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Generational Country Study: Israel

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Map of Israel

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Generational Crisis Wars

-- Israel: Arab-Israeli War -- 1947-1949

Article Cross-References

-- How inflammatory was President Bush's speech to Israel's Knesset?: The speech may have touched some nerves among the Palestinians, and changed American policy. (16-May-2008)
-- Hizbollah appears to be staging a coup in Lebanon: As street gunfights spread, observers fear total civil war - which is impossible. (9-May-2008)
-- Yasser Arafat in 2002: "We used to call Jews our cousins": In an interview replayed on CNN on Sunday, (29-Apr-08)
-- China and Taiwan: Understanding two different war paradigms: None of Obama, Clinton or McCain have any idea of this. (23-Apr-08)
-- China "betrays" Iran, as internal problems in both countries mount: Diplomats say that China has provided Iran's nuclear weapons plans to the UN. (5-Apr-08)
-- Sarkozy government becomes paralyzed after defeat in municipal elections: Socialists gain power across France, leaving economic reforms in doubt. (24-Mar-08)
-- Palestinian opinion shifts toward greater confrontation with Israel: A Khalil Shikaki poll shows increasing acceptance of violence against Israel (24-Mar-08)
-- Violence in Gaza escalates significantly as Israel contemplates an invasion: American warships are off the Lebanon coast to promote "regional stability." (1-Mar-08)
-- The Iraq war may be related to the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.: On the first anniversary of the successful "surge" strategy, (17-Feb-08)
-- Suicide bombing in Israel blamed on the Gaza border opening: Although Egypt finally closed the border on Sunday, (5-Feb-08)
-- Egypt's failure to close the Gaza border further destabilizes the region.: Changing events brings Israelis, Palestinians and Egyptians into further confrontation and conflict. (26-Jan-08)
-- In dramatic scene, 60,000 Gazans pour into Egypt through holes blasted through border wall: Euphoric Gazans go shopping, bring back food, fuel and fertilizer. (24-Jan-08)
-- Israeli blockade of Gaza triggers protests against Egypt: Angry Gazans stormed the Rafah crossing into Egypt on Tuesday, (22-Jan-08)
-- The nihilism and self-destructiveness of Generation X: Who's more to blame for our troubles: The Boomer generation or Generation X? (21-Jan-08)
-- Violence continues in Gaza as Israel kills 18 to stop rocket attacks: President Bush's new Mideast peace initiative has a zero chance of success. (17-Jan-08)
-- Anxious Americans become euphoric over Barack Obama: This kind of euphoria has occurred twice before recently. (6-Jan-08)
-- Tony Blair compares the Mideast peace process to the Northern Ireland peace process: Generational Dynamics illuminates when such historical comparisons are valid and when they are not. (30-Nov-07)
-- Mideast summit in Annapolis has feel of act of desperation: No one appears to have any expectations whatsoever -- talking just to talk. (27-Nov-07)
-- Political chaos increases in Lebanon as Constitution fails to provide a new President: Hizbollah is threatening to cripple Lebanon's government indefinitely, (26-Nov-07)
-- Jordan's King Abdullah renews stark warnings about Palestinian problem: Both Israelis and Palestinians are becoming increasingly furious at each other, (22-May-07)
-- Israeli governnment in crisis after report on war with Hizbollah: Tens of thousands rallied in Tel Aviv to call for Olmert's resignation. (4-May-07)
-- Iran and Russia increasingly at odds over Iran's nuclear development: Saying that Moscow "will not play anti-American games" with Iran, (17-Mar-07)
-- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a very charismatic leader: In his 60 Minutes interview, he was witty, charming, confident and deadly. (14-Aug-06)
-- UN Security Council declares Lebanon peace while war expands: Israel, Lebanon and Hizbollah have promised to end the war on Monday. (13-Aug-06)
-- Will there REALLY be French troops separating Israeli and Hizbollah forces?: Stranger things have happened, but I'll believe this only when I see it. (5-Aug-06)
-- While world watches Lebanon, Sri Lanka goes to war: Tamil Tiger rebels have engaged Sri Lanka government forces in heavy fighting (3-Aug-06)
