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Web Log Summary - January-December, 2013


31-Dec-13 World View -- Another Volgograd explosion throws Russia's Sochi Olympics into doubt: Palestinians cheer Israeli release of 26 prisoners... (31-Dec-2013)
30-Dec-13 World View -- Saudi Arabia pledges $3 billion to Lebanon's army to buy weapons: Suicide bomber at Russia's Volgograd station sends Putin a message... (30-Dec-2013)
29-Dec-13 World View -- Conflicts grow in South Sudan and Central African Republic: What's interesting are the differences between the two.... (29-Dec-2013)
28-Dec-13 World View -- Lebanon faces new chaos after car bombing in heart of Beirut: The spectacular fall of North Korea's number two leader... (28-Dec-2013)
27-Dec-13 World View -- Japan's PM visits Yasukuni shrine, infuriating Chinese and Koreans: Pakistan protesters block Nato supply route after new drone strikes... (27-Dec-2013)
26-Dec-13 World View -- Egypt's 'terrorist group' designation of Muslim Brotherhood may be illegal: Calls for Erdogan to resign due to Turkey's corruption scandal... (26-Dec-2013)
25-Dec-13 World View -- Bethlehem celebrates Roman Catholic midnight mass on Christmas eve: Saudi Arabia student campaign to stop misuse of Mohammed's name... (25-Dec-2013)
24-Dec-13 World View -- Sinai based Ansar Jerusalem kills 11 in car bomb attack in Egypt: Turkey replaces Iran as primary funding source for Hamas... (24-Dec-2013)
23-Dec-13 World View -- China conducts flight test of DF-41 long-range nuclear-capable missile: Al-Qaeda apologizes for terrorist attack on Yemen hospital... (23-Dec-2013)
22-Dec-13 World View -- China denounces Japan's planned military expansion: North Korea threatens South with 'merciless attack' via fax machine... (22-Dec-2013)
21-Dec-13 World View -- Poland surges past the EU in military modernization and growth : Positions harden in U.S. vs India diplomatic debacle... (21-Dec-2013)
20-Dec-13 World View -- Russia to free Pussy Riot, Greenpeace activists and Khodorkovsky: Obamacare goes into total panicked chaos... (20-Dec-2013)
19-Dec-13 World View -- U.S. and Britain evacuate citizens from South Sudan as unrest spreads: Corruption probe throws Turkey's government into crisis... (19-Dec-2013)
18-Dec-13 World View -- Japan announces new military buildup to counter China: Arrest in NY of female Indian diplomat raises a major diplomatic altercation... (18-Dec-2013)
17-Dec-13 World View -- Arab states split over issue of Iran's rapprochement with the West: U.N. makes biggest funding request ever, for Syria... (17-Dec-2013)
16-Dec-13 World View -- Syria's air force drops 'barrel bombs' on Aleppo neighborhoods: Lebanon soldier fires at Israeli vehicle across the border... (16-Dec-2013)
15-Dec-13 World View -- China naval vessel confronts U.S. warship in international waters: New bombings in Mali mean France will have to stay longer... (15-Dec-2013)
14-Dec-13 World View -- India announces travel restrictions as Pakistan polio workers are killed: European governments fund terrorism through ransom payments... (14-Dec-2013)
13-Dec-13 World View -- Russia prepares for Chechen jihadists' return from Syria: Greece begins to confiscate bank accounts of tax evaders... (13-Dec-2013)
12-Dec-13 World View -- U.S. and Britain halt 'non-lethal aid' to Syria's rebels: Hong Kong activates its pandemic preparedness plan over H7N9 bird flu... (12-Dec-2013)
11-Dec-13 World View -- Purge of Kim Jong-un's uncle signals N. Korean 'reign of terror': Canada and Russia to compete for control of the North Pole... (11-Dec-2013)
10-Dec-13 World View -- U.S. to help France in Central African Republic military intervention: Vladimir Putin 'liquidates' Russia's Ria Novosti news agency... (10-Dec-2013)
9-Dec-13 World View -- Ukraine anti-Russian protesters tear down Lenin statue in Kiev: Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi gains in India's election... (9-Dec-2013)
8-Dec-13 World View -- World trade agreement permits India to stockpile rice and wheat: France asks for help, as it becomes embroiled in C.A.R.'s war... (8-Dec-2013)
7-Dec-13 World View -- Bodies pile up in Central African Republic as French arrive: 'Al-Qaeda in Syria' has become official... (7-Dec-2013)
6-Dec-13 World View -- France reverts to neo-colonialism, returns to Central African Republic: U.S. prosecutors charge 49 Russian diplomats with health care fraud... (6-Dec-2013)
5-Dec-13 World View -- Hezbollah commander assassinated in increasingly violent Lebanon: Der Spiegel predicts a stock market and real estate crash... (5-Dec-2013)
4-Dec-13 World View -- Vice President Joe Biden backs Japan as he heads for China: The question is, which lies can you live with?... (4-Dec-2013)
3-Dec-13 World View -- Ukraine again in crisis as anti-government rioters demand president's resignation: What do Thailand's anti-government protesters want? The conundrum is solved... (3-Dec-2013)
2-Dec-13 World View -- Thailand again in crisis as anti-government rioters issue two-day ultimatum: European Troika cancels bailout negotiations with Greece - again... (2-Dec-2013)
1-Dec-13 World View -- Obamacare: 500M lines of code, $500M, only 60% completed: Australia faces strategic dilemma as rise of China challenges U.S.... (1-Dec-2013)
30-Nov-13 World View -- China vs U.S. air confrontations are now a daily occurrence: Camels in Qatar found infected with deadly MERS virus... (30-Nov-2013)
29-Nov-13 World View -- India still vulnerable 5 years after '26/11' terrorist attack on Mumbai: China sends jets into air defense zone, after flights by U.S., Japan and S. Korea... (29-Nov-2013)
28-Nov-13 World View -- Nationalistic bloggers ridicule China over America's B-52s: Iran rejects White House summary of nuclear agreement... (28-Nov-2013)
27-Nov-13 World View -- U.S. B-52 warplanes challenge China's 'Sea Air Identification Zone': France to send troops to Central African Republic in 'chaos'... (27-Nov-2013)
26-Nov-13 World View -- Jubilation in Tehran over Iran's nuclear deal: Pakistan's Imran Khan blockades supplies to Nato in Afghanistan... (26-Nov-2013)
25-Nov-13 World View -- 'Historic' Iran nuclear deal raises worldwide controversy: Members of Congress from both parties object to Iran deal... (25-Nov-2013)
24-Nov-13 World View -- In new escalation, China demands to control air space over Japan's Senkaku islands: Ukraine commemorates the 80th anniversary of Stalin's Holodomor famine... (24-Nov-2013)
23-Nov-13 World View -- JFK: We shall pay any price, bear any burden for the success of liberty: Afghanistan security agreement may be close to collapse... (23-Nov-2013)
22-Nov-13 World View -- New American drone strike stirs outrage in Pakistan: Climate change activists walk out of climate change conference... (22-Nov-2013)
21-Nov-13 World View -- U.S. and Afghanistan agree on post-2014 security pact: China relents and sends 'Peace Ark' hospital ship to Philippines... (21-Nov-2013)
20-Nov-13 World View -- Lebanon bombing sharply escalates sectarian Mideast conflict: Japan's anti-China diplomacy given boost by Typhoon Haiyan... (20-Nov-2013)
