Generational Dynamics: Forecasting America's Destiny Generational
 Forecasting America's Destiny ... and the World's


Presentation: A Marketable Methodology for Forecasting the Future by Analyzing Generational Changes

Place and time Tuesday, April 20, 2004, 6:00 pm, MIT e-club meeting, 56-114 (click here for map). Contact: Richard Shyduroff, 207-230-0465,
Speaker John J. Xenakis, MIT Class of '65 and "all but thesis" for Ph.D (Mathematics - Course 18), author of Generational Dynamics: Forecasting America's Destiny, phone: 508-875-4266, e-mail:, web site:

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Introduction: The market for forecasting
Public sector: Foreign policymaking, military planning. Private sector: Multinational corporate management, international investment; polling (survey) models. Domains: hard predictions about worldwide events, politics, culture, economics, and international finance.
A brief trip around the world
How to understand today's trouble spots from a generational point of view: Iraq, Mideast, Haiti, Korea, Japan, China, Russia, Southeast Asia. Concepts of forecasting methodology.
A history of Western civilization
Cycles in American history; crisis wars versus mid-cycle wars; the Principle of Localization and merging timelines in West European history. The rise of Judaism, the lives of Jesus and Mohammed.
Orthodox Christianity versus Islam
The world focus on Jerusalem; the development of the coming "Clash of Civilizations"
Economic cycles
Global technology cycles (Kondratieff cycles); regional generational cycles; a new "Great Depression"?
Myths and reality about war
The nine civilizations. Fault lines by religion, ethnicity, skin color, language, geography. The Malthus effect and market-dominant minorities. The human need for sex and genocidal war. Forecasting riots, demonstrations, changes of attitude
The next century
The 2010s, the 2020s, the 2030s and beyond.
Summary and Future Directions

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