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Generational Country Study: European Union

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Map of European Union
Map of European Union

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-- Ireland may block Lisbon treaty for new European Union in June 12 vote: Those opposed to ratification appear to be gaining ground, (2-Jun-2008)
-- Sarkozy begins term as activist President of France: The pundits' comparison of Sarkozy to Margaret Thatcher is a dangerous one. (19-May-07)
-- Scottish National Party (SNP) victory threatens divorce from England: Scotland and England were united on May 1, 1707, 300 years ago, (6-May-07)
-- Angela Merkel tries to unify a fractured Europe on its 50th birthday: Using the feminine touch to keep a bunch of quarrelsome men in line, (25-Mar-07)
-- The European Union is "extremely concerned" about Mideast tensions: But guess what the EU politicians express "particular concern" about! (3-Jul-06)
-- Blair's EU 2007 budget proposal leaves Europe is poised for new bruising battle in Brussels on Dec 16-17: Will the European Union survive into 2007? That's the question that may be answered (6-Dec-05)
-- Press reports say that Tony Blair ready to cave on EU budget: Under intense pressure from the European Union and other member states, (30-Nov-05)
-- Europe scrambles for cover as bird flu speeds past Asia: Holland and Germany order farmers to keep all birds indoors, (24-Aug-05)
-- Tony Blair: "We need jobs, not subsidies for cows": Lots of vitriol led up to Blair's speech on Thursday (24-Jun-05)
-- Acrimonious European Union summit ends in crisis: Chirac and Blair exchanged bitter recriminations, with most of Europe blaming Blair (18-Jun-05)
-- An angry Putin refuses to negotiate with Chechnya: Facing mounting citizen anger and EU criticism for not stopping the barbaric terrorist slaughter in Beslan, (7-Sept-04)

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