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Generational Country Study: South Africa

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Map of South Africa
Map of South Africa

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Generational Crisis Wars

-- South Africa:British: United Kingdom timeline
-- South Africa:Afrikaners: Great Trek -- 1837-1850
-- South Africa:Afrikaners: Second Boer War -- 1899-1902
-- South Africa:Zulus: Mfecane -- 1815-1828
-- South Africa:Zulus: Anglo-Zulu War -- 1878-79
-- South Africa:World War Two - 1937-1945

Article Cross-References

-- South Africa will create "temporary shelters" for migrants, not "refugee camps": Tribal differences are reasserting themselves and destabilizing the country. (31-May-2008)
-- Now it's South Africa's turn: ethnic violence spreads through Johannesburg: Mobs of mostly Zulu South Africans have attacked, raped and slaughtered mostly Zimbabweans (21-May-2008)
-- Zimbabwe's "Liberation Hero" president Robert Mugabe continues to destroy his country: With a 150000% inflation rate, torture, and destruction of property, (4-May-08)
-- UN Climate Change conference reaches a compromise agreement: The two-week conference at the Bali beach resort ended Saturday, (16-Dec-07)
-- Tony Blair compares the Mideast peace process to the Northern Ireland peace process: Generational Dynamics illuminates when such historical comparisons are valid and when they are not. (30-Nov-07)
-- Pakistan is suspended from the British Commonwealth of Nations: Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was a British Empire. (24-Nov-07)

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Country Flag

Flag for South Africa
Country Flag for South Africa

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