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Generational Country Study: Korea, South

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Map of Korea, South
Map of Korea, South

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Generational Crisis Wars

-- Korea, South: Grand Prince Reforms? -- 1864-1873
-- Korea, South: World War Two -- 1937-1945

Article Cross-References

-- Bird flu spreading rapidly through birds in South Korea: Despite the culling (killing) of over 5 million birds last month, (5-May-08)
-- Chavez threatens further harsh reprisals against the "fascist assault" by the media: In Venezuela, the student anti-government demonstrations appear to headed for a violent climax, (31-May-07)
-- Students riot against Hugo Chavez in Venezuela: Finally we can see what America in the sixties was like. (30-May-07)
-- Some thoughts about the Virginia Tech massacre: The interesting question is how it will affect the people of Korea. (18-Apr-07)
-- China's Foreign Minister replies to "China threat" to US and Japan: And China changes the official transcript to hide what he really said. (1-Mar-07)
-- It's the Year of the Pig in North Korea: On Kim Jong-il's birthday, he gloats about humiliating the U.S. (17-Feb-07)
-- South Korean politicians are 'euphoric' over North Korea nuclear deal: The young "386 generation" that run the government may well be in over their heads. (16-Feb-07)
-- Which war came first, Korea or Vietnam?: This is the kind of question that today's journalists typically need help with, (27-Jul-06)

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Country Flag

Flag for Korea, South
Country Flag for Korea, South

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