19-Nov-13 World View -- Philippine typhoon disaster draws clear lines between US and China: Saudi Arabia denies reports of cooperation with Israel over Iran... (19-Nov-2013)
18-Nov-13 World View -- Cholera epidemic spreads from Haiti to Cuba to Mexico: Does the Koran require a woman to wear a hijab?... (18-Nov-2013)
17-Nov-13 World View -- Britain threatens Sri Lanka with war crimes investigation: Pakistan mobilizes army to quell sectarian violence in three cities... (17-Nov-2013)
16-Nov-13 World View -- Albania refuses Syria chemical weapons destruction: Executives watching porn are leading targets of hacker attacks... (16-Nov-2013)
15-Nov-13 World View -- China snubs Philippines on humanitarian aid, then backs down: France and Eurozone economies falter, while Greece approaches new bailout crisis... (15-Nov-2013)
14-Nov-13 World View -- Netanyahu cancels Israeli settlement plan to save 'peace process': Malta sells EU citizenship for 650,000 euros... (14-Nov-2013)
13-Nov-13 World View -- Human Rights Watch says Syria is using Russian-made incendiary weapons: Zero Obamacare enrollments in Massachusetts... (13-Nov-2013)
12-Nov-13 World View -- Iran's statement on Syria shows signs of desperation: U.S. Marines land in Philippines after massive Typhoon Haiyan destruction... (12-Nov-2013)
11-Nov-13 World View -- Saudi Arabia's plans for Syria intervention face many obstacles: Special negotiating tactics from Israel's chief negotiator, Tzipi Livni... (11-Nov-2013)
10-Nov-13 World View -- Iran nuclear talks collapse after France complains of 'con game': The Top Ten Most Popular Conspiracy Theories... (10-Nov-2013)
9-Nov-13 World View -- China implements 'Skynet' surveillance program to control protests: Foreign ministers rush to Geneva to complete Iran nuclear deal... (9-Nov-2013)
8-Nov-13 World View -- 'Butcher of Swat' Fazlullah named as new chief of Pakistan's Taliban: European Central Bank cuts rates to fight deflationary spiral... (8-Nov-2013)
7-Nov-13 World View -- John Kerry condemns Israeli settlements: Pakistan will supply nuclear weapons to Saudi Arabia... (7-Nov-2013)
6-Nov-13 World View -- Plans for Syria 'peace conference' in Geneva collapse: U.S. intelligence suggests that Syria is hiding chemical weapons... (6-Nov-2013)
5-Nov-13 World View -- Iranians commemorate 34th anniversary of storming U.S. Embassy: Volgograd suicide bombing heightens xenophobic tensions in Russia... (5-Nov-2013)
4-Nov-13 World View -- Syria's refugees overwhelm the Mideast: Venezuela's Maduro accuses Twitter of attacking his government... (4-Nov-2013)
3-Nov-13 World View -- China boasts about submarines capable of attacking cities across U.S.: Pakistan blames U.S. drone strike for the 'murder of peace'... (3-Nov-2013)
2-Nov-13 World View -- Growing power struggle in Iran may make Rafsanjani the Supreme Leader: 'Death to America!' to be featured on Iran's American embassy anniversary... (2-Nov-2013)
1-Nov-13 World View -- United Nations celebrates M23 rebel militia defeat in Congo: How do you entertain a bored pharaoh?... (1-Nov-2013)
31-Oct-13 World View -- Iraq's prime minister begs for military aid from Washington: Vladimir Putin tops Obama as world's most powerful man... (31-Oct-2013)
30-Oct-13 World View -- China scrambles to suppress Tiananmen Square terror attack reports: Britain will be issuing bonds compliant with Sharia law... (30-Oct-2013)
29-Oct-13 World View -- New Zealand and U.S. resume military cooperation: Robert Reich: Obamacare is Nixon's health care plan... (29-Oct-2013)
28-Oct-13 World View -- Iran officials order removal of anti-American posters in Tehran: Volgograd Russia suicide bombing raises question about Sochi Olympics... (28-Oct-2013)
27-Oct-13 World View -- Japan and China exchange threats as relations deteriorate: Fear of a paralytic polio epidemic in Syria... (27-Oct-2013)
26-Oct-13 World View -- Europe's Roma Gypsies fear racism after Maria mystery solved: Report: Palestinian leader Abbas signs peace deal with Syria's Assad... (26-Oct-2013)
25-Oct-13 World View -- Turkey considers Chinese missile defenses, violating Nato agreements: Documents reveal Pakistan's collaboration on drone strikes... (25-Oct-2013)
24-Oct-13 World View -- Israeli warplanes bomb Syrian missiles: Obama administration announces new Obamacare software... (24-Oct-2013)
23-Oct-13 World View -- Saudi Arabia continues its break with the United States: Prime Minister of Pakistan asks for U.S. help with India... (23-Oct-2013)
22-Oct-13 World View -- Police crackdown tries to control exploding violence in Karachi, Pakistan: UK throws out 30% of all the food it grows... (22-Oct-2013)
21-Oct-13 World View -- Saudi Arabia under pressure to reverse its U.N. Security Council decision: U.S. and the world approach the point of 'peak debt'... (21-Oct-2013)
20-Oct-13 World View -- Philippines building a new naval base in South China Sea: 50,000 Syrian Christians ask for Russian citizenship... (20-Oct-2013)
19-Oct-13 World View -- Saudi Arabia shocks U.N. by rejecting Security Council seat: Obamacare insurance companies trapped in a vicious financial Catch-22... (19-Oct-2013)
18-Oct-13 World View -- Multiple bombings across Iraq kill more than 60, mostly Shias: Egypt under international criticism for deporting Syrian refugees... (18-Oct-2013)
17-Oct-13 World View -- Saudi's Hajj ends successfully with no reports of MERS virus: 'Year of Dutch-Russian Cooperation' fails as relations spiral downward... (17-Oct-2013)
16-Oct-13 World View -- Sicily declares state of emergency as African migrants flood in: Starving Syrians are told to eat dogs, cats and donkeys... (16-Oct-2013)
15-Oct-13 World View -- Aetna CEO predicts Obamacare IT failures until 2017: Assad says loss of chemical weapons a blow to Syria's morale... (15-Oct-2013)
14-Oct-13 World View -- IT systems a continuing disaster: Al-Qaeda surges back in Iraq following U.S. withdrawal... (14-Oct-2013)
13-Oct-13 World View -- U.S.-Egypt relationship little affected by aid cutoff: Mediterranean turns into a 'cemetery' as another migrant boat capsizes... (13-Oct-2013)
12-Oct-13 World View -- Israel and Saudi Arabia furious over talk of U.S.-Russia-Iran deal on Syria: Saudi Arabia and Israel look for solutions... (12-Oct-2013)
11-Oct-13 World View -- Libya's prime minister is kidnapped in broad daylight, then freed: Red Cross warns of bubonic plague epidemic in Madagascar... (11-Oct-2013)
10-Oct-13 World View -- Russia plans intensive surveillance of visitors to Sochi Olympics: Congressmen forced to reuse gym towels... (10-Oct-2013)
9-Oct-13 World View -- U.S. to cut off military aid to Egypt in wake of coup: North Korea puts its military on high alert... (9-Oct-2013)
8-Oct-13 World View -- Russia's divine sense of exceptionalism: Turkey builds a wall along the border with Syria... (8-Oct-2013)
7-Oct-13 World View -- With Hajj a week away, Saudi is hit with six new deadly MERS cases: Libya demands a 'clarification' for the 'kidnapping' of al-Libi... (7-Oct-2013)
6-Oct-13 World View -- Two U.S. military strikes target Libya and Somalia jihadists: Iran's politics in turmoil, pitting 'heroic flexibility' versus 'Death to America!'... (6-Oct-2013)
