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Generational Country Study: Japan

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Map of Japan
Map of Japan

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Generational Crisis Wars

-- Japan: Meiji Restoration -- 1852-1868
-- Japan: World War Two -- 1937-1945

Article Cross-References

-- Sichuan earthquake devastation opens a period of good will with China, in contrast to Burma: China's sudden openness draws friendship and sympathy from Taiwan, Japan and elsewhere. (16-May-2008)
-- Bird flu spreading rapidly through birds in South Korea: Despite the culling (killing) of over 5 million birds last month, (5-May-08)
-- Sarkozy government becomes paralyzed after defeat in municipal elections: Socialists gain power across France, leaving economic reforms in doubt. (24-Mar-08)
-- Sri Lanka government declares all out war against Tamil Tiger rebels: Sri Lanka has said it is formally withdrawing from a 2002 ceasefire agreement (4-Jan-08)
-- Japanese Prime Minister sucks up to China in a four-day trip: However, issues of substance in the East China Sea were left unresolved. (1-Jan-08)
-- Will hyper-inflation make the dollar worthless (like the Weimar republic)?: I've gotten this question several times this week from web site readers, (21-Dec-07)
-- Chinese commemorate the 1937 Massacre at Nanking (Nanjing): Hundreds of thousands of civilians were raped and killed (18-Dec-07)
-- Chinese commemorate the 1937 Massacre at Nanking (Nanjing): Hundreds of thousands of civilians were raped and killed (18-Dec-07)
-- Ben Bernanke: The man with increasing agony.: In 2005, I described Bernanke as the "The Man without Agony," (13-Dec-07)
-- Central Banks around the world announce an "unprecedented" joint plan to end the credit crunch.: There were simultaneous announcements on Wednesday by the US, Canada, (13-Dec-07)
-- IBM develops supercomputer on a chip: Also, the Japanese are developing robots that play the violin and do other neat things. (8-Dec-07)
-- Tony Blair compares the Mideast peace process to the Northern Ireland peace process: Generational Dynamics illuminates when such historical comparisons are valid and when they are not. (30-Nov-07)
-- Japan: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe suffers major election defeat on Sunday: Abe appears unable to govern, like Boomer politicians in America. (30-Jul-07)
-- China's Foreign Minister replies to "China threat" to US and Japan: And China changes the official transcript to hide what he really said. (1-Mar-07)
-- Japanese minister calls Chinese a considerable military threat: Relations between China and Japan continue to increase in anger and hostility, (22-Dec-05)
-- New Spielberg movie Memoirs of a Geisha infuriates both China and Japan: As if Japan-China relations aren't bad enough (see previous item below), (1-Dec-05)
-- Slowing China economy may become deflationary due to overcapacity: Economic problems are growing against the backdrop of continually deteriorating relations with Japan (1-Dec-05)
-- Donald Rumsfeld visits China and cordially raises concerns: Laying the groundwork for a November visit to China by President Bush, (24-Oct-05)
-- Should America have dropped the A-Bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki?: On the 60th anniversary, the debate still continues. (2-Aug-05)

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