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Web Log Summary - January-December, 2012


31-Dec-12 World View -- Iran and Turkey trade accusations, as relations deteriorate: Venezuelans wonder if Chavez's cancer surgery has failed... (31-Dec-2012)
30-Dec-12 World View -- The 'Kick the Can Theory' and the Fiscal Cliff: H1N1 Swine Flu kills nine people in the West Bank... (30-Dec-2012)
29-Dec-12 World View -- Gang-raped victim sparks nationwide protests in India: Iran begins annual war games in Strait of Hormuz... (29-Dec-2012)
28-Dec-12 World View -- Pakistan commemorates 5th anniversary of Benazir Bhutto's murder: Pakistan has a new 'hope and change' candidate, Maulana Tahirul Qadri... (28-Dec-2012)
27-Dec-12 World View -- Asians increasingly talk about war between China and Japan: Gun Control versus 3D printing... (27-Dec-2012)
26-Dec-12 World View -- Andrew Sullivan and the Gun Control Fantasy: The Metastasis of Corruption and Violence... (26-Dec-2012)
25-Dec-12 World View -- Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas: Americans should thank 'Made in China' for a Merry Christmas... (25-Dec-2012)
24-Dec-12 World View -- Russian military advisers enter the fray in Syria: Morsi's landslide referendum victory divides Egypt... (24-Dec-2012)
23-Dec-12 World View -- Russia says that Syria's chemical weapons are under control: Egyptians approve the controversial Islamist constitution... (23-Dec-2012)
22-Dec-12 World View -- Ethnic revenge massacre in Kenya kills 41: President Obama nominates John Kerry as Secretary of State... (22-Dec-2012)
21-Dec-12 World View -- United Nations approves military intervention in Mali: Interest rate fixing probe expands into Asia... (21-Dec-2012)
20-Dec-12 World View -- Russia's Duma blocking U.S. adoptions of Russian orphans: Dept. of Justice brings criminal charges against Swiss bank UBS... (20-Dec-2012)
19-Dec-12 World View -- 'Chained CPI' proposal enters the farcical Fiscal Cliff negotiations: Russia sends warships to Mediterranean for evacuations from Syria... (19-Dec-2012)
18-Dec-12 World View -- After 20 years of deflation, Japan's new leader will try devaluation: Thousands of Palestinians flee Syria's Yarmouk refugee camp... (18-Dec-2012)
17-Dec-12 World View -- Japan's leadership shifts sharply right in a return to nationalism: Assad bombs a Palestinian refugee camp in Syria... (17-Dec-2012)
16-Dec-12 World View -- Memories of the slaughter at Beslan, North Ossetia: Troubled Afghanistan counter-insurgency projects are costly and ineffective... (16-Dec-2012)
15-Dec-12 World View -- Outrage grows that U.S. did not jail anyone at HSBC bank for money laundering: Russia supplies Syria with supersonic Iskander missiles to counter Patriots... (15-Dec-2012)
14-Dec-12 World View -- Japan scrambles F-15 jets to challenge Chinese surveillance plane: Greece finally gets its bailout commitment... (14-Dec-2012)
13-Dec-12 World View -- Darfur war may explode again soon into full-scale genocide: Assad escalates Syria war again with Scud missiles... (13-Dec-2012)
12-Dec-12 World View -- Left-wing union violence continues to increase in America: North Korea launches long-range rocket... (12-Dec-2012)
11-Dec-12 World View -- Egypt's opposition plans mass rally in Cairo on Tuesday: Mercedes-Benz gives Pope Benedict XVI a new Popemobile... (11-Dec-2012)
10-Dec-12 World View -- Mauldin: Looming crisis, state budgets soon to be under siege: Latest climate charge conference is an even greater farce than previous ones... (10-Dec-2012)
9-Dec-12 World View -- Egypt's Mohamed Morsi cancels his decree, but not the referendum: Panic spreads as Mayan apocalypse date December 21 approaches... (9-Dec-2012)
8-Dec-12 World View -- Is Syria's Assad likely to use his aging chemical weapons arsenal?: Egypt's president Morsi considers making concessions to opposition... (8-Dec-2012)
7-Dec-12 World View -- Egypt's president Morsi refuses any compromise on constitution: Rate of decline in Russia's population doubles from previous decade... (7-Dec-2012)
6-Dec-12 World View -- U.S. prepares for military intervention in Syria over chemical weapons: Four Egyptians killed in clash between pro- and anti-Morsi protesters... (6-Dec-2012)
5-Dec-12 World View -- Concern grows over chemical weapons as Syria's war turns against al-Assad: Vietnam lodges a new protest with China over South China Sea belligerence... (5-Dec-2012)
4-Dec-12 World View -- India's navy prepares to confront China in South China Sea: A 'Coalition of the Willing' is emerging against China... (4-Dec-2012)
3-Dec-12 World View -- Israel withholds tax revenues from the Palestinian Authority: High police support for Greece's neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party... (3-Dec-2012)
2-Dec-12 World View -- China's neighbors express alarm over militant new South China Sea policy: Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians rally to support Morsi and Sharia law... (2-Dec-2012)
1-Dec-12 World View -- Israel approves 3,000 new settlement homes on the West Bank: Bankster types take over the computer malware detection industry... (1-Dec-2012)
30-Nov-12 World View -- United Nations creates the nation 'Palestine': China to step up military confrontations in South China Sea... (30-Nov-2012)
29-Nov-12 World View -- Israel tries desperately to dilute Abbas' bid for state of Palestine: Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood seeks to consolidate power on Thursday... (29-Nov-2012)
28-Nov-12 World View -- Europe's new charade in Greece's bailout announcement: Hamas chief Khalid Mashaal says he supports Thursday's Palestine U.N. bid... (28-Nov-2012)
27-Nov-12 World View -- Egypt's 'Hope and Change' candidate Morsi has forgotten all his promises: Another farcical climate change conference begins in Doha, Qatar... (27-Nov-2012)
26-Nov-12 World View -- Egypt's stock market crashes 10% over government turmoil: Rift between IMF and Eurozone leaders puts Greece's bailout in limbo... (26-Nov-2012)
25-Nov-12 World View -- Hamas says it's OK to smuggle weapons into Gaza again: Egypt's lawyers threaten strikes and legal action against Morsi... (25-Nov-2012)
24-Nov-12 World View -- China extends its 'Lebensraum' policy to its passports: Violent protests return across Egypt after Morsi's power grab... (24-Nov-2012)
23-Nov-12 World View -- Mohamed Morsi appoints himself 'Pharaoh' of Egypt: Pakistan twin Taliban bombings kill 37 Shia Muslim worshipers... (23-Nov-2012)
22-Nov-12 World View -- Egypt's Mohamed Morsi a big winner in Israel-Hamas ceasefire agreement: Turkey asks Nato for Patriot missiles for border with Syria... (22-Nov-2012)
21-Nov-12 World View -- Gaza-Israel truce deal fails to materialize: China is forced to back down diplomatically at an ASEAN meeting... (21-Nov-2012)
20-Nov-12 World View -- U.S. Navy warships head for eastern Mediterranean: Britain, with growing anti-European mood, may leave the EU... (20-Nov-2012)
19-Nov-12 World View -- Israeli delegation goes to Cairo for peace talks: Farcical MF Global decision excuses Jon Corzine and employees from guilt... (19-Nov-2012)
18-Nov-12 World View -- Egypt and Turkey play crucial negotiating role for Israel/Gaza war: Israel's 'Iron Dome' air defense system a game changer... (18-Nov-2012)
17-Nov-12 World View -- Israel apparently prepares for a ground invasion of Gaza: Taiwan stays out of China-Japan fight over Senkaku Islands... (17-Nov-2012)