5-Oct-13 World View -- Greece's radical-left politician Alexis Tspiras gains international prominence: Pro-Morsi demonstrators clash with Egypt's police, with 4 killed... (5-Oct-2013)
4-Oct-13 World View -- Russia evacuates diplomats from Libya after embassy attack: President Obama 'jawbones' the stock market down... (4-Oct-2013)
3-Oct-13 World View -- Buddhist violence against Muslims in Burma/Myanmar continues to spread: Venezuela's president Maduro backs Putin for Nobel Peace Price... (3-Oct-2013)
2-Oct-13 World View -- Drug cartel networks move to Honduras from Mexico and Colombia: Vatican Bank reacts to allegations of international money-laundering... (2-Oct-2013)
1-Oct-13 World View -- Venezuela blames disastrous economy on U.S. economic 'sabotage': Terrorist attack in northwest Pakistan 3rd Sunday in a row... (1-Oct-2013)
30-Sep-13 World View -- Algeria cracks down on jihadists headed for Syria: Top 50 tools to safeguard your personal information... (30-Sep-2013)
29-Sep-13 World View -- Violence in Afghanistan surges in September: Leaders of Greece's Golden Dawn 'criminal organization' arrested... (29-Sep-2013)
28-Sep-13 World View -- U.N. Security Council passes overhyped, totally irrelevant resolution on Syria: Washington gives $100 million non-bailout bailout money to Detroit... (28-Sep-2013)
27-Sep-13 World View -- How Hezbollah's reluctant foray into Syria changed the Mideast: Pakistan's PM Nawaz Sharif under fire over peace talks with Taliban... (27-Sep-2013)
26-Sep-13 World View -- Venezuela's economy approaches full-scale hyperinflation: Russia-spawned Al-Muhajireen terrorists fight Russia's allies in Syria... (26-Sep-2013)
25-Sep-13 World View -- President Obama blasts Russia and Iran over Syria: Iran's president Hassan Rouhani 'snubs' Obama at United Nations... (25-Sep-2013)
24-Sep-13 World View -- Kenya and Israel strengthen ties as mall attack continues: Greece tries to purge Golden Dawn from police... (24-Sep-2013)
23-Sep-13 World View -- Minnesota link to Kenya shopping mall attack raises U.S. fears: New killings make Chicago the murder capital of America... (23-Sep-2013)
22-Sep-13 World View -- Syria turns over inventory list of chemical weapons: List is more complete than expected, but it's still a diversion... (22-Sep-2013)
21-Sep-13 World View -- Does Iran's 'Heroic Flexibility' signal a real policy change?: Iran's president Hassan Rouhani publishes an op-ed... (21-Sep-2013)
20-Sep-13 World View -- Syria moves its stockpiles of chemical weapons for 'unknown reasons': Spam: The luxury food of South Korea... (20-Sep-2013)
19-Sep-13 World View -- Fed surprises Wall Street by continuing massive money-printing: Anti-Golden Dawn protests across Greece turn violent... (19-Sep-2013)
18-Sep-13 World View -- Russia and Vladimir Putin pursue a disastrous Syria policy: Syria's civil war versus Sri Lanka's civil war... (18-Sep-2013)
17-Sep-13 World View -- Can Ban Ki-moon prevent Russia from destroying the United Nations?: Why are so many German professors against the euro?... (17-Sep-2013)
16-Sep-13 World View -- India tests nuclear-capable long-range missile: Dozens killed in bombings and shootings across Iraq... (16-Sep-2013)
15-Sep-13 World View -- Hindu nationalist nominated as India's prime minister: John Kerry thanks Russia for it's hard work in Syria... (15-Sep-2013)
14-Sep-13 World View -- Ban Ki-moon accidentally tells the truth about Syria: Russia elated by its diplomatic victory on Syria... (14-Sep-2013)
13-Sep-13 World View -- Philippine troops in clashes with al-Qaeda linked terrorists: Tensions grow between Egypt and Gaza's Hamas... (13-Sep-2013)
12-Sep-13 World View -- North Korea apparently restarting its nuclear reactor: North and South Korea reopen Kaesong Industrial Park... (12-Sep-2013)
11-Sep-13 World View -- Pakistan's attempts at peace with Taliban seem doomed to failure: Bird flu and MERS virus show new potential for spreading... (11-Sep-2013)
10-Sep-13 World View -- New Kerry gaffe leads to further political chaos over Syria: An example of the intelligence of today's college professors... (10-Sep-2013)
9-Sep-13 World View -- Poland confiscates private pension funds to pay public debt: Egypt launches military operation against Sinai militants... (9-Sep-2013)
8-Sep-13 World View -- Would America not defend Israel after all?: John Kerry: 'This is our Munich Moment'... (8-Sep-2013)
7-Sep-13 World View -- U.S. and Russia split bitterly over Syria intervention issue: Wealthy investors cheer bad unemployment report... (7-Sep-2013)
6-Sep-13 World View -- Russian landmark contest fiasco highlights widespread xenophobia: Defecting Syrian Army general may play transitional role... (6-Sep-2013)
5-Sep-13 World View -- Obama gives a surprisingly coherent defense of Syria intervention: Iran's government splits over al-Assad's chemical weapons... (5-Sep-2013)
4-Sep-13 World View -- U.S. Syria military strike gains momentum, despite confused signals: Obama to meet with gay activists in Russia... (4-Sep-2013)
3-Sep-13 World View -- France promises a military response to Syria's chemical weapons attack: Drone strikes decreasing sharply in Pakistan... (3-Sep-2013)
2-Sep-13 World View -- President Obama goes into 'Obamacare mode' over Syria issue: Egypt's Mohamed Morsi accused of inciting violence... (2-Sep-2013)
1-Sep-13 World View -- U.S. foreign policy in chaos as Obama reverses himself on Syria: Cassandra, Winston Churchill, and me... (1-Sep-2013)
31-Aug-13 World View -- U.S. Administration lays out the case for Syria intervention: Britain's leaders engage in soul-searching... (31-Aug-2013)
30-Aug-13 World View -- China and Japan really DO hate each other: Echoing 1938, Britain gives a pass to Syria's Bashar al-Assad... (30-Aug-2013)
29-Aug-13 World View -- New sectarian bombings kill 86 in Baghdad, Iraq: Obama, under international pressure, may be forced to back down on Syria... (29-Aug-2013)
28-Aug-13 World View -- U.S. attack on Syria could come as early as Thursday: Israel prepares for counter-attack from Hezbollah... (28-Aug-2013)
27-Aug-13 World View -- The drums of war beat over Syria: Mideast peace process meeting canceled after 3 Palestinians killed... (27-Aug-2013)
26-Aug-13 World View -- Syria chemical weapons inspection offer 'Not Credible': New Buddhist on Muslim violence in Burma (Myanmar)... (26-Aug-2013)
25-Aug-13 World View -- Obama may use NATO to justify missile attack on Syria: Muslim Brotherhood appears to be weakening in Egypt... (25-Aug-2013)
24-Aug-13 World View -- U.S. hints at cruise missile strikes against Syria: Turkey's Erdogan adopts Muslim Brotherhood's four-fingered salute... (24-Aug-2013)
23-Aug-13 World View -- Farce continues over Wednesday's chem weapons attack in Syria: Rockets fired from Lebanon land in northern Israel... (23-Aug-2013)
22-Aug-13 World View -- Horrific Syria chem weapons attack causes farce in Washington and New York: Iranian military advisor discusses Syria and World War II... (22-Aug-2013)
21-Aug-13 World View -- Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood faces identity crisis: Turkey's Erdogan blames Israel for the coup, infuriating Egypt... (21-Aug-2013)
20-Aug-13 World View -- Sinai 'is almost an all-out war' as attack kills 24 Egyptian policemen: Tensions grow between Britain and Spain over Gibraltar... (20-Aug-2013)
