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Generational Country Study: United Kingdom

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Map of United Kingdom
Map of United Kingdom

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Generational Crisis Wars

-- United Kingdom: French Revolution + Napoleonic Wars -- 1793-1802
-- United Kingdom: American Civil War -- 1857-1865
-- United Kingdom: World War Two -- 1929-1945

Article Cross-References

-- Ireland may block Lisbon treaty for new European Union in June 12 vote: Those opposed to ratification appear to be gaining ground, (2-Jun-2008)
-- Teen "emo subculture" creating violent fault line in Mexico City: The depressive 'emotive' music style is also being blamed for suicides in Europe. (25-May-2008)
-- Bank of England says that the financial crisis is over: According to the Bank's new "Financial Stability Report," (1-May-08)
-- Central Banks around the world announce an "unprecedented" joint plan to end the credit crunch.: There were simultaneous announcements on Wednesday by the US, Canada, (13-Dec-07)
-- Pakistan is suspended from the British Commonwealth of Nations: Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was a British Empire. (24-Nov-07)
-- Tony Blair: "We need jobs, not subsidies for cows": Lots of vitriol led up to Blair's speech on Thursday (24-Jun-05)

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Flag for United Kingdom
Country Flag for United Kingdom

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