16-Nov-12 World View -- Egypt rushes to mediate truce in escalating Israel-Gaza war: Greek protesters attack German official after slur on Greek workers... (16-Nov-2012)
15-Nov-12 World View -- Hamas vows revenge as Israel begins military operation in Gaza: Europe-wide anti-austerity marches turn violent in Spain and Portugal... (15-Nov-2012)
14-Nov-12 World View -- Raucous EU-IMF confrontation lightens mood around Greece's bailout disaster: The Dalai Lama, in Japan, criticizes China over Tibet... (14-Nov-2012)
13-Nov-12 World View -- Mideast violence escalates on several fronts: Turkey, Syria, Gaza, Israel: Sharp disagreements between EU and IMF delay Greece's bailout payment... (13-Nov-2012)
12-Nov-12 World View -- Israel fires warning missile into Syria, considers new war in Gaza: Greece passes budget, waits nervously for bailout approval... (12-Nov-2012)
11-Nov-12 World View -- Palestinian Authority will go to U.N. to ask for Palestinian state: As Israeli election approaches, tensions escalate on border with Gaza... (11-Nov-2012)
10-Nov-12 World View -- EU budget talks collapse, leaving Greece without a bailout: Syrian refugee crisis explodes with new flood of refugees... (10-Nov-2012)
9-Nov-12 World View -- China reacts furiously as Tibetan self-immolations sharply escalate: Putin fires Russia's defense minister, paralyzing the army... (9-Nov-2012)
8-Nov-12 World View -- Palestinians hope that President Obama's 2nd term will bring change: Greece's parliament squeaks through the austerity package amid violence... (8-Nov-2012)
7-Nov-12 World View -- Labor unions shut down Greece for 48 hours in anti-austerity strike: The Butterfly Effect and the presidential election... (7-Nov-2012)
6-Nov-12 World View -- Australia's court issues landmark judgment against S&P Ratings Agency: Cyprus denies that its bailout money will go to Russian oligarchs... (6-Nov-2012)
5-Nov-12 World View -- Egypt's Coptic Christians select a new Pope at time of anxiety: Russia's nationalists turn against Putin... (5-Nov-2012)
4-Nov-12 World View -- Chinese Communist Party prepares for an explosive Politburo election: Putin's disappearance may be related to his day as leader of the cranes... (4-Nov-2012)
3-Nov-12 World View -- New charges put Barclays at center of climate change financial scam: In historic shift, Mahmoud Abbas gives up 'right of return' for Palestinians... (3-Nov-2012)
2-Nov-12 World View -- Millions of South Carolina residents at risk of identity theft: 'Lagarde list' scandal may put corrupt Greek politicians in jail... (2-Nov-2012)
1-Nov-12 World View -- Turkey asks Germany for help with PKK terrorists: Eurozone unemployment reaches new historic high... (1-Nov-2012)
31-Oct-12 World View -- Hurricane Sandy a new disaster for Haiti: Hillary in Algeria to discuss military invasion of Mali... (31-Oct-2012)
30-Oct-12 World View -- Banksters desperately seek to save Europe's carbon trading system: Poor health and draft-dodging plague Russia's army... (30-Oct-2012)
29-Oct-12 World View -- Europeans demand sovereign control of Greece: China and Japan continue to prepare for war... (29-Oct-2012)
28-Oct-12 World View -- Silvio Berlusconi threatens to bring down Italy's government: Burma acknowledges a genocidal scorched-earth policy against Muslim Rohingyas... (28-Oct-2012)
27-Oct-12 World View -- U.N. alarmed as ethnic violence grows in western Burma (Myanmar): A so-called 'truce' in Syria lasts only nanoseconds... (27-Oct-2012)
26-Oct-12 World View -- Europe is at a crossroads over Greece: New Boeing weapon can target and shut down all electronics... (26-Oct-2012)
25-Oct-12 World View -- Proposals grow for Israel to annex the West Bank: Greece does chaotic about-face on rumors of bailout agreement... (25-Oct-2012)
24-Oct-12 World View -- Qatar breaks Gaza blockade and replaces Iran as Hamas's benefactor: MSNBC's Chris Matthews spreads filth after Monday's debate... (24-Oct-2012)
23-Oct-12 World View -- After 50 years of political unity, France and Germany's relations are increasingly hostile: Lebanon's politicians turn against Hizbollah... (23-Oct-2012)
22-Oct-12 World View -- Desperate European leaders plan for marathon summit next month: Russia conducts a large security operation in North Caucasus... (22-Oct-2012)
21-Oct-12 World View -- U.S. aircraft carrier and Vietnam show force in the South China Sea: Chinese fisherman killed while fishing in South Korean waters... (21-Oct-2012)
20-Oct-12 World View -- Beirut Lebanon bombing raises specter of wider Mideast war: China's navy prepares for war with Japan... (20-Oct-2012)
19-Oct-12 World View -- Nationalism and Neo-Nazi violence increase across Europe: Bitter Germany/France divisions mark European summit... (19-Oct-2012)
18-Oct-12 World View -- Are Iranian sanctions harming civilians and accomplishing nothing?: Switzerland may be preparing for war... (18-Oct-2012)
17-Oct-12 World View -- Tensions grow between Turkey and Kurds in Syria: Change in Georgia's leadership presents new problems in relations with Russia and Nato... (17-Oct-2012)
16-Oct-12 World View -- England and Scotland agree to a referendum on Scottish independence: Germany does U-turn and rules out 'Staatsbankrott' for Greece... (16-Oct-2012)
15-Oct-12 World View -- Possible Nato invasion of Syria revives Iraq's WMDs debate: Mali militants may be responsible for 'accidental' shooting of Mauritania's president... (15-Oct-2012)
14-Oct-12 World View -- Huawei scandal exposes potential 'Cyberwar Pearl Harbor' from China: China continues economic warfare against Japan over Senkaku islands... (14-Oct-2012)
13-Oct-12 World View -- U.S. preparing for worst-case chemical weapons scenario in Syria: Bizarre Nobel Peace Prize selection goes to 'European Union'... (13-Oct-2012)
12-Oct-12 World View -- Russia and Turkey trade accusations over diverted passenger plane: Hizbollah chief Nasrallah admits to sending the mysterious drone over Israel... (12-Oct-2012)
11-Oct-12 World View -- Turkey intercepts Syrian passenger plane traveling from Russia: U.S. troops sent to Jordan for defense from Syria... (11-Oct-2012)
10-Oct-12 World View -- IMF warns of an 'alarmingly high' risk of deep global slowdown: Athens protests against Angela Merkel evoke WW II memories... (10-Oct-2012)
9-Oct-12 World View -- Mitt Romney advocates sending weapons to Syrian opposition fighters: Thousands of people in Mideast threatened with losing Canadian residency rights... (9-Oct-2012)
8-Oct-12 World View -- Surprise drone over Israel changes Mideast dynamics: Syrian Defector: Bashar al-Assad making plans to flee to Russia... (8-Oct-2012)
7-Oct-12 World View -- Hugo Chavez likely to win fourth term as president of Venezuela: World food prices go inexorably higher... (7-Oct-2012)
6-Oct-12 World View -- Greece's democracy in danger from far right: Turkey issues new military threats to Syria... (6-Oct-2012)
5-Oct-12 World View -- Turkey - Syria relations continue sharp escalation: Aron Nimzovich: 'Why must I lose to this IDIOT?'... (5-Oct-2012)
4-Oct-12 World View -- Turkey and Syria exchange fire across their border: Iran's currency crash brings riots and government crisis... (4-Oct-2012)
3-Oct-12 World View -- China and Japan in naval standoff in East China Sea: Military intervention in Mali comes a step closer... (3-Oct-2012)
2-Oct-12 World View -- American Express fined $112.5 million over massive consumer fraud: Syria's Foreign Minister gives farcical speech at the United Nations... (2-Oct-2012)
1-Oct-12 World View -- Syria interrogated and murdered downed Turkish pilots: Europe-Greece bailout negotiations resume with 'a sense of unease'... (1-Oct-2012)
