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Generational Country Study: Indonesia

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Map of Indonesia
Map of Indonesia

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Generational Crisis Wars

-- Indonesia: Java War -- 1825-1830
-- Indonesia: Aceh War -- 1883-1904
-- Indonesia: Coups + Genocide -- 1955-1966

Article Cross-References

-- UN World Food Program to institute food rationing: Surging food prices are causing food riots around the world. (26-Feb-08)
-- Jackie Chan selected by UNICEF to warn the world of bird flu: The movie star and martial arts expert will star in a public service announcement (17-Aug-06)
-- H5N1 bird flu appears to be spreading very slowly in families in Indonesia: Although human to human transmission, if confirmed, is still very inefficient, (14-May-06)
-- International "identity group" formation accelerates among Muslims worldwide since cartoon controversy: From Nigeria to Indonesia, regional conflicts are turning into anti-American riots, (20-Feb-06)
-- U.S. says threat of Christmas terror attacks in Indonesia is high: Maps and explosives obtained in a police raid on a terrorist's hideout last month (25-Dec-05)
-- Bird flu spreads to Europe: Romania and Turkey: Suddenly bird flu is a very hot media topic, as President Bush raises the possibility (09-Oct-05)
-- Terror grips Southeast Asia from Thailand to Australia: Weekend Bali bombing targeted Australians, who are warned of further attacks. (05-Oct-05)
-- Bird flu situation in Indonesia remains clouded, as virus spreads: Meanwhile, the Dutch breathe sigh of relief as spread towards Europe appears to stall. (30-Sep-05)
-- Indonesia nearing panic as bird flu spreads: There's mass confusion in Jakarta over possible human to human contamination. (23-Sep-05)
-- U.S. building quarantine stations in airports around the country: With the threatened spread of bird flu, polio and tuberculosis, (31-Aug-05)

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Flag for Indonesia
Country Flag for Indonesia

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