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Generational Country Study: Georgia

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Map of Georgia
Map of Georgia

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Generational Crisis Wars

-- Georgia: Resistance to Soviets -- 1916-1924

Article Cross-References

-- Georgia: "Very close" to war with Russia: EU and American officials are expressing alarm at the escalating tensions in the Caucasus region. (8-May-2008)
-- Review of recent international stories: Pakistan, Kosovo and Cuba in the news (20-Feb-08)
-- Russian President Putin continues to turn the screws on Georgia: Russia closes the border, forbids money transfers, and evacuates Russians from Tbilisi. (6-Oct-06)
-- Russia's harsh sanctions on Georgia raise tensions in Caucasus: Russia is preventing millions of Georgians working in Russia from sending money back to their families. (4-Oct-06)
-- Russia ejects international patrols from Russia-Georgia border: As an act of defiance, Russia has vetoed continuation of an international peacekeeping force (12-Jan-05)
-- An angry Putin refuses to negotiate with Chechnya: Facing mounting citizen anger and EU criticism for not stopping the barbaric terrorist slaughter in Beslan, (7-Sept-04)
-- Georgia President says that war with Russia is 'very close': When a head of state becomes as provocative as Saakashvili, it's not a good sign, (24-Aug-04)
-- Putin calls Georgia's Ossetia policy a 'stupid decision': Last week's cease-fire agreement between Tbilisi, Georgia's capital, and its secessionist South Ossetia province broke down (19-Aug-04)

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Flag for Georgia
Country Flag for Georgia

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