30-Sep-12 World View -- The age of disillusion haunts senior citizens in China: Ethnic Russian nationalism drives move to separate the North Caucasus from Russia... (30-Sep-2012)
29-Sep-12 World View -- Aftermath of Libyan military action sees big increase in al-Qaeda activity in Africa: France's Hollande calls for immediate military action in Mali... (29-Sep-2012)
28-Sep-12 World View -- At U.N., Abbas and Netanyahu are combative, while Ahmadinejad invokes the Mahdi: Mahmoud Abbas will ask General Assembly for Palestine statehood... (28-Sep-2012)
27-Sep-12 World View -- Massive anti-austerity riots in Athens: Greece accuses Turkey of ramming in the Aegean Sea... (27-Sep-2012)
26-Sep-12 World View -- China says 'Fascist' Japan must 'abandon illusions' about disputed islands: Media gushes over home prices, triggering great hilarity... (26-Sep-2012)
25-Sep-12 World View -- Catalonia will vote for independence from Spain on Thursday : New U.N. 'peace envoy' to Syria dithers, describing a grim situation... (25-Sep-2012)
24-Sep-12 World View -- Militant attacks in Sinai may force Egypt-Israel peace treaty to reopen: Germany and France commemorate de Gaulle's speech 50 years ago... (24-Sep-2012)
23-Sep-12 World View -- Religious conflict on the rise around the world: Why has Wall Street not been held accountable for financial crisis crimes?... (23-Sep-2012)
22-Sep-12 World View -- Capital flight is leading to the disintegration of the eurozone: Fifteen killed in violent anti-American protests across Pakistan... (22-Sep-2012)
21-Sep-12 World View -- Russia's expulsion of USAID signals end of 'Reset' policy: Anti-American protests spread across cities in Pakistan... (21-Sep-2012)
20-Sep-12 World View -- France closes embassies after magazine publishes Mohammed satire: Blasphemy laws and freedom of speech divide Western governments... (20-Sep-2012)
19-Sep-12 World View -- U.S. announces end of joint operations with Afghan soldiers: Russia reveals a huge diamond mine in Siberia... (19-Sep-2012)
18-Sep-12 World View -- China declares economic war on Japan, and sends 1,000 boat flotilla: Quote: 'There won't be a war because it's bad for business!'... (18-Sep-2012)
17-Sep-12 World View -- Jund al-Sharia jihadists clash with Egypt's army in Sinai: Leon Panetta says that China and Japan are heading toward war... (17-Sep-2012)
16-Sep-12 World View -- Huge Anti-Japan protests spread across China, turn violent: State Dept. orders evacuations of Americans out of Tunisia and Sudan... (16-Sep-2012)
15-Sep-12 World View -- Japan/China confrontation brews as China sends warships: Egypt's 'million man march' fizzles as protesters attack in Sudan and Tunisia... (15-Sep-2012)
14-Sep-12 World View -- Pan-Arab Nationalism brings U.S. Embassies in Mideast under attack: Stocks surge again after Fed announces QE3... (14-Sep-2012)
13-Sep-12 World View -- Increasingly nationalistic America sends warships and marines to Libya: Increasingly nationalistic China sends warships to Senkaku Islands... (13-Sep-2012)
12-Sep-12 World View -- American embassies in Cairo and Benghazi under attack: Catalonia demands independence from Spain... (12-Sep-2012)
11-Sep-12 World View -- China's Xi Jinping disappears, spurring rumors of accident or assassination: Iran's rial currency crashes as sanctions hit oil revenues... (11-Sep-2012)
10-Sep-12 World View -- Iraq: 100 dead in a wave of sectarian terrorist attacks: How to start a new business in America today... (10-Sep-2012)
9-Sep-12 World View -- Palestinian president Abbas to return to the U.N. on September 27: China backs down on forcing Hong Kong schools to teach 'patriotism'... (9-Sep-2012)
8-Sep-12 World View -- Canada severs all diplomatic relations with Iran: Japan-China island dispute being driven by popular nationalism... (8-Sep-2012)
7-Sep-12 World View -- Stocks go crazy as European Central Bank opens the money floodgates: 60 migrants drown in smuggling attempt from Turkey to Greece... (7-Sep-2012)
6-Sep-12 World View -- Eurozone demands that Greeks should work six days a week: Six thousand would-be immigrants wait in Turkey to be smuggled into Greece... (6-Sep-2012)
5-Sep-12 World View -- Economic deterioration continues in America, Europe and China: Turkey's government flails over issues of Syrian refugees and PKK attacks... (5-Sep-2012)
4-Sep-12 World View -- Armenia says it's 'ready for war' with Azerbaijan 'bastards': Hillary Clinton criticizes China's South China Sea military coercion and intimidation... (4-Sep-2012)
3-Sep-12 World View -- Pakistan girl to be freed after bizarre twist in blasphemy case: Syria's neighbors overwhelmed by 1.2 million Syrian refugees... (3-Sep-2012)
2-Sep-12 World View -- U.S. decision on Haqqani Network will affect Pakistan relations: The Haqqani Network and the Pashtuns... (2-Sep-2012)
1-Sep-12 World View -- Putin’s spokesman criticizes Romney for toughness on Russia: Money continues to flood out of Spain... (1-Sep-2012)
31-Aug-12 World View -- Egypt's President Morsi shocks Iran with statement condemning Syria's Assad: China scholars condemn inclusion of 239 English words in official Chinese dictionary... (31-Aug-2012)
30-Aug-12 World View -- Syria's Bashar al-Assad gives lengthy TV interview to prove he's OK: Citibank settles investor lawsuit without admitting guilt... (30-Aug-2012)
29-Aug-12 World View -- Egypt's military action against Sinai Bedouins comes to a standstill: Greece's border guards fail to stop the influx of illegal immigrants... (29-Aug-2012)
28-Aug-12 World View -- Catastrophic oil refinery explosion in Venezuela threatens Chavez's reelection: Proposal for ECB to purchase toxic bonds gathers steam... (28-Aug-2012)
27-Aug-12 World View -- China condemns Mitt Romney's 'Cold War mentality': Angola sends 37 Chinese gangsters back to China... (27-Aug-2012)
26-Aug-12 World View -- Pakistani immigrants protest in Syntagma square in Athens, Greece: Nato airstrike kills Pakistan Taliban leader in Afghanistan... (26-Aug-2012)
25-Aug-12 World View -- Fatal bridge collapse in China prompts public uproar: Anti-Morsi demonstrations in Cairo Egypt turn into a dud... (25-Aug-2012)
24-Aug-12 World View -- Large anti-Muslim Brotherhood rally planned in Cairo Egypt on Friday: Greece's cash reserves will last until middle of October... (24-Aug-2012)
23-Aug-12 World View -- Greece asks for 'Air to Breathe' in austerity requirements: Ethnic Bloodbath in Kenya kills 62 people, mostly women and children... (23-Aug-2012)
22-Aug-12 World View -- Death of Ethiopia's prime minister could affect Mideast security: Jewish Israeli youths lynch Palestinians in Jerusalem as hundreds watched... (22-Aug-2012)
21-Aug-12 World View -- Europeans debate next desperate step to try to save the euro: PKK terrorists kill 8 in huge blast in Turkey near Syrian border... (21-Aug-2012)
20-Aug-12 World View -- Anti-Japanese nationalist riots erupt in cities across China: Credibly charged serial rapist Julian Assange gains worldwide support as U.S. victim... (20-Aug-2012)
19-Aug-12 World View -- BBC's Humphrey Hawksley scammed by HSBC bank: Japanese officials to visit disputed islands after 'stunt' by Chinese activists... (19-Aug-2012)
18-Aug-12 World View -- Lakhdar Brahimi to replace Kofi Annan as Syria peace envoy: For one brief, shining Olympic moment, Russians loved North Caucasians... (18-Aug-2012)
