2016)
14-Jun-16 World View -- Heavy fighting along Eritrea-Ethiopia border raises fears of war: Generational history of Ethiopia and Eritrea... (14-Jun-2016)
13-Jun-16 World View -- Orlando nightclub terror attack may be result of ISIS and al-Qaeda troubles: Al-Qaeda leader swears allegiance to Taliban's new leader... (13-Jun-2016)
12-Jun-16 World View -- Bangladesh government arrests 3,192 people to stop terrorist killings: History of Bangladesh's 'BNP-Jamaat clique' goes back to massive 1971 ethnic war... (12-Jun-2016)
11-Jun-16 World View -- In a reversal, Obama allows US troops in Afghanistan in combat roles: Change in policy was resisted because of political implications... (11-Jun-2016)
10-Jun-16 World View -- Israel deploys hundreds of troops to West Bank, cancels entry permits: Turkey bans fertilizer sales after two terror bombings... (10-Jun-2016)
9-Jun-16 World View -- Three terror attacks in Turkey and Israel mark start of Ramadan: West Bank Palestinians reject call to end security cooperation with Israel... (9-Jun-2016)
8-Jun-16 World View -- Kenya protests take an increasingly dangerous turn: Colorado health insurance in crisis as Obamacare continues to collapse... (8-Jun-2016)
7-Jun-16 World View -- Increasing violence in Kenya revives fears of tribal war: Kenya facing fierce criticism over closing the world's largest refugee camp... (7-Jun-2016)
6-Jun-16 World View -- Kazakhstan and Bangladesh in shock after terror attacks on Sunday: Islamist militants in Bangladesh kill police officer's wife in revenge... (6-Jun-2016)
5-Jun-16 World View -- How Iran's Khomeini fooled Jimmy Carter before the Great Islamic Revolution: Khameini accuses 'evil' Britain of fabricating the BBC report... (5-Jun-2016)
4-Jun-16 World View -- Hezbollah building tunnels into Israel to prepare for next war: 'Tiananmen Mothers' commemorate China's Tiananmen Square massacre... (4-Jun-2016)
3-Jun-16 World View -- Turkey recalls German ambassador after vote recognizes Armenian genocide: Germany's genocide vote seems timed to coincide with EU-Turkey refugee deal... (3-Jun-2016)
2-Jun-16 World View -- New Taiwan poll shows overwhelming support for independence from China: China close to imposing an air defense ID zone (ADIZ) in South China Sea... (2-Jun-2016)
1-Jun-16 World View -- 50,000 civilians in danger as Iraq tries to liberate Fallujah from ISIS: Death of Afghan Taliban leader exposes Iran-Taliban links... (1-Jun-2016)
31-May-16 World View -- Turkey's president Erdogan tells Muslims not to use birth control: Thousands of refugees leave Libya for Italy, hundreds drown... (31-May-2016)
30-May-16 World View -- Decoration Day: Commemorating America's heroes and the Battle of Verdun: Pacifism and the futility of war... (30-May-2016)
29-May-16 World View -- Hugo Chávez dismantled Venezuela's businesses on purpose to create Socialist Paradise: Economic collapse of Venezuela will devastate the entire Caribbean region... (29-May-2016)
28-May-16 World View -- Report: Israel and Saudi Arabia are allying against Iran and Hezbollah: Iran and Hezbollah turn focus of hostility from Israel to Saudi Arabia... (28-May-2016)
27-May-16 World View -- Increasingly hostile Iran-Saudi relations affect this year's Hajj: Far-left anti-government riots spread across France... (27-May-2016)
26-May-16 World View -- China demands new Taiwan leader explicitly affirm that Taiwan is part of China: IMF balks at new European bailout plan for Greece... (26-May-2016)
25-May-16 World View -- Iran-India sign 'historic' Chabahar port deal to counter Pakistan-China: Iran, India and the classic fables of Kalileh-wa-Dimneh, Jataka and Panchatantra... (25-May-2016)
24-May-16 World View -- Massive explosions in Syria target Bashar al-Assad's heartland: Death of Afghan Taliban leader complicates America's relationship with Pakistan... (24-May-2016)
23-May-16 World View -- Austria deeply split between far-right and left-liberal candidates: Austria's election part of a world-wide move to the right with deep polarization... (23-May-2016)