19-Aug-13 World View -- More on the Generational Dynamics analysis of Egypt's crisis: A relatively quiet day in Cairo - only 36 deaths... (19-Aug-2013)
18-Aug-13 World View -- 'Explosive' outbreak of polio spreading in Somalia: Concerns raised about a possible civil war in Egypt... (18-Aug-2013)
17-Aug-13 World View -- U.S. and Philippines make military plans to counter China: Dozens of churches burned and looted in Egypt's 'Friday of Rage'... (17-Aug-2013)
16-Aug-13 World View -- Car bomb in Hezbollah's Lebanon stronghold kills 20: Good news is bad news on Wall Street... (16-Aug-2013)
15-Aug-13 World View -- Hundreds of casualties in clashes in Egypt: North and South Korea agree to reopen Kaesong industrial complex... (15-Aug-2013)
14-Aug-13 World View -- Thousands of Palestinians celebrate with fireworks as Israel releases 26 prisoners: China's propaganda program frightens opponents and stirs domestic nationalism... (14-Aug-2013)
13-Aug-13 World View -- Britain sends warships to Gibraltar over border conflict with Spain: Your mortgage documents are fake!... (13-Aug-2013)
12-Aug-13 World View -- Darfur fighting spreads as Janjaweed militias spin out of control : Palestinians accuse Israel of sabotaging 'peace process'... (12-Aug-2013)
11-Aug-13 World View -- Questions growing over Israel's drone attack on Sinai jihadists: Violence with smugglers increases on Turkey - Syria border... (11-Aug-2013)
10-Aug-13 World View -- Reports of an Israeli drone strike in Sinai disputed by Egyptians: Dept. of Justice accuses Bank of America of securities fraud... (10-Aug-2013)
9-Aug-13 World View -- Cyprus president announces 'Guaranteed Minimum Income' for all: Greece's unemployment reaches fresh record high, despite tourist season... (9-Aug-2013)
8-Aug-13 World View -- Egypt's interim government declares end to negotiations with Brotherhood: Mongolia's natural resource riches lost to corruption and foreigners... (8-Aug-2013)
7-Aug-13 World View -- U.S. Senators McCain and Graham try to restore U.S. credibility in Egypt: India accuses Pakistan of involvement in Kashmir attack... (7-Aug-2013)
6-Aug-13 World View -- Fears grow of a next-generation 'underwear bomber': Pakistan accused over terrorist attack on Indian Consulate in Afghanistan... (6-Aug-2013)
5-Aug-13 World View -- Russia sides with Vietnam in the South China Sea dispute: Islamic 'Peace Mobile' smartphone ready for launch... (5-Aug-2013)
4-Aug-13 World View -- Zimbabwe's 90 year old 'Liberation Hero' Robert Mugabe wins another election: Intelligence from Yemen forcing embassy closings... (4-Aug-2013)
3-Aug-13 World View -- Iran's president-elect Rouhani corrects quote on 'removing' Israel: Spain's unemployment rate to remain above 25% past 2018... (3-Aug-2013)
2-Aug-13 World View -- Russia considers selling arms to Iran as Snowden gets asylum: In financial crisis, Hamas considers asking Iran for support again... (2-Aug-2013)
1-Aug-13 World View -- Egypt's government demands end to pro-Morsi rallies: Bank Of England helped Hitler loot Czechoslovakia's gold... (1-Aug-2013)
31-Jul-13 World View -- Mideast peace talks postponed for two weeks after two days: Level of stock market margin debt in 2013 exceeds 1999 and 2007... (31-Jul-2013)
30-Jul-13 World View -- Dozens of Pakistan terrorists freed from jail in terrorist attack: Detroit to seek bankruptcy bailout through Obamacare... (30-Jul-2013)
29-Jul-13 World View -- Israel agrees to prisoner release, as new Mideast peace talk talks begin: U.S. drone strike kills 6 in Pakistan, despite opposition... (29-Jul-2013)
28-Jul-13 World View -- Generational Dynamics analysis of the crisis in Egypt: Dozens of Egyptian pro-Morsi protesters killed by security forces... (28-Jul-2013)
27-Jul-13 World View -- Morsi facing treason charge as millions demonstrate in Egypt: Eastern Mediterranean becomes the next Persian Gulf... (27-Jul-2013)
26-Jul-13 World View -- Egypt prepares for massive showdown on Friday: Burma Buddhists attempt to justify genocial attacks on Muslims... (26-Jul-2013)
25-Jul-13 World View -- Egypt's army calls for mass protests to fight 'terrorism': U.S. delays F-16s to Egypt, but continues money aid... (25-Jul-2013)
24-Jul-13 World View -- U.S. approves sending arms to opposition fighters in Syria: IRS continues constructing massive Obamacare database... (24-Jul-2013)
23-Jul-13 World View -- EU nations decide unanimously on sham condemnation of Hezbollah: Howdy Doody may be for sale... (23-Jul-2013)
22-Jul-13 World View -- Shinzo Abe wins landslide electoral victory in Japan: New York City bans food donations to the homeless... (22-Jul-2013)
21-Jul-13 World View -- Australia to send 'boat people' to Papua New Guinea: EU's threat to Syria's Assad was an empty bluff... (21-Jul-2013)
20-Jul-13 World View -- John Kerry announces new Mideast peace talks: Al-Jazeera in chaos in Egypt, as it prepares for big U.S. debut... (20-Jul-2013)
19-Jul-13 World View -- U.S., Israeli forces on alert as Egypt begins major military action on Israel's border: Espionage suspect Edward Snowden may be trapped in Russia... (19-Jul-2013)
18-Jul-13 World View -- Russia seeks military air and naval bases in Cyprus: Iran uncovers a western 'Wall of Fire' anti-revolutionary plot... (18-Jul-2013)
17-Jul-13 World View -- EU imposes sanctions on Israel for West Bank settlements: Wall Street professional survey reveals widespread misconduct... (17-Jul-2013)
16-Jul-13 World View -- The fall of Morsi in Egypt is significant blow to Turkey: JP Morgan advisor defrauds 82 year old grandmother... (16-Jul-2013)
15-Jul-13 World View -- WHO meets to discuss MERS virus pandemic threat: Pakistan Taliban sends hundreds of fighters to Syria... (15-Jul-2013)
14-Jul-13 World View -- War between Syria's rebel groups threatens wider proxy war: Russia stages largest military drills in post-Soviet era... (14-Jul-2013)
13-Jul-13 World View -- Israel and Egypt cooperate against terrorists in Sinai: War breaks out between anti-Assad rebel factions in Syria... (13-Jul-2013)
12-Jul-13 World View -- Egypt's opposing factions plan rival demonstrations on Friday in Cairo: Bosnia commemorates the 1995 Srebrenica massacre... (12-Jul-2013)
11-Jul-13 World View -- Russia tries a ridiculous sarin gas scam for Syria: Egypt shifts Mideast power from Qatar to Saudi Arabia and UAE... (11-Jul-2013)
10-Jul-13 World View -- Large car bomb explodes in pro-Hezbollah area of Lebanon: Bond market appears to be collapsing... (10-Jul-2013)
9-Jul-13 World View -- Bin Laden capture: Pakistan's greatest humiliation since 1971: Burma's Muslims receive training from Pakistan's radicals... (9-Jul-2013)
8-Jul-13 World View -- Jihadists conduct revenge attack on Buddhist temple in India: Millions of Egyptians protest in rival demonstrations... (8-Jul-2013)
7-Jul-13 World View -- Mohamed Morsi's replacement in Egypt may be 'better' for Israel: RSS feeds are reinstated... (7-Jul-2013)
6-Jul-13 World View -- Angry 'Day or Rejection' protests in Egypt lead to dozens killed: U.S. employment shifts from full-time to part-time... (6-Jul-2013)