17-Aug-12 World View -- Angela Merkel praises Canada for not 'living on borrowed money': In ironic twist, Assad's planes kill ally's kidnap victims... (17-Aug-2012)
16-Aug-12 World View -- Sunni Arab countries urge their citizens to leave Lebanon: Anniversary of Japanese surrender triggers heightened tensions with Korea... (16-Aug-2012)
15-Aug-12 World View -- France's politicians fear widespread unrest after Amiens rioting: German view of France: Nostalgic and Narcissistic... (15-Aug-2012)
14-Aug-12 World View -- Banks, companies and investors prepare for collapse of the euro: Syrian anti-government rebels say they shot down a regime fighter jet... (14-Aug-2012)
13-Aug-12 World View -- Egypt's President Morsi grabs power in dramatic declaration: China's neighbors pick sides in South China Sea dispute... (13-Aug-2012)
12-Aug-12 World View -- Russia warns of Chinese occupation of Siberia and Far East: The renaissance of Tsarist Russia... (12-Aug-2012)
11-Aug-12 World View -- Obama administration imposes new sanctions on Hizbollah: Japan recalls S. Korean ambassador in dispute over islands... (11-Aug-2012)
10-Aug-12 World View -- Countries panic-buying food as world food prices surge: Egypt-Israel agreement remains intact, amid military buildup in Sinai... (10-Aug-2012)
9-Aug-12 World View -- Sinai attack considered a national tragedy for Egypt: Europeans take extraordinary measures to keep Greece from bankruptcy... (9-Aug-2012)
8-Aug-12 World View -- Greece and Israel form a 'strategic' relationship: Iran pledges undying support for Syria's al-Assad regime... (8-Aug-2012)
7-Aug-12 World View -- Greece detains 6,000 people to deport illegal immigrants: Egypt closes the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt... (7-Aug-2012)
6-Aug-12 World View -- Concerns raised for safety of Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus in America: Kidnapped Iranian 'tourists' in Syria may be Revolutionary Guards... (6-Aug-2012)
5-Aug-12 World View -- U.S. and China threaten each other on South China Sea: Seven Minutes of Terror on Sunday Evening... (5-Aug-2012)
4-Aug-12 World View -- Russia still considering naval bases in Vietnam, Cuba, Seychelles: Slovenia may become sixth euro country needing a bailout... (4-Aug-2012)
3-Aug-12 World View -- Kofi Annan resigns in failure as Syria envoy: Investors and banksters disappointed again, this time by ECB... (3-Aug-2012)
2-Aug-12 World View -- Israeli Arabs and ultra-Orthodox Jews react in fury to new draft law: New report warns of deteriorating security for the Philippines... (2-Aug-2012)
1-Aug-12 World View -- China tests new long-range missile in Tibet, near India border: Euro zone unemployment rate reaches highest on record... (1-Aug-2012)
31-Jul-12 World View -- Greece closes border with Turkey over Syrian refugees: Ebola virus epidemic reaches capital of Uganda... (31-Jul-2012)
30-Jul-12 World View -- European officials take August breaks before September storm: Battle rages in Syria's largest city, Aleppo... (30-Jul-2012)
29-Jul-12 World View -- Geithner's testimony raises questions about his competence: Syrian army massing for major assault on Aleppo... (29-Jul-2012)
28-Jul-12 World View -- Russia considering naval bases in Vietnam, Cuba, Seychelles: Investors go gaga as France, Germany vow to save the euro... (28-Jul-2012)
27-Jul-12 World View -- Conflicting reports about fleet of Russian warships in Mediterranean: Turkey threatens military retaliation against Syrian Kurds... (27-Jul-2012)
26-Jul-12 World View -- Turkey's Erdogan meets with Hamas leader in surprise visit: New virus has Iran's nuclear plants playing AC/DC rock music... (26-Jul-2012)
25-Jul-12 World View -- China establishes Sansha City in the South China Sea: Bond panic continues in Europe as Spanish yields surge... (25-Jul-2012)
24-Jul-12 World View -- Syria threatens Saudis and Israelis with chemical weapons: With American troops gone, al-Qaeda in Iraq launches widespread bombings... (24-Jul-2012)
23-Jul-12 World View -- IMF will end bailout for Greece, possibly forcing exit from euro currency: Food price surge expected after worst U.S. drought in 50 years... (23-Jul-2012)
22-Jul-12 World View -- Damascus bombing marks a significant change in Syria: Taiwan's weather bureau joins the fight for control of the South China Sea... (22-Jul-2012)
21-Jul-12 World View -- Tens of thousands of Syrian refugees pour into neighboring countries: China to deploy a military garrison in South China Sea... (21-Jul-2012)
20-Jul-12 World View -- Israel promises retaliation against Iran for Bulgaria bombing: Capital One fined $150 million for credit card fraud... (20-Jul-2012)
19-Jul-12 World View -- Syria bombing strikes stunning blow at Bashar al-Assad: Investors hoping for a catastrophe... (19-Jul-2012)
18-Jul-12 World View -- HSBC Holdings admits to criminal money-laundering: Hillary Clinton appears to give Iran an ultimatum over nuclear weapons... (18-Jul-2012)
17-Jul-12 World View -- Barclay's COO admits having rigged Libor, thought it was OK: Russia accuses the West of 'blackmail' on Syria... (17-Jul-2012)
16-Jul-12 World View -- Syrian defector confirms stories about 'Al-Qaeda in Iraq': Foreclosed properties 'shadow inventory' shows housing crash far from over... (16-Jul-2012)
15-Jul-12 World View -- China accuses U.S. of 'diplomatic encirclement' in Asia: Hollande's women troubles overshadow France's Bastille Day... (15-Jul-2012)
14-Jul-12 World View -- China makes armed threat on al-Jazeera ship in South China Sea: Anti-Sunni rant given by Shia cleric... (14-Jul-2012)
13-Jul-12 World View -- France expects the West to deploy military forces in Mali: Italy's bond rating cut because of deteriorating economic outlook... (13-Jul-2012)
12-Jul-12 World View -- Taliban commander in Afghanistan calls al-Qaeda a 'plague': 13,500 troops and six surface-to-air missiles will guard London Olympics... (12-Jul-2012)
11-Jul-12 World View -- Lebanon sends troop reinforcements to the border with Syria: John Kenneth Galbraith and Embezzlement... (11-Jul-2012)
10-Jul-12 World View -- European Council deliberately lied about its bailout policy for Spain: Russia says it will suspend 'new arms shipments' to Syria... (10-Jul-2012)
9-Jul-12 World View -- China 'annexes' North Korea and claims 'ownership': Greece to announce privatizations and asset sales... (9-Jul-2012)
8-Jul-12 World View -- China escalates military buildup in South China Sea: Wikileaks poised to embarrass the Syrian regime and its American supporters... (8-Jul-2012)
7-Jul-12 World View -- Libor banking scandal investigation spreads rapidly: Furious Hillary Clinton blasts Russia and China over Syria... (7-Jul-2012)
6-Jul-12 World View -- In blow to Assad, top-level Syrian army general defects to Turkey: Iran's government embarrassed by poll on nuclear enrichment... (6-Jul-2012)
5-Jul-12 World View -- Fury at Barclays and Bob Diamond seems to grow: Israel calls claims that it poisoned Yasser Arafat 'baseless'... (5-Jul-2012)
4-Jul-12 World View -- Barclays interest rate manipulation prompts desperate finger-pointing by British officials: Pakistan reopens supply routes to Afghanistan after apology... (4-Jul-2012)
3-Jul-12 World View -- Worldwide economic slump deepens and accelerates: Hong Kong's growing hostility to mainland China evident from Hu Jintao's visit... (3-Jul-2012)
2-Jul-12 World View -- Vietnamese protest China's plans for military command in South China Sea: Turkey scrambles jets as Syrian helicopters approach border... (2-Jul-2012)