22-May-16 World View -- Afghan Taliban leader reportedly killed by US drone strike in Pakistan: Kazakhstan farmers riot over fears of encroachment from China... (22-May-2016)
21-May-16 World View -- A dark shadow looms over EU-Turkey refugee deal, as Turkey passes harsh anti-Kurdish law: Downed EgyptAir flight an economic disaster for Egypt... (21-May-2016)
20-May-16 World View -- Netanyahu's selection of Avigdor Lieberman criticized in and out of Israel: Lieberman's lack of experience compared to Amir Peretz... (20-May-2016)
19-May-16 World View -- Chinese official slams Hong Kong independence during 'inspection visit': Hong Kong's history and culture make it very different from China... (19-May-2016)
18-May-16 World View -- Venezuela's Maduro accuses US of planning an imminent invasion: Syria peace talks in Vienna collapse in farce - again... (18-May-2016)
17-May-16 World View -- Western nations agree to lift arms embargo on Libya to fight ISIS: ISIS continues to grow in Libya in size and effectiveness... (17-May-2016)
16-May-16 World View -- China says Pentagon report on China military 'severely damages' relations: Pentagon documents massive China buildup, but omits 'Maritime Militia'... (16-May-2016)
15-May-16 World View -- Venezuela economy close to collapse as Maduro orders jailing of factory owners: Maduro recalls Brazil ambassador over Dilma Rousseff 'coup'... (15-May-2016)
14-May-16 World View -- Syria's Aleppo campaign falters after disastrous Iranian loss at Khan Tuman: Hezbollah suffers blow in death of top commander Mustafa Amine Badreddine... (14-May-2016)
13-May-16 World View -- EU-Turkey migrant deal unravels over brinksmanship on both sides: Italy rescues 800 migrants from Mediterranean Sea, many of them from Syria... (13-May-2016)
12-May-16 World View -- England threatened with IRA terrorists from Northern Ireland: The 'New IRA' recalls the 1916 Easter Rising against British rule... (12-May-2016)
11-May-16 World View -- Azerbaijan and Dagestan celebrate culture as Islamist insurgencies grow: Nagorno-Karabakh issue still simmers ... (11-May-2016)
10-May-16 World View -- Arab countries seek to overturn the century old Sykes-Picot agreement: For Palestine, Sykes-Picot and Balfour Declaration left a 'savage legacy'... (10-May-2016)
9-May-16 World View -- Workers riot as Greece braces for new austerity measures: Bolivia accuses Chile of setting up military base near border... (9-May-2016)
8-May-16 World View -- Far right and far left clash in Europe over government policies: Hooded anarchists in Italy turn violent on Austrian border... (8-May-2016)
7-May-16 World View -- Turkey's Erdogan threatens EU: 'We'll go our own way, you go yours!': London elects Sadiq Khan as mayor, the first Muslim mayor of a major Western city... (7-May-2016)
6-May-16 World View -- Syria and Russia continue 'Grozny Model,' killing women and children in Aleppo refugee camp: With Turkey already in chaos, Erdogan forces PM Davutoglu to resign... (6-May-2016)
5-May-16 World View -- Many in Asia oppose an Obama apology for 1945 nuking of Hiroshima: European Commission threatens to fine countries that won't accept migrants... (5-May-2016)
4-May-16 World View -- European Commission expected to recommend visa-free travel for citizens of Turkey: Reader question on Iran and Iraq's Muqtada al-Sadr... (4-May-2016)
3-May-16 World View -- Laos sides with China in South China Sea dispute: Report: Hamas, Israel and Egypt in alliance fighting ISIS... (3-May-2016)
2-May-16 World View -- Iraq government faces climatic Awakening era political crisis: Muqtada al-Sadr and Iraq's Awakening era... (2-May-2016)
1-May-16 World View -- China makes four demands of Japan to improve relations: Kenya's huge ivory burning event may endanger elephants further... (1-May-2016)
30-Apr-16 World View -- Papua New Guinea Supreme Court bombshell throws Australia's refugee policy into chaos: North Korea nuclear test expected after three botched missile tests... (30-Apr-2016)
29-Apr-16 World View -- Syria's air force deliberately targets hospital in Aleppo, killing dozens: Bank of Japan shocks investors with no stimulus, leading to global stock selloff... (29-Apr-2016)
