Generational Dynamics: Forecasting America's Destiny Generational
 Forecasting America's Destiny ... and the World's


These pages contain the complete rough draft manuscript of the new book Generational Dynamics for Historians, written by John J. Xenakis. This text is fully copyrighted. You may copy or print out this material for your own use, but not for distribution to others.
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Chapter 1 - Basics of Generational Dynamics

Chapter 2 - Crisis Wars, Awakenings and Generations

Chapter 3 - Visceral Causes of Crisis Wars

Chapter 4 - Chaos Theory and Generational Forecasting

Chapter 5 - World Macroeconomics

Chapter 6 - Kondratiev Cycles and Generational Dynamics

Chapter 7 - The Singularity

Chapter 8 - The Crisis War Evaluation Algorithm

Chapter 9 - List of Crisis Wars

Chapter 10 - Strauss and Howe's Fourth Turning Model

Appendix: Cassandra


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This book was created from standard ascii text files. A collection of software utility programs, written in Perl scripts and Microsoft Word macros, were developed. Using these programs, the text files could be transformed into either an online book (in HTML) or a Microsoft Word document.

The programs supported all the special features of the book, including cross-references, end notes, and the concept index. To support these features, the software generated URL hyperlinks for the online version and page number cross reference fields for the Microsoft Word version.

I believe that these features add a great deal of richness to a book, especially a technical book or any book as complex as this one is.

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