1-Jul-12 World View -- Muslims worldwide urged to visit Jerusalem as tourists: What were you doing on Saturday at 23:59:60?... (1-Jul-2012)
30-Jun-12 World View -- Germany and Angela Merkel cave in to Italy and Spain: China blocks Bloomberg web site over story on Xi Jinping's vast wealth... (30-Jun-2012)
29-Jun-12 World View -- Tensions escalate as Turkey's army masses on the border with Syria: Barclays Bank and the cockroach problem... (29-Jun-2012)
28-Jun-12 World View -- Barclays Bank fined $453 million for manipulating markets: Russia may be changing direction on Syria... (28-Jun-2012)
27-Jun-12 World View -- Turkey's army on red alert, threatening retaliation against Syria: Egan-Jones Ratings downgrades German debt another notch... (27-Jun-2012)
26-Jun-12 World View -- Turkey says it has 'no intention' of going to war with Syria: Cyprus announces it will seek a European bailout... (26-Jun-2012)
25-Jun-12 World View -- Turkey invokes Nato charter over Syria's downing of Turkish jet: Mohamed Morsi becomes Egypt's first elected President in 7000 years... (25-Jun-2012)
24-Jun-12 World View -- Egypt may announce Muslim Brotherhood candidate's victory on Sunday: Syria's pilots may be intentionally missing civilian targets... (24-Jun-2012)
23-Jun-12 World View -- Syria shoots down Turkey's air force jet: US supercarrier leads joint military exercises with South Korea in Yellow Sea... (23-Jun-2012)
22-Jun-12 World View -- Syria grounds air force after pilot defects to Lebanon: Economic news on Thursday goes from bad to worse... (22-Jun-2012)
21-Jun-12 World View -- Egyptians return to Tahrir Square as election results are postponed: Federal Reserve extends 'Operation Twist' to end of year... (21-Jun-2012)
20-Jun-12 World View -- European Commission president blames U.S. for 'contaminating' their markets: Israeli settlers conduct 'price tag' attack on West Bank mosque... (20-Jun-2012)
19-Jun-12 World View -- Britain and America commemorate War of 1812 with a 'Declaration of Peace': Panic continues to grow in Europe... (19-Jun-2012)
18-Jun-12 World View -- Elections in Greece, Egypt and France bring major changes: Egypt's Bedouin tribesmen break with Muslim Brotherhood... (18-Jun-2012)
17-Jun-12 World View -- German Chancellor Merkel warns Greece to continue austerity: Generational Dynamics interviews with Stephen K. Bannon and Warren E. Pollock... (17-Jun-2012)
16-Jun-12 World View -- An anxious world awaits the results of Greece's elections: Mubarak's military cronies seem poised to rule Egypt... (16-Jun-2012)
15-Jun-12 World View -- Russia deploying troops for foreign combat: Spain unravels in bond panic... (15-Jun-2012)
14-Jun-12 World View -- U.S. and Russia war of words on Syria turns vitriolic: Greece's bank withdrawals accelerate as Sunday's elections approach... (14-Jun-2012)
13-Jun-12 World View -- Russia sending helicopter gunships to al-Assad in Syria: United Nations calls the Syria conflict a 'civil war'... (13-Jun-2012)
12-Jun-12 World View -- U.S. ends negotiations with Pakistan over reopening land routes: Europe in chaos two days after bailout of Spain announced... (12-Jun-2012)
11-Jun-12 World View -- Burma (Myanmar) declares state of emergency over Buddhist/Muslim violence: Hezbollah leader Nasrallah's defiant threat to Syrian kidnappers backfires... (11-Jun-2012)
10-Jun-12 World View -- Russia blames the West for failure of Kofi Annan's peace plan in Syria: Spain asks Europe for €100 billion bailout for banks... (10-Jun-2012)
9-Jun-12 World View -- Spain is expected to ask for a bailout on Saturday: Northeastern India gripped by 'spider terror' panic... (9-Jun-2012)
8-Jun-12 World View -- Ban Ki-Moon accuses Syria's al-Assad of crimes against humanity: Leon Panetta: U.S. is 'running out of patience' with Pakistan... (8-Jun-2012)
7-Jun-12 World View -- Kofi Annan tries Syria 'Peace Plan' number 2: Eurozone officials haggle over how to bail out Spain... (7-Jun-2012)
6-Jun-12 World View -- Pakistan protests U.S. drone strikes, after killing of al-Qaeda terrorist: Cyprus seeks EU bailout, and prices fall in Greece... (6-Jun-2012)
5-Jun-12 World View -- U.S. and Nato secure guaranteed route out of Afghanistan: Jerome Kerviel appeals prison term for Societe Generale fraud... (5-Jun-2012)
4-Jun-12 World View -- U.S. military presence increases in Yemen: China warns U.S. to 'choose words carefully' on Asia pivot... (4-Jun-2012)
3-Jun-12 World View -- Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is 'shocked and dismayed' by Mubarak verdict: Increasing crime by 'Chinese Mafias' in Latin America... (3-Jun-2012)
2-Jun-12 World View -- U.S. officials confirm authorship of Stuxnet computer virus: Disastrous global financial news continues to pour out... (2-Jun-2012)
1-Jun-12 World View -- Obama weighs plans to prevent al-Qaeda grabbing Syria's WMDs: Syria rebels demand apology from Hezbollah's Nasrallah... (1-Jun-2012)
31-May-12 World View -- Israel's Defense Minister suggests unilateral withdrawal from West Bank: Krugman campaigns for Ireland to reject EU fiscal treaty on Thursday... (31-May-2012)
30-May-12 World View -- Syria's instability continues to spread into Lebanon: Housing prices fall to new lows... (30-May-2012)
29-May-12 World View -- World outrage focuses on Syria's Houla massacre: Sweden's Loreen wins Eurovision Song Contest... (29-May-2012)
28-May-12 World View -- Young liberals dismayed by 'nightmare scenario' in Egypt: Cuba's plans to exploit offshore oil fields... (28-May-2012)
27-May-12 World View -- International Monetary Fund to Greece: Drop Dead!: Dozens dead in biggest one-day massacre by Syria's Assad regime... (27-May-2012)
26-May-12 World View -- North Koreans in supposedly rich rice belt 'starve to death': Spain's banks requesting massive bailouts... (26-May-2012)
25-May-12 World View -- Bad economic news pours out of China, Europe and America: New edition of Adolf Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' to be published... (25-May-2012)
24-May-12 World View -- Russia's 2014 Olympics in Sochi threatened by Circassians: Greece vs Europe conflict becomes more critical... (24-May-2012)
23-May-12 World View -- Egypt prepares for historic presidential election: The two faces of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood... (23-May-2012)
22-May-12 World View -- Anti-German sentiment in Greece shuts down tourist industry: Suicide bomber creates scene of massive carnage in Yemen... (22-May-2012)
21-May-12 World View -- Nationalist parties gain strength in Israel: Pakistan and U.S. haggle over supply routes to Afghanistan... (21-May-2012)
20-May-12 World View -- Tariffs on China's solar panels threaten a trade war: Three 'Occupy' protesters face terrorism charges... (20-May-2012)
19-May-12 World View -- Sunni Muslim tensions versus Shia and Sufi Muslims grow: Aleppo, Syria's largest city, suddenly turns on Assad... (19-May-2012)
18-May-12 World View -- Today's Schadenfreude: North Koreans kidnap 29 Chinese fishermen: U.S. is aiding supplying of weapons to Syria's rebels... (18-May-2012)
17-May-12 World View -- Greece heads to new elections as Radical Left hopes to blackmail Europe: Cocksure Serb general Ratko Mladic faces genocide trial... (17-May-2012)
13-May-12 World View -- China denies preparing for war with the Philippines: China increasingly resembles late 1930s Nazi Germany... (13-May-2012)
12-May-12 World View -- Al-Qaeda establishes a safe haven in northern Mali: Spain follows Greece into crisis, as Bankia bank is nationalized... (12-May-2012)