28-Apr-16 World View -- Austria votes to close border with Italy to slow refugees: Female suicide bomber attacks Bursa in northwestern Turkey... (28-Apr-2016)
27-Apr-16 World View -- Puerto Rico headed for new financial default on May 1: Violence spreads across Turkey as both Turkey and PKK escalate fight... (27-Apr-2016)
26-Apr-16 World View -- Obamacare continues death spiral as Britain's NHS faces strike: Obama administration tries to find money to save Obamacare... (26-Apr-2016)
25-Apr-16 World View -- Largest protests in years planned for Cairo Egypt on Monday: Sudan and Tunisia prepare for simultaneous protests in solidarity... (25-Apr-2016)
24-Apr-16 World View -- Bangladesh in shock after university professor hacked to death: Europe goes on charm offensive with Turkey on migrant deal... (24-Apr-2016)
23-Apr-16 World View -- 175 countries sign farcical climate change agreement: S&P 500 Price/Earnings ratio rockets to highest value in years... (23-Apr-2016)
22-Apr-16 World View -- Britain debates which migrants can vote in the 'Brexit' referendum: France to launch new Israeli-Palestinian peace process on May 30... (22-Apr-2016)
21-Apr-16 World View -- Saudi King Salman snubs Obama - again - as he arrives for Saudi Arabia summit: President Obama to 'clean up leftover messes' in the Mideast... (21-Apr-2016)
20-Apr-16 World View -- Afghan Taliban launches 'Spring Fighting Season' with massive Kabul explosion: Turkey threatens to cancel migrant deal unless visa restrictions are lifted by June... (20-Apr-2016)
19-Apr-16 World View -- In a new catastrophe, hundreds of migrants drown in the Mediterranean Sea: Israel's Netanyahu vows revenge for terrorist bombing in Jerusalem... (19-Apr-2016)
18-Apr-16 World View -- Latest Syria 'peace process' collapses, as chemical weapons kill Hezbollah militias: Saudi Arabia ends oil summit negotiations as Iran fails to show up... (18-Apr-2016)
17-Apr-16 World View -- Saudi Arabia threatens economic retaliation if blamed for 9/11 attacks: Cuba's reactionary Raúl Castro tries to hold back the 'restoration of capitalism'... (17-Apr-2016)
16-Apr-16 World View -- Egypt-Saudi deal for Red Sea bridge triggers massive protests in Cairo: Czech Republic debates adopting the short name 'Czechia'... (16-Apr-2016)
15-Apr-16 World View -- Russians brag about 'aerobatic skills' of Russian pilots buzzing US ship: US Navy conducting joint patrols with Philippines in South China Sea... (15-Apr-2016)
14-Apr-16 World View -- Japanese warships visit Vietnam, as China moves warplanes into South China Sea: Russian fighter 'strafing runs' at US ship in Baltic Sea called 'showboating'... (14-Apr-2016)
13-Apr-16 World View -- EU migrant crisis moves to Italy as Austria begins closing border: EU threatens to impose travel restrictions on US/Canada visitors... (13-Apr-2016)
12-Apr-16 World View -- Troubles mount for Afghanistan government as US withdrawal looms: John Kerry instructs Afghanistan officials how to run their government... (12-Apr-2016)
11-Apr-16 World View -- Armenia-Azerbaijan ceasefire holds, despite hundreds of 'breaches': 'Horrific' scenes as Macedonian police lob teargas into Idomeni refugee camp... (11-Apr-2016)
10-Apr-16 World View -- Egypt, Saudi Arabia to build a huge bridge where Moses parted the Red Sea: Saudi Arabia will no longer provide 'free money' to Egypt... (10-Apr-2016)
9-Apr-16 World View -- Legal problems and Erdogan's threats may collapse EU-Turkey migrant deal: Turkey's Erdogan threatens to terminate the refugee deal... (9-Apr-2016)
8-Apr-16 World View -- Putin decrees new Russian National Guard that can shoot or arrest citizens on sight: 'Panama Papers' scandal may have triggered Putin's National Guard announcement... (8-Apr-2016)
7-Apr-16 World View -- In desperation, EU tries to overhaul its refugee asylum rules: As migrants turn to the Libya route, Germany warns Italy not to wave migrants through... (7-Apr-2016)
6-Apr-16 World View -- Radical Islamists finding a new home in Bosnia and Balkan states: Syrian jihadists shoot down regime warplane, capture pilot... (6-Apr-2016)
