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Generational Country Study: Pakistan

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Map of Pakistan
Map of Pakistan

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Generational Crisis Wars

-- Pakistan: 1857 Rebellion -- 1857-1858
-- Pakistan: Partition + War -- 1946-1947

Article Cross-References

-- Pakistan's tribal areas have become the world nerve center for al-Qaeda terrorism: Al-Qaeda now has "free reign" and "safe haven" in this region. (6-Apr-08)
-- China "betrays" Iran, as internal problems in both countries mount: Diplomats say that China has provided Iran's nuclear weapons plans to the UN. (5-Apr-08)
-- Review of recent international stories: Pakistan, Kosovo and Cuba in the news (20-Feb-08)
-- Sri Lanka government declares all out war against Tamil Tiger rebels: Sri Lanka has said it is formally withdrawing from a 2002 ceasefire agreement (4-Jan-08)
-- Pakistanis are increasingly joining forces with al-Qaeda: The contrast with the Iraq war and al-Qaeda in Iraq is instructive. (30-Dec-07)
-- Benazir Bhutto assassination appears to be uniting Pakistan against Musharraf: There was widespread rioting and looting in major cities of Pakistan on Friday, (29-Dec-07)
-- Benazir Bhutto killed by suicide bomber after election rally in Rawalpindi: Here's what to watch for in the next few hours and days. (27-Dec-07)
-- Pakistan on high alert after massive terrorist bomb kills 50 worshippers: Al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists from Pakistan's Tribal Regions (23-Dec-07)
-- Algeria bombings are from a new generation of young al-Qaeda terrorists: Thirty people, including 11 UN employees, were killed (14-Dec-07)
-- Vladimir Putin's party wins Russian Parliamentary election by a landslide: How does Putin's "cult of personality" work? (4-Dec-07)
-- Pakistan is suspended from the British Commonwealth of Nations: Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was a British Empire. (24-Nov-07)
-- Pakistan is suspended from the British Commonwealth of Nations: Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was a British Empire. (24-Nov-07)
-- Pakistan's High Court hands President Musharraf a humiliating defeat: Musharraf's government is in question at a time when al-Qaeda violence in surging in Pakistan. (21-Jul-07)
-- Pakistan: Over 106 dead in spectacular assault on radical mosque in Islamabad: Radical students hoped to spark an Islamic revolution against Musharraf. (12-Jul-07)
-- Riots in Karachi, Pakistan, threaten Musharraf's presidency: Thirty people were killed and hundreds were injured on Saturday (13-May-07)
-- Pakistan's President Musharraf faces major crisis : The remarkable détente between India and Pakistan may go down with Musharraf. (18-Mar-07)
-- July 11 coordinated railway bombings on Mumbai (Bombay) infuriate people of India: Indians wonder: Should Pakistan be blamed? (13-Jul-06)
-- Terrorist bomb blasts in India's holiest city polarize Hindu-Muslim relations: Just a few days after President Bush's warm visit to India and his cold visit to Pakistan, (10-Mar-06)
-- International "identity group" formation accelerates among Muslims worldwide since cartoon controversy: From Nigeria to Indonesia, regional conflicts are turning into anti-American riots, (20-Feb-06)
-- Spectacular Islamist terrorist attack in Bangladesh throws country into panic: On Wednesday at 11-11:30 am, hundreds of bombs exploded almost simultaneously in major cities across the country. (20-Aug-05)
-- New Islamic terrorist group claims credit for Bangladesh bombing leading to massive unrest and further violence: Like Pakistan, Bangladesh is overwhelmingly Muslim but still has excellent relations with the U.S. (25-Aug-04)

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