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Generational Country Study: India

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Map of India
Map of India

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Generational Crisis Wars

-- India: 1857 Rebellion -- 1857-1858
-- India: Partition + War -- 1946-1947

Article Cross-References

-- Bird flu spreading rapidly through birds in South Korea: Despite the culling (killing) of over 5 million birds last month, (5-May-08)
-- Food rationing comes to the United States: After years of price rises, mainstream media is finally recognizing there's a problem. (24-Apr-08)
-- Food panics and riots spread around the world: The unending sharp price wheat, corn and rice prices are destabilizing nations. (9-Apr-08)
-- China crushes protests by Buddhist monks in Tibet: The Dalai Lama, exiled in India since 1959, called for calm. (16-Mar-08)
-- Malaysia government in crisis after 'Sons of the Soil' turn against their leader: Malaysia's stock market fell 10% on Monday on panic selling, (11-Mar-08)
-- UN World Food Program to institute food rationing: Surging food prices are causing food riots around the world. (26-Feb-08)
-- Review of recent international stories: Pakistan, Kosovo and Cuba in the news (20-Feb-08)
-- Pundits are now referring to a spreading "subprime virus": Each week, the virus spreads to more banks and investors around the world. (18-Feb-08)
-- Bird flu spreading rapidly through birds in West Bengal in eastern India: Over 2300 people have complained about symptoms of fever in the last 5 days. (23-Jan-08)
-- Sri Lanka government declares all out war against Tamil Tiger rebels: Sri Lanka has said it is formally withdrawing from a 2002 ceasefire agreement (4-Jan-08)
-- Benazir Bhutto assassination appears to be uniting Pakistan against Musharraf: There was widespread rioting and looting in major cities of Pakistan on Friday, (29-Dec-07)
-- UN Climate Change conference appears to be ending in farce: After two weeks of fun on Bali beaches, participants appear to have agreed on only one thing: (14-Dec-07)
-- Pakistan is suspended from the British Commonwealth of Nations: Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was a British Empire. (24-Nov-07)
-- Pakistan is suspended from the British Commonwealth of Nations: Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was a British Empire. (24-Nov-07)
-- Riots in Karachi, Pakistan, threaten Musharraf's presidency: Thirty people were killed and hundreds were injured on Saturday (13-May-07)
-- Price of food is skyrocketing in India and China: In fact, crop prices are increasing around the world, (11-Apr-07)
-- Pakistan's President Musharraf faces major crisis : The remarkable détente between India and Pakistan may go down with Musharraf. (18-Mar-07)
-- Iran test fires submarine to surface missile in the massive "Blow of Zolfaqar" military games: Iran (like China) continues rapid militarization, while confrontation over nuclear development looms. (28-Aug-06)
-- July 11 coordinated railway bombings on Mumbai (Bombay) infuriate people of India: Indians wonder: Should Pakistan be blamed? (13-Jul-06)
-- India Sensex stock market reaches historic high in record time.: Startled analysts are debating whether the market is close to a crash. (21-Apr-06)
-- Maoist rebels bringing chaos to Nepal and the entire region: Nepal orders all-day curfew in Kathmandu for second day (9-Apr-06)
-- Terrorist bomb blasts in India's holiest city polarize Hindu-Muslim relations: Just a few days after President Bush's warm visit to India and his cold visit to Pakistan, (10-Mar-06)
-- Indian MP says that bird flu is a 'scam' to sell 'Tamil-flu': This sounds like a joke, but unfortunately it isn't. (3-Dec-05)
-- Coordinated terrorist bomb blasts across New Delhi kill 60+: An Islamist Kashmiri separatist group has claimed credit. (31-Oct-05)
-- Spectacular Islamist terrorist attack in Bangladesh throws country into panic: On Wednesday at 11-11:30 am, hundreds of bombs exploded almost simultaneously in major cities across the country. (20-Aug-05)

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