5-Apr-16 World View -- Russia declared 'Mission complete' in Syria and withdrew, but the war rages on: Bangladesh's Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT) terror group targets 'atheist bloggers'... (5-Apr-2016)
4-Apr-16 World View -- Syria's Alawites threaten to abandon Bashar al-Assad: Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict extremely dangerous, despite 'unilateral ceasefire'... (4-Apr-2016)
3-Apr-16 World View -- Armenia-Azerbaijan escalating conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh threatens the entire region: New EU-Turkey migrant crisis is developing rapidly... (3-Apr-2016)
2-Apr-16 World View -- Tensions grow in Israel and West Bank over shooting of disabled Palestinian: N. Korea's Kim Jong-un gains 70 pounds, tells citizens to 'eat roots'... (2-Apr-2016)
1-Apr-16 World View -- China close to deploying very long range DF-41 missile: China-US differences sharpen over South China Sea... (1-Apr-2016)
31-Mar-16 World View -- US military will deploy three brigades to eastern Europe to counter Russia: Libya's Government of National Accord sails into port of Tripoli... (31-Mar-2016)
30-Mar-16 World View -- Europeans expect hundreds of thousands of migrants from Libya: Human traffickers sell routes through Europe for 5000 euros... (30-Mar-2016)
29-Mar-16 World View -- Pakistan's army declares war on Taliban in Punjab province: Lahore Easter attack gives army even greater control of Pakistan... (29-Mar-2016)
28-Mar-16 World View -- Pakistan Taliban branch takes credit for Easter massacre of Christians in Lahore: Thousands protest violently over execution of murderer of blasphemy reformer... (28-Mar-2016)
27-Mar-16 World View -- Iraqi army fleeing for their lives again: Loss of Palmyra in Syria highlights setbacks for ISIS... (27-Mar-2016)
26-Mar-16 World View -- Iran and Pakistan attempt to erase 40 years of sectarian hostility: Iran and Pakistan agree to open border crossings and improve trade... (26-Mar-2016)
25-Mar-16 World View -- Christianity grows in India despite anti-Christian violence from Hindu activists: Growth of Christianity in India attributed to proselytizing by missionaries... (25-Mar-2016)
24-Mar-16 World View -- China's coast guard warship rams vessel in Indonesian waters: US and Philippines agree on access to five military bases... (24-Mar-2016)
23-Mar-16 World View -- Generational view of Tuesday's terror attack in Brussels, Belgium: Gone With The Wind... (23-Mar-2016)
22-Mar-16 World View -- EU desperation continues on second day of EU-Turkey refugee deal: Humanitarian agencies condemn the EU-Turkey refugee deal... (22-Mar-2016)
21-Mar-16 World View -- Pentagon to expand a secret military firebase in Iraq after Marine killed: Whom to support for President?... (21-Mar-2016)
20-Mar-16 World View -- Istanbul terrorist attack is the latest in a string of attacks on Turkey: Israel participating in investigation of Istanbul attack... (20-Mar-2016)
19-Mar-16 World View -- Desperate European Union leaders sign refugee agreement with Turkey: EU will start returning migrants to Turkey on Sunday... (19-Mar-2016)
18-Mar-16 World View -- Saudi Arabia says it will 'end major combat operations' in Yemen: Over 100 civilians killed in Saudi airstrike in Yemen... (18-Mar-2016)
17-Mar-16 World View -- Taliban reject Pakistan pressure on Afghanistan peace process: Bomb blast in bus in Peshawar Pakistan kills 15... (17-Mar-2016)
16-Mar-16 World View -- Analysts wonder why Russia announced a partial withdrawal from Syria now: Vladimir Putin may be sick of Syria and sick of Bashar al-Assad... (16-Mar-2016)
15-Mar-16 World View -- Saudi's Prince Faisal sharply rebukes Obama's 'free riders' accusation: The World View of President Barack Hussein Obama... (15-Mar-2016)
14-Mar-16 World View -- Yet another terrorist bombing in Ankara Turkey kills 34: AQIM takes credit for armed terror attack on Ivory Coast beach resort... (14-Mar-2016)
13-Mar-16 World View -- Despite rapid growth of ISIS in Libya, West cannot agree on a strategy: Google's AlphaGo computer defeats world champion at game of Go ... (13-Mar-2016)
