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Generational Country Study: Korea, North

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Map of Korea, North
Map of Korea, North

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Generational Crisis Wars

-- Korea, North: Grand Prince Reforms? -- 1864-1873
-- Korea, North: World War Two -- 1937-1945

Article Cross-References

-- It's the Year of the Pig in North Korea: On Kim Jong-il's birthday, he gloats about humiliating the U.S. (17-Feb-07)
-- Which war came first, Korea or Vietnam?: This is the kind of question that today's journalists typically need help with, (27-Jul-06)
-- US activates its missile defense system over North Korea crisis: The U.S. may try to shoot down any test missile launched by the North Korea, (21-Jun-06)
-- US warns North Korea on "countermeasures" over missile test: North Korea appears to be making preparations for a long-range missile test. (14-Jun-06)
-- North Korea exporting women into slavery: 10,000 to 15,000 North Koreans, mostly women, are working as slaves (30-Dec-05)
-- In a new bizarre move, North Korea demands an end to U.N. food aid: The famine-stricken country officially told the UN World Food Program (26-Sep-05)
-- U.N. predicts severe North Korea famine this fall: This could be a reason why North Korea is close to preemptive war. (10-Aug-05)

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Country Flag

Flag for Korea, North
Country Flag for Korea, North

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