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Generational Country Study: Gaza Strip

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Map of Gaza Strip
Map of Gaza Strip

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-- How inflammatory was President Bush's speech to Israel's Knesset?: The speech may have touched some nerves among the Palestinians, and changed American policy. (16-May-2008)
-- Hizbollah appears to be staging a coup in Lebanon: As street gunfights spread, observers fear total civil war - which is impossible. (9-May-2008)
-- Yasser Arafat in 2002: "We used to call Jews our cousins": In an interview replayed on CNN on Sunday, (29-Apr-08)
-- Palestinian opinion shifts toward greater confrontation with Israel: A Khalil Shikaki poll shows increasing acceptance of violence against Israel (24-Mar-08)
-- Violence in Gaza escalates significantly as Israel contemplates an invasion: American warships are off the Lebanon coast to promote "regional stability." (1-Mar-08)
-- Suicide bombing in Israel blamed on the Gaza border opening: Although Egypt finally closed the border on Sunday, (5-Feb-08)
-- Egypt's failure to close the Gaza border further destabilizes the region.: Changing events brings Israelis, Palestinians and Egyptians into further confrontation and conflict. (26-Jan-08)
-- In dramatic scene, 60,000 Gazans pour into Egypt through holes blasted through border wall: Euphoric Gazans go shopping, bring back food, fuel and fertilizer. (24-Jan-08)
-- Israeli blockade of Gaza triggers protests against Egypt: Angry Gazans stormed the Rafah crossing into Egypt on Tuesday, (22-Jan-08)
-- Violence continues in Gaza as Israel kills 18 to stop rocket attacks: President Bush's new Mideast peace initiative has a zero chance of success. (17-Jan-08)
-- Tony Blair compares the Mideast peace process to the Northern Ireland peace process: Generational Dynamics illuminates when such historical comparisons are valid and when they are not. (30-Nov-07)
-- Mideast summit in Annapolis has feel of act of desperation: No one appears to have any expectations whatsoever -- talking just to talk. (27-Nov-07)
-- Hamas' stunning Gaza victory shocks entire Mideast: A major realignment of unknown proportions is occurring throughout the Mideast. (22-Jun-07)
-- Hamas presses for control in Gaza, Fatah gets revenge in West Bank: The U.N. is considering deployment of a multinational force in Gaza, (14-Jun-07)
-- Palestinian road to civil war escalates another step: Gunfights escalated to larger military actions in northern Gaza (13-Jun-07)
-- Jordan's King Abdullah renews stark warnings about Palestinian problem: Both Israelis and Palestinians are becoming increasingly furious at each other, (22-May-07)
-- Gaza close to state of emergency as Israel tries to avoid getting pulled in: The streets of Gaza are clear except for gunmen today, (16-May-07)
-- Palestinian Interior Minister resigns as escalated Gaza violence threatens civil war: Six people were killed and dozens wounded over the weekend (15-May-07)
-- Olmert promises retaliation after missile lands in Israeli city: Another day, another escalation. (5-Jul-06)
-- Israeli Air Force buzzes Syrian President's Palace as Israeli settlers are kidnapped: As the level of brinksmanship increases, so does the risk of miscalculation. (29-Jun-06)
-- Ex-CIA chief James Woolsey says Gaza pullout was "Worst result possible": Five bystanders, including a pregnant woman, were killed by Palestinian gunmen (5-Jun-06)
-- Hamas and Fatah armies gearing up for major confrontation in Gaza Strip: Egypt and Lebanon are also being increasingly threatened by the escalating violence. (23-May-06)
-- Gaza violence spiking up as Israel launches "crushing response" to rocket attacks: Hamas promised to stop attacking Israel from Gaza, to prevent spiraling out of control. (26-Sep-05)
-- Gaza strip descending into further chaos and lawlessness following Israeli withdrawal: Black market prices for weapons have been falling sharply in Gaza, (14-Sep-05)
-- Israel withdraws from Gaza amid hopes for peace and fears of instability: Here's what you should watch for in the weeks ahead. (16-Aug-05)

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