12-Mar-16 World View -- Arab League brands Lebanon's Hezbollah a terrorist organization: U.S. blames Iran for cyber attack on a New York dam... (12-Mar-2016)
11-Mar-16 World View -- In desperation move, European Central Bank further lowers negative interest rates: North Korea liquidates all commercial projects with South Korea... (11-Mar-2016)
10-Mar-16 World View -- Hackers steal thousands of employee W-2 tax documents from Seagate Inc.: Deep Saudi-Lebanon crisis widens the Mideast's sectarian fault line... (10-Mar-2016)
9-Mar-16 World View -- Bizarre EU-Turkey one-for-one refugee deal meets strong opposition: Europe faces two additional major crises: Grexit and Brexit... (9-Mar-2016)
8-Mar-16 World View -- Turkey and Hungary play hardball at EU-Turkey refugee summit: With summer approaching, European politicians may be close to panic... (8-Mar-2016)
7-Mar-16 World View -- EU and Turkey summit in Brussels to discuss refugees, as number of women and children surges: Death of Nancy Reagan reminds us of generational differences... (7-Mar-2016)
6-Mar-16 World View -- Turkey's 'shameful day for free press' as government seizes Zaman media: Felhullah Gülen: One of the most powerful Muslim clerics in the world... (6-Mar-2016)
5-Mar-16 World View -- A look back at Libya in 2011 as the West debates another military intervention: Police in Turkey use force to shut down opposition newspaper... (5-Mar-2016)
4-Mar-16 World View -- Australia's defense plans stress huge naval buildup targeting China: China threatens Australia with economic retaliation for criticizing it... (4-Mar-2016)
3-Mar-16 World View -- India about to deploy its first nuclear-armed submarine, in challenge to China: Mideast Sunni-Shia split grows as GCC says Hezbollah is terrorist organization... (3-Mar-2016)
2-Mar-16 World View -- Russian and Syrian war crimes are 'weaponizing' the refugee crisis for Europe: Bulldozers bury the 'Jungle' refugee camp in Calais France... (2-Mar-2016)
1-Mar-16 World View -- Pakistan unexpectedly executes murderer of liberal politician Salman Taseer: Greece turns into a huge refugee camp... (1-Mar-2016)
29-Feb-16 World View -- Surprise victory of reformists in Iran signals bloody power struggle: 70,000 refugees may be trapped in Greece within weeks... (29-Feb-2016)
28-Feb-16 World View -- Breitbart says that Fox News is taking 50% hit because of Trump: US debating military response to China's buildup in South China Sea... (28-Feb-2016)
27-Feb-16 World View -- China and Cambodia hold military exercises amid South China Sea tensions: More on China's New Silk Road through the 'Caspian Trade Corridor'... (27-Feb-2016)
26-Feb-16 World View -- Threats of retaliation abound as Europe's refugee crisis deepens: Tsipras: 'Greece will not become a warehouse for souls'... (26-Feb-2016)
25-Feb-16 World View -- Readers comment: Who would win a war between the US and China?: China sends fighter jets to South China Sea... (25-Feb-2016)
24-Feb-16 World View -- Refugee crisis puts European Union's core principles at risk: Macedonia closes borders to thousands of stranded Afghan migrants in Greece... (24-Feb-2016)
23-Feb-16 World View -- China's military buildup neutralizes America's aircraft carriers: John Kerry and Russia announce a new Syria peace plan... (23-Feb-2016)
22-Feb-16 World View -- Delhi in crisis as India sends thousands of troops to quash Jat riots: Bomb explosions strike Assad strongholds in Syria as Kerry speaks of 'provisional' peace... (22-Feb-2016)
21-Feb-16 World View -- Latest Syria peace plan officially fails: Shifting alliances across the Mideast... (21-Feb-2016)
20-Feb-16 World View -- US warplanes strike suspected ISIS training base in Libya: US warplane attack on Libya raises question of ground troops... (20-Feb-2016)
19-Feb-16 World View -- Russia's attacks on civilian hospitals in Aleppo follow the 'Grozny model': New terrorist attacks cause further splits in US-Turkey relationship... (19-Feb-2016)
18-Feb-16 World View -- Car bomb attack on military in Ankara Turkey kills 28: Erdogan slams US, UN policy, renews demand by Syria 'safe zone'... (18-Feb-2016)