5-Jul-13 World View -- Eurozone and Obamacare continue their parallel economic collapse: What can we expect from Obamacare?... (5-Jul-2013)
4-Jul-13 World View -- Egypt's army deposes Morsi in a non-coup coup: President Obama's Egypt statement does not use the word 'coup'... (4-Jul-2013)
3-Jul-13 World View -- Aghan Taliban scores another big terror attack in Kabul: Egypt's Morsi gives angry, desperate speech to save his job... (3-Jul-2013)
2-Jul-13 World View -- In stunning intervention, Egypt's army sides with protesters against Morsi: How the world recognized the Taliban government in Afghanistan... (2-Jul-2013)
1-Jul-13 World View -- Millions fill Egypt's streets with mostly peaceful protests: Burma Buddhists protest Time's portrayal of 'Buddhist Terror'... (1-Jul-2013)
30-Jun-13 World View -- Mass demonstrations on Sunday can affect Egypt's future: Tech: Computer viruses increasingly attack mobile phones... (30-Jun-2013)
29-Jun-13 World View -- Jihadists from Russia join opposition fighters in Syria: Southern Europe gives up the siesta, thanks to German demands... (29-Jun-2013)
28-Jun-13 World View -- Egypt braces for massive 'Tamarod' rebellion on Sunday: Fed reverses itself on ending quantitative easing... (28-Jun-2013)
27-Jun-13 World View -- Gun sales explode, thanks to Obama's anti-gun campaign: Wall Street stocks gain on bad U.S. economic news... (27-Jun-2013)
26-Jun-13 World View -- Irish bankers sing 'Deutschland uber alles' as they screw the Germans: Taliban suicide attacks targets Americans, but 'peace talks' are still on... (26-Jun-2013)
25-Jun-13 World View -- Over 100 Afghan diplomats defect rather than return to Kabul: Fed official warns of 'feral hogs' who harm the economy... (25-Jun-2013)
24-Jun-13 World View -- Sunni vs Shia violence explodes in Lebanon and Egypt: Vicious attack by Pakistan Taliban kills 10 foreign tourists... (24-Jun-2013)
23-Jun-13 World View -- The 'experts' scramble to explain the stock market plunge: Egypt's 'Tamarod' campaign heads for mass confrontation on June 30... (23-Jun-2013)
22-Jun-13 World View -- China and Philippines close to new confrontation in South China Sea: Britain ends last line of defense against an interstellar alien invasion... (22-Jun-2013)
21-Jun-13 World View -- Stock share prices fall sharply in global rout: Russia and China angered by U.S. State Dept. child trafficking report... (21-Jun-2013)
20-Jun-13 World View -- Afghan peace talks collapse day after they're announced: IKEA tests a new refugee shelter to replace the tent... (20-Jun-2013)
19-Jun-13 World View -- Taliban prepare for return of 'Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan': U.S. drops some pre-conditions, announces peace talks with Taliban... (19-Jun-2013)
18-Jun-13 World View -- 80,000 Hezbollah-trained Syrian soldiers ready to retake Aleppo: Israel toughens law against 'Price Tag' attacks... (18-Jun-2013)
17-Jun-13 World View -- Report: Iran sending 4,000 troops to aid Assad in Syria: Sunni Islamist terrorists conduct another horrific attack in Pakistan... (17-Jun-2013)
16-Jun-13 World View -- Iran's elections won by 'moderate' Hassan Rouhani: Egypt cuts all diplomatic relations with Syria... (16-Jun-2013)
15-Jun-13 World View -- Hezbollah promises to keep fighting for Assad in Syria: European outrage after Greece shuts down public broadcasting... (15-Jun-2013)
14-Jun-13 World View -- U.S. escalates Syria crisis with confirmation of chemical weapons: Qusair battle turns Sunni Arab people and nations against Hezbollah... (14-Jun-2013)
13-Jun-13 World View -- Reform candidate Rouhani advances in Iran's presidential polls: Prism revelation is already damaging national security... (13-Jun-2013)
12-Jun-13 World View -- Deja vu in Turkey as riots threaten Erdogan regime: Greece faces new economic disaster, and shuts down state broadcasters... (12-Jun-2013)
11-Jun-13 World View -- Russia considers putting troops on Israel-Syria border: After years of hesitation, U.S. discussing arming Syria's rebels... (11-Jun-2013)
10-Jun-13 World View -- The deafening silence following the Xi/Obama summit: George W. Obama... (10-Jun-2013)
9-Jun-13 World View -- Obama and China's Xi Jinping endorse new cooperative relationship: Pakistan strongly protests Friday's drone strike... (9-Jun-2013)
8-Jun-13 World View -- U.S. snubs Pakistan with new drone strikes in Waziristan: Greece's economy continues its collapse, as the IMF blames the EU... (8-Jun-2013)
7-Jun-13 World View -- Austria quits U.N. peacekeeping force on Syria-Israel border: North Korea goes on a charm offensive... (7-Jun-2013)
6-Jun-13 World View -- Syria and Hezbollah gloat over victory in town of Qusair: Thousands of American troops to Jordan for 'Eager Lion'... (6-Jun-2013)
5-Jun-13 World View -- France says there's 'no doubt' that Syria regime used sarin gas: Hezbollah may be planning new war with Israel... (5-Jun-2013)
4-Jun-13 World View -- Greece's neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party popularity grows: Russia grabs Georgian territory for South Ossetia... (4-Jun-2013)
3-Jun-13 World View -- China's premier visits India, fails to solve any problems: Syria's conflict spills over into Lebanon... (3-Jun-2013)
2-Jun-13 World View -- China blasts Philippines over stranded warship from 1999: Police crackdown in Turkey sparks huge anti-government rallies... (2-Jun-2013)
1-Jun-13 World View -- Pakistan condemns American drone strikes: Eurozone unemployment at historic highs... (1-Jun-2013)
31-May-13 World View -- Syria tensions grow as al-Assad claims he's winning: Israel prepares to launch airstrikes at Russian S-300 missiles... (31-May-2013)
30-May-13 World View -- U.S. State Department demands that Hezbollah leave Syria: Russia establishes military bases in captured Georgian territory... (30-May-2013)
29-May-13 World View -- Syria's proxy war expands as Russia confirms missile sales: Buddhist vs Muslim violence spreads in Burma (Myanmar)... (29-May-2013)
28-May-13 World View -- EU lifts weapons embargo to Syria's opposition militias: New wave of bombings strikes Shias across Baghdad, Iraq... (28-May-2013)
27-May-13 World View -- Sunnis retaliate against Hezbollah in Beirut Lebanon: Iran's Supreme Leader grooms his son to take over... (27-May-2013)
26-May-13 World View -- Syria conflict in possibly climactic battle near Lebanon border: Lebanon's Hezbollah leads the fight in Syria battle... (26-May-2013)
25-May-13 World View -- Egypt, Hamas, Israel cooperate as Sinai becomes more volatile: Threat of widespread terror network grows as U.S. leaves Afghanistan... (25-May-2013)
24-May-13 World View -- China, Taiwan gang up on Philippines in South China Sea: India enters the South China Sea dispute... (24-May-2013)
23-May-13 World View -- Iran's Supreme Leader tries to defeat the younger generation: Khamenei's Guardians Council disqualifies reformist candidates... (23-May-2013)
22-May-13 World View -- Syria and allies threaten war with Israel in the Golan Heights: Russia may make WW II criticisms illegal... (22-May-2013)
21-May-13 World View -- Wave of terrorist violence in Iraq kills hundreds: EU steps up investigation of oil price-fixing scandal... (21-May-2013)
