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Generational Country Study: Germany

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Map of Germany
Map of Germany

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Generational Crisis Wars

-- Germany: French Revolution + Napoleonic Wars -- 1793-1814
-- Germany: Franco-Prussian War -- 1864-1871
-- Germany: World War Two -- 1929-1944

Article Cross-References

-- Ireland may block Lisbon treaty for new European Union in June 12 vote: Those opposed to ratification appear to be gaining ground, (2-Jun-2008)
-- Der Spiegel: Germany's public banks are near collapse: The "subprime virus" is spreading rapidly through Europe now. (25-Feb-08)
-- Arson, vandalism and riots sweep across Denmark as Mohammed cartoon controversy is revived: Muslim governments around the world are condemning Danish officials, (18-Feb-08)
-- Chinese commemorate the 1937 Massacre at Nanking (Nanjing): Hundreds of thousands of civilians were raped and killed (18-Dec-07)
-- Central Banks around the world announce an "unprecedented" joint plan to end the credit crunch.: There were simultaneous announcements on Wednesday by the US, Canada, (13-Dec-07)
-- Are Germans now proud to be Germans?: World Cup euphoria may be making the difference. (23-Jun-06)
-- Germans believe "clash of civilizations" with Muslims is coming: A "spiral of conflict" is starting in Germany, according to a study (25-May-06)
-- Mainstream media suddenly notices that European governments are paralyzed: Saying that the recent Italian election means there's "a crisis of the democratic model," (4-May-06)

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Country Flag

Flag for Germany
Country Flag for Germany

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