17-Feb-16 World View -- China speeds rapid military buildup in South China Sea: China promises 'Peace in our time' at ASEAN conference... (17-Feb-2016)
16-Feb-16 World View -- Missile strikes on Syria's hospitals and schools called 'war crimes': China's massive lending binge: four times as much as forecast... (16-Feb-2016)
15-Feb-16 World View -- Turkey doubles down on shelling Kurds in Syria: John Kerry suggests that al-Assad and the Russians are delusional... (15-Feb-2016)
14-Feb-16 World View -- Turkey's military strikes Kurdish positions in Syria, north of Aleppo: Saudi Arabia and Turkey plan joint ground troop incursion into Syria... (14-Feb-2016)
13-Feb-16 World View -- Increasingly desperate European Union threatens Greece over refugee crisis: Nato deploys warships to Aegean sea to deter people smugglers... (13-Feb-2016)
12-Feb-16 World View -- US and Russia agree to a farcical 'cessation of hostilities' in Syria: The vitriolic hatred of Bashar al-Assad... (12-Feb-2016)
11-Feb-16 World View -- Turkey's Erdogan splits further with US, blaming it for a 'sea of blood': Pentagon deploying hundreds of troops to Helmand in Afghanistan... (11-Feb-2016)
10-Feb-16 World View -- Russia and Turkey head for clash on Syria border: Turkey border 'buffer zone' could result in clash with Syrian army... (10-Feb-2016)
9-Feb-16 World View -- Monday's stock market rout blamed on China's foreign currency selloffs: Hong Kong experiences worst violence in years... (9-Feb-2016)
8-Feb-16 World View -- Plans continue for Western military deployment into Libya: UAE says it's ready to supply ground troops to fight ISIS in Syria... (8-Feb-2016)
7-Feb-16 World View -- Iran, Syria and Russia ridicule Saudi Arabia's army: Europe sends mixed messages to Turkey about new flood of Syrian refugees... (7-Feb-2016)
6-Feb-16 World View -- As Iran's election approaches, generational conflict becomes vicious: Turkey blocks tens of thousands of Aleppo Syria residents from entering Turkey... (6-Feb-2016)
5-Feb-16 World View -- Saudi ready to send ground troops into Syria, as regime encircles Aleppo: Turkey denies Russian reports of Syria invasion... (5-Feb-2016)
4-Feb-16 World View -- Syria peace talks collapse as Russia carpet bombs opposition in Aleppo: John Kerry warns of ISIS expansion in Syria... (4-Feb-2016)
3-Feb-16 World View -- US Navy's Freedom of Navigation Ops in South China Sea to grow in scope and complexity: Jordan's King demands more refugee aid from international community... (3-Feb-2016)
2-Feb-16 World View -- France issues ultimatum to Israel as West Bank tensions grow: Israel rejects France's ultimatum to recognize state of Palestine... (2-Feb-2016)
1-Feb-16 World View -- Damascus terror attack deals a new blow to Syria 'peace talks': Dozens killed in ISIS attack on a Shia shrine in Damascus Syria... (1-Feb-2016)
31-Jan-16 World View -- Turkey threatens 'consequences' after Russia violates its airspace again: The English language becomes an issue between Turkey and Russia... (31-Jan-2016)
30-Jan-16 World View -- Japan tries negative interest rates as US economy slows: Mainstream economists are oblivious to the velocity of money... (30-Jan-2016)
29-Jan-16 World View -- US, Britain, France, Italy continue plans for Libya invasion against ISIS: Russia builds military presence in Dagestan after ISIS attack... (29-Jan-2016)
28-Jan-16 World View -- China's game of Go beaten by Google's AI software, bringing the Singularity closer: Google's AI technology will soon start taking people's jobs... (28-Jan-2016)
27-Jan-16 World View -- India deploying 'submarine killer' planes to counter China's submarines: China demolishes Southern Mongolian herders' homes in mid-winter... (27-Jan-2016)
26-Jan-16 World View -- Mass protests force Moldova to choose between Europe and Russia: Moldova crisis presents opportunities and dangers for Russia... (26-Jan-2016)
25-Jan-16 World View -- Farcical Syria peace process 'proximity talks' to begin this week in Geneva: Previous attempts at Syria 'peace talks' ended in farce... (25-Jan-2016)