20-May-13 World View -- Israel's army to begin using live fire on West Bank Palestinians: Interest in Hizb ut-Tahrir grows after Marathon bomber visited Dagestan... (20-May-2013)
19-May-13 World View -- North Korea launches three short-range missiles: The former girlfriend of France's president Francois Hollande returns... (19-May-2013)
18-May-13 World View -- Russian warships enter Mediterranean for first time in decades: Idaho man charged with links to Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU)... (18-May-2013)
17-May-13 World View -- Obama and Turkey PM Erdogan hold bizarre press conference: Nigeria's president launches major war against Boko Haram terrorists... (17-May-2013)
16-May-13 World View -- Palestinians commemorate 'Al Nakba' -- 'The Catastrophe': Eurozone recession deepens even further than forecast... (16-May-2013)
15-May-13 World View -- American-Russian relations upset by CIA spy scandal: Russia rebuffs West on S-300 missile shipments to Syria... (15-May-2013)
14-May-13 World View -- Greece's government prepares to demand war reparations from Germany: Pakistan celebrates election, but faces continued chaos... (14-May-2013)
13-May-13 World View -- Pope Francis canonizes 800 Otranto 'martyrs' of Ottoman army: Millions of Chinese internet users vow not to commit suicide... (13-May-2013)
12-May-13 World View -- Turkey blames Syrian regime for terrorist bombings in border town: Nawaz Sharif appears to be the winner in Pakistan's elections... (12-May-2013)
11-May-13 World View -- Taliban promises bloodbath during Saturday's Pakistan elections: IRS admits Nixon-like targeting taxpayers for political purposes... (11-May-2013)
6-May-13 World View -- Israeli air strike on Damascus escalates Syria crisis: World View will be suspended until Thursday or Friday... (6-May-2013)
5-May-13 World View -- Wall Street stock market continues dangerous parabolic bubble: Libor banker fraud may be eclipsed by the ISDAfix fraud... (5-May-2013)
4-May-13 World View -- Anti-EU UK Independence Party (UKIP) surges in local elections: California law will fund seizure of legally purchased guns... (4-May-2013)
3-May-13 World View -- European Central Bank considers negative interest rates: Turkey's Erdogan will pressure Obama to intervene militarily in Syria... (3-May-2013)
2-May-13 World View -- Buddhist on Muslim violence continues to spread in Burma (Myanmar): U.S. declares H7N9 bird flu a 'significant' public health danger... (2-May-2013)
1-May-13 World View -- Giddy politicians declare a 'sea change' in Mideast negotiations: Pakistan government ignores terrorist extermination threats to Hazara Shias... (1-May-2013)
30-Apr-13 World View -- North Korea holds an American and 7 S. Koreans as 'hostages': France's Hollande announces military cuts of 34,000 jobs... (30-Apr-2013)
29-Apr-13 World View -- Taliban terror campaign seeks to sabotage Pakistan elections: Greece passes bill ending lifetime guarantee of civil service job... (29-Apr-2013)
28-Apr-13 World View -- Qatar and Saudi Arabia funneling money and weapons to Syria jihadists: Future of Korea's Kaesong industrial park in doubt after South pulls out workers... (28-Apr-2013)
27-Apr-13 World View -- Obama's meeting with Jordan's Abdullah may signal new troop deployment: Shia militias and Sunni jihadists pour into Syria... (27-Apr-2013)
26-Apr-13 World View -- U.S. says Syria has used chemical weapons twice: U.N. Security Council approves 12,600 person force for Mali... (26-Apr-2013)
25-Apr-13 World View -- Ethnic violence kills 21 in China's Xinjiang province: Syria's opposition scorns Obama over chemical weapons commitment... (25-Apr-2013)
24-Apr-13 World View -- Japan's Shinzo Abe threatens 'force' against China's ships: Israel accuses Syria of using chemical weapons, then retracts... (24-Apr-2013)
23-Apr-13 World View -- Boston bombers raise new problem for Russia's Vladimir Putin: Canada thwarts al-Qaeda inspired plan to attack passenger train... (23-Apr-2013)
22-Apr-13 World View -- Hunger strike at Guantanamo grows among prisoners: Heavier fighting flares on the Syria / Lebanon border... (22-Apr-2013)
21-Apr-13 World View -- American bloggers confuse 'Chechnya' with 'Czech Republic': Krugman in 2002: The Fed should create a housing bubble... (21-Apr-2013)
20-Apr-13 World View -- Generational analysis of Boston Marathon bombings: The radicalization of Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev... (20-Apr-2013)
19-Apr-13 World View -- Japan and Mongolia cooperate to counter China's influence: Racial hatred suspected in shooting of Bangladeshis in Greece... (19-Apr-2013)
18-Apr-13 World View -- U.S. sends more troops to Jordan after threat from Syria: IMF: Loose U.S. monetary policy risks global financial stability... (18-Apr-2013)
17-Apr-13 World View -- Germany's economic experts consider a wealth tax to fund bailouts: Greece to lay off old people, hire 'young, capable' replacements... (17-Apr-2013)
16-Apr-13 World View -- Forced selling hits gold, commodities and stocks: Terrorist attack at finish line of Boston Marathon... (16-Apr-2013)
15-Apr-13 World View -- Turkey warns Israel against 'dirty bargaining' over flotilla compensation: Cyprus offers citizenship to wealthy Russian oligarchs... (15-Apr-2013)
14-Apr-13 World View -- British scientists say that chemical weapons were used in Syria: Tensions rise in Greece over German war reparations... (14-Apr-2013)
13-Apr-13 World View -- John Kerry says that North Korea's rhetoric is 'unacceptable': Cyprus residents in shock over new bailout terms... (13-Apr-2013)
12-Apr-13 World View -- Cost of Cyprus bailout explodes upward to 23 billion euros: Pentagon: North Korea could deliver a nuclear weapon... (12-Apr-2013)
11-Apr-13 World View -- Is Germany the poorest country in Europe?: Syria's al-Nusra Front pledges allegiance to al-Qaeda... (11-Apr-2013)
10-Apr-13 World View -- Japan deploys anti-missile systems after North Korean threats: Donor nations pledge $3.6 billion in aid to Darfur... (10-Apr-2013)
9-Apr-13 World View -- Greece may demand 162 billion euros in WW II reparations from Germany: North Korea pulls its 53,000 workers out of industrial complex... (9-Apr-2013)
8-Apr-13 World View -- Muslim vs Coptic Christian clashes in Egypt grow in intensity: Portugal is about to be the next eurozone crisis... (8-Apr-2013)
7-Apr-13 World View -- Egyptian protesters demand end to ties with Iran and 'Shia Islam': Cuba's Fidel Castro warns North Korea not to start a war... (7-Apr-2013)
6-Apr-13 World View -- Pandemic concerns rising over China's H7N9 bird flu deaths: North Korea warns embassies to evacuate before April 10... (6-Apr-2013)
5-Apr-13 World View -- Meiktila, Burma, violence has echoes of Kristallnacht: Intercepted communications suggest North Korea near missile launch... (5-Apr-2013)
4-Apr-13 World View -- U.S. moves defense missiles to Guam for North Korean threats: Hugo Chavez returns to Venezuela reincarnated as a singing bird... (4-Apr-2013)
3-Apr-13 World View -- China's military on high alert near North Korean border: Eurozone unemployment rises to record high 12%... (3-Apr-2013)
