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Generational Country Study: Kenya

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Map of Kenya
Map of Kenya

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Generational Crisis Wars

-- Kenya: Mau Mau Uprising -- 1952-1959

Article Cross-References

-- Zimbabwe's "Liberation Hero" president Robert Mugabe continues to destroy his country: With a 150000% inflation rate, torture, and destruction of property, (4-May-08)
-- In Kenya, Kofi Annan's mediation talks collapse: Condoleezza Rice promises to take action, but exactly what is she threatening? (27-Feb-08)
-- Kenya settles into low-level violence on the way to Rwanda: So far, it's "ethnic cleansing," but not genocide, (1-Feb-08)
-- Egypt's failure to close the Gaza border further destabilizes the region.: Changing events brings Israelis, Palestinians and Egyptians into further confrontation and conflict. (26-Jan-08)
-- Kenya is almost -- but not quite -- on the brink of genocidal ethnic war: There are hundreds of thousands of refugees displaced from their homes, (8-Jan-08)
-- Post-election massacre in Kenya raises concerns of tribal war: Hundreds of people have been killed in ethnic violence since Monday, (2-Jan-08)
-- Dept. of Treasury proposes national mortgage bailout as losses become more widespread: Florida state and local governments are in financial crisis this weekend, (1-Dec-07)
-- Pakistan is suspended from the British Commonwealth of Nations: Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was a British Empire. (24-Nov-07)

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Flag for Kenya
Country Flag for Kenya

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