11-May-12 World View -- China threatens Philippines with military action: Syria suicide bombs may be linked to al-Qaeda's 'al-Nusra Battlefront'... (11-May-2012)
10-May-12 World View -- China drills for oil as 'strategic weapon' in South China Sea: Waves of immigrants are overwhelming Germany... (10-May-2012)
9-May-12 World View -- Greece returns to full-scale fiscal crisis as new elections loom: Nationalistic China increasingly threatens Philippines militarily... (9-May-2012)
8-May-12 World View -- Putin becomes president of Russia again, facing harsh new challenges: Greece may face new elections within weeks... (8-May-2012)
7-May-12 World View -- Austerity-weary Europeans 'throw the bums out!': Turkey's Erdogan claims that victory of Syria's rebels is close... (7-May-2012)
6-May-12 World View -- Elections in France, Greece and Iran affect world events: Hollande's ultra-feminist 'companion' Valérie Trierweiler would be reluctant first lady... (6-May-2012)
5-May-12 World View -- Hundreds of Egyptians injured as police storm Cairo rally: Germans on trial for activities in the 'Deutsche Taliban Mujahideen'... (5-May-2012)
4-May-12 World View -- Growth of far left and far right threatens Greece's stability: Syrian troops massacre Aleppo University students in their sleep... (4-May-2012)
3-May-12 World View -- U.S. presidential campaign spurs Israel's attack on Iran: Euro zone unemployment hits record high at 10.9%... (3-May-2012)
2-May-12 World View -- Russia and China prepare for central Asia meltdown when U.S. pulls out: Suicide bomber strikes in Kabul Afghanistan after Obama's speech... (2-May-2012)
1-May-12 World View -- Austerity and illegal migrants the big issues in Greece/France elections: German Right-wing activists plan 'Mohammed cartoon' contest ahead of May 13 election... (1-May-2012)
30-Apr-12 World View -- China faces new humiliation in case of dissident Chen Guangcheng: Proposed military strike on Iran causes open political war in Israel... (30-Apr-2012)
29-Apr-12 World View -- Saudi Arabia recalls ambassador to Egypt after massive Cairo embassy protests: Analysts await North Korea's next major provocation... (29-Apr-2012)
28-Apr-12 World View -- With 25% unemployment, Spain leads Europe in vicious downward spiral: Switzerland considers paying illegal aliens to leave Switzerland... (28-Apr-2012)
27-Apr-12 World View -- How close is war between Israel and Iran?: Analysts claim that North Korea's new missiles are fake... (27-Apr-2012)
26-Apr-12 World View -- New report examines terrorism and religious extremism in Pakistan: France calls for military action in Syria... (26-Apr-2012)
25-Apr-12 World View -- Collapse of Netherlands' government signals backlash against austerity across Europe: Syria's Circassian refugees add to Russia's problems in the Caucasus... (25-Apr-2012)
24-Apr-12 World View -- Iceland's scapegoat former PM Geir Haarde avoids jail: Tensions continue to rise in the South China Sea... (24-Apr-2012)
23-Apr-12 World View -- Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen becomes kingmaker in France's elections: Russia and China conduct military exercises in Yellow Sea... (23-Apr-2012)
22-Apr-12 News -- Russia and West agree on Syria resolution, but disagree on details: The wild card: Turkey... (22-Apr-2012)
22-Apr-12 World View -- Sectarian violence in Karachi, Pakistan, leads to rise of Islamist terrorists: France and Germany demand right to close borders with other EU countries... (22-Apr-2012)
21-Apr-12 World View -- Russia's relationship with Syria deepens as the West dithers: Nicolas Sarkozy faces reelection battle in France on Sunday... (21-Apr-2012)
20-Apr-12 World View -- Syria and U.N. disagree on implementation of observers: India tests a long-range missile that can reach Beijing... (20-Apr-2012)
19-Apr-12 America View -- No college students are rioting over the Travon Martin case: MSNBC's Chris Matthews puts forward a formula for governing... (19-Apr-2012)
18-Apr-12 News -- IMF's World Economic Outlook warns of eurozone meltdown: There won't be a recovery until the 2020s... (18-Apr-2012)
18-Apr-12 World View -- As Kofi Annan's Syria peace plan collapses, Russia blames 'external forces': Ban Ki-moon asks the EU for airplanes and helicopters for observers... (18-Apr-2012)
17-Apr-12 World View -- Europe fiscal crisis worsens as Spain's bond yields push through 6%: Plans go forward for Israel's attack on Iran's nuclear facilities... (17-Apr-2012)
16-Apr-12 World View -- Taliban in Afghanistan begin their 'spring offensive': U.N. observers arrive in Syria as 'cease-fire' shows signs of collapse... (16-Apr-2012)
15-Apr-12 World View -- For Easter, Jerusalem lights up with the 'Holy Fire' celebration: China demands complete sovereignty over Philippine island... (15-Apr-2012)
14-Apr-12 World View -- Wharton School's Jeremy Siegel is lying about stock valuations: Spectacular missile failure makes North Korea very dangerous right now... (14-Apr-2012)
13-Apr-12 World View -- North Korean rocket launch a humiliating failure: Syria regime slaughter down on truce, as Friday protests loom... (13-Apr-2012)
12-Apr-12 World View -- Philippines and China in nationalistic confrontation in South China Sea: European financial crisis growing quickly in Spain and Italy... (12-Apr-2012)
11-Apr-12 World View -- Formula-One Grand Prix officials threatened in Bahrain: Spain moving rapidly to become 'the next Greece'... (11-Apr-2012)
10-Apr-12 World View -- Syria's army attacks across borders into Turkey and Lebanon: Philippines to commemorate 70th anniversary of the Bataan Death March... (10-Apr-2012)
9-Apr-12 World View -- Kofi Annan's farcical Syria 'peace plan' collapses: N. Korea gives bizarre press conference to show off its long-range missile... (9-Apr-2012)
8-Apr-12 World View -- Signs of a major political crisis emerge in China's leadership: Dissent begins to grow among al-Assad's Alawite supporters... (8-Apr-2012)
7-Apr-12 World View -- Tuareg rebels declare independent state of Azawad in northern Mali: Sobbing, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez begs God to let him live... (7-Apr-2012)
6-Apr-12 World View -- Russia plans to flatten Georgia if Israel attacks Iran: Syria crisis worsens as April 10 'peace deadline' approaches... (6-Apr-2012)
5-Apr-12 World View -- Female suicide bomber attacks Somalia's National Theatre: Spain is in 'extreme difficulty' and threatens renewed euro crisis... (5-Apr-2012)
4-Apr-12 World View -- Timbuktu's ancient history at risk over chaotic Mali rebellion: The logistical nightmare of leaving Afghanistan... (4-Apr-2012)
3-Apr-12 World View -- Greece continues to demand WW II reparations from Germany: Pakistan will deport Osama bin Laden's wives and children... (3-Apr-2012)
2-Apr-12 World View -- Coordinated bombings in southern Thailand kill 14, injure hundreds: Generation-Xer-in-Chief versus the Supreme Court... (2-Apr-2012)
1-Apr-12 World View -- Smoke and mirrors in the Syrian peace plan and the 'Mother of all Firewalls': Politicians try to fool all of the people all of the time.... (1-Apr-2012)
31-Mar-12 World View -- Timbuktu surrounded by rebels with Mali's junta government in crisis: Call by Salafist cleric in Tunisia to kill Jews raises firestorm... (31-Mar-2012)
30-Mar-12 World View -- A dangerous power struggle may be growing in China's leadership: Azerbaijan grants Israel access to air bases on Iran's border... (30-Mar-2012)