2-Apr-13 World View -- U.S. Navy moves destroyer off coast of Korean Peninsula: David Stockman says our economy is in 'End-stage metastasis'... (2-Apr-2013)
1-Apr-13 World View -- Half of China's rivers have disappeared: Jordan and Palestine agree to jointly defend Jerusalem from Israel... (1-Apr-2013)
31-Mar-13 World View -- Report: U.S. military action in Syria may be imminent: Bank of Cyprus customers will lose 60% of their savings... (31-Mar-2013)
30-Mar-13 World View -- Luxembourg opposes using Cyprus as a 'template' for euro bailouts: Russia warns that North Korean situation could spiral out of control... (30-Mar-2013)
29-Mar-13 World View -- N. Korea prepares rockets for firing, after U.S. B-2 show of force: Russia orders large-scale military exercises in the Black Sea... (29-Mar-2013)
28-Mar-13 World View -- Cyprus's banks reopen on Thursday with harsh 'capital controls': China conducts naval military drills deep into South China Sea... (28-Mar-2013)
27-Mar-13 World View -- North Korea's military goes on highest war alert: Today's Schadenfreude: The 'Ugly Chinese' in Africa... (27-Mar-2013)
26-Mar-13 World View -- Buddhists attack Muslims across Asia and Russia considers revenge for Cyprus: Muslims in Sri Lanka and Burma (Myanmar) targeted... (26-Mar-2013)
25-Mar-13 World View -- France sends troops to Central African Republic in chaos: Israel fires surface-to-surface missile into Syria... (25-Mar-2013)
24-Mar-13 World View -- Cyprus and Russia face bitter financial chaos next week: Lebanon's government collapses as Syria's turmoil crosses border... (24-Mar-2013)
23-Mar-13 World View -- Obama negotiates Israeli apology to Turkey for flotilla incident: Generational Dynamics website attacked by hackers... (23-Mar-2013)
22-Mar-13 World View -- Cognitive Dissonance and the 'Mideast Roadmap to Peace': Cyprus nears collapse after EU issues an ultimatum... (22-Mar-2013)
21-Mar-13 World View -- Cyprus begs Russia for a bailout: Obama and Netanyahu appear to agree on military action in Iran... (21-Mar-2013)
20-Mar-13 World View -- Syria crosses a 'red line' with chemical weapons: Cyprus rejects European bailout without a single supporting vote... (20-Mar-2013)
19-Mar-13 World View -- Cyprus banks remain closed as bailout crisis continues: Syria's conflict may be spreading into Lebanon... (19-Mar-2013)
18-Mar-13 World View -- Germany and Russia get blamed for the Cyprus crisis: Israel's government turns hardline pro-settlement on eve of Obama's visit... (18-Mar-2013)
17-Mar-13 World View -- Cyprus bailout threatens international bank runs: Will politicians convince everyone that there's no worry?... (17-Mar-2013)
16-Mar-13 World View -- U.S. will deploy missile interceptors on West Coast: EU split on whether to supply arms to Syria's rebels... (16-Mar-2013)
15-Mar-13 World View -- Pope Francis may side with Argentina in Falklands dispute with Britain: As Egypt deteriorates, what will the army do?... (15-Mar-2013)
14-Mar-13 World View -- Xi Jinping envisions 'China's Dream' - world economic and military domination: Terrorists disguised as cricketers kill 5 Indian soldiers in Kashmir... (14-Mar-2013)
13-Mar-13 World View -- American businesses debate cyber counter-attack on China: Venezuela to investigate America's 'cancer poisoning' of Chavez... (13-Mar-2013)
12-Mar-13 World View -- Stock market share prices may be going parabolic: Chavez's death may cost Russia tens of billions of dollars... (12-Mar-2013)
11-Mar-13 World View -- Lahore Pakistan turns into a war zone between Muslims and Christians: U.S. rift with Afghanistan throws withdrawal strategy into doubt... (11-Mar-2013)
10-Mar-13 World View -- U.S. embarrassed by results of Kenya's presidential election: New violence in an increasingly unstable Egypt and Lebanon... (10-Mar-2013)
9-Mar-13 World View -- China urges calm as North and South Korea trade military threats: Venezuela has anti-American love fest at Chavez's funeral... (9-Mar-2013)
8-Mar-13 World View -- N. Korea threatens death to America for U.N. Security Council vote: Venezuela's Hugo Chavez's body will be kept on permanent display... (8-Mar-2013)
7-Mar-13 World View -- China's Wen Jiabao warns of unrest and widespread environmental destruction: Syrian refugees top 1 million, flooding into neighboring countries... (7-Mar-2013)
6-Mar-13 World View -- Venezuela's mestizo president Hugo Chavez dies of cancer: Venezuela accuses America of conspiracy to kill Hugo Chavez... (6-Mar-2013)
5-Mar-13 World View -- China defends its booming military spending as promoting global peace: 30 million locusts descend on Egypt in 'Biblical' plague... (5-Mar-2013)
4-Mar-13 World View -- Nearly 60 dead in four days of deadly ethnic clashes in Bangladesh: The 'Harlem Shake' is shaking up the Mideast... (4-Mar-2013)
3-Mar-13 World View -- Kenya: Presidential candidate threatens violence if he loses: Gun control talk increases public interest in 3D Printing... (3-Mar-2013)
2-Mar-13 World View -- Syria conflict turning into a proxy war: Euro zone unemployment rises to record level... (2-Mar-2013)
1-Mar-13 World View -- China moves missiles near coast to target Japan: German official says that 'two clowns have won' in Italy... (1-Mar-2013)
28-Feb-13 World View -- In major reversal, U.S. will provide military aid to Syria opposition: unavailable for a couple of days... (28-Feb-2013)
27-Feb-13 World View -- Italy's election portends trouble throughout Europe: John Kerry says that Americans have the right to be stupid... (27-Feb-2013)
26-Feb-13 World View -- China increases military buildup in South China Sea: Network Solutions crashes (26-Feb-2013)
25-Feb-13 World View -- Death of Palestinian prisoner threatens third intifada against Israel: Afghanistan's Karzai expels U.S. special forces from province... (25-Feb-2013)
24-Feb-13 World View -- Syria's opposition pulls out of talks after Scud missiles hit Aleppo: An Egyptian army comeback threatens a clash with Muslim Brotherhood... (24-Feb-2013)
23-Feb-13 World View -- U.N. claims immunity in Haiti cholera compensation case: Bawdy Silvio Berlusconi may return as Italy's Prime Minister... (23-Feb-2013)
22-Feb-13 World View -- Indian Mujahideen suspected in bombing in Hyderabad: Stock market has 'mini-panic' over Fed QE signal... (22-Feb-2013)
21-Feb-13 World View -- North Korea threatens 'final destruction' of South Korea: British women convert to Islam in droves... (21-Feb-2013)
20-Feb-13 World View -- New report reveals massive cyber war attack by China's army: China rejects Philippines arbitration application ... (20-Feb-2013)
19-Feb-13 World View -- Sunni vs Shia sectarian violence may be approaching a 'red line': Hugo Chavez tweets a return to Venezuela... (19-Feb-2013)
18-Feb-13 World View -- Protests boil across Pakistan after mass slaughter of Quetta Shias: North Korea tells China that it's preparing new nuclear tests... (18-Feb-2013)
17-Feb-13 World View -- Another horrific bomb attack targets Shias in Quetta, Pakistan: Federal Communications Commission warns of a zombie attack... (17-Feb-2013)
16-Feb-13 World View -- Egypt continues to become more unstable and violent: Wal-Mart's 'total disaster' in sales blamed on rise in payroll tax... (16-Feb-2013)