24-Jan-16 World View -- Migration crisis signals historic shifts in Europe and Mideast: The 2016 market meltdown raises fears of financial crisis... (24-Jan-2016)
23-Jan-16 World View -- China signs nuclear deals with Saudi Arabia and Iran: China signals support for Saudis in Yemen, and for Palestinian state... (23-Jan-2016)
22-Jan-16 World View -- Clown protesters mock Finland's xenophobic 'Soldiers of Odin': The European Central Bank saves the stock markets for another day... (22-Jan-2016)
21-Jan-16 World View -- Azerbaijan forced to choose between Russia and Turkey: Azerbaijan becomes the hub of the Caspian Trade Corridor, part of the new Silk Road... (21-Jan-2016)
20-Jan-16 World View -- Germany's Angela Merkel under pressure to restrict migrants: Puerto Rico's debt problem even worse than expected... (20-Jan-2016)
19-Jan-16 World View -- Tajikistan's bitter split with Iran tempts it to side with Saudi Arabia: Split triggered by Iran's invitation to an alleged anti-Tajik terrorist... (19-Jan-2016)
18-Jan-16 World View -- Pakistan tries to mediate between Saudi Arabia and Iran: Reader questions about Mideast country alignments... (18-Jan-2016)
17-Jan-16 World View -- Taiwan's pro-independence party wins historic presidential election: Pop star's Taiwan flag incident illustrates how tense relations are... (17-Jan-2016)
16-Jan-16 World View -- Mideast trends: Sunni-Shia countries align along predicted lines: Saudi Arabia faces increased social unrest with sudden austerity budget... (16-Jan-2016)
15-Jan-16 World View -- UN's Ban Ki-moon calls Syria's Bashar al-Assad a war criminal: Second aid convoy arrives in the starving Syrian city of Mayada... (15-Jan-2016)
14-Jan-16 World View -- Report: Sri Lankan government repeatedly torturing and raping Tamils: Iran releases American sailors as end of sanctions approaches... (14-Jan-2016)
13-Jan-16 World View -- Royal Bank of Scotland predicts sharp 2016 recession, says 'Sell everything!': Suicide bombing in Istanbul Turkey kills 10 tourists... (13-Jan-2016)
12-Jan-16 World View -- India threatens retaliation on Pakistan terrorists for air base attack: Pathankot air base incident revives memories of the '26/11' Mumbai attack in 2008... (12-Jan-2016)
11-Jan-16 World View -- Britain debates leaving European Union amid National Health Service (NHS) crisis: Hungary's PM tells Cameron: 'Hungarians in UK aren’t parasites'... (11-Jan-2016)
10-Jan-16 World View -- Arab countries deeply divided over Iran vs Saudi Arabia confrontation: Saudi Arabia and Iran accuse each other of terrorism... (10-Jan-2016)
9-Jan-16 World View -- China-North Korea tensions high after nuclear test: South Korea resumes broadcasting propaganda via loudspeakers... (9-Jan-2016)
8-Jan-16 World View -- Iran struggles to recover from its firebombing of Saudi embassy: Desperate Chinese officials remove stock market circuit breakers... (8-Jan-2016)
7-Jan-16 World View -- German 'Code of Conduct' for women shows pendulum swing on gender issues: Merry Christmas!... (7-Jan-2016)
6-Jan-16 World View -- US, Britain, France preparing new Libya military offensive early in 2016: ISIS assault in Libya giving militants control of oil fields... (6-Jan-2016)
5-Jan-16 World View -- President Obama may have to choose between Saudi Arabia and Iran: European and Wall St stocks fall sharply, following China... (5-Jan-2016)
4-Jan-16 World View -- Saudi Arabia cuts diplomatic ties with Iran as violent Shia protests spread around region: Sunni vs Shia sectarian tensions grow rapidly... (4-Jan-2016)
3-Jan-16 World View -- Mideast sectarian tensions surge as Iranians burn down Saudi embassy in Tehran: Execution of Shia cleric Nirm al-Nimr triggers mass protests in Mideast... (3-Jan-2016)
2-Jan-16 World View -- In bizarre gaffe, Erdogan compares Turkey's government to Hitler's Germany: India imposes men-only driving restrictions in Delhi to curb pollution... (2-Jan-2016)
1-Jan-16 World View -- 2016 and the 'dramatic multiplication of conflicts in the world': Angela Merkel urges Germans to see refugees as an 'opportunity'... (1-Jan-2016)

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