29-Mar-12 World View -- Arab League meeting in Iraq split by acrimonious divisions: Israel cancels army's Passover vacations, raising concerns of military plans... (29-Mar-2012)
28-Mar-12 World View -- Syria's Assad accepts Kofi Annan's farcical six-point 'peace plan': Home prices fall in January to lowest level since 2003... (28-Mar-2012)
27-Mar-12 World View -- Sudan / South Sudan border clashes affect Israel's and China's interests: West German mayors balk at further aid to East Germany... (27-Mar-2012)
26-Mar-12 World View -- European Union escalates its war against Somalia pirates: Turkey's Erdogan agrees with Obama to provide aid to Syria's opposition... (26-Mar-2012)
25-Mar-12 World View -- Chaotic rebellion in Mali provides opportunity for an al-Qaeda linked Islamist state: Feminist alert: 15 female PKK militants killed in clashes with Turkey's security forces... (25-Mar-2012)
24-Mar-12 World View -- Greece's debt crisis spreads to Italy and Spain: Hong Kong holds 'anti-locust rally' protesting mainlanders from China... (24-Mar-2012)
23-Mar-12 World View -- Tensions rise between Vietnam and China over detained fisherman: Renegade Mali soldiers stage coup to oppose returning fighters from Libya... (23-Mar-2012)
22-Mar-12 World View -- U.N. Security Council adopts farcical 'peace plan' for Syria: China arrests Vietnamese fishing near the Paracel Islands... (22-Mar-2012)
21-Mar-12 World View -- India poised to replace Nato role in Afghanistan as Nato withdraws: In Egypt, public debate over police officers' requests for permission to grow beards... (21-Mar-2012)
20-Mar-12 World View -- Toulouse France massacre raises concerns of xenophobia towards Jews and Muslims: Russia agrees to bizarre daily two-hour ceasefire proposal in Syria... (20-Mar-2012)
19-Mar-12 World View -- Beloved head of Egypt's Coptic Christian Orthodox Church draws huge crowds: A flood of Syria's refugees causes security problems for Turkey... (19-Mar-2012)
18-Mar-12 World View -- Syria violence becomes a proxy war between Russia and Saudi Arabia: Vietnam accuses China of violating its sovereignty in Paracel Islands... (18-Mar-2012)
17-Mar-12 World View -- Turkey once again talks about a 'buffer zone' in Syria: Korea to launch long-range rocket, in violation of recent nuclear agreement... (17-Mar-2012)
16-Mar-12 World View -- Afghan strategy in chaos as Karzai calls for early pullout: India develops asymmetric military strategy for border war with China... (16-Mar-2012)
15-Mar-12 News -- Resigning Goldman Sachs exec attacks toxic Generation-X culture: Executive describes illegal activities at Goldman Sachs... (15-Mar-2012)
15-Mar-12 World View -- China's Wen Jiabao warns of new 'Cultural Revolution': Anti-migrant xenophobia growing in Athens over Greece's financial crisis... (15-Mar-2012)
14-Mar-12 World View -- Multiple U.S. drone strikes kill 15 militants in Pakistan's tribal area: Greece receives bailout, but faces harsh new austerity demands... (14-Mar-2012)
13-Mar-12 World View -- Afghanistan shooting increases pressure for faster withdrawal: Vietnam to send Buddhist monks to Spratly Islands in South China Sea... (13-Mar-2012)
12-Mar-12 World View -- Gulf Arab states consider a 'unified Gulf army' to counter Iran: Tit for tat violence in Gaza poses dilemma for Hamas... (12-Mar-2012)
11-Mar-12 World View -- Germany and Austria threaten to close borders with Greece: China has largest trade deficit since 1989... (11-Mar-2012)
10-Mar-12 World View -- Greece completes bond swap deal with non-default default: Yemen seeks $3-5 billion bailout from 'Friends of Yemen'... (10-Mar-2012)
9-Mar-12 World View -- Frustrated, marginalized Palestinians wonder about their next step: Woman troubles led to bin Laden's demise, as his wives are now arrested... (9-Mar-2012)
8-Mar-12 World View -- Russia preparing for a Caucasus war involving Iran: Deadline arrives for private investor deal over Greece's debt... (8-Mar-2012)
7-Mar-12 World View -- Taliban and al-Qaeda reorganize, while Pakistan's army realigns with China: Eastern Libya (Cyrenaica) declares semi-autonomy... (7-Mar-2012)
6-Mar-12 World View -- Dalai Lama visit emphasizes Mongolia's return to Buddhism from secularism: U.S. military will fund offensive cyber warfare capabilities... (6-Mar-2012)
5-Mar-12 World View -- China announces new military spending surge, blames it on neighbors: Obama Justice Dept. still refuses to prosecute banksters for fraud... (5-Mar-2012)
4-Mar-12 World View -- Syria's al-Assad continues to defy the outside world: Widespread rental discrimination against Saudis in Saudi Arabia... (4-Mar-2012)
3-Mar-12 World View -- Egypt releases American activists after U.S. pays bail: EU warns Greece of 'Plan B' if private investors refuse to cooperate... (3-Mar-2012)
2-Mar-12 World View -- In Iran's elections Friday, it's Ahmadinejad versus the Supreme Leader: Greece's debt default is still not a 'credit event'... (2-Mar-2012)
1-Mar-12 World View -- ECB: 'Euro crisis is over' after €1 trillion quantitative easing: Syrian regime begins ground invasion of civilian neighborhoods in Homs... (1-Mar-2012)
29-Feb-12 World View -- China's military buildup continues 'unabated': Hizbollah becomes 'most hated organization in the Arab world'... (29-Feb-2012)
28-Feb-12 World View -- Germany may be replacing America as the new international villain: China calls Hillary Clinton 'super arrogant' over Syria remarks... (28-Feb-2012)
27-Feb-12 World View -- German cabinet minister calls for Greece to exit euro currency: Why gasoline prices are increasing... (27-Feb-2012)
26-Feb-12 World View -- North Korea threatens 'sacred war' against South Korea and U.S.: Chavez's cancer surgery worries his leftist club of nations... (26-Feb-2012)
25-Feb-12 World View -- Saudis walk out of Syria conference, demanding military response: Greece launches 'voluntary' bond swap deal for private investors... (25-Feb-2012)
24-Feb-12 World View -- The 'Friends of Syria' conference to bypass U.N. Security Council: For Boomers, 'Work til you drop' is literally true... (24-Feb-2012)
23-Feb-12 World View -- Backlash builds on Greece bailout as default looms: International pressure grows as journalists are killed in Syria... (23-Feb-2012)
22-Feb-12 World View -- EU Commissioner in Athens will review all Greek budget decisions: Tibetan's Lhakar movement confounds China's Han leaders... (22-Feb-2012)
The Legacy of World War I and the Holocaust: A unified theory of genocides... (21-Feb-2012)
21-Feb-12 World View -- Tumultuous Greek bailout meeting continues long into the night: ... (21-Feb-2012)
20-Feb-12 World View -- Eurozone finance ministers set to approve Greece bailout on Monday: North Korea's new leader threatens South Korea over military exercises... (20-Feb-2012)
19-Feb-12 World View -- Syria fighting spikes as U.S. operates intelligence drones: More people in India go hungry over global food price rises... (19-Feb-2012)
18-Feb-12 World View -- Greece's bailout may be approved on Monday: Syrian conflict spills over the border into Lebanon... (18-Feb-2012)
17-Feb-12 World View -- Al-Qaeda in Iraq infiltrating Syrian opposition: U.S. drone strikes kill at least 21 suspected militants in Pakistan... (17-Feb-2012)
16-Feb-12 World View -- Germany and Greece trade insults as bailout talks stall: Nicolas Sarkozy announces reelection campaign for president of France... (16-Feb-2012)
15-Feb-12 World View -- Eurogroup cancels bailout meeting as Greece's economy collapses: China's Xi Jinping receives reassurance on Taiwan from Barack Obama... (15-Feb-2012)