15-Feb-13 World View -- Economists shocked at severe shrinkage of eurozone economy: S. Korea unveils cruise missile that can strike anywhere in N. Korea... (15-Feb-2013)
14-Feb-13 World View -- Egypt flooding Gaza tunnels to curb smuggling: Venezuela's Hugo Chavez undergoing 'complex, tough' treatment... (14-Feb-2013)
13-Feb-13 World View -- North Korea announces successful nuclear test: David Einhorn seeks to undermine Apple Computer... (13-Feb-2013)
12-Feb-13 World View -- Strengthened euro currency raises fears of 'currency wars': Hugo Chavez devalues Venezuela's bolivar currency by 32%... (12-Feb-2013)
11-Feb-13 World View -- Ethnic tensions grow in Kenya as March 4 elections approach: Iran and Hezbollah build militia networks in Syria... (11-Feb-2013)
10-Feb-13 World View -- Arab Spring destabilization increases with Tunisia crisis: Food fraud surges in America and Europe... (10-Feb-2013)
9-Feb-13 World View -- Comments and questions on the Libor-rigging scandal: Panetta: A cyber attack may be the next Pearl Harbor... (9-Feb-2013)
8-Feb-13 World View -- Libor-rigging scandal and lying on Wall Street: The moral bankruptcy of Washington and Wall Street worsens... (8-Feb-2013)
7-Feb-13 World View -- Riots in Tunisia after assassination: China: N. Korea 'must pay a heavy price' for third nuclear test... (7-Feb-2013)
6-Feb-13 World View -- In escalation, China locks its 'fire control radar' on Japanese targets: Bulgaria blames Hezbollah for bus attack killing Israelis... (6-Feb-2013)
5-Feb-13 World View -- Neo-Nazis in Greece and Germany establish mutual links: Conspiracy theory alleges link between Jews and Muslim Brotherhood... (5-Feb-2013)
4-Feb-13 World View -- Thousands of migrants in Athens Greece apply to return home: Polish is second most spoken language in England... (4-Feb-2013)
3-Feb-13 World View -- Japan arrests China fishing boat accused of fishing Japan's fish: Mali's 'Savior' says that France's fight is far from over... (3-Feb-2013)
2-Feb-13 World View -- Egypt protesters clash with police in 'Friday of Deliverance': Far left suicide bomber attacks U.S. embassy in Ankara Turkey... (2-Feb-2013)
1-Feb-13 World View -- Israel threatened with International Criminal Court over settlements: France declares 'Mission Accomplished!' in Mali... (1-Feb-2013)
31-Jan-13 World View -- Israel's warplanes strike target in Syria: Resident anger increases in Egypt's Port Said... (31-Jan-2013)
30-Jan-13 World View -- Mali, Libya, Egypt, Syria governments in sharp deterioration: Lakhdar Brahimi says that Syria is 'breaking up before everyone's eyes'... (30-Jan-2013)
29-Jan-13 World View -- Egyptian protesters defy president Morsi's 'state of emergency' curfew: Iran announces a new finger-amputating machine for thieves... (29-Jan-2013)
28-Jan-13 World View -- China will impose trade sanctions on North Korea: Italy's Silvio Berlusconi defends the 'good' Mussolini... (28-Jan-2013)
27-Jan-13 World View -- Egypt in crisis after two days of violent clashes: Venezuela's Hugo Chavez runs the government from Cuba... (27-Jan-2013)
26-Jan-13 World View -- China threatens to cut off aid to North Korea: Russia blames the West for fomenting jihadist 'blowback'... (26-Jan-2013)
25-Jan-13 World View -- China urges restraint after North Korea nuclear threat: Britain, Germany, Netherlands say: 'Leave Benghazi immediately'... (25-Jan-2013)
24-Jan-13 World View -- Furious Chinese spokesman blasts Philippines for seeking arbitration: Emails show evidence of Morgan Stanley fraud in financial crisis... (24-Jan-2013)
23-Jan-13 World View -- China warns Australia not to side with America in case of war: U.S. begins transporting French soldiers to Mali... (23-Jan-2013)
22-Jan-13 World View -- Coordinated suicide attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, part of increasing violence: Massive espionage malware targeting governments undetected for 5 years... (22-Jan-2013)
21-Jan-13 World View -- Discussion of China's directive to 'Get Ready for War': How would the U.S. react to a Chinese invasion of a neighbor?... (21-Jan-2013)
20-Jan-13 World View -- Algeria ends four-day terrorist siege with a no-mercy assault: Federal Reserve officials were caught by surprise by financial crisis... (20-Jan-2013)
19-Jan-13 World View -- China's directive to the People's Liberation Army: Get Ready for War: China's historic mistake... (19-Jan-2013)
18-Jan-13 World View -- Did France kick a hornet's nest with military intervention in Mali?: Greece concerned about outbreak of violence... (18-Jan-2013)
17-Jan-13 World View -- Mali conflict explodes into ground war and hostage crisis: Britain prepares for a new Falklands war... (17-Jan-2013)
16-Jan-13 World View -- Syria: Missile strike kills 80 students taking exams: New Kashmir clash kills Pakistani soldier... (16-Jan-2013)
15-Jan-13 World View -- Al-Qaeda rebels in Mali counterattack as France bombs: Germany threatens to block a bailout of Cyprus, reviving euro crisis... (15-Jan-2013)
14-Jan-13 World View -- France on terror alert after challenging al-Qaeda on two fronts: Israel reaffirms settlement plan after Palestinian protest action... (14-Jan-2013)
13-Jan-13 World View -- Shia families in Quetta Pakistan refuse to bury bombing victims: Pollution spikes to 'dangerous' levels in eastern China... (13-Jan-2013)
12-Jan-13 World View -- Acting unilaterally, France sends army and air force into Mali: U.S. will withdraw from Afghanistan earlier than expected... (12-Jan-2013)
11-Jan-13 World View -- U.N. Security Council has emergency meeting over sudden deterioration in Mali: Pakistan: Hundreds of casualties in multiple suicide bombings... (11-Jan-2013)
10-Jan-13 World View -- Syria's Assad frees 2,130 prisoners in exchange for 48 Iranians: Hamas teaching Hebrew to young Palestinians... (10-Jan-2013)
9-Jan-13 World View -- New fighting between India and Pakistan in Kashmir: Three scenarios for an accidental South China Sea war... (9-Jan-2013)
8-Jan-13 World View -- China quadruples rice imports for no apparent reason: Obamacare causes health insurance rates to surge... (8-Jan-2013)
7-Jan-13 World View -- Brookings Institute freaks out over 'extremism' and fiscal cliff: India and Pakistan armies clash in Kashmir... (7-Jan-2013)
6-Jan-13 World View -- South Korea refuses to extradite Yasukuni arsonist to Japan: Greek communities adopt local currency to enable bartering... (6-Jan-2013)
5-Jan-13 World View -- Palestinian Authority changes name to 'State of Palestine': Al-Jazeera buys Al Gore's Current TV to gain American audience... (5-Jan-2013)
4-Jan-13 World View -- Burma (Myanmar) Army warplanes strike Kachin rebels in north: Venezuela's government vows unity as Chavez's health deteriorates... (4-Jan-2013)
3-Jan-13 World View -- Pakistan has measles surge as health workers are murdered: More left wing violence, this time over gun control... (3-Jan-2013)
2-Jan-13 World View -- Al-Qaeda prepares for war in northern Mali: Egypt's currency collapses to seven-year low... (2-Jan-2013)
1-Jan-13 World View -- 2013 Forecast: Financial Crisis and China Threat: Updating the Global Conflict Risk Assessment graphic... (1-Jan-2013)

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