-- Which war came first, Korea or Vietnam?: This is the kind of question that today's journalists typically need help with, (27-Jul-06)
-- Lebanon: Storm over airstrikes on UN observer post has a darker side: The presence of Chinese observers was previously unreported. What are they doing there? (27-Jul-06)
-- Lebanon war escalates as UN officials are killed and Nasrallah threatens deeper strikes in Israel: Kofi Annan accused of Israel of "apparent deliberate targeting" of a lookout post (26-Jul-06)
-- Some random notes on the Mideast crisis: First off, dislodging Hizbollah from the Israeli border is almost impossible. (21-Jul-06)
-- Why did China agree to join a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning North Korea?: Henry Kissinger has one theory, but mine is quite different. (19-Jul-06)
-- Mideast war now centers around Hizbollah's Hassan Nasrallah: Nasrallah splits the Arab world and draws international support for Israel (17-Jul-06)
-- Israel and Hizbollah declare war: However, the Palestinians are staying out of it so far (15-Jul-06)
-- Israel mobilizes reserves and invades Lebanon: Calling Hizbollah capture of Israeli soldiers an 'act of war', Olmert promises "very painful and far-reaching" response. (12-Jul-06)
-- Olmert promises retaliation after missile lands in Israeli city: Another day, another escalation. (5-Jul-06)
-- Israeli Air Force buzzes Syrian President's Palace as Israeli settlers are kidnapped: As the level of brinksmanship increases, so does the risk of miscalculation. (29-Jun-06)
-- Tensions reaching the boiling point among Palestinians and Israelis: So-called "pinpoint" Israeli missile strikes have killed several civilians, including children (21-Jun-06)
-- Palestinian Authority and Hamas deploy rival armies in Gaza: In open defiance of PA president Mahmoud Abbas, Hamas mounted an illegal 3,000 man militia force (17-May-06)
-- Hamas calls Monday's Tel Aviv bombing "justified": The Mideast slide toward all out war appears to be accelerating, (18-Apr-06)
-- Crunch time for Hamas, as American and European aid is cut off to Palestinians.: Will they "cry uncle" and recognize Israel in exchange for financial aid? (10-Apr-06)
-- Israel votes to move from occupation to withdrawal: Israel's increasing bunker mentality complements the Palestinians' increasing belligerence. (3-Apr-06)
-- Is the Israeli election campaign too dull?: Things will get exciting again when another generational shoe drops. (21-Mar-06)
-- Israel is becoming increasingly dysfunctional: With Sharon in a coma, elections coming soon, and growing Hamas influence, (7-Mar-06)
-- Iran appears to be positioning itself as a post-war superpower: Iran restarts its nuclear enrichment program while calling for Israel's removal. (11-Jan-06)
-- Ariel Sharon nears death as his political career ends: Now both Ariel Sharon and Yasser Arafat are gone, and the Mideast descends into chaos. (5-Jan-06)
-- Sudden generational shift puts Palestinian "Young Guard" threatening "Old Guard": Younger generations in control in Palestine and Israel bring war closer. (16-Dec-05)
-- Storks fall out of the sky in Lebanon: 500 million birds are migrating from Asia to Africa this week and next, (28-Oct-05)
-- Gaza violence spiking up as Israel launches "crushing response" to rocket attacks: Hamas promised to stop attacking Israel from Gaza, to prevent spiraling out of control. (26-Sep-05)
-- With Israelis almost gone, Gaza is becoming increasingly violent and unstable: Especially ominous is the planned intervention by Egypt as border guards. (8-Sep-05)
-- Israel withdraws from Gaza amid hopes for peace and fears of instability: Here's what you should watch for in the weeks ahead. (16-Aug-05)
-- Vatican and Israel exchange angry words on terrorism: Some Jews are pointedly recalling that the new Pope used to be in the Hitler youth. (30-Jul-05)
-- Israel joins America and Russia in striking at terrorists wherever they are: Israeli agents are believed to be behind the assassination of a Hamas leader in Damascus, Syria. (27-Sep-04)
-- Russia and Israel cooperating against terrorism: The most unpopular politician in the world is George Bush, but Vladimir Putin and Ariel Sharon are close behind. (22-Sep-04)

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