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Generational Country Study: France

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Map of France
Map of France

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Generational Crisis Wars

-- France: French Revolution + Napoleonic Wars -- 1789-1814
-- France: Franco-Prussian War -- 1870-1871
-- France: World War Two -- 1929-1945

Article Cross-References

-- Ireland may block Lisbon treaty for new European Union in June 12 vote: Those opposed to ratification appear to be gaining ground, (2-Jun-2008)
-- Sarkozy government becomes paralyzed after defeat in municipal elections: Socialists gain power across France, leaving economic reforms in doubt. (24-Mar-08)
-- Euphoric Nicolas Sarkozy supporters celebrate victory over Ségolène Royal: First 100 days: Put France back to work, stop illegal immigration, and make France a great nation again. (8-May-07)
-- NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman shows ignorance and evasiveness about al-Qaeda in Iraq: In an interview that appeared on CNN on Sunday, (24-Apr-07)
-- France heads for chaos in Sunday's first round election for President: Nicolas Sarkozy is leading in the polls, and he may even not hate America. Mon dieu! (22-Apr-07)
-- Mainstream media suddenly notices that European governments are paralyzed: Saying that the recent Italian election means there's "a crisis of the democratic model," (4-May-06)
-- French President Jacques Chirac caves in to the million-student street protests: In dramatic political reversal, Chirac rescinded a youth employment law on Monday, (11-Apr-06)
-- Paris riots continue for seventh night: Historically, Paris is well known for its riots and rebellions. (3-Nov-05)
-- France's Nicolas Sarkozy says "Let them eat cake!": There's been violent racial rioting in Paris's Muslim ghetto suburbs every night since Thursday, (2-Nov-05)
-- Tony Blair: "We need jobs, not subsidies for cows": Lots of vitriol led up to Blair's speech on Thursday (24-Jun-05)
-- An angry Putin refuses to negotiate with Chechnya: Facing mounting citizen anger and EU criticism for not stopping the barbaric terrorist slaughter in Beslan, (7-Sept-04)

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