14-Feb-12 World View -- Israel accuses Iran for attempted embassy staff bombings: Germans approve Greece bailout even though they know it won't work... (14-Feb-2012)
13-Feb-12 World View -- Greece approves austerity measures among riots as Athens burns: China's Xi Jinping visits Washington... (13-Feb-2012)
12-Feb-12 World View -- Dramatic vote in Greece on Sunday will affect the course of Europe and the world: Ahmadinejad vs Supreme Leader feud simmers as Iran's elections approach... (12-Feb-2012)
11-Feb-12 News -- Price/earnings ratio (valuations) trending toward collapse: Watch out for clueless bozos and paid shills.... (11-Feb-2012)
11-Feb-12 World View -- Suicide car bombers kill dozens in Aleppo, Syria: Political crisis in Greece raises fears of 'social explosion'... (11-Feb-2012)
10-Feb-12 World View -- Austerity negotiators in Greece fail to meet another deadline: China faces mass protests by Tibetans... (10-Feb-2012)
9-Feb-12 World View -- Greece's bailout talks in Athens deadlocked for another day: Tension grows between Egypt and U.S. over arrest of Sam LaHood... (9-Feb-2012)
8-Feb-12 World View -- U.S. begins 'scoping exercise' for military action in Syria: Greece misses another deadline for bailout deal... (8-Feb-2012)
7-Feb-12 World View -- Palestinian Authority / Fatah sign unity agreement with Hamas: U.S. closes embassy in Damascus, Syria... (7-Feb-2012)
6-Feb-12 World View -- U.S.-Egypt crisis grows as Americans face criminal trials: Another weekend goes by with no deal on Greece bailout... (6-Feb-2012)
Proposed explanation for repeated Jewish persecution throughout history: The recurring relationship between Generation-X and Boomers... (5-Feb-2012)
5-Feb-12 World View -- Bitter recriminations follow Russia/China veto of Syria resolution: U.S. accepts all of Taliban's six pre-conditions for talks... (5-Feb-2012)
4-Feb-12 World View -- Threats of war in Iran and Syria: Monday euro meeting cancelled as Greece bailout talks fail... (4-Feb-2012)
3-Feb-12 World View -- Panetta says Israel may strike Iran in April, May or June: Suspicions grow of planned massacre at soccer game in Egypt... (3-Feb-2012)
2-Feb-12 World View -- Leaked Nato report says Pakistan is 'directly assisting' the Taliban: Germany to China: Bail us out for your own good... (2-Feb-2012)
1-Feb-12 World View -- Europe considers a huge new 1.5 trillion euro debt bubble: President Obama admits to drone strikes in Pakistan... (1-Feb-2012)
31-Jan-12 World View -- Analysts ridicule Germany's plan to control Greece's budget: Imran Khan promises Pakistan a bigger revolution than the Arab Spring... (31-Jan-2012)
30-Jan-12 World View -- Germany openly backs plan to give EU control of Greece's budget: American embassy in Cairo shelters U.S. citizens threatened with arrest... (30-Jan-2012)
29-Jan-12 World View -- German proposal for EU control over Greece's budget causes fury: Egypt detains son of US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood... (29-Jan-2012)
28-Jan-12 World View -- The U.S. may deploy spy planes in the Philippines to counter China: Spain's unemployment rises to 22.9%, a 15 year high... (28-Jan-2012)
27-Jan-12 World View -- Nigeria's Boko Haram terror group says it's on government payrolls: Military tensions with Iran grow around the Strait of Hormuz... (27-Jan-2012)
26-Jan-12 World View -- Revolutionary and Brotherhood demonstrators fill Egypt's streets: The 'Vogue of the Veiled': High-fashion headscarves in Turkey... (26-Jan-2012)
25-Jan-12 World View -- Euro crisis deadlock leads to finger-pointing and German isolation: Arab League monitoring in Syria near collapse as GCC pulls out... (25-Jan-2012)
24-Jan-12 World View -- Egyptians fear violence on first anniversary of January 25 uprising: Child beggars make big money in Saudi Arabia... (24-Jan-2012)
23-Jan-12 World View -- Report: Israel will attack Iran without U.S. permission: Welcome to the Year of the Dragon!... (23-Jan-2012)
22-Jan-12 World View -- Terrorist Boko Haram bloodbath in northern Nigeria: New delays expected in Greece bailout deal... (22-Jan-2012)
21-Jan-12 World View -- France may withdraw early from Afghanistan after soldiers' deaths: Another nail-biting weekend as Greece bailout talks hit snag... (21-Jan-2012)
20-Jan-12 World View -- Sectarian tensions cause geopolitical realignment in the Mideast: North Korea's ambassador to Germany caught and released... (20-Jan-2012)
19-Jan-12 World View -- Tensions rise on 30th anniversary of Falklands/Malvinas war: Cameron accuses Argentina of 'colonialism'... (19-Jan-2012)
18-Jan-12 World View -- Turkey issues nationwide terrorist alert from Iran's Revolutionary Guard: Indonesia will use concrete balls to keep people off train roofs... (18-Jan-2012)
17-Jan-12 World View -- Euro crisis faces major tests this week: United Nations will train Arab League observers in Syria... (17-Jan-2012)
16-Jan-12 World View -- U.S.-Israel tensions grow over military action in Iran: Falling earnings estimates portend falling stocks... (16-Jan-2012)
15-Jan-12 World View -- Consensus is growing for military action in Syria: Venezuela's Chávez says U.S. is giving cancer to Latin leaders... (15-Jan-2012)
14-Jan-12 World View -- Greece bailout talks near collapse as S&P downgrades European countries: Taiwan's presidential elections crucial to relationship with China... (14-Jan-2012)
13-Jan-12 World View -- Burma (Myanmar) signs peace agreement with Karen ethnic group: Russia's last aircraft carrier puts on feeble PR show with Syria... (13-Jan-2012)
12-Jan-12 World View -- French journalist killed in Syria during visit to Homs: Pakistan in governmental crisis as 'Memogate' scandal continues... (12-Jan-2012)
11-Jan-12 World View -- Scotland may declare independence from the UK in 2014: Assad gives fiery speech promising to continue violence in Syria... (11-Jan-2012)
10-Jan-12 World View -- Merkel and Sarkozy put on first road show of the new year: Islamists plan next steps as they dominate Egypt's parliament... (10-Jan-2012)
9-Jan-12 World View -- Instability in Xinjiang causes China to threaten Pakistan: Nine million to celebrate the Black Nazarene Feast on Monday in Philippines... (9-Jan-2012)
8-Jan-12 World View -- Britain warns of increased risk of terror attack in Kenya: Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas... (8-Jan-2012)
7-Jan-12 World View -- Kismet strikes as U.S. Navy rescues Iran's fishermen held by pirates: Sarkozy invokes Joan of Arc in France's presidential election campaign... (7-Jan-2012)
6-Jan-12 World View -- U.S. and Israel to stage largest ever joint military drill: Leaner U.S. military will focus on threats from Iran and China... (6-Jan-2012)
5-Jan-12 World View -- China's aggressive military buildup forces U.S. change of strategy: Israelis shocked by ultra-Orthodox children dressed as Nazi Holocaust victims... (5-Jan-2012)
4-Jan-12 World View -- Europe: Another year older and deeper in debt: Gunfights between rival militias erupt in Tripoli, Libya... (4-Jan-2012)
3-Jan-12 World View -- Iran plays with fire, provoking a Western military response: Defense authorization bill cuts anti-terror funding to Pakistan... (3-Jan-2012)
2-Jan-12 World View -- Palestinians plan to put Israel under 'international siege': No birthday party for 10th anniversary of euro currency... (2-Jan-2012)
1-Jan-12 World View -- Top Ten Stories of the Year - 1942: Iran delays long-range missile tests in Persian Gulf ... (1-Jan-2012)

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