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Generational Country Study: Iran

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Map of Iran
Map of Iran

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Generational Crisis Wars

-- Iran: Iranian-Russian War -- 1801-1813
-- Iran: Constitutional Revolution -- 1906-1909
-- Iran: Iran-Iraq War -- 1978-1988

Article Cross-References

-- How inflammatory was President Bush's speech to Israel's Knesset?: The speech may have touched some nerves among the Palestinians, and changed American policy. (16-May-2008)
-- China "betrays" Iran, as internal problems in both countries mount: Diplomats say that China has provided Iran's nuclear weapons plans to the UN. (5-Apr-08)
-- Turkey invades PKK Kurd region of northern Iraq: Iraq is unfazed, and al-Sadr extends his cease-fire for six months. (23-Feb-08)
-- Turkey invades PKK Kurd region of northern Iraq: Iraq is unfazed, and al-Sadr extends his cease-fire for six months. (23-Feb-08)
-- Review of recent international stories: Pakistan, Kosovo and Cuba in the news (20-Feb-08)
-- Arson, vandalism and riots sweep across Denmark as Mohammed cartoon controversy is revived: Muslim governments around the world are condemning Danish officials, (18-Feb-08)
-- Egypt's failure to close the Gaza border further destabilizes the region.: Changing events brings Israelis, Palestinians and Egyptians into further confrontation and conflict. (26-Jan-08)
-- Iranian speedboats threaten to blow up US ships in Gulf of Hormuz: Question: Why did Iran do it? (9-Jan-08)
-- Pakistanis are increasingly joining forces with al-Qaeda: The contrast with the Iraq war and al-Qaeda in Iraq is instructive. (30-Dec-07)
-- Political chaos increases in Lebanon as Constitution fails to provide a new President: Hizbollah is threatening to cripple Lebanon's government indefinitely, (26-Nov-07)
-- ¿Por qué no te callas?: The King of Spain's memorable putdown of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez (23-Nov-07)
-- Pakistan: Over 106 dead in spectacular assault on radical mosque in Islamabad: Radical students hoped to spark an Islamic revolution against Musharraf. (12-Jul-07)
-- Iran's President Ahmadinejad facing a growing "generation gap": Gas rationing and restrictions on women are infuriating the college-age generation. (2-Jul-07)
-- Iran is using cartoons to fight decline in anti-Americanism: Anti-Americanism has been declining in Iran for ten years, (24-Mar-07)
-- The Wall Street Journal complains about "Hashemite Hokum": And readers complain to me about oil and Iran and my Conflict Risk Graphic. (17-Mar-07)
-- Iran and Russia increasingly at odds over Iran's nuclear development: Saying that Moscow "will not play anti-American games" with Iran, (17-Mar-07)
-- Iran test fires submarine to surface missile in the massive "Blow of Zolfaqar" military games: Iran (like China) continues rapid militarization, while confrontation over nuclear development looms. (28-Aug-06)
-- Iran and Ahmadinejad are waiting for the Mahdi: Most people know about the belief by Christian fundamentalists about the Second Coming of Christ, (22-Aug-06)
-- Allah Akbar!! Ahmadinejad announces that Iran is enriching uranium: Clearly trying to provoke an Israeli or American military attack on Iran, (13-Apr-06)
-- State of the Union speech displays continuing misreading of Iran: It's wishful thinking to believe that an overthrow of the Mullahs is coming. (1-Feb-06)
-- Europe resigns itself to a nuclear Iran: Defiant Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad continues to lead Iran to be the regional superpower, (16-Jan-06)
-- Iran appears to be positioning itself as a post-war superpower: Iran restarts its nuclear enrichment program while calling for Israel's removal. (11-Jan-06)
-- Iran will set up a "love fund": Iran's new president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, plans a billion dollar fund (31-Aug-05)
-- Pundits claim that antiwar movement is gaining steam with Cindy Sheehan: Oh really? That's news to me. Ummmmm, where are the college students? (19-Aug-05)
-- Feminism flourishes in Iran, as the international crisis on nuclear weapons intensifies: Iran's new president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, named a hardline Islamist cabinet on Sunday, (15-Aug-05)
-- Iran's plan to develop nuclear fuel is "irreversible": France calls it a "major international crisis" (3-Aug-05)

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